zenroxwow a long time since i have logd on to irc07:15
zenroxhow are all the old hats doing07:15
zenroxand it looks like i only know one person here jdong07:16
jdongugh and I've even barely been around07:16
zenroxi havnt bine on in close to 3 years07:17
zenroxi have moved 3 times since i was last on07:17
zenroxi now live in a collage town07:18
zenroxwith my wife07:18
zenroxthat i just married may of last year07:18
zenroxand i am missing my ubuntu :(07:19
jdongoh how time changes things07:20
zenroxi only have my lappy now no frankenstine pc's07:20
jdongI'm still doing Ubuntu work but oddly enough for the most part under the umbrella of the evil empire (tm)07:20
zenroxand i dont have the space for it07:20
zenroxlol tipical07:21
zenroxant it07:21
jdongI guess so07:23
jdonghey, I have to feed myself at the end of the day.07:23
zenroxi dont even have a solid inet connection i am teathering my cellphone atm with a true unlimited 07:23
zenroxya we all have to feed the need07:23
jdongyeah I was doing that for a week or two when I moved into this apartment.07:23
zenroxgotta love att07:24
jdongI've got both an AT&T and a Verizon iPhone07:25
jdongboth of which tether.07:25
jdongI was switching between the two07:25
jdongwell the Verizon one I'm more or less paid to abuse, so I was using that one more.07:25
zenroxmotorola karma q1a is what i use07:25
zenroxbatt life is an issue tho about 2-3hrs of heavy use then i have t o switch out the batt07:26
jdongyeah the Verizon iPhone can tether for about 5-6 hours of heavy use07:26
zenroxbut in a few days i qualify for a upgrade my wife wants it but she has a newer phone than mine07:27
zenroxand i am looking at a android 07:27
Shadow__Xonly relating to battery life. i have to say i am impressed with the battery life of my droid 2 compared to my droid 107:28
Shadow__Xmotorola really made improvements to power consumption there07:28
Shadow__Xand hey jdong 07:28
zenroxi am looking at a sony erassion xperia x1007:28
Shadow__Xlook at the upgrade cycle07:29
Shadow__Xat the minimum to buy an android device it should be on 2.2 and even still some oem's take forever to push updates out07:29
jdongno offense to all the Droidies out there, but as someone who spends 10-15 hours of his day optimizing iDevice power usage.....07:30
zenroxthis one is07:30
zenroxi think its 2.407:30
jdongI'd have to say they barely improved it on the software side.07:30
Shadow__Xi am on my secound android device and i think my next device will be an iphone 507:31
zenroxi want to try an android befor i go al iphone and get locked out of the software07:32
jdongand hell personally I even feel iPhone/Darwin power consumption still sucks.07:32
jdongbut eh then I'm getting too picky.07:32
jdongfor the devices I work on, typical power draw is on the order of single milliamps :)07:33
Shadow__Xwhat are they07:33
jdongvarious iPods 07:33
zenroxlol and the new ones he cant talk about yet07:33
Shadow__Xah isnt the biggest power draw at this point the screen though07:33
jdongwell it only is because of the sheer amount of optimization done.07:34
zenroxi would think it would be the audio chips07:34
jdongtry decoding AAC or MP3 on any other Cortex ARM processor07:34
jdongand tell me how much power it's drawing07:34
jdongprobably 10x as much07:34
Shadow__Xit would make sense they use specific chips for hardware decoding to lower the power draw07:34
zenroxevery milliamp is like pulling teath07:35
jdongnot particularly true :)07:35
jdongand yes, every milliamp is like an hour of music playback07:35
Shadow__Xthat would be one of the main reasons they are very particular about video they support07:35
zenroxunless you use rockbox07:36
zenroxbut does that use more amps buy using a differnt decoder07:36
Shadow__Xi would think so but we know someone else would know better07:36
zenroxand i wonder if he has tested that07:37
zenroxand the brain that jdong is has gone silent07:42
Shadow__Xgoodnight everyone07:44
zenroxnight shadow07:44
Davieyokay, will grab it12:21
Erik_NL_84Hi All16:07
Erik_NL_84Just checking out this channel. this is the general chatroom for the community right?16:12
PiciErik_NL_84: I'd say that is #ubuntu-offtopic16:12
PiciBut the forums people may disagree with me.16:12
Erik_NL_84Where is this one for?16:12
PiciIts ubuntuforum's home on IRC.16:13
Erik_NL_84Ok, so this one is for discussions about the forum in general?16:13
Erik_NL_84Then I think I indeed need to move to offtopic :P Bye16:15
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