holsteinhey ScottL 03:07
holsteinDeusQain was just asking about how to get cinelerra included in the next release03:07
DeusQainthat I was.03:08
holsteinDeusQain: you want it in there by default?03:08
DeusQainOne of my site members directed me to studio, and I saw that Kino was installed by default..03:09
DeusQainafter checking out kino, I thought it was less useful.03:10
holsteinwell, we gotta pick one03:10
holsteinas soon as we would switch them03:10
holsteinim sure someone would complain03:10
holsteini think kino had more polish?03:10
holsteinor maybe just less stuff03:10
holsteinand simpler03:11
holsteinim not a video guy03:11
holsteinand just briefly looked at them03:11
holsteinScottL does a lot of video03:11
DeusQainahh.  Cinelerra is more a "pro" piece of software, I could see why it's less likely a candidate.03:11
DeusQainfor general distribution.03:12
holsteinDeusQain: valid argument though03:12
holsteinbring it up03:12
holsteinif its a better tool, we should discuss it03:12
holsteinDeusQain: you do audio?03:16
holsteinor mostly just video?03:16
holsteincool, check out #opensourcemusicians when you can :)03:17
DeusQainUsed to be an audio engineer for a Radio Station, and Also worked as an editor for a TV station.03:17
holsteinnice, lots of pro experience then03:17
DeusQainyeah.. but that was years ago.03:18
DeusQainThis day and age, I'm a System/Network admin.03:18
holsteinDeusQain: welcome to the party :)03:19
DeusQainLong time lurker, first time community contributor.03:20
holsteingood timing03:20
holsteinwe need the contibs for sure03:20
holsteinand right now, we really dont have a lot of video folk envolved03:20
holsteini just dont have time to test the stuff03:20
DeusQainI hear that.03:21
holsteinand even if i did, i dont know if i would really know what to do in there anyways03:21
holsteinScottL has some cool green screen stuff though03:21
holsteinand i want to say that was in cinelerra ?03:21
holsteinnot sure03:21
DeusQainThat's a good thing to look into.03:22
DeusQainI'm not sure if Cinelerra has the masking ability of like.. After Effects.03:22
DeusQainhmm..  Must do more research.03:22
DeusQainI currently run a PC and gaming website, (I bring the opensource, linux, ultra geek/nerd stuff to the table)03:24
DeusQainwe do a bunch of random videos.03:24
holsteinhow is it for gaming?03:24
holsteinare you writing linux games?03:24
holsteini know theres $$ in it03:24
holsteinand it wouldnt be that hard to code for all03:24
DeusQainThe site, is more a community of PC enthusiasts, with a gamer oriented theme.03:25
DeusQainI'm the Opensource advocate.03:25
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ScottLholstein, i'm anxious to get the menu fix underway, are you available this week to rock it out?16:02
ScottLif not i can handle today probably as i'm home sick on my birthday with the flu (and the rest of the family)16:03
DeusQainBest of Birthday wishes, and hope you feel better.16:08
DeusQainScottL: I was told you are the one I should speak with, but my concerns can wait..  I have to head out, but I will catch up with you another time.16:10
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holsteinScottL: ping19:59
holsteinScottL: im totally into helping out, and should have time this weekend... ping me if you are working on it, and i'll ping you if im sitting around bored :)20:08
holsteini emailed the list to instigate a meeting for sunday20:09
holsteini meant to get at this sooner20:09
holsteinbut, if we do them monthly at the same time, hopefully that will help with the attendance20:09
ScottLholstein, good email on the meeting22:37
ScottLafter reading tim's email i wonder if it would be helpful to run this bigbluebutton sometime?22:38
ScottLdon't know that if it would or wouldn't, just got me thinking22:38
ScottLholstein, as far as the menu fix, i've already got a package built for it this afternoon22:38
ScottLjust sitting around being sick and bored so i did it22:38
ScottLif you still want to do it we can certainly do it so that you get the exposure22:39
ScottLjust let me know22:39
ScottLholstein, don't forget we still have backporting coming up22:39

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