DeusQainWhat would be the best way to go about getting Cinelerra included in the next release?03:02
holsteinDeusQain: sudo apt-get install cinelerra ;)03:03
DeusQainwhile you are very accurate on how to install said software.  You didn't answer my question.03:05
holsteinDeusQain: i was hoping that would imply an answer though ;)03:05
holsteini dont think its going to happen03:06
holsteinbut, you can ask over in #ubuntustudio-devel03:06
holsteinand on the mailing list03:06
DeusQainthank you.03:06
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mlpugI have fluidsynth and jackd running. I can hear all bells and whistles OK when using ZynAddSubFX with mouse. I hear nothing when I try to use my USB Midi kbd (keyrig 49). I expected to see that in the left side of MIDI tab of qjackctl connections but its empty. lsusb recognises the keyboard. Any ideas what I am missing here or how to troubleshoot?17:30
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mlpugfor example, is there some lower level way to see whether the kbd sends some midi events or not?17:30
mlpugmy earlier case is closed: now my keyboard works. I was on wrong midi channel.18:16
holsteinmlpug: COOL19:49
holsteinthere was a great package for that19:50
holsteini saw ailo suggest it19:50
holsteinreads midi events19:50
Strangebrewis there a list of sound cards that work well with ubuntu?20:29
holsteinStrangebrew: i can tell you a few places to look20:29
Strangebrewthat would be great20:29
holsteinother than that, i would say try and find someone useing the device20:30
holsteinthe presonus firepod20:31
holsteinnow the FP-1020:31
holsteinworks great out of the box20:31
Strangebrewthanks!  i'm kinda new so i'm looking for something cheap( less than 350$)20:31
holsteinthe zoom H4 is pretty sweet20:31
holsteinthe maudio delta 1010lts20:31
holsteinout of the box20:31
holsteinand cheap20:31
holsteinthe focusrite saphirePRO4020:32
holstein^^ thats probably the most bang for the buck20:32
Strangebrewoh great , thank you so much! i will check those20:32
holsteinyou have to tweak a bit to get it working20:32
holsteinStrangebrew: also, #opensourcemusicians20:32
holsteinif you have a specific device20:32
holsteinmight find someone using it there20:32
holsteini hear about the maudio fastracks20:32
holsteinand cant remember which are good20:32
Strangebrewi have line 6 toneport which doesnt seem to work20:33
holsteinUSB ?20:33
holsteinyou can try running lsusb20:33
holsteinsee if you see it there20:33
holstein^^ thats in a terminal20:33
Strangebrewthe drivers are installed and i can see it in the sound preferneces20:33
holsteinaplay -l20:33
Strangebrewbut no sound coming in20:33
holsteinand arecord -l20:33
holsteinIF you see the device in those locations20:34
holsteinyou have a pretty good chance20:34
Strangebrewyeah, but something must be wrong with the device..i cant see any signal on the input20:35
holsteinStrangebrew: but you see the device?20:35
holsteinall those places?20:35
Strangebrewin sound pref20:35
Strangebrewonly checked there20:35
holsteincheck those20:36
holsteinthen, try running alsamixer20:36
Strangebrewok just a minute20:36
Strangebrewbtw, i'm on ubuntu now (not ubuntustudio)...20:37
holsteinyeah, ubuntu=ubuntustudio20:38
holsteinyou have JACK right?20:38
StrangebrewJACK? not sure, havent downloaded it myself20:39
Strangebrewi'll look for it20:40
holsteinStrangebrew: you'll want that20:40
holsteinsudo apt-get install qjackctl20:40
holsteinand read through the dependencies20:40
holsteinshould see jack2 or jackd20:40
holsteinand others20:40
Strangebrewdownloading qjackct now20:41
holsteinStrangebrew: and JACK right?20:42
holsteinyou saw that in the list too?20:42
holsteinmaybe 20 packages or so right?20:42
Strangebrewnope only 10:\20:42
Strangebrewand jackd wandt there20:42
holsteinprobably right20:42
holsteinwill see...20:43
Strangebrewmaybe it will be fine, ill check it20:43
holsteinsudo apt-get install jackd20:43
holsteinwhen that install is done20:43
Strangebrewthe input level still doesnt show a thing:\20:45
holsteindont worry about that yet20:46
Strangebrewdo i need to restart something?20:46
holsteinStrangebrew: you'll want to learn how to use jack20:46
holsteinits not trivial20:46
Strangebrewwhere can i read about it?20:47
holsteinbut it is really where the 'magic' of linux audio happens20:47
holsteinwell, http://jackaudio.org/20:47
holsteinfor a start20:47
holsteinbut, asking in here, and that other channel i linked20:47
holsteinStrangebrew: open a terminal20:47
holsteinans type20:47
holsteinsudo qjackctl20:47
holsteintry hitting the start button20:48
holsteinand tell me what happens?20:48
Strangebrewwell i see RT with changing precentages right to it20:49
holsteinStrangebrew: cool20:49
holsteinok hit the stop button20:50
holsteinthen, when it has stopped20:50
holsteinhit quit20:50
holsteinthen, start it as normal user20:50
holsteineither qjackctl20:50
holsteinor in the menu20:50
holsteinjack control20:50
holsteinand try hitting start again20:50
Strangebrewsame situation20:51
holsteinno errors20:51
holsteinjust running?20:51
holsteinok, that is JACK20:51
holsteinrunning with your internal sound card20:51
holsteinyou'll probably see an xrun here and there20:51
holsteinlittle red #'s20:51
holsteinin the jack control panel20:52
holsteinBUT, dont worry about that right now20:52
holsteinwhat we are going to do is20:52
holsteinstop jack20:52
holsteinwith the stop button20:52
holsteinon jack contol there20:52
holsteinthen, hit the setup button20:52
holsteinand lets look for the line620:52
holsteinStrangebrew: jack control = qjackctl20:52
holsteina GUI frontend to JACK20:52
holsteinfor setting it up20:53
holsteinand running it20:53
holstein*and stopping it20:53
Strangebrewso i need to look for the line 6 driver in the setup?20:53
holsteinyou see 'driver'20:54
holsteinthat will need to stay set to ALSA20:54
holsteinunder that20:54
holsteinyou see hw:020:54
holsteinbefore we do that20:54
holsteinup at the top20:54
holsteinyou see preset name20:54
holsteingo in there and name this preset 'working'20:54
holsteinand save it20:55
holsteinname it line6 and save it again20:55
holsteinand lets mess with the line6 one20:55
holsteinand you can always come back to working20:55
Strangebrewgood idea:)20:55
Strangebrewso, i need to try all the interfaces available?20:56
holsteinso in the line6 preset20:56
holsteinunder the ALSA driver setting20:56
holsteinyou see hw:020:56
holsteinand an arrow point down20:56
holsteinthere is also an arrow pointing right20:57
holsteinclick both of those20:57
holsteinand see if you see the line6 ?20:57
Strangebrewyeah, on the right pointing arrow  i see   two options with UX1 Toneport20:58
Strangebrewhw:1  and  hw:1,020:58
holsteinStrangebrew: really not much to do but experiment around21:02
holsteinand try to get the line6 going21:03
holsteinyou'll need to learn a bit about JACK routing21:03
holsteinlike, opening ardour21:03
holsteinand creating a track21:03
holsteinand routing the line6 over to that track you make21:03
holsteinor testing21:03
Strangebrewok, i will look into jack,  thank you so much holstein! you helped me alot21:04
holsteinStrangebrew: anytime21:04
holsteinIF you see it there21:04
holsteinin JACK21:04
holsteini think you have a good chance of using it with JACK21:04
holsteinand it working21:04
holsteinand thats really what you want21:04
holsteinits a different workflow from win or OSX usually21:05
holstein*unless you are using JACK in win or OSX21:05
holsteinbut, JACK is just awesome21:05
holsteinand totally worth the learning curve21:05
Strangebreware you experienced with win music production  software?21:06
holsteini used to use cubase21:06
holsteinand ive been around a bunch of win and OSX in studios21:06
holsteinprotools or whatever21:06
holsteini dont have a lot of MIDI experience21:07
Strangebrewand you prefer ubuntu from professional point of view ( or is it ideological, open-source)?21:07
holsteinJACK is awesome21:08
holsteinand ardour too21:08
holsteini personally prefer the software in everyway21:08
holsteinnot just because its open21:08
Strangebrewi guess that i'm not a MIDI guy too, gonna use it for recording guitar and vocals21:08
holsteinbut, the workflow is more like a studio21:09
holsteinfor example21:09
holsteinif i download a reverb21:09
holsteinit shows up in JACK21:09
holsteinand i use it21:09
holsteinroute whatever i want to it21:09
holsteinwith a virtual cable21:09
holsteinjust like the workflow in a studio21:09
holsteinsome software is interconnected like that in win and OSX21:09
Strangebrewsounds nice21:09
holsteinbut, not to this degree21:09
holsteinis it always rock-solid?21:10
holsteinof course not21:10
holsteinbut neither are the closed alternatives21:10
Strangebrewwell thats good to hear..i always thought that only open-source people  are using those open-source software21:11
holsteinim sure thats a big part of it21:12
Strangebrewand the closed ones topped them21:12
holsteinand i do like the ideals21:12
holsteinin general21:12
holsteinbut, im also into everyone having the right tools for the job21:12
holsteinand if that is pro-tools21:12
holsteinor cubase21:12
holsteingo for it21:12
holsteinbut, its not fair to say one platform or app is more capable21:13
holsteinunless it actually is21:13
Strangebrewglad to hear an open-mind opinion21:13
holsteinmostly its opinion21:13
holsteinlike, for example21:13
holsteinardour hasnt had MIDI support21:13
holsteinardour 3.x will have it21:13
holsteinthat should be out in a couple months21:13
holsteinbut, MIDI folks can use JACK21:14
Strangebrewbut theres an alternative to ardour right?21:14
holsteinand whatever MIDI sequencer they want21:14
holsteinwith ardour21:14
holsteinStrangebrew: yeah, or a whole other DAW21:14
holsteinBUT, if a midi guy preffered the workflow of something else21:14
holsteini cant argue with that21:14
holsteinjust dont tell me linux cant do it :)21:14
Strangebrewbtw, where can i hear your music?21:15
holsteini just did a little solo bass thing21:16
holsteinfor the RPM challenge21:16
holsteinand put it up and bandcamp21:16
holsteinthis is more what i do though21:17
holsteinnot my composition there though ^^21:17
holsteinthats the piano players tune21:17
holsteinStrangebrew: you have some music around?21:17
Strangebrewthats amazing holstein, now i'm sure i (potentially) can do what i want in linux21:18
holsteinStrangebrew: theres more MIDI folk in that other channel21:19
holsteinif you need21:19
holsteini dabble at best in that21:19
Strangebrewnope..i'm just getting into recording seriously... i've got a jamman21:19
holsteinive been messing with sooperlooper21:20
holsteinyou checked out zoe keating?21:20
holsteinshe really inspired me21:20
Strangebrewon bandcamp?21:20
Strangebrewdont know her21:20
Strangebrewoh heh:)21:20
holsteinshe uses sooperlooper on OSX21:20
Strangebrewwill check that21:20
holsteini was learning sooperlooper21:20
holsteinand i heard her stuff21:20
Strangebrewsooperlooper is available on ubuntu?21:20
holsteinand though, wonder what software she is useing21:21
holsteinand its the same ;)21:21
holsteinStrangebrew: yeah, its in the repos21:21
holsteinall the ubuntustudio stuff is in the default repo now21:21
holsteinyou dont need to install ubuntustudio21:21
holsteinjust whatever software you want21:21
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation21:21
Strangebrewoh good, seems a little complicated but i guess thats better than installing ubuntu all-over again21:23
holsteinStrangebrew: well, you dont need all of those21:24
holsteinor any of those21:24
holsteinthe metapackages are just a group of packages21:24
holsteini usually get21:24
holsteinand ubuntustudio-audio-plugins21:24
holsteinsometimes the menu21:24
holsteinand maybe a kernel21:25
Strangebrewand the tweeks?21:25
holsteinbut, you can just install the software you want21:25
holsteinas you go21:25
holsteinStrangebrew: the network manager is not installed21:25
holsteinin ubunutstudio21:25
holsteinbut, i wouldnt worry about that21:25
holsteinunless you have trouble21:25
holsteinStrangebrew: not many tweeks needed anymore21:25
Strangebrewgreat, so i'll get on with that now:)21:27
holsteinStrangebrew: :)21:27
Strangebrewthanks again!21:27

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