ionMan, this email is getting longer than i thought.00:40
twbAs at lucid, "kill -SEGV 1" results in a kernel oops.  Is that the intended behaviour?06:35
ionWhat else should happen?06:36
twbWell, the kernel appears to discard "kill -15 1" and "kill -9 1"06:36
twbI'm OK with it doing that, I was just wondering if it wasn't *supposed* to06:37
ralfgroSpamapS: I need more a condition like start on starting tty1 and (ifstarting kdm or gdm)07:17
ralfgroI would like some feedback on my first shot http://pastebin.com/XxTYPrzS07:31
ralfgrothe goal is to start a script before a user can login07:32
twbThere's something that deletes /etc/nologin07:33
ralfgrothis script has some user interaction, basicially it asks the user if updates can be installed.07:33
twbWork out what it is, hook into that07:33
ralfgrothe user should not even has a login screen07:33
twbThen you're probably screwed07:33
twbBut you might be able to do whatever fsck does07:33
ralfgroneither console nor gdm/kdm07:34
ralfgrothe  3 upstart script I have now do work, at lease in my limited setup07:34
ralfgrobut the way I do it seems not be very clean07:35
SpamapStwb: right, I think SIGSEGV is important to deliver to even pid 1 so it can be debugged.. despite that it may oops the kernel.08:48
SpamapStwb: that is a kernel issue... sysvinit also oopses on SIGSEGV08:48
twbOkey dokey08:48
twbActually I am... abusing it to tell LXC that my container's setup script failed :-)08:49
twbI happened to run the script by accident on a non-container, and it oopsed08:49
SpamapSsetup script? you're not using cloud-init ?08:53
twbI'm using LXC08:53
SpamapSyou should. It has a local metadata tuype. :)08:53
SpamapSwhich would have the nice side effect that your LXC container could be booted identical to a cloud node. :)08:54
twbLXC containers don't "boot"; they don't have a kernel.08:54
twbThat's rather the point08:54
SpamapSbooting starts processes under the container09:08
SpamapSjust depends on what you need09:10
twbI should also clarify that by "setup script" I mean the script that takes my company-specific LXC template and applies container-specific changes, like installing apache2 and git cloning a web app into /var/www/.09:11
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forestoHi there.  I'm hoping someone here can help me.  I have upstart launching my daemon using a pretty simple config file with "start on filesystem", but my daemon complains that the nfs-mounted directory it needs does not exist when upstart launches it.  I wish I knew how to make it depend on the filesystem that contains the necessary directory. Any suggestions?19:45

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