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charlie-tcathank you01:12
micahgcharlie-tca: I'm sorry, but I haven't heard back from persia about the ARM installers, I could test next week and we could release it late if you're interested01:17
charlie-tcaheh, at the rate it is going, ARM might not be ready anyway01:17
charlie-tcaI think they are rebuilding the image again01:18
charlie-tcaWe did not have them for us this time. Maybe we can start building and testing them, and plan for beta release?01:18
charlie-tcaThat is only a month away01:18
PsynoKhi0I've just tried the daily build for xubuntu natty, really impressed by the polished look10:40
PsynoKhi0though did I miss it or has the desktop switcher applet been removed from the default layout?10:43
mr_pouitThe workspace switcher will probably come back, after the alpha 3 release10:44
PsynoKhi0great :)10:44
ochosithanks for the nice feedback PsynoKhi0 10:46
PsynoKhi0np, you deserve it guys! almost making me want to drop KDE4 heh10:47
PsynoKhi0there's only one thing that kind of bugs me, it's the menu icon10:49
ochosiyeah, that's work in progress10:49
PsynoKhi0though only if it take it from a "first time user"'s perspective10:50
PsynoKhi0it's like the smallest icon of all with no rel clue that it's a menu icon unless you hover the mouse over it10:50
PsynoKhi0no real*10:50
PsynoKhi0mind you, this more or less plagues any recent DE10:51
ochosicurrently we were thinking to make it monochrome10:53
PsynoKhi0hell even MS seem to think they can get away with nothing but an icon - they prolly believe they can afford that because of the windows mindshare10:53
ochosibut tbh i don't really know how the icon could suggest "menu"10:53
PsynoKhi0I think it should contrast with the rest of the desktop10:53
ochosias in: make it pink? :)10:54
ochosiwell, it kinda does contrast with the rest of the DE atm because it's not monochrome10:54
PsynoKhi0hmm well take the start button in XP... dault is a green button with a big fat START on it, over a blue taskbar... what would a brand new computer user do when seeing the desktop for the first time?10:56
PsynoKhi0hard to miss, isn't it?10:56
PsynoKhi0dault -> default10:56
ochosiprobably, but tbh when i was still using windows i always thought: "why the heck does it say 'start'"?10:57
PsynoKhi0dunno... but it has pretty strong "whenever you have no clue what to do next, try pressing here" semantics10:58
ochosiok, so assuming we stick with only the icon, no text, what would you suggest?10:59
PsynoKhi0hmm do you have a screenshot of the current dafault layout?11:00
PsynoKhi0oh boy, gotta learn to type default right11:00
ochosilol, yeah :)11:00
PsynoKhi0a pic of the top left corner will do11:01
ochosithis is approx the default http://imagebin.org/14089811:01
PsynoKhi0awesome ty! gonna slaughter it a bit ;P11:02
ochosisure, go ahead11:02
mark76Is that xfce4-panel with alpha transparency at the bottom?11:10
ochosimark76: yes11:11
PsynoKhi0sigh I suck at GIMP....11:34
PsynoKhi0http://img593.imageshack.us/i/panelit3bigmenubutton.png/ anyway something like this11:37
PsynoKhi0but professionally done >.<11:38
ochosiso you want to make it ellipse-shaped11:38
PsynoKhi0yes it's butt ugly11:38
PsynoKhi0nah, dunno, couldn't get the corners round11:39
ochosiwe were considering something like the lubuntu menu-button11:39
ochosibut not sure yet whether it's possible in xfce-panel11:39
ochosi> panel11:40
PsynoKhi0anyway you could have the icon bigger ieven if the top and buttom are slightly cut off?11:41
ochosinot sure whether the icon will be cut off or scaled11:41
PsynoKhi0hmm lubuntu might be on the right track, though still not sold on flat menu buttons with no text... doesn't really scream "CLICK MEH!!!" but it could be just me hehe11:43
PsynoKhi0oh well, I guess users CAN learn too :)11:44
ochosiyeah, the install-slideshow will highlight the app-menu and the button11:44
ochosiso it's not necessarily a problem11:44
ochosiand i don't want a button that screams at me for everyday-work11:44
PsynoKhi0so you're assuming that people know their way around, or watch the slideshow, or get help for the first post install steps, I guess it's fair enough11:46
ochosimr_pouit: btw, i asked again in #xfce-dev about thunar's startup-lag and jannis and nick still seem to be convinced that adding the daemon to autostart solves the issue11:46
ochosiPsynoKhi0: yep, and there are also users that might get what that button does by a) intuition or b) trying to click it ;)11:47
PsynoKhi0if they do understand it's a button :P11:47
ochosiwell, if they're too afraid to click anywhere, how will they even install the system?11:48
PsynoKhi0well I'm using the following scenario as a starting point: someone who gets a computer/tablet/whatever as a present with any *buntu flavor preinstalled... what are the first reactions?11:49
PsynoKhi0oh and that person has not heard let alone used *buntu before11:50
ochosisure, it's a valid (even not exactly the standard) scenario11:50
PsynoKhi0though yes it might not be your target audience :)11:50
ochosiyeah, maybe not ;)11:50
ochosibut in the end i don't think there's a clear audience for xubuntu11:51
PsynoKhi0still wishing for some big OEM putting *buntu systems on local electronics shop :D11:51
ochosigood luck with that11:51
PsynoKhi0I know...11:51
ochosisry, g2g, lunch ->11:51
PsynoKhi0every bit helps though11:51
PsynoKhi0kk cya!:)11:51
ochosiyep, cu11:52
mr_pouitochosi: clearly not, because Thunar --daemon is already launched by default by xfce4-session here :/12:03
PsynoKhi0ah nvm13:09
mr_pouitochosi: imho, it is slow to start, because it needs to start all gio network daemons (gvfsd-{smb,dns}, etc.)13:29
mr_pouitif you compare ps output before and after, you can see more of them13:29
mr_pouitah, and tumbler of course13:30
mr_pouitif you compare with nautilus: nautilus loads them only when you click on the "network" shortcut13:32
mr_pouit(so it's faster to start the first time)13:33
charlie-tcaGood morning14:44
mr_pouitochosi: yay, I think I identified the cause of the startup lag: the "Network" bookmark15:06
ochosimr_pouit: let's hope we can fix that! :)15:50
mr_pouitfor 4.8, I'm not sure :}15:51
ochosifor 11.04? ;)15:51
ochosii mean can we patch it15:51
mr_pouitwell, if what I wrote is not too wrong, I don't see any unintrusive way of patching :/16:01
ochosig2g, sry, i won't be able to attend the meeting tonight i'm afriad16:10
ochosinot many updates from my side anyway, apart from xfwm4 finished and all16:10
charlie-tcawell, I forgot to tell vinnl we need a news release for alpha316:34
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charlie-tcaNatty Alpha3 released!18:17
charlie-tcaCongratulations for a well-done effort18:17
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 25 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings18:34
charlie-tcaif freenode settles down enough18:34
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micahgcharlie-tca: I'll be a little late for the meeting18:46
charlie-tcano problem, I don't know if I will make it at the rate the splits are going18:47
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