surreal7zhi... well, I don't have a problem, just a question... how is it possible that we are able run programs on xubuntu... with user... when all the programs are owned by root and it says that only root has access to them?.. so, I'm confused...00:07
surreal7zfor example... I run a program from /usr/bin ... without root privilages but it's owned by root00:07
knomesurreal7z, when you use sudo, you run those commands with root rights00:07
surreal7zjea... but when you don't use sudo... they run eather way..00:08
surreal7zbut they have root as an owner00:08
knomeyou mean like services that are started on boot?00:08
surreal7zwell, that also00:08
surreal7zwhen you type in terminal only thunar00:09
surreal7zit will open00:09
surreal7zbut when i see a file... it's own by root?00:09
surreal7zor it isn't... it says root...00:09
charlie-tcaIt has to do with the permissions for each file in the system00:09
cody-somervillesurreal7z, Its possible because you have read permissions and the executable bit is set on it00:09
charlie-tcasome files, any user is allowed to execute, some files, only root is allowed to execute them.00:10
surreal7zwell, okej... thx :)00:11
* charlie-tca thinks that is a really good question to ask00:11
cody-somervillesurreal7z, basically, when you run a program say from the command line bash forks into two separate processes and then one called the exec() syscall to replace the process image with another (ie. the program you told bash to run).00:14
cody-somervillesurreal7z, The kernel loads the given filename which expects it to be in the ELF format. ELF tells the kernel how to setup the process map, where to put particular sections, etc. and then the kernel begins executing at a given address.00:14
surreal7zthx for explanation that i  partially understand :D   i will investigate things a bit little more00:17
cody-somervillesurreal7z, And unless the suid bit is set, the process will retain your uid - ie. will run as you.00:18
cody-somervillesurreal7z, For programs that require root to run, the program does start but exits either after checking to see if you're root or it tries to do something that requires root privileges and is denied.00:19
grunwaldHI ALL03:17
grunwaldhow can I make xubuntu more eye candy ?03:18
grunwaldII tried compiz mgrs03:18
grunwaldand just did not work for me03:19
grunwaldok Thamx I guess I am to novice for this channel ...LOL03:20
miyaginhi everyone04:08
xnatty_dailyxubuntu natty is pretty!!!!10:05
xnatty_dailya virtual desktop widget out-of-the-box would be nice though :)10:06
GaudiHi all13:49
pablocolaiacovoplease, I need some help with a sound issue...15:24
charlie-tcaPlease ask your question all in one line. All of us are volunteers and will attempt to answer if we know.15:25
pablocolaiacovosince today I don't have audio in my laptop, I'm a beginner here so I don't know where to look15:26
GaudiI am reading a primer on IRC commands15:27
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.15:27
GaudiThe /away command without anything behind it should unmark my away status15:28
charlie-tcathe /away command without anything else still marks you away. the /back command unmarks away15:29
GaudiThanks - I'm officially back now15:30
GaudiPrimer still in Alpha status : http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/ircprimer.html#Commands15:30
Sysiin irssi /away works for unmarking15:39
charlie-tcaso it depends on the client15:40
GaudiI use XChat15:41
SysiAlt A iirc15:43
fff000hello! can anyone help me with a vnc-related problem?15:51
charlie-tcaPlease ask your question all in one line. All of us are volunteers and will attempt to answer if we know.15:51
fff000ok. Thank you! Is it possible to connect with vnc to a machine running xubuntu 10.4 but does not have a video card? I tried to install xvfb but still can't make it work15:52
charlie-tcaNever tried, but I suspect not, since without a video card, nothing displays15:53
charlie-tcaI think vnc still uses the video output of the remote machine15:54
fff000the problem is that when I start vnc-server it says there is no video card15:54
charlie-tcaheh, it's right, too, isn't it.15:54
Sysii think it might be possible with some vnc system to create xsession without actual display15:56
charlie-tcaSysi, TheSheep : Any way to use vnc-server without a video card?15:56
fff000i found some info on google about xvfb that it creates a virtual framebuffer within the system RAM15:57
fff000I read about that too... the thing is that I can't find xvnc anywhere...16:00
fff000all I was able to find was a link that sent me to tightvnc16:00
Sysiaptitude show directvnc16:07
Sysiaptitude show vnc4server says Note: This server does not need a display16:09
fff000it worked! thank you very much! I really appreciate it!16:14
GaudiLooked at the raw log: XChat translates /BACK and sends AWAY to server16:16
GaudiSo it's a 'feature' of XChat ;-)16:17
Gaudicharlie-tca, thanks for the help16:18
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andrewvcdoes anyone know of a good GUI tool to enable a second monitor in XFCE?18:34
andrewvcwhen I plug a monitor into my laptop, the xfce gui tool shows none18:34
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in 25 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings18:35
charlie-tcaif freenode settles down enough to have it18:35
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_Techie_whats a really good lightweight web browser?19:35
charlie-tcawell, midori, actually19:35
_Techie_it has a GUI im assuming>19:36
charlie-tcaIf you don't want the gui, look at elinks or w3m19:36
_Techie_nah, i want the GUI19:36
_Techie_its for a chrooted install on my phone19:36
_Techie_which one would be better? its running on a phone with a 480mhz CPU19:41
_Techie_hey, i said gui charlie19:42
charlie-tcayeah, I don't know, on 480mhz19:42
_Techie_well ill be overclocking it to 600mhz19:43
Unit193I have a 500MHz computer with midori...19:43
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wizardslovakthats weird22:17
wizardslovaki updated system22:17
wizardslovakand all youtube videos are red color22:17
surreal7zhow to hide modification time in ls command?.. i tried everything :\23:13
surreal7zls -l23:13
f1assistancehow does lubuntu compare to lubuntu? I have a laptop with PIII 1 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM...23:16
f1assistancehow does lubuntu compare to xubuntu, I mean...23:21
wizardslovakhow do i enable gnash?23:54
Sysiinstall it23:55
wizardslovakyes i did23:55
wizardslovakremoved adobe flash23:55
wizardslovakbut youtube still aint working23:55
Sysiget the propiatry flash23:55
wizardslovakwhich is?23:55
Sysiafaik youtube don't work with gnash atm23:55
Sysiyou need to remove gnash23:56
wizardslovakreason is23:56
wizardslovaki updated system and now all videos on youtube are redish23:56
wizardslovakok i removed gnash installed plugin nonfree23:58
wizardslovaknow i dont see anyting23:58
wizardslovakno youtube23:59
wizardslovakcant play23:59
wizardslovakno error23:59
Sysirestart browser23:59

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