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didrocksgood morning07:24
nhainesdidrocks: good morning!07:37
didrockshey nhaines07:37
oSoMoNgood morning08:04
MacSlowhey fols08:05
zniavregood morning08:18
zniavrehow to restart/reset unity-2d panels please ? (some indicators are missing)08:18
lucazadezniavre: killall unity-2d-panel08:20
lucazadeand it will restart auto08:20
zniavreok thank you it did the trick but indicators still missing08:20
ionWhich ones?08:22
zniavrei guess sesssion/date/sound08:22
ionAh, the fixed version of unity-2d hasn’t reached natty yet, it seems. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-2d/+bug/72471708:23
zniavrein fact i got only network icon in "systray"08:24
ionThe version in the unity-2d-team/unity-2d-daily PPA works.08:24
lucazadeyes, only ppa version is fixed08:26
zniavrethank you i will try as soon as possible08:27
zniavre_thank you unity-2d is working quite well with ppa's09:40
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rodrigo_error: cannot pass objects of non-POD type ‘struct std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >’ through ‘...’; call will abort at runtime11:34
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rodrigo_error: cannot pass objects of non-POD type ‘struct std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >’ through ‘...’; call will abort at runtime11:41
rodrigo_any idea why I get that with this:11:41
rodrigo_  g_variant_builder_add (&b, "(ssiiii)",11:41
rodrigo_ _proxy->GetName (),11:41
rodrigo_ proxy->GetId (),11:41
rodrigo_ geo.x,11:41
rodrigo_ geo.y,11:41
rodrigo_ geo.GetWidth (),11:41
rodrigo_ geo.GetHeight ());11:41
rodrigo_I've tried casting, but then it complains also11:41
rodrigo_ah, it's a std:string, I guess I need to convert that to a C string11:42
aruizrodrigo_, the wonders of  C++ :-)11:46
rodrigo_aruiz, yeah, took a bit of time, but found it11:54
rodrigo__proxy->GetName ()->c_str ()11:54
aruiznow hope for everything to go okay encoding wise11:55
rodrigo_aruiz, hehe12:01
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ryehi people, that's me again, with gtk.MenuItem in appindicators not playing well. What I noticed with Gimp is that sometimes menu does not get redrawn (e.g. when i close the toolkit window, menu seems to be stuck, since there is a new item in Windows->Recently closed one). And now I have noticed yet another fault12:51
ryewhen gtk item is hidden one cannot show it easily12:51
ryeHere's the test script that shows how it fails: http://paste.ubuntu.com/575460/12:53
didrocksrye: you should poke tedg mainly for appindicator stuff, he's not there right now (US Texas time)12:57
ryedidrocks, thanks!12:57
mterryHello!  I recently discovered that unity intercepts F10 presses.  Why was that done at the unity level?  (gtk+ was already handling it, did you just want to get all toolkits at once?)12:58
mterrynjpatel, didrocks: ^^13:09
didrocksmterry: I didn't implemented that, but yeah, it's a default key in compiz13:09
didrocksI don't really know the reason (it's done under atk hat IIRC)13:10
didrocksfor me, alt should act like this13:10
mterrydidrocks, it's causing bugs because it can be out-of-sync with GTK+ (for example, gnome-terminal allows you to turn off normal F10 processing, but that no longer works)13:10
didrocksmterry: agree, like bobyu override my F9 which I use for htop :)13:11
mterryhmm, I'll find who committed it and bug them13:11
didrocksmterry: pretty sure it's atk related IIRC, so rodrigo_ or api13:12
didrocksoh, it's neil!13:13
didrocksmterry: rev 853.4.413:13
* didrocks leaves, I don't want to see this, it will become ugly with blood all over the place :)13:14
mterrynjpatel, anyway, when you're back, let's chat about F10 and the best way to deal with gnome-terminal13:15
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njpatelmterry, all toolkits at once13:45
njpatelmterry, I didn't realise it screws with terminal, however you can change it if you want in ccsm13:46
mterrynjpatel, sure...  so your recommendation is that we patch any apps that interact with the gtk key and have them also toggle the gconf unity key?13:46
mterrynjpatel, what about the keyboard shortcuts dialog?13:47
mterrynjpatel, which source should gnome-terminal prefer?  should we link against libunity to see if it's running before using the ccsm key?13:47
njpatelmterry, "interact with the gtk key" ?13:48
mterrynjpatel, also, as I recall, gnome-terminal is able to change it just for its own app.  Couldn't do that with unity13:48
mterrynjpatel, gnome-terminal turns off the accel for itself.  So now you are recommending that it also toggle the gconf key?13:49
mterrynjpatel, maybe other apps look at/edit that accel too, but I haven't looked13:49
njpatelmterry, no, no way am I recommending that, I was speaking on a case-per-case basis13:49
njpatelmterry, I guess this needs to be solved outside of just terminal13:50
njpatelgconf key isn't good, you don't have any locking so if someone doesn't restore it your screwed13:50
njpatelmaybe F10 is just wrong for this13:50
mterrynjpatel, can you make the key handling run-last instead of run-first?13:50
njpatelmaybe we should have a Alt+F10 to keep it out of normal application scope13:51
njpatelmterry, compiz is taking a grab so there's nothing I can do there13:51
mterrynjpatel, alt-F10 is also used by gnome to toggle maximization state13:51
mterrynjpatel, can you pass it to focused app though, and see if it handled it?13:51
mterrynjpatel, do you know if there's a way for user to edit gtk's use of F10?  Because we'd likely need to patch that too so there isn't confusion.  Doesn't seem to be in Keyboard Shortcuts like I thought13:52
njpatelI'm not sure X allows that, and not sure if Compiz supports that if it does13:53
mterrynjpatel, what other toolkits were bugging you?  just qt?  maybe you could just patch it13:53
njpatelmterry, no idea dude, tbh I didn't know it was a feature until somepone told me13:53
njpatelmterry, I was told F10 just didn't work at all with appmenu anymore, was that not the case?13:53
mterrynjpatel, I patched gtk to make it work13:54
njpatelheh, when?13:54
mterrynjpatel, I dunno, a while ago.  During natty13:54
mterrynjpatel, but my way worked with gnome-terminal, because it was gtk-oriented.  So I was flummoxed for a while with this bug until I realized unity had been grabbing it too13:54
njpatelyeah, I was asked to make it system-wide for a11y13:55
njpatelmterry, Alt+F10 doesn't work in compiz anyway, so I'd suggest we move over to that as we still need a global shortcut to focus the panel13:55
mterrynjpatel, sure, but does system-wide mean qt+gtk or does it mean everything else under the sun?  (motif?)13:55
njpatelmterry, everything13:55
mterrynjpatel, right, but what else is there (real question)?13:56
njpatelmterry, this is because it needs to open "the first available menu"13:56
njpatelXUL, libreoffice, clutter apps, etc13:56
mterryoh right  :)  damn xul13:56
njpatelwe need a key to open the first menu so you can get to the other system menus too13:56
njpatellet me just move to Alt+F10. Then if F10 works through the toolkit, sweet, but at least a11y-wise we can guarantee something13:57
mterrynjpatel, ok.  Maybe we should patch Keyboard Shortcut dialog to hide that option, if it only works in metacity13:58
mterrythe alt+f10 option13:58
mterrybut that's a separate issue13:58
mterrynjpatel, thanks!  sorry for confusion about whether f10 was working in gtk or not14:00
njpatel np dude, sorry I didn't realise the impact of the change14:01
njpatelmterry, if you want to propose a branch or file a bug and assign to me, then that would be sweet14:01
mterrynjpatel, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/72663914:01
kenvandinearuiz, hey, did you notice that lo-menubar aren't displaying submenus for "New" and "Recent Documents"14:02
kenvandinearuiz, but i think it is for all the others14:02
mterrynjpatel, though, that bug was about wanting the keys for midnight commander.  Maybe it uses alt+F10 too?  ;)14:02
aruizkenvandine, working on it as we speak14:03
njpatelmterry, heh, updated and milestoned14:03
aruizkenvandine, there is a regression in 3.3.114:03
kenvandinearuiz, cool14:03
aruizlabels stopped being shown14:03
aruizand submenus stopped being populated14:03
aruizI'm working with the LO guys on this14:03
kenvandinearuiz, also, when i open a document the menubar menus go away14:04
kenvandinebut creating a new document gives me the menubar14:04
aruizkenvandine, yeah, working on it too14:04
aruizit all became hectic with that regression I'm afraid14:05
kenvandineno worries, just making sure it was being addressed14:05
kenvandinearuiz, ping me anytime you want me to update the package so users can get the goodies :)14:05
aruizkenvandine, will do14:06
aruizI'm in the middle of trying a few different things14:06
kenvandineklattimer, have you noticed that the color labels in datetime stop getting displayed over time?14:08
ryetedg, ping14:08
klattimerkenvandine: yep, https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-datetime/+bug/72895614:08
tedgHowdy rye14:10
ryetedg, I am coming from bug #728503 where it looks like a regression in natty for libappindicator/dbusmenu, the same script modifies the menu in latest maverick properly, but it fails to do this in natty.14:10
ubot5`Launchpad bug 728503 in libappindicator (Ubuntu) "libappindicator stops updating the menu after gtk.MenuItem is added" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72850314:10
ryetedg, hi :)14:10
ryetedg, one more thing is that I noticed that when I close the gimp and it adds new entry to the list of closed windows the main Fil menu is also stuck. I need to re-open the window and then File menu updates itself. May be a completely different one though14:11
tedgrye, Do you have libappindicator 0.2.97?  There was a bug in the Python bindings in earlier versions.14:11
ryetedg, 0.2.97-0ubuntu114:11
ryetedg, yes, i also observed that bug, when python bindings were completely broken due to unresolved symbols14:12
tedgrye, Ah, okay.  That's better now :)14:12
kenvandineklattimer, that shouldn't be fix committed since it isn't merged into trunk yet14:13
klattimeroh sorry14:14
* kenvandine changes14:15
coz_hey all14:34
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coz_ hey guys14:49
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jcastronjpatel: didrocks: lamalex: DBO: only 21 bitesizers in the pile. Need more to nom nom.15:08
didrocksjcastro: I added as much as possible recently if you didn't notice ;)15:08
didrocksnot sure there are more with the current stack TBH15:09
jcastroI was kind of yelling at the DXers15:09
jcastronot platform. o/15:09
jcastroI try to start every morning making fun of DBO15:09
didrocksjcastro: who doesn't? :)15:09
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didrocksmore seriously, there are a lot of possible bitesize pending on design approval15:10
jcastronice work merging in olivier's branch15:11
* jcastro goes off to get his pic and bio15:11
didrocksyeah, was a nice one from him, should have take time to see why the current implementation didn't work in every case :)15:13
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lamalexjcastro, I tagged one yesterday15:30
lamalex:P if I see more today I'll tag em15:30
lamalexHas anyone seen API recently?15:56
lamalexdidrocks1, ping15:56
didrocks1I didn't15:56
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lamalexWhen you get time can we go over your maildrop script? If your'e busy now it can wait (I too have other things to work on :P)15:56
didrocksyeah, later please:)15:58
lamalexsure, I was just giving you a reminder15:58
didrocksno worry :)16:00
tedgklattimer, Do you know how to use the prerequisite branch feature in LP merge requests?  It seems like your week numbers one is after the color fix.16:04
lamalexseb128, for https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/727714 can I change your whole report to "places needs keyboard navigation?"16:04
tedgklattimer, I refilled it assuming so, we'll see if that cleans up the diff :)16:04
seb128lamalex, if you want16:05
lamalexI'm pretty sure once keynev is there, they will be activatable :P16:06
klattimertedg: sorry, I don't know how to use it as yet, but I'm sure I'll figure it out now you've mentioned it16:23
tedgklattimer, No problem, it's under the advanced thingy at the bottom.16:24
nhainesHmm, unity_support_test crashes every time I log in on this old computer over here.16:25
nhainesI might check my aperture window before I file a bug but I'm pretty sure it's not AGP.16:25
jcastrodidrocks: got time to talk Places today? kamstrup's not around16:26
om26ermterry, Hi! it seems that empathy's 'Contact' menu items dont work with appmenu, and also after opening that menu for the first time it becomes blank the next time its opened16:26
om26er*sighs for empathy menus*16:26
om26ermterry_, Hi! it seems that empathy's 'Contact' menu items dont work with appmenu, and also after opening that menu for the first time it becomes blank the next time its opened16:27
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mterry_om26er, guh, I fixed empathy a while ago.  something must have changed16:28
didrocksjcastro: depends on when exactly and what's the topic :)16:28
om26ermterry_, when you fixed last time, the menu appeared but menu items still didn't work ;) (no effect when clicked)16:28
om26ernow they vanish after openeing16:29
jcastrodidrocks: quickly support16:29
jcastrothese are kamstrup's instructions16:29
mterry_om26er, i remember clicking them and them working, huh16:29
didrocksjcastro: yeah, I tried the python place :)16:30
jcastrodidrocks: I am doing a blog about Places16:30
jcastrobasically I need to know if we can do "or just fire up quickly and it all magically works!"16:30
jcastroor "we're working on making this magically work in quickly, so please help test now so we can get feedback"16:31
didrocksjcastro: no, someone as to do a template from this16:31
didrocksjcastro: yeah :)16:31
jcastroand you need someone to do it or are you assigned to it?16:31
didrocksI'm not assigned, so if someone can do it, it will be better16:31
didrocksnot like if I had a life already :p16:31
jcastrook I will put out a call for a template then16:32
jcastrothanks that's all I needed!16:32
om26ermterry, also shotwell still have the issues with appmenu, I should report bugs ;016:32
mterry_om26er, is this December again?  geeze16:34
om26ermterry_, hehe it pain. so should I file for dbusmenu or appmenu-gtk?16:34
mterry_om26er, probably dbusmenu, I can move if needed16:35
didrocksjcastro: nice!16:36
didrocksjcastro: btw, there is still this Dee file to copy16:36
didrocks(the override one)16:36
jcastroyeah it's in his instructions16:36
didrocksjcastro: will be (ugly) fixed on Monday16:36
jcastrothis call is for stalwart pioneers who want something to do this weekend16:37
didrocksok :)16:37
didrocksjcastro: it works great and it's fun (enjoying it there)16:37
jcastrooh cool, new mp from alejandro!16:39
jcastromaybe this one will get merged16:39
om26erunity becomes slow after the use of a few minutes, when its first started its really snappy then becomes slow. this is independent from the number of open applications since it becomes fast after crashing given there are a lot of apps already running16:41
om26ercould that be a memory leak or some other leak ;)16:42
jcastrolamalex: ah yargh, I always confuse him with someone else16:42
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didrocksom26er: hum… can be :/16:44
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didrocksom26er: I don't experience that though16:44
didrocksom26er: can be a driver memleak as well, unfortunately16:45
om26erdidrocks, only happens on my netbook, works fine on the PC16:45
didrocksom26er: can worth looking at the graphical card difference16:46
om26erone is 9800gtx+ the other is 945GM/GMS/GME so could be related to intel maybe16:47
didrocksmaybe, will be useful to see which process is mem hungry if there is one16:48
lamalexDBO, I am seeing a bunch of "____ app won't run from launcher" bugs16:48
didrocksand see if that happens with plain compiz as well16:48
lamalexCan I assign these to you to look at, do you have a debugging process for this sort of thing?16:49
DBOlamalex, i blame the oompa loompa's16:49
DBOif an app wont run16:49
DBOall we do is take the .desktop file and tell gio to launch it16:49
DBOafter that it's in gods hands16:49
DBOeven if somehow we confirmed this bug16:49
lamalexdo we get a return code if it launchers or not?16:49
DBOI wouldn't know what to do about it16:49
lamalexlike a pid, or something, idk16:50
DBObeyond "yeah I forked a process"?16:50
DBOyeah we can see if a fork happened but I *really* doubt thats the case16:50
lamalexwhat does your code do if a fork doesn't happen?16:50
DBOfail silently like all self respecting launcher code :P16:51
lamalexDBO, you don't log an error?16:51
lamalexno g_error16:51
lamalexok can I submit a patch that changes the launcher icon to a sad face?16:51
didrocks(g_error are for weaks, bamf doesn't have any error :))16:52
DBOlemme check16:52
lamalexbamf doesn't do the launching though, right? so that's ok16:52
DBOlamalex, we do one better than not report the error16:53
DBOwe also leak the memory16:53
DBOin three places16:53
DBOgod we are good!16:53
didrocksthat's the punishement to use evil apps :)16:53
lamalexyou must pay for your actions16:54
DBOI already did16:54
DBOremember mutter?16:54
DBOremember clutter?16:54
DBOI seriously occasionally still have dreams about mutters window stacking methodology16:54
DBOI think its a very mild form of PTSD16:55
kklimondaDBO: mutter is really that bad? how are gnome folks dealing with it then?16:56
DBOkklimonda, mutter is that bad if you wish to insert a UI element into the stacking order16:57
DBOkklimonda, say the gnome folks wanted DND windows (like when you are dragging a file around) to be dropable on the panel16:57
didrocksDBO: Iremember the extensive discussion on that :)16:57
DBOin mutter, that would be an epic pain in the arse16:57
kklimondaso they just sidestep the problem by not doing dnd on panel? :)16:58
DBOor anywhere that is drawn by mutter16:59
DBOits actually quite a hilarious shortcoming of mutter16:59
DBOwell not mutter16:59
DBOof GNOME Shell16:59
kklimondathey probably see it as an important feature.. ;)16:59
DBOkklimonda, they probably dont give a two shakes considering how little GNOME Shell seems to care about working with non-GNOME apps17:01
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kklimondaDBO: quite frankly I find it disturbing :/17:11
DBOkklimonda, telling it like it is17:11
nmarquesdidrocks, hey... fixed the stuff yesterday and it's kinda work, the only problem now is that compiz crashes if unityshell is enabled, that aside everything seems to be working17:12
DBOkklimonda, I found myself having occasional conversations with GNOME folks, and frequently when you bring up non GNOME apps the reaction you get is akin to "what about them?"17:12
lamalexdidrocks1, how does unity --distro work?17:47
lamalexor rather how do I use it17:47
lamalexseb128, I am not seeing https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/727824 with trunk. want to test if it's been fixed already17:48
didrocks1lamalex: it's pretty silly, it removes well-known install directories (I have to add nux)17:48
didrocks1lamalex: so, it's basically sudo unity --distro17:48
lamalexhah ah17:48
didrocks1then, you can launch unity17:48
didrocks1yeah, I was tired to remove those by hand :)17:48
didrocks1hence the "unity" wrapper just being a dev tool17:48
didrocks1not end user once compiz can respawn when dying anyway :)17:49
lamalexdidrocks1, doesn't remove h/usr/local/lib/compiz/libunityshell.so17:52
kklimondahey, why doesn't notify-osd merge messages from the same user again?17:53
lamalexkklimonda, I filed a bug on that the other day17:53
kklimondait was supposed to be a killer feature, and I'm actually surprised when it works ;)17:54
lamalexI think17:54
didrocks1lamalex: hum, seems you are using tweaked option then17:54
didrocks1lamalex: should be installed by default in your home dir17:54
didrocks1(with just cmake ..)17:54
lamalexyah I think that was from a long time ago17:54
lamalexglad it's gone now17:54
didrocks1gone and dead :)17:56
lamalexjcastro, got another one for your list :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/72784017:58
jcastroDBO: remember between 2 and 3 is Q+A in here if people ask questions18:02
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om26eris there going to be a new build of overly-scrollbar in the ppa?18:05
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didrocksom26er: new release on monday18:05
om26eris there going to be a new build of overly-scrollbar in the ppa?18:08
didrocksom26er: new release on monday18:11
didrocksom26er: you can cherry-pick and build as you do for unity, I'm using the same packaging method :)18:11
om26erdidrocks, yes Sir!18:12
DBOjcastro, crap...18:36
DBOhold on18:36
jcastroit's ok it's not like a formal class18:36
DBOjcastro, I got a conflict today18:36
jcastrojust basically pay more attention to the channel for an hour18:36
jcastroDBO: ok lamalex covered for you last time, maybe he can hang out again18:37
DBOlamalex, cover for me again? I swear my schedule conspires18:37
lamalexI did what?18:37
lamalexI would never cover for you18:38
DBOthanks :)18:38
DBOyou're the best18:38
lamalexI'd rat you out first chance18:38
lamalexhonestly sometimes I email oubiwann with made up shit you did18:38
DBOthat explains everything18:38
DBOargh its almost 2 and I haven't eaten yet18:38
DBOback after lunch and meeting18:39
* kenvandine wonders why tedg is never around when i want to yell at him18:56
aruizkenvandine, suspicious18:56
aruizkenvandine, you can yell at me as an outlet18:57
kenvandinehe broke dbusmenu in commit     revno: 249.2.2, but i am not sure why it breaks :)18:57
aruizkenvandine, dear dear18:57
DaekdroomIs anyone else having problem with minimized windows still having mouse focus?19:01
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cjohnstonjderose: ping19:54
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Apselyguyneed to ask someone about unity ubuntu ?20:03
Apselyguycan you download this OS and have it upgade my Ubuntu studio ?20:04
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lamalexHey someone with autohide, can you please help me understand what's going on in https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/72859820:56
christiplamalex, that's quite odd, I try to explain it to you. You drag & drop a file to the launcher trash icon. The behaviour of the launcher is perfect until you hit the most left pixel of your screen with your pointer. Then the launcher will auto-hide.21:08
christipIt doesn't matter where you hit the left-most pixel of your screen. Just drag a file to the left-most position and the launcher will hide.21:09
lamalexoh really? ok21:15
kenvandinetedg, your back!21:19
kenvandinetedg, r249.2.2 in dbusmenu is what broke indicator-me status menus21:20
kenvandinetedg, but i don't see why21:20
kenvandinetedg, just like you thought, the remove stuff21:20
tedgkenvandine, Sweet!  I'll look into it.21:21
tedgkenvandine, Thanks for breaking that down.21:21
tedgkenvandine, Which branch are you getting that rev number from?21:21
lamalexhey jono_ http://enemieslist.net/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=421:21
lamalexplay a show with them21:22
lamalexor put out a split or something21:22
kenvandinebzr log -n221:23
kenvandinei think... now i am not so sure21:23
kenvandineone sec21:23
kenvandineyeah, trunk21:25
kenvandinemerged in at 25121:25
kenvandinewhich has some other things too21:26
kenvandinebut reversing that specific commit fixes it21:26
lamalexDBO, is this bitesize do you think? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/72770222:32
lamalexi dont know how much of the launcher relies on .desktop files22:34
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