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Manikandanhi all when i use this cmd bzr branch lp:nova05:07
Manikandani got bzr: ERROR: Connection error: while sending POST /bazaar/: [Errno 110] Connection timed out05:07
pooliehi Manikandan05:39
pooliethat probably means a networking problem between you and launchpad05:40
pooliemaybe a firewall is blocking it?05:40
poolietry using 'bzr lp-login YOUR_USERNAME'05:40
Manikandani entered the cmd but bzr: ERROR: Connection error: curl connection error (couldn't connect to host)05:45
Manikandanon https://launchpad.net/~mahendrancse/%2Bsshkeys05:45
poolieManikandan, are you meant to use a proxy on your network?05:49
pooliehi jam06:57
jamhi poolie06:57
pooliei think jelmer may be up at 0700 if he stays up late :)06:57
pooliemaybe not06:57
jamRight, and I'm pretty sure there's no way you'd be up at 1800 CET06:58
jam(~when he finishes his day)06:58
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jam0400 Sydney if I'm doing the math correctly06:59
jamHe mentioned wanting to be around at 22:00 CET for the Ubuntu meeting. Maybe something like that would work better07:00
jampoolie: I'll have to go in a couple mins. Would you rather see the EINTR codepath removed07:00
poolieah, as you said07:01
pooliei often see him in his evening07:01
pooliewhen he's not officially working, but we say hi07:01
poolieif the eintr path is useful for testing, keep it and just mark it as such07:01
poolieotherwise, i think it's just a distraction07:02
pooliedo things still work if you delete it?07:02
pooliei'm a bit concerned it will vary between python versions07:02
poolieiirc the built in eintr handling has done so07:02
jampoolie: possibly, though this is LP code, so we don't care a lot about working across lots of versions07:03
pooliewell, eventually they will go to 2.7 or whatever07:04
pooliebetter not to have to revisit it then if something changes07:04
pooliebut you're right there's not nearly as many variations as in bzr07:04
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robbleszHi folks, can someone explain to me what these revision numbers are, with the .x.y suffixes? http://www.szakmeister.net/pictures/qbzr-log.png07:58
robbleszAll revnos in my repo are whole numbers, I'm just wondering what kind of work flow would produce what's in the screenshot08:00
sorenrobblesz: When you merge stuff, the commits on the merged branch don't get integer revnos.08:27
robbleszsoren: oh, I see. I've been using feature branches but instead of merging I've been pushing. Maybe I should try merging08:29
sorenIt's entirely up to you.08:30
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JimmyTheKidhow do I check the last 5 logs10:39
JimmyTheKidbzr log -r-5 only shows me the 5th last items10:39
JimmyTheKidI want to check all last five10:39
bob2-5.. probably11:21
hallyn_I've done a 'debcommit -r -R --changelog=changelog'.  It didn't use my $DEBEMAIL for 'committer:'.  Is there a way to edit that after the fact?15:01
hallyn_i.e. 'bzr commit --amend'15:01
hallyn_all right i guess i'll just have to redo the merge15:15
maxbbzr uncommit; bzr commit15:15
hallyn_maxb: thanks, will try that next time15:17
Lo-lan-doHi all15:23
Lo-lan-doI see there's going to be a bzr sprint in London on 16-20 May.15:24
Lo-lan-doCoincidentally, there's going to be an Alioth sprint in Cambridge on 20-22 May.15:25
Lo-lan-doMaybe some of the former would care to join us for the latter?15:25
Lo-lan-doSomeone more familiar than I am with loggerhead would be particularly welcome :-)15:26
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jseaboldHi, I just nuked the whitespace in a project and it affects almost every line. Is there a way to keep these changes but remove the commit from the history, so bzr annotate is still useful?20:08
beunojseabold, not really, no20:08
rubbsjseabold: is it the most recent commit?20:09
rubbscause you could always bzr uncommit, but as far as keeping the changes I have no idea.20:09
jseaboldYeah, there was one more, but I can uncommit it.20:09
jseaboldOh yeah, I want the changes I just don't care to see them in the history. Seems like it could be a common need. Guess not.20:10
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vanguardis there some command that returns me in a simple way whether the working dir is clean (everything commited) (I want to make a decision upon that in a bash script)21:10
james_wbzr status should do that21:10
james_wI'm not sure what it does w.r.t. unknowns, and what you want to happen there21:10
vanguardSomething that returns with 0 if it is clean and 1 if it was not clean would be awesome21:11
vanguardgot it: if the tree is clean, it does not output anything -> test "`bzr status`" ; echo $?21:14
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maxbjames_w: Hi. The launchpad milestone/release metadata for bzr-builddeb is pretty out of date. What's your criteria for ~bzr-builddeb-hackers membership, would it be reasonable for me to request to join, to be able to fix that?21:44
maxb(Or to put it another way, where is the boundary between ~bzr and ~bzr-builddeb-hackers?)21:45
james_wmaxb, I'd be happy to have you join the team21:45
* maxb requests21:46
maxbOn a wholly different topic, it's nice to see that someone other than me really really wants bzr-svn to interpret svn mergeinfo :-)21:49
james_wmaxb, accepted21:58
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maxbI've just clicked in a join request for ~loggerhead-team, with the desire to be able to re-open merge proposals for branches de-merged by the shuffling off of recent trunk to the experimental branch23:52
maxbActually given the team's administrator membership I should say that on #launchpad-dev instead23:53

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