jjessedownloaded the amd64 for alpha 3 and on latest version of VirtualBox (host OS Windows 7) it boots to a black screen01:57
jjessezomg finally got amd64 to install in virtualbox02:47
jjessefirst time since alpha 102:47
JontheEchidnahttp://www.classnamer.com/?repost! I got "StatelessTaskState"02:49
ScottKapachelogger and Riddell: "<doko> ScottK: gcc-4.5 test packages available in the ubuntu-toolchain-r PPA. feedback appreciated" - Can one of you test them?03:52
c2tarunScottK: sorry this may not concern to me, but what us ubuntu-toolchain-r PPA?03:57
ScottKc2tarun: It's a PPA where the Ubuntu toolchain maintainers test new packages (like a new GCC version in this case) before uploading them to Ubuntu.03:57
c2tarunHow can I apply the debdiff uploaded on a bug and check whether its working or not?04:24
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c2tarunwhat does this mean in a Makefile LIBS=@LIBS@05:45
=== KRF_ is now known as KRF
bambeejust in case, does anyone maintain polkit-kde on upstream here ?08:38
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apacheloggerScottK: perhaps, perhaps not, I am going to visit my parents over the weekend so I have no idea whether I'll have time11:34
apacheloggerScottK: I'd say let us just build phonon and kdelibs, if they build we should be good ^^11:34
apacheloggereveryone: http://apachelog.wordpress.com/2011/03/02/how-to-create-a-media-player-in-30-seconds/#comment-107911:34
TroubleThat comment makes me want to life life dangerously and upgrade to Natty12:00
apacheloggerWE HAVE AN N900 KERNEL!!!!12:16
apacheloggeromg omg omg omg12:16
* apachelogger falls over and dies and stuff12:16
apacheloggerTrouble: do not do it if you are on intel12:16
apacheloggernot until Qt 4.7.2 is in anyway12:16
apachelogger.1 segfault just about anywhere anytime  and generally always12:17
apacheloggermost unplesent12:17
Troubleomg! I think you just saved my life!12:17
TroubleNo wonder you are my #1 hero12:17
* apachelogger hugs Trouble12:17
* Trouble sits and waits for Qt 4.7.212:17
apacheloggerScottK: I'd really like to get LZMA on ARM back btw... for testing12:18
apacheloggertesting being - upgrade and see if n900 dies from the load12:18
apacheloggerwhich it generally shouldn't, but you never know ... if it does not we should leave it on and only turn it off for large beasts12:19
apacheloggerlarge being - takes long to build12:19
apacheloggerScottK: note of advise, apparently one even needs to copy around the abi for minor changes12:51
apacheloggerodd enough12:51
apacheloggerneeds more looking into12:52
evdveldehi all, i have a problem with kopete: starting it takes ages, on command line i get following error: kopete(9806): Communication problem with  "kopete" , it probably crashed. Error message was:  "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply" any ideas? (kde 4.6.0 on kubuntu)13:06
c2tarunevdvelde: try asking in #kubuntu13:13
ScottKapachelogger: Very cool.13:16
yofel_hm, new konq-plugins tar13:29
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
evdveldec2tarun: asked there, but they are all dead over there :)13:29
debfxyofel: the handbooks are missing in the konq-plugins tarball13:31
yofelah, that's why the diff is huge..13:31
yofelwas wondering about that just now13:31
c2tarunevdvelde: better call them sleeping ;) dont worry have patience someone will reply13:34
evdveldeow sorry :)13:34
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=== tarun is now known as Guest68165
* apachelogger sends kubotu to take a shower13:56
seaLneis natty very crashy currently? (yes i know disclaimer dev version etc) 14:33
ari-tczewseaLne: nope14:34
seaLnehmm choqok and konqueror + ofcourse the usual plasma stuff is crashing evry few minutes for me14:36
ScottKI've heard others say this.   It's been pretty stable for me.14:39
apacheloggerah ah14:41
apacheloggerseaLne: if you have intel, then you do not want natty just now14:42
seaLneyeah intel graphics14:46
seaLne(and other stuff)14:47
ScottKapachelogger: I've got Intel.  Seems ~fine.14:47
yofelwhat's wrong with intel?14:47
yofelhere too (945GME though)14:48
apacheloggerScottK: Qt crashes ever so often on my netbook14:48
ScottKPerhaps some specific chipset.14:48
yofelapachelogger: that's Qt, not intel14:48
ScottKapachelogger: We've got the same netbook and it doesn't seem crashy to me.14:48
ScottK(not terribly so)14:48
yofelnew Qt should fix that14:48
apacheloggerthen I shall shrug my way out of it14:48
ScottKapachelogger: Maybe someone near you is giving off negative waves.14:48
seaLnemine is a Mobile 4 Series Chipset14:48
* apachelogger will use meego now anyway14:49
macoapachelogger: my intel natty machine is fine14:49
apacheloggermark makes upstream angry, me being upstream means I must go angry too14:49
apacheloggerit is a conflict within14:49
macoapachelogger: like having a serbian mother and a croatian father in 1992?14:49
* apachelogger throws the tablet out the window for not spitting out fllipping verbose boot information14:49
apacheloggermaco: maybe not as confliciting14:50
* ScottK almost invoked Godwin's law by accident searching for an example from apachelogger's local history.14:50
macoi know a guy who's part serbian, part croatian, part bosnian and grew up in sarajevo. he used to say during the war that every morning he wakes up thinking he's sposed to kill himself14:51
apacheloggerand that is why the invention of war was a great mistake14:52
* ScottK thinks it was peace that had to be invented.14:54
apacheloggerpeace was invented in 1809 by mr peace, who later on became prime minister of spain14:56
apacheloggerhe actually was the grand grand father of walt disney14:56
ScottKOnce of my French instructors when I was in school was a cousin of Walt Disney.  I always got the impression he was somewhat bitter about not being in on the fortune.14:57
nigelband sparked a revolution?14:58
ScottKNo.  Just taught us French to some degree.14:59
apacheloggerit was the great disney revolution of 6714:59
apacheloggerwhere half the clan was pro-communism and the other half pro-nudism14:59
apacheloggereventually they settled on nude communism14:59
* apachelogger needs to stop with that14:59
* apachelogger unbreaks his tablet so he shall be able to gain access to their most secret firmware magic and alter random bits fro 0 to 1 and see if it makes booting verbose15:02
apacheloggerthe funniest thing about the developer firmware is that it actually has an up-side-down boot splash and that angstrom then continues with this15:03
debfxis anyone going to upload 4.6.1? :)15:18
yofelanyone want to do some more maverick testing with 4.6.1 before I copy it?15:19
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shadeslayer_oh my15:28
shadeslayer_hello all :D15:28
yofelhey shadeslayer_15:28
shadeslayer_apachelogger: nice .. now to figure out why it does'nt install on my phone :<15:29
shadeslayer_yofel: there were 17 users in #kubuntu-devel a few minutes ago :P15:29
shadeslayer_seems i split :P15:29
yofelyeah, split hell today15:29
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c2tarunthere are some kde packages that FTBFS on this page. http://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu_ftbfs.cgi  should we look into them and fix them?15:42
debfxc2tarun: yes, except the ones that are listed in bug #72738615:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 727386 in Ubuntu "Please remove several kde3 packages (source and binary)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72738615:45
c2tarundebfx: can I get them reviewed here and then upload to kubuntu-ninjas ppa? or I should file bug on LP?15:47
debfxc2tarun: we use the ninjas ppa only to package new kde versions. I think it's best to file bugs15:49
=== debfx changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | Lots to do https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | beta 1 bugs http://goo.gl/23eui
yofelnobody yet, debfx was asking the same a while ago16:18
Riddellkde4libs is in, someone must have uploaded that16:19
yofelnot being able to talk to people doesn't make it easier..16:19
yofelquintasan did that16:19
Riddellbad freenode!16:19
yofeljust got the mail on natty-changes16:19
debfxRiddell: yes, I've uploaded it, too like 20 minutes :(16:19
Riddelldebfx: are you planning on uploading the rest as well?16:20
shadeslayerdarn it ...16:20
shadeslayeryofel: it comes out in June16:20
yofelah right, you signed it16:20
shadeslayerRiddell: all set? :D16:20
yofelshadeslayer: something to enjoy for summer holidays then...16:21
* yofel is quiet and copies 4.6.116:21
Riddellshadeslayer: for what?16:21
shadeslayerRiddell: http://www.noteslate.com/16:21
shadeslayerRiddell: i meant .... all set for your flight on sunday?16:22
debfxRiddell: I'd appreciate it if someone with a better network connection could upload the rest16:22
shadeslayeryofel: ^^16:23
yofelshadeslayer: me no have upload rights16:23
Riddellshadeslayer: my flight is on Monday, I'm in England until then staying in Mohandras Gandhi's old room16:23
shadeslayerRiddell: an extra 'r' there :P16:24
tazzshadeslayer, who are you speaking ito ?16:24
* shadeslayer didn't see the netsplit16:25
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yofelfreenode is a netsplit hell and launchpad is a timeout hell - great day16:30
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=== ferai is now known as jefferai
yofelRiddell: looks ok? https://www-admin.kubuntu.org/news/kde-release-day-46116:46
yofelI'll wait before publishing until the packages actually make it into the ppa - I copied them, but got a 'delayed copy' for all of them16:46
* shadeslayer looks16:47
Riddellyofel: looking good16:48
Riddellyofel: I don't know why delayed copying happens but it doesn't take too long, 10 minutes or so16:48
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Riddellyofel: let me run a test upgrade on ec2 before publishing16:51
yofelsure, my tests went fine here16:52
DarkwingDuck~+1 for ading partition manager to the system settings in Natty BTW16:53
shadeslayerwhy nearly? :P16:53
Riddellalways prudent to test again after copying, it's not unknown for some problem to occur in the transition between PPAs16:53
yofeltrue, if the packages would actually start to arrive I would be happy...16:54
yofelah, akonadi made it16:54
shadeslayeryeah they show up a bit late16:56
bambeeAs simple user we can't change Milestone field  ?16:57
bambee(on my own bug)16:57
shadeslayerbambee: nope16:57
shadeslayerbambee: i can change it :)16:57
yofelneeds bug supervisor rights16:58
shadeslayer^^ i haz :P16:58
bambeeshadeslayer: bug 72859516:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 728595 in polkit-kde-1 (Ubuntu) "polkit-kde-1 crashes randomly on logout" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72859516:58
shadeslayerbambee: next dev release?16:59
bambeeit should be tagged for the next beta, imho16:59
shadeslayerbambee: shouldn't this be reported upstream?16:59
shadeslayerbambee: you need debug symbols17:01
bambeeas I said on this bug, I think it should yup17:01
bambeeshadeslayer: I've debug symbols17:02
bambeeexcept one17:02
shadeslayerbambee: please report upstream as well and link the 2 bugs17:02
bambeeone symbol is missing, and I think won't help too much (the backtrace is already understandable)17:03
bambeeshadeslayer: ok17:03
shadeslayer#10 0x00007f4b04a36be4 in PolkitQt1::Agent::Session::~Session() () from /usr/lib/libpolkit-qt-agent-1.so.1 << doesn't tell us which line the error happens in17:03
yofelRiddell: are you going to upload kde-l10n? or how to does one even upload that?17:05
bambeeshadeslayer: there is one line in this destructor :)17:05
shadeslayerbambee: ah .. didn't know that :P17:05
bambeeand basically the problem occurs because the destructor is called twice so a developer on upstream should understand the problem quickly17:06
shadeslayeryeah .. /me is looking at it :)17:06
bambeeshadeslayer:  polkit-qt-1-0.99.0/agent/polkitqt1-agent-session.cpp17:08
Riddellyofel: I won't be able to, needs someone with upload rights to follow this https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/Packaging/L10nOperatorGuide17:10
shadeslayerbambee: trunk looks fine17:10
Riddellyofel: or anyone to follow it and someone with uploda rights to sign17:10
ScottKRiddell: I just gave the Kubuntu report at the Release Team meeting.17:11
=== rdieter_ is now known as rdieter
yofelRiddell: ok, I'll figure out how to upload to the ppa at least from that17:11
Riddellthanks ScottK 17:12
ScottKapachelogger knows how to do l10n uploads.17:12
Riddellyofel: do you have bandwidth or do you need ec2?17:13
yofelapachelogger: upload l10n :D17:13
yofelRiddell: I have enough for that17:13
bambeeshadeslayer: bug is already reported on upstream https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26501017:18
ubottuKDE bug 265010 in polkit-kde-authentication-agent-1 "Application: PolicyKit1-KDE (polkit-kde-authentication-agent-1), signal: Segmentation fault" [Crash,Unconfirmed]17:18
bambeethis is exactly the same backtrace in the same circonstances17:19
ScottKRiddell: If you do have a few minutes it would be lovely if you could free the n900 kernel from binary New.17:34
shadeslayerbambee: i don't see it being deleted twice17:34
bambeeshadeslayer: the destructor is called twice so "d" is deleted twice :)17:36
shadeslayerbambee: yes, but i don't see the destructor being called twice17:36
DarkwingDuckapachelogger: ping17:36
bambeethe part which is confusing is the following: if you look at the backtrace the destructor calls itself o_O17:37
shadeslayerbambee: what happens when you write delete d ... it goes into the destructor .... right?17:38
shadeslayerone could do something like : if(!d->isNull()) : if that's supported 17:39
bambeenormally destructors in the classes hierarchies are called from subclasses to base classes, then the object is freed17:40
bambeeshadeslayer: only if d is a qpointer (or equivalent) 17:40
bambeed is a Private *17:40
bambeebut the idea is good17:41
bambeehowever it's a workaround since a destructor should not be called twice :)17:41
bambee(semantically it does not make sense)17:41
shadeslayeri agree, it's a workaround17:41
Riddellyofel: packages ready to sign and upload, you should have access to ec2-50-17-25-175.compute-1.amazonaws.com17:48
Riddellgive debfx or someone else access to sign then upload17:48
shadeslayerbambee: i figured it out17:48
shadeslayerbut i have no idea how to fix it17:48
Riddellyofel: upgrade test went fine, good to announce on kubuntu.org, keep an eye out for users using it incase of problems17:49
shadeslayerbambee: see d is a object of Private right?17:49
RiddellMamarok is usually a good spotter of problems17:49
RiddellScottK: sorry no time17:49
* Riddell out17:49
shadeslayerRiddell: and we have : class Session::Private17:49
shadeslayerbambee: ^^17:49
DarkwingDuckjjesse: ping17:50
shadeslayerbambee: so it calls ~Session() over itself 17:51
shadeslayerand fails17:51
yofelRiddell: ok, so get someone to sign it then dput ubuntu ... ?17:55
bambeeshadeslayer: no d is a object of Session17:56
shadeslayerbambee: er no .. https://projects.kde.org/projects/kdesupport/polkit-qt-1/repository/revisions/master/entry/agent/polkitqt1-agent-session.h#L6917:56
shadeslayerand then Session derives from Private17:57
bambeeoohhh right17:57
bambeeyou mean Session delegates to Private :P17:58
shadeslayerbambee: and then Session overloads ~Private()17:58
* bambee hides17:58
shadeslayerbambee: yeah i still used the old terms :P17:58
shadeslayersince those are still used in India17:58
shadeslayerthat delete should probably go into ~Private() ... but i'm not 100 % sure17:59
shadeslayerapachelogger: around?18:03
bambeeshadeslayer: since "d" is allocated dynamically in Session() (see constructor) so it must be freed dynamically in Session. (we should finish this discussion in pv, it's a totally off topic)18:04
shadeslayerokay :)18:04
c2tarunyofel: ping18:16
c2tarunyofel: hey you remember the bug I filed for kde-packagers mailing list?18:17
c2tarunI just got a reply on that bug,  can you please take a look https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26757718:18
ubottuError: Error getting KDE bug #267577: NotPermitted18:18
yofelaccess denied18:18
shadeslayeryou need to be on the access list18:18
c2tarunshadeslayer: what is the access list? and what is meaning of vouche? (I mean not literally) why they need someone for vouche?18:19
shadeslayervouch? vouch for what?18:19
yofelah, they need someone they know that knows you18:19
c2tarunyup ^^18:20
shadeslayerc2tarun: and some bugs are security issues, so sometimes only a certain set of people get access to that bug18:20
shadeslayerthat list of people is called a access list18:20
yofelshadeslayer: it's his bug18:20
shadeslayerit's usually for sysadmin problems18:20
yofelabout getting put on kde-packager18:20
c2tarunhow can I get on that access list?18:20
shadeslayerc2tarun: they will talk to Riddell and get back to you18:20
shadeslayerc2tarun: you are already on the access list for that bug :P18:21
shadeslayer^^ involuntary response18:21
c2tarunno I mean not bug access list :) the list he is talking about in comment. 18:21
c2tarunshadeslayer: are you able to view the bug?18:22
shadeslayerc2tarun: no18:22
shadeslayerc2tarun: since i'm not on the access list of that bug :P18:22
shadeslayerc2tarun: did you mention that you are packaging for kubuntu?18:22
c2tarunshadeslayer: I mentioned that I am packaging for KDE :/ how can I add you to access list18:22
shadeslayerc2tarun: no need to add me to the access list, just say that you are packaging for Kubuntu and they will contact Riddell18:23
* debfx continues uploading18:23
c2tarunshadeslayer: ok :) thanks 18:23
shadeslayergo go debfx18:23
shadeslayerwhat do i do :P18:23
c2tarunshadeslayer: should I mention that I am on kubuntu-ninjas list? do you think this might help?18:24
shadeslayerc2tarun: nope, just mention that you work on kubuntu packages :)18:25
c2tarunshadeslayer: ok :)18:25
yofeldebfx: do you need packages? Riddell prepared them18:29
debfxyofel: ah, why hasn't he uploaded them?18:30
yofeldebfx: dunno, he told me to get you to sign them and then to get them uploaded18:30
yofelgive me a sec18:31
yofeldebfx: ubuntu@ec2-50-17-25-175.compute-1.amazonaws.com18:31
debfxyofel: permission denied18:32
shadeslayeris libmarblewidget10 supposed to be removed?18:32
yofeldebfx: try again?18:32
yofelshadeslayer: I got 11 instead18:33
debfxyofel: still the same18:33
shadeslayerwell it wants to upgrade 1118:33
shadeslayeryofel: do you need help with packages?18:34
yofelshadeslayer: not unless you have kubuntu-dev rights18:34
shadeslayerhehe ... nope i don't have those18:34
shadeslayeri should apply sometime18:34
debfxyofel: yep, works now18:35
yofelgood, I edited the wrong file :S18:35
Riddelldebfx: I added you to ssh for ubuntu@ec2-50-17-25-175.compute-1.amazonaws.com19:09
debfxRiddell: yep, I'm already uploading the remaining packages19:10
bambeeapachelogger: http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/21766940000.jpg => mickey is also involved in kubuntu development :D ? 19:11
DarkwingDuckIs LP being slow for anyone else?19:11
bambeehe rocks, I guess, doesn't he ? :P19:12
ScottKDarkwingDuck: When is it not slow?19:17
* bambee votes for mickey as the new kubuntu mascot 19:18
shadeslayeri bet apachelogger will be pleased19:18
DarkwingDuckScottK: +119:21
DarkwingDuckScottK: plus, I'm on a sub-par internet connection at a hotel19:21
debfxand now to the fun part: i18n packages19:34
shadeslayerdebfx: good thing you have a ec2 machine19:37
shadeslayerjust run the script and forget about it :P19:37
shadeslayerok time to sleep19:38
shadeslayernight all19:38
nigelbyofel: dude, whats the plan for your lightning talk?19:42
nigelbyou need 3 people for 5 minutes?19:42
yofelnigelb: ask Quintasan after the session - we won't talk long (and shadeslayer is already asleep)19:43
nigelbyofel: lol, I need to add you folks to the sessions so I wanted to check19:43
nigelbI'll add you and Quintasan 19:43
Quintasannigelb: thanks19:44
nigelbnp :)19:44
QuintasanI wasn't sure who would show up so I added them both19:44
Quintasanapachelogger: wow, I got some listeners after all20:02
QuintasanI guess the topic you thought of wasnt so bad20:03
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markeyapachelogger: very lonely in my hotel room right now. noone to talk to. be a friend, talk to me!20:37
Quintasanmarkey: join ubuntu-classroom20:40
QuintasanI will talk about daily builds of KDE20:41
Mamarokmarkey: wanna Skype?20:46
markeyMamarok: yeah21:29
markeygot anyone else?21:29
markeyjust us two, we might as well phone :)21:29
apacheloggerDarkwingDuck: pong21:29
markeyapachelogger: skype with us.21:29
apacheloggermarkey: hai21:29
apacheloggerin a sec21:29
apacheloggerScottK, yofel: l10n is documented on some wiki page actually21:29
markeyMamarok: did you leave any of those little coffees here that make you awake?21:30
apacheloggerQuintasan: of course it wasn't bad21:30
yofelapachelogger: I think I figured it out for maverick21:30
apacheloggerfor mav there shoudl be a separate bzr branch actually21:31
markeymy body tells me, get to bed. my brain tells me, go to bed. but the majority of my brain (sitting in my trousers) says: stay up, go outside, chat up some women (or do the next best thing, chat up people on Skype)21:31
yofelyeah, I used the mav branch21:31
markeytotal dilemma21:31
apacheloggeryofel: all good then I suppose21:31
yofelI just took me a while to get what the script was talking abot21:31
apacheloggermarkey: my body brain and the fella in my pants all say go to bed :P21:32
apacheloggerno dilemma here21:32
markeyoh yeah21:32
apacheloggeryofel: the wiki page helps with that I guess21:32
markeyat any rate, going to bed at 10:30 pm feels douche bag21:32
markeyno go21:32
valoriehttp://przxqgl.hybridelephant.com/?p=5046 <---- shadeslayer21:34
apacheloggeris it porn?21:39
apacheloggerno porn21:39
=== Blizzzek is now known as Blizzz
Daskreechapachelogger: I could get some lame porn if you like21:49
apacheloggermarkey: call on me21:56
markeyneed a drink first21:57
markeyyour drain me emotionally21:57
DarkwingDuckapachelogger: are teh fluffy packages in your ppa?21:59
apacheloggerno in the fluffy ppa22:00
DarkwingDuckahhhh, then is it just a theme set?22:01
DarkwingDuckOkay sweet.22:02
DarkwingDuckThe wife wants to check it out now that I got her to switch to KDE from gnome22:02
* apachelogger thinks that markey doesnt love him anymore and leaves for drugs22:22
ScottKapachelogger: No amount of documentation will make l10n uploads easier for me than saying "apachelogger knows how to do it".22:41
apacheloggerI will not upload l10n when I am working for meego :P22:41
ScottKYou're working for meego?  I thought that got sold to Microsoft.22:46
apacheloggerScottK: no22:53
apacheloggerto intel22:53
apacheloggerback to the roootz22:53
apacheloggernatty doesnt even care that I just plugged in a mass storage22:56
apacheloggerthis release is coming along nicely for sure22:56
* apachelogger wonders what the point of it all is and condludes that it must be time for vacation23:12

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