Thinkerer68What about Quassel, is it any good?00:00
Thinkerer68I tried Quassel once and gave up  :P00:00
longcat8465i miss mirc lol00:00
BluesKajquassel is probly ok , but it's fugly to my eyes00:00
longcat8465im gonna go buy a copy of windows 7 brb00:00
Thinkerer68mIRC is pretty much the standard setter for Windoze.00:00
BluesKajok time to go ...tvtime begins now00:01
longcat8465alright niggers thanks for the help... im gonna go kill myself now00:03
Thinkerer68please do so quietly00:03
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james147Torch: ^^00:31
Torchthere's a lot to complain about when it comes to linux and KDE. lack of high-quality irc clients isn't on the list, though.00:31
EcchiRangergreetings, i just installed kubuntu-desktop on lucid server 32bit, i wonder why i can't change network profile on knetworkmanager (yes i can edit and add, but can't switch network profile like it should be)01:55
EcchiRangeri use kubuntu backport ppa so its kde 4.5.3, any lead to solve this problem would be appreciated, still running around google without working results..01:58
scottamungahey everybody.  having problems connecting to wireless with knetworkmanager02:38
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UBuxuBUaureas: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme07:14
DaskreechUBuxuBU: Eh?07:22
UBuxuBUi thought i was in another channel07:22
DaskreechThat might explain a few things07:23
topls64Can anyone point me to the udev rules for the avr microcontroller usb programmer? I have 10.10.07:28
marktaffHi all.  Can I install kubuntu 10.10 over opensuse 11.3 without destroying /home?07:34
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drbobbhey, does anyone know of a fix for the breakage of google earth on ubuntu?08:44
nata_drbobb: i also have this problem before. but already remove08:49
drbobbnata_: what do you mean?08:51
nata_dont know how to fix :)08:52
drbobbaah removed google earth08:52
drbobbwell it annoys me to boot windows every time I want to use google earth08:52
nata_drbobb: use google earth in web browser :)09:00
nata_may b you can ask other or google search see other people have this problem09:00
Daskreechdrbobb: or marble09:05
drbobbwhat a brilliant idea. why would anyone want to come to irc & ask questions anymore, now that we have google search - rite?09:11
OutoLumoFor interactive discussion with some base knowledge acquired from browsing the forums and web.09:14
drbobbok so let me just say that I found make-googleearth-package, but it produces a package that doesn't work correctly09:15
OutoLumoTo to dicsuss on why things are done the way they are and how things could or perhaps even should be done with people who are actually responsible for doing something about them.09:15
drbobb(however, the topic of this channel does not say it's a dev channel - it says Official Kubuntu support)09:16
OutoLumo"package that does not work correctly" does not mean much. You'd need to specify many things before it is even meaningful. What exactly is your system? 10.4, 10.10, 10.10 with ppa KDE 4.6... 32 64 bit? Where did you get that package and what did you do to try to use it? What system is that package meant? Are your dependancies in order? Have you read the instructions? Given package name, can you use CLI? Do you even understant these questions?09:19
drbobbI am more than willing to answer all such questions in case anyone is inetersted09:21
drbobb10.10 with ppa kde609:21
drbobb64 bit09:21
drbobbmake-googleearth-package from the repo generates a googleearth deb which can be installed09:22
drbobbthe google-earth program even launches09:22
drbobbbut all menus and such display as gibberish09:22
OutoLumowhat does the package deps?09:23
OutoLumowhat are the package deps09:23
drbobbDepends: ttf-dejavu | ttf-bitstream-vera | msttcorefonts, ia32-libs (>= 20080808), lib32gcc1 (>= 1:4.1.1), lib32stdc++6 (>= 4.1.1), lib32z1 (>= 1:1.1.4), libc6-i386 (>= 2.0), libc6-i386 (>= 2.1.3), libc6-i386 (>= 2.2), libc6-i386 (>= 2.3), libc6-i386 (>= 2.3.2), libc6-i386 (>= 2.4), nvidia-current , lib32nss-mdns09:24
drbobbthe dependencies are fulfilled, I did not force install09:25
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OutoLumoAnd they are in order? Have you checked manually?09:29
drbobbthe libc6-i386 is  kind of weird, why does it declare several versions like that09:32
drbobbanyway, mine is 2.12.1-0ubuntu10.209:32
OutoLumoDid you have a 64 bit system?09:33
drbobbyes, see above09:34
OutoLumoSorry, I got disconnected :/09:34
OutoLumoLost some of the backlog09:34
drbobbwell yeah and it's up to date09:35
drbobboh I see google has pre-made debs now, that must be recent09:36
drbobbI'll give that a try instead of the package maker09:36
planrichi recently checked the sizeof(void*) why is this size 12? shouldnt it be 8 on a 64 bit machine?09:37
OutoLumoDo you have radeon driver?09:37
planrichnvidia if you mean me09:38
OutoLumoplanrich, drbobb actually :)09:39
drbobbOutoLumo: no, my card is nvidia09:39
drbobbok, the package made by google has the same text rendering issue09:40
drbobbno visible difference09:40
OutoLumodrbobb, I take that it is the version 6?09:40
drbobbof g-earth? yes09:41
OutoLumoOk, if the same problem is in the precompiled version then it's probably on in the package...09:42
drbobbI haven't seen anyone reporting it though, which is rather strange09:43
steelheadhi, how do i set /var/mail to the correct permissions ?  it is listed as drwxrwsrwx  2 root root  4096 2011-03-04 09:18 mail09:43
OutoLumodrbobb, have you installed lsb-core?09:46
OutoLumosteelhead, what are the correct permissions?-) set them with a commands "sudo chown correct-owner.correct-group /var/mail ;sudo chmod ??? /var/mail" Recurse for subdirs if need be.09:47
OutoLumoreplace ??? for the permissions as well.09:48
OutoLumodrbobb, ok, I'm out of ideas :-|09:48
OutoLumoI believe the correct settings depend a bit on your mail server setup.09:50
steelheadOutoLumo: its still drwxrwsrwx  2 root root  4096 2011-03-04 09:18 mail, i dont know if thats correct..09:51
drbobbsteelhead: mine look like drwxrwsr-x, which seems to make sense09:51
drbobbowner root, group mail09:51
steelheadaha, i will try to change it to that09:51
steelheadits now drwxrwsrwx  2 root mail  4096 2011-03-04 09:18 mail09:52
OutoLumopermissions would be 775. Thogh I don't understand why that directory should be world readable...09:53
steelheadso i need to chmod it to 775 ?09:53
OutoLumoto set it to drwxrwsr-x, yes09:54
OutoLumoIf that is a wise setting, that I don't know. I don't use that directory in my kubuntu-desktop.09:55
steelheadOutoLumo:  its now drwxr-sr-x  2 root mail  4096 2011-03-04 09:18 mail ;  thanks09:55
OutoLumosteelhead, that should be wrong. You want it to be group writable. Try 770 instead.09:56
OutoLumoOr rather: you want mail programs be able to place something in there, not just read it.09:57
drbobbOutoLumo: for the sake of programs that want to report whether you have new mail09:57
OutoLumoBUT if you want some other processes to be able to access and read it (which might be) you should set it to 77509:57
OutoLumodrbobb, they should be added to group mail...09:58
drbobbthe shell is one of them09:58
steelheadits now set as drwxrwsr-x  2 root mail  4096 2011-03-04 09:18 mail09:58
OutoLumodrbobb, why would you want the user shell the be able to access to the mail folder?09:59
drbobbbut you are right that in a typical desktop setup /var/mail isn't even used09:59
steelheadits a NAS :P so, /var/mail is used10:00
drbobbOutoLumo: it's not me, but I guess someone once came up with the idea that the shell should have an option to report the arrival of new mail10:00
OutoLumodrbobb, and where it is needed users should - or shell - have no business there. Let them make mail queries through IMAP.10:00
drbobbOutoLumo: yeah I guess it's a holdover from old time10:00
steelheadits now set as drwxrwsr-x 2 root mail 4096 2011-03-04 09:18 mail, is that correct ?10:01
OutoLumodrbobb, no point there. You can write a script belonging to the mail group and tell that to report to the shell. That's the unix way :)10:01
OutoLumosteelhead, for desktop purposes, I guess so. Why do you need that directory?10:02
r41how do you remove mythtv completely? sudo apt-get remove --purge mythtv has NO effect; it says not installed but i can start mythtv anyway10:02
drbobbOutoLumo: I think this comes from pre-IMAP times10:02
OutoLumor41 try running "sudo updatedb" and "locate mythtv|grep bin"10:03
steelheadOutoLumo: because fail2ban reports banned ip's to user@local10:03
drbobbbelieve it or not there was a time when IMAP was experimental and regarded with suspicion10:03
steelheadOutoLumo: fail2ban monitors logfiles, and bans ip adresses for a set time if it detects brute force attacks10:04
OutoLumodrbobb, oh, I think I remember the time IMAP became accepted... Anyway, such legacy features should now be disregarded as security threats.10:04
r41OutoLumo  output is /usr/bin/mythtv-setup10:05
OutoLumor41, so it has not purged it. Try re-installing the package and purging it again.10:05
drbobbOutoLumo: /var/mail is only useful nowadays on servers, as a place where legacy daemons can report their diagnostics10:06
drbobband where no non-admin users are allowed to login anyway10:06
r41OutoLumo did already... ah found the mistake, had to do sudo apt-get remove --purge myth* with wildcard10:07
OutoLumosteelhead, consider installing dovecot or something.10:07
OutoLumor41 :)10:07
drbobbok gotta run and earn some bread. Thanx for trying10:08
OutoLumor41, I usually use aptitude, it makes tracking dependencies easier :)10:08
r41OutoLumo avoid guis whereever possible ;-)10:09
r41OutoLumo ok there is a command line aptitude, well...10:09
steelheadOutoLumo: thats installed, and horde10:09
r41OutoLumo bad habits10:09
OutoLumosteelhead, and configured as well? (You shouldn't need horde if you use kmail or something)10:11
steelheadOutoLumo: yes.10:12
OutoLumoSo you can read the local root's mails from kmail?10:12
OutoLumor41,  both CLI and curses based aptitude in fact...10:16
r41strange problem with kaffeine: finds the first couples of dvb-t channels, then signal goes to 100% SNR 0% and no more channels are found10:54
r41same with dvb-utils scan, seems to be a driver/firmware thing10:54
bauBauhi. when I execute this:  timidity fluid.mid      -----> I obtain this: Couldn't load instrument aaviolin.sf2 (tone bank 0, program 73) . The instrument and path are correct (if I use a wrong sf2 or path I obtain:   "No such file or directory".   What can I do ?11:12
evdveldehi all, i have a problem with kopete: starting it takes ages, on command line i get following error: kopete(9806): Communication problem with  "kopete" , it probably crashed. Error message was:  "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply" any ideas?12:38
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AfflictoHey all13:35
AfflictoI'm new to Linux!13:35
AfflictoFirst impressions of ubuntu: WOW!13:35
evdveldewelcome to linux :)13:35
AfflictoThank you <313:35
evdveldeusing kde or gnome?13:36
AfflictoI'm not sure! XD13:36
evdveldeblue or purple wallpaper? ;)13:36
AfflictoI think I've seen the word "gnome" multiple times in menus though.13:36
AfflictoI'm using a virtual machine on win 7.13:36
evdveldeif you have a K as start button in the lower left corner it is kde, otherwise gnome :D13:37
Afflictowell, I changed the theme already XD13:37
AfflictoI hope it's okay if I haunt you guys with newb-questions :-!13:38
AfflictoI'm trying to install "Chromium" and it says "waiting for apt-get to exit".  (I tried to install something later but it failed).13:40
BluesKajhiyas all13:42
matsvHi! I have a quick question :-). I've created a runnable jar-file with eclipse and I'm able to run it from a terminal (./filename.jar). However, when I  try to run it by clicking on it in dolphin it simply opens in ark, so my question is how do I change this behavior so that the runnable file is executed instead of opening with an application?13:52
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BluesKajmatsv, copy the executable file to /usr/bin/13:55
matsvok, will I need to copy all the other files as well (sprites and images)?13:57
BluesKajmatsv, as root of course13:57
BluesKajmatsv, there's probly a readme file in the folder that was created when you installed it , you might find some info on where to put thefiles you mentioned13:59
matsvhmm, it still opens in ark when I click it, I've made the file myself, I'm simply looking for a way to run it without starting a terminal14:00
BluesKajdit the install create a folder in tour /home/username dir?14:02
matsvThe file is compiled and works and has the correct permissions, it is situated in a subfolder in my home-dir14:04
BluesKajlook for a readme text file in that folder14:05
matsvthere is none14:05
BluesKajno textfiles at all?14:05
matsvThe problem is not with the install or the program itself, It is that kubuntu insists that my executable file is opened with another application14:05
BluesKajis there an executable file in the folder , if so right click on it and make the open with dialog isn't checked to open with some other app14:09
BluesKajerr make sure the "open with" dialog ...etc14:10
matsvthe open with dialog is there, and it is set to ark14:11
matsvbut I can't seem to remove ark from the list or uncheck it14:11
BluesKajI mean the excutable file , the file that opens the app if you cleck on it, not the jarfile14:12
matsvthe jar-file is the executable file14:13
matsvit is the only file in the folder except for the sprites/images14:15
BluesKajthe executable file won't have an extension. it will be "whateverthenameis" .probly look like a gear type icon14:15
matsvYep, however, an executable java file has a .jar extension and that is the executable file I'm trying to run :-)14:16
BluesKajok, then I need a lesson on jar files , because the app hasn't installed itself from whay I can tell14:17
BluesKajit'sjust a java app right ? it should run with browser or ?14:18
matsvnope, it's a standalone java-application, not an applet for browsers14:18
matsvit runs just fine if I start it from a terminal14:19
BluesKajmatsv, run  java -jar foo.jar in the terminal subbing the name of the file for foo14:20
matsvthen it runs fine, but I want to be able to run it from dolphin without having to go through a terminal14:21
BluesKajdidyou run it with java -jar command?14:21
matsvyep, in the terminal, and it works from there, but I'd like to be able to simply click it in the file manager and have it start14:22
BluesKajit might now14:23
rorkmatsv: you can control how dolphin opens a file from System Settings > File Associations14:23
matsvok, but it won't accept "java -jar" as an application14:23
rork(that's on the advanced tab if you're on 10.04)14:23
matsvthanks for the help everyone, but it simply won't work, I'll just have to run it via the terminal I guess14:26
matsvHave a nice day!14:26
rorkmatsv: you can try `java -jar %U`14:27
BluesKajmatsv,t5he guys at #ubuntu are very knowledgeable about java , I suggest you join and ask there , but one suggestion was : you can create a launcher in alacarte to run it14:27
BluesKajdunno what the kde equivalent is14:28
BluesKajto alacarte14:28
BluesKajplasma panel widgets maybe14:29
BluesKajhmm too bad , some ppl just don't have the time or patience to find a solution14:32
rorkindeed, and making file associations like that shouldn't be much of a problem14:34
BluesKajactionparsnip, suggested the above solution about alacarte, but that a gnome menu editor , so the kmenu editor might do it then he could add it to the panel14:42
AfflictoHello World! , I'm back! ubuntu got **cked up on my virtual machine so I installed ubuntu on my 80 gig drive.14:55
AfflictoOne question; I have 2 monitors setup now, but all panels\bars are stuck on my secondary monitor. how do I move the mover to my main monitor?14:56
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westmi49319where are the program files?16:27
westmi49319so when asked, I know where to look for ktorrent16:27
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DarthFrogwestmi49319:  Most will be in /usr/bin.  But you can always find out for sure by issuing the "which" command.  For instance, "which ktorrent" returns /usr/bin/ktorrent.16:34
westmi49319gunna write that down16:35
DarthFrogwestmi49319: and if you'd like to find a non-program file, the "locate" command will do that.  You have to run "sudo updatedb" first, to create the searchable database for "locate", though.16:36
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DarthFrogwestmi49319: And if you'd like to find any file based on any criterion (eg. last access time), the "find" command is your friend.  At first, "find" is somewhat intimidating, as it is so powerful.16:37
westmi49319yeah, a lot of different options16:38
DarthFrog"find" is one of the most powerful Unix commands.16:38
liquid_how to eneble ssh connection to remote host on port 22?16:42
liquid_I have this message: ssh: connect to host junior-ubuntu port 22: Connection refused16:43
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slkprivmsg hacked :\001clientinfo16:49
shadeslayerliquid_: probably sshd is running on a different port16:49
shadeslayerliquid_: you can specify a port with ssh user@host -p PORT16:50
slkprivmsg hacked :\001clientinfo \00116:50
slkнарод, русскоговорящие есть?16:50
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke16:50
liquid_shadeslayer: how to determine on which port sshd is running?16:52
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shadeslayerliquid_: usually it runs on 2216:52
shadeslayerliquid_: do you have any other means of accessing it?16:52
liquid_shadeslayer: i think it should be running on 22 because i did not change anything16:54
shadeslayerliquid_: did you forward the ports?16:55
shadeslayercould you tell me what's the exact setup ... the exact route and all the hardware that's between the remote and the host16:55
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liquid_shadeslayer: well, i do it the first time; could you tell me what to do to connect 2 pcs by ssh?16:57
shadeslayerliquid_: are they on a local wireless network ?16:58
liquid_shadeslayer: yes16:58
shadeslayerliquid_: ok what's the ip of any one of the computers16:58
liquid_shadeslayer: sorry, wired16:59
liquid_shadeslayer: but local indeed16:59
shadeslayeryeah same thing :)16:59
liquid_i know :)16:59
shadeslayerliquid_: you need to login into your router :)17:01
shadeslayerand forward the ports17:01
shadeslayeror wait17:01
shadeslayerliquid_: run : ssh -vv user@remote and pastebin the output17:01
Daskreechshadeslayer: Huh?17:02
shadeslayerDaskreech: yeah it's a local network, no forwarding needed17:02
liquid_shadeslayer: is forwarding on router required?17:02
DaskreechWhat's liquid_ trying to do?17:02
liquid_shadeslayer: I don't go out the local network17:02
shadeslayerliquid_: yeah, that's why there's no requirement of forwarding ports17:03
Daskreechthen you can just type ssh user@ipaddress17:03
shadeslayerDaskreech: yes, but for some reason it's not connecting17:03
liquid_do i need to do something in iptables?17:04
shadeslayerhmm .. i didn't have anything17:05
Daskreechliquid_: which machine has the ssh server running?17:05
Daskreechliquid_: if you are sitting at it you should be able to type ssh localhost and get a prompt asking you if you would like to add the foreign key17:06
liquid_do i need openssh*?17:07
shadeslayerliquid_: you need openssh-server17:08
liquid_shadeslayer: ok, sorry, i'll install it17:08
liquid_be back in few whiles17:08
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DaskreechI normally just apt-get install ssh17:11
Daskreechit will install the client and the server (for some reason)17:12
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shadeslayerDaskreech: probably a meta package17:16
shadeslayerThis metapackage is a convenient way to install both the OpenSSH client  and the OpenSSH server17:17
Daskreechshadeslayer: yes it is but I'm just questioning how many people mean that they want a server when they say they want ssh17:17
shadeslayerah :D17:17
shadeslayerwell ... unless you start forwarding ports on your router, you're not in any immediate danger17:18
westmi49319yep barly a minute to download and install17:18
DaskreechI mean I use it all the time since it's nice and conveinent just thought that it was a strange setup. made me a lot more wary of what's installing when I say install <appname>17:19
Daskreechwestmi49319: Hi. are you liquid_?17:19
liquid_shadeslayer: i think it works17:21
liquid_shadeslayer: in fact, i'm trying to run both machines under pvm17:21
liquid_shadeslayer: parallel virtual machine17:22
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rork!es | viriato0917:57
ubottuviriato09: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.17:57
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proshoti have installed kubuntu on a eeepc 901 and now i get the netbook version of kubuntu, how could i configure to have the normal configuration just like the live cd18:33
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rorkproshot: it's somewhere in System Settings, I thought desktop environment but I can't check it right now18:40
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cjaeanyone else got flickering flash video?19:06
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cjaeanyone else got flickering flash video?19:21
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shadeslayercjae: works perfectly here19:38
shadeslayeralbeit it makes everything insanely hot19:38
cjaethe window that encases the video is also probing through other windows, btw are you multitabbing in FF?19:40
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cjaeshadeslayer: ati?19:44
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Peace-m0t0: hi m0t020:09
m0t0hi, be back soon someone call for me ..20:10
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m0t0hi again, sorry for a short chat, have to go20:14
vanguardWould this be right channel for Akregator? -- I would like to use a shellscript as a source of an RSS feed, since some site has no feed and I hacked it myself. Is it possible to use a script as a RSS source?20:18
Tm_Tvanguard: if it outputs proper feed, why not20:22
Tm_Tvanguard: as long as it's accessible in similar manner than any feed20:22
vanguardTm_T: I tried to use file///home/.../rss.sh, but it told me that it does not work that way20:22
vanguardmaybe I write it in PHP and put it on my web server, then it should be fine20:22
Tm_Tthat would work, yes20:23
vanguardother question: can I use a test statement to alter my promt? I would love to see whether I am in a git repo in the promt20:23
vanguardif a dir .git exists, or in the parent directory, then show "git" in red letters before the $ // or use a different promt20:23
vanguardis that possible?20:24
Tm_Tvanguard: I'd assume yes, but cannot say exactly how20:24
vanguardit appears to be \$(code) ... pretty logically if I think about it20:30
vanguardsource: http://www.systhread.net/texts/200706bashprompt.php#20:30
vanguardyeah, it works. PS1="..." must be in double quotes, and then use \$(). I am going to write a git detect script now. Linux is fckng awesome :-)20:37
Tm_T!ohmy > vanguard20:46
ubottuvanguard, please see my private message20:46
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scananyone able to tell me how to add a script to the launcher pane in plasma-netbook? I am fed up with always writing the whole string into the search box22:07
Daskreechscan: What?22:09
Daskreechwhat are you typing?22:09
scani have my own installations of some programs, I.e. eclipse22:10
scanand I have to type "~/eclipse/eclipse" in the search box to get a run icon22:10
scanwhenever I try to move it to the launcher bar, it just disappears22:11
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Thinkerer68 /part22:51
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