* wallyworld hates "An updated diff will be available in a few minutes. Reload to see the changes. " My reload button is all worn out01:28
StevenKYou still have F501:28
wallyworldStevenK: oh, i was wondering what that keyboard button was. The "F5" has all worn off  from overuse :-P01:29
wallyworldand another review for someone https://code.launchpad.net/~wallyworld/launchpad/remove-mp-relatedbugs/+merge/5206901:31
thumperdumb windows email clients01:46
wgrantDumber than Gmail?01:50
thumperwhat does the mail RFC say about encoded email headers?01:51
thumperwe are getting some with windows-cp125201:51
* wgrant checks 2047.01:53
wgrantAh, it permits anything IANA-registered. :(01:53
wgrantBut windows-cp1252 doesn't appear on IANA's charset registry...01:54
thumperwgrant: meaning?01:54
wgrantIts proper name is apparently windows-1252, not windows-cp125201:55
thumperyeah, I'm getting that one01:56
* thumper sighs 01:56
thumpermy problem, not the code01:56
thumperthe email['from'] field is encoded with windows-125201:56
wgrant * 2513 Exceptions01:57
wgrant~500 more than I expected.01:57
wgrantAh, MP job breakage.01:57
lifelesstimeouts are down!01:57
thumperContent-Type: text/html; charset=windows-125201:57
thumperthat is what the email says01:57
lifelessScopedCollection:CollectionResource:#person-page-resource is new01:57
wgrantthumper: That's valid.01:57
thumperbut the headers are encoded with that charset too01:57
lifelessas is Product:+filebug-show-similar01:57
wgrantthumper: Hm, do you have the librarian URL for that email?01:58
thumperit's spam01:58
wgrant88/176 for BugTask:+index. That's nice.01:58
lifelessfreaking awesome01:58
wgrantthumper: Ugh.01:59
StevenKlifeless: Aren't you on a plane?01:59
wgrantI would have thought so.01:59
lifelessboards at 10 past01:59
lifelessin wellington01:59
wgrantOh, right.01:59
wgrantthumper: So, catch the lack of encoding and reject, I suppose :/01:59
thumperwgrant: well, at the moment it gets rejected through the oops :)02:00
wgrantUnless we have a convenient way to apply UnicodeDammit to MIME.02:00
wgrantThe exception summary doesn't quite get to single-ocurrence OOPSes yet.02:00
lifelessRootObject:+recently-registered-branches is a little slow02:01
lifelesswgrant: 131 OperationalError: FATAL: Ident authentication failed for user "person-merge-job" FATAL: Ident authentication failed for user "person-merge-job"02:02
lifelessshould be easy02:02
pooliewallyworld, in https://code.launchpad.net/~wallyworld/launchpad/mp-related-bugtasks-webservice/+merge/5200402:02
pooliewould that also work, and be cleaner, as just a collection link?02:03
lifelesswgrant: you might like to remind folk setting up jobs that they *must* make a new config and *must* have the losas set it up : we *cannot* [because of oops ids] just use the default config02:03
wgrantlifeless: Sure, if we had a LOSA :)02:03
poolieor is that already what it does?02:03
lifelesswgrant: I say you, because I'm on a plane :>02:03
lifelesspoolie: we should talk about collections vs queries.02:03
lifelesspoolie: It may be my failing, but I rather dislike the billion-collections approach.02:03
pooliewe you and me?02:03
wallyworldpoolie: can collection links take parameters?02:03
lifelesswe you and me02:03
wallyworldi don't think so02:03
poolieno, they can't02:04
pooliebut this doesn't seem to take parameters02:04
wallyworldit takes the user02:04
lifelessbug 72680302:04
_mup_Bug #726803: not possible to export a method as a collection with bound parameters <lazr.restful:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/726803 >02:04
wgrantthumper: https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=OOPS-1888BZR102541 needs looking at.02:04
pooliewallyworld, i thought that meant it depends on the implicit request user?02:05
wallyworldpoolie: we need the user since getRelatedBugTasks() needs it so that it can see what bug tasks are allowed to be exposed02:05
wgrantthumper: It's a single user running a script against a single branch, AFAICT always looking for the next revno.02:05
pooliein that case, yes, of course collections can look at that02:05
lifeless>< http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20028475-1.html02:05
wgrantthumper: Happens a few hundred times a day, and gets logged as an OOPS.02:05
thumperdo we know who?02:05
wallyworldpoolie: we set a default user to be the request user but i think we still need to allow other users to be specified?02:06
wgrantthumper: It was easy enough to track down, but I don't remember.02:06
wgrantthumper: Regardless, it should not OOPS.02:06
thumperI wonder why it does02:06
wgrantthumper: Oh, right:02:06
wgrantuser_id: 168925902:06
thumperwgrant: is there a bug02:06
wgrantthumper: I don't believe os.02:06
pooliewallyworld, oh, i see, it makes an optional parameter02:07
pooliealso http://trpdsaya.tumblr.com/post/3600386585/the-url-structure-on-this-site-is-so-pretty for that matter02:07
wallyworldpoolie: yes. i think i have done it the right way02:07
wallyworldbut i'm happy to be told i need to do it another way02:07
lifelessI think its fine for now02:08
lifelessits in devel02:08
lifelessif we want to impove it we can :)02:08
lifelesslater y'all.02:08
pooliemuch better to have it there at all02:08
pooliei was just wondering02:08
wallyworldnp. always good to ask questions02:08
wgrantStevenK: I wonder if mawson is going to survive publishing all of natty, seriously this time.02:09
wgrantStevenK: Will parallel a-f with all of the files present OOM it, I wonder?02:09
StevenKYou tell funny jokes02:09
poolieit would be kind of nicer if it was not a ws.op thing, but rather02:09
wgrantStevenK: It has finished downloading all the files, so is now calculating lists for a-f. I guess that will take another couple of horus.02:09
poolieand then you could filter it etc02:10
pooliebut that probably needs more infrastructure elsewhere02:10
wallyworldpoolie: you suggesting that that api be added?02:11
StevenKwgrant: cocobanana and mawson have roughly the same amount of RAM02:12
StevenKwgrant: *and* cocobanana runs rsyncd, which eats babies.02:13
wgrantStevenK: I thought cocoplum would have more.02:14
wgrantPlus cocoplum doesn't have 223GB of DB.02:14
StevenKNo, it has a 400GB archive instead :-)02:14
wgrantBut it doesn't need to keep a big chunk of that in RAM.02:15
wgrantAlso, mawson now has 120GB of that archive :P02:15
* StevenK looks at changing the db user for a garbo class02:15
michaelh1Hi there.  When a merge request comes in I'd like to do a bzr export, fire it into my build farm, then update the merge request with the automatic build results.  Are there existing tools past launchpadlib I can reuse?02:16
StevenKRargh, TunableLoop can't do that?02:24
thumpermichaelh1: not as far as I'm aware02:26
michaelh1thumper: ta.02:27
StevenKwgrant: I don't know if the populate job can run under garbo, just due to DB perms02:29
jtvjcsackett, really still here?  If so, got a review for you!  https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/launchpad/bug-623391/+merge/5211402:32
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jcsackettjtv: ah no, actually. can't seem to change channel info though. could you change it to take me off?02:36
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jtvthanks StevenK :)02:36
wgrantStevenK: You know that you can change DB perms, right?02:37
StevenKAssuming allenap is sleeping02:37
jtvHe should be!02:37
wgrantLooks like we need to get memcached killed on the lucid_db_lp slave :(02:37
wgrantAnd no LOSAs :(02:38
StevenKwgrant: Sure, but we don't change db perms on prod. Or am I out of date?02:38
wgrantStevenK: If a script needs more permissions, give it more DB permissions.02:38
wgrantWe grant new permissions during nodowntime rollouts.02:38
StevenKwgrant: I can do that. I'm still wondering how the heck to test it02:39
wallyworldthumper: you able to review any of my branches?02:42
thumperwallyworld: aye02:42
* thumper looks02:42
wallyworldand  https://code.launchpad.net/~wallyworld/launchpad/remove-mp-relatedbugs/+merge/5206902:42
wallyworldthanks :-)02:42
wallyworldthis one should also be good to go since i fixed the issue raised https://code.launchpad.net/~wallyworld/launchpad/mp-related-bugtasks-webservice/+merge/5200402:43
thumperwallyworld: 710 lines?02:44
wallyworldwhich one? isn't the limit 800?02:44
wallyworldthumper: much/most of the line count is removing stuff02:45
wallyworldthere's lots of red there02:45
pooliehi thumper02:53
poolieare you going to fix 728827 by downgrading the message from warning to info or something?02:53
* wallyworld has to take kid to train station02:54
thumperpoolie: yeah02:57
thumperdone even02:57
pooliesorry, i didn't realize just having a warning message caused an oops02:58
pooliei guess it makes sense02:58
thumperneither did I02:58
thumperI had to hunt to work out where it was happening02:58
wgrantIt only started a few months ago.02:58
poolieonly started giving a warning then?02:59
wgrantWarnings and errors only became OOPSes then.02:59
pooliei wonder how much it is worth documenting that vs just having people gradually know it02:59
* wgrant kicks buildbot-poller03:12
StevenKwgrant: Hm?03:12
wgrantStevenK: It pulled devel->stable but did not merge stable->db-devel.03:12
wgrantPossibly because db-devel was testfixed.03:12
StevenKMmmm, the deployment report makes me happy.03:13
wgrantBut there are several more revs that would be nice.03:13
wgranteg. 1252203:14
wgrantWhich is in stable, and cuts a couple of seconds off binary copies.03:14
StevenKWe're just waiting for qastaging, then?03:15
thumperhttps://code.launchpad.net/~thumper/launchpad/mail-header-oops/+merge/52156 anyone?03:15
thumperI'm just pushing the conflict resolution merge03:15
pooliei will do that03:18
pooliedo the review03:18
pooliethumper, how does the x-launchpad-original-to header get into the mail?03:22
poolieby an incoming gateway?03:22
wgrantYes, an MTA adds it somewhere.03:25
thumperpoolie: yeah03:30
pooliei can't retrieve any of the sample urls like http://launchpadlibrarian.net/62571148/916041d6-2558-11e0-b038-001e0bc3957e.txt03:31
pooliedid they expire or something?03:31
thumperI think they were garbage collected03:33
thumperI'm not sure exactly how that works03:33
poolieanyhow i commented03:36
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thumperpoolie: I replied03:55
poolieoh, blah03:56
pooliei just got a "Your message was rejected" from launchpad-bugs-owner@lists.canonical.com03:56
thumperhttps://code.launchpad.net/~thumper/launchpad/strip-email-attachment-path/+merge/52159 anyone?03:58
wallyworldthumper: i'll take a look04:07
wallyworldthumper: with my 3 mp's,  they all follow on from each other. do i have to give them to ec2 one at a time, or can i just land the last one?04:09
thumperwallyworld: you can just do the last one04:09
wallyworldthumper: can i approve the middle one even though it says needs fixing - i've addressed the requested change (to export to the "devel" ws api not 1.0) but lifeless i don't think is online atm04:10
thumperwallyworld: socially, no04:11
wallyworldyeah thought so :-)04:11
wallyworldi'll wait04:11
thumperwallyworld: programatically, yes04:11
wallyworldjtv: got a question for you if you are around04:20
jtvwallyworld: I'm around, as long as you're not planning to bother me with questions04:20
wallyworldoh :-(04:21
wallyworldjtv: bug 40726004:22
_mup_Bug #407260: Translations export branch can't be team-owned <lp-translations> <Launchpad itself:Triaged by wallyworld> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/407260 >04:22
jtvah that04:22
jtv(clever of you not to use question marks)04:22
wallyworldi tried to write a test case to reproduce it04:22
wallyworldbut my test worked04:22
wallyworldso clearly i'm missing something04:22
jtvYes, IIRC the problem is with the branch picker04:22
StevenKwgrant: It seems I can't do self.getCandidateSPRIDs(0).count() == 004:23
wallyworldi tried to adapt test_translations_export_to_branch04:23
wallyworldand made the branch owner a team04:23
StevenKwgrant: FeatureError: Single aggregates aren't supported after a  GROUP BY clause04:23
wgrantStevenK: No, since some of them will fail.04:23
wgrantThat too.04:23
wgrantBut the garbo job will probably never end, since some will fail to unpack.04:23
wgrantThis may put an end to that idea.04:24
StevenKUntil we remove it04:24
jtvwallyworld: perhaps more precisely, my recollection is that we have no vocabulary for "a branch that I'm *an* owner of"04:24
wallyworldjtv: oh, so it's a gui problem04:24
wgrantStevenK: But there may be enough that every run only processes the broken ones, without reaching the end.04:24
wallyworldjtv: the back end code works regardless, but the gui doesn;t allow the desired branch to be selected04:25
jtvwallyworld: pretty much—it only occurs when setting the branch04:25
wallyworldjtv: thanks. i thought it was a back end problem04:25
wallyworldbut the test worked, so clearly not :-)04:25
StevenKwgrant: I'll reimplement the finish_at bit then04:26
jtvwallyworld: Not that I can think of, no… we decided not to check for ownership during actual commit, IIRC; as an owner you get to write out a permanent license for LP to commit to it.04:26
wallyworldjtv: i'm doing this one because a user brought it up on #launchpad and it seems a good one to fix, since it affects a few people and has been around for a while04:26
wgrantStevenK: How do you plan to preserve this across garbo sessions?04:26
wallyworldthanks for the clarification04:26
StevenKwgrant: I don't04:27
wgrantStevenK: The problem will still exist.04:27
jtvwallyworld: yes, I've been wanting to do that for ages.04:27
wallyworldjtv: cool. see, me asking questions wasn't so bad after all :-)04:28
jtvOnly because I wasn't around.04:28
StevenKwgrant: How many do you expect won't unpack?04:29
wgrantStevenK: Potentially thousands.04:30
StevenKThat makes me sad.04:31
* thumper is getting the muchies04:31
thumperor munchies even04:31
StevenKBut it's only 5:30pm?04:31
thumperafter beer o'clock on a Friday04:34
wallyworldthumper: have a beer for me too04:35
thumperwallyworld: ack04:35
wallyworldor a nice red even04:35
wallyworldi can't tonight - have to go out in the pouring rain and coach soccer :-(04:35
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jtvStevenK: something I'm wondering…04:37
jtv…if you're still here.04:37
LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!04:38
LPCIBotProject devel build #501: FIXED in 5 hr 9 min: https://hudson.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/501/04:38
Ursinhathis bot is so happy04:38
jtvStevenK: as you know I'm generating DistroSeriesDifferences directly based on SPPH/SPR comparison between two DS.04:38
jtvI create the DSDs with source_version set to SPR.version from the derived series, and parent_source_version set to SPR.version from the parent series.04:39
jtvUp to one of those can be null, if the difference type is not different_versions.04:39
jtv(And on a sidenote, I suspect that unique_to_derived_series could be very subtly misleading and that specific_to_derived_series might be better)04:40
jtvI just thought I'd ask if there is still substantial work to do for the case where a package is only in the parent or only in the derived series.04:41
StevenKjtv: If it's only in the parent or only in the child, we don't want a DSD04:42
jtvThen why are there DSDTypes for those cases?04:42
StevenKjtv: I have no idea -- but there *no* *point* generating diffs for them04:43
thumpertwo or three critical bugs closed today as they code paths no longer exist and oops hasn't happened in ages :)04:43
* thumper EODs04:43
jtvStevenK: then maybe all you want is to block the things?04:43
jtvbye thumper04:43
thumperhave a good weekend y'all04:43
jtvsame to you04:43
StevenKthumper: Have a good weekend04:43
jtvTGIF & ODIM04:43
jtvThe Yin & Yang of the business world.04:44
jtvStevenK: I meant, maybe the only thing we really want from packages that only exist on one of the two sides is the ability for the owner to either block or synchronize?04:45
StevenKjtv: Exactly04:46
jtvBecause if that is the case, and it can be done entirely in SQL, then we have no need to bother the DSD script with those cases.04:46
jtvThe way the script works now, figuring out the differences between a DS and its parent and creating all the DSDs all happens in SQL—none of the data ever gets pulled into the python code.04:47
wgrantjtv: Does http://paste.ubuntu.com/575313/ mean anything to you? We didn't see anything like that in the old code, but everything looks fine anyway.05:08
jtvwgrant: are we sure that the old code would have reported output like that in the first place?05:11
wgrantjtv: I am not entirely sure.05:11
jtvISTR the old code being a bit iffy in that department.05:12
wgrantAnyway, once I've run the publisher twice with this to get timings, I will rerun with the old one to compare the time and diff the trees.05:12
wgrantHopefully the next run will not take 24 hours :)05:12
jtvWell it'll be weekend for you either way won't it?  :)05:12
wgrantA good point.05:13
wgrantWith luck this weekend will have fewer production incidents than the last.05:16
wgrantjtv: OutputLineHandler has a bug.05:26
wgrant>>> s = OutputLineHandler(sys.stdout.write)05:27
wgrant>>> s('foo')05:27
wgrant>>> s('bar\n')05:27
wgrantfoobar>>> s('bar\n')05:27
wgrantfoobar>>> s('bar\n')05:27
wgrantIt never empties the buffer if the input ends with \n.05:27
wgrantNot critical, but explains some of the ridiculous output I've been getting.05:28
jtvwgrant: damn, I thought I'd covered that specifically.05:45
jtvIIRC the \n was stripped out somewhere _before_ it got to the OutputLineHandler05:45
wgrantYay, netsplits.05:50
pooliewgrant, do you agree with me on https://code.launchpad.net/~thumper/launchpad/mail-header-oops/+merge/5215605:59
wallyworldjtv: just to check i understand, "you" still handle translation approvals? eg blue squad now on maintenance, and there's a queue entry waiting approval. do i need to do anything?05:59
jtvwallyworld: do you have a translations veteran on the team?06:00
wallyworldjtv: our team is me, tim, leonard, and steve but steve is on loan to the red team at the moment06:00
wallyworldso no :-(06:00
jtv(By the way, I can't tell you how much it means to me for another developer to tell me there is "a" queue entry awaiting approval)06:01
StevenKwallyworld: jtv is on red, so he is aware of what I'm working on :-)06:01
wallyworldjtv: i filtered on the suggested "ANy Project" and "Pot only". was that not correct?06:01
jtvYes, it is—and presumably on the also-correct Needs Review as well.06:02
jtvwallyworld: want to walk through it with me?06:02
jtvI don't think it'll be very hard.06:02
wallyworldjtv: yes please, so i can communicate back to the blue team06:02
jtvJust click on the edit icon next to "no import target selected yet."06:02
* wallyworld clicks06:02
jtvWell I say "just," but I mean "for starters."  :)06:02
wgrantpoolie: I've wondered that myself. For the field to be inserted after a blank line, our MTA would presumably have to be buggy.06:03
wallyworldjtv: there is no edit icon06:03
wgrantpoolie: I agree that investigation is required.06:03
wallyworldfor me06:03
jtvwallyworld: then we haven't added you to the rosetta-admins team yet.  Let me fix that.06:03
poolieit seems kind of unlikely to me that that bug would be triggered iff the message is spam06:03
poolieindeed if it's reliably doing that, we should sell it ;-)06:03
poolieit's possible it's some interaction between a spam scanner and something else06:04
wgrantIt is a reasonable assumption that something with header fields in the body is spam.06:04
wgrantBut I cannot see why *this* field would be there.06:04
poolienote that we're not checking for a body that looks like it contains headers06:04
pooliejust for that string, anywhere in the body06:04
pooliei should say so on the mp i suppose06:05
jtvwallyworld: I've invited the launchpad-chr team to rosetta-admins, as per my email to the list.  But now we need that invitation accepted.06:08
jtvI'll email Diogo about it.06:09
wallyworldjtv: thanks. can we walk through an approval another time?06:09
jtvAbsolutely.  I'll just do this one for now.06:09
wallyworldi'd still like to learn how to do it06:09
wallyworldjtv: i think that's the key thing to know about while on maintenance? anything else critical to be aware of?06:10
jtvwallyworld: plenty of recurring questions, but for most things IMHO it's best to find out as you go along.06:14
wallyworldjtv: ok. thanks again06:14
jtvWe have lots of CHR documentation on the internal wiki, so you could try reading through that and following some of the links.  But I wouldn't recommend trying to keep up with all the FAQs.  On-demand caching is the ticket.06:14
wallyworldjtv: yeah, there was so much material i'd thought i'd try and cheat a bit by asking about the "viewing highlights"06:17
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huwshimiHave a good weekend people06:35
pooliebye huwshimi06:57
jtv-eatStill no reviewers available?  Got two dependent branches blocked… starting with https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/launchpad/bug-623391/+merge/5211407:30
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adeuringgood morning09:07
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jtvStill no reviewers in the house?  Need a critical pair of eyes for https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/launchpad/bug-623391/+merge/5211409:28
jtv(And then I'll try to get someone else for the follow-up branch :)09:28
henningeadeuring: ^ Aren't you reviewing today?09:30
henningeHi jtv! ;-)09:30
adeuringjtv, henninge, yes. I'll look at your branch. jtv09:31
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maxwell69I have a problem to build launchpad10:13
maxwell69when I do maake schema I get an error10:13
maxwell69with zc.buildout10:14
maxwell69"couldn't find index page for zc.buildout10:16
maxwell69I think the program is trying to download zc.buildout but I get ***BLOCKED*** by --allow-hosts10:18
jtvadeuring: I've been having some system & connection problems… did I miss any questions?10:53
adeuringjtv: no, and, btw, no complaints so far. nice to read the diff10:54
adeuring... but i need some more time ;)10:54
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maxwell69Hello jtv, I have a problem with the "make schema" command11:22
stubGive me a name for a marker instance for something that might be a Storm subclass, or an instance of a Storm subclass. Besides IFooStormObjectOrClass.11:22
jtvmaxwell69: I may be able to help, but it's Friday night here and I'm putting out some fires.  :)  What's the problem?11:23
stubnm. got one.11:23
jtvstub: a marker interface you meant?11:24
stubIUseSessionStore is what I'm actually after.11:24
maxwell69I'm trying to buils launchpad but I have an error:11:25
maxwell69"couldn't find index page for zc.buildout"11:25
maxwell69the program try to download zc.buildout but I have this error:  ***BLOCKED*** by --allow-hosts11:26
adeuringjtv: r=me11:26
jtvthanks adeuring!  I ought to find someone else to bother with the follow-up branch I guess…11:26
maxwell69but my connction wors well and the website is aviable11:27
adeuringjtv: nah, i'll take that too :)11:27
jtvadeuring: thanks again!11:27
wgrantmaxwell69: How did you check out the source?11:27
jtvmaxwell69: it sounds horribly like a zope + system setup problem…  which I wouldn't know much about.11:27
wgrantmaxwell69: Did you use rocketfuel-setup?11:28
wgrantI suspect not.11:29
maxwell69wgrant: yes, I followed instructions on https://dev.launchpad.net/getting11:29
jtvNow, --allow-hosts sounds vaguely familiar11:31
jtvMaybe I'm just thinking hosts.allow.11:31
wgrantIt should be getting buildout from download-cache.11:32
wgrantmaxwell69: What is in the download-cache directory inside your LP branch?11:32
maxwell69wgrant: I have "dist" directory11:37
wgrantmaxwell69: Does that contain a few hundred files?11:37
maxwell69wgrant: and I manually put zc.buildout-1.5.1 dir11:37
maxwell69wgrant: in dist I just have setuptool***.egg11:39
wgrantmaxwell69: There should be several hundred eggs in there.11:40
wgrantIs download-cache a symlink?11:40
maxwell69wgrant: I'm affraid not11:41
wgrantadeuring: Hi.11:42
adeuringhi wgrant11:44
wgrantadeuring: Could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/turn-off-parallel-a-f/+merge/52185?11:44
adeuringwgrant: sure; let me just finish another review for Jeroen11:45
wgrantadeuring: Sure.11:45
maxwell69wgrant: should I re-execute rocketfuel-setup?11:53
wgrantmaxwell69: What do you have in ~/launchpad/lp-sourcedeps?11:53
maxwell69There is no lp-sourcedeps...11:54
wgrantmaxwell69: Hmm. Did rocketfuel-setup give any errors?11:55
adeuringjtv: r=me again11:56
jtvadeuring: and thanks again11:56
maxwell69wgrant: there is warnings: DocumentRoot [/var/tmp/archive] does not exist11:58
wgrantmaxwell69: That's fine.11:59
maxwell69and ./rocketfuel-setup line 362: cd: /usr/local/bin: no such file or directory11:59
wgrantThat would be it.12:00
wgrantmaxwell69: That should exist on fresh systems... could you create it and run rocketfuel-setup again?12:01
maxwell69ok, I have a call,I"ll do it and tell you what hapend :)12:02
adeuringwgrant: r=me12:04
wgrantadeuring: Thanks.12:05
wallyworldwgrant: i have a branch against devel which it turns out requires lines added to security.cfg. what's the best way to land it?12:17
wallyworlddo i need to do anything extra?12:17
wgrantwallyworld: Is it just extra permissions, without new users?12:17
wallyworldwgrant: yes. just 2 extra select permissions12:17
wallyworldfor an existing user12:18
wallyworldor section12:18
wallyworldwhatever it's called12:18
wgrantSo, mthaddon says you should talk to LOSAs, but that sort of change is no problem at all.12:18
wgrantSince we now grant new permissions on every rollout.12:18
wallyworldcool. so just land as normal?12:18
wallyworldexcellent. thanks.12:19
mthaddonif it's not adding new users, and is just changing existing permissions for users, that's fine12:19
wallyworldmthaddon: yes, adding public.bugsubscription = SELECT to [merge-proposal-jobs]12:20
wallyworldso just a new permission12:21
* mthaddon nods12:21
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matsubarajtv, ping13:08
matsubarajtv, so, I think we can actually disable the launchpad-chr team, can't we?13:14
jtvmatsubara: can we?  I don't know13:14
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matsubaraI think it was used as some form of access control/receive email13:15
matsubaralet me dig that13:15
matsubaralifeless, hi13:15
bachello adeuring.  busy today?13:15
matsubaralifeless, prefix LPNETPREFIX has been loaded. is there any other?13:15
lifelessthat may mean the config tom deployed was slightly incorrect13:16
lifelessmatsubara: could you add servers through to Z?13:16
matsubaralifeless, yeah13:16
matsubaralifeless, and those are already handled by oops-tools. A to Z13:17
lifelesswe'll need move to AA AB AC etc soon13:18
matsubaralifeless, really? do we have that many instances up?13:22
matsubarait'd be nice to get rid of the prefixes by that time as you proposed in the LEP13:23
matsubarajtv, sorry, I'll dig in and let you know here or by email13:23
wgrantlifeless has plans.13:23
jtvmatsubara: well, I'm not particularly involved with the launchpad-chr team so all that it would take for me is to add rosetta-admins to another team.13:24
adeuringbac: hi bac, well, I did a few reviews.13:26
lifelessmatsubara: I think we'll need the monday.13:26
matsubaralifeless, add the right prefixes to lp-production-config and oops-tools will read from there13:27
matsubaralifeless, instructions are here https://dev.launchpad.net/Foundations/QA/OopsToolsSetup  to make oops-tools recognize new prefixes (I can do it today, Monday I'll be off)13:28
lifelessmatsubara: can you do me a favour? I'm roaming at the moment - drop me a quick mail with that link13:28
matsubaralifeless, sure13:29
lifelessmatsubara: and enough info for me to step a losa through it13:29
lifeless(if its not on the page ;P)13:29
maxwell69wgrant: Hi again, I created the directory, launched the rocketfuel-setup again, files have been downloaded but when I do "make schema" I have the same error13:35
maxwell69Link to http://pypi.python.org/simple/ ***BLOCKED*** by --allow-hosts13:35
wgrantmaxwell69: Is download-cache a symlink now?13:36
maxwell69wgrant: it is a dir13:39
wgrantmaxwell69: rm -r download-cache; rm -r eggs; rocketfuel-get13:42
wgrantOh, also rm -r sourcecode13:42
maxwell69wgrant: inlp-branches/devel ? just to be sure13:44
wgrantmaxwell69: Yeah.13:44
maxwell69OK, downloading...13:45
maxwell69wgrant: Ok, I have now: "make: Entering directory `/home/maxwell/launchpad/lp-branches/devel' Missing ./download-cache. Developers: please run utilities/link-external-sourcecode. make: *** [download-cache] Error 1 make: Leaving directory `/home/maxwell/launchpad/lp-branches/devel'"13:49
wgrantmaxwell69: in ~/launchpad/lp-branches/devel, run 'utilities/link-external-sourcecode ~/launchpad/lp-sourcedeps'13:50
maxwell69Ok now it is a symlink to "lp-sourcedeps/download-cache"13:57
wgrantmake might work now.13:57
maxwell69wgrant: looks good.13:59
maxwell69takes a lot of CPU :)14:00
maxwell69wgrant: sorry, I m a newbie, but i m not dev, juste a sysadmin :)14:01
wgrantmaxwell69: Yeah, the first run of make will take a while do unpack all the eggs.14:02
maxwell69wgrant: the tail: utilities/shhh.py make -C sourcecode build PYTHON=python2.6 \     LPCONFIG=development make: *** sourcecode: No such file or directory.  Stop. make: *** [compile] Error 214:12
wgrantmaxwell69: :(14:12
wgrantmaxwell69: mkdir sourcecode, and run link-external-sourcecode again.14:13
wgrantThe missing /usr/local got your tree into a bit of an odd state.14:14
maxwell69I ran make again:  make[1]: *** No rule to make target `build'.  Stop. make[1]: Entering directory `/home/maxwell/launchpad/lp-branches/devel/sourcecode' make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/maxwell/launchpad/lp-branches/devel/sourcecode' make: *** [compile] Error 214:20
maxwell69I have symlinks in the sourcecode dir14:21
bigjoolswgrant: do you have a feel for how much of the publisher (and associated cron stuff) is specific to Ubuntu?14:25
benjigary_poster: I had it like that but it looked really odd to me (this looks more like the edit and unsubscribe menu options on the bug page), that being said, I don't feel strongly about it; here it is all on one line: http://i.imgur.com/xRhom.png14:26
wgrantbigjools: The Python? Not at all. cron.publish-*? lol14:26
gary_posterbenji, whee, let's go to #clojure next! ;-)14:26
bigjoolswgrant: :D14:27
wgrantbigjools: publish-distro/process-accepted work fine on multiple distros.14:27
bigjoolswgrant: you published debian didn;t you?14:27
benjioh I swear!14:27
wgrantbigjools: Yes.14:27
bigjoolswgrant: I want to try and set something up so we can spawn off separate runs for publishers for different distros14:27
henningeabentley: http://paste.ubuntu.com/575490/14:27
wgrantbigjools: Definitely.14:28
bigjoolswgrant: or DDs will be somewhat interesting14:28
wgrantbigjools: This may mean you finally get to rewrite cron.publish-ftpmaster in Python.14:28
bigjoolswgrant: YES14:28
wgrantAnd cull crap like dsync.14:28
bigjoolsthere's a blueprint about adding user hooks to it14:28
bigjoolsI want to make it generic enough to be re-used14:28
bigjoolsand then have a job runner fire off the scripts based on a schedule managed in LP14:29
bigjoolswgrant: can you remember how much of the publisher config is ubuntu-specific?14:30
bigjoolsor more to the point did you change much to get debian working14:30
bigjoolsI'm trying to work out if any of it "clashes" if you have >1 distro published14:31
wgrantbigjools: Nothing clashes.14:32
wgrantBut there are restrictions on where they can be.14:32
bigjoolsyeah I am mostly thinking of paths14:32
wgranteg. archive dependency code assumes that all distros live under http://ftpmaster.internal/$DISTRO14:32
wgrantAnd the publisher assumes that everything lives under /some/common/prefix/$DISTRO14:32
wgrantBut assuming you live within or lift those constraints (paths can be easily changed using separate configs, URLs are harder), there are no conflicts.14:33
bigjoolscan't solve this with config14:34
bigjoolsneeds to come from the DB14:34
wgrantIt will need to be sort of like lucilleconfig, except with one path instead of 7 plus 2 other values that never change.14:34
bigjoolsI want to remove as much config as possible and have a management form14:34
bigjools"sort of like lucilleconfig14:35
bigjoolswas your mouth out14:35
bigjoolsjeez, type man14:35
wgrantAlso possibly without the ini data.14:35
wgrantI guess all you need now is a single path, and possibly a machine identifier.14:35
wgrantAnd some way to define the base URL for buildds to use.14:35
wgrantbigjools: Anything else?14:43
bigjoolswgrant: I can't think off-hand, more will come to light when we work through it14:43
wgrantYeah, it will be interesting to see what falls out.14:43
bigjoolsmigrating to the DB will be easy enough14:44
wgrantThe publisher config is still a little bit insane, but it's much better than it was.14:44
wgrantAnyway, night.14:45
maxwell69wgrant: I paste it to have a clear view : http://paste.ubuntu.com/575507/14:46
wgrantmaxwell69: 'bzr revert sourcecode/Makefile'14:48
wgrantAnd it nears 2am, so I hope somebody else can help you if you have further issue :)14:48
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henningeabentley: got a bit distristracted but could try it now15:14
henningeabentley: that solved it, thanks.15:14
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bigjoolswgrant: Lucille is totally gone now right?15:29
bigjoolsLucilleConfig I mean15:29
bigjoolsmeh you're probably asleep15:30
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jcsackettrvba: don't know if you saw, but per your answers and bigjools i've marked your MP r=me.15:56
rvbajcsackett: yes I saw thanks, I'm waiting to be setup with PQM and I will ec2 land15:56
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jcsackettrvba: cool stuff. :-)16:01
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jcsackettwhere does lp.dev put oops files?16:33
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bigjoolsin the log directory I think16:44
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jcsackettleonardr: ping.17:02
maxbIs there a schedule for when staging restores happen?17:06
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* sinzui reconciles stable with db-devel18:30
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dobeybah netsplits18:48
LPCIBotProject devel build #504: FAILURE in 4 hr 44 min: https://hudson.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/504/18:49
sinzuipqm hates me. It wont except my branch to fix db-devel and stable.19:20
sinzuiWhat is wrong with my message: "[testfix][rs=sinzui] Resolve conflicts with stable."19:20
sinzuiI have removed [testfix] and [rs=sinzui] and I still get a failure message with a 0 byte rejection log :(19:21
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dobeyhmm, LP recipe build request dialog seems to be broken. it immediately disables the series i want to build for with a "(Pending build)" comment, even though there are no pending builds. :-/19:34
jelmerdobey: it seems like a regression that was introduced in the last day or two19:39
jelmerbug 72878919:40
_mup_Bug #728789: "Request build" dialog indicates builds are pending when they are not and doesn't allow new builds <recipe> <regression> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/728789 >19:40
dobeyjelmer: ok thanks19:40
sinzuiI haet pqm19:40
sinzuihate, dislike, despise.19:41
jelmerdobey: fwiw the API still works19:41
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dobeyjelmer: right, except for the part where it has a quota. and that i'd have to write a script to request specific builds :)19:42
jelmerdobey: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/57566419:44
jelmerdobey: the web UI and the API have the same quota afaik19:44
dobeyjelmer: maybe, but my bot runs as a bot user, and on the web i'm me, so it's not so bad. can we get rid of the quota, or raise it significantly or something?19:45
dobeyand yeah, i've written the code before for tarmac. i guess i should put a script in lptools for requesting builds19:46
jelmerdobey: I wouldn't object to that :) the current quota mechanism is too rudimentary19:58
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benji___wgrant: am I reading https://wiki.canonical.com/InformationInfrastructure/OSA/LaunchpadProductionStatus#Cowboys%20%28requires%20IncidentReport%29 correctly in that both listed there have been landed and do won't have to be re-cowboyed on the next release?20:22
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jcsackettbenji: there's a good chance wgrant is actually here. it's early saturday morning for him.20:30
benjijcsackett: I forgot to check my time zone decoder ring20:30
jcsackettif the usual lp deployment process is being followed, yes, the cowboys are already part of the main codebase, so you should be fine.20:31
gary_postermatsubara, hi.  Does the devpad sync from the losas help the oops tool respond any faster?  It doesn't seem to, but maybe I am being impatient. :-)21:20
matsubaragary_poster, a little bit. you can request the sync from the prod servers to devpad but then have to wait the cronjob that loads the oops from the filesystem into the db21:22
matsubarathat cronjob runs every 7 min21:22
gary_posterack, thanks matsubara21:22
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wgrantbenji: Yes, they landed weeks ago. No need to worry about them this time.22:27
lifelesswgrant: so to measure lpnet latency22:28
lifelesswgrant: use the icing22:28
wgrantlifeless: That is a very good idea.22:28
lifelesswgrant: grab that a few times, gives you a baseline22:28
benjiwgrant: thanks for the info22:29
wgrantlifeless: Seems to be 320ms, as expected. So the DC latency is often <50ms, it seems.22:30
lifelessopstats would let us graph that22:30
lifelessexcept ssl22:31
lifelessI wonder, whats our fastest db page22:35
jelmerlifeless: launchpad.net/404 ? :-P22:35
lifelesswhats the open id sso service times22:36
lifelessjelmer: *db* page22:36
jelmerlifeless: What do you mean with database page then ? a 404 accesses the database22:36
lifelessit doesn't show anything useful though22:36
lifelessits not a successful request22:36
lifelesswow, page id fail... :createPPA22:37
wgrantFirefox is not a fan of that page.22:40
lifelessits the svg22:41
wgrantHah. It takes 7 minutes to write out all 142000 records in the natty binary file lists at once, or 10 minutes per batch of 10000.23:03
wgrantThe limit and offset must be fairly expensive...23:03
lifelesstemp table time23:04
lifelessexcept don't do that cross xaction23:04
wgrantIt's due to a compound cross-table sort key.23:05
wgrantI think I might reduce it to a single one, add a buffer, and then do the rest in Python.23:05
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wgrantReal parallel a-f reduces what is a 16 minute process on cocoplum to a 5 minute process on mawson. Excellent.23:14
maxbI've just clicked in a join request for ~loggerhead-team, with the desire to be able to re-open merge proposals for branches de-merged by the shuffling off of recent trunk to the experimental branch23:53

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