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gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb mumble/kanban in 2 followed by weekly deliverable review13:29
gary_posterwell, in 1 now13:29
gary_posterbenji yoohoo13:30
benjigary_poster: you asked about the sprites, here's the latest iteration of the page: http://i.imgur.com/vM6bn.png14:09
gary_posterbenji, beautimus.  Only suggestion: make "Edit this subscription" and "Unsubscribe" on the same line, as it is in the mockup.14:21
benjigary_poster: I'm back14:27
benjiit took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about, I thought you were having a stroke or something14:28
gary_posterbenji, I prefer the side-by-side for a number of non-defensible reasons.  The only mildly defensible one is that it is what the approved mockup did, but I don't regard those as gospel.  So, I'm +1 on side-by-side, but won't throw my weight around because I don't feel I have the expertise or the arguments to do so.14:30
benjiI'm cool with that.  One line it is.14:31
bacgmb: do you know of a js module that is nicely tested i could look at?14:32
gmbbac: lib/lp/bugs/javascript/tests/test_bug_subscription_widget.js is pretty comprehensive.14:33
gary_posterThe bac, he is gone14:34
* gary_poster was so bothered by the itch on his memory that he had to look up the fact that his brain was alluding to "Mistah Kurtz, he dead" from Apocalypse Now. Ah, the weirdnesses of brains. Or mine, at least.14:50
gary_posteror maybe it was the book14:50
gary_posterHeart of Darkness14:50
gary_posterhey danilos, lemme know the bug number for the "make jsbuild" problem when you file it so I can put it in notes please15:15
gary_posterThe horror!  The horror!15:17
gary_posterGood book15:17
danilosgary_poster, will do15:32
gary_posterthank you15:32
gmbgary_poster: Indeed. Been quite some time since I read that; I think it's on my list-of-books-to-get-a-kindle-version-of15:32
gmbgary_poster: Separately, I've just submitted a holiday request for 2011-03-25.15:32
gary_posterbeen awhile for me too.15:32
gary_posterthanks for heads up; will go approve15:33
gary_poster(bac not here), gmb, danilos, benji, I meant to check on the call if the schedule for the daily meeting and weekly meeting was still working out OK for everyone.  I particularly was thinking of gmb and danilos because of their lunch, but all of us are having the call at somewhat unusual times.  S'alright?15:33
gmbgary_poster: It works fine for me; I have lunch 12 - 1 anyway :)15:33
danilosgary_poster, yeah, it's good, and the time I'd like wouldn't really work for anyone else :)15:33
benjiI like it.15:33
gary_poster:-) k15:33
gary_postercool. (me too)15:33
gary_posterheh, danilos.  ok cool guys, thanks15:34
gary_posterapproved gmb15:34
gmbThanks. I've added it to the LP team calendar.15:34
* gmb -> run16:35
danilosgary_poster, hey, do you think you can review https://code.launchpad.net/~danilo/launchpad/bug-720826-links/+merge/52226?17:18
gary_posterlooking danilos17:18
danilosgary_poster, it's measly 131 lines of diff :)17:19
gary_posterdanilos, :-) I'll do it, looking17:19
danilosgary_poster, cheers :)17:19
gary_posterdanilos, not done, but I'd like to see a test showing the fact that multiple filters carry over17:22
danilosgary_poster, there are unit tests for that in other branches17:23
danilosgary_poster, let me find them :)17:23
gary_poster:-) k17:23
gary_posterdanilos, very happy that the structuralsubscription.py could be that small.  That's what I was hoping for.17:24
danilosgary_poster, "-t test_header_multiple"17:24
danilosgary_poster, I am unsure about the distinct, perhaps I can remove it now?17:24
danilosgary_poster, tests pass either way, but simply because python code checks for duplication anyway17:24
gary_posterdanilos, agree, remove the distict=True.  It made sense without the filters, but not so much now17:25
gary_posterdanilos, approved.  Yay!17:30
gary_posterI didn't chage the status--figured you could do that after you removed distinct=True17:31
gary_posterI hope this does not add a performance hit--adding a record for every filter17:32
gary_postera noticeable performance hit, I mean, of course17:32
gary_posterwe'll see :-)17:32
danilosgary_poster, thanks, and done :)17:32
danilosgary_poster, yeah, we'll have to check that, but it's mostly going to be serialization cost, and my experience is that that is not too bad17:33
gary_posterok cool17:33
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bachi benji -- can i ask you a question about gnome keyring and lplib?19:07
benjibac: sure19:07
baci think i have an old key for launchpad.dev lplib access19:07
bacbut in seahorse i don't see anything to do with lplib19:07
bacshould i be looking elsewhere?19:07
baci need to find the old key and delete it so i can recreate a new one19:08
bachmm, perhaps i am wrong19:09
benjibac: look in ~/.launchpadlib/api.launchpad.dev/credentials19:09
bacbenji: yeah, i just did.  i thought those had moved to gnome keyring19:09
bacanyway, i found it there and deleted. problem solved.19:10
benjinew credentials use the keyring lib, but the old ones are still honored19:10
baci just recreated and it was put into .launchpadlib not the keyring19:12
gary_posterthank you bac19:56
gary_posterbac, btw, did you see that gmb replied about good js tests this morning when you were offline?  If not can dig it up for you or it is in the logs19:57
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bacgary_poster: i did not see his reply20:31
baci can look at the log.  thanks for letting me know20:31
bacbtw, i've made good progress adding more wiring to the work benji had done20:31
gary_posternp bac.  it was "lib/lp/bugs/javascript/tests/test_bug_subscription_widget.js is pretty comprehensive." fwiw.  more wiring: great20:32
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