paultagHey LP. I seem to have an email associated with my LP profile that I don't muchly want on there. Can anyone take a look for me?00:52
paultaglp:paultag email:daemon [at] metatron.pault.ag00:52
micahgpaultag: is it not removable? in teh edit e-mails screen?00:55
paultagmicahg: it's not showing as a contact mail for me. I think it picked it up off a GPG key I had on my account, and now it's stuck to my account00:56
wgrantpaultag: Where do you see it?00:59
paultagwgrant: I was convinced it was stuck to my account, so I tried making an account with the mail. Lo and behold it logs me in as paultag00:59
wgrantpaultag: Try logging in with that address at login.ubuntu.com. You may have two accounts there.01:00
paultagwgrant: yeah, I made one there to test01:01
paultagwgrant: but it never asked for a username on LP, because it thinks that that'01:01
paultags on my account01:01
wgrantpaultag: Does the email address show up on https://launchpad.net/~paultag/+editemails?01:02
paultagwgrant: no01:02
wgrantIt may be there as an unverified address.01:02
paultagOh let me double check01:03
paultagwgrant: solid. I missed that. Thanks!01:03
wgrantpaultag: That's probably a bug.01:04
paultagwgrant: tried it again (just to see if it still does it) -- it did it again01:04
paultagwgrant: yeah, I think so too01:04
wgrantpaultag: Have you removed the address?01:05
paultagwgrant: yes01:05
paultagwgrant: totally gone from +editemails01:06
wgrantThere are some, uh, amusing interactions when there are multiple login.launchpad.net accounts for a launchpad.net account.01:06
wgrantLog out of launchpad.net and login.launchpad.net.01:06
wgrantLog in using your normal account that is meant to be associated with ~paultag.01:06
paultagwgrant: done01:06
wgrantThat may be enough to dissociate the other account in a few minutes.01:06
paultagwgrant: I'll let this sit for 30 and see if I can put it into failure mode again01:07
wgrant(it looks up the launchpad.net account by the login.launchpad.net account's OpenID identifier. if there is no match, it looks up by email address instead.)01:07
wgrantIt's very confusing at the moment, because LP is half-way to becoming a normal OpenID consumer.01:07
wgrantSo it is half-detached from login.launchpad.net.01:08
paultagwgrant: thanks for the debugging. I'll try to cause it to fail again in a few, and file a bug or two.01:08
fmarierlooks like i made a typo while registering a project (in the launchpad id that's part of the URL). should i delete the project and create a new one or is there a way to rename it?01:26
wgrantfmarier: I can rename it for you.01:26
wgrantCould you ask a question at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion, to verify that it's actually you?01:27
fmariersure thing01:27
wgrantAh, I see it.01:28
fmarieryeah :)01:29
fmarierand here's the question for it :) https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/14773401:29
fmarierthanks wgrant01:30
wgrantWe can set up a redirect if you want, but I guess there's very little point in this case :)01:30
fmarierno point in this case, the project was created yesterday01:32
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* maxb supposes the PPA publisher is suffering... sources unpublished 21 minutes after accept06:52
wgrantmaxb: It was running very slowly for ~40 minutes around this time a couple of days ago.06:56
wgrantI haven't investigated yet.06:56
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diwicgood morning. I'm wondering if my code import is stuck in an infinite loop, it seems that way: https://code.launchpad.net/~diwic/sound-2.6/trunk07:30
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wgrantdiwic: It seems to be going OK. We import Git branches in a series of 30000-revision increments.07:31
wgrant(if you hover over the grey ticks, you'll see "Partial Success". Completion is indicated by a green tick)07:31
diwicwgrant, ok, thanks!07:32
wgrantNot as obvious as it could be :(07:32
diwicwgrant, a line last in the log saying something like "remaining revisions to fetch" would be great07:34
diwicwgrant, although now I can see that the number of "finding revisions to fetch" is decreasing.07:34
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wgrantmaxb: The daily cleanup job had blocked the publisher. It's pretty much caught up now.07:52
wgrantmaxb: I suspect we'll have to drop cron.daily-ppa back to weekly.07:53
mrevellGoodly morning 'padders09:22
deryckMorning, mrevell09:27
mrevellHey there deryck. Stocking up on Biltong? :)09:27
deryckmrevell, heh.  Actually no :-)09:28
bigjoolsI want some09:28
mrevellI pick some up for my father-in-law on the rare occasions I see it here. Hmm, off topic.09:29
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maxwell69_I have a problem to build launchpad10:40
maxwell69_when I do "make schema" I get an error10:41
maxwell69_with zc.buildout10:41
maxwell69_"couldn't find index page for zc.buildout"10:41
maxwell69_I think the program is trying to download zc.buildout but I get ***BLOCKED*** by --allow-hosts10:41
maxwell69_Can you help me please?10:41
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mdzcan someone have a look at OOPS-1889L1221 ?13:35
mdzit's easily reproducible for me, trying to access /+choose-affected-product on a bug13:35
tumbleweedI thought web_link was supposed to be independant of launchpadlib version, right? I've noticed that it's not available on my Debian box, and ari-tczew just ran into this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/575469/14:04
tumbleweedari-tczew: which ubuntu release?14:04
ari-tczewtumbleweed: natty14:04
tumbleweedoh, that may be different then14:04
mdzis it just me, or did the font on launchpad.net get smaller?14:10
mdzit looks like it's using the Ubuntu font now, but it's smaller and harder to read than it was before14:11
tumbleweedfonts on launchpad.net got considerably weirder recently14:11
tumbleweedari-tczew: ok, turned that web_link issue into a question: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/14778614:29
sorenmdz: It might be smaller. I'm not sure, but I'm sure it's harder to read. I've been blaming it on being thinner, so less contrast.14:30
mdzsoren, not just harder to read than before, but also harder to read than the other applications where I'm using the ubuntu font14:33
mdzI can't quite tell if it's smaller either14:33
sorenmdz: Agreed.14:33
mdzcan someone have a look at OOPS-1889L1221 ?14:52
mdzthe oops tracker is finding it now14:52
tumbleweedsinzui: err what? web_link is only a month old and it's obsolete?15:00
sinzuitumbleweed: I tested it with beta, 1.0, and devel. It is only in beta. maybe someone placed it in the wrong version15:02
* tumbleweed wonders if we were using devel accidentally. It was definitly working for us before15:03
tumbleweedthe announcement actually says it's in the 1.0 API15:08
tumbleweedsinzui: aah, looks ilke it may have been a stale WADL cache15:15
tumbleweedari-tczew: rm -rf ~/.launchpadlib/*/cache15:15
sinzuitumbleweed: stale cache is a real nuisance.15:16
ari-tczewtumbleweed: done15:16
tumbleweedsinzui: yeah I see there's an open bug about it15:18
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lamalexWhat needs to happen for a tag to start showing up in the autocomplete dropdown?16:21
lamalexI've tagged an assload of bugs with needs-design, but it never gets easier16:22
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abhinav-hi, I have been trying to login staging.launchpad.net but, It keeps saying "password did not match" . But I even reset my launchpad password16:54
maxb_resetting your password on production will not affect staging until the next time staging is reset from a backup of production16:55
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abhinav-maxb: oh, so that means , I should try  later, like tomorrow ?16:56
maxbabhinav-: hah, no.17:05
maxbstaging restores tend to take a day of downtime just for them to happen at all17:05
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abhinav-oh ok. but I have tried even with my old password. its not taking it17:06
abhinav-and I have another launchpad id, which I made 2-3 years ago perhaps and dont use it, I was able to login through that :-|17:07
abhinav-when was the next time , staging database updated ?17:08
abhinav-I created this launchpad id only 3 days ago17:08
abhinav-*sorry, I meant to ask, when was staging updated last time17:08
maxb2011:02:27 02:52 Full update with DB reimport: bzr revno 1023617:11
maxbabhinav-: ^17:12
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abhinav-ah right. thanks17:12
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lamalexWhat needs to happen for a tag to start showing up in the autocomplete dropdown? I've tagged an assload of bugs with needs-design, but it never gets easier18:37
james_wlamalex, it needs to be an "official" tag IIUC18:48
lamalexwhat constitutes official / how do we apply for that18:48
james_wI think that the bug supervisor of the project can configure that on some page18:48
james_wif you go to https://bugs.launchpad.net/project there is a link under the tag cloud18:49
lamalexah ha!18:50
zygaHi, I tried to copy binary packages to another series in my PPA, it keeps crashing for me, could someone please have a look at OOPS (Error ID: OOPS-1889K1819)  and tell me if it's something temporary or do I need to work around it somehow19:16
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desrtuh.  is the blue squad here? :)20:26
desrti'd like to have a private PPA if that's possible.20:26
mok0desrt: you just need to register with launchpad.net20:30
desrtwhere do i go?20:30
mok0desrt: http://launchpad.net20:35
desrtnot helpful :)20:36
desrtthe launchpad help pages told me to come here and ask20:38
mok0desrt: then ask20:39
desrti just did20:39
mok0desrt: from your lp page, choose the optione "Create new PPA"20:39
desrtthen what?20:41
desrtthe option doesn't seem to be here...20:41
Ampelbeindesrt: do you mean by "private PPA" a "non-public PPA"?20:42
desrtthat's the language the help page on launchpad.net uses...20:42
Ampelbeindesrt: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA says it's only for commercial subscribers. But I'm not affiliated with LP or canonical so I don't know if that changed.20:44
desrti was hoping i could get access for free :p20:44
paultagnot to private PPAs20:45
paultagbut public PPAs are free20:45
paultagjust click on +add ppa on the person (or team)'s page20:45
* desrt would assume that canonical counts as a commercial launchpad subscriber20:45
paultagdesrt: I would as well. do you work at canonical?20:45
paultagdesrt: you don't have a hostmask from canonical/20:46
paultagdesrt: talk with whoever's above you :)20:46
desrti forgot about that thing expiring20:46
desrtexplains some of the confusion :)20:46
desrtpaultag: fair enough.  thanks20:47
paultagdesrt: cheers. good luck20:47
james_wdoes launchpad give 404s for unprivileged users when they hit a deactivated users page?20:50
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kamalwho can kill a PPA build for me?  (its a kernel targeted to the wrong distro -- hate to have it clog up the builder for hours).21:07
lamalexon what component would I file a bug for an additional X-Launchpad-Bug header element?21:18
james_wkamal, lamont can probably help you21:19
micahglamalex: all launchpad bugs were consolidated into the launchpad project21:19
lamalexoh ok, neat21:19
kamaljames_w: looks like the bogus builds just failed anyway, so alls well :-)  thanks!21:20
james_wkamal, lucky!21:21
kamaljames_w: *sigh* ... no, it was my replacement build that failed :-(   back to the drawing board.21:22
kamallamont: if you're available, I would like a PPA build killed.21:22
lamontkamal: which one?21:23
lamontbuild record url preferred21:23
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lamontkamal: is that just because it's going to take forever?21:24
lamontdid you already upload a newer version?21:24
kamalyes, and also because if (by some miracle it does succeed) I don't want the binaries to be presented to subscribers21:24
kamalI did already upload a newer version but it has failed, I am investigating why21:24
lamontok.  the newer source means that I can trivially kill the builds (just yank the ppa builder out from under them, and they don't get retried)21:25
kamallamont: ok, good deal.  thank you very much21:26
kamallamont: oh wait ...21:27
kamallamont: the problem was that I uploaded the bad packages as targeted for *maverick* ...21:27
kamalbut the "newer version" that I uploaded was (properly) targeted to natty, so ...21:27
lamontmeaning that the ones I just yanked the rug from under will happily retry?21:27
kamalmaybe the PPA will want to retry the bogus mav builds21:27
lamontit will21:27
lamontBuild status21:28
lamont[SUPERSEDED] Build for superseded Source21:28
kamalI did also request that the bogus maverick packages be deleted, but I dont' know how long that actually takes21:28
lamontin any case, they are deaddeaddead21:29
kamalhmmm... maybe it really means "Build for deleted Source" but whatever :-)21:29
kamalthanks again!21:29
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Ampelbeinhi! can someone remove the spam comment in bug 507004 ?21:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 507004 in zoneminder (Ubuntu) "Manual postinstalation step required for zoneminder" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50700421:50
maxbAmpelbein: The weekend is generally a time when staff aren't monitoring IRC much, you'd probably be wise to log the request at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion21:53
Ampelbeinsure thing21:55
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CrazyLemonhey guys..whenever i click on "This bug affects 5 people. Does this bug affect you? "    i get this popup error http://pastebin.com/fg6kavM722:41
CrazyLemonis this a known bug?22:41
james_wCrazyLemon, looks like you have sending referrers turned off?22:42
CrazyLemonjames_w yea i just read that line22:43
CrazyLemonbut i dont remember changing referrers settings22:43
CrazyLemonjames_w i now changed the referer header settings to '2' and it works now.. thanks22:47
CrazyLemontake care guys22:47

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