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Unit193f1assistance: I wouldn't try xubuntu on it...02:14
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sghhello, can you tell me the name of the software which makes it possible to customize keyboard layouts please?12:03
sghI mean the software which gets installed with Ubuntu12:03
bioterroryou want dvorak?12:04
sghI guess it's all there already but it lacks a GUI in Lubuntu^^12:04
sghI'll try this out12:04
bioterroror what are you after12:04
bioterrorseems like you want just change the US keyboard layout to deutch?12:05
sghno, the problem is that it is german and that I use a software which uses US layout12:06
sghanyway ? aren't available there12:06
sgh*question marks12:06
sghtherefore I want to customize it12:06
bioterrorI've never had that kind of need12:09
sghyeah it's tricky - I play a game in wine where the keyboard layout can be changed12:10
sghit works correctly in Windows12:11
sghbut in Wine it doesn't12:11
sghprobably thats just a Wine issue? questions marks work in Lubuntu..12:11
sghwell I'll search for specific information regarding wine and keyboard layouts then12:14
sghthanks anyway :)12:14
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gilirlubuntu alpha 3 available, please use the torrent :)17:40
MichealHgilir, Thats great :D17:41
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chalkartisthi all23:22
chalkartistquestion: wondering how to mount/see a usb drive in lubuntu... doesn't show up in 'fdisk -l' after plugging in... checked the hardware using another os live cd and everything is normal....23:24

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