LuckySMackmy desktop has a hardware raid in a raid1 configuration, with windows installed on it, and i have a second single non raided drive i will be installing ubuntu onto for dual boot. Do i need the alternate install disc because of the raid or can i use the standard desktop download00:16
LuckySMackim asking here since im trying to install Natty00:18
LuckySMackwhen trying to install natty, when it got to the process for installing grub, it says it finds my windows install where the loader is located and says it will install to the MBR so i can dual boot. But when i reboot i get no grub screen and it boots straight into windows. this is with my raid setup00:21
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methrilsomeone online?02:09
methrilBUGabundo, nice to see you :)02:12
methrili was updating one of my computers to Natty and i have a update problem with runit and bamfdaemon (& other daemons)02:13
methrilany clue where to find?02:13
methrilthe solution?02:13
kklimondaBUGabundo: not sleeping yet? :)02:18
BUGabundogetting up late from bed02:18
BUGabundosuck to be out of work02:18
kklimondaah :(02:18
methrilit is safe to remove runit & git-daemon-run?02:20
methrilthose is getting missing dependencies02:20
kklimondamethril: it's your system, only you know if it's safe02:21
kklimondamethril: neither runit nor git-daemon-run is in main, so their removal won't break your system.02:21
methrilkklimonda, thank you :)02:22
methrilkklimonda, i've some old dependencies from my first ubuntu install (updates are not allways good)02:23
roasted_Has anybody successfully installed the daily image of 11.04? I've tried it on 5 computers and it all fails to load up. MD5's match, used USB and CD, burned at slowest speed...03:20
jdobrienroasted_, I installed it using a USB..it installed ok03:32
roasted_what kind of computer did you install it on?03:32
jdobrienan old Dell e150503:33
roasted_I tried a dell laptop and 4 hp desktops03:33
roasted_and my acer laptop03:33
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bp0 Is it possible to use the ubuntu installer to install ubuntu on another partition from within an existing ubuntu installation? I want to install natty in another partition but not burn a CD.04:35
wobwobwobtonesParty in the +1!05:49
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not be currently installable at the moment07:25
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niooinshello, isnt alpha 3 released?09:29
firegrassAbout 24hours ago updates to natty causing this fatal error "/sbin/lvm: error while loading shared libraries: libdevmapper-event.co.1.0.1: cannt open shared object file: No suchfile or directory" during booting09:40
zniavre_good morning09:42
zniavre_how is 173.XX.XX nvidia driver working in natty ?09:43
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benstehi, anyone having issues downloading the files from the ubntu server ?09:51
benstedoesn't exist09:52
rorkI can download that file without problems, However I tried to download the kubuntu ISO over bittorrent yesterday and it didn't start09:54
rorkbut I start ktorrent now and it started immediatly09:55
rorkhm, no connection to a seeder though09:56
bensterork: thanks for your reply -- my FF needed a restart :-)) now I'm sharing the amd64-alternate09:59
TerminXI'm having a really weird issue in natty... every time I run vim in a terminal and quit it, compiz starts spinning somewhere and I have to kill -9 it from a vt10:10
TerminXhappens in gnome-terminal and in a regular old xterm, makes no sense to me at all10:10
susundbe1gzniavre_: its not -- new Xorg does not support it afaik10:14
TerminXit's spinning in that damn inotify plugin10:17
zniavre_susundbe1g, thank you i will wait so10:36
pmatulisdarn, Packages.gz is corrupt on us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/binary-amd6413:24
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BluesKajhiyas all13:43
alex_mayorgaHello, can somebody help me triage/troubleshoot https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-6/+bug/72736513:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 727365 in openjdk-6 (Ubuntu) "icedtea-plugin crashes on firefox-4.0 and chromium" [Undecided,New]13:45
BluesKajstill having some flash crashes , altho the flash player itself is fine ...mostly flash based ads are crashing , which is a bonus in some ways :)13:50
vbabiyHey  guys will you be able to use the drawer mouse free?13:52
ActionParsniphey guys13:59
ActionParsnipWhere is the config stored for the shortcuts screen (Shows when you press super on its own) please?14:00
alex_mayorgasorry got disconnected, did I miss anything on my java issue?14:01
ActionParsnipalex_mayorga: what's your java issue?14:01
alex_mayorgabug 72736514:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 727365 in openjdk-6 (Ubuntu) "icedtea-plugin crashes on firefox-4.0 and chromium" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72736514:02
ActionParsnipalex_mayorga: is it ok with sun java?14:02
alex_mayorgaActionParsnip: haven't try but I would guess14:03
alex_mayorgais sun-java still available?14:03
ActionParsnipalex_mayorga: its worth testing, just for completeness14:03
ActionParsnipalex_mayorga: sure14:03
alex_mayorgaas it just crashed the same I'll try14:03
ActionParsnipOr can anyone tell me how the OS interprets apps as being available in the Email clients selection list....14:04
enliWhen I press alt+f1 / alt+f2 .. alt+f7, tty1, tty2,.. tty7 are opened. The shortcut used to be ctrl+alt+fX. This is very irritating. Does anybody know how to fix this?14:30
enliI am using ubuntu classic desktop, compiz and gtk-window-decorator if this helps.14:31
ActionParsnipenli: alt+f1 makes the unity bar show here14:33
enliActionParsnip: I am not using unity interface, i am using classic desktop. What happens with alt+f2 on your side?14:33
ActionParsnipenli: nothing, although I keep meaning to install gmrun and map the command in compiz14:34
BluesKajalt+f2 still opens the runbox here14:34
enlialt+f4 is supposed to close the window, which it does on my box but it also switches to tty4. Weired!14:35
coz_hey all14:35
BluesKajhi coz_14:35
ActionParsnipenli: alt+f3 does zero, f4 will close the active window14:35
ActionParsnipenli: does it happen for all users?14:35
BUGabundoyou mean ctrl+alt+ Fkey14:36
enliActionParsnip: I am the only user on tis box. But I could try creating another user.14:36
BUGabundoare you forgeting Control key?14:36
ActionParsnipenli: thats the way :)14:36
BluesKajalt+f3 opens the titlebar dialog here14:36
scarleoI can't get padevchooser to show up (Unity). pavucontrol, pavumeter and so on works fine. I launch from terminal and it holds the terminal but I never get the window14:36
enliBUGabundo: I press alt+f4 -> active window is closed but also tty4 is switched.. which is totally unwanted effect.14:37
BluesKajneat . ctrl+f1 revovles the desktop, alt+f2 brings it back14:37
BluesKajerr sorry ctrl+f214:39
scarleosomeone else has the same problem?14:40
BluesKajctrl+F1,2,3,4 will revolve the desktop cube if you have it enabled14:40
coz_BluesKaj,  hey guy14:41
yofeldoes installing updates fail for anyone else? I get:14:42
yofelSetting up keyboard-configuration (1.57ubuntu9) ...14:42
yofelNo protocol specified14:42
yofelCannot open display ":0"14:42
yofeland dpkg errors out14:42
BUGabundoyofel: all updates working14:42
BUGabundobut some X ones14:43
BUGabundothat want to remove many other and ubuntu-desktop14:43
BUGabundobut I blame sarvat for that14:43
BluesKajon my other box I have to use the recovery kernel to login14:43
BUGabundokeyboard-configuration:  Installed: 1.57ubuntu914:43
yofelwell, everything else works fine so far but this looks like keyboard-configuration doesn't want to configure without working X session (which my screen seems to have lost)14:44
BUGabundoI'm afraid to reboot right now14:45
yofelhm, no, doesn't work in usual konsole either..14:45
coz_ hey guys14:49
BluesKajyofel, upgrading now..I'll know in a min or 214:51
BluesKajerr updating14:52
BluesKajyofel, yup, I get the same error , dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of console-setup:14:56
* BluesKaj uses a wireless KB & Mouse ...do I dare reboot ?14:57
yofelBluesKaj: I just filed lp 72910814:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 729108 in console-setup (Ubuntu) "package keyboard-configuration 1.57ubuntu9 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 255" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72910814:58
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enliI am using ubuntu classic desktop and pressing alt+fX switches to ttyX. This happens to only current user. While upgrading from 10.10 update-manager hanged so I had to manually reboot the machine. What could be wrong?15:14
Jorijnhello, anyone tried natty with a dualscreen configuration?15:18
mvoenli: could you please report a bug with the content of /var/log/dist-upgrade/* ?15:18
Jorijnit starts up in mirrored mode, but as soon as I try to set both displays to their native resolution, some really weird shit happends15:18
oCeanmind the language Jorijn15:19
Jorijnalright, some really weird stuff happends15:19
BluesKajnetsplit? ..cuz I di't reconn15:24
patdk-wkbeen for awhile now :(15:24
patdk-wkI'm so annoyed by them this week15:24
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patdk-wkoh? a split while split15:25
BluesKajanyway , here goes reboot15:25
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perscitusQuestion, What happens when you remove panels from 11.04?15:41
mwilson1023if you remove it, I think you can get it back with a command. I forgot what the command was tho15:41
mwilson1023then ur stuck with unity :( lol15:42
perscitusWhat happens to the close buttons15:42
coz_perscitus,  you mean remove  Unity?15:44
perscitusUnity is a shell15:45
dholbachLast day of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek starting in 15 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:45
perscitusThere are people who dont want Panels on the desktop or launchers15:45
mwilson1023coz_, the panel at the top.15:45
coz_ah   perscitus  if you are going to do that especially on a large screen size  19" or above I would go with  classic gnome session15:45
perscitusthen thats not unity15:46
coz_although the gnome panels are not reacting as they normally did in gnome15:46
coz_perscitus,  not its not but Unity is essentially geared towards small screen formats  thus  global menu15:46
mwilson1023perscitus, stick with the Ubuntu Classic Desktop for now. Unity is way to buggy at this stage.15:46
coz_no rather than "not"15:46
perscitusUnity doesnt offer much for customization does it15:47
coz_perscitus,  themes  wallpaper essentially the same general stuff as far i could see15:47
perscitus themes are useless15:48
coz_hiding launcher panel15:48
coz_personally I see no real sense in using Unity if your screen size is above 15"15:49
perscitusand Unity squuezes out competition from other launcers15:49
coz_cairo dock works15:49
perscituscoz_,  but can you remove launcher and panel? and just use cairo15:50
coz_perscitus, not easily if at all..however with the Unity plugin in ccsm you can set the launcher panel to autohide15:50
mwilson1023if you right-click on one of the unity dockbar icons by accident, you are forced to exit or remove it from the panel to get the menu to go away.15:50
abhijeethi guys .. recently i got into problem after upgrading to ubuntu 11.04 rc...15:51
coz_mwilson1023,   mm  even if you click the desktop while that menu appears?15:51
abhijeetupgrade was not able to configure my graphics driver...15:51
BluesKajok, successful reboot15:51
abhijeetnow I am running ubuntu in failface mode.15:51
perscituscoz_,  then thats a bug15:52
abhijeethow can i configure my ATI driver to get the windows15:52
coz_perscitus,  which ... no able to remove launcher panel?15:52
mwilson1023coz_, basically it's not worth it, and I personally think that Ubuntu is doomed back to GNOME and OpenOffice.org someday.15:52
coz_perscitus,  not really,, it is, as I mentioned , design for small screen format systems only15:52
coz_mwilson1023,   I doubt openoffice  at least ...that is going to most likely stay libreoffice15:53
mwilson1023perscitus, preferably wide screen LCD, not normal desktop CRTs lol15:53
abhijeetany help guys to install ATi drivers15:53
coz_abhijeet,  I know nothing about ati15:53
abhijeetcoz_, ok15:54
coz_abhijeet,  I would have assumed that would have been installed automatically15:54
perscituscoz_,  except its coming to desktop15:54
mwilson1023coz_, I think they dropped OpenOffice.org because of a license problem or whatever. It's just what I've been using and I like it. OOo has much better support for .docx15:54
coz_perscitus,  yes but with two additional options...classic gnome  and classic gnome (no effects)15:54
mwilson1023(no effects) is the gnome desktop15:55
abhijeetdoes any one know command start the "addional driver" application...15:55
coz_mwilson1023,  I dont think there is much difference between the 2  but in all honesty I never use either one15:55
abhijeetas my task panes are coming15:55
abhijeetare not15:55
coz_abhijeet,    sudo  jockey-gtk15:55
mwilson1023the classic with effects still uses unity for me, and no effects goes back to gnome.15:55
abhijeetcoz_, ok .. lemee try it..15:55
mwilson1023that's all I know15:56
coz_mwilson1023,  right15:56
mwilson1023oh, now I see what you are saying.15:56
mwilson1023nvm lol15:56
coz_mwilson1023,  well actually classic gnome starts  compiz  as long as you disable the Unity plugin in ccsm15:56
mwilson1023Compiz > Unity15:57
coz_mwilson1023,  well compiz = Unity is not correct15:57
coz_mwilson1023,  unity is netbook without mutter as the compositor ,,, compiz has taken its place15:58
mwilson1023and I didn't know that.15:58
mwilson1023coz_, I kno, but compiz looks awesomer :)15:58
perscitusRemove 'Classic' from all thoughts15:58
coz_mwilson1023,  and works much better than mutter  ,, which is why the switch :)15:58
mwilson1023and my First Person Shooters don't work in Natty, so I'm sticking to 10.10 :D15:59
coz_perscitus,  i cant use Unity on dual monitors  its useless under those conditions15:59
perscituscoz_,  yet another bug15:59
coz_perscitus,  no not a bug at all... as I said ,,,Unity is designed for small screens15:59
perscitusmeaning large screens16:00
coz_perscitus,  no I use classic gnome16:00
coz_perscitus, you have the options of Unity or classic gnome16:00
perscitusLauncher position sucks on dual or triple monitors16:00
coz_well it is what it is ...you have to deal with it or switch to classic gnome16:01
perscitusLauncher is better off at the bottom so it can be displayed on all monitors16:01
coz_perscitus,  well let me say this one more time...Unity is not desined for large screen formats...just as original mac used their version of global menu because their screens were 9"16:02
coz_perscitus,  anything larger is a waiste of work time16:03
coz_perscitus,  that's why classic gnome is offered16:03
perscitusUnity is going to be fail on Natty16:03
coz_oh boy  ok  I am out of here,,, time to eat lunch16:04
psusiunity is really starting to get into shape, but I still wish they would disable the global menu for unmaximized windows, and most certainly get rid of it when logging in with the classic desktop16:05
psusiclassic desktop should mean classic desktop... not something that kind of approximates it16:05
cozziemotopsusi,  global menu should not be available in classic gnome16:07
cozziemotocertainly not by default16:07
psusicozziemoto: I agree, but there it is... you get just the single ubuntu icon on the top left corner with the other usual menus folding out from there, and a global menu where the system menus normally are16:08
cozziemotopsusi, last i tried natty that was not the case,, if in fact it is now...it has to be a major mistake  or glitch and should be reported16:08
psusicozziemoto: been that way all along, still was last night...16:09
cozziemotopsusi,  no it has not... in classic gnome you get classice gnome panels16:09
cozziemotono global menu16:09
perscitusClassic Ubuntu  will have massive following in April/May16:09
psusicozziemoto: yea, you get the pannels, but they are modified... instead of having system, applications, etc, you just get the single ubuntu icon that folds out into those submenus16:09
cozziemotopsusi,  then right click that and remove from panel and then right click panel and use menu bar16:10
psusiyea, I figured you could do that.. but should be like that by default ;)16:10
cozziemotopsusi,  it was last time I have used it16:10
cozziemotoeven pre alpha16:11
psusihd install or livecd?16:11
cozziemotocertai ly alpha16:11
cozziemotopsusi,   hard drive16:11
psusiyuo configured your system to be like that then and so it has persisted... try the daily live cd16:11
cozziemotopsusi,  I only used the daily builds16:11
cozziemotopsusi,  I never got global menu in classic gnome16:11
cozziemotopsusi,  check md5sums on the iso image  burn at 1x  max  then check cd for erros before installing16:12
psusicozziemoto: I use usb16:12
psusiand zsync daily so the image is not corrupt ;)16:12
cozziemotook i dont know what to say,,,16:13
cozziemotolunch time16:13
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* BluesKaj wonders if the netsplits are going to settle down soon ..this has been going on for over an hr.16:38
BluesKaj[Notice] -tomaw- [Global Notice] Hi again.  As you will have noticed we're having some connectivity problems again this afternoon.  We're working with sponsors to rectify it.16:39
charlie-tcaBluesKaj: actually, netsplits been bad most of this week16:41
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BluesKajyeah charlie-tca, today's are especially bad , I'm trying to recover from a partially broken update and thought I needed some advice , but managed to muddle tg\hru16:46
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Abhijeetguys .. i broke my ubuntu system after upgrade.. now I am not getting any gui as the Ati driver are not properly installl17:10
Abhijeethow can i resolve it..17:11
Abhijeeti have already removed the fglrx driver from my systemmm17:11
Abhijeetstill facing the black screen after booting17:11
Abhijeetany help guys...17:13
charlie-tcacomplete shutdown, then restart has been working for me17:14
charlie-tcarestart alone doesn't seem to work, though17:14
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gavin_I have updated to 11.04 but not too keen on Unity (probably just not used to it) can I revert back?18:55
gavin_sorry.. revert back to standard desktop but still be on 11.0418:56
rwwgavin_: change your session type at the login manager screen.18:57
gavin_thank you rww:I will keep having a look at Unity but doesnt work for me just now.18:58
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nperryHumm, compiz-decorator seems to seg fault.19:33
nperryHow do i debug to get an error message?19:33
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nperryEvening people.. trying to test gnome3 in natty, however getting this error, any ideas? GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema 'org.gnome.desktop.interface' does not contain a key  named 'automatic-mnemonics'22:12
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benstehi there - someone manged to install the A3amd64alternate on an existing ext4 LVM ?22:24
benstemy partman stops loading - only blue screen - if launching manually it reappears, but stops at 52%22:24
benste+ i got 2 messages in the system log that 2 packages should be missing - should i report this on LP ?22:24
bensteund ext2-modules22:25
DaekdroomCan anyone try reproducing bug #729392 in unity?22:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 729392 in unity (Ubuntu) "[unity] minimizing an application doesn't make it lose window focus" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72939222:40
bensteDaekdroom: i didn't even mange to install the system :-)22:40
bensteDaekdroom: btw unity 2d or 3d ?22:40
Daekdroombenste, 3d22:40
benstesry, installing in a VM woun't be able to test 3d22:41
DaekdroomThanks for the interest anyway22:41
kklimondahole BUGabundo22:45
kklimondahola even22:45
BUGabundohow's the world on your side?22:47
kklimondaBUGabundo: I live not so far from you ;)22:47
kklimondait's cold22:47
kklimondadamn cold22:47
BUGabundomoved to spain ? :P22:47
kklimondawell, not *that* close but Poland is still on your side ;)22:49
yofelmeans I'm nearer. Still freezeing cold here though :S22:49
BUGabundo+7ÂșC here22:54
BUGabundobut a friend is reporting -1 down south22:55
=== rww changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Natty Narwhal 11.04 | Milestones: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule | Maverick/10.10 support in #ubuntu | Alpha 3 Released: http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/natty/alpha3 | New X.org stack uploaded, known issues: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2011-February/032378.html
rwwX.org still has issues? Or can I remove that /topic section?23:00
BUGabundoI have a few X updates strugling23:01
BUGabundonot sure it helps you23:01
rwwthe buglist Bryce linked to still has a bunch of stuff on it, so I'll leave it be.23:01
charlie-tcaseems warm there. Idaho is up to +2C already, and it is 16:00 local time23:02
BUGabundoLOL charlie-tca23:02
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