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Audio Hi  Everybody..I am new to panda board. I have flashed SD card with ubuntu image from omappedia.org. Its booted successfully. But i am facing problem with audio. I am not getting audio when i play any .wav or .mp3 files. can you please help me out in this regard ?05:52
AudioAnybody working on ubuntu on panda06:43
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ericb2Morning good people07:59
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fairuzmorning (already afternoon here)13:16
rsalvetiGrueMaster: new 38 kernel just got uploaded to the PPA, once it's done will ping you back to request some testing :-)14:15
rsalvetijanimo: webkit build failed without logs, that means the builder was dead?14:16
rsalvetibut luckily I got a build at my own panda14:16
janimorsalveti, no idea sorry14:16
janimoI only build stuff on my panda since I have it14:17
rsalvetijanimo: what was the build log for the packages that consumed so much of the builder that got killed?14:17
janimowhere was your faild build?14:17
janimosomething with timeout 300 minutes14:17
rsalvetijanimo: https://launchpad.net/~canonical-arm-dev/+archive/ppa/+buildjob/229787314:17
rsalvetithe only status is: Failed to build14:17
janimoyou can check the build log of washngo for ex14:17
janimohmm, no idea why there is no buildlog14:18
janimoI only see this when checking old builds for lucid I think14:18
janimowho runs this PPA?14:18
janimomaybe they know where to get the logs14:19
rsalvetijanimo: this is our team's ppa14:20
janimobu t who has access to the machines via ssh etc.14:25
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GrueMasterrsalveti: ok.15:39
dmart_fairuz: Hey there, are you still trying to play with perf?15:46
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fairuzdmart: hey, yes15:50
dmartfairuz: do you have something like this in dmesg?15:50
dmartfairuz: [   73.799682] hw perfevents: unable to reserve pmu15:50
fairuzdmart: yes15:50
fairuzdmart: After I look up a bit, I think they implemented it in later kernel15:51
fairuzdmart: not the one that I use15:51
dmartfairuz: Not sure about that -- I get the same error with v2.6.38-rc715:51
fairuzdmart: hmm15:51
fairuzdmart: wait i give you the link to the patch15:51
fairuzdmart: maybe the patch is not in the mainstream15:52
fairuzdmart: http://www.spinics.net/lists/arm-kernel/msg117063.html15:53
fairuzdmart: look at this15:53
fairuzdmart: there are 3 patches15:54
fairuzdmart: the patches is omap4 specific i guess?16:00
compile_woeshi, i currently produce a small network appliance built on the Intel Atom N270, but am considering migrating to a Marvell plug computer. I am having trouble finding any performance benchmarking comparisons to help me understand how they compare16:06
compile_woesdoes anyone have any ideas? or comments? specifically, I am looking at this platform http://www.ionicsplug.com/stratusplus.html by Ionics16:06
GrueMastercompile_woes: You should look for the specs on the processor to see if it is Armv7.  Otherwise it won't run Ubuntu newer than Karmic (9.10).16:09
Nekoit's sheeva, armv5te16:12
GrueMastercompile_woes: Compliant with v5TE architecture.  So, no it won't run Ubuntu.  You could run debian though.16:12
Nekohe could run jaunty :D16:12
ograbug 72861116:17
* ogra pokes the bot16:17
ograbug 72861116:18
Nekoholy shit oliver.. don't do that :D16:19
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GrueMasterlooks like our bug bot is mia.16:36
ograbug 72861116:39
ogralots of netsplitting atm16:40
dmartfairuz: Those patches make my kernel lock up after "[    1.183074] hw-breakpoint: maximum watchpoint size is 4 bytes." ... but it's possible I have some other necessary patch missing17:02
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