ray_I would like to change the purple booting theme from purple to black on Ubuntu 10.04, I've already followed most of this guide but I had already once tried changing the plymouth theme without any success05:30
ray_Before I didn't realize that the menus can be changed as well till today. Like I said I tried this guide before however I didn't know the menu could be changed till I tried it today. I just thought the them tab was just for the theme within the desktop and not the login menu05:33
ray_Anyhow, I want the purple plymouth theme changed to black with Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Logo still there05:34
ray_Maybe I should try google instead05:34
george12345Ηι,everyone knowns about raid and mdadm?09:43
george12345please i need help,i am to the job and break the raid509:49
george12345from the file server09:49
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coz_hey all14:35
coz_ hey guys14:49
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