hot_wheelzwhen doing a ubuntu to ubuntu remote desktop session what port do u need to open on router than the target system is connected to?08:42
hot_wheelzi am trying to connect to a remote location08:46
hot_wheelzhead_victim R u here?08:56
remmiushot_wheelz: look up RDP ports09:04
remmiusremote desktop protocol09:04
hot_wheelzis it the same  rdp port you would use for windows or different09:06
hot_wheelzlet me check09:07
remmiusim really not sure, but i know ive had a server i could rdp to before, and maybe google has the answer for you in that respect =P09:07
remmiusim not sure if vnc uses the rdp protocol or something else09:08
remmiusor whatever the random desktop viewer you have is09:08
remmiusso im really really really not much help :P09:08
hot_wheelz5900 sound right?09:09
remmiusnot sure09:09
lubotu2VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX09:16
hot_wheelziflema I know VNC09:18
blahdeblahhot_wheelz: VNC is port 5900 by default, RDP is 338909:47
hot_wheelzblahblahblah thanks10:12
airtonixit's actually blahdeblah10:56
blahdeblahhot_wheelz: Does your IRC client have tab completion?  Saves a lot of brain cells remembering peoples' nicks.  ;-)10:57
airtonixdon't worry blahdeblah i will feel insulted for you11:02
blahdeblahairtonix: thanks, your sympathy means a lot ;-)11:02
hot_wheelzblahdeblah yes it does11:08
hot_wheelzjust saw that11:08
hot_wheelzhas anyone  done any testing 11.04 to see if power management has improved when it comes to laptops?11:57
nisshhhot_wheelz, you could test it yourself? :)12:09
hot_wheelznisshh, Yeah I know just thought someone may have done it as well12:14
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head_victimAww I was here in spirit15:42
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