xycloI am having a really hard time with ATI driver00:26
xycloI have a Lenovo T400 and cannot install the driver00:26
duanedesignhello xyclo00:26
xyclohi duanedesign00:27
duanedesignxyclo: can you runn this command in a terminal so we can see your graphics card and chipset:   lspci -nn | grep VGA00:28
xyclo01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series [1002:95c4]00:28
xycloI'm using 10.0400:29
xyclort kernel00:29
duanedesignxyclo: let me see which driver that is00:30
duanedesignok looks like you can use the fglrx with that carsd00:33
xyclobut it does not work00:33
xyclofglrx-amdcccle gives trouble00:34
duanedesigndid it show up under System->Administration->Additional Drivers00:34
xyclobut it gives an error00:34
xyclothanks duanedesign00:36
duanedesignxyclo: where do you see the error? While trying to install the driver?00:39
xycloWhile trying to Activate it on System->Administration->Additional Drivers00:40
duanedesigndoes it say why it can not install that package?00:40
xycloBoth fglrx and fglrx-amdcccle are installed00:41
duanedesignxyclo: ahh i see, while activating, not install ing :)00:42
xycloIf I try to reinstall them, it gives an error as well00:42
duanedesignxyclo: what is the error you get when you run:  sudo apt-get --reinstall install  fglrx00:46
xyclosudo apt-get --reinstall install  fglrx00:47
xycloError! Application of patch rt_preempt_33.patch failed.00:47
xycloso, rt- kernel?00:47
xycloErrors were encountered while processing:00:48
xyclo fglrx00:48
xyclo fglrx-amdcccle00:48
xycloE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)00:48
duanedesignxyclo: ok, let me see..00:49
xyclothanks again, duanedesign00:50
duanedesignxyclo: ok, which kernel are you using:   uname -a00:55
ubuntu23123I need help restoring grub 201:00
ubuntu23123I'm getting some funky errors.01:00
ubuntu23123I'm on a live CD right now, but I installed win7 to a NEW hdd and now my grub2 is gone.01:01
ubuntu23123Can someone help me?01:01
duanedesignhello ubuntu2312301:06
ubuntu23123i just installed grub2 its taking me through a menu inside the terminal01:06
duanedesignthere are  instructions for reinstalling Grub2 from liveCD^01:08
ubuntu23123grub failed to install01:11
xycloLinux alfonso-lenovo 2.6.33-29-realtime #1-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT RT Wed Aug 4 20:14:20 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux01:13
xycloSorry, duanedesign, I had to step out for a while01:13
ubuntu23123ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt01:14
ubuntu23123Mount is denied because the NTFS volume is already exclusively opened.01:14
ubuntu23123The volume may be already mounted, or another software may use it which01:14
ubuntu23123could be identified for example by the help of the 'fuser' command.01:14
duanedesignxyclo: ok01:15
ubuntu23123error: http://pastebin.com/jM78hTuM01:15
duanedesignxyclo: i would try the newest driver from ati website.  http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.4.1&product=
xycloit was my next step. In fact, I already downloaded it01:16
xycloThanks again^2, duanedesign01:16
xycloIf I succeed I'll come back to report...01:17
duanedesignxyclo: i have instructions01:18
duanedesignto install the driver01:18
duanedesignxyclo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI#Install%20the%20fglrx%20Driver%20from%20AMD/ATI%20Catalyst%2011.2%20For%20Ubuntu%2010.10%20Maverick01:19
duanedesignits for a newer version of Ubuntu but that is ok01:19
duanedesignyou will just change this command to suit:  sudo sh ati-driver-installer-11-2-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/maverick01:19
duanedesignas in, change file name and Maverick01:20
duanedesignubuntu23123: looks like in the mount command you are trying to mount the windows partition01:21
ubuntu23123is that not right?01:21
duanedesignsudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt01:23
duanedesignyou mount the Ubuntu partition01:23
xycloGreat, thx duanedesign01:25
duanedesignxyclo: there is a ppa you might try first if you have not started already01:28
xycloI am back, duanedesign02:18
duanedesignxyclo: hello02:22
duanedesignxyclo: i  noticed there is a ppa that has a newer version of the driver available02:23
duanedesignxyclo: not as new as the one on the ATI website02:23
duanedesignbut it is a lot easier to install02:23
xycloI can try that first02:24
duanedesignok the commands are02:26
duanedesignCensoredBiscuit: glad it went well and I wish you a very speedy recovery02:26
duanedesignsudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates02:27
duanedesignsudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install flgrx-installer02:27
duanedesignsorry, cat jumped over the keyboard. Its the last two lines starting with sudo.02:28
duanedesignbug 15994102:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 159941 in fglrx-installer "fglrx driver does not work in RT kernel" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15994102:30
duanedesignxyclo: FWIW that is the bug you are affected by ^02:30
xycloIt is what I thought02:31
xycloIt feels good to see it officially identified as a bug.02:31
duanedesignfrom what I have read the driver was patched, but packaged wrong i think, anyway it is fixed you just need the driver new enough to have the patch (done correctly)02:33
duanedesignso if the ppa does not work, uninstall what it installs and try the driver off the website02:34
duanedesignthe one on the website was released a couple months ago so surely it will work. You just have to compile the driver when you DL it off the site. It is not too hard though02:35
xycloHm... I am thinking I'll have trouble uninstalling?02:37
xycloI do not know how to do it clean...02:37
xycloby the way, your cat got me confused.02:37
xycloPlease see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/575281/02:39
xyclohm... misspelled02:40
xycloIt does not work...02:42
xycloI am trying from Synaptic now...02:43
xycloI think I can do this from here, including uninstall if it goes wrong.02:44
duanedesignxyclo: did you do the :   sudo apt-get update02:45
xycloBut it is ok now02:46
duanedesignohhh, i mispelled it02:46
xycloI keep messing up the spelling fglrx vs flgrx and I am not sure...02:46
xycloMe too!02:47
xyclono worries02:47
duanedesigni am doing the same , lol02:47
xycloI am installing now02:47
xyclobut internet is SO slow these days02:47
xyclohate Verizon02:47
xycloIRC Question:02:47
xycloHow do you do the Asterisk thing, like "* xyclo hates Verizon"02:48
xyclosorry for the trivia...02:48
duanedesignthe fglrx-installer package will install 4 packages02:49
duanedesignso if for some reason sudo apt-get purge fglrx-installer  does not work yoou can do  sudo apt-get purge fglrx fglrx-amdcccle fglrx-dev fglrx-modaliases02:51
xycloOK. I am installing 2 at the moment and I can add the other two. This worked for the original package, so I guess it will now again02:51
duanedesignxyclo: you do not need the other two02:51
xycloso only fglrx and fglrx-amdcccle02:52
duanedesignwhat was the IRc QUESTION02:54
xycloTo do *"xyclo agrees"02:54
* duanedesign agrees02:54
duanedesign /me agrees02:54
xycloI hate it when the answer is so easy...02:55
xycloand it usually is!02:55
* xyclo has learned yet another thing today02:55
duanedesignI use it a lot when someone posts a link02:56
duanedesignto let people know you are looking at it02:56
* duanedesign looking02:56
xycloI know how to use help02:56
xyclobut have not gone through every command yet02:57
xycloE: fglrx: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1002:59
xycloE: fglrx-amdcccle: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured02:59
xycloduanedesign, same, or very similar error02:59
duanedesignthat is different03:00
duanedesigndid it say what the dependency problem was?03:01
xycloI dumbly closed it...03:01
xycloit did not, but it would in the details maybe03:02
xycloshould I try reinstall?03:02
duanedesignsudo apt-get install -f03:03
* xyclo doing it03:03
xycloErrors were encountered while processing:03:05
xyclo fglrx03:05
xyclo fglrx-amdcccle03:05
xycloI found the same line, or very similar, as before: Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 2.6.33-29-realtime (i686)03:06
duanedesignxyclo: if you open Synaptic03:10
duanedesignxyclo: click  Status button on left03:10
duanedesignis there a broken03:11
duanedesignwhere it says all, installed, etc03:11
duanedesignEdit > Fix Broken Packages03:11
xycloAll, 3 installed, 2 not installed03:12
duanedesignok. you can try to install those packages on more time03:13
xyclosorry, on more time?03:15
xycloyou mean from the 11.2 Catalyst?03:15
xyclothat I downloaded?03:15
duanedesignxyclo: i woould try the ppa one more time03:20
xycloyou mean uninstall and then install the two packages03:20
duanedesignxyclo: sorry, so they did install03:21
xyclosame happened with the original package though03:22
duanedesignwhen you tried to enable it?03:22
xycloIt does not show up in Additional Drivers.03:23
duanedesignwhat do you get from:   lsmod | grep fglrx03:23
xyclono return03:25
duanedesignok, how about:   modprobe fglrx03:25
xycloWARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/sound, it will be ignored in a future release.03:26
xycloFATAL: Module fglrx not found.03:26
duanedesignxyclo: yeah I guess purge the packages and try newest one off the site03:26
xyclopurge is uninstall??03:27
duanedesignsudo apt-get purge03:27
duanedesignit is :  sudo apt-get remove  , but it also removes config files03:27
xyclook. done03:29
xyclonow, to the other option03:29
xycloIt seems to go fine03:31
xycloBoooo, same thing...03:34
xycloError! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 2.6.33-29-realtime (i686)03:34
xycloduanedesign, No more options by now, right?03:40
duanedesignxyclo: do you have header files that match the kernel03:41
duanedesignwell, you are not getting the Error! Application of patch rt_preempt_33.patch failed. error anymore03:43
* xyclo looking03:43
duanedesignbut for some reason the module does not want to build03:43
xycloI do have the header files for the rt kernel03:45
duanedesignxyclo: might be bug 57374803:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 573748 in fglrx-installer "[MASTER] fglrx does not build on 2.6.33 kernel and higher" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57374803:51
duanedesignalso http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=138682003:52
xycloI'll do the reading03:55
xyclobut now to bed!03:56
xycloThanks a lot, duanedesign03:56
johnny77Typically, is a wireless on/off button detected by bios or OS?03:56
aveilleuxjohnny77: Depends on the computer, my ThinkPad has a physical toggle switch but it can be overridden03:57
aveilleuxjohnny77: Other machines, especially netbooks, tend to actually switch off the hardware03:58
johnny77aveilleux: Thanks, I have a button on an old compaq. The light is always blue, but I thought it may be giving me my wireless troubles.03:59
aveilleuxjohnny77: Blue or green usually means on04:00
johnny77aveilleux: yeah, but even if I click it, it stays blue thus my question. I was thinking if it was connected to the hardware it should turn to the off color when pressed no matter the OS.04:02
aveilleuxjohnny77: Oh, it's a spring-loaded slider switch? (whatever that's actually called)04:03
johnny77aveilleux: no, it's a spring loaded button, similar to the keys of a keyboard, but not big and square.04:05
aveilleuxjohnny77: Oh, I see.04:08
aveilleuxjohnny77: That seems like it would be a software button then, yeah04:08
johnny77aveilleux: I'm gonna have to set this one aside for a couple of days before I chuck it out the window. :p04:09
pv2depotydoes anyone know anything about adb for android phones?04:27
cprofitthey guys pv2depoty could use some help if anyone knows about android phones04:27
cprofittpv2depoty: you from NY?04:27
cprofittnice, what part?04:27
cprofittDude... too cool... you go to the Lugor meetings?04:28
pv2depotyno i just got ubuntu and im pretty new to it04:28
cprofittwell... if you are new to it stick in this channel04:28
cprofittthey help new folks quite a bit04:28
pv2depotygood deal ducky was tryin to help me out the other day04:29
cprofittyou can also join the NY team if you like - https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-newyork04:29
pv2depotyo yeah im a member04:29
cprofittand the LUGOR meetings are not advanced so could be useful04:29
cprofittthey meet on the third Thursday of every month at Naz04:29
pv2depotyi got the email the other day sayin u approved me lol04:29
cprofittcool... different name on Lauchpad?04:30
cprofittyou are Stephen then04:30
cprofittnice to meet you04:30
cprofitthere is some information on the Beginners Team04:30
cprofittyou can shoot your question to the Lugor mailing list... I know there are a few Android folks on the list04:31
pv2depotyaight i check into that thanks04:31
cprofitttons of resources, but sometimes difficult to get all the asnwers04:32
xAndromedaquick question again, the notification area pannel applet crashed, how do i reboot it? O.o04:32
cprofittimmediately... you can also use the Ubuntu Forums or askubuntu.com04:32
cprofittdepends on the app -- it might have auto-restarted04:32
cprofittwhich one does it say had a problem?04:32
xAndromedaits the notification area one for the top pannel04:33
cprofittxAndromeda: yes... when you click on the crash notification does it tell you what crashed?04:34
cprofittif it is the panel itself you can type:04:35
cprofittkillall gnome-panel04:35
cprofittin to a terminal04:35
cprofittthat will restart gnome-panel04:36
xAndromedacrash noficication?04:36
cprofittwell... crash notifications usually notify you that 'xxxx' application crashed04:36
cprofittcould be Firefox or some other app04:37
cprofittthat is why I was asking you to click on the crash notification to bring up more information04:37
xAndromedaok that worked but im getting some graphical error04:37
xAndromedaonly on the pannel though04:37
xAndromedalike the background04:37
xAndromedais all black and random colour bits evyerwhere04:37
cprofittsounds like your theme is foobar04:38
xAndromedait goees away if i change the colour to system default and back again04:38
xAndromedabut damn annoying! lol04:39
cprofitthere is some informaiton04:39
cprofittthat might help04:39
cprofittxAndromeda: does it crash all the time or rarely?04:41
cprofittxAndromeda: you might want to take a look in /var/crash as well and see if there are any files in there04:43
xAndromedait crashed like twice today04:45
xAndromedaand once like 2 days ago04:45
cprofittI would look in /var/crash/ then04:45
cprofittare there any files there?04:45
xAndromedadosnt look liek ai ahve a/var/crash folder O.o04:46
cprofittcheck /var/log for apport.log04:47
cprofittthat might tell you what is failing04:47
xAndromedadont ahve a apport.log lol04:49
cprofittif you get that notification again -- click on it and see if there is more detail04:50
xAndromedawhats the command to open gdesklets04:50
xAndromedait dosnt appear to be gdesklets lol04:51
cprofittnot sure on that one either as I do not use them04:51
xAndromedaahh forgot to add shell04:52
cprofittwell... I gotta run and get some sleep04:52
cprofittnight a04:52
bomonu|LTcan someone tell me how in Ubuntu 10.04, via the cli, to change my login option to ask for my pw. I currently have it set to autologin but I am having issues with my PAM keyring locking up the system04:58
bioterrorbomonu|LT, is your network connection available to all users?05:05
bioterrorif you "right click" the network icon, you should see preferences05:05
bioterror"Edit connections"05:05
bomonu|LTbioterror: my desktop is frozen, that is the issue05:05
bioterrorare you using default ubuntu?05:06
bioterrorI dont have a GDM running so I'm just guessing: sudo gdmsetup05:07
bioterrorbut I'm off to work05:07
bioterroryou might also want to check some gdm.conf files for autologin05:07
bomonu|LTbioterror: ty05:24
bioterrordid you figure it out?05:28
bomonu|LTnope :(05:28
bomonu|LTstill searching05:29
bioterrorunder /etc=dm/05:29
bioterrortheres gdm configs05:30
bomonu|LThow to restart x in 'safe mode'?05:33
bomonu|LTah ok, will look05:33
bioterrorsudo service gdm restart05:35
bomonu|LTsame result, frozen desktop05:37
bioterrorhow does get frozen?05:38
bioterrorwhat could freeze it05:39
bioterrormouse doesnt react?05:39
bomonu|LTcan move my mouse, but the buttons wont actually click on anything,05:49
tenachI get that too; i have to restart gdm multiple times for it to recognize the mouse.05:49
tenachit's annoying.05:49
bomonu|LTbut my keyring pw window keeps popping up05:49
geirhaI've had that too, mouse-buttons stopped working. In my case it was totem doing it, so switching to a vt to kill it would get the mouse back.05:52
geirhamainly totem started from firefox.05:52
bomonu|LTbioterror: ty for your help, i uninstalled 'gnome-do' and it is cured now05:54
bioterrorgnome-do is one of these horrible wannabe OS X docks?06:23
zkriesseI like Docky06:23
Cheri703I have heard such wonderful things about docks or gnome-do or various things, I guess I don't get it...can someone explain why they're wonderful?06:28
bioterrorbecouse Apple06:28
pleia2I don't think gnome-do has a dock, it's essentially a suite of keyboard shortcuts to launch little apps which "do" different things06:29
* bioterror actually has a dock on his desktop computers desktop06:31
Cheri703I think I could probably be doing things in a more streamlined manner, but...I get into habits06:31
pleia2I think gnome do is one of those things that has a learning curve, but once you get used to it you can't live without it :)06:32
bioterrorpleia2, I've managed to live almost 29 years without it :D06:32
bioterrorI think I can live another 29 years without it06:32
Cheri703friend of mine thought it was WONDERFUL, he has all kinds of crap set up, most of it isn't really useful for me I think. I (for shame) only use one workspace...06:33
xAndromedado you guys know07:48
xAndromedawhere i can find that setting in compiz07:48
xAndromedathat lets you drag between desktops07:49
xAndromedaiknow its there jsut cant find it07:49
bioterrorI'm not a huge fan of desktop effects, so I cant help07:53
Puck`not using compiz either07:54
Puck`and good morning everyone07:54
bioterroryou might want to use somekind of settings manager07:54
xAndromedalol im a big fan of themeing/effects08:13
xAndromedaand it really helps learning the OS08:13
xAndromedacuz you dont get fustrated as easily08:14
xAndromedaby the time ur done, you should be competent enough for everyday tasks08:14
xAndromedaand you get somthing pretty to look at08:14
bioterrorthat's why I have a daughter :D08:15
xAndromedai think my desktop is prettier ;)08:16
JackyAlcinexAndromeda: You there?09:02
JackyAlcineI think you're referring to the plugin for Compiz called Expo.09:03
ray_I cant remember it10:16
ray_I looked for where I put it10:17
ray_Better then installing from source, but what was it so when I install from source it will be removable in synaptic package manager?10:17
ray_I mean better when when installing from source to use this command?10:18
ray_I am used to:10:18
ray_"sudo make install"10:19
ray_but better so that "sudo make install" ends up being replaced, but I can't remember what it was10:20
ray_sudo check install, is that it?10:20
Synth_samyes, checkinstall10:21
Synth_samall one word10:21
Synth_samthen the package can be removed via sudo dpkg -r packagename10:22
ray_or synaptic package manager as well, right?10:23
ray_I should make note of what you said10:23
Synth_samjust checking10:23
Synth_samyes, appears that programs installed from deb packages are listed in synaptic10:24
ray_I don't know where I put the info someone handed to me about checkinstall so thank you very much10:24
Synth_samyou might have to install checkinstall first10:24
ray_I am reading this right now, well I just came back to look at what you posted10:24
ray_I will check10:25
ray_You were right, but it didn't take long to install. Maybe 2 or 3 seconds, LOL10:26
ray_I remember about a week or so ago doing sudo apt-get install checkinstall  and it was already installed, but I don't remember installing before someone told me about it.10:27
ray_That was on my other hard drive10:27
ray_Thank you very much dude. See you later.10:28
ray_I am looking for a deb package of D.O.G. which is frontend for DOSBox11:26
Synth_samcheckinstall didn't work, or this is something else?11:32
ray_I am just messing around11:33
ray_I decided to try meka with dosbox, but I got an error11:33
ray_hold on and I will find that error11:33
ray_Load error: no DPMI - Get csdpmi*b.zip11:34
ray_so I looked it up and D.O.G. is said to have what's needed to make it work11:34
Synth_samSays that it's windows software11:35
ray_Ya, o well11:35
ray_Well in this link:11:35
ray_At the bottom it says for linux11:36
ray_but I am not certain how to get this thing to run11:36
ray_I am looking at what the link says to do now11:36
Synth_samYeah, so DBGL is compatible with linux11:37
Synth_sambut D.O.G. is windows, according to the webpage11:37
ray_I must be misunderstanding this then11:38
ray_so it's the java version of dog then?11:38
ray_Where's the download link from there though?11:39
ray_I was there a couple of times11:39
Synth_sam"D.O.G. is developed for DOSBox 0.58 and up only for Windows"11:40
ray_must be my theme, give me a sec11:40
ray_Thank you. If I decide to go the linux route of using the java version, it says I need java installed, so I might try that after this depending on if this works11:42
ray_I tried using wine to run it then it asked where dosbox.exe was so I went to where I have a windows version located but it said there was a sharing violation11:49
Synth_samand DBGL doesn't work using java?11:49
Synth_samif you can get that to work, it should be much superior to using wine imho11:50
ray_Your question, um, Are you asking with that question, or telling me?11:51
Synth_samI asked if you had tried DBGL using java11:52
Synth_samthen stated that if it works, it would be better than using wine11:52
ray_How do I install the proper version, I am about to look into synaptic for java11:53
ray_I didn't read what was said at the very bottom of that link11:55
ray_where it says:Please use openJDK or Sun's Java Runtime as a workaround.11:56
ray_oops, that's not the bottom11:56
ray_sorry my theme is messing up what I see on google. SucksI like black background and white text with the clearlooks theme industrial11:58
ray_Just extract the archive to any dir and start dbgl.cmd (Windows), or dbgl.sh (Linux)12:06
ray_Mine is dbgl.jar12:06
Synth_samthere's nothing else in the archive?12:06
bioterrorjar is java12:07
bioterrorjava -jar dbgl.jar12:07
ray_but they said to start dbgl.sh12:08
ray_who right this?12:08
ray_I've java before12:08
rajuMan thats in linux12:08
rajuSh is in bash12:08
ray_some crazy rubik's cube java program I have laying around12:09
ray_There's no .sh file anywhere in the download I downloaded from there. I am just making my small point, no big deal12:09
ray_bash you say12:09
rajuOpen your terminal in linux and run the script12:10
rajuYou told me na you have some .sh12:10
ray_I've seen .sh everywhere. Now that makes sense12:11
rajuGot you man12:11
ray_Thank you for your input12:11
ray_I just tried openJDK on the java file earlier but it didn't work12:12
rajuSo do you have some jar file with you ?12:12
ray_I just also installed Sun's Java and I am about to try it12:12
ray_from here:12:13
ray_it says12:13
ray_Just extract the archive to any dir and start dbgl.cmd (Windows), or dbgl.sh (Linux). Mac users can simply drag the DBGL icon into their Applications folder and start it. Please note that you MUST have the Java Runtime Environment 1.5 (or higher) installed, it will not work without the JRE1.5, or with an older version. Moreover, java.exe should be in your path (or if you're running on Linux,...12:13
ray_.../usr/bin/java should be (a symbolic link) pointing to the 1.5 JVM).12:13
rajuThen bioterror gave the solution . Check last  previous logs12:13
ray_that's all I will flood sorry12:13
rajuOh mistake12:14
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
lordjjHey. Do I need to add a repo for gettext-dev, it's not being found with apt-get install15:26
lordjjsame for autoconf-1.9 ("autoconf" seems to work tho, is that the same?)15:26
duanedesignhello lordjj15:28
duanedesignlordjj: i do not think there is a gettext-dev15:31
lordjjduanedesign: here's what I need to do: http://www.wormux.org/phpboost/wiki/subversion15:32
duanedesignlordjj: i think there was a libgettext-dev (or something like) but now gettext package should install all need. There are some extra dev files related, but seems that they are ruby specific15:33
lordjjduanedesign: So installing gettext should do it?15:34
duanedesignlordjj: /me looking15:35
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duanedesignlordjj: from what i can tell, yes, gettext package should be all you need15:38
lordjjduanedesign: Thanks15:38
lordjjduanedesign: as for autoconf-1.9, there are "autoconf" "autoconf2.13" and "autoconf2.5915:39
lordjjduanedesign: I would install all, but am afraid they may cause conflict or something15:39
duanedesignwhat verison of Ubuntu are yuou runing/15:41
lordjj10.04 LTS15:42
duanedesignibuclaw: if build instructions ask for autoconf-1.9, is it ok to just install the current autoconf available in the repos?15:43
duanedesignlordjj: i think iinstalling just 'autoconf' will be ok15:44
lordjjduanedesign: Ok, thanks for help.15:45
ibuclawduanedesign, 'autoconf' will install the latest version15:46
ibuclawthe others are prior versions.15:46
ibuclawalso, wouldn't it be automake-1.9 ?15:47
ibuclawor is this a really old configure script? :)15:47
lordjjibuclaw: It is this: http://www.wormux.org/phpboost/wiki/subversion15:49
ibuclawany music savvy folk in town btw?15:50
ibuclawlordjj, wormux... :315:51
* ibuclaw remembers that from a while back15:51
lordjjibuclaw: If I install all listed versions of autoconf, may any conflict occur?15:54
ibuclawlordjj, nope15:58
ibuclawknowing a thing or two at how package maintainers do this, it'll likely install in ie:15:59
lordjjok, I think I'll install both 2,65 and 2.13 since 2.65's description says: This version of autoconf is not compatible with scripts meant for15:59
lordjjAutoconf 2.13 or earlier.  If you need support for such scripts,15:59
lordjjyou must also install the autoconf2.13 package. says15:59
ibuclaw /usr/share/autoconf2.59 - autoconf2.13 and autoconf2.6115:59
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ibuclawthe latter (from the main autoconf package) having a soft link to /usr/share/autoconf as to say "I'm the main program"16:00
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Synth_samwhat of grub2?18:14
duanedesignubot is not here >.>  <.<18:24
UndiFineD!cookie | duanedesign18:32
johnny77I want to try to use ndiswrapper for a wireless adapter, but don't know how to get the drivers out of the exe install file.18:48
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johnny77How can I obtain an IP address from my router, but not be able to ping it?21:43
charlie-tcaI can not remember how to do that.21:47
davidl_Johnny77:  did you figure it out?21:51
davidl_That's pretty wierd...  maybe if the subnet mask is setup in such a way that the router's ip is sitting on a different network.  ???  just a guess.21:52
johnny77davidl_: then how do I fix it? Also, I'm running a CLI right now.21:54
davidl_what do you see when you go an ifconfig?21:54
davidl_or #ifconfig eth021:55
davidl_sry... typo...   when you "do" and ifconfig21:55
UndiFineDjohnny77: icmp filtering blocks pings21:59
johnny77davidl_: I see a eth0 and some stuff, lo and some stuff, wlan0 and some stuff. can't copy paste anything specific you looking for?21:59
johnny77what is icmp filtering?21:59
UndiFineDthat can be done by iptables22:00
davidl_I think icmp is "Internet Control Message Protocol" or something22:00
davidl_eth0 is probably the interface you are concerned with22:01
* UndiFineD s/Control/Creative/22:01
davidl_do you know what the router should be giving out via dhcp?22:01
johnny77davidl_: actually I'm doing wireless so it's wlan0.22:01
davidl_Are you getting an address?22:02
davidl_here's what mine says when I type ifconfig22:02
johnny77davidl_: Yes, I have it set to give out dhcp. Also I figured it out. I haven't seen eth0 before so I killed dhclient, ifconfig eth0 down then ran dhclient wlan0 and it connected and pings.22:03
davidl_inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
johnny77davidl_: thank you for your help though. :)22:03
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dtrf4837help i'm having trouble creating xorg.config23:36
dtrf4837xorg.conf i mean23:36
dtrf4837i need to fix my monitor resolution23:37

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