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smoserjeremydei, well, maverick use the pv_ops kernels instead of a specific xen kernel00:54
smoserthere could have been fallout and loss of xen specific sutff00:54
jeremydeismoser, yeah I started to realize that with pvops that xen stuff prolly won't be showing up :) the clock apparently skews pretty badly I've been told ..04:33
jeremydeiim guessing some kernel params need tuning or something .. to keep in sync with the underlying xen clock, def need to research it some more to understand how it should work04:34
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HugoKuohttp://forum.eucalyptus.com/forum/can-not-run-instance-theres-only-one-error-log-cloud-errorlog-help-plz#comment-17579    looking for help07:55
HugoKuoI'm stuck over ther 1 day ago07:55
TeTeTHugoKuo: I'm trying to take a look, but my internet connection is currently dead slow. Have you shut down all instances and restarted eucalyptus with CLEAN=108:14
HugoKuonot yet08:14
HugoKuobcz I never success to run up an instance08:15
HugoKuothere r no any error in cc.log08:15
HugoKuoor I can restart CC now!08:15
TeTeTdid you do a packaged install or cd based? What version? 10.04 LTS or 10.10?08:16
HugoKuooh man , I use ubuntu UEC before but got some problem08:18
HugoKuoso I try debian08:19
TeTeTah, did you check if the components are registered?08:19
HugoKuoin this ticket , OS is Debian08:19
HugoKuoyes , all components is registered!:>08:19
TeTeTsudo euca_conf --list-walruses --list-clusters --list-scs --list-nodes08:20
TeTeTshows them all?08:20
TeTeTWhat's the output of euca-describe-availability-zones verbose?08:20
HugoKuo 0003 / 0004   1    128     508:21
HugoKuooh but there's something abnormal..08:21
HugoKuoyou can see free CPU is 3 ....08:21
HugoKuobut actually , I already terminate the instance08:22
TeTeThmm, so is there's an instance running?08:22
HugoKuoI always need to restart CLC to correct it08:22
HugoKuothere's no any instance08:22
HugoKuofor now08:22
TeTeTis your network bridged on the NC?08:23
TeTeTah, see the log files now on the forum08:23
HugoKuoI used to use UEC , but while I upgrade to 2.0.0 there r may probleem , something like outofmemory , it cause CC & SC terminated automatically08:24
HugoKuothat's why I turn to debian08:25
HugoKuooh yes08:25
TeTeThmm, I don't see any obvious errors in your config, sorry I can;t be more helpful08:25
HugoKuosorry I meant it08:25
HugoKuowhatever ,  Thanks you so much man08:25
TeTeTno problem08:26
TeTeTwhat I usually do is to tail -f on the nc.log when trying to start an instance08:27
TeTeTif there's only doDescribe stuff, then the CC never contacts the NC08:27
TeTeTso I then turn to the CC, then the CLC logs08:27
TeTeTbut I'm not really familiar with them08:27
TeTeTbut then, you already did all of that basic debugging stuff08:33
HugoKuoI guess CLC did not send request to CC08:46
ajith_kgsI am trying to setup a UEC. I got an image from uec images store and registered it using uec-publish-tarball. When i start the instance the describe instances command says my instance is running but i cannot connect to the instance (ping and ssh not working). I have added permissions using euca-authorize.09:35
ajith_kgsthe console.log corresponding to the running instance on the nc is empty(0 bytes). please advice09:39
ajith_kgsthe console.log corresponding to the running instance on the nc is empty(0 bytes). Cannot ping or ssh to the running instance. Any way of checking if an instance is running proper;y. please advice10:30
ajith_kgsthe console.log corresponding to the running instance on the nc is empty(0 bytes). Cannot ping or ssh to the running instance. Any way of checking if an instance is running properly. please advice11:09
kim0ajith_kgs: what if you ssh to the nc12:20
kim0and run12:20
kim0sudo virsh list12:20
smoserjeremydei, i'm interested in your feedback, and we can change things in ubuntu to make things "just work"12:24
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TeTeTsmoser: thanks for the thorough review of the exercise, I've sent you an update, but no need for you to do anything. I'll poke into the img2disk script idea when I've some idle time13:45
kim0TeTeT: hey o/13:46
kim0Do you know yet if you'll be able to deliver that session in Cloud Days13:47
TeTeTkim0: no, still haven't got a go from my direct manager13:52
* kim0 nods13:53
kim0TeTeT: let me know once you do13:53
kim0thanks :)13:53
kim0TeTeT: I think you wanted to share a screen session. I'm thinking about using ajaxterm to share a screen with the class .. still didn't try that yet13:53
kim0just wish there was something more straightforward13:54
TeTeTkim0: ajaxterm? Nice idea, kirkland recommended that screen via amazon ec2 sharing13:55
TeTeTkim0: I'll bring it up with Martin this afternoon in our 1:113:55
kim0TeTeT: yeah probably both :)13:55
kim0screenbin + ajaxterm13:55
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RoAkSoAxsmoser: o/ Hey I guess that starting next week I can now help you with whatever you needed since I will now create an ec2 account15:20
smoserwit hthe addition of another regoin (ap-northeast-1) we are now more in need of publishing parrallel15:21
RoAkSoAxyeah I can imagine15:21
zulor an assitant ;)15:24
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TeTeTkim0: I've got permission for the EBS based instance on UEC for the Cloud Days. Let's call the session 'UEC Persistency' and allocate a Europe friendly time for me, please :)15:49
kim0TeTeT: woohoo :)15:50
kim0TeTeT: edit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCloudDays/Timetable15:50
kim0Thu 17:00UTC is good I hope ?15:50
TeTeTkim0: yes, it's fine15:51
kim0awesome :)15:51
* kim0 preparing for a boto session in one hour 15:51
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kim0smoser: hey, does boto ec2 control UEC as well ?17:48
TeTeTkim0: yes, take a look at my uec scheduler code if need be, https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-pse/+junk/uec-scheduler17:55
TeTeTkim0: it's easier to understand than the euca2ools code, which use boto too17:56
TeTeTand gone :)17:56
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Daviey-kim0, BTW - I developed the first iteration of awstrial against UECC18:26
Daviey-kim0, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~awstrial-dev/awstrial/trunk/view/head:/awstrial/trial/ec2_helper.py18:27
Daviey-see the commented section to use boto againt UEC18:27
kim0Daviey-: Thanks :)18:30
* kim0 rings a bell .. Final Session in Ubuntu Cloud Days 18:31
kim0Anyone who wants it .. register at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCloudDays/18:31
kim0Daviey-: you're welcome to take it :P18:31
Daviey-kim0, easier to read rev1 http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~awstrial-dev/awstrial/trunk/revision/1/trial/ec2_helper.py18:32
Daviey-kim0, Can do... but looks like TeTeT has done more with boto than me18:32
kim0Daviey-: it doesn't have to be boto18:32
kim0you get to pick the topic :)18:33
Daviey-kim0, okay.. got any ideas?18:33
kim0Daviey-: working on anything cool lately ?18:33
Daviey-nah.. all boring :)18:33
kim0thought so18:33
Daviey-kim0, Hmm18:33
Daviey-kim0, give me the weekend to brain storm18:34
kim0Got it18:34
kim0Daviey-: I'll count you in though18:34
Daviey-kim0, Is awstrial mentioned there?18:34
Daviey-kim0, okay.. sounds good18:34
* kim0 nods18:34
kim0let me know when you decide18:35
Daviey-when  is it again? :)18:35
kim0Mar 24th18:35
* Daviey- checks his cal18:35
Daviey-looks good18:37
* kim0 joins realLife afk for now18:38
Daviey-have fun o/18:38
kim0Daviey-: you too o/ :)18:39
patrickwWhat is the status of cloud-init on centos?  Is there an easy way to install cloud-init from yum repos?18:42
Daviey-patrickw, no idea, but have you seen http://code.google.com/p/amzn-cloudinit?18:46
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patrickwDeviey-, I discovered that yesterday while hacking my own simple stuff to process user-data in my centos vms...  but neither that site nor checking out the code was helpful and googling hasn't been fruitful.18:53
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