TheMusoEww. How did a previously unreleased Ubuntu version tag make its way into the nautilus packaging branch?00:24
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JackyAlcineQuestion: Does the kernel calls the VESA driver if the Nouveau driver fails?01:22
RAOFJackyAlcine: No.  X might, though.01:29
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RAOFYay.  Turns out 5-7 business days actually meant “today”.  I can haz internet!05:59
RAOFHm.  Although apt seems to be having trouble contacting mirrors half the time with 504 timeouts.  That makes sbuild a sad panda :(06:05
desrtRAOF: turns out that the 5-7 business days quote was for _reliable_ internet06:31
didrocksgood morning07:24
pittiGood morning07:29
didrockshey pitti!07:37
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chrisccoulsongood morning everyone07:45
pittihey chrisccoulson07:46
pittichrisccoulson: currently looking at NEW :)07:46
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?07:46
chrisccoulsonexcellent :)07:46
pittiI'm great! had a long night's sleep, feeling much better07:47
pittichrisccoulson: do we need to seed the package, or did you already make it a recommends from something?07:47
chrisccoulsonpitti - it's recommended by firefox. that should be enough to pull it in shouldn't it?07:48
pittiit is07:48
chrisccoulsonexcellent :)07:48
didrocksgood morning chrisccoulson07:51
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks, how are you?07:51
didrockschrisccoulson: very tired, need a week-end! But otherwise, good :)07:51
didrockshappy that latest "kept me busy but I have unity to hack on"-task like the scrollbar overlay is out :)07:52
didrocksstill have some utouch review to do though :/07:52
didrocksand you?07:52
chrisccoulsonheh :)07:52
pittididrocks: TGIF! (and do try to not work on the WE..)07:52
chrisccoulsondidrocks - yeah, pretty busy too. buy i'm glad that the menubar work for firefox has landed now :)07:53
didrockspitti: heh thanks :) (I still need to do the gnome-session stuff as nobody seems to be interested in it)07:53
didrockschrisccoulson: yeah, congrrats for that \o/07:53
pittididrocks: we postponed that a little bit07:53
pittididrocks: is it that urgent?07:53
pitti-- natty/main build deps on libhal-dev:07:54
pittibryce_, RAOF: ^ oh noes, it's back!07:54
pittididn't we already kill that previously?07:54
didrockspitti: not really, because the nux detection tool doesn't make the difference between unity and compiz yet07:54
* pitti hoped to demote the hal source package today07:54
didrocks(for hw requirement)07:54
didrocksbut when if will come, we will need that07:54
didrocksand touching that piece earlier than later is the best thing to do :)07:54
didrockschrisccoulson: TBH, I really hope that one day I'll be able to use firefox with launchpad07:55
didrockschrisccoulson: then, I'll be delighted with your appmenu integration :)07:55
pittididrocks: is there anything on your plate which doesn't require a lot of special knowledge which I could take off you?07:55
didrockspitti: gnome-session, that was why I opened the bug :)07:55
didrocksand tried to describe07:55
didrocksbut I think you're busy, I'll tackle that tomorrow07:55
didrocksspeaking of utouch :)07:56
pittididrocks: not tomorrow..07:56
didrockspitti: well, let's see when I feel I can do it without breaking my mind, rather :)07:56
didrockspitti: I think I'll need your release team hat for a FFe for utouch (just doing a final check first)07:56
didrockspitti: so bug #70263007:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 702630 in mtview "[FFe] New Source Package: mtview" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70263007:58
pittimicahg: mind if I try building xulrunner-1.9.2 without hal? 2.0 doesn't need it either, and it's the last pacakge holding hal in main07:58
didrocksit's a new package which will be in universe07:58
pittididrocks: will looko07:58
didrocks(a test tool mainly)07:58
didrocksrydberg: am I right or terribly wrong? :)07:58
rydbergspot on!07:58
didrocksthanks pitti :)07:58
pittinew universe package FFEs are mainly a question of finding an archive admin to process them07:59
pittiI'll sign up07:59
didrockspitti: thanks :) I'll upload and NEW it07:59
didrocks(the packaging has been done by rydberg, I've cleaned up and reviewed it)08:00
rydbergit has didrocks awesomeness written all over it now ;-)08:00
Sweetsharkpitti: do you think we should put the 3.3.1-1ubuntu5 LO and the OOo transitionals in natty? or should we wait for 3.3.2rc1?08:00
didrockss/awesomness/intrusiveness/ ;)08:01
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, you can do that08:01
didrockshey Sweetshark!08:01
chrisccoulsonalthough, i'd prefer xulrunner to be in universe too ;)08:01
pittiSweetshark: I'd like to have the transitionals in soon, as they are currently NBS and thus prone to cleanup08:01
pittiSweetshark: will they change (much) with 3.3.2rc1?08:01
pittichrisccoulson: right, we still need to sort that out; but I want to see hal gone for good08:02
chrisccoulsonoh, i still need to open a bug about that too08:02
pittimicahg: can I send you the debdiff to commit to https://code.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/xulrunner/xulrunner-1.9.2.head ?08:05
Sweetsharkpitti: I just looked up the git logs and its less than two commits per repo and those seem to be critical fixes anyway. I found no "feature" commits there.08:06
pittiSweetshark: you mean for the oo.o transitional source package?08:06
Sweetsharkpitti: no, for the upstream changes at rc208:10
Sweetsharkbetween 3.3.1 and 3.3.208:11
Sweetsharkthe only thing that changes about the transitionals is how many of them are build.08:12
Sweetsharkso even less changes there08:12
Sweetsharkpitti: but we could dput the OOo transitionals now (as they wont change because of a 3.3.2 release), and wait with the LO stuff for 3.3.2 rc1 (which is planned upstream for monday, debian package by tuesday i guess).08:18
pittiSweetshark: sounds like a plan08:18
pittiSweetshark: just tell me where to get the transitional oo.o from and I'll sponsor it08:18
Sweetsharkpitti: ok, I will prepare the stuff and tell you when you can pick them up from chinstrap08:19
pittiawesome, thanks!08:19
pittiSweetshark: btw, for the Monday/Tuesday LO upload, could you please drop the -tango recommends?08:20
pittiSweetshark: bug 72692108:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 726921 in libreoffice "libreoffice-gtk should recommend either libreoffice-style-human or libreoffice-style-tango" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72692108:20
didrockspitti: oh, I didn't follow the full end of the story unfortunately, but is there any move on the gir python override stuff vs our integration tool?08:21
pittididrocks: Debian didn't respond yet :/08:21
pittididrocks: I think for now I'd recommend using dh_python2 and adding an extra symlink to the pysupport dir; or is that too hackish for you?08:22
didrocksok, that's a blocker for s-c, but I think we can still wait a little bit08:22
pittior just use pysupport08:22
didrocksno, that's fine to get things moving08:22
didrockswill do that on Monday08:22
pittiand the overrides shoudl be in the gir*08:22
Sweetsharkpitti: see bug, fix commited so np08:23
didrockspitti: thanks, will definitively do that and add some FIXME somewhere so that we don't lost sight of it08:24
pittirockin' -- latest pygobject fixes gdbus server side08:24
* pitti will test and cherrypick08:24
didrocksoh nice!08:24
pittiso now we can do full gdbus with gi08:25
* didrocks is eager to have some test to really do more than a "hello world" gtk app in gi :)08:25
pittididrocks: we have about 6 pygi GTK apps in natty now08:25
pittiapport, jockey, software-properties, language-selector, gtimelog, aptdaemon08:26
didrocksnice work :)08:26
pittioh, and computer-janitor08:26
didrocksis the gdbus really a win for python compared to the previous binding? I remember your blog post about the length it took08:26
didrocksexcellent, so now the "big application" to port is USC?08:26
pittididrocks: all those niceness patches are upstream now08:26
pittididrocks: so it's about as nice as python-dbus now (you just need to specify the signature, but that's desired and a feature)08:27
didrocksyeah, good to know! (and to only use "one way of doing it" between C/python) ;)08:27
pittididrocks: as for gdbus: you need less dependencies, and it's a lot better with threads08:29
didrocksyeah, with the separate worker thread. Didn't think about it! Nice win indeed :)08:30
didrockspitti: oh? do you want to take care of the NEWing of mtview (saw the bug report)? as I've done a "review" + advice and not the packaging of all the "utouch*" new stack, I've NEWed them myself (maybe I shouldn't have done that)08:31
pittimeh, compiz freeze; there goes my xulrunner build08:33
pittididrocks: *shrug*, too late now :) I can do the binNEW08:33
didrockspitti: I didn't upload yet :)08:34
didrockspitti: I was talking about the stack I NEWed one month ago08:34
didrocksas I was doing their reviewed, it was some sort of "pre-AA review for me"08:34
didrockshence the fact I took care if it until the end :)08:34
didrocksas it's not "my" packaging08:35
pittimicahg, chrisccoulson: can you please commit http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/xulrunner.nohal.debdiff into lp:~mozillateam/xulrunner/xulrunner-1.9.2.head ? I tested and uploaded it08:53
pittihey rodrigo_09:02
seb128hey rodrigo_ pitti09:02
seb128dpm, hey, your keyboard layout bug, can you switch layouts with the keyboard? i.e is that only an issue with the indicator?09:03
dpmhey seb128, no, I cannot use the keyboard shortcut to switch layouts09:03
seb128dpm, do you run the updated version from yesterday? did you restart your session since?09:03
dpmI did an upgrade yesterday and this morning. I first detected it this morning, and I did not restart the session, so I guess I should do this now :)09:04
dpmjust need to orderly close some windows :)09:04
seb128dpm, it would be useful if you could restart gnome-setting-daemon or better your session09:05
seb128dpm, no hurry don't close your work just for that09:05
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seb128dpm, next time you have the opportunity restart it and let me know how it's working09:05
dpmseb128, ok, thanks for the pointer. Yeah, as soon as I finish off the couple of things I'm doing I'll restart the session09:06
dpmseb128, ok, so restarting the session fixed the problem, I've marked the bug as invalid, thanks for the tip!09:26
seb128dpm, thank you for testing ;-)09:27
dpmhey, does the indicator-datetime work for anyone? It's been displaying nothing but the time (i.e. no dropdown menu with the calendar) for me for quite a few days09:27
seb128dpm, let me know if your previous issue is fixed as well09:27
seb128the out of synchro09:27
seb128dpm, it works for me but I didn't update yet09:28
dpmseb128, it seems to be fixed now, I've just checked09:28
seb128dpm, you can try to kill -9 $(pidof indicator-datetime-service); /usr/lib/indicator-datetime/indicator-datetime-service09:29
seb128dpm, then see if errors are printed09:30
dpmseb128, here's the output http://paste.ubuntu.com/575390/ - I'm not sure about the indicator-datetime-service PID, it seems to change quite often09:36
dpmah, that was the pidof part, just a sec...09:38
seb128dpm, ok, seems it keeps crashing for you09:40
dpmyeah, I'm seeing this behaviour in two natty computers09:40
seb128dpm, can you get a stacktrace of the crash?09:41
seb128dpm, doing that09:42
seb128gdb -p $(unity-panel-service)09:42
seb128taht will hang the unity-panel so it stops reloading the indicators09:42
seb128gdb /usr/lib/indicator-datetime/indicator-datetime-service09:42
seb128(gdb) run09:42
seb128(gdb) bt09:42
seb128you might want to indicator libglib2.0-0-dbgsym indicator-datetime-dbgsym before09:42
dpmI cannot use unity due to bug 726496, is there anything I should change in the instructions above if I'm in the Classic Desktop (No effect) session?09:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 726496 in nvidia-graphics-drivers "Cannot use Unity or Classic desktop with effects after the latest nvidia+xorg update" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72649609:44
seb128dpm, yes, remove the indicator-applet instead of using gdb on unity-panel-service09:44
and471mpt, hey, did you get my email?09:44
seb128dpm, then add it back after doing "run" in gdb09:45
seb128dpm, the "bt" is after gdb stop saying the indicator crashed09:45
dpmok, thanks, give me a few mins and I'll try that09:45
mptand471, not yet, let me check09:45
seb128dpm, thank you ;-)09:46
dpmseb128, np. I cannot find the debug symbols package for indicator-datetime. Is there any other one I should install, apart from the glib one?09:48
mptand471, found it, I was searching for the wrong name09:49
and471ah :09:49
seb128dpm, not easy to say, just do the few steps and I will ask you again to do them a second time if we lack symbols09:49
dpmok, sounds good09:50
seb128dpm, but a first run without those will give us some details on what is needed09:50
mptand471, so, I might work on some sketches over the weekend09:50
and471cool :)09:50
and471mpt, that would be very interesting :)09:51
dpmseb128, https://pastebin.canonical.com/44278/ (there is some info about accessing the Canonical calendar there, so I'm pasting it here just in case)10:02
pittirodrigo_: hm, bug 718805 got reopened, apparently it still doesn't work :/10:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 718805 in libcanberra "[Natty] system-ready and login sounds do not play" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71880510:06
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rodrigo_pitti, yes, saw it, will look at it10:08
pittirodrigo_: thanks10:08
rodrigo_seemed to work for me though10:08
seb128dpm, ok, seems you have an account where you don't store you password, like you need to type it when you run evolution?10:09
dpmseb128, yeah, it should store it, but it never does, and keeps asking me for the password10:09
seb128dpm, ok, so there is 2 bugs there10:10
dpm(in Evolution, that's where I first set it up)10:10
seb128dpm, the crash is bug #72485610:11
ubot2seb128: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: list index out of range (https://launchpad.net/bugs/724856)10:11
seb128dpm, it's a side effect or the fact it can't access to the calendar10:11
seb128dpm, it wants to ask you for your password but the indicator doesn't handle that10:12
seb128so rather than asking it crashes10:12
dpmok, understood10:12
seb128dpm, does it stop happening if you run evo and authentificate for the calendar?10:12
seb128or if you turn off this calendar in evo10:12
dpmlet me try10:12
dpmalthough the problem is that evo never stores the password for some reason10:13
seb128did you open a bug about that?10:13
dpmI never bothered, but I will now ;)10:13
seb128if not please do, run evo on a command line and see if it prints errors as well10:13
mvohey, why exactly is window-picker-applet in main? and do we still need it there?10:35
seb128it was used by UNE before10:36
seb128but it can probably go to universe now10:36
mvoseb128: I can not find it in the seeds or any rdepends, so I guess demotion is fine10:37
mvojust fixed a ftbfs and stumbled over it there10:37
seb128weird, if nothing pulls it in it should be on components-mismatch10:37
seb128check with ogra I thin10:37
seb128it was probably only staying it due to mobile images10:38
seb128but they have unity-2d now10:38
mvomaybe I don't have the right seed10:38
* mvo checks10:38
didrockswe kept it for the mobile image10:38
ogramvo, the efl UI just moved off the seeds before A310:38
didrocksas seb128 told, I think it's not anymore needed now that there is unity2d10:38
mvook, cool10:38
* mvo waves bybye10:38
ograi just didnt find the time to ask for demotion yet10:38
seb128well it should show on component-mismatchs10:39
seb128something is likely still bringing in10:39
mvostill in a seed somewhere?10:39
seb128get the seeds directory and grep in it10:39
Sweetsharkdo we have anyone who is familiar with the iternal of openjdk?10:40
Sweetsharksomeone who could comment on bug 710641?10:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 710641 in openjdk-6 "During usage of LibreOffice: A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71064110:40
mvowell, I don't have them all, but from netbook it was remvoed 2011-02-1510:42
seb128mvo, could still be on a dvd or something10:42
seb128brb session restart with the new indicator stack10:43
ograogra@osiris:~$ apt-cache showsrc window-picker-applet|grep -i section10:43
ograSection: universe/gnome10:43
ogramvo, ??? ^^^10:43
and471mvo, hey, long time no speak :) when do you think you could merge the synaptic resize-grip fix ?10:44
ogramvo, the binary is still in main, i wonder if it needs a rebuild or something for the publisher to pick up10:44
mvowell, rebuild will be there in a couple of minutes, just upload a ftbfs10:45
mvothen we know10:45
mvoand471: hey, let me check10:45
mvoseb128: are you aware of the gnome-games build failure? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/63290767/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-i386.gnome-games_1%3A2.32.1-0ubuntu3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz: dh_girepository: Could not find library libgames-support-gi.so.010:49
mvoand471: looks fine, merging now10:49
seb128mvo, no, but pitti might have a clue of that's a gi issue10:50
pecisk_darbshi people, I wanted to ask - what are Ubuntu/Canonical plans with GNOME 3 (except GNOME Shell of course, as Canonical moves forward with Unity)?10:50
and471mvo, many thanks10:55
seb128pecisk_darbs, what do you want to know exactly?10:56
seb128pecisk_darbs, we don't plan to stay on GNOME2 for ever if that's the question10:56
mvoand471: thank you! and sorry for the delay, I have no clue why LP did not send me a mail about it10:56
and471mvo, no problem :)10:57
pittiseb128, mvo: might be missing an -I to the dir where libgames-support-gi.so.011:00
pittiis built?11:00
pittithe .so is built fine11:01
dpmif I need to file a bug report in the time and date settings, is indicator-datetime the right package? Or do the settings have a separate package?11:10
seb128dpm, it's the correct component11:10
seb128dpm, check open bugs though some issues a known11:11
seb128like some of the settings not working11:11
dpmok, yeah, I'll check, but it seems not to be very locale aware, though :(11:11
* Sweetshark reboots11:11
seb128dpm, how so?11:12
dpmseb128, it seems to ignore the locale settings for time and dates in several places. In the first tab to set the time, the date is in ISO format. The appointment times from the Evo calendar are shown in 12-hour format, despite my locale specifying 24-hour format11:15
dpmand the explicit setting in the indicator itself to use 24-hour format11:15
seb128I can confirm those11:16
GunnarHjpitti: Hi Martin, as regards the backports of l-s and gdm that I am suggesting, I found it easiest to create branches based on the latest Lucid respective Maverick version and add the Natty stuff, i.e. they are similar to -updates.11:20
GunnarHjpitti: For that reason, Scott K. wants that somebody in the desktop team "blesses" bug 719815 before the branches are uploaded. Guess he would like to see something more of a stand-point than the quick bug comment you added last week.11:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 719815 in maverick-backports "Please backport gdm and language-selector to Lucid and Maverick" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71981511:20
GunnarHjpitti: Would it be ok with you to provide the requested endorsement?11:20
seb128dpm, those 2 crashes you reported, did you already clean the .crashes?11:21
RAOFpitti: That hal dependency looks like a false-positive af your tool?  Unless we're secretly planning a kfreebsd kernel? :)11:22
pittiRAOF: aah, thanks11:22
pittihah! look what's on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt now \o/11:23
pittihey GunnarHj11:23
pittiGunnarHj: I guess you tested the PPA on actual lucid/maverick installations?11:24
GunnarHjpitti: Yes, I did.11:24
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Sweetsharkpitti: Whats the exact the of the desktop meeting on tuesday?11:42
pittiSweetshark: exact time?11:43
pittididrocks: small correction to mtview's copyright file:11:55
pittiFiles: * (unless noted below)11:55
pittiplease just "*"; the "unless noted below" is implicit, and this breaks machine parseability11:55
pittiotherwise it's fine, accepted11:55
didrocksoh right, I didn't pay attention to that, sorry11:55
didrockspitti: no need for new upload for now? just changing in the vcs, right?11:56
pittididrocks: right11:56
didrocksok, thanks pitti :)11:56
scarleoQuick question: Will there be mouse wheel scrolling in Unity Places? (or whatever the app-view is called)12:02
seb128scarleo, hey, no reason to not do it, it's just that the unity team focussed on getting features to land recently, those sort of issues will be tackled next12:04
seb128scarleo, hey, no reason to not do it, it's just that the unity team focussed on getting features to land recently, those sort of issues will be tackled next.12:04
scarleoseb128: Great, thanks12:04
htorqueiirc there's already a bug open for scrolling in the dash12:04
seb128scarleo, bug #72144712:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 721447 in unity "Unable to scroll in Applications/Files and Folders Place using mouse wheel" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72144712:04
seb128scarleo, if you want to track the issue12:05
scarleoseb128: ty12:05
seb128you're welcome12:05
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seb128pitti, can you try if gnome-display lists gnome-display-properties?12:22
seb128pitti, I think it's rather an issue with 1 letter words than with "-"12:22
seb128pitti, in the dash12:22
pittiseb128: it's called "Bildschirme" here12:23
seb128pitti, it's supposed to ignore "-" but use each word for the query, but your example had 1 letter words12:23
seb128pitti, well gnome-display-properties is still the command name ;-)12:23
pittiseb128: "display" works, "display-" works, "display-p" stops working12:23
pittignome-display doesn't work12:24
pittiseb128: so by that logic, shouldn't it be "d-feet" -> (hyphen elimination) -> "d feet" -> (ignore 1 letters) -> "feet"?12:24
pitti"feet" does work12:24
seb128weird, it stopped working as well here12:24
seb128it's a bug for kamstrup anyway ;-)12:24
seb128pitti, yeah, there is something buggy there, I was just wondering if it's one letter words rather than -"12:25
kamstrupseb128, pitti: we're not indexing Exec lines12:25
seb128kamstrup, well it's Name entries in this case12:26
seb128kamstrup, bug #72902512:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 729025 in unity "dash search does not find names with '-' (d-feet, e-mail)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72902512:26
pittikamstrup: by design, or just omission?12:26
kamstrupseb128: gnome-display-properties in Name?12:26
seb128kamstrup, no, that was me doing wrong debugging12:26
kamstruppitti: i can't recall :-) I think it's by design12:26
seb128kamstrup, d-feet or frozen-bubble are buggy12:26
kamstruppitti: but it's trivial to add12:27
seb128kamstrup, but those are the names listed in the place view12:27
didrocksand d- is showing d-feet, just when you press f it vanishes12:27
kamstrupright, i can see that12:27
seb128same for frozen-bubble12:27
seb128so it's not 1 char words12:28
didrockssame for the file place12:28
pittididrocks: ah, confirmed12:28
didrockskamstrup: if that can help ^^12:28
didrocks(yeah, I just found I have an avi called "frozen-bubble") :)12:29
pittifor the file place it shouldn't do any magic on the file names; you do want to search for - + :, etc.12:29
kamstrupdidrocks, seb128: don't worry, I think I know why12:29
kamstruppitti, seb128, didrocks: I am hesitant to add Exec to the indexed fields - now that we get Alt-F2 anyway, and most mortal users wont have the faintest idea why searching for "properties" brings up the screen res changer12:33
pittikamstrup: *nod*12:34
kamstrupor, what I'm trying to say is that users probably don't know the exec names of apps12:34
kamstrupand might be confused12:34
didrockskamstrup: yeah, Exec= doesn't really make sense as alt + F2 will get it12:34
kamstrupbut let's wait and see the situation once we have alt-f2 working12:34
didrocks"-" support in name is needed though12:34
kamstrupif alt-f2 doesn't cut it, it's a 2-liner to add12:34
didrocksalt-f2 will do it :)12:35
seb128kamstrup, right12:35
dpmhi pitti, according to the schedule we worked out, next week we should upload the next maverick langpack updates to -proposed and begin testing. Does that still sound ok to you, is that doable?12:49
seb128dpm, did you see my question before?12:56
seb128mterry, hello you ;-)12:56
mterryseb128, hello!12:56
seb128chrisccoulson, there is still an indicator bug in gnome-bt ;-)12:56
dpmseb128, I got disconnected for a couple of minutes, I think, I might have not seen it. would you mind repeating the question?12:57
seb128dpm, do you still have the .crashes for your crashes?12:57
dpmseb128, the ones in /var/crash? Probably12:57
seb128it lacks the appmenu symbols and since you did send the minimal crash infos it can't be retraced12:57
seb128dpm, is there any reason you don't want to send the normal crash for nautilus?12:58
seb128dpm, if you don't I will ask you to install appmenu-gtk-dbgsym and retrace it locally12:58
dpmseb128, yeah, it was like 60 MB, IIRC, it takes a while to upload on my connection12:58
seb128dpm, can you install appmenu-gtk-dbgsym and see if you get the issue again then?12:59
seb128well install it12:59
seb128so if you get a crash again it has the missing infos12:59
dpmseb128, ok, let me do that13:00
seb128dpm, thanks13:01
dpmseb128, I cannot find an appmenu-gtk-dbgsym package. Any hints on any other name it might have?13:01
seb128dpm, deb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com natty main restricted universe13:01
dpmoh, I see13:02
seb128dpm, do you have that source in your sources.list?13:02
dpmok, thanks13:02
seb128dpm, you're welcome13:02
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
pittidpm: sure, sounds fine13:19
dpmthanks pitti, I'll just ping you at the time next week then13:23
dpmseb128, I've attached the nautilus .crash file to the bug. The file itself was only 12 Mb, so it wasn't too bad tu upload. I've installed the debug symbols for next crash. In the meantime I hope this helps13:29
dpmand with this, I'll leave for lunch :)13:29
seb128dpm, hum, "thanks" I guess, but for next time please use apport to send it again, the retracers know how to handle new bugs, not .crashes in comments of an open issue13:30
seb128dpm, enjoy13:30
seb128dpm, "thanks" I guess should have come with a ";-)"13:31
Sweetsharkpitti:  openoffice.org_3.3.0-6ubuntu1_source.changes is on chinstrap13:32
pittiSweetshark: uploaded13:40
mterrychrisccoulson, is Firefox supposed to be using global menu?14:03
pittimterry: it was uploaded to natty and newed this morning14:07
pittiso with today's packages yes14:07
pittimterry: (chris is out today, FTR)14:08
pittidist-upgrade does pull in firefox-globalmenu for me14:08
pittimterry: WFM here -- not for you?14:20
* kenvandine grumbles about LO not using F11 for fullscreen14:20
mterrypitti, I don't see the -globalmenu package, but I did get the updated firefox, so thought something was odd.  maybe it's just not built for amd64 yet?14:21
kenvandinepitti, i got firefox-globalmenu today14:21
kenvandinemterry, ^^14:21
pittimterry: I'm on amd6414:21
pittiand I NEWed all arches at once14:21
kenvandineme too14:21
mterryHmm, it's in my apt cache14:21
mterryBut nothing pulled it in to be installed14:21
pittiPackage: firefox14:22
pittiVersion: 4.0~b12+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu314:22
pittiRecommends: ubufox, firefox-globalmenu14:22
pittilooks fine to me14:22
mterryI dunno either14:23
mterryI have the newer firefox, which clearly Recommends the globalmenu14:23
pittiperhaps you used upgrade, not dist-upgrade?14:23
mterryProbably.  And once that opportunity passed, dist-upgrade won't show it again, eh?14:23
pittiit remembers that it doesn't offer again previously declined recommends14:24
seb128I hate retracers14:38
seb128or I hate python packaging on ubuntu not sure ;-)14:39
* pitti hugs seb128, again !?!14:39
* seb128 hugs pitti14:39
seb128pitti, yeah, I just fixed the i386 one14:40
seb128needed to install -reinstall python-launchpadlib14:40
seb128why do they break almost daily?!14:40
seb128mterry, congrats, you just won bug #729065 ;-)14:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 729065 in indicator-appmenu "gnome-display-properties crashed with SIGSEGV in g_object_set()" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72906514:50
mterryyay!  w0014:51
pittidpm: FYI, I requested a full natty langpack export now; I'm very close to fixing firefox XPI handling15:11
dobeyi can just upload an updated package with the same version to -proposed right?15:11
pittidobey: same version as where?15:12
dobeyas the one i previously uploaded to proposed15:12
dpmpitti, oh, that's awesome, thanks for the heads up and for working on that15:12
pittidobey: if it hasn't been accepted yet, yes; otherwise you need to bump15:13
dobeypitti: accepted into archive, or into -updates?15:13
pittidobey: archive, i. e. into -proposed15:13
pittironoc: I now have two audio sliders in the indicator; the upper one works, the second one doesn't change the volume at all, but clicking on it causes RB to reappear (it's sitting in the background, playing)15:16
=== tubadaz_ is now known as tubadaz
seb128mterry, I found bug #729128 if you run out of bugs and want to add another one to your list15:36
mterryseb128, I'm good for now thanks.  :)15:36
seb128not sure if it's in the indicator-application stack or libdbusmenu15:36
seb128mterry, ok15:37
seb128no bot?15:37
mterryseb128, I guess keep it in your backpocket15:37
seb128I do ;-)15:37
seb128or I could start bugging ted as well about indicator bugs, since we are over feature freeze now he should have time for those15:37
seb128tedg, ^ you might want to claim that bug15:38
=== didrocks1 is now known as didrocks
pittithere, the xpi/langpack side of firefox translations now work16:02
pittiincluding test cases \o/16:02
pittinow, if Firefox would actually check the locale and _select_ the language, that'd be even better..16:03
pittibut firefox -UILocale de is all German again16:03
pittidpm: ^ FYI (I'll mail Chris about the locale check problem)16:03
pittibut that doesn't stop us from shipping XPIs in langpacks16:03
dpmpitti, \o/16:03
pittidpm: note that I just fixed the case of non-devmode16:04
pittidpm: IOW, I completely ignore po2xpi, xpi2xpi etc. and just copy/rename the XPIs as they are to the right place16:04
pittiit is soooo much easier now16:04
pittidpm: fixing devmode is part 2 now, I guess16:04
dpmpitti, yeah, I agree. The important part is to ship translations first. If it cannot be done this cycle we should talk about it at UDS and perhaps allocate some time for po2xpi on the next one16:07
dpmchrisccoulson, ^16:07
pittidpm: hm, lucid cronjobs were disabled (probably for 10.04.2), reenabled16:10
pittikeeping natty disabled until next week when I manually rebuild a full export16:10
pittidpm: maverick packages in PPA should be reasonably current (cron job is on)16:10
dpmpitti, ok. We didn't talk about it after the point release, but were all langpacks listed on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/LanguagePackUpdatesQA uploaded in the end? i.e. can I clear the page to list the maverick ones next week?16:12
pittidpm: oh, probably missing a few16:13
pittidpm: give me some minutes to copy the remaining good ones16:13
pitti(have release meeting, slow..)16:14
dpmpitti, cool, thanks16:14
pittidpm: seems only the Polish ones were missing, copying now16:19
pittidpm: copying, you can flush16:19
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=== Pendulum_ is now known as Pendulum
pittididrocks: do we have an XDG overlay dir for unity?16:29
didrockspitti: not that I know of, why?16:29
pittididrocks: I wonder how to make gnome-cc.desktop appear in unity's app search, but not in gnome classic16:29
didrocksoh you mean for some filtered app16:29
didrocksyeah, there is .menu blacklist16:29
didrocksin the application place16:29
pittididrocks: in classic gnome I don't see /usr/share/applications/gnomecc.desktop (NoDisplay=true), which shuold be kept16:30
pittididrocks: but bug 727823 requests to show it in unity searcherf16:30
didrockspitti: I'm not sure the .menu file can override the NoDisplay=true, isn't it?16:30
hrwdoes someone has idea if bug 720434 will get fixed?16:30
pittididrocks: oh, I could add it to unity-place-applications.menu perhaps?16:32
didrockspitti: that's what I told, there is already one16:32
pittididrocks: cool, thanks! I'll play with that16:32
didrockspitti: but this override the NoDisplay=true in the desktop file?16:32
didrockspitti: data/unity-place-applications.menu.in in the source16:33
pittididrocks: I'll figure something out; we might also remove the NoDisplay and filter it out in applications.menu16:33
didrockspitti: if you can show baobab in the same time, that would be awesome :)16:34
pittijust needed a first pointer16:34
pittididrocks: sure, once it works for this, it's trivial to replicate for others16:34
didrockspitti: it's just we blacklisted some before of UNE16:34
didrockspitti: just need an update on which one should be shown now :)16:34
pittihm, it's not actually hidden16:34
pittididrocks: anyway, will investigate16:35
didrocksit's not a NoDsiplay=true rather?16:35
* pitti doesn't want to steal more time from you16:35
didrockspitti: no worry, I just see:16:35
pitti(and have release meeting)16:35
didrocksin /usr/share/applications/gnomecc.desktop16:35
didrocksoh, you mean for brasero?16:35
pittididrocks: for baobab16:36
didrocksyeah baobab16:36
didrockspitti: it's in the data/unity-place-applications.menu.in16:36
didrockswe blacklisted it there for UNE :)16:36
pittiah :)16:36
=== zyga_ is now known as zyga
pittiso, I have all pieces of the puzzle together now16:36
didrocksyeah ;)16:37
didrocksgood luck!16:37
seb128pitti, what are you trying to do?16:37
pittiseb128: bug 72782316:37
seb128where is the bot today? ;-)16:38
* pitti slaps ubottu16:38
seb128hum, k, I had some email discussions about that with people as well this week16:39
hrwwdoes someone has idea if bug 720434 will get fixed? (sorry if repeated, was disconnected)16:40
seb128hrww, not likely since only you get it so far and it has no details16:40
dpm_pitti, I've added a simple status table to better keep track of when cronjobs are disabled and need reenabling. I cannot think of an easier automated way, so I think this might do for now. What do you think, do you think you could update the table every time langpack builds are enabled/disabled (or ping me to do it, whatever works best for you)?16:41
pittiseb128: we just got a major netsplit in #meeting as well; I guess the bot is on the other side of the pond16:41
pittidpm_: hm, I'll try to remember16:42
pittidpm_: would it help if I'd export the current crontab to a web accessible dir?16:43
dpm_pitti, yeah16:44
=== popey_ is now known as popey
pittidpm_: http://macquarie.canonical.com/~langpack/crontab16:45
hrwwseb128: right16:45
seb128pitti, btw the decision to hide the g-c-c entry was before the interface has issues, it's slow to load and has some bugs16:45
seb128before -> because16:45
seb128pitti, it would make sense to let the place find it but we shouldn't expose it in the indicator16:45
pitti seb128: ok16:46
pittidpm_: I added crontab export to the crontab now :)16:46
pittidpm_: I can also pre-process it in some way if you want16:46
dpm_pitti, that'd be cool. I'm only interested in fact in the distro name and if it's enabled or not (and perhaps optionally the day and time)16:48
=== dpm_ is now known as dpm
=== maxb_ is now known as maxb
pittinatty at 14:00 on 2: disabled16:58
pittilucid-updates at 14:00 on 6: enabled16:58
pittimaverick-updates at 14:00 on 3: enabled16:58
pittidpm: now I just need to translate the day number into a name..16:58
dpmpitti, yeah, that'd be perfect16:59
pittiperl -nae 'print ("$F[-1] at $F[1]:00 on ", ("Sun", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed", "Thu", "Fri", "Sat", "Sun")[$F[4]], ": ", ( ($F[0] =~ /^#/) ? "disabled" : "enabled"), "\n")'17:00
pittihah! Perl FTW17:00
pittidpm: http://macquarie.canonical.com/~langpack/crontab17:00
pittidpm: is it possible to include something like that into a moin page (an external link displayed inline)?17:01
pittidpm: if so, I can easily add some || for table formatting17:01
dpmpitti, I don't know of any way of doing that, other than having a moin user writing regularly to the page. Let me ask around...17:03
pittidpm: otherwise just link to it17:04
mterry_seb128, in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-appmenu/+bug/726388 you say you can get similar crashes by running indicator-messages (I assume) under valgrind then running apps.  The messages indicator or the service?17:05
seb128mterry_, the service sorry17:05
mterry_k, will try17:05
seb128mterry_, way to get it, attach gdb to the unity panel service to block it, run the indicator-message-service under valgrind, unblock gdb, open pidgin17:05
dpmpitti, yeah, that's what I'll do for now. I'll try to find out if it's possible to update the wiki page in the meantime, and if it is, I might ask you to add table formatting later on17:06
mterry_seb128, ah, thanks17:06
dpmpitti, thanks, that'll be really helpful!17:06
* mterry_ still wants a --replace argument for services17:06
seb128mterry_, "open pidgin" is by using the indicator menu17:06
=== tremolux_ is now known as tremolux
seb128mterry_, yeah, my workaround is to block the loader with gdb time to start the other instance17:06
pittidpm: btw, you should get added to the langpack group on macquarie, then you can check/change yourself; I'll send an RT17:07
seb128mterry_, I got gedit to crash once with the appmenu-gtk bug you made a ppa for btw but I've no clue what I did for that17:07
pittidpm: hm, you don't have a chinstrap account?17:07
seb128mterry_, i've the feeling it had with me stopping the unity-panel under gdb, something in appmenu didn't like it17:07
pittidpm: nevermind, mis-grepped17:08
mterry_seb128, was the pidgin thing 100% reproducable?17:09
seb128mterry_, yes, it might have been fixed, do you want me to try?17:09
mterry_seb128, please try.  if you can still hit it, maybe I can send a PPA your way.  i have another idea, but would like to be able to test it17:10
seb128mterry_, right, still happening17:14
seb128mterry_, pidgin segfault on start17:14
mterry_seb128, yay.  will let you know when I have a package17:14
seb128mterry_, ok17:14
mterry_seb128, thanks for being my guinea pig17:15
seb128mterry_, thanks for dealing with those bugs ;-)17:15
seb128mterry_, do you know if there is a bug about the empathy issues you discussed before btw? seems like that should be on the natty list as well17:16
mterry_seb128, empathy issues I thought I had fixed, but I just heard in #ayatana that there are still issues.  So yeah, I guess there are still bugs but not sure about bugs (I recall that all open bugs had been closed)17:17
mterry_I mean, not sure about bug numbers17:17
seb128ok, I didn't know there was still issues either17:17
seb128I just read the discussion earlier17:17
seb128I will check on that17:17
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GunnarHjpitti: Did you put my backports question on hold till you get better time? (which is perfectly fine - just checking that you didn't forget it).17:22
pittiGunnarHj: right (release meeting and some other stuff, sorry)17:23
GunnarHjpitti: No problem; thx for letting me know.17:23
pittimvo: would you mind fixing up the state of bug 665572? (there's a pending SRU upload for it)17:32
mvopitti: yes, will do after dinner17:35
pittimvo: thanks!17:35
mterry_seb128, packages for testing the valgrind crash are here:  https://launchpad.net/~mterry/+archive/ppa2/+packages   not built yet, but you can either wait or build them yourself17:45
seb128mterry_, I will build those myself, it's not like it was hours of build ;-)17:47
dobeypitti: for bug #661292 - i have a patch i'm working on getting uploaded to -proposed (hence my question earlier); but i think quilt is giving me some grief at the moment17:55
dobeybut seems to be working, albeit quietly17:56
* pitti waves good bye, have a nice weekend everyone18:04
pittiGunnarHj: (patches ack'ed, thanks for working on this!)18:04
didrocks1pitti: see you! enjoy your week-end18:04
pittididrocks1: you too!18:05
=== didrocks1 is now known as didrocks
dobeypitti: i was going to ask you to approve my package :)18:08
dobeybut cheers anyway :)18:09
GunnarHjpitti: Thanks, Martin. Have a nice weekend!18:21
seb128mterry_, the ppa build fixes the crash under valgrind18:26
mterry_seb128, yay!!!18:27
mterry_seb128, ok, will file a merge18:27
seb128mterry_, just curious how do you debug those?18:27
seb128by reading the code and understanding the sequences of events?18:27
mterry_seb128, these past few where I can't test, yeah18:27
seb128or is there any way to make useful logs?18:27
mterry_seb128, it's a common pattern of forgetting to cancel pending callbacks when an object the callback relies on dies18:28
mterry_Easy thing to forget to cleanup18:28
seb128I guess experience debugging those sort of issues help there ;-)18:28
mterry_yeah :)18:28
seb128mterry_, thanks18:28
seb128mterry_, btw was that the same issue that the g_object_set crash from today?18:29
dobeymterry_: are you an archive admin?18:29
mterry_seb128, that's what I thought, but the user has reported a different crash with my ppa.  Trying to determine if that's a good or bad sign right now . :)18:29
mterry_dobey, no18:29
dobeyah ok18:30
seb128mterry_, ok, found a way to crash easily using your ppa version18:44
mterry_seb128, ack!18:45
mterry_seb128, so not fixed after all?18:46
mterry_seb128, or you talking about the display dialog crash?18:46
seb128mterry_, the indicator-messages thing is fixed18:46
seb128mterry_, not sure if it's a new one18:46
seb128run gedit and close it immediatly18:46
seb128or other gtk apps will do I guess18:46
mterry_seb128, with the appmenu-gtk version in the ppa I sent you?18:46
mterry_seb128, OK.  I have to reboot, but will try in a sec18:46
seb128mterry, wb18:49
mterryseb128, :)18:49
seb128mterry, ok, just tried on gconf-editor18:49
seb128mterry, http://paste.ubuntu.com/575638/18:51
seb128mterry, you will make fun of me again but it's easy to get in valgrind, just close the dialog before it's loaded18:52
mterryseb128, I can get it with gedit too18:52
seb128like valgrind gconf-editor and click on the close wm button before it finished loading18:52
didrockshave a good week-end guys!18:52
seb128gconf-editor is faster to load than gedit so it's better to try ;-)18:52
seb128didrocks, thank, you as well18:52
* didrocks launches his spam script and go away :)18:52
seb128mterry, gedit seems to crash in some recently used gtk code though18:53
seb128well the crash I got in gdb was in that code18:53
seb128gconf-editor shows the issue I just pastebined in valgrind18:53
mterrybratsche, wait a sec on that timeoujt merge18:57
bratschemterry: I'll let you merge if you want.18:57
dobeybratsche: oh, there you are18:57
mterrybratsche, I can't, but I think I have a tiny change to fix the new crash18:58
bratschemterry: Actually, are you interested in taking over appmenu-gtk entirely?  I forgot about it, and today is my last day at Canonical.18:58
bratscheHey dobey18:58
dobeybratsche: is there a style setting or something i can put in my gtkrc to disable the resize triangles?18:58
rickspencer3kenvandine, hey, around at all?18:58
mterrybratsche, well, I'm not DX18:58
kenvandinerickspencer3, yup18:59
mterrybratsche, and bye!  :)  good luck!18:59
rickspencer3kenvandine, do you know what's up with this FFE for overlay scrollbars?18:59
rickspencer3I can't find a bug or anything on it18:59
seb128rickspencer3, there is no ffe for it18:59
rickspencer3just a mention on sabdfl's blog and a mention in the release meeting this morning18:59
rickspencer3hi seb12818:59
seb128rickspencer3, wasn't the consensus that it was a ppa thing only for this cycle?18:59
rickspencer3so, er ... what's the deal?18:59
seb128rickspencer3, we already got crashers due to it19:00
rickspencer3seb128, I don't know19:00
rickspencer3I just saw it mentioned in the release meeting19:00
rickspencer3as a FFE19:00
rickspencer3and now I can't get any more info about it19:00
seb128seems not a great idea to make gtk unstable in natty for something we don't use19:00
bratschedobey: I don't think so.. there are style properties GtkWindow::resize-grip-width and ::resize-grip-height - maybe you could set them to 0, but I doubt that would be exactly what you want.  We might need to add one to disable it.19:00
rickspencer3seb128, I agree19:00
seb128rickspencer3, who mentioned the ffe for it? dbarth?19:00
rickspencer3seb128, yes19:00
rickspencer3just a couple of hours ago in the release meeting19:00
rickspencer3so I'm trying to figure out what's going on, because it seems like not a great idea19:01
mterrybratsche, ok, well, new fix pushed.  it should be good now19:03
mvopitti: updated, all the stuff is in natty already19:03
mterryseb128, got a fix for the new crash, thanks for noticing19:03
bratschemterry: awesome19:03
kenvandinei tried it out...the only thing it worked for was appearances dialog19:03
seb128mterry, thanks, want me to try the new version?19:04
mterryseb128, sure just to be safe, let me spin it up19:05
mterryseb128, in the ppa19:06
seb128mterry, ok, you can give me a vcs as well, easier to build that going on launchpad to dget and dpkg-source and build ;-)19:07
mterryseb128, lp:~mterry/appmenu-gtk/fix-timeout-crash19:07
seb128mterry, ok, will run that for a bit and let you know if I still get an issue19:13
seb128dinner time though19:13
seb128see you later19:13
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Ampelbeinwhat is the preferred way of determining the default browser in natty? (i.e. the browser xdg-open/gnome-open will choose when opening http-URLs)20:14
mterryAmpelbein, programmatically?20:14
mterryAmpelbein, gio has functions for that20:14
dobeyAmpelbein: it is determined via .desktop files instead of gconf now, if that's what you mean20:15
Ampelbeinmterry: no, dobey has the answer I wanted ;-) thanks.20:16
dobeyAmpelbein: x-scheme-handler/ mime types are looked at for what can handle different URI types20:17
Ampelbeindobey: so, bug 726504 should have been filed against the chrome-package (the "default browser")20:17
Ampelbeindobey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xdg-utils/+bug/72650420:17
dobeyyeah probably20:18
dobeyalthough there's no chrome package in ubuntu afaik20:18
Ampelbeinor in this special case invalid since chrome isn't in ubuntu (chromium is)20:18
Ampelbeinyeah, that's what I was thinking.20:18
dobeyi think chromium is fixed already20:19
dobeyand google will have to fix chrome's .desktop file upstream20:19
Ampelbeinjust out of curiosity, if I have firefox and chromium installed, both will register http URIs for themselves, I can change the default via the preferred applications app.20:22
Ampelbeinbut where does that get saved? sorry if that sounds noobish.20:22
desrtdoes anyone know if it's possible to have a sekret PPA?20:23
desrtmore to the point: can we get access to them for free?20:23
desrtmterry: hey20:24
desrtmterry: thanks for your part in the gnome3 ppa.  i'm running it now.  saves me from all the troubles associated with jhbuilding.20:24
mterrydesrt, yw, my part was small compared to others, but glad it's working.  I've been meaning to look at it again recently and update some bits (like glade).  Is the PPA reasonably up to date?20:25
desrtit seems to be bug-compatible with the version i installed via jhbuild from a few days ago :)20:26
GunnarHjseb128: Hi Sebastien, do you possibly have time to help with a couple of uploads to lucid-backports and maverick-backports? It's bug 719815, and both pitti and ScottK have cleared the branches for backports.20:28
mterrydesrt, :)20:28
desrtmterry: in particular, the window frame theme seems to be missing...20:29
desrtditto the gtk theme20:29
seb128GunnarHj, hi, not really it's over end of the week there, you should try on monday rather on a friday evening20:29
desrtmterry: i might believe that this is an ubuntu-specific issue (but i've seen it both with jhbuild and with the PPA)20:30
seb128rather "than" on20:30
mterrydesrt, hrm.  I'm not terribly familiar with gtk3 theming.  Maybe we're just missing an updated package after gtk3's theme support got finalized?20:31
GunnarHjseb128: Ok, won't steal your holiday. ;-) No hurry, really.20:31
desrtmterry: i'm also not familiar and i haven't had time to look into it20:31
desrthave you noticed the problem on your machine, or are you not running shell?20:31
mterrydesrt, I'm not running the PPA, no20:31
mterrydesrt, unless I'm updating it20:32
seb128GunnarHj, it's not holidays, it's just an end of week evening and no worry it's just that I'm tired enough that I don't want to start on new things and backports are moderated anyway and people doing moderation are probably over their work time for the week as week so better to wait next week rather20:32
GunnarHjseb128: s/holiday/weekend/  No problem; have a nice _weekend_. :)20:34
seb128GunnarHj, thanks, have a nice one as well!20:34
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rickspencer3kenvandine, so you released my delicate and comprehensive bug fix for Pithos!22:07
rickspencer3I am so da man22:07
kenvandinerickspencer3,  you are!22:08
kenvandinei got really tired of that :)22:08
rickspencer3my knowledge of PyGtk is getting scary comprehensive22:09
rickspencer3too bad it's so generally inapplicable ;)22:09
rickspencer3kenvandine, can you add sound menu support to Pithos22:10
nperryEvening people.. trying to test gnome3 in natty, however getting this error, any ideas? GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema 'org.gnome.desktop.interface' does not contain a key named 'automatic-mnemonics'22:11
bcurtiswxyou mean every 3rd song it didn't want to go to the next one?22:12
Ampelbeinkenvandine: re your upload of pithos, you versioned it -2ubuntu1, yet debian is at -1 revision?23:26
Ampelbeinkenvandine: and the debian maintainer just asked in #ubuntu-motu what can be done about it23:27
* lfaraone waves at kenvandine 23:29
Ampelbeinlfaraone: I think he's afk23:30

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