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fairuzI tried to open remote file (mounted over SSH) using gedit but gedit hangs13:17
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Krunchfairuz: if you think it's a problem with the software and not with your network or the remote system, get a gedit and kernel stack trace (pstack and sysrq-t) and open a bug13:35
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fairuzKrunch: ok ty13:36
fairuzwhat is the equivalent function of ioremap in user space?13:47
Ampelbeinhi there! when trying to run qemu-kvm I get a "BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 00000014", full dmesg report at http://paste.ubuntu.com/575485/. Is this a known issue? If not, what more information do you need if I file a bug?13:55
hertonAmpelbein, I don't know if it is a known issue, but this oops is a valid reason to report it, to file bug against the kernel you can follow instructions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Bugs14:00
hertonAmpelbein, also make sure you attach the same oops of pastebin to the bug report14:00
Ampelbeinherton: will do that, thank you!14:01
flagsmb: ok14:23
flagsmb: here i am14:23
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JFook apw, the list is updated20:06
pmatulishow do i install Server with the lts-backports kernel?  i thought it was supposed to be on the DVD but that installs the Desktop20:11
pmatulisok, release notes suggest the lts kernel is used by default20:15
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keesapw: you've done the aufs merges in the past, yes? I've hit a really odd situation where hardlink restrictions are getting triggered on aufs (liveCD). does anything about this jump out at you? bug 72933821:08
kamalWha?... the natty kernel 'master' branch FTBFS in PPA (but is fine on tangerine)...22:29
kamalarch/x86/kernel/entry_64.S:1544: Error: .size expression does not evaluate to a constant22:29
kamalentry_64.S:1544 (last line of the file):         .popsection22:30
jjohansenkamal: what arch?22:35
kamalblows up the same way in amd64 and i38622:35
jjohanseni386 was failing on tangerine this morning22:35
jjohansenkamal: yeah that is the failure we were seeing this morning22:36
kamali've only tried amd64 on tangerine, and that continues to be fine22:36
jjohansenwe assume its because of a new tool upload22:36
jjohansenand that the i386 chroot was updated but not amd6422:37
kamalsounds like a very logical analysis22:37
jjohansenbut ppa would see both updated22:37
jjohansenyou can build in the maverick chroot and it works22:37
kamalyeah, maverick is just fine (tangerine and PPA)22:37
kamaljjohansen: yup, confirmed -- I'm getting it on i386 but not amd64 on tangerine.  thanks for the info!22:44
kamals/getting it/getting the problem in natty/22:45
* jjohansen has just been reminded of a dentist aptmnt22:48
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jj-afkback on in a bit22:48
JFok, see you guys monday23:17

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