mhall119cjohnston: I think I know what's causing that00:46
mhall119lpupdate calls create_profile for new admins00:51
mhall119lpupdate now calls set_user_openid, so that admins who haven't logged in yet don't get ${username}200:52
mhall119but if an admin has changed their username, then they are trying to set the same openid for the new username, which throws the unique constraint violation00:52
mhall119I'm testing my fix now00:53
cjohnstonI've got an install ready to test it00:57
mhall119http://pastebin.com/dENi652v is the patch01:03
cjohnstonRonnie: ping01:42
cjohnstonmhall119: Your patch works02:00
cjohnston(or atleast fixes the errors)02:00
cjohnstonI can't test to see if it fixes the bug that the fr team has tho cause for some reason update-profiles threw an error on my name02:01
cjohnstonDo you want to push your patch?02:01
mhall119what was the error it threw on your name?02:14
* mhall119 doesn't want to replace one error with another02:15
mhall119my first attempt at a NattyWallpaper: http://www.flickr.com/photos/38053898@N02/5495416125/02:15
cjohnstonrror updating openiduser18302:15
cjohnstonbut chrisjohnston202:15
mhall119did you run update-openids first?02:16
YoBoYgood morning07:40
dholbachgood morning08:12
cjohnstonYoBoY: I think I have your bug figured out11:00
YoBoYgreat :)11:00
YoBoYbut i know more or less why too, it doesn't ask my other teams when I log in and LD don't make the link i think11:01
cjohnstontheres a bug in the lpupdate11:06
cjohnstonit tries to create an admin profile for every admin11:06
cjohnstonand if the profile is already create11:06
cjohnstonit errors11:06
Ronniecjohnston: i think i have the fix for the team admin issue11:50
Ronniemhall119: ping ^ (ill upload soon, doing one last test)11:51
Ronniebut it takes very long to do one lpupdate :(11:54
mhall119Ronnie: which issue?12:22
Ronniethe "edit team details" from YoBoY, which was caused by the lpupdate.py change12:23
Ronniein lpupdate we should not blindly create a new profile, but first try to get a profile with that name, if not exists, than create the new one12:24
mhall119Ronnie: create_profile does a check if a profile for that name exists12:26
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mhall119the problem was that it was now calling launchpad.set_user_openid, which was trying to create a duplicate openid entry12:27
mhall119I have a fix to that, which will remove old openid entries before adding the new one12:27
Ronniemhall119: https://code.launchpad.net/~ronnie.vd.c/loco-directory/lpupdate-admin/+merge/5219012:46
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mhall119glory/w 2813:44
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dholbachLast day of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek starting in 15 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:45
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cjohnston_mhall119: did you and Ronnie` come up with the same patch?18:03
mhall119cjohnston_: different approaches I think18:03
mhall119I haven't looked at his actual patch yet18:03
Ronnie`cjohnston_: indeed different approach18:03
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* mhall119 has been doing production deployments in between watching UDW sessions18:04
Ronnie`mine does not create new profiles if the profile already exists, but adds the profile to the admin list18:04
cjohnstonproduction deployments?18:04
mhall119for moffitt, not LD18:04
cjohnstonswitch then18:05
cjohnstonaakshay: ping18:18
aakshaycjohnston, hi.. :)18:19
cjohnstonWe are going to try to push a release of LD today... 18:19
cjohnstonIf you look at the merge about the order of columns and fix it, I can get it in the release18:19
aakshaycjohnston, i have done it.. :)18:20
aakshayand mereged it..18:20
aakshayis it fine now? :p18:22
cjohnstonRonnie`: what do you do to make sure that we get email notifications18:22
cjohnstonlooks like it 18:22
cjohnstonim merging it in18:22
cjohnstonRonnie`: when you submit an update to a merge18:22
aakshaythanks.. :)...yooo...18:22
Ronnie`cjohnston: what do you mean by the mail thing ^^18:23
cjohnstonRonnie`: you do a merge proposal.. it gets reviewed as needs work.. you fix and push your new code.. I normally get an email when you do that.. is that because you do the resubmit thing?18:24
Ronnie`i dont know how that works...18:25
cjohnstonI guess when you submit an update we should maybe make a comment so that we get emails18:25
Ronnie`good idea, this is usually the case, but im not aware of the differences. We'll try that, see if that works18:26
Ronnie`mhall119: do you have some time to compare our fixes for the admin problem and merge this one?18:27
mhall119Ronnie`: I think cjohnston is already doing that18:28
* Ronnie` looks at cjohnston18:29
cjohnstonI asked nigelb to email the translations team to try to get some translations done since there are some big changes to translations.. hopefully some of them will get done18:31
mhall119we never did decide on a policy for getting translations, did we?18:31
cjohnstonas far as?18:32
Ronnie`the dutch translations are already up-to-date :D, but we need indeed some sort of a policy for this18:34
mhall119whether to regularly update the translation template during development, or institute a translation freeze before releases, or both18:34
cjohnstonI don't know... here's my thing... Today.. we can push a critical bug that was discovered yesterday, so IMO obviously push what translations we have18:35
cjohnstoneven though most got pushed to trunk this morning18:35
cjohnstonI don't see any reason to hold a critical patch for translations18:36
mhall119critical bugs we can always push, either from trunk or directly to the production branch18:36
mhall119I'm thinking more of a "normal process"18:36
cjohnstonbut for a normal release, I guess we could make a one week freeze or something... but to go with that, we should email translations team IMO when we freeze18:37
mhall119I was leaning more towards uploading new templates after we do reviews & merges, since we don't have strings change that often after they make it into trunk18:38
mhall119then we don't have to allow as much time for a freeze18:38
mhall119since most of the strings will have been available for translations prior to us packaging a release18:39
cjohnstonI normally try to push an update translations every few days18:39
cjohnstonI also think that when we push a critical fix, we need to version bump for better tracking.18:40
mhall119don't we always get a new version when we release from trunk?18:44
mhall119or do you mean when we push a fix directly to the production branch?18:44
cjohnstonwhen   a patch is pushed directly to production18:47
cjohnstonJust to be a little more organized18:47
cjohnstonIt doesn't make sense to have a fix released on a release that isn't pushed18:47
mhall119cjohnston: so you want to add another .version number for bug fixes between releases?18:50
mhall119or 0.3.1-118:50
cjohnstonno.. currently 0.3.1 is live.. if we were just pushing out the fix to the admin profile thing, push out version 0.3.2 and then 0.3.3 would be the development version18:57
mhall119but then we wouldn't have 0.3.2 in trunk?18:58
cjohnstonI guess it would have to be committed to trunk as 0.3.2 as well18:58
cjohnstonI dunno18:58
mhall119so my thoughts are that we commit it to trunk for 0.3.2, along with anything else in trunk18:59
cjohnstoncause there was a bug yesterday that I asked you if its already been released18:59
cjohnstonthats fine18:59
mhall119then we also commit it to 0.3.1-1 as a "backported" fix, in production branch18:59
mhall119so it's officially fixed and released in 0.3.218:59
cjohnstonwell.. but that doesn't provide a way to track in lp18:59
cjohnstonwithout being fix released without a released release19:00
mhall119true, but only because we only track trunk19:00
mhall119so the question is, what do we mean by "Fix Released"?19:01
cjohnstoni dunno19:01
cjohnstonid like a better way to track19:01
mhall119usually that means we've made a package of our code that has that fix19:01
cjohnstonso that the "changelog" reflects better19:01
mhall119but we've been taking it to mean "pushed to loco.ubuntu.com"19:01
cjohnstoni dunno what is best mhall119, but i think that somehow the change log should reflect a push of code directly to production19:12
mhall119you mean the bzr changelog?19:14
mhall119or on launchpad?19:15
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cjohnstonmhall119: launchpad since thats what we use for our changelog19:51
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mhall119cjohnston: doing a lighting talk in about 10 minutes, then I'm leaving for home, can we chat more about that tonight?19:54
cjohnstonwhats your lightning talk19:54
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