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RcartUbuntu native packages are patchless? I get that from what-patch on ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu, and no patch signs in debian/changelog02:48
psusiRcart, I would think so, since there is no upstream orig to patch02:49
Rcartpsusi: Maybe. I'll fix some typos in bug 72521702:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 725217 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Typos in Edubuntu 11.04 slideshow" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72521702:51
Rcartpsusi:  Would be enough to mention it in changelog, right?02:54
psusiRcart, enough what?02:54
Rcartenough to mention that I fixed some typos02:57
leslievhi everyone! I just fixed a small crasher bug in a ruby program, part of the rbbr package.. is it best to try patch the ubuntu package or try to send the patch upstream?02:58
Rcartlesliev: I would send it to Debian, I understand that is better to request a merge (:03:10
leslievRcart, any hints on how to do that?03:14
leslievshould I find a debian maintainers IRC channel? a forum? a website? I am not running Debian so I wouldn't be able to build a debdiff03:16
Rcartlesliev:  file a bug in Launchpad, report it to Debian too (using submittodebian) and mention the LP bug, then you should add a bugwatch to the LP bug report03:16
highvoltagehey Rcart03:18
Rcarthighvoltage: Hello.03:19
highvoltageRcart: I guess that's something we should handle as part of translations instead03:21
highvoltage(referring to bug 725217)03:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 725217 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Typos in Edubuntu 11.04 slideshow" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72521703:23
Rcarthighvoltage: about ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu ? If so, I asked (well, a contact did it for me) in -translators and there were no response03:23
Rcarthighvoltage: But I also think that it should be handled in tranlations team03:24
Rcarthighvoltage: I'll un-assign. Thanks for the comment.03:28
highvoltageRcart: you're welcome03:29
highvoltageRcart: there should be new slideshows soon though (at least for edubuntu)03:30
Rcarthighvoltage: Surely. There's something about it in the changelog03:33
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c2tarunHow can I apply the debdiff uploaded on a bug and check whether its working or not?04:19
achiangc2tarun: do you have more context around your question?04:25
achiangc2tarun: without knowing more, i'd say: apt-get source <package> ; patch -p1 < debdiff.patch ; dpkg-buildpackage04:26
achiangbut that's very broad and handwavey04:26
c2tarunachiang: suppose anyone worked on a bug and uploaded a debdiff b/w the source packages. And I want to check whether his debdiff is working or not?04:27
achiangc2tarun: right, ok -- so get the current source package, and use patch(1) to apply the debdiff04:27
achiangc2tarun: i mean, that's how i would do it. there are probably smarter ways04:28
c2tarunachiang: well I dont know any way so any way is smart for me ;)04:28
achiangc2tarun: a debdiff is just a normal patch, so you can use the patch command to apply it. 'man patch' for more details there04:29
c2tarunachiang: what is num denotes here?04:29
c2tarunI mean digit after p04:29
achiangc2tarun: but again, in broad terms, you a) save the debdiff somewhere, say, foo.debdiff and then b) patch -p1 < foo.debdiff04:29
StevenKc2tarun: The digit tells patch how many path elements to strip04:30
StevenK-p0 means don't strip any, -p1 says drop the first04:30
achiangc2tarun: there are several styles to generate a diff. some people generate from *within* the source tree, some generate from outside the source tree04:30
achiangc2tarun: depending on *where* you generate the diff, you will have different paths to the filename you want to actually patch04:31
c2tarunachiang: what do you mean by within or outside the source tree, normally .dsc are outside the source tree (I guess)04:31
achiangc2tarun: so, as StevenK says, you use the -pN arg to strip out the paths you don't want, so that eventually, the paths match up04:31
achiangc2tarun: here's a very short example: say my package is foo, and i am in: /home/achiang/Projects/foo/04:32
achiangi want to modify bar.c04:32
achiangso i say:04:32
achiangcp bar.c bar.c.old04:32
achiang# hack on bar.c04:32
achiangdiff -Nurp bar.c.old bar.c > my-lovely-patch04:32
achiangthat is what i mean by making a diff from *within* the source tree04:33
achiangnow contrast a different method:04:33
achiang$ pwd04:33
achiang /home/achiang/Projects04:33
achiangcp -a foo foo.old ; ls -F04:33
achiangfoo/ foo.old/04:33
achiangsame thing, hack on foo/bar.c04:34
achiangnow i can say:04:34
achiangdiff -Nurp foo.old/bar.c foo/bar.c > my-lovely-patch04:34
achiangand that generates essentially the same diff, but the path on how you get to bar.c is slightly different04:34
achiangso on the other end, when you want to apply the patch, you need to pass -pN appropriately, so that patch knows how to get to bar.c04:35
achianggenerally, debdiffs are more similar to the second method, so you typically just say -p104:35
c2tarunachiang: ok, got it :)04:35
c2tarunachiang: thanks for the example :)04:35
achianganyway, hopefully that gives you enough of a conceptual understanding so you can figure out how to recover when a patch doesn't apply (when you think it should)04:36
achiangthe details are in the patch and diff man pages. :)04:36
c2tarunachiang: sure thanks :)04:36
c2taruncan anyone please look at bug 728438 the patch seems to work fine for me but may not be working on sponsors system, What's wrong with the patch?04:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 728438 in clips (Ubuntu) "Package clips 6.24-3 failed to build from source" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72843804:41
c2tarunwhat does this mean in a Makefile LIBS=@LIBS@05:25
jmarsdenc2tarun: The make manual is online at http://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/make.html06:10
c2tarunjmarsden: I am reading that manual but stil didn't find anything about @ symbol. can you please help me a big06:13
c2tarunbig =bit06:13
jmarsdenMaybe... I'm bust doing something else here... and I am not a make expert at all.  I think the @something@ syntax is autotools more than Make... are you seeing that in a Makefile, or in Makefile.am or Makefile.in ?06:14
jmarsdens/bust/busy/ :)06:15
c2tarunjmarsden: Makefile.in06:15
jmarsdenAha.  That is not a Makefile :)   You said: <c2tarun> what does this mean in a Makefile LIBS=@LIBS@06:16
c2tarunjmarsden: but the changes I made in Makefile.in is getting reflected in Makefile, but when changing Makefile all the changes are reset on building06:16
jmarsdenNow you need to read the autotools docs... let me find a linke for that06:16
jmarsdenYes, the Makefile.in is a template for a Makefile06:16
jmarsdenYou need to understand autotools for the details...06:16
jmarsdenAutotolls Tutorial: http://markuskimius.wikidot.com/programming:tut:autotools/06:17
c2tarunjmarsden: thanks :)06:17
jmarsdenThe real autotools manual / book is elsewhere... one book is free online at http://sources.redhat.com/autobook/06:18
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dholbachgood morning08:12
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nonix4Does it make sense to report usability bugs in undocumented parts of programs, or should the existence of undocumented features be reported as a bug instead?10:39
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cgrozaHello, I have a deb file of my program and I would like to submit it to Ubuntu. What do I have to do?12:39
Bachstelzecgroza: for new packages, it's generally better to submit them to Debian12:42
Bachstelzebut you can always upload the source package somewhere and have someone look at it12:43
BachstelzeI'd be surprised if your package was Debian Policy-compliant on the first try :)12:43
cgrozaI may need more info12:45
cgrozahow do i get it to debian?12:45
c2tarunCan anyone please take a look at this debdiff. http://paste.kde.org/6451/ I just added one library to Makefile.in and I got this debdiff so long12:48
ari-tczewc2tarun: is there any patch system?12:48
Bachstelzec2tarun: ²why did you not add -lX11 to LIBS?12:49
c2tarunari-tczew: no there is no patch system12:49
c2tarunBachstelze: because I found a line LIBS=@LIBS@ I dont understand it, I tried to read few manuals but still didn't got it. so I added directly.12:50
Bachstelzecgroza: http://wiki.debian.org/Maintainers12:50
cgrozathank you12:51
ari-tczewc2tarun: LIBS=@LIBS@ -lX1112:51
c2tarunari-tczew: oh.... I'll try that. but what is meaning of @ symbol in Makefiles?12:52
Bachstelzeas you were told already, it's not a Makefile thing12:52
Bachstelzeit's used by autotools12:52
c2tarunBachstelze: ok, its used by autotools, but autotools use Makefile.in as a template to generate Makefile. I guess Makefile.in is written by user. I found @ symbol in Makefile.in.12:54
c2tarunari-tczew: after adding -lX11 to LIBS I am getting the same length debdiff.12:56
ari-tczewc2tarun: so clean up it manualy12:57
BachstelzemMakefile.in is generated by automake, not written by the user12:58
c2tarunari-tczew: there is one more prob, when I tried to apply this debdiff to a fresh new copy it is detecting some previously applied patch, but I dont see any patch in there, though in diff.gz file there are some changes.12:59
c2tarunBachstelze: still I failed to find the meaning of @ symbol :( can you please tell me.12:59
c2tarunari-tczew: I dont understand what do you mean by cleaning manually, do I delete the lines I dont understand why there are there?13:00
ari-tczewc2tarun: probably changes during build13:00
ari-tczewc2tarun: keep only that you did on package13:00
Bachstelzec2tarun: it's really just variable subsitution, @var@ in Makefile.in means that @var@ is rerplaced by the value of var in the written Makefile13:01
c2tarunBachstelze: oh... just that :) and I find some more symbols in there like $^ and $@ what are they?13:01
Bachstelzeyou mean $< ?13:03
Bachstelzethose are make special variables13:03
Bachstelze$@ means the name of the target, $< means the name of the first dependency13:03
Bachstelzethere are more, they're all in the make manual13:03
c2tarunBachstelze: the one there on debian site :( that is 230 pages long manual13:04
BachstelzeI'm looking at the pâckage, you might need to add dh_autoreconf to your rules files13:08
c2tarunBachstelze: how to add it, I am reading the man page, there is not any thing about how to use, should I simply write it down in rules file?13:11
BachstelzeIno, never mind, dh_autoreconf is if you modify configure.in13:15
Bachstelzewhich is a bit cleaner than modifying Makefile.in, but I guess Makefile.in will do13:15
c2tarunBachstelze: on modification of makefile.in I am getting fairly huge debdiff and on applying also I am getting reverse patch detected. wait let me show you the debdiff13:17
Bachstelzeyou did already ;)13:18
ari-tczewtumbleweed: around?13:18
c2tarunBachstelze: check this out http://paste.ubuntu.com/575467/13:18
tumbleweedari-tczew: hi13:18
ari-tczewtumbleweed: hi. could you manage to create a script pull-snapshot-source?13:19
Bachstelzec2tarun: then yes, it is actually A LOT cleaner to modify configure.in and use dh_autoreconf13:19
Bachstelzec2tarun: just a sec, I'll do a debdiff and pastebin it so you cna see how it's done13:19
c2tarunBachstelze: sure :) thanks13:19
ari-tczewtumbleweed, geser: I got this error while requesting sync: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/575469/13:24
ari-tczewdoes it need bugtracking?13:24
ari-tczewbtw. bug filled successful13:25
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c2tarunBachstelze: ping13:34
tumbleweedari-tczew: oh, that should be easy, pull-debian-source already supports snapshot, I just need to make it take version numbers as well as release names13:35
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BachstelzeI get all the crud too, I guess autotools regenerates config.guess and config.sub anyway, it should still work if you ditch those changes from your debdiff13:37
Bachstelzec2tarun: ^13:37
c2tarunBachstelze: oh you mean you are getting almost same debdiff13:38
BachstelzeI mean all the unrelated stuff13:39
c2tarunBachstelze: but after dropping those changes also on applyin it to fresh source code, I am getting some reverse patch error.13:39
c2tarunBachstelze: check this http://paste.kde.org/6452/13:40
kklimondajames_w: what is the address of the page I can check branch import failers on? ubuntu:ruby1.8 branch is ancient13:42
tumbleweedkklimonda: http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/13:43
james_wthanks tumbleweed13:44
Bachstelzec2tarun: actually, config.sub and config.guess are not regenerated by autotools, they are copied by debian/rules13:47
c2tarunBachstelze: so what should I do?13:48
c2tarunBachstelze: and copied by debian/rules means? rules file is common config.guess and .sub should also b common b/w older and newer version13:48
tumbleweedc2tarun: read autotools-dev's README.Debian for a background on that situation (although IIRC the recommendations in there are outdated)13:49
Bachstelzeit means that debian/rules copies config.guess and config.sub from /usr/share/misc to the source dir13:49
c2tarunBachstelze: and why is only newer version of rules file doing that? I mean rules are common so it should have been copied in previous version as well, so why the difference?13:51
tumbleweed(without having followed this whole discussion) easy recommendation is to just strip config.* out of the debdiff. If a package from debian doesn't clean properly, that's not necessarily something we have to fix13:52
c2taruntumbleweed: I tried that, but on applying it to fresh copy of source code I am getting this error http://paste.kde.org/6452/13:53
tumbleweedc2tarun: that means Makefile.in is already patched13:53
tumbleweedare you sure it was fresh?13:53
taruntumbleweed: sorry I got disconnected,13:55
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ari-tczewtumbleweed: really? pull-debian-source supports snapshot.debian.org already? how?13:56
tumbleweedari-tczew: if it can't find the version you want from lp, or a mirror, or the master, it'll go to snapshot.debian.org13:57
tumbleweedbut you can only request releases, not versions13:57
tumbleweedso I just have to add a way for the suer to request a version13:57
tumbleweedari-tczew: look at pull-debian-debdiff, that'll almost always use snapshot.debian.org13:58
ari-tczewtumbleweed: I imagine that scripts as: $ pull-snapshot-source package version13:58
tumbleweedari-tczew: yeah, that's what I intend to do, if version doesn't match a known release name13:58
Bachstelzec2tarun: http://paste.ubuntu.com/575486/ this debdiff works fine here13:59
Bachstelzethe new config.guess and config.sub will still appear in the .diff.gz when you build the source package, but nothing you can do about it14:01
ari-tczewtumbleweed: did you see my traceback from requestsync? I posted it here some minutes ago.14:02
* tumbleweed reads back14:02
tumbleweedhmm, I've had similar issues, goes off to poke #launchpad peopel14:03
Bachstelzewoops typo, -lXII...14:04
c2tarunBachstelze: yup :) fixed that and it applied :)14:04
Bachstelzealso, the old debian/rules was doing that as well14:05
Bachstelzewhat you're seeing is the difference betwwen config.guess and config.sub now, and as they were the last time the package was built14:06
Bachstelzewhich was a long time ago, if you read debian/changelog14:07
kklimondahmm.. when I work on a package update using UDD, should I unapply all patches before merging new upstream version?14:20
kklimondaif I don't do that I can't figure out how to deal with patches that don't unapply cleanly.14:21
plainasso i have a debian folder in my python project with my control file, rules, etc.... is it possible to set the application to run at startup?14:31
tumbleweedkklimonda: you are using merge-upstream, right?14:31
kklimondatumbleweed: yes14:32
tumbleweedkklimonda: I can't remember how I've dealt with this before, but I can't see how unapplying all patches before merging would help14:32
tumbleweedunless you commit the patch reversal14:33
kklimondatumbleweed: yeah, I'd probably try doing something like that and it wouldn't be nice.14:34
tumbleweedaah, so, IIRC, after you've merge-upstream-ed, it leavs you with the debuntu-modifications, uncommitted14:34
tumbleweedso you can bzr revert all the upstream stuff, get the quilt patches to apply, apply them, commit14:35
Laneywhat's the point of the revert?14:37
tumbleweedso you don't have to deal with the conflict,s and fix the patches twice14:37
tumbleweed(once in the applied versions, once in the patches)14:37
LaneyI thought it would be; quilt pop; merge-upstream; quilt push (and fix conflicts); commit14:38
tumbleweedLaney: merge-upstream operates on the branch (things that have been committed), not yoru workdir14:38
Laneyoh ok, that is uncool14:39
tumbleweedbut I'm talking from memory, I haven't had to do this in a while14:39
tumbleweedof course quilt-as-loom will get around all this when that happens :)14:39
LaneyI just avoid 3.0 (quilt)14:40
Laneyor use unapply-patches14:40
tumbleweedif you are working on random universe packages in UDD, yo udon't really get that choice.14:40
kklimondathis list is great if you maintain package.. right14:41
kklimondaand we keep .pc in bzr14:41
tumbleweedyeah, I really hate that14:41
kklimondaexcept when we don't14:41
tumbleweedwe do with 3.0 (quilt), we don't with 1.0 + quilt14:41
kklimondaI've worked with transmission packaging in git (that's how debian maintainer keeps it) and it makes much more sense14:42
kklimondait's not as magical14:42
kklimondabut feels more solid14:42
tumbleweedI think patches-applied makes sense when you are maintaining your package in git, and pulling from upstream's git, less so for most MOTU tasks14:43
psusiif you are doing that though, why bother using quilt at all?14:44
kklimondaI wonder about that myself14:44
* tumbleweed doesn't have any packages like that, I'm hypothesising :) But people in situation slike that seem to be proponents of patches-applied, and it vaguely makes sense14:45
psusiseems like if you are going to track the packages with quilt then track them with quilt ( and leave them unapplied in the archive )... if you are going to track with git or bzr, then track changes with that and don't bother with quilt14:45
kklimondaisn't it why 3.0 (git) format has been created?14:46
kklimondais it used by any package?14:46
tumbleweedkklimonda: it was NACKed by the ftp-masters14:46
kklimondatumbleweed: no wonder I've heard no news about it - do you remember the reason? or link?14:48
psusiall I know is that it makes the vcs change log look like a mess when you have changes both to the original source, and bundled as a diff in patches/ and has got to be a needless duplication of effort...14:48
kklimondaI've had the dream where every distribution, and every project switches to git and we can just do it all in git.. ;)14:49
psusihehehe, amen ;)14:49
tumbleweedkklimonda: lists.debian.org/87wrrxhlr7.fsf@windlord.stanford.edu14:51
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c2tarunIs anything wrong with debian bugtracker? I submitted two bugs (one at least half an hour ago) and I didn't got any mail for the bug number.15:32
hakermaniamicahg: Hello :) What's going on with Wallch, buddy :) ?15:34
micahghakermania: sorry, it's been a busy week, will try to take a look over the weekend15:35
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tumbleweedc2tarun: you sure you sent it from the right address? Did the bug get filed (can you see it on the web interface, under the package you filed it against?)15:38
c2taruntumbleweed: I filed few more by same method. let me check on debian page15:38
tumbleweedalso, I think the BTS does greylisting, so it may take a while before the message is accepted...15:38
c2taruntumbleweed: sure I'll wait :)15:40
dholbachLast day of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek starting in 15 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:45
hakermaniamicahg: OK, no problem :) Take your time!15:49
kklimondadholbach: any chance you could add me to ubuntu-sponsors?15:50
dholbachkklimonda, sure, just a sec15:50
dholbachkklimonda, done15:51
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debfxkklimonda: the qwebview designer plugin is going to return soon :)16:03
kklimondadebfx: awesome :)16:03
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MTecknologyIf something was originally GNU GPLv2 and a fork was made from it; can the fork be DEP-5 ?16:56
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micahgMTecknology: DEP-5 is a documentation standard, not a license16:57
MTecknologyor is DEP-5 not a license: I've never seen it before so I'm kind of confused16:57
MTecknologymicahg: thanks :)16:59
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geserari-tczew: re your requestsync crash: does it happen every time? (I didn't had any sync request to file in the recent past so didn't use requestsync recently)17:21
ari-tczewgeser: I got it once and dunno whether it happens every time - no point to use requestsync anymore ATM. Problem has been resolved. More questions, ask tumbleweed.17:49
tumbleweedgeser: yes, it would happen every time, it was due to a stale WADL cache17:53
* micahg is still using requestsync 17:54
gesertumbleweed: is this a problem of requestsync and should it do something about it?17:55
tumbleweedgeser: it's a problem with launchpadlib, they are aware of the issue17:55
tumbleweed(well there's an open bug)17:55
kklimondais ther use of syncpackage still discouraged by archive admins?17:56
micahgalso fails on maverick backport, so if there are minimum version requirements, they should be specified17:56
tumbleweedmicahg: what fails, and how?17:56
ari-tczewmicahg: I mean that I don't have a demand to use requestsync. It doesn't mean that I don't request syncs anymore.17:56
* micahg upgrades again so it can fail17:56
tumbleweedkklimonda: yes17:56
tumbleweedgeser: for the record, bug 71462117:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 714621 in Launchpad itself "Reevaluate our WADL caching strategy under continuous deployment" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71462117:58
micahgtumbleweed: weird, it seems to want to work now, last night it was temperamental17:59
tumbleweedmicahg: any recollection what the issue was?17:59
micahgpython backtrace of some sort, I think when polling the packages18:01
tumbleweedmicahg: try requestsync firestarter, does it show you th eduplicate18:02
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tumbleweed(--lp of course)18:03
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micahgtumbleweed: I was having some trouble with authorization last night, that could've been it18:03
micahgtumbleweed: ah, that did it, got a backtrace, do you want to see it?18:04
tumbleweedmicahg: was it something about a missing web_link attribute?18:04
micahgtumbleweed: yes18:04
tumbleweedmicahg: rm -rf ~/.launchpadlib/*/cache18:04
tumbleweedand it'll work again18:04
micahgthat's the WADL stuff?18:05
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* tumbleweed must run18:05
micahgtumbleweed: thanks and have a good weekend18:05
ari-tczewif package in main Depends on package in universe, move it in d/control to Recommends is enough?18:27
ari-tczewI'm merging sane-backends with Debian and in delta we have moved it from Depends to Suggests, but Debian moved it to Recommends.18:28
ari-tczewIf Recommends is fine, I'd like to stick with Debian.18:28
ari-tczewAdvices are welcome. ;-)18:29
geserMy guess is it should stay in Suggests for Ubuntu18:31
ari-tczewgeser: why?18:32
geserI'm not fully sure about it but as Recommends are installed by default nowadays, Recommends for packages in main should be available in main18:32
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ari-tczewgeser: Would be nice to look into technical documentation.18:33
geserI'm trying to find something18:34
geserwhich either supports or contradicts my statement18:35
mr_pouitI think it should stay in suggests too18:35
geserari-tczew: http://people.canonical.com/~cjwatson/ubuntu-policy/policy.html/ch-archive.html#s-main18:36
geser* must not require a package outside of main for compilation or execution (thus, the package must not declare a "Depends", "Recommends", or "Build-Depends" relationship on a non-main package)18:37
ari-tczewgeser, mr_pouit: OK, I'll keep them in Suggests. Thanks geser.18:38
mr_pouitgrmpf, requestsync now asks me to authorize it on LP at every call…19:03
gesermr_pouit: with python-launchpadlib 1.9?19:04
mr_pouitgeser: no, 1.8.0-219:05
geserwhich Ubuntu version are you running?19:06
mr_pouitsid ;-)19:06
geserand u-d-t 0.119?19:07
mr_pouitI removed .launchpadlib and .cache/lp_credentials, but it doesn't change anything19:08
geserrequestsync got recently upgraded to work with python-launchpadlib 1.9 (ie. let python-launchpadlib handle the authorization completely)19:09
geseryou might ask leonardr (on #launchpad, probably after the weekend) if the code to work with python-launchpadlib 1.9 should also correctly work with 1.8 too (or if we should bump the dependency to >= 1.9)19:11
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mr_pouitgeser: I just built python-launchpadlib 1.9 on sid, and it works as expected, so u-d-t 0.119 should  bump the dep19:41
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ari-tczewDktrKranz: around?20:50
ari-tczewDktrKranz: oh, great. Do you remember what's the point of this change? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/natty/sane-backends-extras/natty/revision/1220:53
DktrKranzari-tczew: IIRC, it was to get rid of an old libtool NBS20:54
ari-tczewDktrKranz: Can I drop it if package builds fine without it?20:54
DktrKranz99,9% could go away20:54
ari-tczewDktrKranz: OK, I'll test build and get you back the information. ;-)20:56
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ari-tczewDktrKranz: Built fine. Dropping.21:05
kamalwho can kill a PPA build for me?  (its a kernel targeted to the wrong distro -- hate to have it clog up the builder for hours).21:06
ari-tczewkamal: ask on #launchpad21:06
kamalari-tczew: ty21:06
ari-tczewkamal: np21:06
paultagkamal: go to the source of the package detail and request delete21:07
paultagkamal: I just did the same thing two hours ago21:07
kamalpaultag: I've done that, but the builds are already running, and don't appear to be stopping21:07
paultagkamal: oh, then it's past the point of no return21:07
ari-tczew!sru | ubottu21:07
ubottuari-tczew: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates21:07
ubottuFeature Freeze Exception. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess for the freeze exception process.21:13
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ari-tczewbdrung, tumbleweed, geser: when I entry wrong password while requestsync: http://paste.ubuntu.com/575727/21:56
bdrungari-tczew: file a bug21:57
ari-tczewbdrung: why it now asks me twice for passwords?21:59
ari-tczewprevious requestsync didn't ask and I was happy.21:59
bdrungari-tczew: because of heavy changes in launchpadlib21:59
ari-tczewbdrung: is it possible to workaround?21:59
bdrungari-tczew: dunno. you may ask in #launchpad22:00
tumbleweedari-tczew: is this from a gnome session?22:02
tumbleweedsee ubuntu-dev-tools' NEWS file22:03
ari-tczewtumbleweed: nope22:03
tumbleweedari-tczew: that bug has been passed upstream to python-keyring, but there are known workarounds (sort-of)22:04
ari-tczewbdrung: bug 72938322:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 729383 in ubuntu-dev-tools (Ubuntu) "[requestsync] Traceback when password is wrong" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72938322:11
tumbleweedari-tczew: what password was wrong?22:13
ari-tczewtumbleweed: do you want to get to know my password?22:13
tumbleweedari-tczew: no, I mean did you get a gnome-keyring password dialog?22:14
ari-tczewtumbleweed: dunno whether gnome-keyring, but 1st was kwallet and 2nd was pinentry, I guess.22:15
ari-tczewand I dunno which password it needs.22:15
tumbleweedari-tczew: ok, but it works when you get the password right?22:16
tumbleweedari-tczew: it'll need your login password (I assume) basically whatever password protects your kwallet22:18
ari-tczewtumbleweed: I forgot password :/22:19
tumbleweedari-tczew: I guess you'll have to delete your kwallet password-store then22:20
ari-tczewtumbleweed: how?22:20
tumbleweedit's in ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet/ according to google22:21
tumbleweedari-tczew: just committed the download-specified-version support to pull-{lp,debian}-source we discussed22:49
ari-tczewtumbleweed: how it works now?22:51
ari-tczewif I want to get source from snapshot22:51
tumbleweedari-tczew: I'll trigger a PPA build22:53
tumbleweedoh, that's already in the queue22:54
lfaraoneA MOTU just uploaded version 0.3.7-2ubuntu1 of a package I  maintain in Debian. That's fine, except one problem: the latest version in unstable is 0.3.7-1. When I release the *right* 0.3.7-2, how can I ensure that gets moved over to Ubuntu?23:23
paultaglfaraone: sounds like someone screwed up :(23:26
lfaraoneI'm actually at a loss how the uploader came across the changes I had in VCS which were previously unpublished, the UDD branch for my package only has the released version. (Ubuntu's changelog of pithos now has an "UNRELEASED" entry that its basing on)23:26
paultaglfaraone: might have to either bump to 3 up or ask for that package to get removed :(23:26
paultaglfaraone: +123:26
lfaraonemerde. it was published 21 minutes ago.23:27
lfaraonetoo late to get it removed now. <_<;23:27
paultaglfaraone: at least now you get to yell at the MOTU who did it :)23:27
lfaraoneoooh, he's @canonical.com.23:28
paultaglfaraone: :D23:28
Ampelbeinlfaraone: pithos?23:28
lfaraoneAmpelbein: yep.23:28
broderlfaraone: there are other options than uploading a -3. you could upload a -2, and then we could merge it as -2ubuntu223:28
Ampelbeinlfaraone: I asked in #ubuntu-desktop23:28
broder(or the always excellent -2ubuntu1reallyjust2)23:28
Ampelbeinlfaraone: ken is in there23:29
lfaraoneAmpelbein: there were no changes in -2, other than including changelog entries that were lost in -1, but I was going to roll out a -2 with the patch Ken just uploaded.23:29
* lfaraone joins and waves.23:29

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