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=== micahg changed the topic of #ubuntu-mozillateam to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Mozilla Team (Chromium too!): | Firefox 4.0b12 in Firefox Beta PPA 9.10-10.10 http://is.gd/f6TM4 | Firefox 3.6.15/Seamonkey 2.0.12 in http://is.gd/dsudW need testing | Firefox 3.6.14 in Hardy-Maverick | Thunderbird 3.1.8 in Lucid-Natty | Report Mozilla PPA bugs here: http://is.gd/hdZc1
LLStarkshmmm, getting osmesa to work with webgl on 4.0 is hard04:59
vishi'm running the ppa in maverick and the latest update to FF4 depends on global menu, will that break firefox?06:50
vishi mean, it asks to install the new firefox4.0-globalmenu package06:51
vishis it required in maverick?06:51
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Brownoutvish: looks more like a recommend than a dependency13:47
ftamicahg, jdstrand_: fyi, I found a bug in cdbs triggered by the codecs merge: http://paste.ubuntu.com/575555/16:16
micahgfta: ok, I think installing a changelog is minor, but it would be great to fix on the next upload, thanks for catching that16:18
ftabug 19457416:27
micahgfta: we lost our bot apparently16:37
ftamicahg, yep. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cdbs/+bug/19457416:38
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vishis firefox4.0-globalmenu essential in maverick? will it be a problem or is it just an extension?18:49
vishmicahg: ^ any suggestions?20:41
micahgvish: it won't do anything w/out unity21:07
vishcool, thx! :) /me updates21:07
ftasick of that 1000+ in greader22:48
ftaimpossible to catch up22:48
BUGabundoI'm fine22:54
BUGabundoI prioritize mine22:54
BUGabundohad most read22:54
BUGabundodo you want my shared feed?22:54
ftaBUGabundo, why not23:03
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ftadoesn't work23:08
BUGabundoone - too much23:09
ftahm, i just see the title in reader23:13
BUGabundo6,774¬†views of 1076 items     16,808¬†clicks back to the site on  2652 items23:13
BUGabundohad no idea so many ppl reading that23:13
BUGabundofta: that's strange23:15
BUGabundogreader should pick up the last few items23:15
chrisccoulsonvish, firefox-4.0-globalmenu should be an empty package in maverick23:47
chrisccoulson(sorry, i've been out all day)23:47

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