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adubhi guys is there a way to have pulse to not interfere with myth02:23
adubmy hdmi sound is not working and someone said this could be the cuase02:23
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superm1kees, would you mind glancing over bug 728371?03:06
ZinnBug 728371 in mythbuntu-live-autostart (Ubuntu) "MythTV setup failed with "Cannot login"" [Critical, Confirmed] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/72837103:06
superm1i'm at a bit^D^D^Dmajor loss what's going on.  the code for configuring a database hasn't changed in ages, but for some reason it doesn't seem to work anymore.  mysql doesn't get spawned in a chroot properly03:06
superm1all sorts of peculiar errors like non-accessible hardlink creation was attempted by: mysqld (fsuid 102)03:07
superm1this is the code in particular that's being ran: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu-dev/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-live-autostart/view/head:/ubiquity/plugins/myth-install-type.py#L14703:08
Zinn[bazaar.launchpad.net] ~mythbuntu-dev/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-live-autostart : contents of ubiquity/plugins/myth-install-type.py at revision 14703:08
keessuperm1: sure, in a bit. something funny must be going on. hardlink restrictions were in maverick without this problem hmmm03:13
keeswhy do people insist on putting things in chroots?03:17
keessuperm1: that reconfigure doesn't fail if run manually?03:18
keesoh that's the install chroot. got it03:19
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keeslink() isn't called anywhere in the mysql code (it uses rename()). so weird03:36
fluvvell!help broadband04:07
Zinn!help broadband For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].04:07
superm1kees, hmm.  could this have something to do with upstart's plans to grow support for chroots in some fashion?05:32
superm1i'm not sure if that eventually happened05:32
superm1gah.... https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/0.9.0-1ubuntu305:32
Zinn[launchpad.net] 0.9.0-1ubuntu3 : “upstart” package : Ubuntu05:32
superm1and that explains why this is a fairly recent phenomena05:33
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keessuperm1: it's really strange regardless. what's the easiest way for me to reproduce the issue locally?05:52
superm1kees, grab a3 mythbuntu and do an install is the easiest05:53
superm1i think what's happening is that the upstart managed job from the chroot spits it's /var/run/mysqld/mysql.sock outside the chroot05:53
superm1so stuff launchedi n the chroot doesn't know about it05:53
superm1once you've got the install done, you can reproduce at will by running those 3 commands I linked to in succession from cmdline05:54
keessuperm1: okay, cool; I'll try it in the morning05:59
superm1kees, cool thanks.  i *think* this diff will fix both problems: http://paste.ubuntu.com/575327/ . but it's probably better to figure out what's really happening that hardlinks are being attempted in the first place for the first problem06:04
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin06:04
superm1kees, well that patch I proposed last night gets the install all the way through properly consistently, but i think that sysctl thing is a bit hacky, so if you figure out what's going on that the kernel is complaining, lemme know and i'll drop that part14:37
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Newbuntu81Has anyone running mythbuntu 10.10 recently updated to the 2.6.35-27-generic kernel and is now having trouble?15:25
rhpot199`Newbuntu81: what kind of trouble?15:27
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Newbuntu81I used to be able to run v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video1 --set-freq=61.250, then mplayer /dev/video0 and it would show tv. I have not yet been able to get this working with myth.  After the kernel update last night, I can't tune the station in manually in mplayer anymore either.15:32
kees_superm1: yeah, that's just a work-around and shouldn't be needed. i'll get to the bottom of it today. :)15:50
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dewmanhey there....is there any trick to getting 6200ch.c to compile under mythbuntu? I am getting a strange error when trying to get it compiled. http://pastebin.com/gbBzcChp16:39
Zinn[pastebin.com] rob@dell:/tmp$ cc -std=gnu99 -o 6200ch 6200ch.c -lavc1394 -lrom1394 -lraw1394 - Pastebin.com16:39
rhpot1991dewman: how did you get the source?16:43
Newbuntu81 anyone have the HVR 2250 working in mythtv with Mythbuntu 10.10?17:01
dewmanrhpot1991, I downloaded it from the mythtv wiki, just copied and pasted it into a txt editor.17:35
rhpot1991dewman: thinking thats your issue, you got bad characters in there17:40
rhpot1991dewman: use mythwikiscripts to get it17:47
dewmanrhpot1991, got it....hehe.. the little things get you....17:48
dewmanrhpot1991, do you know anything about this 6200 script for firewire?17:58
dewmanit seems to default to node 1 for what ever reason.17:58
rhpot1991dewman: check the flags17:58
rhpot1991you should do it by GUID17:58
rhpot1991-g I think17:58
dewmanopps...LOL, dang I am not with it today..18:00
rhpot1991dewman: if you do by GUID then it doesn't matter if it changes node or anything18:01
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dewmanrhpot1991, I think i got it...now....for the hard stuff..18:53
dewmanhow to compile video_source.cpp and firewire_device.cpp18:53
rhpot1991dewman: what are those for?18:58
dewmanrhpot1991, this might help.... lol...Just trying to get firewire to work with myth and my cable box.   http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/474069#47406919:00
Zinn[www.gossamer-threads.com] Fire-wire / Motorola DCX-3200M | MythTV | Users19:00
rhpot1991hmmmm thats rather annoying19:02
rhpot1991dewman: save yourself some trouble: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0018LX0DY?ie=UTF8&tag=baablogicnet-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0018LX0DY19:03
dewmanyeah, i was just told that I would have to recompile the entrie program....19:03
rhpot1991dewman: do you have a PPA?19:05
dewmanI do..19:05
rhpot1991dewman: so easier method, pull our source, add your patch in then build it on your ppa19:06
dewmano...opps. I thought you meant, am i using the ppa19:06
rhpot1991or easiest method buy a hdpvr and don't mess with firewire cause it sucks :)19:07
dewmanI was trying to do this cheap...LOL...19:07
rhpot1991dewman: I used to use firewire and finally gave up and cut it out19:08
rhpot1991use it for channel changing now, thats it19:08
rhpot1991reliability isn't there19:08
dewmanok....I will see if I can get my hdhr to tune some of these crazy channels that charter sends down then.19:10
rhpot1991dewman: http://www.mythbuntu.org/wiki/developer-cheatsheet19:10
Zinn[www.mythbuntu.org] Developer Cheatsheet | Mythbuntu19:10
rhpot1991should help you with building19:10
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keeswowo, I haven't done a myth install in a really long time. the QR code thing is cool :)19:23
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keessuperm1: so... my install finished without errors. where would I normally see it?19:31
superm1kees, so check /var/log/syslog19:31
superm1or if you already rebooted, you'll see that you can't connect to the DB19:32
superm1in which case, /var/log/installer/syslog is where you would look19:32
keesI haven't rebooted; it's just at the "Restart Now" problem.19:32
* kees goes looking around in the install fs19:32
superm1you used a3 not today's daily right?19:33
keesah yeah, there it is in dmesg19:33
superm1so i believe if you don't reboot, you can also reproduce at will now by just running sudo chroot /target dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.1 or so19:33
keesokay, trying now...19:34
keesit prompts for the mysql root pw... shouldn't that already be preseeded?19:34
superm1the debconf database is cleared of it at this point19:35
superm1rerunning dpkg-reconfigure is setting up a "new" password for it19:36
keesthis is really weird.19:38
keesin /var/log/syslog I see the rename errors19:38
keesbut looking at the files... they're totally fine19:38
keesi.e. owned by mysql:mysql19:38
keessuperm1: so, one thing I noticed is that mysqld is running outside the /target chroot19:42
superm1well is it thougH?19:42
keesyeah /proc/../root points to /19:43
superm1so how can that happen?19:43
superm1something to do with upstart's chroot support?19:43
* kees suspects upstart silliness19:43
keesit *still* doesn't explain the hardlink restriction issue, though19:44
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keesit's the readlink call that is failing.... wtf19:52
keessuperm1: the root cause of the problem is that mysqld is running outside the chroot. does the a3 upstart actually handle chrooted services starting?19:56
keessuperm1: because if I kill the running mysqld, dpkg-reconfigure explodes19:56
superm1kees, yes it does, looks like it got uploaded 4 days ago19:56
superm1i'm not sure if that's how upstart is supposed to do it, or if that's actually a bug19:57
keesit looks like it's wrong19:57
keesi.e. there is only 1 init running19:57
keesand from inside the chroot, it has no idea about the mysql server19:58
superm1try sudo chroot /target status mysql19:58
superm1and compare to status mysql (ie outside the chroot)19:58
superm1upstart knows about the one in the chroot, but not the one outside19:58
keesstatus: Unknown job: mysql19:58
keessuperm1: though this would technically explain the hardlink errors: it's treating the namespaces as separate. i.e. trying to do a link between the outside and inside of a chroot19:59
keesthough I haven't proven that yet19:59
superm1i swear it was the other way around yesterday, and that I could actually run status in the chroot...20:00
keesalso, no, I must be wrong about the link errors still. man... I really can't tell where that's coming from. /me studies the strace again20:02
keesthere's not a single EPERM in the entire strace.20:03
keesI wonder if it's the mysqld outside the chroot triggering those...20:04
superm1well i suppose it's a matter of timing - are they showing up before start mysql gets called and it shows up outside the chroot?20:05
superm1or during the mysqld bootstrap sequence that the postinst runs20:05
keesinteresting... it's entirely during "service mysql start" outside the chroot20:06
keesmy head is spinning20:07
superm1glad i'm not the only crazy one here :)20:07
keesokay, so, it seems quite clear to me that upstart is not, actually, doing the right thing with the chroot20:08
keeswhile /etc/init/mysql.conf.disabled and /target/etc/init/mysql.conf seem to be set up right, mysqld gets started in / not /target20:08
superm1it shouldn't even be parsing /etc/init/mysql.conf.disabled though should it ?20:09
keesthat's why I'm confused.20:09
keeswhat tells upstart to read /target/etc/init ?20:09
superm1just grepping the source briefly, i'm only seeing references to an additional stanza in upstart jobs for specifying chroots20:14
keeshave you verified that the daily actually ends up with the right password in the users table?20:29
keesI _still_ can't recreate the link error. I've found the place where it's failing (mysqld itself doing a rename) but I don't understand why it fails. doing those actions manually as mysql user succeeds *tear out hair*20:30
keesoh... reproduced it.20:33
keesstill horribly confused. :)20:33
keessuperm1: I think this might be an aufs bug. http://paste.ubuntu.com/575694/20:48
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin20:48
superm1kees, cool!20:55
superm1well i'm glad i threw this your way, this is far lower level than i was about to investigate20:55
keessuperm1: yeah, now that I can reproduce it, I'll dig further.20:56
keessuperm1: I worry that the yama-disable work-around just papers over the real problem: mysql is running in /var/lib/mysql instead of /target/var/lib/mysql.20:56
keessuperm1: but I'll continue to work on this yama-vs-aufs bug20:57
superm1at least for the purposes of setting up mysql in the chroot, it's actually an N/A20:57
superm1because mysql just gets started at the "end" of the postinst so it's ready to go20:57
superm1so it won't cause any problems on the end system (as long as it's manually respawned in the chroot)20:58
keesah. I was worried that the preseeded passwords wouldn't make it into the final /target filesystem20:58
superm1i *think* they will20:58
superm1i'll double check20:58
keeslet me open a bug in LP for the yama-vs-aufs, and can you add a link to it in the code where you disable yama during the install? should be easy to track for removal when it's fixed at some point.20:59
superm1yes, that'd be great20:59
keesone, sec sec20:59
keessuperm1: okay, it's bug 72933821:06
ZinnBug 729338 in linux (Ubuntu) "yama hardlink restriction misbehaves under aufs" [Undecided, New] http://www.launchpad.net/bugs/72933821:06
superm1k thanks.  i'll subscribe to it and add a note to the code about it21:07

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