necreoInteresting, I suppose there aren't any projects on #freenode where you can get a project cloak from easily? :P00:25
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Jordan_Unecreo: If you want to become a legitimate developer for Super GRUB2 Disk I could probably get you one. But it's probably not worth it just for a cloak :)00:27
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necreoFigured so ;-)00:29
rwwdo PDPC donation cloaks override gateway cloaks...?00:56
tonyyarussorww: I think !unaffiliated does.01:13
jribnecreo: you should setup the bshellz-cloaks project :)01:13
necreojrib: haha :P01:15
necreoNo I found a project that was going to set up a group cloak some years ago but stopped after it looked like too much of a hassle01:15
necreoSo now I've taking it upon myself to register them myself01:16
tonyyarussoGood call - it is a hassle :P01:16
jribmaybe you can have upstream/notreallyinvolvedinthisdeadproject/necreo01:16
necreolol :)01:17
Amaranthrww: They actually seem to have removed by chanserv unban access03:33
* Pici wonders what metta is doing04:56
rwwThey've been acting similarly in other channels (-us-ca and -beginners, for example). I'll leave that ban set overnight and hope they're less spammy tomorrow.05:06
rwwhrm. silent netsplit, or are the bots just being weird?05:45
rwwah, inter-server lag. there we go.05:45
Tm_Ttopyli: beat me to it08:52
elkyi really need to get some headphones, my laptop speakers simply can't deal with NIN10:12
ubottuflickeringlamp called the ops in #ubuntu ()10:39
ikonialooking at it10:39
ubottuIn ubottu, the-prototype said: sudo is all powerful basically, i understand that. which is why i want to know how to properly put the following in terminal "--sudo-mode, -S11:23
elkyI think olit was scoping out the linuxchix server before12:19
bazhanghe seems to be trolling12:19
bazhangand he knows many of the ops; he pointed me out to a user in #ubuntu12:20
Piciolit was being helpful the other day.12:52
ikoniabeing "odd" now12:53
ikoniakeeps telling people "maybe $X can helpyou" randomly12:54
elkyand insisting people are telling him im a bot13:00
bazhangin -ot13:01
elkyfailing on many levels13:07
elkyjust sayin'13:07
PiciLjL: :P13:58
topylistupid wiki14:00
topylioh. igoogle has something like "friends" who can share stuff such as photos, and you'll see "updates" from them14:12
topylii wonder if anybody uses that. or if anybody uses igoogle to begin with14:12
* LjL doesn't know what igoogle is :P14:12
topyliLjL: it's the "personal homepage" with gadgets14:13
PiciI've never used it14:14
topylii've set mine up at one point: http://i.imgur.com/dV2Vl.png14:15
topyliit felt like it could be useful, but if you look at that, it's all been eventually integrated into gmail14:16
jussiI use mine regularly. it allows email, weather, news headlines all in the same place.14:16
topyliso yoeah14:16
topylijussi: oh, and i just realized that terhi right there uses it14:17
topyliheh. none of my widgets work in the mobile igoogle. gmail's mobile gadget doesn't support https, which i require, and the calendar and tasks widgets just link to the dedicated mobile version14:20
jussiRight, just a quick reminder Im off to Hong Kong tomorrow, so I wont be around terribly much, but feel free to PM - Ill get back to you when I can.14:22
bazhangolit, hi14:34
olitwhy does ikonia behaves like that14:34
bazhangolit, was there some issue in the ubuntu channels you needed help with14:35
olitits not serious though14:35
olitbut i found ikonia rude14:36
bazhangolit, was there a substantive issue you had to discuss?14:40
olitno as such ,, but i wonder how a person like iomega_failed could use bad language but14:41
olitmy some cheeky advice was rebuked as nonsense14:41
LjLiomega_failed was warned. if he had continued, he'd have been removed.14:42
olitikonia never warned him14:42
jungliula la la la la ala ullle oooo14:43
* marienz raises an eyebrow14:43
LjLolit: other operators did.14:43
olityesterday some other guy got kicked by him14:43
bazhangit happens14:44
oliti got some remarks like " don't tell others to speak to others"14:44
olitwhats this?14:44
LjLolit: well14:44
bazhangolit, you were pointing others to helpers.14:44
olitops have power,huh?14:44
LjLolit: you kept randomly saying "XYZ will help you with this"14:44
LjLwhy did you do that?14:44
olithe would he kept there asking his question14:45
bazhangit just adds noise to the channel14:45
olitit was better to satisfy him with some answer14:45
LjLolit: hmm. well, no, not really14:45
LjLit's not a good idea to point to random people14:45
LjLit's rude to highlight them14:45
LjLand it's rude to "make" them help when, possibly, they don't want to14:46
olithighlight what?14:46
LjLhighlight their nickname14:46
LjLwhen you say "LjL", you highlight me14:46
oliti fear i will be kicked out and possibly by iknoni*14:47
jpds!guidelines | olit14:48
ubottuolit: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:48
bazhangolit, just dont re-direct to other helpers14:48
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EvilPhoenixany ops around for #ubuntu?  there seems to be a troll in your midst...16:36
rwwWhich one?16:37
EvilPhoenix<free_node_failin> ahhahahahahaha16:37
EvilPhoenix<free_node_failin> ahhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa16:37
EvilPhoenixthat guy16:37
rwwyeah, I saw. Thanks, though :)16:37
EvilPhoenixhe was already shot by opers in #freenode with a +q for trolling16:37
EvilPhoenixand trying to insult me so meh16:37
EvilPhoenixyep no problem, rww16:37
micahghi, we seem to have lost our ubot in #ubuntu-mozillateam16:38
rwwmicahg: We just got hit with a netsplit. Could that be why, or has it been missing for a while?16:39
micahga little over an hour16:39
rwwmicahg: Looks like it restarted and ended up as ubot4`, but never made it in there. I'll see what I can do.16:42
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rwwor rather,16:43
rwwhrm, I was going to poke jpds, but we're missing a jpds.16:43
micahgrww: thanks16:44
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rwwmicahg: I'm going off to work, but I'll look in on it again in a few hours and try to get it sorted out.16:45
micahgrww: thanks16:45
rwwIf anyone else is around: free_node_failin in #ubuntu is indeed likely to be causing problems, and the FloodBots are probably going to go crazy with all of these netsplits. Have fun, I'm off to push book carts around ;P16:47
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ikoniahelloo Guest94364 ?17:40
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ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (50))17:49
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (48))17:49
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood (52))17:49
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ikoniaGuest94364: hello, are you active ?18:22
Guest94364ikonia: Yes18:35
ikoniaahh cool, you're active18:35
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necreoThere was a problem when I logged in and I didn't get authenticated immediately18:36
ikoniaI guessed18:36
Nitro-Junglio la la la la la ole lo18:49
LjLdoes he always do that18:52
* h00k facepalms18:53
mneptokwasn't Jungli proclaiming a few weeks ago how sorry he was, how he wanted to start afresh, etc etc?18:55
ikoniawhat a waste of time18:59
ikoniahe's forwarded here, so he's trying to join #ubuntu and getting forwarded18:59
rwwmight want to remove the forward part of that banforward :\18:59
ikoniahandy to know when he's online and want nick he's using19:00
ikoniahe uses other hosts bzshells for example19:00
ikoniaso knowing his nick of the "moment" is useful19:00
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ubottuIn ubottu, Nisstyre said: !tisane is An herbal tea, tisane, or ptisan is an herbal infusion made from anything other than the leaves of the tea bush (Camellia sinensis).20:07
PiciThat would be 'not useful'20:12
genii-aroundSorry, I kind of got that started by using !coffee there...20:13
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h00kgenii-around: it's all your fault.20:18
genii-aroundh00k: I accept blame. < sneaks more coffee in the corner >20:19
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Tm_Tnecreo: hi, how can we help you?21:03
Ampelbeinhi! who do we have to contact to get ubottu/ubot2 back in #ubuntu-desktop?21:13
rwwAmpelbein: jpds, who isn't around right now >.>21:14
rww(someone else was in earlier asking about ubot4)21:14
Ampelbeinah, ok.21:14
AmpelbeinI shall wait till tomorrow then!21:14
Ampelbeincya around ;-)21:15
rwwI'll poke him if I see him. ttyl21:15
charlie-tcadon't suppose it helps to say ChanServ is missing there too?21:17
Tm_Tcharlie-tca: it's not needed there?21:18
rwwpresumably /msg chanserv set #channelname guard off is set.21:18
charlie-tcaI see21:18
rwwthe main use of turning it on is preserving channel modes if the channel is empty, afaik21:18
Tm_Trww: pretty much, yes, and that's not likely in crowded channels21:19
Picicharlie-tca: its not in #ubuntu either21:30
rwwY'all should add it to #ubuntu, just in case it's empty.21:31
bazhangexpired seemed very unhelpful22:57
rwwmeh, bantracker doesn't track +b $a:foo, apparently :\23:30
rwwThe huge drop on http://status.nullcortex.com/other/other/ircbans.html over the last two or three weeks makes me happy :)23:42

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