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dokoScottK: gcc-4.5 test packages available in the ubuntu-toolchain-r PPA. feedback appreciated03:13
ScottKdoko: I'll see if I can get someone to test them.03:52
pittiskaet_, slangasek: (dpkg) that's fine -- after all, I actually said I'd want it for a3, to give it more testing :)07:31
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ScottKdoko: I'm told if we built qt4-x11 with gcc4.5 and then build phonon or kde4libs a build success will be indicative of success.  Could you grab qt4-x11 from the archive, drop the bit that forces it to gcc4.4, and upload it to the toolchain PPA?13:18
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cody-somervillelamont, Has mksquashfs ever hung before that you know of (with regards to Ubuntu image builders)?18:46
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lamontcody-somerville: not that I've seen18:53
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rwwHi. Did Ubuntu Alpha 3 come out? I don't see an email about it on the ubuntu-devel-announce web interface, but people keep saying it has :(22:27
* rww throws a 'Natty' in there somewhere22:27
charlie-tcarww: announcement might be stuck in the queue22:47
charlie-tcahere is the one to qa, though:22:48
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charlie-tcaubuntu-devel-announce does not have this yet22:49
* slangasek pushes it through22:56
rwwslangasek, charlie-tca: Thanks :)22:58
slangasekrww: thanks for letting us know!22:58

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