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jibel_primes2h, ping11:25
primes2hhey jibel11:25
jibel_good morning primes2h11:25
jibel_I reviewed the laptop testing code. It's fine.11:26
primes2hjibel_: good morning you too.11:26
primes2hjibel_: Oh, that's nice.11:26
jibel_primes2h, I'm sorry it took that long, but there was tons of things to do with a3 testing.11:27
jibel_I'll merge it. Do you have an updated of the logo ?11:27
primes2hjibel_: np about that, I know. :-)11:28
primes2hjibel_: yes, I did a commit about that11:28
jibel_primes2h, oh cool, I'll didn't notice. I'll let you know when I'll have a date for the publication to the server, I hope early next week.11:30
primes2hhere you have, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~primes2h/ubuntu-qa-website/implement_laptop_testing/revision/15511:30
primes2hjibel_: Great! Let me know when you do that, so we can start testing a bit the tracker11:31
primes2hand then be ready to announce it.11:32
primes2hjibel_: Thank you very much for your helpfulness.11:34
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