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kaiohi how to set up network in CLI?13:39
ChuSiangkaio: hi14:20
ChuSiangyou cam use the command14:20
kaioChuSiang, which14:20
ChuSiangkaio: ifconfig eth0 up # start eth0 inferface14:21
ChuSiangor edit /etc/network/interface14:22
ChuSiang【Network】PPPoE 撥接上網(ADSL) - http://jonny.ubuntu-tw.net/2008/08/networkpppoe-adsl.html14:23
ChuSiang【Network】修改固定IP - http://jonny.ubuntu-tw.net/2008/03/networkip.html14:23
ChuSiangif you only use dhcp, you also can keyin 'sudo dhclient eth0'14:24
kaioChuSiang, what if I dont have eth0 in my sys?14:25
kaiowhen I run 'ifconfig'14:26
ChuSiangkaio: you can use 'ifconfig' look info interface14:28
kaioonly lo seen14:29
ChuSiangkaio: oh, this is a guest os ?14:30
ChuSiangon virtualbox or vmware !?14:30
kaioon beagleboard14:30
ChuSiangOrz ...14:31
ChuSiangsorry, I didn`t use Embedded linux ...14:33
ChuSiangbut,  debian base system config is in /etc/network/interface14:33
ChuSiangand You can use 'setup' to set up network on redhat bash system14:34
kaioChuSiang, I am ok with rh series linux14:38
kaiobut not debian series14:38
ChuSiangDo you check your network driver !?14:41
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