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iheartubuntuvery strange why a uni would block the virtualbox website02:26
iheartubuntuhello markdude, how are ya02:31
MarkDudeHow are things with you iheartubuntu ?02:31
iheartubuntuworking on website02:32
iheartubuntuwas trying to reach the virtualbox website... wont connect here at a uni02:32
* MarkDude has some of the gooseberry seeds already starting02:58
MarkDudethey are slow - so the sooner the better. I plan to have at least 10 of them in my backyard.02:58
iheartubuntuthats awesome!02:59
iheartubuntuwhere did you originally get them? on a trip someplace?02:59
MarkDudeFrom a friend that has all sorts of weird heirloom stuff03:00
MarkDudethey are from South America to start I guess03:00
* pleia2 crawled out of flu coma to send email re: SF ubuntu hour & debian meeting next week, retreats now03:30
iheartubuntuyikes. i have been feeling under the weather since tuesday03:34
iheartubuntui was great, then boom, right around lunch time it felt like someone tied chains to me03:35
iheartubuntuhope u get better pleia203:35
jledbetterOk... what in the world. seidos, pleia2 and... It's like ubuflu! but scaleflu?03:36
MarkDudejledbetter, Gareth was calling it the Scale plague03:40
MarkDudeand he was an organizer03:40
jledbetterWhy'd he put that on the agenda? Goodness ;)03:41
m4gnussorry folks, i may have been part of that issue...03:42
m4gnusi had a cold going into the expo03:43
m4gnustried using my purell as much as i could :\03:43
jledbetterWhat's that called? Patient 0?03:43
m4gnusbut to my defense it was only a cold, i saw a guy that looked pretty pale >.>03:44
jledbetterOr just something going around. Few bugs at my office too. Pair programming + something going around == unfun ;)03:45
iheartubuntum4gnus - did we meet?03:46
iheartubuntui have scaleflu! yuk!03:46
jledbetterQuarantine time! ;)03:47
m4gnusiheartubuntu, maybe? what's your name?03:47
iheartubuntui gave scaleflu to my dad!!!03:47
iheartubuntui was the guy with the chocolate donuts. i know it03:47
m4gnusoh then no...03:48
m4gnusi would definitely remember donuts03:48
m4gnusi did get to meet pleia2 and DarkwingDuck03:48
m4gnusso sorry to them if they got a cold :(03:48
jledbetteriheartubuntu, Are you nocal or socal?03:49
m4gnusok serious question: is it really nerdy to get star struck from meeting them?03:49
jledbetterThey're good peeps.03:49
m4gnusthey are, they are03:50
MarkDudem4gnus, - meeting some of these folks in person IS really cool03:57
MarkDudeAnyone up for going to hear some music in SF tomorrow night?06:08
MarkDudeup for some heavy metal nUboon2Age ?06:14
nUboon2Agejtatum_: are you able to make it to the Ubuntu Hour Palo Alto tomorrow night (Tandori Oven on California Ave)? aaditya, crashsystems ?06:14
nUboon2AgeMarkDude: heavy metal?06:14
nUboon2Agejledbetter: ^06:15
MarkDudenUboon2Age, tomorrow is the Severed Fifth show in SF06:15
MarkDudeKinda like an Ubuntu hour- since jono_ is involved, but there are guitars, and drums, as well as yelling and a moshpit- so that part is different06:17
jono_MarkDude, :-)06:17
jono_folks, come and check out the show :-)06:18
MarkDudeaaditya, might make it06:18
MarkDudeno word on grantbow yet06:18
jono_cool :-)06:19
MarkDudevsayer, you like loud music?06:21
vsayerlove it06:21
nUboon2Ageoh sounds like fun MarkDude and jono_, but i'm soooooo exhuasted i don't think i could make the train trip that would entail.  Sometime soon though. :-)06:23
nUboon2Ageokay, i have yet to hear back from jtatum_ so i hope he'll let me know.  if he's not going to come i may postpone.06:24
nUboon2Agegotta run...06:24
nUboon2Agei'll let my upgrade finish before shutting down...06:24
MarkDudevsayer, There is a show in SF tomorrow at Club Cocomo06:32
flickeringlampcan someone test my webserver for me?10:33
flickeringlampi think it's been hacked10:33
flickeringlampit's http://fictionalphilosophy.org/journal.html10:34
flickeringlampor /images10:34
flickeringlampi can't even browse to /images10:34
flickeringlampanybody awake?10:38
jyoCan't connect.10:39
flickeringlampdo you get this bogus "XML Parsing error message"?10:40
jyoNope. Address resolves but can't connect.10:43
jyoCan't ping it either.10:44
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MarkDudeDarkwingDuck, I know you are busy, but I figured I would see if you want anything to do with the creation of the ML for the Socal geeknics18:19
DarkwingDuckWhen MarkDude comes back could someone ping me?19:05
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iheartubuntuMarkDude DarkwingDuck is looking for you20:03
MarkDudeTy iheartubuntu20:04
MarkDudeI have a list of emails of folks tht are interested in geeknics20:04
MarkDudeAnd would rather have DD help set it up than a 3rd party20:04
iheartubuntuwhat exactly is a geeknic20:10
MarkDudepicnic + geeks20:11
MarkDudeAll of those events we had up here with food :)20:11
DarkwingDuckMarkDude: ping20:12
MarkDudeHey there terror that flaps in the night20:12
DarkwingDuckMarkDude: david.wonderly@kubuntu20:12
MarkDudeI have someone willing to set up  a mailing list20:13
MarkDudeI would rather we figure out our own20:13
MarkDude]/me also knows you are hella busy20:13
DarkwingDuckOkay, I'm going to be in and out. I can either convo via GTalk (david.wonderly@gmail) ormy email. I'm doing a furneral thing this weekend.20:13
MarkDudeGidget Kitchen has the ability to do it, but thinks SoCal would like its own20:14
DarkwingDuckI would like to have our own...20:14
MarkDudeSo talking to you about this is cool?20:14
DarkwingDuckOh yes!20:14
MarkDudeJust dont want to waste time20:14
MarkDudeGood deal20:14
MarkDudeI will email and attach a few to start it off20:14
DarkwingDuckOkay sweet20:14
MarkDudeGK will post the start dialog20:15
DarkwingDuckMarkDude: you have GTalk?20:15
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MarkDudewell did20:15
* MarkDude is on 3rd string laptop20:15
DarkwingDuck:) Don't use it?20:15
MarkDudeLong story20:16
MarkDudeI just want us to have some notes to document the start of this20:17
* MarkDude likes doing things TOSW20:17
MarkDudeWe can do chat- and take relevant notes- the list should be typed up next week20:18
MarkDudeNext time having folks TYPE stuff in might save time- well you live and learn20:19
phoenix3jtatum: i'm thinking i'll postpone the Ubuntu Hour: Palo Alto to another date.23:42

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