MichelleQitnet7: when you get a minute, PM me please sir?01:30
Chloricgood evening florida02:00
xfGoldenOne pit here in florida .. wooden decks rot out in record time .. 02:41
tiemonsterAnyone around this morning?13:05
mhall119morning tiemonster 14:53
tiemonstermhall119: hey there14:53
tiemonstercan I get your opinion on something?14:53
tiemonsterhow secret should load data for a server be?14:54
tiemonsterI'm thinking of exposing uptime, load averages, memory and CPU usage via a web service14:54
mhall119what do you mean?14:54
tiemonsterand I'm wondering how much I should worry about security14:54
mhall119well, it might tell a potential attacker when their attacks are having an impact14:59
mhall119in theory it could expose information about what versions of software you're running14:59
tiemonsterI have HTTP basic auth on there15:00
mhall119for example, if there's an apache bug that causes CPU usage to spike for a certain kind of HTTP request, they can use that to know that you're running a version prior to that being fixed15:00
mhall119ok, so you have to log in to see it15:00
mhall119then there's not much harm, I would think15:00
tiemonsterso how do I accurately determine CPU and memory usage on linux?15:01
mhall119/proc/cpuinfo  and /proc/meminfo15:01
tiemonsterCPU = (user + sys) / (user + sys + idle) ?15:01
mhall119or /proc/loadavg15:02
tiemonsterI'm displaying load averages as well15:03
tiemonsterbut I'm trying to get percentages for memory and CPU used like when you log into Ubuntu server15:03
mhall119tiemonster: the scripts that ubuntu server uses for those stats are in /usr/lib/byobu15:16
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reya276Morning everyone15:36
tiemonstermhall119: I humbly submit for peer review: https://github.com/tiemonster/monitor.js15:54
mhall119I haven't played with Node.js yet15:56
maxolasersquadIf I run a command in bash followed by an ampersand, and then log out of my session, the program should still be running, right?16:16
maxolasersquadtiemonster: I hope node.js convinces other languages to implement call backs, and create libraries that embrace non-blocking theory.16:17
tiemonstermaxolasersquad: I'll be working on a non-blocking python application server next year16:18
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mhall119maxolasersquad: depends on whether the tty stays alive when you log out or not16:19
mhall119tiemonster: using twisted?16:20
maxolasersquadI'm logging in to a remote server to kick off a ruby script, that should just keep on running.16:20
maxolasersquadI want to be able to log out of my remote session and still have it running.16:20
jtatummaxolasersquad:  man nohup16:20
maxolasersquadYay, python errors in my IRC!16:21
jtatum(closing terminal = hangup)16:21
maxolasersquadjtatum: Come again.16:21
jtatumwhen you close a terminal, a signal is sent to all processes descended from the terminal (SIGHUP). starting a process with nohup makes it immune to that signal.16:22
maxolasersquadahh, ok16:22
tiemonstermaxolasersquad: yes16:22
jtatumfrom the wikipedia article: nohup ./myprogram > foo.out 2> foo.err < /dev/null &16:23
maxolasersquadjtatum: nohup ruby sql2git.rb >> sql2git.log16:24
maxolasersquadnohup ruby sql2git.rb >> sql2git.log 2> sql2git.err < /dev/null &16:24
jtatumthe reason you want to redirect stdin, stdout and stderr is because those handles will no longer exist after you log out16:24
jtatum'course, i suppose most people would use screen to do this16:25
maxolasersquadI really just need this to be background process.  It doesn't need to be attached to any session.16:26
maxolasersquadCool, I detached my session and it is clearly still running.16:27
jtatumyou mentioned ruby. mongrel?16:28
maxolasersquadjtatum: We have two developers that code all their background stuff in ruby.16:32
maxolasersquadAll our web stuff is in PHP, so if we could move to ruby that would be a good step up.16:33
jtatumahhh, gotchya16:33
jtatumwell, at some point probably want to write an upstart script for it16:33
jtatumupstart has process monitoring and junk which is better for a daemon that needs to do real work16:34
maxolasersquadjtatum: This is on a Solaris machine.  Our server team is a few miles away.  Things like that are not easily accomplished.16:38
jtatumi see16:38
maxolasersquadThere's a sliver of a chance we may move at least on of our Unix machine to Ubuntu server running as a VM in the server farm.16:38
maxolasersquadA small sliver.16:38
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reya276do any of you know of a good Linux hosting and that is not too expensive?17:15
tiemonsterreya276: for what?17:34
tiemonsterlike VPS?17:34
mhall119reya276: Amazon's cloud service gives you a free year of their "Micro" instance, I've been running that for my sites since November17:35
tiemonstermhall119: can I bounce some ideas off of you?17:35
mhall119reya276: http://aws.amazon.com/free/17:36
mhall119tiemonster: sure17:36
tiemonsterso I'm trying to make a web services aggregator17:36
tiemonstershould I simply proxy server-side, or should I actually store credentials?17:36
tiemonsterI'm trying to make the dashboard to end all dashboards17:36
tiemonsterto integrate with every tool I use on a daily basis17:37
mhall119do the credentials contain private/secret data?17:37
reya276no just simple regular webhosting17:37
mhall119tiemonster: is it all internal?17:37
mhall119so you've have to store someone's password in clear text (or some form that you can get clear text from)17:38
tiemonsterAES 256-bit17:38
mhall119but then you'd have to store the decryption key somewhere the server can access it17:38
tiemonsteror I could simply delegate all authentication to the browser17:38
mhall119if that's an option, it'd be more secure17:38
tiemonsterok. let me explain my idea.17:39
tiemonsterif I delegate, you'll get a pop-up modal authentication box for every web service17:39
tiemonsteryou'd have to log into each service one after the other17:39
tiemonsterif I store them on the server, then the username for the site is the configuration filename, and their password is the encryption key17:40
tiemonsterif the config file doesn't exist, authentication fails17:40
tiemonsterif I don't get valid plaintext back (JSON in this case) then authentication fails17:40
tiemonsterthen you have one login for the dashboard, and all your credentials are stored in encrypted form on the server17:40
mhall119okay, so you don't store the decryption key, the user supplies it, that sounds good17:41
tiemonstermhall119: I guess I can try it with delegation for a while and see how annoying it is18:03
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zoopstermhall119:  t -10 days saw your name on email today....nice.18:29
mhall119zoopster: yeah, my first company-wide email :)18:30
rmcbridemhall119: yea I was just going to say what zoopster said18:30
zoopsteryup...allhands...you are more famous than you know18:30
mhall119because of the email, or before it?18:30
maxolasersquadmhall119: Are you working for Canonical now?18:44
mhall119maxolasersquad: I will be in a little over a week18:44
maxolasersquadWhat are you to be working on?18:45
mhall119websites and webapps18:46
mhall119yeah, I'm excited18:47
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mhall119tiemonster: you around?19:48
polomonstermhall119: when I'm not netsplitting20:18
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tiemonstermhall119: are *you* around?20:21
mhall119tiemonster: lightning project talks in #ubuntu-classroom going on now20:21
mhall119if you want to plug your monitor.js20:22
mhall119ok, thought I'd offer20:22
tiemonsterI'll watch, though20:22
tiemonstermhall119: so how does your project differ from AWN? I almost entirely missed your talk.20:42
mhall119tiemonster: mostly in the fact that mine is very small20:43
mhall119and very narrow in scope20:43
mhall119it's not a dock, or a window switcher, or anything like that20:43
mhall119just launchers from the menus20:44
mhall119the only fancy thing it does is scale down the size of the icons as you add more20:45
tiemonsterI need to figure out how to package node applications as debs20:46
tiemonsterI need to figure out how to package node itself as a deb20:46
mhall119is node.js in the repos?20:46
tiemonsterunfortunately not20:46
tiemonsterthe workflow is very git centric right now20:47
mhall119that's okay, launchpad can import and track git branches i think20:47
tiemonsterso just import it and create a PPA?20:47
tiemonsterI'd have to throw an init script in there somewhere20:47
mhall119yeah,there'd be setup20:48
mhall119you'd have to create all the debian control files, for example20:48
tiemonstermhall119: so about this dashboard project I'm working on21:04
tiemonsterit would make way more sense as a desktop application, wouldn't it?21:04
Epidemicanyone ever check out damnyouautocorrect.com? :)21:19
RoAkSoAxmhall119: congratulations21:24
RoAkSoAxitnet7: ping21:31
reya276hey what is the sudo command to completely remove OpenOffice?22:43
reya276is it sudo apt-get remove --purge openoffice? because every time I try it I get the package cannot be found22:44

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