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bomonu|LTcan someone tell me how, via the cli, to change my login option to ask for my pw. I currently have it set to autologin but I am having issues with my PAM keyring locking up the system04:57
bomonu|LTI am using Ubuntu 10.0404:57
holsteinthats a good one bomonu|LT04:58
holsteinyou get auto logged in?04:58
bomonu|LTI would like it to promy me for my pw at boot04:59
holsteinbomonu|LT: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=120904304:59
bomonu|LTwell, I have been searching for so many things tonight with other issues, I just came here and asked on this one. TY very much05:00
holsteinwe'll see it it works05:01
holsteinsounds promising05:01
bomonu|LTreading now05:01
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