lostConnectionhow's it going?00:21
Cheri703pretty decently00:23
Cheri703brb though00:23
canthus13Well... The NIC on my server died. :(03:58
canthus13Fortunately I had a spare.03:59
Cheri703:( and :)04:00
Cheri703so I fixed that zune and now I'm converting video from vhs to digital04:04
* canthus13 has an Osprey 210 card that he's gonna use to convert Hi8 to digital.04:06
canthus13Dunno about ripping VHS....04:06
Cheri703I'm using my old tv tuner card to do hi8 to digital (vhs will actually be in a week or so)04:07
canthus13The Osprey is a really nice card... I got it in a machine I paid 125 bucks for on ebay... The card by itself runs around $200.04:07
Cheri703dang, very nice04:08
canthus13Low-end professional stuff.04:08
Cheri703mine is a crapper that a friend gave me a few years back04:08
Cheri703canthus13: if you have the rca -> whatever cords you need, you can just hook a vcr to it for vhs04:08
Cheri703that's what I'm going to do04:08
Cheri703it'll be quick and dirty04:08
Cheri703and inexpensive04:08
* canthus13 got the breakout cable for his card, so he has the various inputs... including S-video. :)04:09
Cheri703*sigh* I'd love to have a SUPER AWESOME MEGA computer that had all of the goodies and bells and whistles...but...NOT HAPPENING for a LOOOOOONG time04:10
canthus13Heh. so would i.04:11
* canthus13 just found a Radeon 9250 that he has NO idea where it came from...04:11
canthus13I'm wondering if it'll perform better than a Geforce 5200.04:12
canthus13Ooo. Just found a side-by-side review of the two. :)04:12
Cheri703do either have an s-video out?04:13
Cheri703if so, and it works under 10.10, I'll take your cast off ;)04:13
canthus13both do.04:14
* Cheri703 is canthus13 's bestest best blarghing friend ;)04:14
Cheri703I'm mostly kidding about you sending it to me :)04:14
canthus13You can have the radeon. I've got an ingrained aversion to ATi. Apparently it's unfounded now, but I've avoided them for years.04:15
Cheri703and it works in 10.10? the s-video out? I have a 9200 and it COMPLETELY QUITS in 10.1004:15
Cheri703works perfectly in 10.0404:15
canthus13I have no idea.04:15
Cheri703can't upgrade desktop because of it :/04:15
canthus13I just found it in a box.04:15
Cheri703mind trying it out?04:16
Cheri703not that I'd turn down a free video card really04:16
canthus13Apparently it runs well in maverick.04:16
Cheri703ok, cool04:16
canthus13Just doesn't seem to like unity.04:17
* Cheri703 would be happy to take it off your hands :)04:17
Cheri703psh, neither do I04:17
Cheri703we'll be good friends ;)04:17
canthus13Ok.  At some point I'll get it to you along with the copies of SBS 2003 that I found.04:17
canthus13(And 5 CALs!)04:17
Cheri703this video camera that I'm having to use is crap, it keeps cutting out -_-04:18
Cheri703I got an hour into this one and it freaked out04:18
* canthus13 picked up a decent sony handycam for 80 bucks.04:18
Cheri703I'm going to see how much a hi8 -> vhs adapter might cost04:18
* Cheri703 doesn't have $8004:18
canthus13Not sure if there IS a hi8-vhs adapter... I think hi8 is incompatible with vhs.04:18
Cheri703ah, there isn't :(04:19
Cheri703this is freaking annoying04:19
Cheri703$50 or so would buy one04:23
Cheri703which is about what I'll make on the project -_-04:24
Cheri703might ask her to ask her family members if anyone else has a camera04:24
Cheri703the battery I took out of the zune was puffy04:41
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Unit193Dude from Haven is in No Ordinary Family....05:56
Cheri703heh, yeah05:56
Cheri703I'm kind of tired, kind of not, but should sleep, but don't want to >.<07:17
thafreakSo what do you think that means for Haben?15:31
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Unit193Freenode is really breaking up....19:11
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thafreakhello ohio19:30
thafreakanyone want to chime in on 2tb hard drive recomendations?19:30
thafreakWas about to pull the trigger on the WD greens...but there is just too much talk of failure and DOA19:31
Unit193One that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!19:31
canthus13thafreak: WD has a really nice replacement policy, though...19:37
djoeyeah, like anyone really ever wants to replace an HD19:39
djoeI guess if you have absolutely no data on it that you care about, ever, sending it off doesn't raise any concerns19:39
canthus13djoe: I did it with a DOA a couple of weeks ago.  Cross-shipped it, even.19:41
canthus13Newegg's policy sucks.19:41
djoeclearly one's mileage may vary19:41
canthus13woulda cost me almost 15 bucks to ship the drive back using their UPS 'discount'.  WD's was 6 bucks.19:41
canthus13Newegg also doesn't have a crosshipment option.19:42
djoeI have a 1TB Seagate that started its death throes a week and a half ago or so19:42
djoeno way that's going anywhere but a shredder19:43
djoebecause a) if the drive is flaky, how certain can one be that it is being wiped sufficiently and b) it's not my data on there19:43
djoeI suppose I might take it apart for all the shiny stuff inside19:44
djoeand then trash the platters myself19:44
thafreakanyone hear anything bad about samsung spinpoint f4's?19:57
thafreakThe reviews all seem to say they're faster than the WD greens, and the % of DOA complaints on newegg seems much lower...19:58
thafreakplus microcenter up in cleveland has them for the same price as newegg...so I could drive and get them IRL today...I <3 not waiting19:58
thafreakbut don't want to waste my time if they are teh suck or something19:59
djoeall $HARDWARE sucks19:59
thafreaktrue, very true....especially hard drives19:59
djoewhich is a companion law to "all $SOFTWARE sucks"19:59
thafreakit's just such a hassle to replace them...I want to try to lessen the chances of me screaming profanitiy in my basement20:00
thafreakmy wife hates it when I work on hardware...20:00
djoeI had a laptop and a desktop at home both go bad last month20:01
djoethere was much hardware-replacement grumbling and cursing and grumping around to be had20:01
thafreaki bet20:04
thafreakonly stuff I can dig up on google for the samsung f4 are reports of buggy firmware, which there is already a patch/update for20:08
thafreakwell...looks like I'm gonna try out the samsungs afterall...wish me luck21:20
Unit193Good luck and happy upgrading21:28
Unit193Is this an extra or do you plan to clone one over?21:28
paultagVetinari: where the christ is lukjad?23:17
paultagOh wrong room23:19
paultaghey Ohio :)23:20
paultagCheri703: s'new?23:20
Cheri703not a ton, I'm killing an hour waiting for a meeting to start....23:20
paultagCheri703: mmm :/23:20
Cheri703have to either walk home or bum a ride...should be interesting23:20
paultagCheri703: :(23:20
Cheri703yeah, the joys of being car-free on a rainy day when you want to participate in things after bus hours23:20
Cheri703I think I should be able to get a ride home. this is my first time here, but I've talked to a few of the people in the past23:21
Cheri703I wanted to go january and february, but january it was the night we found out my dog had a mass in his stomach, and february it was the day I had to drive up to my parents' house to have him put to sleep -_-23:22
Cheri703so this is the first time I've been able to come, even though I'd been saying I was going to :/23:22

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