pace_t_zulu_cyberanger: ping00:58
pace_t_zulu_wrst: ping00:58
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pace_t_zuluhey netritious01:00
pace_t_zulunice timing ;)01:00
netritioushey pace_t_zulu...thx :)01:00
pace_t_zuluanyone else here?01:00
pace_t_zuluas far as i know it's just you and me01:00
netritioushm...no cyberanger?01:00
pace_t_zuluapparently not01:01
pace_t_zuluhe's idle01:01
pace_t_zulupinged him and wrst01:01
netritiousdo we have an agenda?01:02
pace_t_zuluchibihogoshino chris4585 Dan9186 electricus excid3|mbp Juzzy lengau_ orias Svpernova09 techMiles xTEMPLARx ping01:02
pace_t_zuluprobably not01:02
pace_t_zuluhey guys01:02
netritiouseric_g contacted me a week or so ago pace_t_zulu01:05
pace_t_zuluoh yea01:05
pace_t_zuluhi chibihogoshino and excid3|mbp01:05
netritioussaid he is back in the mid-south area again01:05
netritioushi everyone01:05
pace_t_zuluchibihogoshino, excid3|mbp  y'all here for the meeting?01:05
chibihogoshinona.. im just hanging out here  :-P01:06
pace_t_zulunetritious: does he want to get back involved with ubuntu tennessee?01:06
netritiouspace_t_zulu: I think so...he asked about the next meetup01:06
pace_t_zulunetritious: does he just not use irc anymore?01:07
netritiousnot sure pace_t_zulu01:07
excid3|mbppace_t_zulu: I'm just hanging out as weel01:07
netritioushaven't seen him on here in a good while01:07
pace_t_zulunetritious: what medium did he use to contact you?01:08
pace_t_zuluchibihogoshino, excid3|mbp please feel free to partake in the meeting if we ever get around to starting it. :)01:08
chibihogoshinoeh.. it was a joke.. lol. yeah thats why i am here01:09
pace_t_zulusorry, i didn't pick up on that.01:09
excid3|mbpI actually have to leave in a minute :\01:09
pace_t_zuluexcid3|mbp: no worries01:09
excid3|mbpI present you this gif as a token of my gratitude http://i.imgur.com/aePRC.gif01:09
pace_t_zuluexcid3|mbp: ty01:11
pace_t_zuluso chibihogoshino and netritious that leaves the 3 of us then ...01:12
netritiouswell let's do this thing... pace_t_zulu you got mootbot?01:13
pace_t_zulunetritious: i can01:13
* netritious is mootbot ignorant01:13
pace_t_zuluno problem01:13
pace_t_zululets give it 2 more minutes01:13
netritiousI know mootbot isn't rocket science...just feeling a little lazy01:14
netritiousjust got over the flu01:14
MootBotMeeting started at 19:15. The chair is pace_t_zulu.01:15
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]01:15
pace_t_zuluraising our hands01:16
netritiousattendance chibihogoshino01:16
pace_t_zuluchibihogoshino: +101:16
netritiousah! so chibihogoshino is here :D01:16
pace_t_zuluok so we don't really have anything on the agenda01:16
pace_t_zuluanyone have anything they01:17
pace_t_zulu'd like to say or talk about?01:17
chibihogoshino21 people in the channel and only 3 show up ?01:17
techMileshey. I wasn't here specifically for the meeting but now that I know. hi. :D01:17
netritiousgoing to try and setup a meetup for Sat 1901:17
netritioushi techMiles01:17
pace_t_zuluhey techMiles01:17
pace_t_zuluglad you're here01:18
techMilesany meetups in the memphis area?01:18
pace_t_zulutechMiles: netritious was just mentioning that01:18
netritioustechMiles: yes, on Sat Mar 1901:18
techMilescool. when and where?01:18
netritiousmost likely at Midsouth Makers Hackerspace, usually I show up about 3:00-3:30pm, but will have to double check with MM01:19
netritiousI'll post it on the loco home page01:20
techMileswho is MM?01:20
netritiousMidsouth Makers01:20
techMilesand is Midsouth Makers Hackerspace somethign I can find on google maps?01:20
pace_t_zulu[idea] Memphis Meetup on Sat Mar 19 most likely at Midsouth Makers Hackerspace at about 3:00-3:30pm01:20
MootBotIDEA received:  Memphis Meetup on Sat Mar 19 most likely at Midsouth Makers Hackerspace at about 3:00-3:30pm01:20
MootBotLINK received:  http://midsouthmakers.org01:21
netritiousI'll post the final information to our web site at:01:21
MootBotLINK received:  http://ubuntu-tennessee.org01:21
pace_t_zuluchibihogoshino: you still around?01:24
pace_t_zuluso yea, our attendance isn't what it could be for meetings01:25
chibihogoshinowe should shoot for half the people in the room01:25
netritiousgoogle map for Midsouth Makers:01:26
MootBotLINK received:  http://tinyurl.com/49uzobk01:26
techMiles1netritious, tyvm01:26
netritiousyw techMiles101:26
cyberangerman I'm late01:27
netritiouspace_t_zulu: any meetups planned for middle tn?01:27
netritioushello cyberanger01:27
pace_t_zulunetritious: no, not at the moment01:27
pace_t_zuluhey cyberanger01:28
chibihogoshinoso no one is using the group calender ?01:28
cyberangerplace I usually went to thursdays has wifi, and new hours :-/ close at 200001:28
cyberangerchibihogoshino: I set it up, but never really pushed it out01:28
cyberangerI see we have events to add now01:28
cyberangerand perhaps I should keep lug events on it too01:29
chibihogoshinoi think im the only one who subscribed .. lol01:29
cyberangeryou and binarymutant01:29
netritiousthe web site has a calendar...maybe it could be put to better use?01:29
cyberangerand a lot of time in between, with less events01:29
cyberangernetritious: what calendar01:29
cyberangerbackend I mean01:29
pace_t_zulunetritious: yea, a google calendar on the website is what was discussed before01:29
netritiousright on the home page cyberanger01:29
cyberangeror just html and css01:29
cyberangeror an embeded ical file01:30
chibihogoshinocould the google cal be exported to the site ?01:30
netritiouseither is fine...if someone would give me some info I'll integrate ;)01:30
pace_t_zuluchibihogoshino: yea, it shouldn't be hard01:30
cyberangernetritious: I've got a gcal file, I'll add you both as admins01:30
pace_t_zulunetritious: i can help with that if you need help01:30
cyberangerand if you can embed it01:30
netritiouscool, thanks cyberanger and pace_t_zulu01:30
pace_t_zuluyea, embedding a gcal isn't too hard01:30
cyberangerit had use when binarymutant was east tn01:30
pace_t_zulugoogle generates the html for you01:31
cyberangerand I've had maintained it for my use01:31
netritiouspace_t_zulu: ubuntu-tennessee.org uses WP so probably just a simple plugin dealio I can use01:31
cyberangerbut our events were short notice at that point, kinda forgot01:31
netritiousto integrate gcal01:31
pace_t_zulunetritious: +101:31
cyberangernetritious: embed code if not, it's done deal, if everyone is fine with that01:32
pace_t_zulucyberanger: this is for things like meetings and meetups01:32
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: as is this one01:32
netritiousgood deal01:32
wrstoh crud meeting01:32
wrstsorry :\01:32
cyberangerjust I forgot about it when I took over for binarymutant01:32
pace_t_zulu[idea] wordpress plugin to embed team calendar on ubuntu-tennessee.org01:32
MootBotIDEA received:  wordpress plugin to embed team calendar on ubuntu-tennessee.org01:32
netritioushehe...should we change the time to 7:30?01:32
chibihogoshinowould that be to early ?01:32
wrstnetritious: i'm just here for a moment anyway i have chores to do for the pregnant wife :)01:33
cyberangerwe've unoffically been pusing it back 30 minutes for awhile now01:33
cyberangergive or take01:33
pace_t_zuluhey wrst01:33
netritiousI hope pickles and ice cream aren't involved wrst lol01:33
wrstluckily no, just some last minute (we hope) preparation01:33
chibihogoshinosounds fun01:34
cyberangeroh, we do have events going on now, sweet01:34
pace_t_zuluseems like 7:30 is a better meeting time01:34
netritiousbrb in 501:34
pace_t_zulu[idea] move regular meeting time back 30 minutes01:34
MootBotIDEA received:  move regular meeting time back 30 minutes01:34
pace_t_zuluthat's something we can definitely accomplish pretty quickly :)01:35
cyberanger[idea] maintain https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TennesseeTeam/ApprovalApplication01:35
MootBotIDEA received:  maintain https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TennesseeTeam/ApprovalApplication01:35
cyberangerprior events are lacking, no long term plan01:35
pace_t_zuluanyone want to get this done real quick? chibihogoshino netritious wrst cyberanger techMiles excid3|mbp ?01:35
chibihogoshinoi dont really have anything to say right now.01:36
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: Idk about real quick, but I'm working on the prior end01:36
cyberangerbut we need more future events, long term goals01:36
pace_t_zuluyou want to do a quick vote on pushing back the meeting time cyberanger ?01:36
cyberanger(that was what the team leader meeting was about)01:37
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: I don't think we need one01:37
netritiouslet's vote so mmotbot doesn't feel left out01:37
cyberangerit's kinda been unoffically pushed back for all of 2011 and further back01:38
cyberangerheh, ok01:38
cyberangervote won't hurt01:38
pace_t_zulu[vote] push regular monthly irc meeting time back 30 minutes01:38
MootBotPlease vote on:  push regular monthly irc meeting time back 30 minutes.01:38
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot01:38
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-us-tn01:38
MootBot+1 received from pace_t_zulu. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 101:38
MootBot+1 received from wrst. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 201:38
MootBot+1 received from netritious. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 301:38
MootBot+1 received from cyberanger. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 401:38
MootBot+1 received from chibihogoshino. 5 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 501:38
MootBot+1 received from techMiles1. 6 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 601:38
pace_t_zuluthat should do it01:38
* wrst thinks great he wouldn't have been late if it were next month01:39
cyberangerericG has been on IRC too, btw01:39
MootBotFinal result is 6 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 601:39
pace_t_zulu[agreed] push regular monthly irc meeting time back 30 minutes01:39
MootBotAGREED received:  push regular monthly irc meeting time back 30 minutes01:39
* cyberanger is sorry, playing quick catchup01:39
pace_t_zulu[action] push regular monthly irc meeting time back 30 minutes01:40
MootBotACTION received:  push regular monthly irc meeting time back 30 minutes01:40
pace_t_zuluok cyberanger back to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TennesseeTeam/ApprovalApplication01:40
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: I think we metioned events above correct?01:40
pace_t_zuluyea Memphis Meetup on Sat Mar 19 most likely at Midsouth Makers Hackerspace at about 3:00-3:30pm01:41
* cyberanger pledges to use the mailing list more, to get out of this habit of waiting for the meeting01:41
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: nothing to my attention in east tn (I'm gonna work on a release party in east tn, and attend others if I can, and should be able to, rent a car)01:42
cyberangeranything near you?01:42
pace_t_zulusorry i've never been big on the mailing list01:43
cyberangerI understand, me too, but I gotta break my bad habit of piling onto the meetings like this somehow01:44
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: any middle tn events?01:44
pace_t_zulucyberanger: not at the moment01:44
pace_t_zuluanyone present from middle tn?01:44
pace_t_zuluaside from myself?01:44
cyberangerare you looking at a release party?01:44
pace_t_zuluend of april?01:45
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: wrst and electricus are, but in cookeville (and I'd head that way this time, if something is drawn up, taken me too long for that trip)01:45
cyberangerearly may, round then01:45
cyberangerfirst weekend is the 29th, 30th and 1st01:47
cyberangerwe can do it sooner or later too01:47
netritioushey guys, got to jet...I'll post final info on the meetup on the loco web site asap, and if someone could send me some info on accessing the gcal I'll integrate into the web site too01:47
cyberangerbut for the application, I'm seeing that we don't seem to have any actual goals01:48
cyberangernetritious: you'll both get that asap01:48
cyberangerprobally 5 minutes after the meeting and changing ice on my sprain, it'll be in your inbox01:48
netritiouscool...cya guys/gals!01:49
pace_t_zululater netritious01:49
pace_t_zulucyberanger: you have anything more you'd like to say?01:49
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: so I guess that's really more of a team leadership thing, but I've noticed that lack of long term goals01:49
cyberangerafter it was pointed out by a leader in another loco01:50
pace_t_zulucyberanger: our biggest long term goal is to be approved officially... right?01:50
cyberanger(I unfortunately forget who)01:50
pace_t_zulucyberanger: do we need to come up with goals both before and after?01:50
cyberangerum, well, sorta01:50
cyberangersome that say what being offical will help01:50
cyberangeror otherwise prove we're worthy of that, by planning a few months out, and ideas further out01:51
cyberangerwe hold monthly events, great, but a sense of spreading ubuntu, growing our community, that'd be helpful too01:52
pace_t_zulucyberanger: so we should come up with ideas to spread ubuntu in tennessee then, right?01:53
cyberanger(the goals can be more brainstorming than things penned in ink, but the idea is we are looking beyond a label)01:53
cyberangerthere are perks with being offical, plan ways to put them to good use01:54
cyberangersuch as a box or two of cd's01:54
cyberangersetup a booth at self, or just take them to a lugs installfest, and lend a hand there01:54
cyberangerI need to find out what's up with east tn, exactly, but I suspect it's simply just linuxman410 and myself not being as mobile as before, and less members than before)01:56
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: I was told we're close, but some events that spread or enhance ubuntu is an area to beef up more01:57
pace_t_zulucyberanger: sounds like a plan01:58
pace_t_zulu[idea] plan events that spread or enhance ubuntu01:58
MootBotIDEA received:  plan events that spread or enhance ubuntu01:58
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: where did you hold your last release party, and would that be the same place this time01:58
cyberanger[idea] .... and other long term goals in line with that01:59
MootBotIDEA received:  .... and other long term goals in line with that01:59
cyberangerjust charting out locations, so I can look at this car rental plan01:59
cyberangerbut for the meeting, I think I'm good02:00
=== pace_t_zulu changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-tn to: Next Meeting April 7th at 8:30 PM EDT/7:30 PM CDT | Welcome to the Ubuntu Tennessee Team IRC Channel | Members add your info http://tr.im/nogt | Ask about our Wiki Jams
cyberanger#endmeeting ?02:02
MootBotMeeting finished at 20:03.02:03
cyberangerif memphis knoxville and nashville can plan close together, I'll see about a rental car for a weekend (gotten a lot cheaper due to being 21 at that point)02:05
cyberangerand head to each02:05
cyberangerand cookeville will probally be the friday before, with their april lug meeting02:07
cyberangergotta ask their lug about thoughts and ideas02:07
cyberangerchattanooga's lug is more of any reason for a party, usually lunch on friday, that'll happen anyhow02:08
pace_t_zului gotta get going02:08
cyberangerbe nice to meet everyone02:08
cyberangersee you later then pace_t_zulu02:08
pace_t_zuluyes it would be02:09
cyberangerhey orias02:19
oriashow was the irc meeting?02:19
cyberangeruh, odd02:23
cyberangerI'm usually not late02:23
cyberangeron time or absent, being late made it odd02:23
cyberangerhey linuxman41002:46
cyberangerhey linuxman41003:06
chris4585cyberanger, since you are the network guru03:07
cyberangerone of them03:07
chris4585today I bought a used linksys wireless router for $3 it appears to be working03:07
cyberangerand an area I try to excel in03:07
chris4585signal strength is 100% but no internet03:08
cyberangerany cheaper and that'd be a five finger discount, or a "fell of the back of a truck" sale03:08
chris4585I've tried both wired and wireless and it still can't resolve google.com03:08
cyberangerwan port working?03:08
chris4585right not its behind another router if that makes any difference03:08
chris4585well the light for #1 is on03:09
cyberangerminimal, in this issue03:09
chris4585shall I try another port?03:09
chris4585that doesn't work, but I can connect to the router itself via my laptop via ethernet03:10
chris4585its like this: modem > basic wired router > wireless router > laptop via ethernet03:11
cyberangerok, and wired is working?03:12
chris4585the only thing that is working is wired and connecting to the router
cyberangerwhat's the subnet for each03:14
cyberangerwired router and wireless03:14
linuxman410hi cyberanger03:14
cyberangerhey linuxman410 how's it going03:15
linuxman410doing good got me a enano computer looks like mac mini03:15
cyberangerchris4585: like netmask wireless and netmask wired03:15
chris4585cyberanger, give me a sec03:16
cyberangerlinuxman410: intresting (as long as the version of freebsd on it is actually freebsd ;-))03:16
linuxman410no it has ubuntu 10.10 just got done installing03:17
cyberangerlinuxman410: even better03:17
cyberangerchris4585: 1 uh, what's that state with a river named after it?03:17
cyberangeror is it a river with a state named after it, uh03:18
cyberangerlinuxman410: thanks03:18
* cyberanger is kidding, take all the time you need chris4585 ;-)03:18
chris4585cyberanger, the info you want is under status right?03:19
chris4585wireless IP; broadcast address; subnet mask; default route; primary DNS
linuxman410going to get rid of my shuttle now03:20
cyberangerchris4585: not the way I had in mind, but it's what I needed03:20
cyberanger(server mindset, would have pointed you at ifconfig)03:20
chris4585wired IP; subnet mask; default gateway; primary and both secondary DNS are the same03:21
cyberangerchris4585: ok, good different subnets03:22
cyberangercan you go to the linksys status page see if WAN is using dhcp03:23
chris4585Connection Type: automatic - configuration - DHCP03:24
cyberangerand it has a WAN ip?03:26
chris4585cyberanger, what do you mean exactly by WAN?03:28
chris4585I believe I found a setup guide for what I want, I think I should probably try this03:28
cyberangerWide Area Network03:29
cyberangervs local area network03:29
cyberanger(normally that router is gonna be right next to your satellite modem, hence wide(r) area)03:30
chris4585you mean the modem..?03:34
chris4585I'm still a bit confused03:34
chris4585the modem is 192.168.1; first wired router is; I just set the wireless modem to be
cyberangerthat linksys wireless router has four ports03:35
cyberangerfor the lan03:35
chris4585so far I seem to be able to access my modem's address (192.168.1) via the laptop connected to the wireless modem03:35
cyberangerthe 5th is the WAN or INTERNET port03:35
cyberangerone in the same03:35
chris4585I gotcha03:35
chris4585Oh wait03:35
cyberangerbut since you've got the wired route in the middle, that's gotta use the wan port03:35
cyberangerand all three have seperate subnets03:36
cyberangermodem is it sounds like03:36
chris4585cyberanger, I think I got the issue fixed by changing the second router IP to
cyberangerthat was it03:36
chris4585yeah well derp, I fixered it lol03:36
chris4585sorry I bugged you cyberanger lol03:37
cyberangernot a problem03:37
cyberangerit was only my first guess ;-)03:37
chris4585ah sweet, I got probably a $50 - $80 router for $3 and it works03:42
cyberangerchris4585: no sweat, minor, first guess on the issue and done03:42
cyberangerwhat model?03:43
chris4585cyberanger, is my guessing right?03:46
chris4585price wise03:46
cyberangeroh, uh, probally03:47
cyberangerit's an odd market03:47
cyberangerdemand kinda messes it up03:47
cyberangermaybe lower end of that, due to the WRT300N (not necessarlly a real model number, but the point being dual band, double speed)03:48
cyberangerbut the linksys WRT54GL which I'm quite loyal to, is still in that range too03:48
cyberangeras I said odd03:51
* cyberanger can't find where he put his spare sim cards, ugh me and my junk 'drawer'04:21
cyberangerhey electricus04:21
cyberangerpoor tab complete (however if your around electricus I've got a question for ya)04:22
cyberangerhey elijah-m`04:22
cyberangerhey vychune05:22
vychunegood err night i guess lol how you doing man05:23
cyberangerpainfully well05:23
cyberangerand aside from my leg, just well ;-)05:24
vychunewhat happened?05:57
cyberangervychune: not 100% sure06:01
vychunebad ethernet cord06:01
cyberangernot a broken bone (too little pain for the swelling)06:01
cyberangermy guess is a sprain, which makes some sense06:02
cyberangerI'm used to blisters, walk everywhere06:03
cyberangerbut hiking boots lessen the chance for sprains06:03
cyberangerand rollerblades too06:03
cyberangerI sorta fell on blades today, but not on the ankle, I fell trying to get off that foot06:05
cyberangertook of the blades, and put on the boots06:06
cyberangerwalked home slowly and carefully, before the adriline crash06:06
cyberangersh*t happens, idk :-)06:07
cyberangeryeah, and I walk everywhere (buses help to a point) so it might have just been buildup from something else a month ago for all I know06:08
cyberangermore swelling than pain, that's why I know it's minor06:09
cyberangerthat and the weight I applied getting home06:10
cyberangernerve issues wouldn't cause swelling, no fall near the pain to cause a fracture06:10
cyberangerand if it was a stress fracture, I couldn't have applied that much use out of it06:11
cyberangerso it'll be fine in a week06:12
cyberangervychune: I've done worse rock climbing06:14
cyberangermy guess, pretty much tripped on a cat down the stairs a week ago06:14
vychuneok then lol06:15
cyberangerand the rollerblades might have just hit a tipping point06:15
vychunemight be blood swell though06:15
cyberangerthose are easy to check06:16
cyberangerwell, for the scale and placement at least06:16
cyberangerother thing might be a tendon06:17
cyberangerI'm just glad it wasn't my back or sholdur or knee06:19
cyberangerthat's what usually suffers06:19
techMileshmm. I'm getting an error when I try to ./configure the latest znc06:20
cyberangerbarely hit the crashpad, those two hit harder06:20
techMilesit says it cannot find a library containing dlopen06:21
cyberangertechMiles: irc bouncers, not used one in a long time06:21
techMilescyberanger, yeah.06:21
techMilesubuntu server06:21
techMileshave build-essential06:22
techMilesran build-dep znc06:22
techMileslocate dlopen finds a few things06:22
cyberangerthat's all there?06:23
techMilesshould be but will triple check06:24
techMilesall newest vers06:24
cyberangerwhy are you building from source anyhow?06:26
techMilescyberanger, because the package in the repos is veryyyy old06:26
techMiles.07x. latest stable is .09606:27
cyberangerah, ok06:27
cyberangercannot find a library contianing dlopen, is that word for word?06:28
techMileschecking for library containing dlopen... no06:28
techMilesconfigure: error: Could not find dlopen. ZNC will not work on this box until you upgrade this ancient system or at least install the necessary system libraries.06:28
techMilesis verbatim06:28
cyberangerlol, @ancient, but ok06:30
cyberangertechMiles: is tcl installed?06:32
techMilescyberanger, yes06:32
cyberangerso It's not seeing that dlopen06:33
vychuneis said ancient wow lol06:33
cyberangerum, znc is c++ if I recall06:35
cyberangerlibc should have it06:35
techMilesI have libc06:37
cyberangerpermission error?06:38
techMilesshouldn't be06:39
techMileswill try though incase06:39
techMileswell sudo ./configure didn't fix it06:40
techMilesguys in znc told me to try the non-git source.06:41
techMilesbedtime. will worry about it later.06:41
techMilesg'night guiz.06:41
cyberangerhehe, lol06:42
cyberangerI'm off for awhile06:48
* wrst_ finally returns after installing natty alpha 3 failed miserably12:35
=== wrst_ is now known as wrst
* wrst finally returns after installing natty alpha 3 failed miserably12:36
wrstthere that's better12:36
wrstwell other than my spelling12:36
linuxman410anyone here13:04
linuxman410wrst u here13:04
linuxman410cyberanger u here13:04
wrsthey linuxman41013:04
linuxman410i have a T2050 1.6GHz 533MHz 2MB  is this processor not 64 bit wrst cause it will not let me install 64 bit ubuntu13:07
wrsthmm not familiar with that one linuxman41013:10
wrstprobably fake, but still funny: http://failblog.org/2011/03/03/epic-fail-photos-traffic-sign-fail-2/14:00
wrsthello xTEMPLARx_ what's up?14:48
wrstand there are two of you!14:48
xTEMPLARx_my linux box is not being used atm14:48
xTEMPLARx_hardware problems cause it to lock up frequently if I'm using it14:48
xTEMPLARx_its UP14:48
xTEMPLARx_i can remote into it14:48
xTEMPLARx_and use my filestores on it14:48
wrstbtw quassel works on windows also ;)14:48
xTEMPLARx_but if I try to do my daily work on it, it hard locks14:48
wrstthat's not good what's causing that?14:48
xTEMPLARx_i know but I got new parts coming in today so no sense in going thru all the installation when I'm just gonna be right back on it later today14:49
xTEMPLARx_not to mention I got work to do lol14:49
xTEMPLARx_not sure14:49
wrstoh no not work!!!!! on a friday!!!! are you mad?14:49
xTEMPLARx_i thought it was because I switched processors, but it does it with either processor14:49
xTEMPLARx_the machine's been on 24-7 for about 6 years, though, so I guess its about time for it to die14:49
xTEMPLARx_and I only say that because its a cheapo base-level box anyway14:50
xTEMPLARx_but that's okay14:50
xTEMPLARx_thanks to this, I'm upgrading to a nice gigabyte mobo, quad-core amd with 4gb of ram14:50
wrstcool xTEMPLARx_14:50
wrstnice specs14:50
wrsti love the gigabyte mobo's that I've used14:50
xTEMPLARx_I wanted an ASUS mobo but couldn't find one that had great reviews in the price range i was looking in14:51
xTEMPLARx_did find a gigabyte one tho14:51
wrsti don't think you will be disappointed i started out looking for asus the last one i bought also14:51
xTEMPLARx_i hope it'll do me well14:53
xTEMPLARx_since building my machine at home, i'm digging on the AMD systems anyway, and this machine will be the first AMD-based system in our office building.14:53
xTEMPLARx_this has been a primarily intel-based house till this :D14:53
wrstyes i've always used AMD mainly due to price but always had good luck with them14:54
xTEMPLARx_so I'll be completely the oddball... the only guy running linux and on an AMD platform14:54
wrstAMD and linux seem to kinda go together anyway14:54
xTEMPLARx_i believe the gigabyte has an ATI onboard graphics card, though... which is fine since I have a PCI-E nvidia to swap into it anyway14:56
wrstyeah i don't particularly care for ATI graphics15:01
wrsthello orias15:04
xTEMPLARx_howdy orias15:04
xTEMPLARx_well I'm not particularly anti-ATI or anything, but since it doesn't play nice with linux, that just keeps me in their camp.  That, and I've had many years of great service with them.15:05
xTEMPLARx_NVIDIA that is15:05
xTEMPLARx_keeps me in NVIDIA's camp15:05
xTEMPLARx_after i re-read that it didn't seem very clear, but I prolly made it worse15:06
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xTEMPLARx_wb wrst15:19
wrst_hmm i netslpitted :)15:19
xTEMPLARx_yeah its weird... i saw a netsplit message for chibi but not for anybody else15:22
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wrst_yeah got a message yesterday they were having some issues15:32
wrst_looks like they are continuting today15:32
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electricuscyberanger: yes..sorry slow to get back to ya16:09
electricuswhat were you needing?16:09
electricuswindows 1.0 thru 7 upgrades. pretty interesting:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPnehDhGa14&feature=player_embedded16:09
electricushe upgrades through every version and doom2 still runs. ha16:10
electricusin vmware at least16:10
electricusm$ does deserve an applause for their efforts.. that's pretty amazing for over 20yrs of upgrading16:11
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xTEMPLARxquad-core amd with 4gb ram upgrade complete, and no OS changes to make18:57
xTEMPLARxyay linux!18:57
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xTEMPLARxnetsplit city today20:01
xTEMPLARxand nary a discussion to be found20:02
wrstwe have all been talking to ourselves when we have been split xTEMPLARx20:02
xTEMPLARxI guess so20:02
wrstwhich is nothing new i talk to myself all the time20:03
xTEMPLARxi hear ya...20:04
xTEMPLARxdays like today, that's me, I think20:05
xTEMPLARxdid you see my latest shot of my son, wrst?  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150112728142390&set=a.32166272389.39699.529452389&ref=nf20:05
wrstrough day?20:05
xTEMPLARxnah not so much rough as in just odd20:05
wrsti like odd :)cool pic xTEMPLARx!20:06
xTEMPLARxhehe thanks20:08
xTEMPLARxhe loves "motorbycicles"20:08
xTEMPLARxit was hard to get him off of it when it was time to put it away20:08
xTEMPLARxplayed much with the most recent rendition of gnome shell?20:09
wrstxTEMPLARx: i downloaded the live cd, i was NOT impressed20:41
wrstunity doesn't make me scream for joy either but i like it better than gnome shell20:41
XpistosHey, does Netritious host the loco website?20:59
cyberangerXpistos: yes21:02
cyberangeris there an issue21:03
cyberangerwhat is it?21:06
Xpistoscan you get on it?21:07
cyberangerhis nameservers are down it appears21:08
cyberangerit's his nameservers21:09
cyberangerthat's working21:10
XpistosOkay then the box with the loco website must be at a different location then21:13
cyberangeryeah, NS1.NETRITIOUS.COM and NS2.NETRITIOUS.COM and NETRITIOUS.COM are down, which to me suggests his nameservers are having issues21:13
cyberangerXpistos: why do you say that?21:13
Xpistoscause Alt3redEgos.com is hosted there to and must stuff is totally down. I was just curious where the loco stuff was21:14
cyberangerXpistos: yours is up here21:15
cyberangerXpistos: everyones is now21:16
cyberangerboth sites were affected by his nameservers being down21:16
Xpistosjust went up then21:16
XpistosI hope he hit the comcast guy hard!21:16
cyberangerboth sites were never down, just the domain name21:16
cyberangercomcast guy?21:17
Xpistosyeah, he had comcast comeing out to look at the problem as his connection was down21:17
cyberangerso everything was down then today21:22
cyberangernameservers just take longer21:22
Xpistosit is back down now21:23
cyberangerhttp:// too?21:24
cyberangerI've got both still up21:25
cyberangerXpistos: what dns server are you using?21:26
wrstXpistos: last i checked that stuff was up for me too yes it is21:26
Xpistosit was up for asecond or to then back down21:26
Xpistosnow it is back up21:26
cyberangerall I ever caught was his nameservers21:27
cyberangerand they came right back up21:27
cyberangerbeen trying to add some redundancy to things, slowly21:29
cyberangerI already have ubuntu-tennessee.org's DNS info covered21:29
cyberangerthus I knew the IP address from that21:31
cyberangerdidn't think about our actual site21:42
cyberangeras it is right now, all our eggs in one basket (netritious has done a great job handling our basket, but comcast has fallen short on people before)21:43
cyberangerGoogle is shutting down Gizmo5 http://techcrunch.com/2011/03/04/google-to-shut-down-gizmo5-on-april-3/23:33
cyberangerthis irratates me23:33

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