LLStarkswhat's holding back the edgers stack?00:30
LLStarkswhat are all these new abi deps?00:40
SarvattLLStarks: someone to update it, haven't had time to keep up with all these packaging changes and mesa build system changes here00:47
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LLStarkshmm. how is osmesa implemented on ubuntu?05:00
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tjaaltonfirst cleanup-patch for sis done11:08
tjaaltonmaking the delta 339 lines smaller11:09
tjaalton..but it's a start :)11:09
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vishgah! $echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/module/drm/parameters/debug   « not a great idea :s  ran out of space pretty quick 14:20
tseliottry 414:20
vishtseliot: what does that do? , maybe we can add it as option to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Backtracing#DRI%20/%20drm%20problems  ?14:22
vishi'm having an ati X freeze which occurs at random while scrolling, and if does not happen in kernel .32, /me trying to narrow down when it started or what .. 14:23
tseliotvish: that should give you a fair amount of details. Usually you don't want as many as 1 gives you14:23
vishcool..! 14:24
Sarvattvish: include/drm/drmP.h explains the different debug levels14:25
vish.. heh, since it both kern.log and syslog get the messages, its 2x speed ;p14:26
* vish thinks it would be a good idea to mention 4 on the wiki too :)14:26
Sarvattthere's 3 levels, DRM_DEBUG, DRM_DEBUG_DRIVER and DRM_DEBUG_KMS, can grep drivers/gpu/drm/ to see what each one does, 4 is DRM_DEBUG_KMS14:27
vishSarvatt: btw, finally got Bug #652934 fix committed :p14:27
ubot4Launchpad bug 652934 in linux (Ubuntu Natty) (and 3 other projects) "[RV515] Guest session causes screen to flicker violently and session is unusable (affects: 2) (heat: 18)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65293414:27
vishphew ;)14:27
* tseliot sometimes is struck by amnesia... ;)14:29
Sarvattvish: whoa, thought that was fixed a loong time ago already14:30
vishkernel has 5526 open bugs!! i wonder how they can get things done, way too many bugs IMO.. :s14:31
vishhehe! once i figure this out, i'll add 1 more ;p14:31
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vish[drm:drm_ioctl], pid=1209, cmd=0xc0086464, nr=0x64, dev 0xe200, auth=1  « this seems to be overloading the logs, is that a normal message or useful/related to any X problem?16:30
vishbtw, when x froze and i returned from tty, got this message >  [drm:drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id 16:31
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* vish wonders if "drm/radeon/kms: force legacy pll algo for RV515 LVDS" from upstream might have something to do with X freezing in RV515..17:29
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vishxorg-dbg > http://paste.ubuntu.com/575595/17:32
vishbah, why cant X be nice.. i could just crash when doing $foo, but no, it likes to crash whenever it likes.. X needs a good spanking! ;p17:33
bjsniderSarvatt, new blob17:37
Sarvattbjsnider: awesome, released it early! doesn't work on natty till we update to the final 1.10 xserver though17:39
bjsnideri figured as much17:40
Sarvattapw: gen4 (965) and up is affected so your netbook would be fine if that's what you're testing on17:41
Sarvattapw: yeah I didn't notice that commit was sketchy from the description either since it looked like it only affected 8xx intel17:43
Sarvattapw: ickle did http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/ickle/drm-intel.git;a=commit;h=bea96046b4245e9abd65ed7acfed9adfd5f6c639 to try to fix it but it's still broken with that, might be better off just reverting c2e0eb167070a6e9dcb49c84c13c79a30d672431 for rc7 and getting the fix when rc8 comes in17:47
apwSarvatt, yeah likely so, the title is just confusing.   but the mitigation seems sensible17:48
apwi wonder why compiz crashes ... and whether nux needs some more protection none the less17:48
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cndbryceh_, I think you forgot to git add 118_quell_error_msg.patch20:39
cndin xserver-xorg-input-synaptics20:39
cndI can't build it now :)20:43
bryceh_ah yes, patches ignored by default, dah20:43
bryceh_cnd, pushed20:44
cndbryceh_, thanks!20:44
cndbryceh_, before you upload again20:44
cndI have a tiny one liner fix20:44
cndgimme a few mins and I'll have it pushed20:44
tjaaltonthat's why i tend to use .diff postfix :)20:46
* cnd assumes you uploaded the previous pacakge20:46
cndoh, I see20:49
cndyou uploaded a source package with the patch20:49
cndit just didn't make it into the git repo20:49
bryceh_cnd, that's correct20:49
cndhrm, that seems silly, why would it assume a machine must have a synaptics device?20:50
bryceh_I think it just tries to load all available drivers20:50
bryceh_I see error messages for fglrx too20:50
cndbryceh_, anyways, I pushed my change, but you don't have to upload it now20:51
cndI thought you'd be reuploading cause the package was missing the patch20:51
cndthis is a small patch that just needs to get in some time20:51
bryceh_may as well do it now20:51
cndbryceh_, if you do, evdev has the same one line fix20:51
cndboth are pushed20:51
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bryceh_cnd, -evdev and -synaptics changes uploaded21:01
cndbryceh_, great!21:01
kklimondawow, any idea why is my X using a lot of cpu when I do stuff? even when I don't do anything X still uses over 10% of cpu. it's natty with nvidia-curent 270.2922:11
kklimondaoh, I don't run compiz - clean metacity, now with xcompmgr22:16
bryceh_kklimonda, someone reported earlier seeing increased CPU load across the board with -nvidia22:19
bryceh_he narrowed it to something (an unknown non-X package) that got changed between A2 and A322:20
bryceh_see LP for bug22:20
Sarvatthmm, I'm not seeing it, 3% idling22:21
Sarvattswitched to metacity, 0%22:23
kklimondaI have a gnome-terminal running in full screen22:24
kklimondaand firefox with quite a few tabs - maybe that's related.. I often see plugin-container taking some cpu along with Xorg22:24
kklimondabryceh_: thanks, will check it22:25
bjsniderprobably firefox's fault22:27
kklimondamay be22:29
kklimondayeah, closing Firefox helps22:35
bjsnideri don't understand why people still use firefox on linux22:36
bjsnideron windows, yeah. it's fast22:36
kklimondaalso, switching between virtual desktops that have gnome-terminal and firefox is much slower than keeping them both on a single desktop, and using alt+tab22:36
kklimondabjsnider: I haven't seen a good replacement for noscript22:36
SarvattMozilla Firefox for Ubuntu canonical 1.0? Hrm..22:37
bjsniderchromium probably has it somewhere22:37
kklimonda(for Chromium)22:37
kklimondaprobably, last time I checked it wasn't there22:37
bjsniderkklimonda, it's an extension?22:37
kklimondafor Firefox? it is22:37
bjsniderthat maybe?22:38
kklimondabjsnider: probably, I'll check it out. 22:38
kklimondawow, I have to set up some password by editing file..22:39
kklimondareally weird22:39
kklimondaI can't imagine how anyone at google could think that this is the right way to do extensions..22:43
kklimondaoh well, let's not complain about it here22:43

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