superflyI don't get kodez - I think he's hanging around in here because he thinks someone is going to jump out and teach him stuff05:19
kbmonkeyhi superfly 05:19
kbmonkeylol :005:20
kbmonkeylike kmem russian roulette? :D05:21
nuvolarisuperfly: oh, you mean spoonfeed?05:21
nuvolari:P spoonfeeding and linux don't go together nicely05:21
kbmonkeywell now I feel silly for wanting to ask something :p05:21
nuvolarikbmonkey: there's a difference between spoonfeeding and showing enthusiasm05:22
nuvolariMaaz: spell enthusiasm05:22
Maaznuvolari: Looks good to me05:22
* kbmonkey nods yes05:24
kbmonkeyits a cmus m4a not playing issue, think I'll hit their mailing list though :)05:28
superflymorning kbmonkey05:28
* kbmonkey waves05:28
superflynuvolari: no, he seems to think that there's a set of leaders who organise stuff for Ubuntu, and that everyone is an expert and a sysadmin or developer05:30
kbmonkeyoh we are, but our self organisational skills are... well, bad. mine are at least ^^05:31
kbmonkeysomething about too many plates...05:31
* kbmonkey makes mental note to dl and try Unity05:32
* nlsthzn lurks06:39
superflymorning nlsthzn and fwolff07:19
nlsthznhey Mr. superfly... sorry was afk09:24
kodezhi superfly, i managed to get a python document for web development. i will engage you on that matter when i had managed to go through the document09:29
superflykodez: http://pylonsproject.org/09:33
kodezthanks, ii will do pay a visit09:34
nlsthznGents, any of you know of a typical issue installing ubuntu from USB via WUBI? We where getting a constant error (unable to download iso meta data) or something like that?10:21
fwolffnuvolari, inetpro: http://translate.org.za/blogs/friedel/content/vertaalmaraton-vir-gnome-310:23
fwolffnuvolari, inetpro: Wil julle dalk deelneem môre? (of op 'n ander dag :-)10:23
queerymaaz, coffee10:52
Maazqueery: What?10:52
queerymaaz, coffee on10:52
* Maaz puts the kettle on10:52
MaazCoffee's ready for queery!10:56
Tonberrymoar coffeeeeeeee10:57
queerymaaz, thank you10:57
Maazqueery: Sure10:57
nuvolaridunno if it went through,11:04
nuvolariwhat's the correct proverb in english for: "een swaeltjie maak nie 'n somer nie"11:04
Kilosone swaalow doesn't make a summer11:39
Kiloshi guys11:39
nuvolariMaaz: tell kilos dankie oom12:23
Maaznuvolari: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode12:23
nuvolariyo nlsthzn 13:54
nlsthznnuvolari - Hey :013:55
nuvolarihome time!15:37
FistazHeita Holaaaa!!!15:37
FistazDidnt know blackberry had this app wow!!15:38
FistazHi kodez15:38
kodezhi Fistaz and all my ubuntu family15:39
FistazSo how are u?15:40
kodezi'm better than yesterday, thanks for asking. i'm a little bit exhausted because i was busy with javascript15:41
Fistazanyone available for a chat?15:46
Fistazsomeone? anyone?15:47
Symmetriamirror.ac.za will be going down in a bit 15:53
Symmetriaprobably the next hour or two15:53
Symmetriaand will be down for a while15:53
Symmetriaprobably 6 to 8 hours at least15:53
tumbleweedgood luck :)15:53
Symmetriaheh well, patrick busy rackmounting the new server15:54
Symmetriaafter that it gets interesting15:54
Symmetrianext step is to go to reef facility, pull the PCI-E 10G nic and 2 x PCI-E percs outta it15:54
Symmetriaand put them + 3 SAN's in th ecar15:55
Symmetriatake those to wits and rackmount them :P15:55
Symmetriathis server is gigantic15:55
Symmetriait has 1100 watt PSU's15:55
Tonberryja good luck15:57
Symmetriaheh, 64gigs of ram and 12 3.4ghz cpu cores 15:57
* Symmetria loves15:58
superflySymmetria: only 12 CPUs?16:04
Symmetriaheh superfly 2 cpus, 6 core xeons, dont need more than that for mirroring16:08
Symmetriaheh, they are the new fancy xeon 6 core shit, *shrug* 16:08
Symmetriaheh, combined with that much cpu power and that much ram and the 60 odd TB of disk space attached though, all should be good16:09
Symmetriaand it looks like we're expanding the disk space to 120TB as well16:09
Tonberrysomehow i can not see how you could possibly need even that much for mirroring16:09
SymmetriaTonberry the disk space?16:10
Symmetriaheh, oh, we can definately use that, infact, a lot more than that16:11
Tonberryno cpus16:11
Symmetriaif I was carrying the full mirror data I need to actually carry, I'd need 3.2 petabytes16:11
Tonberrydisk space i can easily see how 60tb is too little :p16:11
SymmetriaTonberry heh, you havent seen how much cpu a machine can chew when its got 15k+ connections hitting it at once16:11
Tonberryhow much damn bandwidth does that thing have access too?16:12
SymmetriaTonberry errr national and international combined?16:14
Symmetriatechnically it would peak out on its network card before it actually ran outta bandwidth on any of the links16:14
Symmetriabut its network card is a 10G fiber card 16:14
Symmetriathe router its connected to has *works it out*16:14
Tonberrysuddenly 12 cores does not seem so excessive 16:14
Symmetria42 gigabit of bandwidth into it16:15
Symmetriawait, its more than that16:15
Symmetria10 x backbone to capetown (where it meets 10gig to Neotel, 10gig to IS, 10gig to CINX), 10 x backbone to Pretoria where it meets 10gig to London, then 30gig to Rosebank where it meets 10gig to JINX, 11gig to I.S and 1 gig to Neotel16:16
Symmetriaso 50gig into the backend of the router its connected to at 10gig :P 16:16
Symmetriaheh Tonberry put it this way, I was testing to London at 6gigabit/second16:19
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kodezHi Symmetria, is it possible to copy an image file in mirror.ac.za using ftp?16:51
kodezalso, can i get the ubuntu DVD there?16:51
frozty_saas far as I recall mirror.ac.za has FTP servers running17:13
frozty_sabut the server is down for maintenance right now17:13
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kodezis ti possible to mount www.mirror.ac.za as an NFS?18:00
Symmetrianot a chance 18:00
Symmetriaheh, sorry, way 2 many security possibilities for me to allow that18:01
kodezwhat will be a better way of downloading application from packages.ubuntu.com?18:04
kodezpreferable all18:05
kodezis there a way of building my own packages server?18:23
Tonberrya mirror of a repository?18:23
Tonberryapt-mirror maybe?18:24
kodezi guess something of that nature18:24
kodezwhere can i learn about developing my own repo server?18:25
Tonberrylooks like what you want to do18:27
kodezkwl, i am opening it18:27
Symmetriawish us luck19:06
Symmetriapatrick on his way to shut down old system19:06
superflySymmetria: w00t :-)19:37
kodez1DraZoro, welcome to the world of ubuntu19:47
DraZorokodez1: Thanks and Hello19:48

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