Nighthawk``ilovefairuz, any chance u know why at youtube and videos in generall i see cubes and stuff like that ? is there codec packs at linux ? cause i just moved from windows..00:00
irfaNHi, Reinstall with live cd after broke my bootloader. How can I test It will work or not ?00:00
battlehandsilovefairuz, can I add you to friends?00:00
ilovefairuzNighthawk``: if you don't need 3d acceleration, try disabling the driver in the window you had in the screenshot,  reboot and tets00:01
ilovefairuzbattlehands: sure00:01
d34dh4ckgot an odd question, I have two dual psx controller adapters ?(giving a total of 4 ports )00:01
battlehandswhat does -fr stand for?00:01
battlehandsis the remove command?00:01
Nighthawk``ilovefairuz, how can i see the log of linux when he starts, cause i think he wrote me "unable to load 3d acceleration"..00:02
d34dh4ckthese adapters are mounted internally and conected to a usb header on the mother board, i want to set udev rules to make them js0-3 statically so i can set up game sto allways use the correct controller00:02
ilovefairuzbattlehands: -f means force removal (of non empty directories contained inside) and -r means work recursively00:02
battlehandsilovefairuz, I tried that command, but it deleted the whole folder.00:02
ilovefairuzbattlehands: then you missed the /* at the very end of the command00:02
d34dh4ckproblem is that since they are dual adapters they only have one usb address, any way to get around this limitation for setting the udev rules?00:02
Chipzzzbattlehands: "man rm"00:02
cdavisIs there a way to get nm-applet to run in the awn bar?00:03
battlehandsChipzzz, is that an undo command?00:03
ilovefairuzbattlehands: no, 'man' is short for manual, a sort of a help page for shell commands00:04
Chipzzzbattlehands: no, it's the manual page... I mentioned it because it's very useful for many situations00:04
ilovefairuzbattlehands: press q after you finish reading to exit00:04
battlehandsChipzzz, ilovefairuz thanks00:04
battlehandsilovefairuz, I deleted my "Downloads" folder.  How do I get it back?00:05
ilovefairuzbattlehands: you can't..00:05
battlehandsilovefairuz, can I create a new folder and specify for firefox to dl into that folder by default?00:06
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ilovefairuzbattlehands: if you just trashed it, look in the trash folder00:06
battlehandsilovefairuz, and will Downloads now be deleted in my Ubuntu One?00:06
ilovefairuzbattlehands: alt+f2, trash://00:06
ilovefairuzand press enter00:06
ilovefairuzbattlehands: i don't use ubuntu one00:07
GamingDroidIs there a GUI way of changing screen resolution on Ubuntu 10.10 running inside WMware Player?00:07
battlehandsits not in trash00:07
battlehandsilovefairuz, what do you use?  Dropbox?00:07
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ilovefairuzbattlehands: nope, just ssh00:07
battlehandsilovefairuz, whats ssh?00:07
ilovefairuz!ssh | battlehands00:07
ubottubattlehands: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)00:07
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battlehandsilovefairuz, are you a power user?00:08
GamingDroidnvm, finally found it. It was hidden under System->Preference->Monitors00:08
nameless`GamingDroid: the little monitor icon on the panel in the notification area ?00:08
ilovefairuzbattlehands: offtopice, what's a power user anyway? i just prefer simpler solutions00:09
ilovefairuzofftopic **00:09
battlehandsilovefairuz, basically, a pro00:09
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battlehandsilovefairuz, should be called "prower user"00:09
ilovefairuzbattlehands: good one, but i'm not one of those!00:10
battlehandsilovefairuz, is ssh free?00:10
nameless`battlehands: yes00:10
uyaada orang indo gak00:10
battlehandsilovefairuz, :)00:10
nameless`battlehands: it's free software, as weel as GNU/Linux00:10
battlehandsnameless`, Im going to try it out00:10
GamingDroidnameless: thanks! That is weird, it wasn't there earlier. I saw it on a tutorial online too....00:10
ilovefairuzbattlehands: yes and it's pre-installed, but you need to buy a hosting space supporting ssh to transfer your files there00:10
battlehandsso much ubuntu to learn in one day00:10
battlehandsilovefairuz, I have hosting space for my company.  Can I use that space?00:11
ilovefairuzbattlehands: if it supports ssh, then yes, check Places > Connect to, you'll find SSH in the drop down list00:11
Chipzzzbattlehands: or, type "ssh mysite.com"00:12
SirShmoopyhas anyone gotten ExpressCard/34 USB 3.0 working in ubuntu? running 10.10x6400:13
battlehandsilovefairuz, I dont know what info to fill into the SHH selection00:13
ilovefairuzbattlehands: ask your system administrator or hosting company to provide you with the appropriate data for your hosting space00:14
ilovefairuzbattlehands: it's different for everybody00:15
battlehandsilovefairuz, ok. brb00:15
elocinasorry wrong window00:16
opiumis it possible to change the size of my persistency without reinstall ubuntu on my pendrive?00:16
battlehandsilovefairuz, I dont really understand "Recusrion"00:16
ilovefairuzbattlehands: are you referring to the -r in the rm command ?00:17
battlehandsilovefairuz, yes00:17
_eclarkAre the ec2 ubuntu archives down ?00:18
mettawhat protocol supports voice chat in empathy?00:18
toni_hello , need to create  daily automatic backup for 1 .cfg file to ftp server  ....00:19
nameless`toni_: cron00:19
Chipzzzmetta: SIP, XMPP and Google Talk00:19
toni_can u explain more pls00:20
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violinapprenbattlehands: it simply means deleting the files and folders within the folder being deleted at all levels. if you have a inside b inside c, then rm -fr c will delete a then b then c00:20
toni_cron with cp command ?00:20
battlehandsviolinappren, thanks00:20
mettaChipzzz: metta.  that was worth two pennies to me.  how much are pennies worth right now?00:20
mettapennies are worth $1 in the future00:21
battlehandsviolinappren, why did you switch names?00:21
crimsonmanecan a WUSB device be "unmounted" and "mounted" manually?00:21
mettaChipzzz: if you ever get bored, hit me up in #ubuntu-offtopic00:22
violinapprenbattlehands: internet disconnection00:22
battlehandsviolinappren, k00:22
imabitchwhat is fucking up?00:22
dejan_ubuntu have issue with wpa encoding?00:22
violinappren!language | imabitch00:22
ubottuimabitch: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:22
battlehandsviolinappren, I dont think I have SSH, I only have hosting for a website00:23
dejan_when I set wpa preshare tkip key I can't connect to the wifi00:23
violinapprendejan_: no, it doesn't00:23
dejan_I can't connect to my wireless router when I set wpa key00:23
violinapprenbattlehands: some hosting plans include ssh, some don't00:23
crimsonmanedejan_:  if you're using a linksys usb wirelesscard then yes it does mess up00:23
battlehandsviolinappren, ok.  Im on hold with GoDaddy.  They host my site.  I will see if it is included in my package.00:24
dejan_I am using linksys00:24
crimsonmanedejan_: return your item to the store ASAP00:24
dejan_um but I have hp laptopt my router is linksys00:24
acovrigCan I grant www-data sudo for just 1 directory?00:24
dejan_no my network card is hp00:24
crimsonmanei meant the wireless card... nevermind then00:24
FloodBot3dejan_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:25
dejan_I set mac address block but I see i log strange ips :(00:25
crimsonmanecan a WUSB device be "unmounted" and "mounted" manually?00:25
surreal7zokey... one more question... how to line up ls -l  results?...00:25
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violinapprenacovrig: what? do you mean changing a directory ownership to www-data? sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /path/to/directory00:26
dejan_is my wireless router protected if I set mac address blocks for other mac addresses then my laptop?00:26
nameless`dejan_: not against mac spoofing00:26
acovrigviolinappren: no, sadly, I want to be able to exec a .rb or .php file and have it mount something, but I don't think it'd be a good idea to chown www-data /media :(00:26
violinapprendejan_: any protection without using WPA2 is now useless00:26
Chipzzzcrimsonmane: it's prolly easiest to edit your /etc/network/interfaces file with the correct essid, key & mode00:27
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dejan_I think maybe wpa on the router is wpa 1 and ubutu have some bugs with it?00:27
nameless`dejan_: changing you mac address is one command line : sudo ifconfig eth0 hw ethernet 00:11:22:33:44:5500:27
linxehacovrig: use sudo rules00:27
crimsonmaneChipzzz: may i private message you ?00:27
dejan_I am sure that i cant connect to it only after I set wpa hm00:27
rbrbos1hi folks, having a problem downloading .iso files, ubuntu 10.04 lts; system freezes after 150 -300 mb00:27
nameless`dejan_: s/ethernet/ether00:27
opiumis it possible to change the size of my persistency without reinstall ubuntu on my pendrive?00:27
dejan_yes nameless maybe my neighbours are hackers: )00:27
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acovriglinxeh: let me guess visudo: www-data ALL:NOPASSWD /bin/mount00:28
dejan_I saw 3 ip addresses connected on my router after i set mac address block :))00:28
linxehacovrig: well, I was going to suggest more restrictive, but something along those lines00:28
neil_dhow could I test to see if java applet can play/record audio?00:28
acovriglinxeh: can I restrict to 1 directory-so that only works if its being run from one directory?00:29
nameless`acovrig: didn't get your question00:30
th3Unkn0wnWhat are the paritioning suggestions?00:30
linxehacovrig: I havent done it for a long time, but I think you should be able to set it to just let www-data run your script as root (which you chown to own as root so nobody can edit it), and have the script do the mounting00:31
Champagneth3Unk0wn: there would be a swap partition, a boot partittion, and a data partition.  I always take the suggested layout.00:31
th3Unkn0wnokay, Champagne what about the size of those partitions?00:32
Champagneplz hold.00:32
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=== tth0r is now known as th0r
acovriglinxeh: good idea, since this isn't a good idea: NOPASSWD: /sbin/fdisk,/bin/ln,/bin/mount,/bin/rm00:33
Aikaris there a command that simulates activity that will prevent ubuntu from suspending due to inactivity? i want to write a script to run every 1 minute that checks if Samba is currently active, and if so, prevent sleep00:33
crimsonmaneAikar:  there should be an option to turn off idle behavior, but the devs apparently disagreed :(00:34
Aikarcrimsonmane: i want my pc to go to sleep, just, it goes to sleep while im accessing a sambashare from another PC00:34
davidstraussHow can I permanently increase "ulimit -n"? I can easily set it once, but it doesn't survive reboot.00:34
crimsonmaneAikar: that's what i'm sayin. we werent given an option and it makes me sad00:34
violinapprendavidstrauss:  /etc/security/limits.conf00:36
davidstrausscrimsonmane, Is that bot command supposed to do something?00:38
davidstrausscrimsonmane, ah00:38
manoot-homeI'm interested in moving to a fully linux environment for Rails 3 coding, and was wondering which Ubuntu flavor i should go with? 10.04 or 10.10?00:38
crimsonmaneit's a dictionary thing... it tole me it didn't know anything about it.00:38
manoot-homeshould i stick with LTS until the next LTS comes out for coding purposes?00:38
crimsonmanemanoot-home: yes00:39
violinapprendavidstrauss: man limits.conf00:39
manoot-homethanks crimson figured as much just don't have much experience with debian/ubuntu. mostly CentOS00:39
pac1th3Unknown,  with very large hard drives, putting most of linux in one partition is probably what you want to do.00:40
Aikarmanoot-home: as a dev id prolly suggest 10.10, isnt LTS locked to only security updates? 10.10 will give you more up to date apps00:40
pac1however there are some exceptions.00:40
davidstraussviolinappren, I added this (http://pastie.org/1630777) to my limits.conf file, but I still get 1024 for ulimit -n00:40
th3Unkn0wnpac1: k thanks00:40
acovriglinxeh: sadly that didn't work, any other ideas?00:41
pac1I always put home on a separate partition.  That way I can switch between distributions or versions of linux without losing all my stuff.00:41
Champagneth3Unk0wn: OK. I think the swap partition is equal to the RAM size.  The boot partition is 5031 blocks.  I don't know how to translate blocks to GB00:41
ChampagneGreat idea00:41
Locutus_of_BorgIsn't there a command line argument that causes a continuously updating reading on the command? Like, if I wanted to continuously watch the output of the command "sensors", how would I do that?00:41
Champagnetail -f00:41
pac1th3Unknown, swap slightly larger than your memory, but it doesn't really matter that much.00:42
violinapprendavidstrauss: log out and back in00:42
DrkCodemanulimit is hard coded lol00:42
someones1can someone help me with bringing up a degraded raid1 when the remaining HD in question has evidently lost its superblocks?00:42
dejan_I definitively have problem accessing wifi router when I set up wpa key00:42
pac1You need enough swap so you can run lots of memory hogging applications at the same time... but who does that.00:42
ChampagneFirefox ?00:43
pac1my swap usually stays idle, while 4g of memory rarely gets filled up.00:43
dejan_why can this happen anyone have issue access wireless router with hp laptop with wpa key?00:43
Locutus_of_Borg3 words: Solid state drives.00:43
pac1anyone know how to monitor swap activity?00:43
DrkCodemanulimit is definately a first for ircd's you should ask someone who runs a irc network they do that all the time :P00:43
dejan_how to setup swap memory on install?00:43
opiumis it possible to change the size of my persistency without reinstall ubuntu on my pendrive?00:43
dejan_i set swap 0 becasue i didnt knew how to set up swap..00:43
pac1dejan,  you can always add swap00:44
dejan_also what kind of format you used for formating? fat32 or..?00:44
pac1swap is just an empty partition.00:44
pac1no file system, just a bunch of blocks.00:44
dejan_i dont know what is best I set first formating option and no swap :S00:44
pac1dejan, do you have empty space on your hd?00:44
DrkCodemanswap is like the equivalant to windows pagefile00:44
dejan_pac1 how?00:44
davidstraussviolinappren, Is there a special case for root being limited to 1024?00:44
violinapprenLocutus_of_Borg: man watch00:45
davidstraussviolinappren, Normal users get the right ulimit on login. root doesn't.00:45
pac1use gparted to examine your disks00:45
dejan_yes i have empty space00:45
Champagnefree -s 5       Display memory usage every 5 seconds continuously00:45
pac1how many disks dejan_?00:45
pac1how many partitions on it?00:45
dejan_1 partition00:45
battlehandsviolinappren, Ive been on the line with tech support at godaddy.  My hosting does support SSH, and we are setting up my FTP.00:45
pac1ok so linux only.00:45
dejan_yes yes00:45
dejan_i just deleted everything i have only linux os00:46
pac1you probably used the whole thing for your partition.  Which type of file system do you have?00:46
fadaxi'm trying to get my wifi card to work on ubuntu 10.10.   on boot i get the error  iwlagn request for firmware file 'iwlwifi-6000g2b-5.ucode' failed.  Does anyone know how i can fix this?00:46
dejan_i d idnt knew how to make swap when i formated my disk with ubuntu00:46
violinapprendavidstrauss: perhaps it gets amended in  .bashrc or  .profile00:46
dejan_i have first type00:46
dejan_journnal..4 something :)00:46
violinapprenbattlehands: good then00:46
dejan_sry i don;t remember right name I have no idea what is the difference between different formating00:46
battlehandsviolinappren, it can take 30 min to 24 hours.  Im going to take a break and go study until I receive that email.  See you then!00:47
violinapprenbattlehands: good luck00:47
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someones1would appreciate any help anyone can give me in bringing up a degraded raid1 array where the remaining drive has lost its superblocks... nothing seems to work -_-00:47
dejan_I will learn about those things but the things what bothers me this day is the issue with wifi router00:47
pac1dejan_  there's two approaches.  1 Reinstall after saving the files you want to keep, making partitions for linux, home and swap  2 resizing the partition you have to be smaller and creating home and swap from the reduction.00:48
pac11 is easier than 200:48
pac12 is cooler.00:48
Locutus_of_Borgviolinappren: Thanks!00:48
dejan_I thik i will read about this00:48
violinapprenLocutus_of_Borg: you're welcome00:48
pac1google resize partition linux00:48
dejan_more because its useful to know these things also the kind of formating00:48
dejan_right now i have no idea i just know that fat32 will alow me to acces win files only00:48
dejan_and mac i think00:48
pac1dejan _, If you run windows, a Fat32 partition would be best, NTFS if you want w7.00:49
dejan_ok can anyone help about this wifi issue00:49
dejan_does anyone have issue accesing linksys wireless router wpa protected with hp laptop?00:50
pac1I don't have wifi, except on my router.00:50
dejan_i can access it without wpa key but with it i cant :S00:50
pac1dejan_ that's one for googling.00:50
dejan_yes i guess.. :S00:50
dejan_ok then ill go on google00:50
pac1are you sure you know your wpa key?00:50
doomroboI just deleted a file from the terminal, how do I recover it?00:52
dejan_um i think i ll get wifi radar00:52
pac1wpa seems to be fussy  exactly 5 or 13 characters of text, or exactly 10 or 26 characters of 0-9 A-F00:53
dejan_its bug with hp laptop and linksys router and wpa00:53
pac1do you have a link to the bug?  paste link.00:54
someones1is there any way to reset or ignore missing superblocks on a degraded raid1?00:54
LuckySMackDroidI'm installing Ubuntu onto a system which has a raid card (raid 1).windows is installed on that main driveand I'm installing maverick onto a secondary drive (patriot drive shown in this image). But I'm not sure which selection to install grub to. Any one willing to help? http://db.tt/0SD6C7200:54
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pac1LuckySMackDroid,  your nick is too long!00:55
pac1Lucky, you have LVM on your disks00:55
LuckySMackDroidI'm thinking it should be the one I have highlighted that says loader. But I want to make sure. This is my first time using a raid.00:55
Aikarcrimsonmane: interesting. i just found theres a gnome-screensaver-command --poke that simulates user activity. so ima combine that with another script i found to check for samba access, and simply poke anytime samba is active. ill post to my blog when i get it working00:55
pac1Lucky, anything on that raid that you can't do without?00:56
LuckySMackDroidPac1. Lol yea I know. And I'm not sure. When setting up they raid I didn't see lvm mentioned anywhere.00:56
pac1LVM is what linux uses for the same purpose.00:57
pac1if you boot into the alternate install disk, lvm and raid support will be avialble.00:57
pac1There's a utility for examining lvm partitions.00:57
pac1not sure you can boot the alt install disk though.00:58
LuckySMackDroidOk. I'm using the normal live ce to install. And the raid was setup with a hardware raid card using a raid boos.00:58
pac1lucky, I"m not sure about the distinction of Hardware RAid and LVM partitioning.  THey might not be the same thing.00:59
LuckySMackDroidOk so then there's not much I an Don I need the although dvd then00:59
pac1although dev/mapper is what I see when I look at disks.00:59
LuckySMackDroidYea I don't know either. This is my first raid experience.00:59
LuckySMackDroidYea mapper is on there01:00
demonsporkLuckySMackDroid, don't play WoW much do you?01:00
pac1Lucky,  any partition can be used for the boot loader, but LVM has to be part of the installation if you're going to use it to boot.01:00
demonsporkno raiding?01:00
bjhaidI downloaded a file with the extension .apxl, does anyone know any ubuntu application i can use to assess it?01:00
pac1you could even put it on that memory stick, I think.01:00
pac1is that screen pic the installer?01:01
LuckySMackDroidNot wow. I do games on my windows boot just not wow.01:01
ubuntu23123Can someone help me restore grub2?01:01
ubuntu23123I just installed windows7 onto a new HDD and it wiped out my grub201:01
soreau! grub2 | ubuntu2312301:01
ubottuubuntu23123: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:01
LuckySMackDroidPac1 yea that's what I'm looking at now.the maverick live cd01:02
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LuckySMackDroidPac1 well that's the selection list to cheese where I want to install grub. The windows install is windows 701:03
pac1I wouldn't put it there.01:04
pac1There's some stuff to read out there about booting and LVM.  go google!01:04
LuckySMackDroidWell theitem I have selected isn't the actual windows partition. Its a 100mb partition that the MBR is on.01:05
LuckySMackDroidYea illnlok itnup now01:05
pac1ok so why not that one?01:05
ubuntu23123how do i DL and install grub2?01:05
LuckySMackDroidThat's what I was asking in the first place. I wasn't sure if it made a difference since it was a raid.last time I tried it didn't load grub and went right to windows01:06
pac1instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub01:06
pac1does windows have the mbr at the root of the disk?01:07
LuckySMackDroidSo I brought the installer back to this point so I could take Tue picture and ask about it01:07
LuckySMackDroidYea. In that 100mb partition I have selected. Which is what I tried last time01:08
pac1but you already tried installing grub there?01:08
ubuntu23123i got a menu from installing grub in a terminal01:08
ubuntu23123how do i select which device to install grub on?01:09
ubuntu23123its giving me the option of both hdds01:09
ubuntu23123i just dont know how to select it01:09
LuckySMackDroidYea and when rebooting I never got the grub menu and it went straight to windows.01:09
ubuntu23123everytime i press enter it says 'you chose no volume'01:09
ScuniziI added stuff to my ~.bash_aliases yesterday and on todays boot nothing in there works.. any help appriciated .. http://pastebin.com/w9sqS00q01:09
someones1i'm trying to bring up a degraded raid1 array, but the remaining HD seems to have lost its superblocks.  is there any way to restore/ignore this issue just to mount it and get the data off?01:10
pac1look at your partitions in a tool like gparted.  Is one of them set as "Bootable"?01:10
LuckySMackDroidUbuntu12123 space?01:10
ubuntu23123it worked!01:10
ubuntu23123grub failed to install01:11
pac1error message?01:11
LuckySMackDroidPac1 ill check01:11
jordotechdo you guys have any suggestions on a laptop running ubuntu01:11
jordotechi mean, manufacturer01:11
ubuntu23123GRUB failed to install to the following devices:                          │01:11
ubuntu23123 │                                                                           │01:11
ubuntu23123 │ /dev/sdb                                                                  │01:11
ubuntu23123 │                                                                           │01:11
ubuntu23123 │ Do you want to continue anyway?  If you do, your computer may not start   │01:11
FloodBot3ubuntu23123: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:11
LuckySMackDroidAny should do really. My HP ran great with ubuntu01:12
pac1ubuntu23123 try sda01:12
ubuntu23123failed to install01:12
pac1ubuntu23123, if you don't have anything precious on that pc, just continue.01:13
ubuntu23123i continued01:14
ubuntu23123nothing happened01:14
pac1try a reboot01:15
LuckySMackpac1 ok so that 100mb partition is labeled as boot.01:15
ubuntu23123error: http://pastebin.com/jM78hTuM01:15
ubuntu23123/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).01:15
toshikanalgum brasileiro??01:16
pac1now there's some errors!01:16
rww!br | toshikan01:16
ubottutoshikan: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:16
ubuntu23123yeah, pac1 :P01:16
ubuntu23123so, what do I do now? reboot? :P01:16
ScuniziVery strange..... I just found that I don't have a .bashrc file in my ~ directory... How'z that possible?01:16
pac1luckySMack, labeled how?  Usually there's an asterisk01:16
rwwScunizi: because you deleted it? ;P01:16
pac1ubuntu23123, I'd try that.01:16
unresolvedevery time i format my hdd is smaller is there a reason for this ?01:17
unresolvedi had 500gb01:17
ubuntu23123reboot into my HDD or into the liveCD that Im on?01:17
unresolvednow its down to 49001:17
unresolvedcant i reformat and get my 10gb back01:17
Scunizirww: not knowingly.. or even probably on accident.. If I copy one from another user and chown it would it be the same?01:17
pac1try the hd01:17
rwwScunizi: copy from /etc/skel/.bashrc01:17
ubuntu23123os-prober gives me this: http://pastebin.com/Dk2jzyms01:18
Scunizirww:  ah ok.. I saw that copy there.. thanks01:18
LuckySMackpac1 yea there is. taking a screen01:18
ubuntu23123still reboot into the HDD?01:18
pac1but that probably is not going to work01:18
pac1ubuntu23123, hang on.01:18
Scunizirww: should it have 755 permissions or 744 ?? or something different?01:19
LuckySMackpac1: http://min.us/ll2Jq601:19
rwwScunizi: either of those would be fine01:20
crimsonmaneright click a file (like WoW.exe), Properties, Permissions Tab. WHAT IS THE POINT in having a checkbox to make the file executable IF I CANT CHECK IT nor can i change anything on the tab01:20
mycosysanyone got any idea how to make xkb update its keymappings?01:20
rwwScunizi: you need rwx access, and others probably shouldn't have write, so...01:20
mycosyshave edited the rules and symbols, but seems to have had no effect01:20
=== Locutus_of_Borg is now known as The_Thing
LuckySMackpac1: im running from a live cd installed onto a flash drive. so if i can download and install the lvm stuff i could try that, i wonder.01:21
zachlrCould someone explain to me what this means?  http://pastebin.com/3xd5ke4H01:21
Scunizirww: 744 would eliminate the write for others.. once I'm done (already :) ).. how do I get the system to read it?01:21
Scunizirww: exec bash?01:21
rwwScunizi: source .bashrc, or close and re-open the terminal.01:22
rwwsorry, source ~/.bashrc01:22
LuckySMackyou can also just type 'bash'01:22
Crayboff2I'm afraid i completely broke my computer, I'm installing ubuntu 10.10 from the live CD, it got to the "Who are you?" phase, the loading bar was going and everything was fine. There is 1/5 left of the loading bar and it's not loading anymore.01:22
LuckySMackto reload the rc file01:22
ScuniziLuckySMack: that I know just starts another job for bash.. at least that's what I've been told in the past01:23
pac1LuckySMack, the lvm stuff probably won't help.  Where is linux installed?01:23
LuckySMackCrayboff2: how long has it been?01:23
Crayboff2I pressed back and forward back to this page, but all it changed was the message above the "Waiting for you" or whatever it said and is now saying "Getting the time from the network time server..."01:23
rwwLuckySMack: that doesn't reload the rc file in the current bash instance, it makes a new bash child process of the current one.01:23
Crayboff2Lucky: it's been like this for the past hour and a half01:23
rwwso when you exit out of the new one, you go back to the current one...01:23
pac1LuckySMack, have you tried the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub01:23
LuckySMacklinux is going to be installed on its own separate drive. in the image is says unallocated.01:23
pac1dinner call. later guys.01:24
LuckySMackrww: ah ok01:24
crimsonmanehow do i do "chmod +x /path/to/file" for something on a different drive?01:24
mycosysLuckySMack just make sure u put grub on the same drive as windows or u will have to change boot device to go between them01:24
Scunizirww: looks like .bash_aliases is 311 ie rw-r--r--01:24
LuckySMackwell i installed windows first. and right now ubuntu is not installed yet. thats what im trying to do now.01:25
LuckySMackmycosys: yea i tried that first and when i rebooted it went right past grub apparently and loaded windows. windows is on a raid1 disk01:25
=== carvas is now known as heisenberg
crimsonmanehow do i do "chmod +x /path/to/file" for something on a different drive? private messages accepted. thanks in advance.01:25
mycosyscould do it the other way - put grub on the normal disk and let it load windows, set that ununtu to boot01:26
LuckySMackmycosys: so just install grub to the base disk that ubuntu will be installed on? wouldnt that bypass windows entirely?01:27
mycosysnot if it detects windows during the install01:27
scarleocrimsonmane: just enter path to the other disk01:28
mycosysgrub will load windows01:28
LuckySMackand wouldnt that make it where on boot i have to go to the boot order and chose the drive to boot to?01:28
crimsonmanescarleo:  i don't understand.01:28
heisenberghi! i have an intel mac and i want to install ubuntu on my external drive. i've read around and didnt find any final solution. can anyone help me?01:28
mycosyseasier to use grub to choose imo01:28
LuckySMackmycosys: i thought to do that i had to install grub alongside windows MBR01:28
scarleocrimsonmane: is it internal hd?01:29
Craybot2LuckySMack: Sorry my internet died01:29
mycosysgrub happily loads windows01:29
crimsonmane2 drives, both internal. one has windows (and my games) the other is linux01:29
Craybot2LuckySMack: so any ideas of what to do?01:29
mycosyswhether grub is on its own partition or in mbr01:29
BlueSherpais there a way to install the latest version of ruby on ubuntu?  it defaulted to 1.8.701:30
scarleocrimsonmane: ok, so it's probably /dev/sdb1 if this is your second disk. You can du sudo fdisk -l to see the disks01:30
crimsonmanewhat is the command to back up a directory?01:30
scarleocrimsonmane: or wherever you have mounted the disk01:30
crimsonmanei mean go backwards one directory01:30
LuckySMackok so, normally when i do this (before i used a raid) i installed grub to the MBR and it all worked. so (to make sure) now that i have a raid i can just install grub in the same drive im installing ubuntu to, it will still see i have windows. so i change the boot drive to the ubuntu drive and ill have the grub menu with windows as another option.01:30
someones1how can i mount a degraded raid1 array when the remaining drive has lost its superblocks and my attempts to recreate it gives me an error that "/dev/sda1 is too small: 0k" ?01:30
mycosysBlueSherpa check launchpad01:31
LuckySMackok, so wherever grub is, is just where i have to set the default boot drive to01:31
BlueSherpamycosys: what's launchpad?01:31
LuckySMackCraybot2: ?01:31
mycosys!launchpad |BlueSherpa01:31
ubottuBlueSherpa: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/01:31
battlehandsDo I need OpenSSH to use SSH or can I use the "Connect to Server" option through Ubuntu?01:31
BlueSherpathx =)01:31
Craybot2LuckySMack: the problem i've been having with this installation? it's been hanging at this stage and not continuing (it's already made the partition)01:32
duongthaihabattlehands: connect to server is good01:32
scarleocrimsonmane: if it's not mounted mount it and then just chmod +x /path/to/file01:32
battlehandsduongthaiha, thanks01:32
unresolvedis there a command 2 find out wat HDD drive i have ?01:32
LuckySMackCraybot2: oh, how long has it been stuck there?01:32
=== occy is now known as Trae
Craybot2LuckySMack: 1.5 hours, the Forward button is unclickable01:32
ScuniziWhen I right mouse click on Applications and "Edit Menu" adding a folder to "Office" I put a check mark next to it to activate but after closing and looking at the menu it's not there.. It's also been unckecked in "Edit Menu's".. Why's that?01:33
LuckySMackCraybot2: ok is anything else on the computer? are you dualbooting with windwos? or is it going to be ubuntu only?01:33
Craybot2i'm trying to dual boot with windows 701:33
Craybot2i'm running it in the live cd right now01:33
LuckySMackok. all on same drive (partitions)? ar eyou using raid drives?01:34
mycosystry a failsafe boot perhaps? craybot201:34
LuckySMackor on separate drives?01:34
Craybot2Lucky: it's all on the same harddrive01:34
unresolvedis there a command 2 find out wat HDD drive i have ?01:34
Craybot2i did the automatic partition01:34
LuckySMackyea i was going to say just cancel it and restart. and try another install option01:34
paintchipunresolved: What do you mean? What brand?01:35
unresolvedyea ?01:35
unresolvedif thats possible01:35
Craybot2Lucky: then how would i get rid of the partition already made? or i can't do that01:35
LuckySMack Craybot2 the partition you did, was there a lot of data on it?01:35
psusiunresolved, system -> administration -> disk utility, or sudo hdparm -i from the command line01:35
Craybot2Lucky: i have a lot of data on my windows partition, well like 60GB01:35
Craybot2or so01:35
Craybot2but this ubuntu partition is new01:36
crimsonmanehow do i navigate inside Terminal to a second internal harddisk?01:36
Craybot2literally just made01:36
LuckySMackwas it stuck in the partition setup? cause im thinking it may still just be moving files so it has room to make the partitions01:36
Craybot2no it passed the partition setup01:36
psusicrimsonmane, cd to whatever directory you have it mounted in01:36
scarleocrimsonmane: is it mounted?01:36
crimsonmanepsusi:  i do not understand!01:36
crimsonmaneyes its mounted01:36
Craybot2in the most recent setup, you decide on your partition, then it's doing some stuff as you fill in user name info etc01:36
scarleocrimsonmane: did you do sudo fdisk -l?01:36
Craybot2i filled in my username info but can't press Forward, and the loading bar in the bottom of the window is 4/5 done01:37
psusicrimsonmane, type df to see information on volumes that are mounted and where... if it auto mounted, it should be somewhere under /media01:37
crimsonmanescarleo:  i can browse the disk in the WindowBrowser. i need to navigate to it in Terminal01:37
paintchipIam blanking on any command01:37
BigMacis it possibly to use a finder bookmarks file taken from a windows system and use it in ubuntu?01:38
paintchipI have always just popped off the panel to the HHD compartment and looked01:38
LuckySMackCraybot2: ok so. you have one single drive. which had a lot of data already. you let ubuntu make the partition and now its taking a while. even though its moved on. i think its moving data on the HDD01:38
crimsonmaneok i did "df"... looks like it says "/media/win64" ... how do i get to it?01:38
paintchipdesktop or laptop?01:38
psusicrimsonmane, cd /media/win6401:38
scarleocrimsonmane: cd /media/win6401:38
crimsonmane"no such file or directory"01:39
Craybot2Lucky: ok possible, so what should I do? the text that was above the loading bar said "Ready when you are..." or something like that01:39
psusicrimsonmane, then you typed it wrong.. it's case sensitive.  win64 is not the same as WIN6401:39
crimsonmanepsusi: thanks. i had forgotten!01:39
LuckySMackok. well it might not be. try using the gui to unmount the drive01:39
crimsonmanewhat does "df" stand for?01:40
Craybot2which drive, Lucky?01:40
rwwDisk Free01:40
LuckySMackthe one youre trying to install to01:40
crimsonmanei didn't exactly see my primary (ubuntu) drive when i did "df"... why ?01:40
Craybot2there are two drives listed under Computer, LuckySMack, "640 GB Hard Disk: OS" and "File System"01:41
psusicrimsonmane, you should... it should be just /01:41
sy_crimsonmane, df -h ?01:41
jasonmchristosHow do i reactivate a launchpad account because i want to create a ppa and my account is deactivated.01:41
LuckySMackCraybot2: the 640. 'Filesystem' is the live cd's drive01:41
Koala_i need some troubleshooting with running ubuntu on my dell01:41
silentz0rHey, I have this weird bug in ubuntu, every now and then the theme is switched when I reboot (it switches to the grey gnome one)01:41
crimsonmanepsusi: sy_: i don't understand01:42
Koala_for some reason the gui never boots, it just goes to a blank screen01:42
Craybot2LuckySMack: it only gives me the option to mount it01:42
psusicrimsonmane, it is the root filesystem, mounted at just /, with nothing after it01:42
crimsonmanepsusi: so it's "/dev/sdb1" ?01:42
psusicrimsonmane, if that's the device mounted at /, then yes01:42
crimsonmanethat's just what it says on the left01:43
crimsonmaneon the right is "/"01:43
psusithen yes01:43
crimsonmanebut the "/" is in the same location as "/media/Win64"01:43
steevIs there a way to disable the "fade in" when you change the wallpaper?01:43
LuckySMackCraybot2: ok. best i can think of then is to try and hit cancel. if it lets you. it wont break windows. and re-installing will autorecognize your windows partition when setting up grub01:43
crimsonmanesorry mistype. meant for terminal01:43
Craybot2Lucky: what about the partition that was already made?01:44
=== nife is now known as _eclark
Aikarhow can i make crontab not die with "grandchild failed with exit status 1" ? im running a script that is expecitly checking for status 1... (grep).. how can i fix it?01:44
Craybot2and would this thing be helpful to? "Mar  4 01:42:15 ubuntu kernel: [ 9712.313065] intel ips 0000:00:1f.6: MCP power or thermal limit exceeded"01:44
LuckySMackCraybot2: when you try again it will still be there. you can tell ubuntu to use that partition to install to01:44
Craybot2LuckySMack: ok, but there is no cancel button01:44
Koala_startx leads to blank screen, gui never loads, any advice? anyone? bueller?01:45
LuckySMacktry closing the window?01:45
Craybot2Lucky: no close button01:45
silentz0rKoala_: xinitrc ?01:45
Craybot2i could force shut down my computer, Lucky, but i'm always nervous about doing that01:45
LuckySMackcan you go back?01:45
crimsonmane"allow executing file as program" ... online says type in terminal "chmod +x <file>"01:46
crimsonmaneit didnt work01:46
Koala_im pretty new to linux, i assume you mean run that as sudo?01:46
Craybot2Lucky: i can go back to the place where I choose where the timezone, but that is it01:46
Craybot2then i can go forward back to the screen i'm at01:46
LuckySMackyou could try01:47
crimsonmanei need to make a file executable. how do i do that? online it tells me to type "chmod +x /path/to/file" but it didnt work01:47
silentz0rKoala_: Try running sudo gdm instead01:47
Craybot2Lucky: i'm looking at that mini terminal output thing above the loading bar01:47
Koala_it gave me a warning01:47
Craybot2"Mar  4 01:47:03 ubuntu ubiquity: boots. If you want to update it now, run 'setupcon' from a virtual console."01:48
Koala_that i wasnt quick enough to catch01:48
Craybot2would that be helpful01:48
Koala_unable to...01:48
Starminncrimsonmane: Right-click the file, hit "properties", go to "Permissions" and check the "Make file executable" box01:48
psusicrimsonmane, "didn't work" is not an error description01:48
silentz0rKoala_: did it start though?01:48
Koala_ill try again01:48
crimsonmaneStarminn: negative. the checkmark instantly goes away01:48
Koala_same blank screen01:48
silentz0rdo you have proprietary drivers or open source drivers?01:48
scarleocrimsonmane: what was the output of chmod +x?01:48
crimsonmanethere isnt any output01:48
Koala_probably proprietary01:48
Koala_i was running windows 701:49
scarleocrimsonmane: so ... then it worked01:49
crimsonmaneno it didnt. i cannot run the file01:49
Koala_and i ran the alternate installation cd01:49
silentz0rif you don't know then you have opensource drivers01:49
LuckySMackCraybot2: is there any kind of skip button?01:49
psusicrimsonmane, if the file is on a windows ( ntfs ) partition, then you can't set permissions01:49
silentz0ryou need to manually set the proprietary drivers01:49
Craybot2Lucky: there is, but it's faded out01:49
Craybot2can't click it01:49
crimsonmanepsusi: i most certainly can. someone in here helped me do it before01:49
silentz0ron the command line try the following: sudo nano ~/.xinitrc01:49
silentz0rand tell me if there's anything in that file01:50
Koala_unable to load etc/gdm/custom/conf01:50
Koala_was the warning01:50
Craybot2LuckySMack: would you suggest I just shut down my computer?01:50
silentz0rKoala_: anything in that file?01:51
silentz0rif not, just hit ctrl+x01:51
silentz0rto close it01:51
LuckySMackto be honest you might need to. when you try again. use the already made partition to install to.01:51
Koala_well i was only able to read the warning after hitting the power button01:51
Koala_that causes the screen to return to the text based screen with a message that its about to HALT01:52
silentz0rso you've installed ubuntu through windows then?01:52
Craybot2alright, Lucky, wish me luck!01:52
Craybot2i'll be back soon, i'm sure01:52
Koala_i was attempting to create a partition01:52
silentz0rand did you ever have any GUI01:52
scarleocrimsonmane: did you try run it with wine?01:52
silentz0ron ubuntu01:52
Koala_i assumed that downloading ubuntu would download the GUI01:53
Koala_is that not the case?01:53
silentz0ryes of course it has, but have you seen any?01:53
silentz0rhave you seen anything graphical while installing ubuntu01:53
Koala_no i used the alternate instal cd01:53
silentz0rtry running the liveCD instead of choosing to install ubuntu01:53
Jayroanyone here know how to change the sample rate of an mp3 file without altering the sound?01:54
mpnIs there any document about how to make a nfs cluster with ubuntu ? any recomendation or best practices?01:54
silentz0rand see if you get any graphics01:54
onecirclesII'm having a problem using a game pad, if anyones willing to lend an ear.01:54
silentz0ri'll brb01:54
Koala_the livecd?01:54
th0rJayro: sox?01:54
Koala_if that is the default instal cd01:54
silentz0ron ubuntu01:54
Koala_then i need different help01:54
silentz0ryou can choose to run ubuntu on your machine01:54
silentz0rinstead of installing it01:54
silentz0rto see how it works01:55
silentz0rtry to find such an option and choose it01:55
silentz0rwhen you double click the ubuntu.iso or cd that you have01:55
silentz0rand you can choose to install ubuntu while it is running afterwards01:55
onecirclesII'm having a problem using a game pad, if anyones willing to lend an ear.01:55
silentz0rif you don't get any graphics after doing that, your graphics card is probably not supported01:55
ascheelIs there a way to see if a particular module was compiled into the kernel?01:55
silentz0r(maybe shitty manufacturer?)01:55
silentz0rascheel: modprobe?01:56
ascheelsilenz0r Thank you!01:56
silentz0rasceel: careful though01:56
silentz0rasceel: modprobe module will load the module01:56
mpnany new about ubuntu clustering ?01:56
gimpy1937Trying to get a PS3 BD remote to work on Ubuntu 10.10 x64, the bluetooth add thing find it then says it fails to set it up, no errors, nothing, just "FAILED".01:56
silentz0rmodprobe -r module will unload it01:56
th0rsilentz0r: or rmmod?01:57
ascheelsilentz0r: I just want to know which ones are compiled into the kernel, that's all01:57
ascheel-l should do that01:57
arrrghhhhey all, i have a set of keys setup for putty/windows.  i've exported it, but i can't seem to get it working under linux.  can anyone help me?01:57
silentz0rascheel: don't really remember, but just read the manual of modprobe01:58
ascheelarrrghhh, go to #openssh and read the /topic about ssh keys01:58
ascheelThanks again, silentz0r01:58
silentz0rKoala_: I had trouble on my old laptop, the gpu chip was not supporting linux01:58
arrrghhhascheel: i've tried, i think i'm just doing something wrong.01:58
ascheelarrrghhh: you are, but again check #openssh01:58
onecirclesI'm having a problem using a game pad, if anyones willing to lend an ear.01:58
arrrghhhascheel: ...ok01:58
Koala_if so01:59
Koala_what should i do to remedy that01:59
silentz0rarrrghhh: putty is the equivalent of ssh (actually scp) on windows. You're better of using scp (google it)01:59
ActionParsniparrrghhh: there is winscp for scp under windows01:59
arrrghhhsilentz0r: i know how scp works.  i need to migrate my keys.01:59
silentz0rKoala_: I just waited for the laptop to break and then got a new one01:59
Crayboff(it's me craybot2)01:59
arrrghhhActionParsnip: not looking to use windows, thanks.01:59
Crayboffdamn he pinged out02:00
silentz0rKoala_: Unfortunatelly though I couldn't even see the command line on it, just no graphics at all. It might be that your screen is not recognised and I think that is fixable.02:00
Koala_so im back in windows and the install disc is in02:01
silentz0rHit "Try ubuntu" or something like that02:01
Koala_it doesnt give me an option02:01
silentz0rwhat options do you have02:02
Koala_windows displays autoplay features as if it were an audio cd02:02
th0rKoala_: leave the cd in the drive and reboot the machine02:02
mickster04Koala_: you have to boot off the disk to get that option02:02
silentz0rI think02:02
silentz0rhe wants to install ubuntu inside windows02:02
silentz0rusing wubi02:02
silentz0rnot on a separate partition02:02
Crayboffok guys i need help with manually specifying partitions for the install. i already created when i went through the usual Install alongside other operating system02:02
Koala_see ive tried that02:02
Koala_but the iso never finishes writing02:02
Koala_i get a permission denied error02:02
Crayboffi unfortunately have no clue what i'm doing02:02
Koala_which is why im installing using the alternate install cd to begin with02:03
Crayboffhey lucky! it's me craybot202:03
Luckysmackok that didnt work02:03
gimpy1937Crayboff: So you are installing right now and you watch to set up paritions?02:03
silentz0rKoala_: Maybe windows is f'd up? :)02:03
Koala_should i try booting from the disc again?02:03
Crayboffgimpy i already created one partition (unless the auto made multiple)02:04
LuckysmackSo i installed grub to the partition i installed ubuntu to, and it didnt pick up windows. I tried booting directly from that disk and nothing ever loads. when booting to my windows disk it loads normally wit hno grub.02:04
Koala_i dont really know what my next move is02:04
silentz0rKoala_: what are you trying to achieve? Installing ubuntu inside windows (slower) or dual booting?02:04
Koala_i wanted to dual boot02:04
Koala_i created a partition02:04
Koala_and installed it02:04
Koala_using the alternate disc02:04
FloodBot3Koala_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:04
axillafirst time ubuntu user.. is there a way to set hotkeys in Ubuntu for applications?02:04
gimpy1937Crayboff: Nope, the only creates one big one for your root mount (that is /), are you saying you want to change it after the install so that /home or whatever is seperate?02:05
axillalike i want to set CTRL+T to Terminal.02:05
Craybofflucky: how do i select the partition it made the first time i do this02:05
Koala_and GRUB works fine. it just refuses to do anything after i log in02:05
silentz0rKoala_: I still don't get what you mean by alternative cd. There's just one ubuntu installer02:05
silentz0rKoala_: Just different editions (server-netbook etc.)02:06
Crayboffgimpy: here's what happened. i went through the normal auto partitioner, but the installation hung up. so i restarted my computer and i want to install on the partitions that where already made02:06
gimpy1937silentz0r: There is a desktop, server, and alternate CD....02:06
Koala_alternate is a text based install but it should include a GUI02:06
Koala_only the install should be text based02:06
acetolinehi guys, I know this is an extremely stupid question, but I installed maverick and now whenever I want to execute something from the command line it says 'no such file or directory'02:07
Starminnacetoline: The file or directory doesn't exist.02:07
goldeneyehello, I installed ubuntu 10.10 but when i connect to my external monitor, the display shows up fine - but as soon as i start typing something on keyboard, the first key stroke just makes the screen to flicker and switches back to laptop. Any idea what is going on? thanks.02:07
gimpy1937Crayboff: Alirght, when going through the install, tell it you want to do custom parititions. Where are you having trouble, I'm not getting what you are stuck on.02:07
acetolineStarminn, it does02:07
silentz0rKoala_: And why did you choose that over the original desktop edition?02:07
acetolineI'm %100 sure, because chmod +x <filename> works02:07
Crayboffi'm at the custom partition page and i dont want to break it02:08
Crayboffgoddammit he quit :(02:08
Koala_because the iso refused to write02:08
[segfault]acetoline: if the file you are trying to run is in the same directory and executable, make sure you put ./ before it02:08
acetoline[segfault], yes I know02:08
[segfault]acetoline: ok, so any command does that?  if so, check your path.02:09
Crayboffcan some one please help me navigate this custom partition page in the installer?02:09
Koala_it would make it through the burn and then the verification would fail02:09
acetolineI have an executable called NetAccountS, and I cd into it's directory and do ./NetAccountS and it says 'bash: ./NetAccountS: No such file or directory'02:09
acetolinewhich is a blatant lie02:09
acetolinealso, $sh ./NetAccountS doesn't work either02:10
StarminnCrayboff: What are you trying to do?02:10
acetolinenobody has heard of this error before?02:10
sougataacetoline, please paste a ls -l of that directory02:11
Crayboffstarminn: ok so i tried using the auto partitioner, but installation stopped part the way through and wouldnt let me keep going. so i restarted the computer and i want to install it on the partition that was already made02:11
silentz0rKoala_: Tried re-downloading?02:11
Crayboffi dont want to mess somethingvital up02:11
silentz0rthe .iso may have been corrupted after you downloaded it or timed out or god knows what02:11
acetoline[segfault], trust me, that file is there ($chmod +x NetAccountS works)02:11
Lord_Magusgood evening02:12
Koala_i tried several times and it never worked02:12
acetoline[segfault], I'm typing from my laptop right now so I can't post a ls -l02:12
StarminnCrayboff: Alright, so what does the custom partitioner show? (Also to be noted, are you dual-booting? If so, I wound up having ot defrag and CHKDSK Windows before it let me install Ubuntu)02:12
[segfault]acetoline: yes, i believe you.  I think sougata was just wanting us to see everything for ourselves02:12
goldeneyehello, I installed ubuntu 10.10 but when i connect to my external monitor, the display shows up fine - but as soon as i start typing something on keyboard, the first key stroke just makes the screen to flicker and switches back to laptop. Any idea what is going on? thanks.02:13
acetolinecould this possibly be an issue with my ~/.bashrc02:13
Lord_Magusanyone could help me with a screen resolution? ubuntu doesn't show the real resolution for my monitor. 1280x1024. I've tried to modify x.conf but it doesn't work. I have a Nvidia 9600gt video card02:14
[segfault]acetoline: do you have any problems executing other files in your home directory?02:14
Crayboffstar: i'm dualbooting, now there are: /dev/sda1 (fat32), /dev/sda2/(ntfs), /dev/sda5(ext4), /dev/sda6(swap)02:14
Koala_can you perhaps solve the "permission denied" error I get when downloading the traditional way02:15
axillaMy first day living in Ubuntu and I <3 it so far :)  Always used linux @ the CLi level and I've grown less and less dependent on windows as I mostly work in Ruby now days and decided to take the plunge02:15
axillasuper happy :)02:15
guyschaosKoala_: chmod ?\fs2102:15
acetoline[segfault], yes, but when I copy stuff from /usr/bin into the home directory and then do ./blabla it executes fine02:15
Lord_Magusanyone could help me with a screen resolution? ubuntu doesn't show the real resolution for my monitor. 1280x1024. I've tried to modify x.conf but it doesn't work. I have a Nvidia 9600gt video card02:16
acetoline[segfault],  could this possibly be some sort of security issue?02:16
acetolineif so, why does it happen on a fresh install02:16
goldeneyecan anyone help here?02:17
berineed help whith dis https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI02:17
[segfault]acetoline: I don't know enough to say on that.  Just for kicks, what do you get when you execute the file with a parameter like --help or --version?02:17
bericant install my viedocard .. y lose startx02:18
acetoline[segfault], same.02:18
StarminnCrayboff: Okay, so you want to click on the ext4 and set the "mount point" as "/" (root)02:18
[segfault]acetoline: ok, just going out on a limb there, sorry :(02:18
acetolineno problem02:18
covenantgoldeneye: you would prolly have to ask a different question02:18
acetolineany and all help would be appreciated02:18
Lord_Magusanyone could help me with a screen resolution? ubuntu doesn't show the real resolution for my monitor. 1280x1024. I've tried to modify x.conf but it doesn't work. I have a Nvidia 9600gt video card02:18
goldeneyecovenant : meaning?02:19
bersoryy my inglish is bad :S but in ubuntu-es i dont find the solution02:19
goldeneyecovenant : the problem is that i can see the display well on the external monitor as soon as i switch. but first keystroke on my keyboard, causes a weird flicker and the display switches back to laptop...02:20
dfdfhow block ports on ubuntu02:20
Crayboffstar: do i want to format the partition?02:20
[thor]Lord_Magus: you have installed nvidia drivers, and used the Settings > Administrator > NVIDIA X-Server Settings ?02:20
Lord_Magusthor: yes i did02:21
covenantIs that with a keyboard/monitor hardware switch?02:21
scarleoacetoline: did you try with sudo? Also what kind of file is this?02:21
Bogus8_Ummm... is mdadm broken?02:21
Koala_guyschaos: im still confused02:21
Bogus8_this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReliableRaid  says that it has some serious problems if I'm reading it correctly... 4 says that the notification system isn't working?!?!02:21
acetolinescarleo, yes, $sudo ./NetAccountS gives: sudo: ./NetAccountS: command not found02:21
Crayboffstarminn: also what do i select for bootloader? the same partition or the big one /dev/sda?02:21
StarminnCrayboff: IT's already formatted as ext4 which is *perfect*. All you've got to do now is set the mount point as "/" (a slash)02:22
scarleoacetoline: and I suppose you are in the same directory as the file?02:22
Lord_Magus[thor], the maximum resolution detected was 1360x76802:22
berany one?02:22
StarminnCrayboff: Whatever the default is should be fine.02:22
acetolinescarleo, absolutely02:22
acetolinescarleo, the exact same file worked in karmic02:22
scarleoacetoline: what kind of file is it?02:22
Crayboffstar anything else before i click install now?02:22
acetoline32-bit elf02:22
acetolineit worked fine in 64-bit karmic, now I installed 64-bit maverick and it's borked02:23
BigMacis it possibly to use a firefox bookmarks file taken from a windows system and use it in ubuntu?02:24
Crayboffalright imma press install now, wish me luck!02:24
nano_anybody here familiar with x11perf?02:24
StarminnCrayboff: Just double-check everything. Your ext4 partition should have a mount point of "/", the size of the partitions are measured in MB, and your swap should of course be mount point os "swap area"02:24
Lord_Magus[thor], i don't know what's going on. i tried to use xrandr but it didn't work02:24
StarminnCrayboff: Alright02:24
Lord_Magus[thor],  xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default02:24
Lord_MagusScreen 0: minimum 320 x 240, current 1024 x 768, maximum 1024 x 76802:24
Lord_Magusdefault connected 1024x768+0+0 0mm x 0mm02:24
[thor]Lord_Magus: i'm not certain either.02:25
mickster04acetoline: borked is pretty generic, did you install from scratch?02:25
Crayboffstar what about swap? i didnt press it yet02:25
berplease help me :(02:25
acetolinemickster04, yup, new partition and everything02:25
mickster04!anyone | nano_02:25
ubottunano_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.02:25
Lord_Magus[thor], i used to be easier before02:25
StarminnBigMac: Yes it is. Something like this? http://ubuntuguide.net/share-firefox-bookmarkshistorytabs-between-ubuntuwindows-7vistaxp02:25
Lord_Magus[thor], :(02:25
mickster04!details | ber02:25
ubottuber: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:25
mickster04acetoline: and what is wrong?02:25
xfgghjlsinesmall problem here... i have used screen ctrl a ctrl d on a runing procces without labeling it. i reconect via ssh and well ofcourse i can not get that window back up02:25
BigMacStarminn: thanks02:26
[segfault]acetoline: do you have ia32-libs package installed?  I don't know if it applied, but read of a similar prob with someone elses 64-bit install02:26
xfgghjlsinewhat do i do :(02:26
Crayboffstar ah it is set to swap area02:26
nano_is there a specific file that is outputted from x11perf or does the output from this command need to get redirected to a txt file for later usage?02:26
Crayboffalright imma press it for real this time02:26
berok i have problems when i try install radeon hd 4200 ubuntu 10.10 i lose the xstartx02:26
beronly console02:26
=== M3de is now known as FarkBarn
acetoline[segfault], no, but I just found something interesting02:27
beri try this but dont work for me  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI02:27
[thor]xfgghjlsine: CTRL-A "02:27
acetolineif I do cp NetAccountS nas, it works02:27
StarminnCrayboff: You said you had /dev/sda6(swap). So, remember how you set your ext4 to mount point of "/"?  Just do the same thing for your swap but say "use as: swap area".02:27
acetolineand I get a new file 'nas'02:27
[thor]xfgghjlsine: " is list windows02:27
acetolinebut then when I do ./nas , same error as before02:27
xfgghjlsineyes i do not have any in this list02:27
StarminnCrayboff: Alright.02:27
Crayboffstar: ya i made sure that was set02:27
acetolinealso, $type nas    gives 'file not found'02:28
xfgghjlsinebut the server i was runing is still going so wth02:28
xfgghjlsinei think it has bg some how02:28
xfgghjlsinebut i need to see its output as its a live one02:28
Lord_Magusanyone using NVIDIA CARDS?02:28
mickster04ber try command > text.txt ?02:28
[thor]xfgghjlsine: ctrl-a n02:29
[thor]xfgghjlsine: for "n"ext window?02:29
Crayboffstar: so i'm at the place where it broke before, i input my info such as comp name and pass. it says it is still copying files and it wont let me press "Forward"02:29
xfgghjlsineno not working either02:29
bercomand not found02:29
xfgghjlsinei messed up bad now i think02:29
kb0oduLord_Magus: I am.  And I'm using the NVidia Driver02:30
mickster04ber: not literally command but whatever command you are running in command line?02:31
StarminnCrayboff:  Username has to be in lower-case.02:31
Crayboffthis is where i had the problem before02:32
Crayboffgah you are a scholar among gentlemen02:32
StarminnCrayboff: I agree. I pissed me off that it wouldn't allow upper-case, but that's not too bad. IT's REALLY bad that they don't inform you of that. That really irks me.02:32
berno i restore startx02:32
StarminnCrayboff: :) I try.02:32
StarminnCrayboff: First-time Linux user or what?02:32
bersorry my inglish un poor02:32
Lord_Maguskb0odu, do you know how to fix this: nvidia doesn't find the right resolution for my monitor: 1280x1024. i've tried to edit manually the x.conf but it didn't work02:33
acetoline[segfault], I'm installing ia32-libs now, fingers crossed02:33
Crayboffstarminn: nahhh i just havent had to deal with setup for a couple years :( i'm more of a casual user02:33
Crayboffthat's embarrassing02:33
goldeneyed'oh no ones respondin02:33
kb0oduLord_Magus: Are you using the proprietary driver or the standard one?02:33
xfgghjlsineany one else know wth i have done ?02:33
StarminnCrayboff: Fair enough, fair enough. Alright, well if you h ave any more questions, just hop on back and me or somebody else will certainly see what we can do to help. ;)02:33
Lord_Maguskb0odu, i'm used the drivers provided by ubuntu (restricted drivers)02:34
Crayboffthanks man02:34
CoachJI am getting wide vertical lines on two different monitors (same machine) anyone have any idea what might cause that?02:34
kb0oduNVidaia Proprietary.  Ok.02:34
berok tkns .. see ya02:34
scottamungaQuestion about Kubuntu - network manager won't let me connect to my ATT wireless.  It says it's connecting, but it doesn't finish connecting.02:34
kb0oduLord_Magus: Did you use the "NVidia X Server Settings" under System to configure it?02:35
Starminnscottamunga: Kubuntu support in #kubuntu02:35
Koala_ok guys im back02:35
Jgilk1im running in to issues with ubuntu completly locking up after running for about an hour is there any way to fix this?02:35
Koala_and ive got wubi to work02:35
Koala_now im curious about removing the install and partition that i attempted with the alternate install disk02:35
sougatascottamunga, did you try connecting from the command prompt02:36
Lord_Maguskb0odu, i've tried to. i've set first to auto. it didn't work, then i tried to find the correct resolution but the highest is 1360x768.02:36
scottamungawhere can I find the commands to do that02:36
Lord_Maguskb0odu, as i said b4 the correct res. is 1280x1024@6002:36
sougatascottamunga, man iwconfiig02:37
kb0oduLord_Magus: PM?02:37
scottamungai'm in ubuntu right now, so I just switch over to kde and type that in?02:37
Lord_Maguskb0odu, what?02:37
sougatascottamunga, lets try that out in ubuntu02:38
Koala_Hello everybody. I initially installed with alternate install disk and the GUI wouldnt work. i reattempted the traditional wubi install and it worked. my question: how to remove the old partition and faulty install from earlier?02:38
sougatathen you can just do the same there02:38
nit-witKoala_, can you post a screen shot of a partitiner gparted or a windopws one, paste it.02:39
xxx__i am trying to run proxychains but i get this error: Can't locate proxychains.conf: Permission denied, but /etc/proxychains.conf exists02:41
Koala_well what happens now is i boot to GRUB and select windows as opposed to faulty installs. this then prompts me with windows or ubuntu. after selecting ubuntu i get no wubildr02:41
nit-witKoala_, you have grub as the menu at boot and only have windows with a wubi correct?02:43
nit-witKoala_, you have the miss-install as well in a partition02:43
Koala_missinstall is in the partition02:44
nit-witKoala_, which windows is it we need to reinstall its bootloader.02:44
Koala_windows 702:44
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:44
nit-witKoala_, do you have a recovery disc?02:45
Koala_i believe its at home, while im at school currently. i may have to wait to recover until next week when i visit02:45
Jasonnny good irc clients for Xubuntu?02:46
nit-witKoala_, here is a download it can be burned or put on a thumb. http://neosmart.net/blog/2009/windows-7-system-repair-discs/02:46
TheShamanx-chat is pretty good for ubuntu02:46
Jasonnnit-wit you know this is a ubuntu help channe, right02:46
JasonnTheShaman: I am looking for something that looks good too, or at least not TERRIBLE02:47
linusasus6Hi something wrong in this grub.cfg http://paste.ubuntu.com/575282/   , I got only Ubuntu, Debian on sdc and windows on sda02:47
TheShamanlooks and functional is fine for me but whatever works for ya02:47
JasonnTheShaman: Have you ever used Koversation? I am looking for something like that (its only for KDE)02:48
TheShamananyone use cannon dslr to shoot video?  how good is it?  can you shoot for 30 min?02:48
Koala_thank you nitwit. do you know what could cause the NO WUBILDR that the wubi install is giving me?02:48
nit-witjasonn; yes and I'm helping this user get the mbr correct to run ubuntu.02:48
ChogyDanlinusasus6: did you just install debian?02:48
TheShamanno i gave up on the kde/gnome wars, i like blackbox better than all of this02:48
Jasonnnit-wit: ah - anyhow, you know of a good IRC client for ubuntu?02:48
gratnam11whats the default username and password02:48
Jasonntheshaman: what is blackbox?02:48
linusasus6no Ive update02:49
FluttershyJasonn: XChat for GUI, WeeChat or irssi otherwise02:49
TheShamanexactly.. or twm if you cant get blackbox02:49
nit-witjasonn; this one I guess you can look through te list.02:49
ChogyDanlinusasus6: it shows ubuntu, then windows vista, then windows 7, then fedora02:49
[segfault]Jasonn: Yes, xchat here also, though seamonkey has an irc client if you like all-in-one apps.02:49
Jasonnfluttershy: WeeChat is through terminal? I am looking for one with a good GUI - i dont like the look of xChat02:49
FluttershyJasonn: yes it is02:50
nit-witKoala_, I'm not real familiar with wubi, what made you try a alternative install rather then a live cd.02:50
TheShamanblackbox is like twm but looks a bit better, but heck.. ii used DEC windows managers in bw so... i dont need it to look all nice02:50
ChogyDanJasonn: try pidgin02:50
FluttershyPidgin's IRC is pretty bad02:50
Jasonn[segfault] i am looking for something windows-like02:50
Koala_live cd wouldnt burn02:50
TheShamandigital unix RuLeZ02:50
linusasus6ya windows vista is the reintaller partition, it mean if you choose this you reinstall windows 702:50
Fluttershythough as are pretty much all IM clients' IRC02:50
[segfault]Jasonn: You can run mIRC under Wine, I suppose...02:50
Jasonnchogydan: works for IRC too?02:50
ChogyDanJasonn: yep, it is what I use02:51
TheShamanwhats wrong with x-chat? seems to work02:51
FluttershyI can't really think of a better GUI client than XChat02:51
Jasonn[segfault] can i get a keygen to work under wine too?02:51
nit-witKoala_, so right now if grub is the boot menu as soon as you remove that borked install nothnf will boot until you reload the MS bootloader.02:51
[segfault]Jasonn: probably, but that's another subject02:51
FluttershyI wouldn't like relying on wine to run anything I intend on having running for extended periods of time02:52
Jasonn[segfault] have you used konversation?02:52
xxx__anyone know why im getting this error with proxychains if there is /etc/proxychains? error: Can't locate proxychains.conf: Permission denied02:52
TheShamannever had good results with wine myself02:52
FluttershyKonversation looks pretty good but I dislike using KDE apps in gnome02:52
[segfault]Fluttershy: <---- good advice.   Jasonn: no, have not.02:53
mrdebuntuwhat is new in the new kernel update to lucid lynx?02:53
JasonnTheShaman: i hate wine, i just use it to run a few progs, other than that, i have a laptop with windows 702:53
JasonnFlutterShy: but you CAN use KDE apps in gnome?02:53
TheShamanvmware player if you *have* to run windows apps02:53
linusasus6@ChogyDan ya windows vista is the reintaller partition, it mean if you choose this you reinstall windows 7 so what02:53
FluttershyJasonn: of course02:53
TheShamanvmware player is nice02:53
Fluttershythey just look/behave slightly different02:53
ChogyDanlinusasus6: are you on ubuntu now?02:53
linusasus6@ChogyDan I'm on the livecd02:54
Fluttershyalso you'd have to run KDE libs which uses more CPU resources02:54
Jasonn[segfault] do you know if i can run a proxy from my server>02:54
ChogyDanlinusasus6: why?02:54
TheShamanwhats the best music player for ubuntu? i dont really like theone it comes with02:54
linusasus6because ubuntu is not on the grub list at start02:54
[segfault]Jasonn: I don't use proxies much, sorry. perhaps someone else can help answer that.02:54
JasonnOne more thing, in xubuntu, do you know how i can put a shortcut to an application on my desktop?02:54
ChogyDanlinusasus6: I think you should restate your problem with all the details02:55
Jasonn[segfault] thanks anyways :)02:55
Corleonehi, i was wondering if someone can help me with my problem?02:55
crimsonmanehow do i get Linux to see my external harddrive?02:56
[segfault]Jasonn: Usually right click on the app in the menu and select "add this launcher to the desktop"02:56
FluttershyTheShaman: Banshee is Rhythmbox +1, Quod Libet is clean and fast, Clementine is x-platform and forked from Amarok02:56
Fluttershycould try those02:56
Jasonn[segfault] nothing happens when i right-click02:56
linusasus6@ChogyDan ya 3 weeks ago I've upgrade debian then it have no more ubuntu in the grub menu list when I start my computer02:56
[segfault]Jasonn: nix that...I was thinking gnome, not x...02:56
nano_crimson plug it in and then open up a terminal and type dmesg | tail . what is the output?02:56
ChogyDanlinusasus6: what is listed?02:57
mrdebuntuwhat is the best and simple ipod manager02:57
linusasus6debian and windows02:57
ChogyDanlinusasus6: maybe debian took over the bootloader02:57
Fluttershymrdebuntu: gtkpod maybe?02:57
Fluttershydon't have an iPod so couldn't tell you for sure02:57
mrdebuntuFluttershy: good call02:57
acetoline[segfault], whew, I installed 16 dependencies, and finally ia32-libs02:58
acetolinenow to test02:58
acetoline[segfault], IT WORKS02:58
acetoline[segfault], you are a genius02:58
[segfault]acetoline: nice job! :)02:58
acetolineia32-libs solved02:58
linusasus6@ChogyDan ya this is what it does but my grub is on the /boot partitions it mean is independant partition of ubuntu, debian and windows02:59
[segfault]acetoline: not me...google-fu!02:59
acetolineweird error though; shouldn't it give some error other than 'file not found?'02:59
acetolineah well, I learned something new02:59
gratnam11hey guys02:59
=== [1]jayd3e is now known as jayd3e
acetoline[segfault], I have to log off now; thanks a billioin02:59
crimsonmanehow do i get Linux to see my external harddrive?02:59
gratnam11i am trying to isntall ubuntu server02:59
joakoIs there an issue to unlock root account by sudo su; passwd?02:59
gratnam11whats the default username and password03:00
Corleoneu set it during install03:00
xnccmisn't china??03:00
crimsonmanehow do i get Linux to see my external harddrive?03:00
[segfault]joako: yes, you just do 'sudo passwd root'03:00
gratnam11wat the hell03:01
Corleonehey, i installed ubuntu server 10.04, and i cant get it connect to my router using WEP, anyone know why?03:01
crimsonmanehow do i get Linux to see my external harddrive?03:01
axillamount it03:01
ChogyDanlinusasus6: yeah, I dunno about the whole separate grub partition thing.  Soz.  I would check to make sure that grub is installed properly03:01
mrdebuntucrimsonmane: you plug it in03:01
crimsonmanemrdebuntu: i did03:02
crimsonmaneit aint visible in the window03:02
paintchipcrimsonmane: what kind of HDD? is it in /media?03:02
rwwxnccm: #ubuntu-cn for Chinese.03:02
crimsonmaneit's external. i just plugged it in a minute ago and flipped it on. trying to browse it03:02
Corleonehey, i installed ubuntu server 10.04, and i cant get it connect to my router using WEP, anyone know why?03:03
paintchiphave you used it on any other machines and had it work?03:03
Corleonebtw i can connect when the WEP is off03:03
crimsonmanepaintchip: of course.03:03
paintchipaso did you buy it as an external or is it an IDE that you put into an external enclosure?03:04
joakoIs there a decent CLI package manager I can install? Aptitude seems very convoluted to use03:04
cbilljonesim having trouble starting vncviewer via ssh session, i can start from terminal with "ssh localhost:3"03:04
paintchipoh so it mounts and you can browse it, jou just want it to show up on your desktop?03:04
cmannsHi ubuntu03:04
crimsonmanepaintchip: no it doesnt mount03:04
kb0odujoako: Try dselect?03:04
DrkCodemanCorleone: do ifconfig on the computer03:04
cbilljonesi mean "vncviewer localhost:303:04
DrkCodemanCorleone see if it is getting an ip from your router03:05
kb0odujoako: sudo apt-get install dselect03:05
paintchipoh my bad03:05
crimsonmanecorrection i turned it off then back on and it worked.03:05
cmannsI've been trying to make a live-usb for 2 days (Downloaded ubuntu mini remix off vzw 3g installed via pendrive on windows) it has the /dev/sr0 issue. I can boot off the usb if I keep a ubuntu cd in the drive...03:05
TheShamanbanshee is pretty nice03:05
paintchipls /dev03:05
cmannsSo then I burned 10.4 full, still didnt work off usb. usb creator doesnt show my drive on the live cd (On ubuntu live cd atm) what can I do?03:05
linusasus6@ChogyDan maybe is the UUID wrong03:05
joakokb0odu, dselect seems to make less sense03:06
paintchipi don't know it it wil show up as hdb or sdb but look for that03:06
paintchipif you have more than 1 drive it might be sdc03:06
joakoLet's see what aptitude does... it says its uninstalling ubuntu-standard03:06
cmannsWould it help if i pastebin dmesg output from when i insert the usb drive?03:07
skutr3hi when i boot my pc and get to grub ubuntu is on there three times... it just started can anyone help?03:07
paintchiplet me know that you find03:07
TheShamanfor flash drive. i installed linux to the flash drive (like nomal) then boot from the flash card on netbook03:07
TheShamanthat worked for me03:07
cmannsskutr3: try uh.... looking at grub menu.lst03:07
cmannsTheShaman: me?03:08
xxx__skutr3, it could be three different kernels03:08
skutr3cmanns: gedit or something03:08
linusasus6@skutr3> must be different version of linux03:08
skutr3xxx__: how?03:08
ugliefroghow do i have a seperate hard drive auto mount on startup I need it to stay mounted if that make sense03:08
TheShamani wanted to run ubuntu on netbook with windows, so i installed linux on flash and booted from flash (its not LIVE, its real linux) i dont use it much but it did work03:08
cmannsskutr3: it lets you select different kernels when a new ones installed like most linux's.... so cat /boot/grub/menu.lst (I think for ubuntu)03:08
xxx__skutr3, through updating ubuntu may have old kernels saved03:08
linusasus6vmlinuz-2.6.35-24-generic ...03:09
mrdebuntuugliefrog: /etc/fstab by uuid03:09
axillajust installed ubuntu, but I have no sound.03:09
cmannshttp://pastebin.com/W1P1C4At < whats this output mean?03:09
TheShamanwhats the best webcam for linux?03:09
axillaI'm using a plantronics USB adapter to some simple speakers.. worked before03:09
mrdebuntuTheShaman: logitech03:10
ugliefrogmrdebuntu, I dont know what fstab is :)....is there a simpler way03:10
mrdebuntuugliefrog: i only know fstab. it is a file that tells the system to mount03:10
TheShamanlogitech really? personally i like the microsoft cams, logitech might have gotten better but they cost more?03:10
skutr3cmanns: cat: /boot/grub/menu.list: No such file or directory03:11
mrdebuntui dont know if ms cams work. they may. check compatiblity. logitech has a good track record03:11
CorleoneDrkCodeman: none03:11
cmannsskutr3: locate menu.lst03:11
TheShamanwhats the cheapest stereo receiver thats small to power to 100W speakers from laptop?03:11
cmannsTheShaman: craiglist and look for a decent one around 50?03:11
DrkCodemanCorleone then you might have to add them to /etc/network/interface03:12
axillanevermind, fixed.03:12
TheShamanyeah i thought about craigslist03:12
overcluckerskutr3: try /boot/grub/grub.cfg03:12
DrkCodemanCorleone: err /etc/network/interfaces03:12
ugliefrogmrdebuntu, how do i access it03:12
TheShamanwanted something new?03:12
mrdebuntuugliefrog: sudo gedit /etc/fstab03:12
TheShamananyone use a *insignia* amp? its pretty cheap? any good?03:12
joakoTheShaman, Anything that says Windows Vista compatible should work. I have a Logitech something HD It's decent.03:12
CorleoneDrkCodeman, do you mind if i pm u?03:12
linux_probei once had a cheap insignia 6.1 all in one03:13
mrdebuntube careful03:13
linux_probeworst thing i ever touched03:13
TheShamanwas the insginia any good? did it die in a year?03:13
linux_probeit still works, but it's buggy as can be03:13
cbilljonessougata ?03:13
linux_probedvd player issues, the coaxial digital input was junk03:13
TheShamandefine buggy or a amp03:13
linusasus6look at this why theres like 2 grub in the same http://paste.ubuntu.com/575292/03:13
TheShamanah ok. thx03:14
skutr3cmanns: ok im in grub.cfg03:14
linux_probeim not sure about just their cheapest plain stereo amp03:14
cmannsyou see the multiple lines in there you formentioned? :303:14
TheShamanaudiosource? anyone use them?03:14
ugliefrogmrdebuntu, I guess i have to know a uuid code then put a / at the end03:15
mrdebuntuugliefrog: in terminal, type sudo blkid and check the uuid for it03:16
linux_probenever used audiosource stuff, but from the manuals and ratings listed, their over-rated on output by far03:16
Corleonei cant connect to my router when WEP is turned on, but when i turn WEP off, i can connect, i added the WEP key, but it doesnt connect, anyone know why?03:17
linux_probetheir listed ratings are @ 1% THD03:17
TheShamanall i want for this setup is something that will sound _OK_ and not blow out in a year03:17
linux_probewell, any of the cheaper ones would probably work ok03:17
bootsanyone on here familiar with prolog by any chance? >.<03:17
TheShamanand is heap03:17
TheShamanand is cheap03:17
linux_probeproviding you dont crank them to the moon and expect them to perform like an expensive amp03:18
linusasus6ok I will try to copy paste the menu entrys see if it work then03:18
linux_probeanyways, this seems way off #ubuntu topic03:18
bootsor can point me to where i can find someone that does?03:18
=== gewt is now known as cupcakes
Corleonei cant connect to my router when WEP is turned on, but when i turn WEP off, i can connect, i added the WEP key, but it doesnt connect, anyone know why?03:18
TheShamanthats pretty much what i think.. they cheap ones will work... _OK_03:18
LuckySMackDroidSo if I had Ubuntu installed to itsown drive and grub was installed to it. And I then installed windows to another drive. Should all I need to do is load into a live CD and run update-grub so I get the grub os select menu?03:18
linux_probe #ubuntu-offtopic is a good place to offtopic chat :)03:19
=== Rav__ is now known as vrlogrs
joakoLuckySMackDroid, If you are doing that I recommend you unplug the ubuntu drive while installing Windows, it might decide to install its bootloader in the totally wrong place03:19
TheShamananyone think dlna is just terrible03:20
cmannsso nobody else knows how to diagnose a unmounting usb drive? I mean I've ran OS's off it before, it boots ubuntu but gets the recessive /dev/sr0 medium cannot be mounted error03:20
cmannsa un recognizable usb*03:20
LuckySMackDroidThe windows drive is the primary drive on this case.03:20
sougataCorleone, did you try connecting from the command prompt03:20
Corleonecmanns try another USB port03:20
Corleonesougata, yes its Ubuntu 10.04, server, command line03:21
b0g4nk1dit could be a corrupted FAT table03:21
b0g4nk1dI've had USB pendisks that have done that to me before03:21
cmannsI tried every port, http://pastebin.com/SkcUvmUf03:21
linusasus6ya I think I know what happen theyre 2  grub.cfg03:21
JasonnI DID IT!03:22
cmannsI ran PfSense off this USB before :/03:22
Jasonni made this IRC client work :)03:22
sougataCorleone, I mean connecting with your router03:22
sougatausing iwconfig03:22
Corleonesougata, yes, it doesnt work when WEP is on, but it does work when i disable WEP03:22
cbilljonesim having trouble starting vncviewer via ssh session, i can start locally from terminal with "vncviewer localhost:3", my ssh command is: "ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900 user@computer"03:22
Corleoneall done via command line03:23
LuckySMackDroidSo assuming windows mbr was installed properly. Would I only need to run update-grub from the live cd03:23
overcluckerJasonn: Smuxi?03:23
slinkeeyHello, as a ubuntu user, can I ask firefox questions, or do you recommend a different channel?03:23
b0g4nk1d@cmanns you might need to pull the USB drive out of the port then plug it in again03:23
JasonnCorleone: My advice to you, from server-runner to server-runner, is just get an old router for $30 on ebay, and slap DD-WRT on it, and ise it as a wireless bride, easiest thing to do, and the best decision of your life!03:24
linusasus6yep I found it theyre a grub.cfg on the partition /boot and a grub.cfg on the / of debian03:24
Jasonnoverclucker: Yes03:24
Jasonnoverclucker: CTCP?03:24
Cablguyhey peeps,   anyone know of a good audio creation package I can use?03:25
cmannshmm yeah I have plugged in the usb over n over03:25
cmannsIt's a U3 drive but i removed their launcher crap long ago03:25
Jasonnoverclucker: do you want a BNC, it could hide that ;)03:25
sougataCorleone, did you enable the wep support for your router03:25
TheShamanwhat platform audio creation? what are you doing audacity?03:26
CablguyI installed Mixxx but, it's not exactly what I was lookin for03:26
Guest93931Is there any place i can view grub2 error?  I see an error when grub loads, but it loads ad functions fine except for not using my background that i set in it03:26
=== rcmaehl is now known as Never_gonna_give
overcluckerJasonn: glad i got you before you had tiem to set that up03:26
cmannshmm dank, says u3 usb drives work on ubuntu D:03:27
Corleonesougata: i enabled WEP from the router, if thats what you mean03:27
Jasonnoverclucker: i mean would you like a BNC?03:27
CablguyTheShaman just lookin to create some music files of my own03:27
Jasonnoverclucker: check my version now03:27
TheShamananyone have mythtv crash X?03:27
milamberCablguy: dj/vj system you are looking at LiVES, recording look at ardour, and midi editing you are looking at rosegarden03:27
TheShamanmusic files to mp3? audio editing?03:27
sougataCorleone, yes.03:28
TheShamanaudacity is not bad for quick edits (on windows is kinda buggy but still usable)03:28
CablguyTheShamn, no..  just looking to create03:28
overcluckerJasonn: heh03:28
Corleonesougata: yep, its enabled by default, i took it down, to make my server connect, which i managed to do03:28
=== Never_gonna_give is now known as Never_gonna
CablguyI've got Mixx, and Audacity installed and neather have a viable creation option03:28
milamberCablguy: +1 for audacity for quick edits03:29
Cablguynot looking to edit..  looking to create03:29
FishEeeso i cant get 10.10 to install... it just sits there03:29
cmannscould /dev/sg0/1 be my usb drive?03:29
cmannsu3-tool says sg03:29
milamberCablguy: then check out rosegarden03:29
=== Never_gonna is now known as rcmaehl
TheShamancreate music files from what? like some synth to make music? midi creator?03:29
JasonnFishEee: get the "Alternat CD" and try that03:29
Bogus8_So, mdadm is broken??  This page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReliableRaid  says that it has some serious problems if I'm reading it correctly... 4 says that the notification system isn't working?!?!03:30
CablguyTheShaman Just create music files from scratch...  like dub step and the like..03:30
sougataCorleone, Does the router say anything about the key size03:30
Corleone128 bit03:30
FishEeeJasonn, why need that?03:30
CablguyI'll check out rosegarden03:31
TheShamannot sure about that then but i think you can get some roland simulators or something like that03:31
cmannsmount: /dev/sg0 is not a block device03:31
Corleonei think thats 23 characters03:31
Cablguythis is exactly what I'm looking for..  http://www.rosegardenmusic.com/03:32
Cablguythanks for the input guys..  :)03:32
JasonnFishEee: i had the same problem - trying that CD fixed it for me, otherwise, just download the "server" edition, and do sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop - that fixed it for me03:32
joakoWow apt-get can't even folow dependancies03:32
Jasonnoverclucker: check PM03:32
rebirthwhat is the console command to open the audio manager thingy?03:32
FishEeeJasonn, 9.10 installs fine.... 10.04 and 10.10 doesnt do anything03:33
JasonnFishEee: RAM?03:33
=== cupcakes is now known as gewt
FishEeeim downloading that to try it though03:33
TheShamanwhats the best program for ubuntu to o wake on lan?03:33
FishEeeJasonn, 4gb03:33
sougataCorleone, why 23 characters ?03:33
FishEeespecs def not issue03:33
JasonnFishEee: you should be able to update it right through the update manager03:33
FishEeeQ6600 cpu03:33
Corleonesougata: 2603:33
linusasus6ok I've edit the grub.cfg on both partition what is the terminal command I do for update the grub menu, or is it enough just edit grub.cfg?03:34
FishEeethan computer wont start03:34
Corleonei just counted03:34
b0g4nk1dHas anyone got the Windows version of OpenOffice to run under Wine?03:34
cmannslsusb says my usb drive Bus 002 Device 005: ID 0781:540a SanDisk Corp.03:34
Guest93931Is there any place i can view grub2 errors? I see an error when grub loads, but it loads ad functions fine except for not using my background that i set in it03:34
milamberrebirth: alsamixer03:34
rebirthis there anything else?03:36
sougataCorleone, I am not sure, I guess you know it better. The representation is Hexadecimal , so I was wondering03:36
sougataCan you use FEFEFEFEFEFEFEFEFEFE as the key and check03:37
milamberrebirth: to launch a gui from the terminal: gnome-volume-control03:37
Bogus8_I can send a --test out with mdadm and it emails just fine... but if I pull the power on a drive I never get an email.03:39
Corleonesougata: ok03:39
witesharkdoes anyone have a way to remove FF ubuntuzilla build while the commands and repos no longer exist03:39
Bogus8_So does mdadm not work in 10.4 server?03:39
linusasus6will try to restart see it then03:40
cmannsSo if lsusb shows your usb drive, theres no device in /dev and dmesg shows a error after you plug it in, whats my next line of action?03:40
Corleonesougata: Error: You have to enter a valid 128-bit Network key03:41
sougataCorleone, you were correct03:42
klaskocan someone help me?03:46
xprobhave printer problem can anyone help03:46
paq7512what is a good program to check temps?03:47
paq7512just ask klasko and xprob03:47
paintchipwhat do you need klasko?03:47
sougataCorleone, did you read this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-78162.html03:47
Corleonesougata: any ideas?03:47
klaskohi, I have a problem, I can't mount my root disk03:47
linusasus6yep what I did work I have edit the grub.cfg on my /boot partition and add what was on my debian / partition, and edit my grub.cfg of my debian partition and add what was on the /boot partition then I'm finally on mu ubuntu03:48
klaskowhen I boot, appears a windows like a terminal, searching for the root03:48
klaskobut it doesn't find it03:48
paintchipyour root is on a seperate partition or disk?03:48
klaskoseparate partition03:48
klaskoalong with a windows partition, whick I can use03:48
paintchipwhat does your grub menu look like?03:49
xprobmy ip3600 will not print ; it says it finished job but silent03:49
paintchipsounds like it is looking in the wrong place03:49
klaskoan entry for ubuntu, ubuntu recovery mode, and windows03:49
arrrghhhhey all, what's the "recommended" method for cleaning up old kernels from GRUB?03:49
klaskoI've been using ubuntu for 2 years, and nothing went wrong before03:49
arrrghhhi've just been removing them manually03:51
arrrghhhbut there's gotta be a better way.03:51
cmannsAnyone know how to disable usb2?03:52
Bogus8_I'm about to jump ship to debian... if mdadm doesn't work properly then ubuntu seems like a poor choice for a server.03:52
Jgilk1having issues installing java applet consule request for code su when it prompts for authorizition i enter my password and it rejects it03:54
visual1cehow do i find out the device name of my tablet?03:55
visual1celike the pen/tablet on my tablet pc03:55
murlidharis it possible to set qt apps in gnome session to have custom fonts using qtconfig ? cuz when qtapps selected to use GTK+ the fonts cannot be set in custom.03:56
murlidharis it a bug ?03:57
Random832murlidhar: set the gtk fonts03:57
cmannsOk well if ic ant install a live cd03:57
cmannsonto usb03:57
Random832or wait is that what yo're saying doesn't work?03:57
cmannsHow can I enable different apt repos if im on a live cd and it wont let me save sources.lst03:57
murlidharRandom832: yes i did but i want to have qt apps have different fonts than gtk apps03:58
=== Administrador_ is now known as klasko
Random832the point of the gtk theme is to make them look the same03:58
Jgilk1establish super user?03:58
Guest93931Anyone know if Grub2 saves a log file anyplace? i have a nonfatal grub error at boot but it goes away too fast to read03:58
Random832and it works well, i didn't know virtualbox wasn't gtk for like a year and a half03:58
=== banisterfiend is now known as trick
murlidharRandom832: my font doesn't render the same in qt app.03:58
trickwhat does 'rc' stand for in .bashrc ?03:58
murlidharRandom832: so i wanted to have altogether a different font set for qt app.03:59
Random832trick: it's historical03:59
trickRandom832: interesting,do you remember what the rc used to stand for tho?03:59
Random832i think it's "run commands'03:59
arrrghhhhey all, what's the "recommended" method for cleaning up old kernels from GRUB?03:59
Random832but it's pretty meaningless03:59
trickRandom832: ok thanks03:59
=== funkyTones is now known as Semitones
speedrunnerG55will ububtu ever have a tablet vetrion of it04:00
klaskohi,i can't boot from my root disk04:00
Random832might be "run control"04:00
cmannsnobody knows how to enable universe and multiverse repos w/out editing sources.lst?04:00
roygbivcan anybody recommend some gui diff tools for me? only 1 i know of is tkdiff04:00
arrrghhhcmanns: synaptic04:00
Random832cmanns: uh, you could run a gui tool that edits sources.list for you04:00
=== Semitones is now known as dialtones
* Random832 recommends gedit04:00
arrrghhh!help | ahaziah7704:00
ubottuahaziah77: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:00
roygbivok thanks Random83204:00
speedrunnerG55ahaziah77 what a name04:00
Random832roygbiv: vim, meld04:01
Random832the "gedit" was a joke at cmanns, not you04:01
roygbivoic ok04:01
cmannsI can edit it via command but I'm on a livecd.......04:01
Random832meld is a good standalone one04:01
Random832you can run "gvimdiff" or "vimdiff" on two files to open vim in diff mode automatically, or :help diff04:01
klaskoI can't boot from my main disk. It just appears a initramfs terminal. When I try to access to the partition from a live CD, it says that there's a job pending on it04:01
ahaziah77k, so anyways, having issues with my keyboard and mouse, key combos seem to not be working and touch pad doesnt work, cant right click either with wireless mouse04:01
ahaziah77panel froze on me, when i went to terminal it wouldnt let me do anything in there to reset panels04:02
=== dialtones is now known as cryptotones
murlidharcmanns: you could also enable them by clicking software sources in preference tab or administration tab.04:02
xprobhave issue with my ip3600 canon printer; have debug txt; can anyone help04:02
klaskoI can't boot from my main disk. It just appears a initramfs terminal. When I try to access to the partition from a live CD, it says that there's a job pending on it04:03
cmannsah thank you murlidhar / Random832 arrrghhh04:03
ahaziah77so, any ideas?04:05
Corleonesougata: no it doesnt work04:06
=== chris_ is now known as Guest90036
=== Guest90036 is now known as chris9812
artemwolfIs there a good dual monitor utility someone could recommend?04:09
xprobwhere  can i get a good driver for the ip3600 that works w/ ubuntu 1004:09
Boatingbum23hello, im working on a computer via ssh, i just installed a program and dont know where to cd to to run the program04:10
milamberBoatingbum23: what program?04:11
sougataCorleone, :-(04:11
Boatingbum23Murmur, the mumble server client04:12
milamberdid you install it from the command line?04:12
=== cryptotones is now known as wobwobwobtones
milamberBoatingbum23: sorry, via apt-get?04:12
Corleonesougata: any ideas?04:13
=== administrator is now known as Guest75999
milamberBoatingbum23: you shouldn't have to cd04:13
* sougata is clueless 04:13
Boatingbum23hmm, what would be the run command? maybe i entered it wrong?04:14
Corleonelol damn04:14
milamberBoatingbum23: service murmur start04:14
sougataCorleone, last option might be to tail syslog and see where its failing04:14
milamberBoatingbum23: sudo*04:14
Corleoneokay sougata, how do i do that04:15
Boatingbum23unrecognized service04:15
klaskoI can't boot from my main disk. It just appears a initramfs terminal. When I try to access to the partition from a live CD, it says that there's a job pending on it04:15
sougatatail -f /var/log/syslog04:15
sougataand try connecting on another terminal04:15
milamberBoatingbum23: dpkg -i | grep murmur04:15
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX04:15
AntiSociaLwould anyone be able to tell me how to re-enable lxde to start on boot? i have to type startx everytime04:15
Guest93931Is there any updated Doc on the new grub that came with 10.10? it doesnt seem to be using the config files from /etc/grub.d anymore ?04:16
AntiSociaLso i have to login twice04:16
sougataCorleone, I will leave now . Its almost morning here and I need to sleep04:16
Corleonelol okay cool, thanks04:16
AntiSociaLwould anyone be able to tell me how to re-enable lxde to start on boot? i have to type startx everytime04:17
sougataCorleone, your nick is amazing04:17
Corleoneantisocial edit your /etc/rc.local file include the command there04:17
Corleonesougata, thanks04:17
AntiSociaLthank you Corleone04:17
Corleonemake sure to do sudo chmod 777 /etc/rc.local04:18
Corleonethen edit04:18
AntiSociaLgot it :D04:18
sweethey i  use dual system..before installing quickhill in xp i was able to mount xp drive by ubuntu but now i m not able to mount..what should i do?04:18
JasonnI need help, my comp sais HAL is unavaliable04:19
JasonnWHen i try to suspend/hibernate the comp04:19
Boatingbum23i ot it working, thank you milamber04:19
Guest93931hardware abstraction layer ?04:20
Corleonecan anyone else help me? i cant connect to my router using WEP04:20
Jasonnidk, it just sais HAL04:20
JasonnCorleone: use WPA04:20
sweetcan anyone give any suggestion04:20
=== platypus is now known as Guest23667
CorleoneJasonn, my router can't, its a bit old lol04:21
JasonnGuest93931: It just sais HAL04:21
heliusHello !04:21
bp0Is it possible to use the ubuntu installer to install ubuntu on another partition from within an existing ubuntu installation?04:21
histoCorleone: what type of card?04:21
JasonnCorleone: As i suggested before, just get a $30 router and use it as a wireless bridge - the easiest thing you could ever do04:21
Guest93931Jasonn yea, thats hardware abstraction layer but i thought only windows got that error04:21
heliusYes bp004:22
CorleoneJasonn, isn't there another way to do it, without buying?04:22
histoCorleone: what type of card?04:22
Corleonehisto, how do i check? iwconfig?04:22
JasonnGuest93931: how do i fix it? I just get it when i try to suspent the comp to RAM04:22
histoCorleone: lspci04:22
bp0helius, are there instructions somewhere?04:22
histoCorleone: it's probably broadcom and you need the firmware would be my guess04:22
Corleonehisto, the thing is, i can connect when WEP is off, just can't connect when it's on04:23
JasonnCorleone: to tell you the truth, if you COULD spare $30, go for it, you have been here for almost 2 hours, is it really worth all of the time and effort wasted?04:23
histoJasonn: that doens't sovle Corleone problem04:23
histoCorleone: lspci | grep Network04:23
Corleoneexactly, and even if i buy it, it will take 3 days to arrive04:23
Guest93931Jasonn is this a laptop?04:23
Corleoneone sec, im rebooting histo04:23
Jasonnhisto: hes been here for almost 2 hours - noone has been able to help him04:23
histoJasonn: because no one is trying04:24
JasonnGuest93931: No, its an IBM desktop04:24
histoJasonn: suggesting for him to buy a product that won't fix the issue isn't the right way to go.04:24
Jasonnhisto: be my guest if you can fix it04:24
nuszinomoz1i met with same problem on difrenet machine, I read a few forums, the only one solution is to buy an other card04:24
Nexus-WindSo im leaving for a week and taking my computer, can I backup my monitor setup and desktop icons? to start fresh with one monitor?04:24
nuszinomoz1it's not supported04:24
histoCorleone: well what are you in windows?  you should be able to find out from there as well04:24
Nexus-WindI have 4 monitors that were a pain in the ass to get working correctly04:24
Guest93931Jasonn not sure if this will help since its for laptops but i found this article http://www.ubuntugeek.com/fix-for-suspend-and-hibernation-problem-for-laptops.html04:24
Nexus-Windand I dont want to lsoe my desktop icons spread across 4 monitors04:24
JasonnGuest93931: thanks04:25
Corleoneim on my laptop using windows, and my server is next to me04:25
Corleoneokay got it04:25
histoCorleone: what is listed for the Network controller04:25
CorleoneEthernet controller: Realtek04:26
histoCorleone: not that one. That's wired04:26
Corleonebut im using wlan0, not eth104:26
bzaks1424i'm working on dnsmasq- does anyone know if there's an official channel for it?04:26
histoCorleone: you should have a Network Controller listed as well04:26
BobSaggethai DaniOpi04:27
Corleonehisto: no i dont04:27
DanOpisomeone wana help me out?04:27
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:27
histoCorleone: well there's your problem. So it's not seeing the wireless card at all04:27
DanOpiI just want to set up a system for unbuntu and see what it's like04:27
Corleonehisto: strange, because i can connect when WEP isnt on?04:27
histoCorleone: using what?04:28
DanOpii don't want a dual boot or anything, just unbuntu04:28
Corleonehisto: standard iwconfig up04:28
JasonndanOpi: try the live CD, you can test it out from there04:28
BobSaggetDanOpi you currently hav windows and anoter os?04:28
histoCorleone: Then there has to be a network controller listed if you are using wireless04:28
JasonndanOpi: without even installing04:28
DanOpiI have windows on this tower04:28
histoCorleone: lspci | grep Network04:29
DanOpii have another tower with xp on it i think and i want to wipe that and have it be unbuntu04:29
histoDanOpi: just boot up the cd and you can run it live from there to check out. If you like it just click on install04:29
DanOpii'll just install it anyway on that other tower04:29
DanOpican i do a hard drive wipe somehow to get rid of windows on the hard drive?04:30
histoDanOpi: yeah with the installer04:30
DanOpiit gives me the option?04:30
DanOpiunbuntu need a good processor or graphics card?04:30
DanOpiokay well i'm gonna go dig that tower out and then set it up04:31
BobSagget2.4 ghz processor works fine with my old raphics card04:31
histoDanOpi: no, if you aren't happy with performanceyou can go with xubuntu or something lighter04:31
Corleonehisto: i cant get the | to work on my other keyboard, its the third function of a key04:31
histoCorleone: well then you'll have to use lspci and pgup to scroll back.04:32
histoCorleone: does this box have a GUI?04:32
Corleonethis one, yes04:32
pv2depotydoes anyone kno anything about adb for android phones?04:32
histo!anyone | pv2depoty and it sounds offtopic04:32
ubottupv2depoty and it sounds offtopic: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:32
Corleonepv2depoty: a bit, but this is the wrong channel04:32
pv2depotyumm wat channel should i be in?04:33
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Corleonelol adroid maybe04:33
histoCorleone: well check System > Admin > hardware drivers04:33
Corleonehisto, no i dont have GUI on the server04:33
PenquiteHi All04:33
histoThat's what I just asked04:33
histoCorleone: are you sure it's not a wpa network?  cuz those don't work with iwconfig04:34
beelzebubba29Hi everyone, I'm in need of some help please. *Brand new* user, I can't get Ubuntu to recognize that there is a wireless adapter plugged in.04:34
bzaks1424Does anyone know dnsmasq decently? Or knows the proper channel for it?  I'm trying to create two seperate subnets based on vendorclass04:34
Corleonehisto, no, its definetely, WEP04:34
histoCorleone: what about lshw -short04:36
histoCorleone: look for network items in there04:36
histobzaks1424: /msg alis list *dsnmasq*04:36
Corleonehisto it just says: wireless interface04:36
histoCorleone: yeah what does it say for a chipset04:37
Corleoneno chipset04:37
histoCorleone: is this a usb or pci card?04:37
histoCorleone: okay well does lspci show a chipset then?04:37
bzaks1424histo: thanks. unfortunately no love :-(04:37
histoCorleone: and is this a custom built computer or factory made?04:37
Corleonehisto: no, but im guessing its PCI, maybe its IDE?04:37
Corleonehisto: factory04:38
histoCorleone: make and model please04:38
shadghostI have a question about sed, i am trying to replace $ with ' ' in a document, but it seems that $ is a command in sed so i cant use it like "s/$/ /g" how do i do it04:39
histoshadghost: s/'$'/ /g  maybe?04:40
histoshadghost: or s/\$/ /g  something liek that04:40
rwwthat ^04:40
Corleonehisto: brb04:41
shadghostsed -e "s/\$/ /g" text.xtx04:41
shadghostdid not work04:41
shadghostand i tryed the '$' alredy04:41
Silivrenionhi venkatesh !04:43
histoshadghost: let me do some trying04:43
luxurymodehey all. just installed KDE, having some problems with multi-monitors. can anyone help? my left monitor is acting buggy, displaying blank space at the bottom of the screen. i have ATI...04:43
chaosrluxurymode, Did you try playing with the size and orientation utility ?04:44
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ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe04:45
luxurymodechaosr: nope. how do i find the size and orientation utility?04:45
chaosrluxurymode, netbook installation here and it works just fine with dual display04:45
luxurymodechaosr: by the way, once i mouse over to the bottom of my left screen, it does display the taskbar04:45
luxurymodeim on a desktop...04:45
thevishyWubi asks me to mention installation size , what and how does this affect my HDD ? Wh is it the defeault size 17GB ?04:45
thevishyWill it do some kind of partition ?04:45
renegade_no partition04:45
renegade_it installs like any other windows app04:46
chaosrwell I would try to just click on K menu and type screen for starter, should give you the utility in the options04:46
bp0for some reason clicking on zip files opens them in firefox, which then asks me to open them in archive manager... how do I fix that?04:46
zeleftikamU 10.10: how do i add a repository by command line?04:46
thevishyI see , so it consumes 17 GB , alloting some space for my File System ? like free space ?04:46
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chaosrzeleftikam, for a starter you would have to add a line to /etc/apt/sources.list04:47
chaosrzeleftikam, then probably add the gpg keys and do an apt-get update04:47
zeleftikamchaosr: i'm following a tutorial that says i need to run: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-on-rails04:47
thevishyhow much RAM does wubi require ? mine is a netbook basically04:47
switch10_zeleftikam: you could also do add-apt-repository <repository_name>04:47
renegade_what are your specs thevishy04:47
chaosrzeleftikam, ok that is another way I heard of, sorry not too familiar with tough04:47
thevishyAtom and 1 GB , with 160 GB RAM04:48
zeleftikamchaosr: sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found04:48
thevishyavailable is about 300 MB RAM as per task manager04:48
renegade_not a lot of resources available then04:48
switch10_zeleftikam: you are not adding the ":" correct?04:49
zeleftikamthere is a : in it, yes04:49
zeleftikamsudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-on-rails04:50
chaosrzeleftikam, weird I have the command available.. wich version are you using ?04:50
manzaniwhello there04:51
zeleftikamchaosr: Description:    Ubuntu 10.1004:51
histoshadghost: alright figured it out04:51
histoshadghost: s/\$/ /g04:52
zeleftikamit's on Rackspace, i don't know if they've messed with it...?04:52
arandIs there a way to get inline diffs?04:52
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histoshadghost: works in vim atleast i'm sure it will work in sed04:52
luxurymodechaosr: messed around with size/orientation. cant seem to get it right. maybe i should restart once after installing kde?04:52
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mitch_feasterWhat does everyone do to jump to specific command line switches while reading man pages? I often find myself man'ing a command only to search for the option and scroll through like 30 matches until I find the actual description...04:53
Abhijitin my one slide in LO impress whole para is getting auto decremented but there is lots of space. how to make it not auto decrement font size?04:53
chaosrluxurymode, maybe but I can't see why you would... you say there is a black bar on top and bottom of screen ???04:53
histomitch_feaster: / then type in a search term04:53
chaosrzeleftikam, ok .. try : sudo apt-get install python-software-properties04:53
shadghosthisto: no, not in sed, and vi is not installed04:54
luxurymodejust bottom. so the desktop space is limited to less than the monitor. although, like i said, if i mouse over, the kde bar does appear at the bottom04:54
zeleftikamchaosr: okay, installed.04:54
histoshadghost: let me check set it has to work that way04:54
rwwmitch_feaster: press /, type the option, press enter04:54
luxurymodechaosr: but anything i drag there, is cut off and im only seeing partial windows. anything that extends to black area just disappears. its like the damn bermuda triangle ;)04:54
chaosrzeleftikam, ok if you just type add-apt then do tab it does not auto-complete ?04:54
zeleftikamit does autocomplete04:54
mitch_feasterhisto: That's what I do, but like I said, I then have to hit 'n' about 30 times until I get to the actual description...04:55
histoshadghost: yeap sed -ie 's/\$/ /g' filename works here04:55
chaosrzeleftikam, ok means command is available....try just typing sudo add-apt-repository without param to see what it says04:55
histomitch_feaster: that's about the only way I think you can search from the bottom though04:55
zeleftikamchaosr: actually, i ran the whole command, and it worked fine04:55
chaosrluxurymode, ok, and the task bar appears in this area or above it ?04:55
luxurymodetask bar is at the bottom of the area04:56
psychotyt ktonibyd' po rysskii znaet?04:56
chaosrzeleftikam, ok I thought it was not running properly04:56
zeleftikamchaosr: it appears to have added gpgkey, good right?04:56
mitch_feasterI was just looking at http://babbage.cs.qc.edu/courses/cs701/Handouts/man_pages.html and trying to think of how to maybe write some elisp to parse the man page up while in `woman' mode...04:56
shadghosthisto: it should replace it in middle of a sentance right like "this&is&a&sentance&that&has&spaces&"04:56
chaosrzeleftikam, yeah good04:56
Abhijitin my one slide in LO impress whole para is getting auto decremented but there is lots of space. how to make it not auto decrement font size?04:56
zeleftikamchaosr: yeah, the command didn't run at all until i installed the python thing. weird. thanks very much for your help!! ++04:56
histoshadghost: yeah just did for me04:56
chaosrzeleftikam, then a simple apt-get update should get the package list from that source04:56
zeleftikamthat was my next step :)04:57
shadghosthisto: strange that it is not for me04:57
histoshadghost: make sure you're using ' and not `04:57
luxurymodechaosr: here's a snapshot http://imgur.com/MWyBT04:57
chaosrzeleftikam, no prob, just to let you know, that particular command is provided by that pythin package04:57
histoshadghost: what is the error you care getting?04:57
histoshadghost: or ifyou could pastebin the output04:57
shadghosti am04:57
chaosrzeleftikam, I juste searched the command name on packages.ubuntu.com to see wich package provided it04:57
Corleoneback, okay histo, im booting up windows on that server, just switched the HD's, one sec04:57
zeleftikamchaosr: ahh. gotcha. nice. no idea why this install doesn't have it04:57
shadghosthisto: i was using " not '04:58
glitchdcan someone please help me, i cannot update my system (ubuntu 10.04 32 bit)  it keeps telling me "E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)04:58
glitchdE: Unable to lock the download directory" but software center is not open, neither is anything else, only update manager04:58
histoshadghost: do cat filename.blah && sed -ie 's/\$/ /g' filename.blah   then pastebin all that04:58
histoshadghost: and how is vi not installed?04:58
histoshadghost: it's installed on nearly every distro04:58
chaosrzeleftikam, don't know as I said I am not too familiar with that command but I think it is relatively recent04:58
shadghosthisto: no ieda, i have ubuntu desktop installed over ubuntu server04:58
chaosrluxurymode, ok I see04:58
chaosrluxurymode, weird, you lose me there . and under gnome multi screen works ?04:59
mitch_feasterokay, man pages are written in groff... guess I'll look into parsing that...04:59
shadghost*goes back to his vm's*04:59
shadghoststupid compatition tormmrow04:59
luxurymodechaosr: yeah in gnome its fine. remember i have ati catalyst. also, have docky running too, maybe thats messing things up?05:00
histoshadghost: well then vi is there05:00
glitchdcan anyone help me with this error?? "E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)05:00
glitchd E: Unable to lock the download directory"05:00
luxurymodechaosr: hahha bingo. closed docky and we're good now05:00
Loshkimitch_feaster: before you run off and reinvent the wheel (parsing groff), what are you trying to do?05:00
WiesshundI use ATI Cataclysm LOL05:00
shadghostshadghost@weardass:~/probs$ vim text.xtx05:00
shadghostThe program 'vim' can be found in the following packages: * vim05:00
luxurymodeWiesshund: lol! exactly..05:00
histoshadghost: vi test.txt05:01
Wiesshundactualy ive been lucky, for me its nvidia thats gave me fits and not ati05:01
glitchdcan anyone help me with this error?? "E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the download directory"05:01
shadghostwell that is my falt, i named it text.xtx on axadiant....05:01
shadghostbut vi was not installed05:01
shadghosti just installed it05:01
histoshadghost: no vim is not installed i bet vi is05:01
AndrewMCglitchd: /w 2805:01
Wiesshundglitchd did you use sudo when doing what ever you were doing?05:01
AndrewMCglitchd: sorry :)05:02
glitchdWiesshund, i was running update manager05:02
glitchdAndrewMC, np05:02
shadghosthisto: i thought vi == vim05:02
mitch_feasterLoshki: Ha, but isn't that the fun part? :) Simple use case: `man wget`; `/`; `-r`; <enter>; Arrived at line 1413 of the man page (the actual description of -r, rather than references to it)05:02
glitchdWiesshund, i cant figure out why i keep getting this error05:02
chaosrluxurymode, excellent I'll try to remember that one05:02
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mitch_feaster(without having to type 'n' (or C-s in my case) 30 times)05:02
mitch_feasterBuilding a database of options from the man page, then doing quick lookups on that.05:03
glitchdWiesshund, usually ill get that error if software center is open at the same time, but its not, in fact, nothing is open, only update manager05:03
Wiesshundglitchd try in console sudo apt-get update?05:03
glitchdWiesshund, that seems to work fine05:04
histoshadghost: no vim is vi improved05:04
glitchdupdate manager has a whole list of things that need to be installed, but sudo apt-get update jus breezed thru, didnt stop at any line.05:05
glitchdWiesshund, update manager has a whole list of things that need to be installed, but sudo apt-get update jus breezed thru, didnt stop at any line.05:05
mitch_feasterThere's not much meta-information associated with groff, but I think you could scrape up most of them...05:05
Wiesshundglitched see if updte mgr will load now?05:05
glitchdWiesshund, it opens fine, jus when i try to install the updates, i get that error right after i enter my password05:06
Wiesshundglitchd ok try picking one update to install05:06
Ry4anIf I have an existing installed 10.4 system (headless) and I want to create an emergency boot flash drive, what's the recommended command/tool?  I don't need/want data backup, just something to help out if my MBR gets zorched (I'm using software RAID if that matters)05:06
glitchdWiesshund, this is what is says now "Unable to get exclusive lock05:06
glitchdThis usually means that another package management application (like apt-get or aptitude) is already running. Please close that application first."05:06
glitchdWiesshund, i didnt even get to put in my password05:07
Wiesshundis apt-get still running?05:07
duongthaihaRy4an: usuing system - administator -start up disck creator05:07
Corleonehisto: http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/view/4856205:07
shadghostwinXperts_: what server05:07
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glitchdWiesshund, no im back at prompt05:07
shadghostWiesshund: what server05:07
xxx2xxx1 hi05:07
Ry4anDuongthaiha: it's headless/no-X/server.  Is there an command line tool backing that I can invoke?05:07
B|ackPantherHi, i have a problem i forgot the password for accessing one of my private keys, how can i reset the password ?05:08
rwwB|ackPanther: private key as in gnupg?05:08
xxx2xxx1 hi05:08
Ry4anI'm seeing grub-mkrescue, is that an candidate?05:08
glitchdWiesshund, ok so i tried to pick just one update just now, and it gave me the same message05:08
Wiesshundglitchd sounds like maybe an update tool got shut down prematurely at some point, Look for a LOCK file in your rpm downloads section (the folder where apt-get and synaptic download packges) and delete it.05:09
glitchdWiesshund, i have no clue how to do that05:09
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Wiesshundglitchd then you might want to rm /var/lock/rpm/transaction also05:09
glitchdWiesshund, and i thought ubuntu didnt use rpms?05:09
xxx1xxx2 hello05:09
B|ackPantherrww : Am not sure but i get "Enter password to unlock the private key" dialog everytime am trying to access git.05:09
root_hi everyone05:09
Wiesshundglitchd well packages, debs05:10
duongthaihauhm that's hard05:10
rwwB|ackPanther: ah. I don't know about git, but if it's using ssh or gnupg, you can't reset the passwords to those keys.05:10
glitchdWiesshund, so how would i do this?05:10
Ry4anB|ackPanther: that sounds like like a ssh key.  You'll need to generate a new keypair and set the public key on the server if you've forgotten it.05:10
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B|ackPantherrww : the how do i get  a new one ?05:10
ferzanis there anyone using ubuntu and backtrack at the same time?05:11
ferzanor just backtrack :)05:11
rwwB|ackPanther: depends on what it's using. Ask #git if nobody here knows the specifics.05:11
Ry4anB|ackPanther: you can create a new one with ssh-keygen, but you probably followed directions on a specific hosting site initially (github?) and if so you should follow them again.05:11
rwwferzan: #backtrack-linux for Backtrack.05:11
Abhijitin my one slide in LO impress whole para is getting auto decremented but there is lots of space. how to make it not auto decrement font size?05:11
Wiesshundglitchd you could always use find or locate and search for any LOCK files05:11
glitchdWiesshund, so jus type "find LOCK"?05:12
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cbilljonesim having trouble starting vncviewer via ssh session, i can start locally from terminal with "vncviewer localhost:3", my ssh command is: "ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900 user@computer"05:12
rwwAbhijit: There are no supported packages for LibreOffice on released versions of Ubuntu. If you're using a PPA, talk to the PPA maintainer. If you're using natty, see #ubuntu+1.05:12
SkullTraillCan someone help me please05:12
SkullTraillRegarding GRUB05:12
Abhijitrww, i am using ppa in lucid. and no one is replying in #documentfoundation05:12
AbhijitSkullTraill, ask05:12
SkullTraillI have 2 hard disks05:12
SkullTraillfirst one with 4 partitions05:13
SkullTrailland windows installed in one05:13
SkullTraillthe other one with 3 partitions05:13
rwwferzan: your ident is set to "root". Change it, that ident is banned in there.05:13
SkullTrailland ubuntu in one of those05:13
SkullTrailli installed grub05:13
SkullTraillin the same partitions as ubuntu05:13
chaosrSkullTraill, ok do you know if it is grub2 ???05:13
glitchdWiesshund, so jus type "find LOCK"?05:13
SkullTraillit is grub 205:13
ferzanok..im trying now05:13
Wiesshundglitchd /var/lib/dpkg/lock05:13
SkullTraillso then after installing GRUB on the same partitions as linux05:14
SkullTraillaka sdb305:14
SkullTrailli get GRUB at book05:14
SkullTraillbut when i goto Windows Loader05:14
SkullTraillit reboots05:14
glitchdWiesshund, then sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock?05:14
chaosrSkullTraill, did you try going to command mode and trying it manually ?05:14
rwwxxx*: something we can help you with?05:14
xxx1xxx1 hi05:14
chaosrSkullTraill, on the choice you type c05:15
xxx1xxx2 hi05:15
chaosrSkullTraill, then TAB auto complete so you would type : "root(hd#05:15
chaosrSkullTraill, then do TAB to get a list of drives05:15
SkullTraillok then?05:15
Wiesshundglitchd er, better advice is restart so the hung process can just release the lock, probably not a great idea to just start rm ing stuff05:15
glitchdWiesshund, yup that worked now my system is installing updates05:15
chaosrSkullTraill, then add ", TAB to get a list of partition05:16
Wiesshundglitchd or not hehe05:16
SkullTraillthen press enter?05:16
glitchdWiesshund, well i have restarted, twice, and shutdown twice all before turning to here to find help05:16
civilordergonehey anyone know a good virtual machine for ubuntu that has unity/coherence??05:16
SkullTraillchaosr, then i press enter?05:16
chaosrSkullTraill, so you would see wich one is not a linux type (NTFS) so you would end up with a command that look like " root(hd0,1)"05:16
Wiesshundglitchd hmm odd, the lock must have got orphaned then05:16
rwwferzan: (don't PM me, please) You need to disconnect from freenode and reconnect for ident changes to take effect.05:16
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SkullTraillok then?05:17
chaosrSkullTraill, then press enter then type "chainloader +1"05:17
SkullTraillalright ill try that now05:17
chaosrSkullTraill, then enter then type "boot" and enter again05:17
glitchdWiesshund, well whatever the case may be, the problem is solved now. thank you for your help.05:17
chaosrSkullTraill, what this does is to ask to load windows bootloader and start it05:17
Wiesshundok im off to bed nite all05:18
visual1ceto customise packages installed @ installation do i need to edit debconf?05:19
Loshkicbilljones: do you still need vncviewer help?05:21
skulltraillchaosr, it says BOOTMRG is missing05:21
cbilljonesloshki yes please, if you can05:21
Loshkicbilljones: ok, well if you want to use "vncviewer localhost:3", your ssh command should probably be: "ssh -L 5903:localhost:5903 user@computer". vnc uses ports counting from 5900 so screen 3 is at 5903. Does this help at all?05:23
skulltraillchaosr, are you there?05:24
cbilljonesloshki: i think so, do i need to change my vnc4server port then?05:24
skulltraillCan someone help me please?05:24
chaosrskulltraill, yeah sorry just got back05:25
skulltraillwell it says05:25
skulltraillBOTTMGR is missing05:25
chaosrskulltraill, ok now it seems the windows bootloader gto corrupted somehow05:25
skulltraillso should i repair it with a win 7 CD?05:26
Loshkicbilljones: first I think you need to know which port nvc4server is listening on, so you know which port+5900 to forward via ssh...05:26
chaosrskulltraill, yeah something like that I don't remember how tough :(05:26
skulltraillThanks for the help05:26
cbilljonesloshki: right now its listening on 5900, were is the config file?05:26
skulltraillI'll search on google.05:26
skulltraillThanks again.05:27
chaosrskulltraill, yeah I just looked and seems promising05:27
armenceHello all. Is it possible to have alsa and oss installed simultaneously?05:28
chaosrarmenb, I think so but I doubt you would be able to load both modules at the same time05:28
armencechaosr, :( How about just getting /dev/audio without removing alsa?05:29
chaosrarmence, however there is alsa-oss modules to act as a compatibility layer05:29
Loshkicbilljones: First, can you run vncviewer on the server?05:30
chaosrarmence, ok so if I get you correctly you want to be able to access the sound card through /dev/audio ?05:31
cbilljonesloshki: yes, vncviewer localhost:3 works on the server05:31
armencechaosr, Yes. Probably what I should have started with.05:31
armencechaosr, The actual path doesn't actually matter to me obviously, only the interface does.05:32
chaosrarmence, have a look at http://alsa.opensrc.org/OSS_emulation05:32
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armencechaosr: thanks05:32
armenceylmfhyf, #ubuntu-cn05:32
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visual1cehow can i explore the contents of metapackages like ubuntu-desktop and standard?05:33
chaosrarmence, or alsa devices seems to be in /dev/snd05:33
Loshkicbilljones: localhost:3 should imply that your vnc4server is listening on 5903. Can you confirm that by running e.g. netstat -an | egrep 5905:34
Corleonei cant connect to my router when WEP is turned on, but when i turn WEP off, i can connect, i added the WEP key, but it doesnt connect, anyone know why?05:35
chaosrvisual1ce, I would either look on packages.ubuntu.com or apt-cache show "packagename"05:35
cbilljonesloshki: couldnt tell from that, is there another way?05:35
cbilljonesi think i had to many connections and didnt see all05:36
Loshkicbilljones: Try netstat -an | egrep 590 to see fewer lines (note: I've added a zero at the end)05:37
cbilljonesloshki: running vncviewer localhost:3 informs me i am on port 590305:37
cbilljonesloshki:  netstat -an | egrep 590 shows connections on 5900-590305:38
Loshkicbilljones: that's good, but what you want to see is a netstat line like this: tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN05:38
visual1cethx chaosr05:38
cbilljonesloshki: yes i have that line05:38
wolf23help me plz!05:38
cbilljonesloshki: i think i maybe need to just set vnc4server to port 5903 perhaps?05:39
Loshkicbilljones: no, you're done on the server. vnc4server is already listening on port 5903. Who's listening on 5900, 5901 and 5902 by the way?05:45
wolf23i need a help plz05:45
chaosrwolf23, what is the problem ?05:45
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avisout of all music player daemons which allows for most customization ?05:45
wolf23chaosr,  thanx, i am using two os windows and ubuntu, is there a way to run windows on vbox?05:45
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Corleonei cant connect to my router when WEP is turned on, but when i turn WEP off, i can connect, i added the WEP key, but it doesnt connect, anyone know why?05:45
chaosrwolf23, probably I am not familir with vbox but I can't see why05:45
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Loshkiavis: no idea, but google pointed me to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=3176305:45
cbilljonesloshki i disconnected so may have missed a message05:49
Loshkicbilljones: the last thing I said was: you're done on the server. vnc4server is already listening on port 5903. Who's listening on 5900, 5901 and 5902 by the way?05:49
cbilljonesloshki, seems that was old config attempts, i killed them all, VNC is now on port 590105:49
Corleonei cant connect to my router when WEP is turned on, but when i turn WEP off, i can connect, i added the WEP key, but it doesnt connect, anyone know why?05:49
cbilljonesloshki: so now its vncviewer localhost:1 from server05:49
Loshkicbilljones: excellent. Now it's time to move to the client...05:49
cbilljonesloshki: no problem im remoted into it05:50
Loshkicbilljones: start your ssh command, e.g. ssh -L 5901:localhost:5901 etc....05:51
cbilljonesloshki: done, ssh connected05:51
Loshkicbilljones: now try vncviewer localhost:1 on the client....05:52
cbilljonesloshki: cannot open display :(05:52
offsenseis there any way to compress pdf file in ubuntu?05:52
=== BlueSherpa_ is now known as BlueSherpa
cbilljonesloshki: sorry, "unable to open display """05:53
* FarkBarn is away: No toy! favor dejar mensaje despues si quiero lo leo!05:54
Loshkicbilljones: I bet that's because you're 'remoted' in. Can you try it from the client console?05:54
cbilljonesloshki: no till tomorrow, its my work pc05:54
cbilljonesloshki: unless you mean from client term, which i am using remotley05:55
ksinkar_is there any difference if i run sudo aptitude install or sudo apt-get install?05:55
vahid#join isfahanlug05:55
cbilljonesloshki via logmein to windows, im using ubuntu VM inside that05:55
rwwvahid: /join #isfahanlug05:56
Corleonei cant connect to my router when WEP is turned on, but when i turn WEP off, i can connect, i added the WEP key, but it doesnt connect, anyone know why?05:56
vahid#join isfahanlug05:57
Loshkicbilljones: so the ubuntu vm is the ssh client?05:58
cbilljonesloshki: correct05:58
Loshkicbilljones: then yes, I mean try it from the client term. run the ssh command (use the -X flag also) and then run vncviewer again...06:00
vahidafter updatin ubuntu i cant login06:02
=== xxx3_ is now known as fedosu85_
cbilljonesLoshki, seems all i needed was -X flag, thanks a million06:04
Corleonei cant connect to my router when WEP is turned on, but when i turn WEP off, i can connect, i added the WEP key, but it doesnt connect, anyone know why?06:06
arrrghhhCorleone: have you tried WPA?06:07
arrrghhhit's SIGNIFICANTLY more secure than WEP.06:07
Corleonemy router doesnt support WPA06:07
Corleoneit's old06:07
vivek_does ubuntu support KDE?06:07
arrrghhhvivek_: yes, kubuntu06:08
arrrghhhCorleone: bleh.06:08
vivek_how to switch to it?06:08
arrrghhhvivek_: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop06:08
visual1ceim making a custom preseed file that loads ubuntu-standard instead of ubuntu-desktop... this seems to install no desktop environment. from here i want to install gnome but the meta-package contains apps that i wont use , like empathy, cheese, ekiga etc...06:09
Corleonelol, arrrghhh: well why doesnt it connect, strange06:09
visual1ceis there a minimal gnome package?06:09
chaosrCorleone, wild shot here but check I think there is multiple mode for WEP key just make sure you use the right one06:09
arrrghhhCorleone: sorry don't know tbh.  it *should* work, but WEP is a PITA.06:09
rwwvisual1ce: look into gnome-core and gnome-desktop-environment.06:09
arrrghhhvisual1ce: gnome-core06:09
chaosrCorleone, I think it was my DS that a prob with open vs shared mode I think.06:09
visual1cethx rww and arrrghhh06:10
arrrghhhvisual1ce: there's a boatload of othere minimalistic DE's like busybox, openbox, etc.06:10
broedjqarrrghhh, i think he means to just go into X06:10
vivek_what is the difference between Gnome and KDE?06:10
broedjqnot THAT basic06:10
broedjqvivek_,  try it06:10
arrrghhhbroedjq: oic.06:11
Corleonechaosr: sorry dont get u06:11
visual1cei don't really want a minimalistic de but i want to control what gets installed from the get go... i want libre office, not OO and most of the apps preinstalled i will never use06:11
arrrghhhvivek_: look and feel really.  linux is still there.06:11
vivek_which one is better though?06:11
chaosrCorleone, when setting up WEP on the router and PC, I think you can select shared or open mode I think it is called06:11
chaosrCorleone, maybe switching from one to the other would help06:12
chaosrCorleone, should be near where you input the WEP key06:12
arrrghhhvivek_: personal opinion.  also, please stop trying to PM me.06:13
arrrghhhi don't accept unsolicited PM's.06:13
Corleonechaosr, not there06:13
broedjqwhere can i get gdk and gtk+ and gthread... i wanna compile06:14
=== administrator is now known as Guest29050
broedjqcan someone try aptitude install is there gtk+ package?06:14
broedjqhere with xubuntu itsw not06:14
chaosrCorleone, do you have your router model # ?06:14
CorleoneSpeedTouch 57006:15
sacarlsonI need to get gpg to output resulting encryption in base64 instead of what it gives me now raw data,  how can I pipe it to base64 or just get it to output the way I need?06:15
broedjqcan someone try aptitude install is there a gtk+ package?06:18
sacarlsonbroedjq: can't you just use synaptic?06:18
chaosrCorleone, ok I see there is no such setting with that router....06:19
crazycathi my partition has problem. in sudo fdisk -l i can see my partitions but in gparted or install i see total of partition as one partition also in sudo cfdisk say FATAL ERROR: Bad primary partition 1: Partition ends in the final partial cylinder Press any key to exit cfdisk06:19
chaosrCorleone, maybe a driver issue too I think it happened to me06:19
chaosrCorleone, wich chipset do you have for the wireless card ?06:20
CorleoneOkay i found it to be RT-2500 USB06:20
crazycatbut i can mount my partitions and see inside of them06:20
broedjqsacarlson, its hidden, but thanks anyway06:20
chaosrCorleone, ok.... and I guess under windows it works fine ?06:21
mark__hey i have a question about running dual boot with ubuntu and windows 706:21
mark__can anyone help me out06:21
chaosrCorleone, maybe you could have it try to connect and look at dmesg while it is doing so see what it says06:21
chaosrCorleone, may point to a cause06:22
shreymark, ask ur question06:22
mark__i have installed ubuntu side by side already but when i restart the computer it doesnt ask me if i want to start it in ubuntu or windows it just automatically goes to windows06:23
mark__how do i get it to let me choose06:23
chaosrCorleone, ok well you ty to connect to the router06:23
chaosrthen open a Console06:23
chaosrCorleone, and type dmesg06:23
chaosrCorleone, it will give you a bunch of messager06:23
shreymark, I suppose you have installed ubuntu after windows ?06:23
chaosrCorleone, the last ones will be about the connection06:23
mark__that is correct06:24
talespin_kitwhy does most of the config files end with rc in linux programs. Does it has any abbrevation.06:24
chaosrCorleone, it may say what is going wrong06:24
rwwtalespin_kit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Run_Commands06:25
yinzewhat's this06:25
mark__do i have to edit the bios setting or something?06:25
rwwyinze: the technical support channel for Ubuntu06:25
yinzei see06:25
shreymark, see in some laptops when u boot into windows it tries to screw the bootloader and tries to make as it was earlier, which laptop u r having ?06:25
mark__i have an HP06:26
talespin_kitrww: thanks, exact info.06:26
chaosrmark__, nope I would just try  to boot using the l;ive cd and reinstall grub on the MBR06:26
chaosrmark__, can't remember the commands tough06:27
mark__what is the mbr06:27
zees313I want to know how to intall font in ubuntu.06:27
chaosrmark__, http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-restore-grub-2-after-reinstalling-windows-xpvistawin706:27
zees313I am novice in ubuntu.06:27
chaosrmark__,  Master Boot Reccord == whre the PC first boot06:27
vivek_how to view shared folders on LAN?06:28
Corleonechaosr: too many messages06:28
chaosrmark__, you installed ubuntu first then windows ??? or the opposite ?06:28
chaosrCorleone, look only at the last ones06:28
zees313plz. tell me how to intall diffenrent font  and Flash player in ubuntu 10.1006:28
Platzhello all.  Is it possible to install an ubuntu onto a Native Boot VHD in Win7 ?06:29
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash06:29
Corleonewlam0: link is not ready06:29
chaosrCorleone, yeah it gets pretty long but start only at the bottom and go up06:29
Corleonei dont really get it to be honest06:29
chaosrCorleone, ok we'll need a few more lines try to get from where it starts talking about wireless stuff06:30
mark__i already had windows 7 and just tried to install ubuntu06:30
MegaHerzHi all. I have a problem with my touchpad. I turn off its 'Press' ability, but whenever the laptop returns from sleep state or just powers up, this is resetted someone to its default state ON. Any ideas why this happens?06:30
chaosrmark__, ok and you never got a boot menu right ?06:30
shreymark, try reinstalling grub06:30
UBuxuBUMegaHerz, its a drivers issue06:30
grendal-primethis is going to sound crazy but i cant find the answer anywhere06:31
grendal-primewhat is to keep me from streaming videos like netflix does?06:31
chaosrCorleone, ok, try this : do "cd <enter>" then "dmesg > dmesg.txt <enter>"06:31
mark__yeah thats right06:31
chaosrthen send me the file dmesg.txt that will be in your ho,e direcory06:31
chaosrmark__, ok, you should try : http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-restore-grub-2-after-reinstalling-windows-xpvistawin706:31
crazycatit's ouput of sudo fdisk -l http://codepad.org/9wx4tdEE it's output of gparted http://i53.tinypic.com/23h0txg.png  it's output of cfdisk http://codepad.org/neBYxU0Y . i have 4 partitions on it . the contetns of two partitions doesn't show or lost . but the biggest 750GIG partition that it's backup mounted and i can see the contents of it. i want to install linux on two partitions lost.but in install doesn't show it and its unallocated partition :-(06:32
mark__ok i will try that06:32
crazycatim in live cd06:32
Corleonechaosr: brb06:32
mark__thank you for the help06:32
chaosrmark__, try either 3) or 2) with the live cd06:32
mark__3 or 2?06:33
chaosrmark__, on the klink there is multiple possible ways06:33
farthammeranyone know ehre i can get a drive for a dlink dwa-130 wireless adapter.. i cant find much on line06:34
dejan_can someone help me to get my wifi with wpa working pls06:34
chaosrmark__, 2) uses the live (installation) cd, you start with it all the way to the desktop then open a console and try their procedure06:34
mark__ok i see that now thanks06:34
Nintetwhenever i click a win32 .EXE file, it opens in archive manager, how can i change it to WINE?06:34
chaosrmark__, with grub reinstalled it should replace the windows boot loader06:34
dejan_i cant connect to wifi only when i set wpa key, without i can connect06:34
mark__ok sounds good to me06:35
farthammeri cant find and kind of driver for my dlink06:35
crazycatno solutions ?06:35
myradlifeI have apache server running and I post files in /var/www/ , that folder requires root access. Is there a better way to change ownership of that folder so I don't have to become root to write to it? Or would it be best to make a link (symbolic?) from a folder in my home directory instead of copying to /var/www/ ?06:35
chaosrcrazycat, you would have to create the linux partitions first06:37
aeMaethis there a software end to loop my speakers to my mic?  the hardware solution is a stereo cable going to both ports, looking to see if there is a software solution06:37
crazycat chaosr: my 750 gig partition will be lost06:37
zees313I am unable to intall fonts in my ubuntu10.10 plz help06:37
chaosrcrazycat, on wich one do you want to install linux ???06:38
tc_Hello everyone. I have a quick question about the File Browser.06:38
farthammeranyone know ehre i can get a drive for a dlink dwa-130 wireless adapter.. i cant find much on line06:38
shreymyradfile, yup symbolic link will be good06:39
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:39
crazycat chaosr: i have 1 TB hard with 4 partitions that was / of my previous linux - swap and home partition and one 750 GIG partition for backup . but now the partitions has problem and i can see them in output of sudo fdisk -l and the contents of home and / doesn't show but 750 GIG partition is exists and my home backup is on it. but when i want to install new linux on 3 partitions i can't see it and install or gparted06:40
farthammeranyone know how to install a usb wireless card?06:40
crazycatand the partitions show a 950 GIG unallocated partition06:41
myradlifeshrey, say i have /home/user/mywebstuff/ how do I link that to /var/www/ ?06:41
zhujjhow can irssi ignore the joined/left messages ?06:42
Nintethow do you change the file type associations in ubuntu06:42
farthammeranyone know how to install a usb wireless card?06:43
chaosrcrazycat, ok I see ... maybe there is a tool that could repair the partition table? sorry I don't really know wich one06:43
farthammerim having a hell of a time06:43
overcluckerzhujj: http://irssi.org/documentation/tips06:44
farthammeranyone know ehre i can get a drive for a dlink dwa-130 wireless adapter.. i cant find much on line06:44
zhujjoverclucker thankyou,very much06:44
manpatcrazycat, i would try to mount the HD using another OS and see if you can get into the drive that way06:45
shreymyradfile, ln -s /home/user/mywebstuff/ /var/www/06:45
myradlifeshrey, nevermind, i got this06:45
manpatdoes this help?06:45
myradlifeshrey, thanks06:46
crazycatlike partition magick on windows ?06:46
chaosrcrazycat, looks like a bug in gparted06:46
shreyshrey, ur welcome06:46
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manpatdo you have another linux install06:46
chaosrcrazycat, http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/gparted-does-not-detect-partitions-718673/06:46
myradlifeshrey, here's a question, once i change the content in /home/user/mywebstuff/ , do i have to re-link to update to /var/www/?06:46
sara2010hi any one  there06:46
sara2010i m using ubuntu 10.1006:46
sunnydats kool06:47
sara2010when i m going to install samba06:47
sara2010im getting error06:47
chaosrcrazycat, looks quite similar to your problem06:47
chaosrcrazycat, wich version ov live cd are you using ?06:48
Gneasara2010: samba can produce many errors06:48
sara2010root@imtiazmgc-Evo-D510-SFF:~# apt-get install samba06:48
sara2010Reading package lists... Done06:48
sara2010Building dependency tree06:48
sara2010Reading state information... Done06:48
sara2010Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have06:48
FloodBot3sara2010: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:48
sara2010requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable06:48
Gnea!pastebin | sara201006:48
ubottusara2010: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:48
crazycatit said this is a confirmed bug in gparted. Nothing wrong with the drive, it's  the partitioning program.06:48
chaosrcrazycat, exactly06:49
crazycatbut there is no answer or solution at the end of it06:49
grendal-primeis there a quick dvd scanner...like to make sure the disk will play?06:49
chaosrcrazycat, maybe try to look for a newer version of gparted and install it on the live cd06:49
Corleonechaosr: how do i send the file to my usb disk?06:49
chaosrCorleone, you are able to see the disk on the linux box ?06:50
Corleoneim on server, no GUI06:50
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server06:50
chaosrCorleone, ok... either it will automount in /media/xxx06:51
chaosrCorleone, or else you could mount it manually with a command like "sudo mount /dev/sdx /mnt"06:51
Corleoneahh i should go to #ubuntu-server?06:51
chaosrCorleone, your usb drive would then be in the /mnt directory06:52
paulDalright, who knows circuits, AC Steady state06:52
chaosrCorleone, maybe they will be able to better help you I don't know the server install configuration at all06:52
Tm_TpaulD: if it's not about ubuntu, this is wrong channel (;06:52
CYcoloneCan anyone assist me with an alsa problem? I just installed Maverick, and I can hear my laptop's internal microphone through the speakers, but cannot record from it. I've been trying to fix it for a couple days to no avail.06:52
Gneasara2010: okay, what happens if you try to install samba-common?06:52
chaosrCorleone, the problem is to get the /dev/sdx you either try blind06:52
GneapaulD: try #electronics06:53
paulDTm_T this is about ubuntu users being well rounded06:53
paulDah ok06:53
chaosrCorleone, or look at the dmesg right after you plugged the drive06:53
chaosrCorleone, maybe lsusb may help you but I am not sure06:53
sara2010Gnea,   i have paste all msg06:53
Tm_T!sound | CYcolone does these help?06:53
ubottuCYcolone does these help?: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.06:53
chaosrcrazycat, I would try to get a version number out of gparted06:54
chaosrcrazycat, and look for a newer package version and update it.. hopefully the bug will have been adressed on the new version06:54
Gneasara2010: you pasted the messages from trying to install samba, not samba-common. type: apt-get install samba-common06:54
crazycatok thanks06:54
chaosrCorleone, dont forget to umount the drive before unplugging too06:55
CYcoloneTm_T: I've been through all the guides I can find. It seems to be a driver issue. Alsa doesn't recognize the "IntMic" as a capture device.06:55
sara2010Gnea,        http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/575349/06:55
Tm_TCYcolone: if you're using pulseaudio (and by default, you are) it's more likely that its pulseaudio configuration06:55
Gneasara2010: and you ran  apt-get update  prior?06:56
CYcoloneTm_T: I'm new, what the the difference between ALSA and PulseAudio?06:56
Platzanyone use WUBI for the install?06:56
Gnea!anyone | Platz06:56
ubottuPlatz: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.06:56
sara2010Gnea,  may be...06:57
Gneasara2010: try it and then try to install samba again06:57
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.06:57
sara2010i m trying to install but getting this error06:58
sara2010which i have sent you06:58
UBuxuBUcan i run windows insdie of ubuntu?06:58
Gneasara2010: I asked a 'yes' or 'no' question.06:58
GneaUBuxuBU: yes.06:58
andornautAnyone know how to script moving all files from files & dirs in subdirs of the current dir, to the current dir if those dirs have spaces? Without spaces, I'd do something like (tho, not sure that that works): for d in *; do mv "$d/*" ./; done06:58
UBuxuBUhow do i do it gnea06:59
Gnea!vbox | UBuxuBU06:59
ubottuUBuxuBU: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox06:59
saud12good morning :)06:59
UBuxuBUgnea ahh ok so its a VM06:59
UBuxuBUi have that06:59
saud12how r u doing all ?06:59
GneaUBuxuBU: that's how it's done.06:59
UBuxuBUi wonder if that will provide additional virus pprotection07:00
Gneathe only virus protection will be that which you provide.07:00
Gneaor just don't browse to bad sites :)07:00
Gneasara2010: all I asked was if you ran apt-get update  before trying to install, that was all.07:01
sara2010Gnea,  now?07:02
Gneasara2010: I don't understand your question. please elaborate.07:02
UBuxuBUbut if i ran windows inside boontoo the viruses could never infect the host07:02
jefimenkodoes anyone know how to set up proper alignment for two SSDs in raid0 for a new ubuntu installation?07:03
kadapaguyhi friends,i have an issue with copy/paste,normally in a folder i can do copy and paste,but when i insert my usb stick,i cant do copy/paste in my usb stick,i have to open the terminal and i have to enter gksudo nautilus,and then a separte filesystem will open,i have to search for my home folder,from there my usb,and then i can do copy or paste from one folder to other folder,is there any way i can do copy/paste in my usb without opening gksudo nautil07:03
GneaUBuxuBU: well yes, but a virus infection is a virus infection07:03
UBuxuBUwhere as now, when i run doze inside doze it could happen07:03
sara2010Gnea,  question is that .. i remove samba and trying to install again ...07:03
Gneajefimenko: why would you setup SSDs with raid?07:03
myradlifehow do i create a symbolic link of /my/original/files/* to /link/directory/ and work on all the files in /my/original/files/ ?07:03
jefimenkoGnea: why not if you have two?07:03
Gneasara2010: I didn't see that to begin with, all I saw was "I'm trying to install samba and it doesn't work"07:04
Gneajefimenko: so you can kill them faster?07:04
jefimenkoGnea: how will it kill them faster?07:04
sara2010Gnea,   i paste all  error ...07:05
Gneasara2010: try this:  apt-get -f install07:05
jefimenkoGnea: if they are aligned properly then it should be the same lifetime, no?07:05
Gneajefimenko: well, you could do that, but would you add a swap partition to it?07:06
jefimenkoGnea: no, i have 8GB of ram07:06
ctphi folks. anyone has a hint how to add apps to auto start in unity?07:07
jefimenkoGnea: should i not have a swap partition at all? i was considering still keeping a small one, but setting /proc/sys/vm/swappiness to 007:07
jefimenkoGnea: so it would only use swap if absolutely necessary07:08
syrinx_mines set to 1007:08
syrinx_probably wouldn't lower it much more than that07:08
sara2010Gnea,   http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/575353/07:08
Gneajefimenko: nah, you should be fine without it - swap on a ssd is the real ssd killer07:09
Gneasara2010: I didn't say apt-get -f install samba, I said apt-get -f install07:09
jefimenkoi know that these SSDs have TRIM support, but i'm pretty sure TRIM is useless when using raid07:10
jefimenkoso does anyone know how to set up the alignment for two SSDs on mdadm raid007:10
sara2010Gnea,  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/575354/07:10
Gneajefimenko: I think you're right07:11
masshuunoob question. i just pulled a network card(eth1) but when the machine booted up again, eth0 was also missing07:11
Gneasara2010: what is the output of this command:  ls -l /var/cache/apt/archives/samba*07:11
kadapaguy hi friends,i have an issue with copy/paste,normally in a folder i can do copy and paste,but when i insert my usb stick,i cant do copy/paste in my usb stick,i have to open the terminal and i have to enter gksudo nautilus,and then a separte filesystem will open,i have to search for my home folder,from there my usb,and then i can do copy or paste from one folder to other folder,is there any way i can do copy/paste in my usb without opening gksudo nauti07:12
sara2010Gnea,   http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/575356/07:12
Gneamasshuu: because /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules keeps it as such - you'll need to delete any rules in there and reboot07:12
Gneasara2010: dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/samba_2%3a3.5.4~dfsg-1ubuntu8.3_i386.deb07:13
aureashi ,is any czech here?07:13
Gnea!cz | aureas07:13
ubottuaureas: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.07:13
sara2010Gnea,   http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/575357/07:14
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Gneakadapaguy: yu need to go to your user & group preferences and make sure you have privelages07:14
Gneasara2010: ps axf | grep smbd07:15
sara2010Gnea,    http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/575358/07:16
kadapaguyGnea, :i have to check the usb part in user and groups?07:16
Gneasara2010: samba is installed and running now, enjoy. :)07:16
Gneakadapaguy: it maybe something other than usb07:16
no_gooder hey guys. i just installed apache2 but i don't where is localhost directory.07:16
Gneano_gooder: /var/www/07:17
sara2010Gnea,   now  i want share printer07:17
no_gooderGnea,  i can't create file or folder there.07:17
Gneasara2010: install swat07:17
Gneano_gooder: of course not.07:17
Gneano_gooder: you need administrator privelages to do that07:18
no_gooderGnea , so what should i do ?07:18
no_gooderGnea , ok i'll search it. thanks07:18
kadapaguyGnea, :can you sepcify it,i am a new to ubuntu,07:18
Gneakadapaguy: sure, system->administration->users& groups07:18
sara2010Gnea,   i have  installed   swat now07:18
Gneasara2010: okay, now verify that it's running - are inetd or xinetd installed?07:19
kadapaguyGnea, :under users & groups which option should i enable07:19
=== blind_ is now known as blind
Gneakadapaguy: well, select your user then select 'advanced options'07:19
sara2010nops  xinetd is not installed07:20
sara2010Gnea,  nops  xinetd is not installed07:20
aureasI have this little problem after I reboot the installation detects this:07:20
aureasCould not get exclusive lock packaging backend.07:20
aureasPlease close other packaging tools.07:20
aureasSame time, what?07:20
FloodBot3aureas: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:20
kadapaguyGnea, :then,there are several groups are there,which one should i enable?07:20
Tm_Taureas: wait some minutes and retry07:20
Gneakadapaguy: the ones that look like they make sense07:21
Gneasara2010: please read this, it will help explain: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Swat07:22
guest3443Hi. 'Cannot download the metalink therefore the ISO. Need a really quick fix on wubi installer. Anyone?07:23
no_gooderGnea, i changed my usertype custom to admin. but still ca't create file or folder.07:24
Gneano_gooder: 'usertype custom to admin' <-- what does that mean?07:25
=== concon_ is now known as concon
no_gooderGnea , i went to ADministration -> Users and groups   adn find my user and click change button to change account type. my account type was "custom" and i changed it to "admin"07:27
leonardo_alguien sabe como en ubuntu  crear un cd booteable de windows 707:27
farthammer_can someone please help me... i cant get my wireless card to work with ubuntu07:28
farthammer_what can i do??07:28
no_gooderfarthammer_ , administration -> additional drivers07:29
no_gooderand update your drivers and restart07:29
farthammer_it doesnt show up at all07:30
no_gooderGnea , ? are you going to help me?07:30
XubitHello all07:31
no_gooderdamn it. i can't create any file or folder in  /var/www  .07:32
TomTomgood morning! i am booting from the 10.10 64bit server iso and missing the driver for the 3ware 9750. which is called 3w-sas, how to allow to load this module during installation?07:33
CorleoneTomTom go to #ubuntu-server07:34
no_goodersoo nobody use apache here ??,07:34
stewart_no_gooder: do you have access to wite to the folder?07:35
TomTomCorleone: thanks07:35
no_gooderstewart_ , no i can't. that is the problem.07:36
stewart_chmod it then07:36
stewart_or chown07:36
no_gooderstewart_ , what are these? i'm very new to ubuntu.07:36
stewart_files and folders all have permissions that work differently to windows07:37
stewart_i suggest you google chmod and chown and then take it from there07:38
no_gooderstewart_ , ok thanks07:38
stewart_no worries07:38
antonio_hi wat is a spanish channel?07:39
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.07:39
iflema!sudo | no_gooder07:40
ubottuno_gooder: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo07:40
skitzohey guys07:41
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions07:42
skitzogot a quick question how do i turn off the mode that keeps asking me for a password everytime i do admin settings etc?07:42
no_gooderstewart_, i did my man. thanks07:43
no_goodernow i can't make work php in it07:43
stewart_no_gooder: php?07:43
nrip@skitzo :: one of the solution is to use this link and enable root http://www.debianadmin.com/enable-and-disable-ubuntu-root-password.html07:46
heskiscan anyone help me connecting to wireless router linksys wireless-b I can connect only without wpa key with it I can't, I tried googling but nothing came07:46
skitzothank u07:48
no_gooderstewart_ , oh i solved it. tahnks . good days everybodyy...07:48
syrinx_finally got ndiswrapper working, aww yeee07:49
heskiscan I do firmware upgrade i dl the bin file?07:49
=== symphoniiie is now known as Symphoniiie
skitzopasswd: You may not view or modify password information for root.07:50
syddrafHow can I get a VNC server running and functioning on Ubuntu 10.04? Every guide I've found doesn't work.07:54
=== sdx24 is now known as sdx23
dejan_if I set mac address block on my wireless router is this safe? what will take for some neighbour to hack that?08:01
mickster04dejan_: you'd be better of using a whitelsit08:02
jefimenkodejan_: you should still use wireless security08:02
dejan_I think he must know my laptop mac address no? or he can avoid this mac address block?08:02
mickster04dejan_: it's easy to fake a mac address08:02
jefimenkodejan_: you can spoof a mac address08:02
jefimenkodejan_: and people can also see it over the air08:02
dejan_can anybody help I can't connect to my linksys wireless-b router with wpa, without wpa I can connect to it08:02
mickster04jefimenko: so use wpa2 passwords ecurity08:03
dejan_I am stuck 2 days with this08:03
jefimenkodejan_: you could at least do WEP security08:03
dejan_googled with no luck it seems others had problems too but not solved08:03
jefimenkodejan_: but it's not that hard for a determined person to crack it08:03
dejan_wep is weak? :S08:03
dejan_wep can be hacked?08:04
mickster04dejan_: don't bother with wep08:04
dejan_I want to enable wpa if possible :S08:04
mickster04how tech savvy is your neighbour08:04
yayoj1dejan: just set up a proxy and practice safe browsing and be done with it08:04
jefimenkodejan_: you should really use wpa or wpa2, but mac address whitelisting doesn't do much for security08:04
yayoj1dejan: there is a way around everything08:04
dejan_if possible pls help me to get this wpa working, without wpa i can connect perfectly08:04
mickster04dejan_: tell us about your setup08:05
dejan_when I set wpa I can't connect connection try times out always08:05
jefimenkodejan_: have you checked that your wireless driver works with wpa in linux?08:05
dejan_i have hp laptop "HP 550" my wireless router is wireless-b08:05
dejan_where to check that jefimenko08:06
=== zamba_ is now known as zamba
Bogus8_how do I use mdadm to just wipe out any raid config data that is currently on the drives (two of four got screwed up when I switched to a new system... no matter there was no data on them)08:06
mickster04dejan_: uhm wow.... seriously consider getting a new router, if security is really an issue for you08:06
dejan_its preety old router 5 yeras or so and theres no new firmware upgrade for it08:06
dejan_mickster04 because its old?08:07
jefimenkodejan_: run this in a terminal to try to identify your wireless device chipset: lspci |grep -i net08:07
jefimenkodejan_: then google the chipset number/code08:08
yayoj1dejan_: invest in a wireless-n router08:08
yayoj1then worry about setting up your wpa08:08
mickster04dejan_: again don't worry about wireless-n but a new router for sure g+ should be good08:10
dejan_it says Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82562gt 10/100 Network Connection (rev 03)08:11
jasonmchristosI need help: trying to decrypt volume with disk utility i get this error http://pastebin.com/tTvXujVc08:11
dejan_network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN [Kedro n] Network Coection (rev 61)08:11
jefimenkodejan_: that looks like the one08:11
dejan_I think I will uses mac address block on my wireless it has that option since I cant get wpa to work08:13
dejan_I think noone can't crack that because they had to know my laptop mac address right?08:13
dejan_because in the router setup i have set up only to allow access on my laptop mac address08:13
dejan_is is possible this to be avoided?08:14
pducrocqjoin toto08:14
pducrocqjoin #toto08:15
jasonmchristosdejan_:  it is easy to get a mac address thats in the hardware layer08:15
jasonmchristosintercept one packet and mac is there08:15
jasonmchristossecurity is a matter of delaying intrusions there is nothing fullproof08:16
jasonmchristosthe more measure you add the more delay you will give an intruder08:16
yayoj1dejan_:there is a way around everything!08:17
dejan_jasonmchritos noone have physic access to my pc08:17
Chousukerather, the more expensive it will be for the intruder. You want your security to be good enough that the attacker doesn't benefit from a successful breach08:18
jasonmchristosdejan_:  wifi is broadcast in the air and all packets have a mac address08:18
dejan_jasonmchristos: i see08:18
guest3443For #@#$ sake somebody please help me. I am trying to install ubuntu desktop machine which won't let me (for some strange reason) but from usb, cd is $#@# so I am trying the wubi just to encounter a #$%@#$ bug. One of the posters from launchpad said it can be fixed by coping some files. Can you look at output and suggest any solution? I rally need help fast. http://pastebin.com/Kgs0zAQ0 thanks in advance.08:18
dejan_so I guess problem is with the router since my laptop is 2 -3 years old is pretty new model from hp08:19
SirCaneto transmit any data on a network, or even try to connect to one, you need to have a mac address08:19
dejan_on the other hand wireless router is pretty old08:19
mickster04guest3443: did you do an md5 sum on the iso08:20
dejan_so I guess wireless networking is very weak but in that field wpa is most secure08:20
dejan_but unfortunately I can't get it working :S08:20
mickster04dejan_: wpa208:20
SirCanewpa is secure as you'll get08:20
Chousukewhich is not very secure08:20
dejan_i am not sure if it is wpa or wpa2 on the router it says just wpa tkip preshared key08:20
mickster04SirCane: wpa208:20
Chousukebut good enough for most purposes08:20
guest3443mickster04, no, but taking in consideration that I've tried about 3 kinds of iso that would be very unlikely.08:20
dejan_also i have wpa radious on my router option but i don't know what that means08:21
mickster04guest3443: do it. you'd be surprised08:21
jasonmchristosdejan_:  that is wpa08:21
jasonmchristoswpa2 is aes afaik08:21
SirCaneif you have a busy network, or the attacker has enough time wireless networks are as open as a glass window with a theif who has bricks to hand08:21
ethereticHello!! Need assistance to make Ubuntu completely ignore a WD Smartware partition occupying /dev/sr0 - it messes up the cd/dvd writer. Anyone? URGENT.08:21
ChousukeI suppose if you're really paranoid you could connect to a VPN server over wireless08:21
jasonmchristosdejan_: radius is a way to modulate encryption keys i wouldnt mind having that myself08:21
mickster04jasonmchristos: wpa2 != aes i think you'll find08:22
yayoj1guest3443: I think there is an issue with the hardware you are using with the version of Ubuntu you are using.08:22
dejan_but its asking for ip address and port i am not sure what to put there08:22
SirCaneChousuke if you were really paranoid you wouldn't use wireless for vpn due to man in the middle attacks08:22
guest3443yayoj1, solution?08:22
guest3443yayoj1, and why do you think so?08:22
ChousukeSirCane: well you could mitigate those by using key auth I suppose.08:23
yayoj1guest3443: try using the latest lts release08:23
mickster04SirCane: if he is using both wireless security and a vpn, he would be sensibly safe?08:23
jasonmchristosdejan_: that is offtopic but you may msg me08:23
dejan_ok thanks jasonmchristos apritiated08:23
dejan_i will try google first if no sucess i will08:23
guest3443yayoj1,  Shit, I have a deadline of 3h to do so, I can't make blank shots.08:24
yayoj1guest3443: that is ubuntu 10.0408:24
SirCanemickster04 to a degree, but if you're going to get attacked by someone who wants to gain access to a wpa2 network then you shouldn't trust the wireless network at all08:24
zdsfhi , i have just installed lamp to ubuntu, when i enter localhost to address bar , it works, but when i create project with netbeans, it don't run08:24
yayoj1guest3443:google it08:24
zdsfwhere should i place the project08:24
martin8412Anybody have a link for a guide to share wifi connection over LAN? :)08:24
ubottuPlease remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.08:24
mickster04SirCane: sorry but unless you have extreme hardware, wap2 is safe08:25
yayoj1guest3443: a new version of ubuntu is released every 6 months, and all the kinks are not always resolved before relasse08:25
jasonmchristosmartin8412:  search the ubunto docs for bridging08:25
guest3443yayoj1, please tell me why do you think that is the right solution. As I mentioned before I can't spend time for somewhat uncertain fix.08:25
yayoj1I can't know the exact solution as I don't know what you are working with.08:26
mickster04guest3443: md5 the iso you downloaded then try burning it to disk, and verifying it, and then install wubi off it, by booting into windows and iserting the disk08:26
guest3443mickster04, As I mentioned in my initial message burning cd is not an option...08:27
yayoj1guest3443: what are the specs of the computer you are working with08:27
martin8412jasonmchristos: They only describe the process for wired to wired afaik :)08:27
mickster04guest3443: so how are you pputting it onto usb?08:27
syrinx_here's a stupid question, but does anyone know if the Eikon pack is available?08:27
guest3443mickster04, form netbook.08:27
OrsHi, I am trying to use a pcmcia usb hub (Alcor Micro Corp.) with no success and i get an error message: USB HC takeover failed. Please advise!08:28
mickster04guest3443: what software?08:28
guest3443yayoj1, 3,6 gHz, 512 ram, unidentified main board, winodws xp.08:28
guest3443mickster04, unetbootin.08:28
zdsf, can someone help me to find out where to place the php projects , for it to be seen by apache in ubuntu08:28
Diverdudeis it possible to setup ubuntu to just automatically install updates instead of me having to enter my password every time and press install?08:28
syrinx_zdsf: /var/www/08:29
Diverdudei got it08:29
Corleonediverdude try editing /etc/rc.local file08:29
yayoj1guest3443: graphics card?  that can the biggest difference.  Ubuntu requires a high end graphics card to work properly.08:29
mickster04guest3443: what happens when you just boot off the usb?08:29
jussiHow do I remove a user from a group?08:30
mickster04yayoj1: that's rubbish08:30
zdsfsyrinx_, can i change it to another directory ?08:30
ethereticHello!! Need assistance to make Ubuntu completely ignore a WD Smartware partition occupying /dev/sr0 - it messes up the cd/dvd writer. Anyone? URGENT.08:30
mickster04guest3443: ubuntu does not need a high end graphics card08:30
yayoj1guest3443: ha...ha, rubbish?  ok.08:30
guest3443yayoj1, I don't think that's the problem. mickster04 well I don't, it's not recognized in bios.08:30
jasonmchristosits like a bunch of trolls08:30
syrinx_zdsf: yes, by editing httpd.conf08:30
simionwhy sometimes it does not display the external HDD?08:30
syrinx_zdsf: or, if your using apache2, apache2.conf08:31
mickster04yayoj1: yes, ubuntu does not need a high end graphics card08:31
zdsfokey, thanks08:31
zdsfi will try08:31
syrinx_zdsf: no problem08:31
kjlanghi all, i just finished trying to get networking on archlinux, but it was just too frustrating08:32
kjlangi'm wondering if a minimal ubuntu install will have the same networking support as a full blown version08:33
kjlangout of the box08:33
etheretickjlang: try the live cd.08:34
kjlangetheretic: does the alternate install cd allow you to tes tlive?08:34
etheretickjlang: or make a bootable usb stick.08:34
etheretickjlang: have you tried?08:35
Diverdudeubuntu has started to crash quite often which is extremely annoying. It happens when it has been turned for a while and i have a set of programs open. when i am working in some program and then press the browser tab in the bottom to change to internetbrowser, the whole system completely freezes and i have to kill the power to reboot...no keys are responding AT ALL. Only mouse can move around. I have tried to let it wait for a long time bfo08:36
Diverdudere killing it, but nothing happens.Its not the browser because it happens for both FF and google chrome. It also has nothing to do with the program i am working in when i press the tab because it has happend from different programs when i wante to switch. So the problem is in ubuntu. How do i fix this? I am loosing value data everytime it happens which is extremely annoying.08:36
cradamanyone here familiar with xchat-gnome?08:36
danituxi have installed linux08:37
danituxis it possible to create a boot or boot loader for it ?08:37
dejan_I can connect with wep just cant with wpa :S08:37
=== XVampireX_ is now known as XVampireX
elFideldanitux: could you rephrase what you are trying to do?08:38
DJoneskjlang: The alternate cd isn't a live cd, that just does an install using a text based installer08:38
zykes-is there any adventages to using ext2 on a luks encrypted disk ?08:38
danituxelFidel:  i have installed linux with 3 partitions  / & /home & swap . is it possible to create a boot for it?08:38
offsenseis there any way to compress .pdf file in ubuntu??08:38
danituxi installed windows and some partitions removed but there are 3 linux partitions08:39
gaelfxdanitux: I'm pretty sure you can find a guide for creating a /boot partition after installing, google should find it for you08:39
[Sys]GrahamHi - Are there any Ubuntu staff members I can speak to?08:39
=== u is now known as Guest2777
kjlangetheretic: thanks, i'll try it08:39
mickster04offsense: zip it08:39
gaelfx[Sys]Graham: this is a community help chatroom, so possibly, but probably not08:39
kjlangdjones: thanks for the clarification08:40
Diverdudeubuntu has started to crash quite often which is extremely annoying. It happens when it has been turned for a while and i have a set of programs open. when i am working in some program and then press the browser tab in the bottom to change to internetbrowser, the whole system completely freezes and i have to kill the power to reboot...no keys are responding AT ALL. Only mouse can move around. I have tried to let it wait for a long time bfo08:40
Diverdudere killing it, but nothing happens.Its not the browser because it happens for both FF and google chrome. It also has nothing to do with the program i am working in when i press the tab because it has happend from different programs when i wante to switch. So the problem is in ubuntu. How do i fix this? I am loosing value data everytime it happens which is extremely annoying.08:40
[Sys]Grahamgaelfx: I'm wanting to sponsor a mirror, do you perhaps know or can point me in the right direction?08:40
gaelfxDiverdude: could you please only do that every 10-15 minutes, it takes up a lot of space08:40
gaelfx[Sys]Graham: hang on, lemme check08:40
DJoneskjlang: You're welcome08:41
=== cradam is now known as Cradam
offsensemickster04: it doesnt affect much the size, any other options to reduce the size significanly?08:41
mickster04offsense: have you tried the different types of zipping?08:42
gaelfx[Sys]Graham: if you want to support a mirror in China, it would make me unduly happy :D08:42
[Sys]GrahamIt's US based08:42
gaelfxdah well, worth a shot08:42
[Sys]GrahamActually a seedbox to help share Ubuntu over torrents08:42
offsensemickster04: havent, surprise me dude!08:42
gaelfx[Sys]Graham: ah, well in that case, I suggest you look into using apt-p2p08:43
mickster04offsense: well when you select zip, you can change that to something else, it's a drop down. if you are using the GUI that is. otherwise you can research the cli options yourself08:43
OrsI have the following error: USB HC takeover failed! Could anyone advise me, please?08:43
shijiecan anybody help me?08:43
offsensemickster04: do u mean the file types such as .rar .tar etc?08:44
gaelfx[Sys]Graham: there are a couple guides about how to get it going, though I'm not sure exactly how it works with uploading08:44
mickster04offsense: yeah08:44
Tm_Tshijie: you should state your problem to find out if anyone can help08:45
shijiemy laptop is acer 4741G GT415 while I cannot install the video driver08:45
chaosroffsense, if it contains lots of picture and photos, they are probably already compressed (JPG or similar) so it will be hard to see a big difference08:45
shijieeachtime I installed video driver the computer crashed and freeze upon logging08:47
shijieI tried official drivers and recommended drivers, neither worked.08:47
gaelfx[Sys]Graham: best I can find is this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu08:48
shijieso,anybody know what's wrong with my driver installation??^^08:48
gaelfx[Sys]Graham: this only seems to work for local mirroring: http://odzangba.wordpress.com/2007/12/24/use-apt-mirror-to-create-your-own-ubuntu-mirror/08:48
_skplcan someone help me? whenever i try to change the login settings or use update manager it asks for root password, which i dont know08:49
shijiemy laptop is acer 4741G GT415 while I cannot install the video driver08:49
blackstormcomment fait ton pour renomer plusieur jpg en meme temps08:49
_skpli deleted the user i created on startup and created another one with admin priovelegsss08:49
blackstormavec le meme non08:49
shijieboth nvidia drivers also recommended drivers08:49
gaelfxshijie: please don't repeat over and over, if someone can help, they probably will. It sounds like you installed the wrong video driver08:50
gaelfx!fr > blackstorm08:50
ubottublackstorm, please see my private message08:50
shijieI downloaded the newest version from www.nvidia.com08:50
dejan__if anyone have experience with wpa problems pls help me08:50
gaelfx!who > shijie08:51
ubottushijie, please see my private message08:51
dejan__how to find wireless network card mac address?08:51
shijiehow,I am a newbie08:51
blackstormcomment je fait pour aller sur le fr08:51
gaelfxdejan__: iwconfig08:51
dejan__gaelfx: thanks08:51
gaelfx!fr | blackstorm08:51
ubottublackstorm: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.08:51
gaelfxdejan__: no problem08:51
dejan__um i did that gaelfx but no mac address came :S08:52
ubottugaelfx, please see my private message08:52
gaelfxshijie: it's always better to install the drivers that ubuntu suggests, since when you update, ubuntu knows how to keep them updated with everything else. If you use the drivers from nvidia, it might work now, but once you get a kernel update, you will have to install them again08:53
shijieI also installed the recommended driver from ubuntu, it freezed upon logging08:53
gaelfxdejan__: does ubuntu recognize your wireless card?08:54
dejan__yes i can connect to netwroks only without WPA :S thats why i need mac address to set my router to block acces from other mac addresses and I wil lset wep to protect my netwrok :S08:54
gaelfxdejan__: hang on08:55
dejan__ok thanks08:55
gaelfxdejan__: if you right-click network manager applet in the panel, and check the connection information, it should tell you the MAC address, it calls it the hardware address08:56
gaelfxshijie: did the drivers ever work, or is this a fresh install?08:56
shijieI mean,both of the drivers cannot work on my GT41508:56
shijienever worked08:56
dejan__gaelfx ok im right kow connected wired i will try wireless08:57
shijiebut my classmate's GT310 card could work properly both on suggested and official drivers08:57
shijieI am under deep confusion about that08:57
gaelfxdejan__: ifconfig should also show it to you08:58
gaelfxshijie: the newer cards are not always as well supported as the older cards08:58
gaelfxdejan__: it lists it as haddr or something like that08:59
shijiehow to install .run files, I wonder if I installed .run drivers wrongly08:59
ur2d2rhey all08:59
Orsgaelfx: i am trying to use a pcmcia usb cardbus with no luck, could you assist me how to get it to work?09:00
gaelfxshijie: I've never heard of a .run file, but it doesn't sound like something you install09:00
ur2d2rcan I install updates from Terminal for 'Shutter'? How?09:00
shijieDo you know if there is any compatibility problems with GT4XX cards? ^^09:00
gaelfxOrs: sorry, I've got no experience with pcmcia09:00
Orsgaelfx: thanks09:00
gaelfxshijie: that's what I'm looking into right now09:00
shijienvidia drivers' suffix is .run09:00
shijielike nvidia_260.66.10.run09:01
ur2d2rAlso, what is the Linux version of PGP? (Installable from Synaptic)09:01
shijiei used the command: sudo sh nvidia_linux_22.xxx.run, is it right?09:02
gaelfxur2d2r: if it's installable from synaptic, it should tell you the version number there09:02
gaelfxshijie: I'm thinking with that, you need to sudo chmod +x and the ./nvidia_linux_whatever09:03
ur2d2rgaelfx: PGP doesn't show up as a package. I'm wondering what the title to a comprable package would be.09:03
shijieok,thanks ,I will try again09:03
dtrf4837when i boot from ubuntu cd, it just says 'ubuntu 10.10' and nothing happens. is it installing?09:04
guest3443Wubi install 'Try (hd0,0): NTFS:5'. Suggestions?09:05
gaelfxshijie: did you see this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159295509:05
gaelfxdtrf4837: no, it should be booting, unless there's something wrong with the CD you burned. What speed did you burn it at?09:05
gaelfxdtrf4837: and how long have you been waiting?09:06
shijiebtw, does video drivers work the same on wubi installation and fresh installation?09:06
=== zaphod_ is now known as vismundCygnus
shijieI installed in wubi way09:06
dtrf4837gaelfx i dont remember but i didnt know i had option09:06
ur2d2rOkay its call GPG...09:06
gaelfxdtrf4837: well, could you try it on another computer to see if it's a hardware issue or an issue with the CD?09:07
gaelfxshijie: did your friend install from wubi?09:07
gaelfxshijie: the only reason I ask is that wubi is kind of notorious for making dysfunctional systems09:07
shijieok,I will try another way09:08
shijiethanks a lot09:08
=== root is now known as Guest22936
dtrf4837gaelfx the screen finally changed it looks like its loading09:08
gaelfxshijie: sorry I can't be more helpful09:08
eddi_hi guys, is there anybody with some apache solr skills?09:08
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:09
mickster04hello sword09:09
gaelfxdtrf4837: yeah, livecd/usb is a lot slower than having the actual system installed, mostly because of the suashfs thing. you can't fit all the functionality of 4GB into 700mb unfortunately09:09
=== sword is now known as Guest59922
eddi_I've got tomcat and apache running on my ubuntu 8.04 and have a drupal 6 install with the latest stable release of apche solr search. drupal connects fine with the solr, but indexing fails, I'm lost here09:09
mickster04eddi_: that's not really an ubuntu problem me thinks09:10
gaelfxeddi_: not trying to be a snob or anything, but is there any particular reason you're using 8.04?09:10
eddi_oops wrong channel here, sorry - should be on the drupal support (sorry about that, its eaarly here)09:10
eddi_gaelfx: its what I have to do with here at work ;)09:11
dtrf4837hey just in case i run into the problem again which is why i'm reinstalling ubuntu 10.10, is there anything i should know before i begin installing so that i wont have the problem where i keep being asked to type in a password i dont even know about? all i know is my loging password and it only works for the login?09:12
Cradamanyone here know how to open a new server window in xchat-gnome. in the normal xchat it was self-explanatory09:12
gaelfxeddi_: oy, understood mate, best of luck!09:12
gaelfx!root | dtrf483709:13
ubottudtrf4837: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo09:13
mickster04Cradam: try asking their forums, i use irssi09:13
gaelfxdtrf4837: that was maybe a bit cryptic, but your login password is the admin password09:13
Corleonevery matrix like09:13
CorleoneThere is no spoon09:13
gaelfxCorleone: that is the idea, yes ;)09:14
dtrf4837gaelfx i was told in here before that when im asked for that password, it should be the same as my login password and everyone was puzzled that they didnt match09:14
Corleonehey gaelfx, could u help me with my problem, im trying to get my server to connect to my router via WEP, and ideas?09:14
Cradamhave you thought about the fact that i want to open it now, not when someone cba to look at my post09:14
gaelfxCorleone: oof, wireless is really not my specialty, sorry09:15
OrsAm I in the right channel to ask about pcmcia related problems?09:15
=== frimend_ is now known as frimend
gaelfxCorleone: but it might help if I had an idea of your hardware that's involved in that scenario09:15
Cradamif the pcmcia problems are in ubuntu then yes09:15
gaelfxOrs: yeah, this is the place, it's just kinda roulette as to whether anyone knows anything about it09:15
Corleonerouter: SpeedTouch 570, wireless: RL2500 USB09:16
mickster04Cradam: yes,maybe try file>connect?09:16
mickster04Cradam: like a said i don't know, try type /connect servernamehere09:16
gaelfxCorleone: which driver is it using for the RL2500?09:16
mickster04Cradam: see what happens09:16
Corleonesorry RT2500* sorry09:16
Corleonei dunno, how do u check09:16
gaelfxCorleone: and have you ever considered MAC address filtering?09:16
Corleoneerm, no?09:16
mickster04gaelfx: mac address are easy to fake09:16
gaelfxCorleone: do you have a gui?09:16
Cradamno that dont work it opens the server in the same window plus the server i want is not listed09:16
dtrf4837gaelfx maybe i missed it before but i guess when i'm installing i was asked to enter a login password and also admin password?09:17
CorleoneNo, its terminal, server u see09:17
mickster04Cradam: what does the inbuilt help say?09:17
Cradamnot much09:17
gaelfxmickster04: true, but that usually requires direct access to your hardware, or access to your network to find the right ones ;)09:17
mickster04Cradam: it there a space next to the current tab? how about ctrl+t?09:17
mickster04gaelfx: naw, just sniff a packet or two09:17
gaelfxdtrf4837: yeah, it's possible, it's been a while since I installed so I don't remember. just go through it more slowly next time09:17
mickster04gaelfx: if there are packets to be sniffed there is a connection made...09:18
gaelfxmickster04: I suppose you have a point :P09:19
dtrf4837gaelfx if that is the case do you suggest i enter same password for both the login and admin?09:19
mickster04gaelfx: but depending on how tech savvy they are, they may not even be able to do that and then you are safe09:19
Fwb2700Can anyone help me with connecting to my wifi09:19
gaelfxdtrf4837: that depends, can you remember more than one passworD?09:19
mickster04!details | Fwb270009:19
ubottuFwb2700: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:19
dtrf4837gaelfx i'll just write them down09:20
OrsCradam: my pcmcia gives the error: ohci_hcd 0000:06:00.0: USB HC takeover failed etc. Any suggestion how to fix it?09:20
gaelfxdtrf4837: it's a good idea for them not to be the same, but probably not necessary unless you have truly sensitive info on your computer09:20
mickster04dtrf4837: woah, no/ may as well not bother with the passwords!!!09:20
_skpli have a problem with login settings and update managerm, im running ubuntu 10.10 and whereas i normally only need my login passwd, its prompting me for the root password09:20
mickster04_skpl: thats the same password usually, certainly if there is only one user09:21
Fwb2700Well I have a dynalink adsl2+ router encrypted with wpa2 and I want to connect to it on ubuntu 10.10 but I new to ubuntu09:21
mickster04Fwb2700: well select thenetwork icon in the top panel09:21
gaelfxok people, I'm off like a prom dress09:21
mickster04Fwb2700: then select your wireless network09:21
_skplmickster04: my login passwd does not work for that09:21
Fwb2700Network doesn't show09:22
CorleoneFwb2700: check here09:22
mickster04_skpl: well maybe it's the keyring password you want? that might be different09:22
dtrf4837mickster04 do you mean i might as well not bother with the password if i have to write them down or if both the login password and admin password are going to be the same?09:23
_skplmickster04: would the keyring passwod be the same as my login?09:23
mickster04dtrf4837: if you write them down, probable security risk imo09:23
mickster04_skpl: not neccesarily09:23
dtrf4837looks like _skpl is having the same problem i'm having?09:23
_skplmickster04: i never set a keyring password09:23
mickster04_skpl: it's whatever you chose it to be when you first logged in09:24
_skplmickster04: this started happening after i deleted the original user and added a different on cuz my computer was crashing09:24
mickster04_skpl: uhm that original user's password will probably be the admin password eh?09:24
mickster04_skpl: you'll notice i said one user, not multiple users...if you are not adimn, you will not have the required access09:25
_skplmickster04: i set a root password using 'sudo passwd root"09:26
mickster04_skpl: oh dear09:26
mickster04_skpl: then you stlil need to be the root user to use that password09:26
mickster04_skpl: there shouldn't be a root user really09:27
_skpli used it at the passwd prompt for update maneger and it worked. i guess i will just have to remember twop passwds09:27
mickster04_skpl: there should be simply users that have root access09:27
mickster04!visudo | _skpl09:27
mickster04_skpl: either look into adding your user to the sudoers list properly next time09:28
mickster04_skpl: that said you will still need the main admin password09:28
_skpli di add my user properly09:28
_skpli used visudo09:28
mickster04_skpl: well then your user password should work?09:29
_skplit doesnt09:29
mickster04:( indeed09:29
_skplit only asks me for the root passwd when i try to unlock login settings and update maneger, and probably synaptic though i have not tried that yet09:30
mickster04_skpl: yeah, i am starting to think a reinstall may be in order, how old is this install? which ubuntu is it?09:30
_skplubuntu 10.10 its only a couple days old09:31
k_89 /msg NickServ identify charizard09:31
DJonesk_89: Password change time :)09:31
mickster04_skpl: how did you forget the password in a couple of days, and why did you change the user? and how was it starting to break?09:31
mickster04k_89: i think you identify then run password new password09:32
_skplmickster04: i forgot how it broke but i wass getting a massge about ice-authority09:32
_skpli couldnt get into my desktop09:32
_skplso i made a new user and deleted the one that install created09:32
mickster04_skpl: also after two days a new install isn't going to lose you much time?09:33
_skpli gave the user all the priveleges09:33
mickster04_skpl: uhm how?09:33
mickster04ifif you couldn't get into ur pc?09:33
DJonesk_89: Once you've identified to nickserv You can reset your password. However, you must first identify to nickserv using the existing password. Once you have identified, simply type /msg nickserv set password $newpass.09:33
_skplmickster04: users and groups, and even added the user to the sdoers file09:33
mickster04_skpl: but if you couldn't log in?09:34
dtrf4837is there any advantage in choosing 'specifiy partitions manually (advanced)' instead of 'erase and use the entire disk' when i dont have any data on the hdd?09:34
_skpli can login, its just i find it odd that ubuntu asks for a root pw when supposedly one does n ot exits09:34
olitk_89,  use some good passwords09:34
_skplmickster04: so i simply created a root passwd and will use that when it asks for root pw09:35
mickster04draven_sol_: in my case, i dont use swap as i never hibernate, an i have 16GB ram so i didn't need that, an i am ok having everything on the same partition as i have to special data on there09:35
mickster04dtrf4837: in my case, i dont use swap as i never hibernate, an i have 16GB ram so i didn't need that, an i am ok having everything on the same partition as i have to special data on there09:35
mickster04draven_sol_: oops wrong nick09:35
mickster04_skpl: i still dont understand why you needed the second user if the first one still works?09:35
phoenixsamprashelp!! how to move launchy a bit to the top, so doesnt overlap with the bottom bar?09:35
DJonesdtrf4837: The advantage of specifying manually is that you can create a seperate partition for /home so that if you ever have to reinstall, you don't lose your user data (that option might be included within the use whole disk but its not something I've tried)09:36
olitphoenixsampras, right click properties and move it top and then do same move it bottom09:36
_skplmickster04: the first one didnt work,. thats why id eleted it09:37
_skplmickster04: if i only have on hd, can i format that drive using gparted live?09:37
mickster04_skpl: but how did you create a new user if you couldn't log into it?09:37
_skplmickster04: recovery console09:37
mickster04_skpl: you wouldn't need to, just run the installer and it can format it at time of installation, saves you time09:38
firegrassAbout 24hours ago updates to natty causing this fatal error "/sbin/lvm: error while loading shared libraries: libdevmapper-event.co.1.0.1: cannt open shared object file: No suchfile or directory" during booting09:38
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.09:38
mickster04firegrass: see above 109:38
firegrassmickster04: Fear not, I'm well versed in fixing stuff open source, contributing back and using things that break.09:39
dtrf4837DJones if i already have the data backed up then there wont be any advantage in specifying partition right?09:40
mickster04firegrass: what i mean is take it to the other channel please09:40
olitmickster04, he has already done the mistake now help him now09:40
mickster04olit: ?09:40
firegrassmickster04: kk, thanks.09:40
olitnothing mickster0409:40
mickster04firegrass: yeah, this is just ubuntu, there is one for natty aswell09:41
mickster04olit: ok09:41
DJonesdtrf4837: In that case, other than the opportunity to have a seperate /home partition, there would be no other benefit that I'm aware of09:41
dtrf4837DJones so its still a good idea to have a separate /home partition?09:43
oytdoes canonical keep track of threats made in the software malware, hacks ect?09:43
mickster04olit: what do u mean09:43
mickster04olit: for the world? any software? of course not09:43
mickster04olit: sorry wrong nick09:44
olitmickster04, what you are talking09:44
mickster04oyt: for the world? any software? of course not09:44
mickster04olit: that was meant for oyt09:44
DJonesdtrf4837: I always set mine up that because it makes reinstallation simpler09:44
mickster04oyt: what do you mean?09:44
dtrf4837DJones ok thanks09:45
oytubuntu, lubuntu xubutu edubuntu allright09:45
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus09:45
mickster04oyt: is that what you were after? I am pretty sure all code gets peer reviewed at some stage? canonicle don't just let any code in...09:46
oytok thanks09:46
jrnwhat is lubuntu?09:48
dtrf4837if i was to specify partitions, how do i decide how much space there should be in the partition where the os will be installed?09:48
dejan_why u can't ping addresses, other network tools work just fine09:48
mickster04!lubuntu > jrn09:49
ubottujrn, please see my private message09:49
ubottuHardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu09:49
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mickster04!partition | dtrf483709:49
ubottudtrf4837: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap09:49
e-animathat bot sucks, sorry09:49
oytjrn: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Lubuntu09:50
erUSULe-anima: feel free to help us imrove it09:50
mickster04dejan_: you can?09:50
e-animais there such a big spam problem guys?09:50
mickster04e-anima: where? the world?09:50
e-animano here.09:50
dejan_mickster04 : I can use other networking tools except ping why I cant use ping it wont send ping09:50
mickster04e-anima: here? if you mean on #ubuntu thenno we dont have any spam...09:51
erUSULdejan_: maybe some firwall is dropping ICMP packets? what is the error you get from ping if any ?09:51
dejan_um no i don't get errors just it wont show any packet sent09:51
mickster04dejan_: uhm i have no idea really, but i can type ping www.google.com in terminal and it works fine09:51
dejan_ait to try terminal pls09:51
mickster04dejan_: apps>accessories>terminal09:52
dejan_it orks fie in terminal :)09:52
dejan_just wont from gnome ;P09:52
mickster04dejan_: yeah well....09:52
dejan_thanks mickster0409:52
mickster04dejan_: thats cool09:52
dejan_mickster04 :L how to stop ping from terminal from pinging :)09:53
mickster04dejan_: ctrl+c09:53
dejan_ok thanks :)09:53
mickster04or that09:53
oliti think so09:59
olittry pinging at random09:59
olitme too : (09:59
ksinkar_hi guys10:01
ksinkar_there seems to be some problem with my ubuntu software center10:01
mickster04ksinkar_: more detail is required?10:02
ksinkar_mickster04: whenever i try to install any program it says10:02
ksinkar_mickster04: non trusted sources10:02
ksinkar_mickster04: how can i resolve this issue10:03
olitksinkar_, go ahead its not problem10:03
ksinkar_olit: but it does not give me an option to go ahead10:03
ksinkar_olit: the install just cancels10:03
oliton terminal??10:03
mickster04olit: yeah it doesn't10:03
mickster04ksinkar_: do it thru terminal10:03
ksinkar_mickster04: will the names be the same?10:04
mickster04ksinkar_: yea10:04
mickster04ksinkar_: sudoa apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade10:04
olitksinkar_, are you well versed with cli10:04
phoenixsamprasis ubuntu server better than centos?10:05
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:05
llutzphoenixsampras: define better and ask somewhere else10:05
mickster04phoenixsampras: it is different10:05
BluesMurf_got a broken thunderbird, "/usr/lib/thunderbird-3.1.8/thunderbird-bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/thunderbird-3.1.8/thunderbird-bin: undefined symbol: PR_GetEnv"10:05
mickster04BluesMurf_: what did you do just before it broke?10:05
ksinkar_olit: yes, but i would like my ubuntu software center to start working again10:06
ksinkar_mickster04: i was trying to setup merb framework on my computer and did sudo apt-get install and remove a couple of times10:06
mickster04ksinkar_: do the update/upgrade first then start isntalling the packages10:06
ksinkar_i also did apt-get autoremove10:06
mickster04ksinkar_: uhm and autoclean?10:06
BluesMurf_mickster04: no idea, i tried reinstalling, same old10:06
mickster04ksinkar_: and also --purge10:07
ksinkar_mickster04: no not autoclear and --purge10:07
mickster04BluesMurf_: udate and upgreade in termnialor just check and uograde with update manager10:07
BluesMurf_mickster04: i've let update manager take care of stuff for quite a while10:08
mickster04BluesMurf_: ok uhm....go into synaptics and completely remove and restart, then install it again?10:08
mickster04BluesMurf_: i have no idea basically10:09
BluesMurf_k :)10:09
mickster04there may be some thunderbird related help available10:09
=== BluesMurf_ is now known as tuxick
mickster04ksinkar_: try using synaptics to completely remove then reboot and isntall it:p you may find it installs better thru synaptics, or you may get more warnings etc that help you solve the problem, i assume youh ave had a look at their online troubleshooting10:10
Jordan_Uksinkar_: That error is unrelated to any packages you currently have installed. Try just running "sudo apt-get update" and see if the error goes away.10:12
olitping gmanz10:14
ksinkar_Jordan_U: doing that10:15
blzHello, I have a somewhat cryptic error when I attempt to run "sudo apt-get upgrade".  Apparently I cannot upgrade my kernel because of dependency problems, but I'm not sure how to proceed from here.  Here's the output of the upgrade command:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/575404/10:16
phoenixsampraswith what email servers comes ubuntu server?10:17
Jordan_Ublz: That's not a dependency error. Can you pastebin your /etc/default/grub?10:17
dtrf4837it says 'no root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu.' how do i do that?10:18
Jordan_Udtrf4837: Select the partition you want to be your root filesystem and set its mountpoint to '/'.10:19
blzJordan_U:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/575405/10:19
mickster04phoenixsampras: that is not ubuntu that is ubuntu-server10:19
mickster04phoenixsampras: /join #ubuntu-server10:19
Jordan_Ublz: GRUB_GFXMODE=>>1920x1080-24<<      should be: GRUB_GFXMODE="1920x1080x24"10:21
Jordan_Ublz: Why did you use '>>' and '<<' ?10:21
fedematicofor streaming in and out  (or to append)10:22
dtrf4837Jordan_U ok i had it set on 'swap area' and i just realized that wasn't allowing me to set a mount point...but now i dont know which partition to choose?10:22
Jordan_Udtrf4837: Why don't you use automatic partitioning then?10:22
erUSULblz: try "sudo dpkg --configure -a" ?10:22
olitdtrf4837, install on /10:22
dtrf4837olit what about all these options that i get when i click on  'use as:'?10:24
=== banisterfiend is now known as trick
oCean!mta | phoenixsampras10:24
ubottuphoenixsampras: A Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is the server software that sends and queues mail. The default MTA (and !MDA) on Ubuntu is !postfix ("exim" is also officially supported). See also !MailServer and !MUA10:24
olitdtrf4837, well you should tell us what part are on10:24
olitdtrf4837, make it use as '/'10:25
dtrf4837olit i'm on 'allocated drive space' and i clicked on 'Change'10:25
blzJordan_U:  I think the errors are due to a bug in a script that's supposed to fix plymouth for certain nvidia drivers...10:25
blzbut i'm making the changes now10:26
dtrf4837olit i dont see any '/'10:26
dejan_how can i register i am on smuxi ubuntu10:27
olitdtrf4837, is there no drop down box10:27
oCean!register > dejan_10:27
ubottudejan_, please see my private message10:27
blzJordan_U:  looks like it's working now.  thanks!10:27
Cradamhi the ubuntu keyring keeps coming up authentication failure, can anyone help10:27
dtrf4837olit yes i have set on 'fat32 file system'10:27
dejan_i want to register on freenode but cant wit /msg nickserv register10:27
theCmanhey I need some help with my resolution, my monitor is capable and suppose to be at 1600x900 and such, I know the nvidia card can handle it, the other monitor I had showed resolutions far beyond this10:27
Cradamit is the correct password or atleast it was before i updated10:27
theCmanit says its a "crt" and wont let me pick anything higher than 1024x76810:27
theCmanplease it is butt ugly10:28
olitdtrf4837, '/' can oly be used with ext* fs10:28
Jordan_Udtrf4837: Why are you using manual partitioning?10:28
ikoniatheCman: what video card do you have ?10:28
peturiHi, I have a huge xml file, i want to remove all the xml tags and save it as txt.. any idea how to do that?10:28
dtrf4837olit oh ok now i see /10:28
olitJordan_U,  he is trying to preserve his other dirves10:28
theCmanikonia, nvidia 8400GS with 1g of GDDR310:28
Cradamreplace <tag> with nothing10:28
[switch]peturi: #xml might be able to help10:29
=== sammy is now known as Guest13530
ikoniatheCman: have you enabled the propritary nvidia drivers from the "additional drivers" tool ?10:29
Cradamdo that for all of your tags10:29
peturiCradam: counltess tags10:29
Jordan_Uolit: That shouldn't require manual partitioning.10:29
theCmanlike I said way more than capable of displaying it10:29
olitdtrf4837, go ahead ubuntu installation is the easist one10:29
theCmanikonia, no I am a complete retard10:29
theCmanI just said I had the drivers installed10:29
Cradampeturi there is a replace all option so if there is many of one type it will get them all10:29
ikoniatheCman: drop the smart mouth a.) I didn't see you say that b.) which drivers ?10:29
dtrf4837Jordan_U because i got thought it would be the best way10:29
* theCman facepalms10:29
theCmancan someone capable help me10:29
Cradamperonally i would type <*tag> so as i got rid of the </tag>s aswell10:30
ikoniatheCman: I'm more than capable, so answer the questions10:30
Jordan_Udtrf4837: I would go with automatic partitioning unless you have a specific reason not to.10:30
ikoniatheCman: which drivers did you enable ?10:30
olitJordan_U,  new people do such mistakes10:30
peturiCradam: File is to big to open, coule of gb's10:30
theCmanthe "reccomended" ones10:30
ikoniatheCman: did it give a version number in the menu ?10:30
Cradamhow on earth is your xml file that big10:30
dtrf4837Jordan_U so automatic partitioning is '/'?10:30
theCmanit just said latest10:31
ikoniatheCman: (it probably didn't I'm just checking)10:31
dejan_i tried /msg nickserv wont work /msg nickServ works is smuxi case sensitive?10:31
ikoniatheCman: ok, so first thing first, have you rebooted ?10:31
theCmanversion current10:31
tuxickproblem is in xulrunner10:31
Jordan_Udtrf4837: No, to use automatic partitioning you would go back in the install menus and *not* choose manual partitioning.10:31
ikoniatheCman: why is that obvious ?10:31
Cradamyay keyring authenticated finally10:31
studentzHi there I am in maverick. Where I can find . gvs , It is not in ~ users directory?  Thanks10:31
theCmanbecause I wouldnt be in here asking10:31
olitdtrf4837, how much you want set for ubuntu?10:31
dtrf4837Jordan_U ohhh ok10:31
ikoniatheCman: I'm asking reasonable questions, if you can't answer without a smart mouth it's pointless progressing10:31
ikoniatheCman: that doesn't mean you've rebooted, that means you're having ap roblem10:32
tuxick /usr/lib/xulrunner- symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/xulrunner- undefined symbol: PR_SetPollableEvent10:32
ikoniatheCman: have you rebooted since you used the hardware drivers tool to enable the nvidia drivers ?10:32
theCmanif A) google failed, B) my reasoning skills failed, then the obvious logical step for me is to ask someone more capable than me10:32
ikoniatheCman: so answer the questions, don't need the smart comments10:32
dtrf4837i guess manual partition isnt for newbies lol10:32
HFacidpeturi: regular expressions (regex) are a good way to go10:33
flickeringlampdtrf4837: it wasn't that hard.  #ubuntu-beginners might be able to help you10:33
dtrf4837olit i'm not sure, the hdd is 250gb10:33
DjishereI am ubuntu 9.10 and I want restrict the access of all application present in OS. how I can do that ?10:34
ikoniaDjishere: how do you want to restrict it, by username for example ?10:34
theCmanyes but asking me if I rebooted as if I can't quite possibly think to reboot the machine to see if it fixed it, its an old installation of Ubuntu 10.10 with a new monitor10:34
dtrf4837flickeringlamp oh ok i should've went there10:35
theCmanwhen I explicitely stated that before with the old monitor showed higher resolutions10:35
ikoniatheCman: I don't think a reboot would fix it, I was just trying to get the status of your machine, to start trouble shooting it10:35
ikoniatheCman: I didn't see the older posts,10:35
ikoniatheCman: good luck resolving your issue, I'm out10:35
theCmanthanks for nothin bra10:35
ikoniathank yourself, you stopped it getting resolved10:35
flickeringlampdtrf4837: they might be asleep right now, but i'll help as soon as i can if they are10:36
dtrf4837ok i'm going there now10:36
nic_can anyone tell me how to install vlc player in ubuntu live cd10:37
erUSULnic_: sudo apt-get install vlc10:37
erUSULnic_: it wont survive reboots though10:37
theCmanit will install to ram and work10:37
theCmanyou can install it to a USB drive though and have it load when you load the live CD10:38
nic_erUSUL: theCman , thanks10:38
theCmanucenik23, dont PM me with sexual requests10:39
flickeringlampucenik23 and ucenik13 are spam bots?10:39
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!10:39
ikoniawhat's up ?10:39
flickeringlampucenik23, dont PM me with sexual requests10:39
flickeringlampikonia: up is a direction.  heaven.10:40
nic_what if we boot live cd next time...does it require vlc installation again n again10:40
erUSULnic_: yes10:40
ikoniaflickeringlamp: can you please send me one of the requests10:40
erUSUL!remaster | nic_ alternative10:40
ubottunic_ alternative: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility10:40
ikonia(forward me)10:40
tuxickbah, gtk dependencies still same mess after all those years10:40
theCmannic_, http://www.pendrivelinux.com/category/usb-installs-from-linux/10:40
theCmanI use this10:40
theCmanfor when I am on the go and need my apps10:41
flickeringlampikonia: theCman is a troll?10:41
ikoniaflickeringlamp: can you please send me one of the pm requests you got that you called the ops for10:41
flickeringlampi just got here, nevermind, i should work on my server.  i think it's been hacked.10:41
flickeringlampikonia: ask theCman i sent it on his behalf10:41
the-prototypeAnybody good with passwords? I can login fine, i can even install things via terminal with my password. but when i use synaptic manager or any program that gives me the password prompt with the "Keyring" option, it doesn't take. How do i fix this please???10:42
flickeringlampi thought he was getting pms from ucenic2310:42
ikoniatheCman: can you please forward me one of the requests10:42
ikoniaflickeringlamp: let someone else report their own problems or call the ops please if you don't know if they are valid10:42
theCmanhow do I foreward it?10:42
ikoniatheCman: just pm/cut and paste10:42
theCmanI patebined the convo10:42
theCmansee pm10:42
ikoniathank you10:42
tuxickwhen trying to remove xulrunner-1.9 it tells me it failed to install :)10:42
neoui get a lithel problemme10:43
theCmansorry I was short with you10:43
theCmanjust trying to figure out how to get xorg.conf to work10:43
ikoniatheCman: that's your problem to figure out now, I'll deal with your spam issue, thank you for reporting it10:43
Tm_Tthe-prototype: keyring password is different from your account password10:43
Tm_Tthe-prototype: if you haven't set any passowrd for the keyring, try leaving the field blank10:44
the-prototypeTm_T no go. i tried it before and again just now10:44
the-prototypeTm_T it sais that i can SAVE the pw in the keyring10:45
the-prototypei installed ubuntu via the mini disc and used sudo apt-get install ubuntu desktop, sudo apt-get clean.... would this affect it? I've only setup 1 password and i haven't forgotten it10:46
Sheepherdhey guys ive edited my .bash_aliases. how do i make my new alias usable without rebooting? like rebooting the shell or whatever10:47
ikoniaSheepherd: just launch a new shell10:47
erUSULSheepherd: source ~/.bash_aliases10:48
=== Rob__ is now known as ^^robertj
=== ^^robertj is now known as ^robertj
SheepherderUSUL: thanks thats exactly what ive been looking for. lets google what source actually is =)10:48
erUSULSheepherd: "help source" in you command promt10:49
Sheepherdikonia: well i wanted to know if its possible without starting a new shell10:49
ikoniaSheepherd: erUSUL's command is a good way around that limitation10:49
flickeringlampSheepherd: right speech?10:50
ikoniayou can also just execute that file but sourcing it is much tidier10:50
Sheepherdflickeringlamp: what do you mean?10:50
Sheepherdikonia: yea i figured10:50
flickeringlampSheepherd: who are the sheep?10:50
ikoniaflickeringlamp: is this really an #ubuntu conversation ?10:51
erUSULexecuting it wont affect the shell you execute it from. you have to source10:51
flickeringlampikonia: no time?  understood.10:51
flickeringlampSheepherd: ask me in #ubuntu-offtopic10:51
ikoniaflickeringlamp: #ubuntu-offtopic if you want a bit of light chatter10:51
flickeringlampikonia: it isn't light, unless this is a dream10:52
flickeringlampreality check.  no, it isn't. :|10:52
ikoniaflickeringlamp: enough please10:52
Sheepherdflickeringlamp: not interested sorry10:52
olitdon't talk unless other requestee comes in10:53
tuxicki hope i won't have to deinstall entire gtk mess to fix this?10:53
ikoniaolit: that's nonsense, it's just support conversation here10:53
dubbeGood morning10:55
Sheepherdanother question... whats the meaning of ~ when u put it in front of a path?10:56
olithome s10:56
ikoniaSheepherd: home directory10:56
HFacidSheepherd: it's a shortcut to your home folder10:56
the-prototypeI've found a fix for my synaptic password problem. Can someone explain to me where to put my info in to the code? its " --sudo-mode, -S10:56
the-prototype    Make GKSu use sudo instead of su, as if it had been10:56
the-prototype    run as "gksudo"."10:56
ikoniaSheepherd: eg :/home/sheepher = ~/sheepherd10:56
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Guest93467-offtopic- is it possible to make a program install faster (by say forcing it to use more CPU) ?10:57
Sheepherdooooh... always thought it was root or something like that but that didnt make sense10:58
dtrf4837the-prototype thats cool, wish i had known about that, then i wouldn't have had to reinstall ubuntu10:58
Pumpkin-Guest93467: not really that off topic imo. It's possible to give a process a greater share of CPU time. Check out "nice" and "renice".10:58
the-prototypedtrf4837 do i type in exactly what it sais? i'm nervous cause its using sudo and i dont want to mess it up10:59
Tm_TSheepherd: what ikonia meant, is, ~ = /home/yourusername10:59
Guest93467Thank you (:10:59
=== Guest93467 is now known as Drainix
dtrf4837the-prototype i wouldn't know you're way ahead of me obviously10:59
the-prototypedtrf4837 lol. i just google searched my problem and that came up as a fix11:00
olitdtrf4837, use ubuntu pocket guide for casual task it must suffice11:00
dtrf4837the-prototype when it wouldnt accept my password and i couldnt find the solution, i just said to heck with it and reinstalled lol11:00
the-prototypethats exactly what i did11:00
the-prototypeand it didn't solve my problem11:01
dtrf4837olit ok i'll check it out11:01
the-prototypei've installed from ubuntu amd64 mini disc and ran sudo-get install ubuntu desktop because i was getting errors installing from the live cd. i am wondering if this method of installation is causing my issue11:01
dtrf4837olit when i asked about it in here some time ago, people said that was unusual problem11:02
dtrf4837but just in the past few hours i've seen 2 others saying they had same problem11:02
olitdtrf4837, i was off i don't really know what u r takng11:02
DrainixWish there was a windows 7 channel like this.11:02
the-prototypei'm decent with windows 7 =)11:03
the-prototypeactually i just installed ubuntu like 2 days ago haha11:03
the-prototypedrainix did u have a 7 question ?11:03
DrainixWell my question I asked earlier (Is it possible to force a program to use more CPU so it installs faster) applied to windows I just know this channel is a good place to get information :P11:03
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flickeringlampdoes empathy have logs?11:04
the-prototypewell, not really. you can ensure your using 64bit windows as long as your cpu supports 64bit. Faster HDD (7200RPM+) will help too.11:05
the-prototypethats about it lol11:05
olitdtrf4837, somebody told you to use nice ,,, use it ,,, though i don't11:06
DrainixHow would 64bit windows make it faster?11:06
lihuaihello word11:06
DrainixI am world, how are you?11:06
olitDrainix, it uses 64 bits11:06
lihuaii am fine11:07
the-prototypelol look up 64bit11:07
DrainixI'm don't know much about the difference in 32bit and 64bit aside from the ram capabilitys11:07
the-prototypejust google search 32bit vs 64bit windows 711:07
Tm_Tolit: Drainix: Windows support is also rather offtopic here11:08
olitDrainix, its architecture difference uses 64bit addrs11:08
DrainixI know but Prototype offered to help, sorry11:08
the-prototypeallows u to use all cores in a multi core processor, giving u (obviously) more processing power, but like i said you have to have a 64bit processor11:08
olitDrainix, use #ubuntu-offtopic11:08
the-prototypeplus 64 bit systems allow u to use more ram, like u said11:08
Drainixthanks olit11:08
the-prototypei think win7 ultimate allows up to 198GB or something11:09
lihuaii three xp 7 linux11:09
dtrf4837its been a big difference for me moving up from 32 bit to 64 bit on windows and in the future i'd like to have 64 bit for ubuntu...i wonder if the difference is going to be as great11:09
DrainixIt is a 64bit proccessor now I'm dreading reinstalling windows11:09
lihuaime to11:09
the-prototypeyou wont see a BIG difference on 32 bit systems vs 64bit systems unless your doing CPU intensive tasks like converting videos etc11:10
the-prototypegaming can be CPU intensive as well11:10
DrainixThat's all I do :d11:10
the-prototypeyou should look in to it then =)11:10
DrainixThing Is I never actually have CPU problems11:10
Drainixit's never at 100%11:10
tuxickfound a bit of clue, PR_SetPollableEvent is in libnsp4.so, which i find in /usr/lib as well as in /usr/local/lib11:10
the-prototype7x64 has an "Ok" compatibility mode11:10
DrainixI was just wanting to make it install faster, because I have 40% idle CPU11:11
the-prototypei just wish i could get someone to tell me how to properly type in this SIMPLE code in to terminal !!11:11
FuwexHey all. Does anyone know of something similar to Microsoft Office OneNote for Ubuntu/Linux?11:11
HFacidDrainix: hard drives are usually the slowest point in a system11:11
dubbeFuwex: libreoffice11:11
dtrf4837the-prototype well my computer with ubuntu is 2gb ram max and everything seems slow, not just cpu intensive tasks11:11
DrainixHmmm is there a way to see my HDD RPM ?11:11
usmanI am having problem with uploading a file to a server setup at my localhost. There is some permissions related problem due to which the uploading returns 'HTTP I/O ERROR'11:11
olitDrainix, not all applications are written for 64 bits11:11
the-prototypeWell, ram is important as well when it comes to multi tasking11:12
dubbeFuwex: sorry, OneNote... then i think evernote is more simular11:12
DrainixThat's why I have stuck to 32bit because I liked that it was compatible with everything11:12
the-prototypei have 3GB and order another 1gig from newegg (should be here soon) and my system flies11:12
dtrf4837the-prototype yeah thats why i want to move up to 64 bit on the ubuntu computer also11:12
bauBauhi. when I execute this:  timidity fluid.mid      -----> I obtain this: Couldn't load instrument aaviolin.sf2 (tone bank 0, program 73) . The instrument and path are correct (if I use a wrong sf2 or path I obtain:   "No such file or directory".   What can I do ?11:12
the-prototypei have Q6600 quad core 2.411:12
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usmanMy aaplication is residing in /var/www/bin-release. Permission of this folder are set to [owner, group]=me,www-data   /   [files,directories]=777,77711:13
Fuwexdubbe: thanks, will check it out :) How's LibreOffice compared to OpenOffice? I'm not quite satisfied with OpenOffice as a replacement for MS Office, though I haven't tried the latest version of OO11:13
HFacidDrainx: I can't say I've had many compatibility issues running 64 bit, is this a common problem?11:13
the-prototypecan someone PLEASE tell me how to properly type this code in to terminal? its pretty elementary, i'm just a big Ubuntu noob!11:13
dubbeFuwex: not much of a diffrence yet. I hope the libreoffice will grow11:13
FuwexI see. Okay, thanks for the tip11:14
LetsGo67Why are YouTube videos pink?11:14
the-prototypeDrainix now adays windows 7 64 bit windows update usually takes care of all the drivers and compatibility problems. Be sure u select the "additional updates" though.11:14
the-prototypeDrainix Older games and software like quake II wont work properly without some configurations, but all the new stuff is 7x64 compatible11:15
the-prototype64 bit compatibility, for windows atleast, isn't really a big issue any more11:15
tuxickis /usr/local/lib in /etc/ld.so.conf.d/libc.conf normal?11:15
tuxicki've got a libnspr4.so there that's unaccounted for11:15
the-prototypein  c:/programfiles(x86) is where 32 bit stuff gets installed so its backwards compatible for some older programs or things that just arent 64bit11:16
DrainixThank you the-prototype :)11:16
the-prototypenp =)11:16
the-prototypecan someone PLEASE tell me how to properly type this code in to terminal? its pretty elementary, i'm just a big Ubuntu noob!11:17
Drainixis 7,200 rpm bad ? :o11:17
oliver_tuxick, well i have that /usr/local/lib  in there aswell so I guess it's normal11:18
HFacidDrainix: no it's middle of the road, probably the best speed for price11:18
Tm_Tthe-prototype: Drainix: this is rather offtopic11:18
tuxickoliver_: ok thanks, i think i found my problem11:18
tuxickinstalled freeswitch from source, which put stuff in /usr/local/lib11:18
tuxickassuming ubuntu doesn't use /usr/local/lib itself, and dpkg doesn't know about those files11:19
the-prototypeso is there another place i should ask my question? i found the resolution for the synaptic not accepting my problem. i need help on putting the code provided properly in to terminal.11:19
the-prototypeIf i'm not in the right place please point me in the right direction.11:19
the-prototypesorry not accepting my "PASSWORD"11:20
Tm_Tthe-prototype: for that this is the right place, I was referring to the discussion about Windows11:20
Tm_T!sudo | the-prototype see if this helps11:21
ubottuthe-prototype see if this helps: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo11:21
Tm_T!gksu > the-prototype11:22
ubottuthe-prototype, please see my private message11:22
olitthe-prototype, why do you want enter nicks in terminal11:22
=== HFacid is now known as HF_acid
Fuwexdubbe: evernote runs on Linux? I can't find anything about it on their official site11:23
the-prototypeit does help. but the sudo command is why i need to know how to properly insert this code in to terminal. using sudo you can make big mistakes. i have the link to the solution to my problem if that would help you help me11:24
HF_acidFuwex: via wine technically11:24
FuwexHF_acid: aff, that's not ideal ;)11:24
the-prototypethis is the link to my solution http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157778111:25
alican I find a room for aircrack11:25
alii installed the software but I can't find it11:25
dtrf4837ok i reinstalled and i was asked to enter a passphrase to encrypte home directory so i entered my login password then a long series of numbers came up, then '[Enter]'...can i close the terminal once i copy the passphrase or do i have to enter something else again?11:25
Tm_Tthe-prototype: "gconf-editor > apps > gksu > sudo-mode"11:26
Tm_Tthe-prototype: see the last post in that thread11:26
the-prototypedtrf4837 close the terminal and u can later use the " ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase " command to get it in the future11:26
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dtrf4837the-prototype ok thanks11:27
the-prototypetm_t ok i'mma google search gconf-editor cause i dont think i have it11:28
FuwexHF_acid: have you used it with wine? Does it work well? I'm beginning to think evernote is exactly what I'm looking for, so it's a shame it doesn't natively support linux..11:29
HF_acidFuwex: afraid not, I just did a cursory google search and noted a few guides on doing so11:30
neouwhat's new guys11:30
FuwexHF_acid, all right, thanks11:30
samurajjoin #ostrowiec11:33
HF_acidSo I use nvidia's binaries for my graphical drivers, the only issue (okay, more like annoyance) is that it must be reinstalled every kernel update to configure some such kernel dependent file.  Does anyone happen to know of a way to automate this reinstall process with the kernel updates?11:38
Djisherehi all11:45
Djisherehi all11:46
Djisherehow to restrict the access of any application in ubuntu11:47
Djisherecan any one help me11:47
jpdsDjishere: Use SELinux, or Apparmor.11:47
Djisherenot getting ?11:47
jiltdilalias ifc=ifconfig i shortened ifconfig by ifc now how to change it ifconnfig in real time without restarting my computer?11:47
jpdsDjishere: Pardon?11:47
Djisherehow to restrict the access of any application in ubuntu ?11:48
jpdsDjishere: Use SELinux, or Apparmor.11:48
jpdsDjishere: You will need to, of course, do some research on the two.11:48
Djisherecan you please tell me in more specific ?11:49
jiltdilno answer???11:50
jpdsjiltdil: How to make the change pernament?11:51
jiltdiljpds: go to   /etc/bashrc  and add allias ifc=ifconfig11:52
jpdsjiltdil: Yeah, I know that, your question is very vague though.11:52
jpdsjiltdil: You probably want: source /etc/bashrc11:52
olitwhy do you want shorten it11:53
jiltdili just want to know if i made a change in real time by shorthen it then is there any method or command without restarting my system to undo this11:55
Djisherejpds : can you please tell me something about SELinux, or Apparmor so that I can research on that basis ..!!11:55
the-prototypei LOVE the feeling of solving noob ubuntu issues all by myself lol11:55
the-prototypei'm only 2 days old in the ubuntu world11:56
jpdsDjishere: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor11:56
Djisherejpds : thank you11:56
jpdsDjishere: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security-Enhanced_Linux11:56
the-prototypeDoes anybody know if the codecs that come with VLC are used by other programs like Rhythmbox11:57
krokGood day video card Intel 82G33/G31 Express Integrated Graphics Controller and Monitor Aker AL1716 can not put a resolution 1280-102411:57
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HF_acidthe-prototype: if I had to guess I'd say no but don't quote me on that as I honestly don't know enough11:58
the-prototypeHF_acid thanks for trying. I've installed ubuntu twice so far. one 32bit and now the 64bit. i installed VLC on 32bit BEFORE using rhythmbox and had no issues playing my music imported from my external. This time i tried to use rythmbox using music from my external and it said i needed additional plugins, and still wont play all my music.12:00
the-prototypeso i installed vlc12:00
the-prototypenow i'm opening to see if the errors persist =)12:00
the-prototypethe errors are gone. i think installing VLC will solve a lot of codec issues, since it can play damn near everything12:01
the-prototypeso installing VLC will allow more extensions to play in Rhythmbox, i wonder if it works like that for all media players12:02
olitthe-prototype, what r using for rmvb12:02
HF_acidthe-prototype: I'm not sure it works like that as (for me) on a virgin install of ubuntu the "restricted drivers" rhythmbox uses for mp3's and such aren't installed but they're usually pretty easy to install (prompting you as soon as you attempt to play something).  but glad to see your problems have solved themselves in this case.  on a side note: I love VLC12:03
jiltdiljpds: oh there is a command unalias i get it12:03
the-prototypeolit what is rmvb?12:04
phoenixsamprasHelp!! where i can set gnome resolution when i Loggin?12:04
asdfzxv!resolution | phoenixsampras12:04
ubottuphoenixsampras: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution12:04
asdfzxvphoenixsampras: or the monitor settings in administration12:05
the-prototypei just know i had a msg from rythmbox stating i needed additional plugins, i installed, and still couldn't play SOME files. but that issue was magically resolved after installing VLC. Wierd....12:05
asdfzxvthe-prototype: it probably dragged in more decoders12:05
olitthe-prototype, another format12:05
the-prototypeolit rmvb is a format for music?12:06
the-prototypeasdfzxv makes sense =)12:06
=== herton_ is now known as herton
phoenixsamprasasdfzxv: yes i know how to change it, i setup to 1900x1080, but when i reboot, it returns to 800x600, why? when i log in as root, the resolution is correct 1900x108012:06
olitthe-prototype, yes i know12:06
asdfzxvphoenixsampras: no idea12:07
phoenixsamprasHelp!! where i can set gnome resolution when i Login? i setup to 1900x1080, but when i reboot, it returns to 800x600, why? when i log in as root, the resolution is correct 1900x108012:07
oliti m asking you because i don't any codecs for it12:07
the-prototypeolit i typed it in the form of a question not a statement lol. i wasn't familiar with that extension. see that ext will play in VLC, if it does, maybe the decoders that carried over (like asdzxv suggested) will allow rhythmbox to play it without plugins or whatever. IDK though, im a newb12:08
NotTooDumb3when i have only image with me and not kernel source code, is it possible whether a particular driver is loaded as module or is a part of kernel?12:09
oliver_hi, is anyone familiar with managing iPhones on Ubuntu12:09
ikoniaoliver_: managing ?12:09
ikoniaphoenixsampras: what's up ?12:09
the-prototypehorribly worded nottoodumb312:09
the-prototypenot that i'd be able to help anyway, im just saying =)12:09
oliver_ikonia, yeah like putting music on the device and deleting it12:09
NotTooDumb3the-prototype, what makes you say it's horribly worded?12:10
phoenixsamprasHelp!! where i can set gnome resolution when i Login? i setup to 1900x1080, but when i reboot, it returns to 800x600, why? when i log in as root, the resolution is correct 1900x108012:10
asdfzxvoliver_: i know you can mount it and browse the file system, but i'm not sure if anything can mimic itunes in linux12:10
ikonia!iphone | oliver_12:10
ubottuoliver_: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod12:10
olitphoenixsampras, perhaps bazhang can help you with that12:10
HF_acidphoenixsampras: depending on how your configuring your resolutions will entail different methods.  Specifically (this is the only way I'm familiar with) if you're using nvidia's software you must run it with gksudo in order to save the xorg.conf file which keeps your settings persistent12:10
the-prototypenot sure, everythign in here is foreign to me. i'm just eating fishsticks and wathcing the screen.12:10
ikoniaphoenixsampras: you shouldn't be able to login as root12:10
ikoniaphoenixsampras: root account is disabled12:11
[[thufir]]after you install postgres, why would "postgres" give "command not found"?  doesn't it set up the path env variable?12:11
ikonia[[thufir]]: what are you trying to launch, the client or the server12:11
Krycekfree energy ?xD12:11
ikoniaKrycek: ?12:11
Krycekwrong chat12:11
[[thufir]]ikonia: start the server12:11
the-prototypefree energy is illegal in almost all countries. LoL12:12
[[thufir]]https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostgreSQL is what I'm reference12:12
ikonia[[thufir]]: ok, use the service command12:12
[[thufir]]ah, service postgres start?12:12
ikonia[[thufir]]: yes12:12
[[thufir]]ikonia: thx12:12
ikonia[[thufir]]: with sudo of course ?12:12
phoenixsamprasikonia: after the kernel update that ubuntu forces to do, the nvidia drivers got broken, i compiled the drivers again with the new kernel as root and ran: startx, worked fine, at 1900x108012:12
[[thufir]]bad docs at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostgreSQL then, IMHO12:13
ikoniaphoenixsampras: ok, that's not something you should have done12:13
ikonia[[thufir]]: what version of ubuntu are you using12:13
[[thufir]]DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS"12:14
[[thufir]]no such service, though, after installing as per that page.  hmm.12:14
ikoniaphoenixsampras: the nvidia drivers are built as part of the ubuntu additional drivers menu and are supported by the ubuntu kernels, the 3rd party ones are your own responsability12:14
HF_acidikonia:  really?  I was under the impression that when you have the binaries from Nvidia you had to reinstall everytime to update, oh nevermind12:14
ikonia[[thufir]]: that page isn't for 10.04 though12:14
ikoniaHF_acid: not if you use the ubuntu packaged ones12:15
phoenixsamprasikonia: yeh, ubuntu drivers doesnt support Vaio laptops12:15
ikoniaHF_acid: only if you break the compatability and use your own versions12:15
ikoniaphoenixsampras: what card is it ?12:15
ikonia[[thufir]]: ls -la /etc/init.d | grep postgres12:15
ikonia[[thufir]]: what do you get ?12:15
phoenixsamprasikonia: the card is support g380m , but seems the vaio motherboard is the problem12:15
ikonia[[thufir]]: (I've not got a 10.04 box to test here, sorry)12:15
[[thufir]]ikonia: ok.12:16
[[thufir]]ls -la /etc/init.d | grep postgres  empty12:16
Holekhey, guys12:17
ikonia[[thufir]]: dpkg -l | grep -i postgres12:17
[[thufir]]it's installed http://pastebin.com/JuSRYJk212:18
CDBSAIWhat are you talking about?I am new,I know nothing about linux,somebody help12:18
Holekthere was a neat feature in previous ubuntu releases (like 8.10, 9.04?), where you could switch workspaces by using scroll wheel on the desktop area12:18
Holekcan I get it back?12:18
ikonia[[thufir]]: that looks like it's just the client12:19
ikoniaCDBSAI: welcome to #ubuntu, this channel supports the ubuntu linux distribution, and is a support only channel12:19
[[thufir]]ikonia: ok, you're right.   how to install server?  I'll check apt12:19
ikonia[[thufir]]: ah ha, we have a winner,12:19
HF_acidHolek: I believe you can re-enable with a setting in compizconfig settings manager (not installed by default) hold on I'm searching12:20
Sheepherdcan i write the output of a python file to another file? usually i use "man command > file" but this doesnt seem to work. reason is that i want to copy the execution log inclusive an error that appeared.12:20
ikoniaSheepherd: google shell redirects, you can write pretty much most output, not all comes out with >12:20
ikoniaSheepherd: eg: output and error are two different things12:20
[[thufir]]ikonia: hmm, do you know which one?12:21
ikonia[[thufir]]: not without looking12:21
azertuiohi there12:21
azertuiowhat is the default permission for phpmyadmin ?12:21
HolekHF_acid: thanks :) I was going through ccsm settings myself, but they just have so much, I was overwhelmed ;)12:21
[[thufir]]ok.  I'll keep looking. thanks.12:21
azertuioto what i have to chmod ?12:22
azertuiothis is the error i got Wrong permissions on configuration file, should not be world writable!12:22
HF_acidHolek: "ccsm -> viewport switcher -> actions -> desktop-based viewport switching -> move next & move prev" taken from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=601716 except you want to do the opposite of what the thread suggests12:22
azertuiowhat i have to do ? plz12:22
[[thufir]]what is 10.04 called?  version name?12:22
guest3443Hi. Dose anyone knews where can I get 'foomatic-rip-hplip' package?12:23
Sheepherdikonia: thank you very much that was exactly what ive been looking for.12:23
HolekHF_acid: yep, the opposite, but that's a clue :)12:23
Pikabarreguest3443: http://sourceforge.net/projects/hplip/files/ ?12:24
[[thufir]]Pikabarre: thx12:24
ikoniaSheepherd: no problem, there are more than 2 though, hence why I said have a look at them as there are quite a few12:24
trickcan anyone here get veoh working in ubuntu?12:24
trickthe veoh web player*12:24
HolekHF_acid: yes, exactly that!12:25
HolekHF_acid: thank you :D12:25
HF_acidHolek: well if you navigate to where the thread suggested, then just set the two settings (move next & move prev) to scroll up and scroll down by clicking them and subsequently scrolling up/down with your mouse you should be good to go.  Sorry I can't test it personally at the moment otherwise I'd be more specific12:26
Sheepherdikonia: okay12:26
cdavisIs there a trick to getting awn to display the nm-applet?12:26
HF_acidholek: oops disregard that then12:26
HolekHF_acid: ;)12:27
guest3443Pikabarre, ????12:28
[[thufir]]what package needs to be installed for the postgres server?12:30
=== evilmist is now known as mrmist
llutz_!info postgresql-8.412:31
ubottupostgresql-8.4 (source: postgresql-8.4): object-relational SQL database, version 8.4 server. In component main, is optional. Version 8.4.7-0ubuntu0.10.10 (maverick), package size 3785 kB, installed size 9800 kB12:31
karla[[thufir]], just apt-get install postgresql-8.4 and it will pull the other packages it depends on for you12:32
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=== jrn is now known as jrn_a
[[thufir]]actually, guess I had it, but only sortof.  I have the start script, but it's no such service:  http://pastebin.com/4W91G7qy12:36
Benkinoobyhi, chromium adn firefox show youtube videos in red unless i remove all my history data. i saw many having this bug, so i guess there is allready a bug filed. some1 know where i can find the bug descripiton. can't find ti myself12:37
=== share is now known as Guest31198
Rexodus#ubuntu! Just watch && learn. The place 2 stay if yah wanna know something! Thanks people! :)12:40
scarleoBenkinooby: Do you have a link to a red video?12:40
saud12hi all12:41
HF_acidBenkinooby: you mean your seeing something like this? http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/fix-pinkred-youtube-videos-bug-using.html12:41
elifehello all12:41
saud12can u plz someone tel me how i can change root password?12:42
Rexodussudo passwd12:42
elifeczy ktoś tu mówi po polsku?12:42
bazhangsaud12, your sudo password?12:42
LjL!pl | elife12:42
ubottuelife: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.12:42
Benkinoobyscarleo, any youtube video. HF_acid yes, i mean that. independetly from that site i found out that erasing cookies makes the vids normal again. i find it very amusing, that videos and how vids are displayed are related :D12:42
elifeJDownloader awesom12:43
mAritzi have an executable .bin file that when called just gets me "No such file or directory". what could this be? (if it matters, it's the oilrush game .bin)12:43
Rexodussaud12: why should u do that?12:43
RexodusNow your root account is "open"12:43
scarleoBenkinooby: I saw one or two turn red but haven't been able to reproduce. HF_acid thanks for that link12:43
saud12thanks so much i got it:)12:43
BenkinoobyHF_acid, scarleo i fixed it for me, but i wonder how cookies influence the video "quality" this is why i wanted to do further resarch and was looking for a bug report12:44
saud12thanks bazhang and all of you12:44
Benkinoobyscarleo, HF_acid i use ubuntu 10.04 btw12:44
ConseilmAritz: first you have to go to this directory, where's that file (cd <directory) etc.12:44
mAritzConseil: i did12:45
karlamAritz, alsos don't forget to chmod +x file.bin12:45
Conseiland set the permission: sudo chmod +x  file.bin12:45
mAritzkarla: it is12:45
=== ericm_ is now known as ericm|ubuntu
HF_acidBenkinooby: I'm not sure, the fixes the site recommends seem to indicate that it's actually a problem with adobe flash12:45
karlamAritz, make sure all the reqiured libraries are present in you LD_LIBRARY_PATH12:45
karlamAritz, ldd file.bin and see if any .so files were not found12:45
saud12did there is free learning website for hacker?12:46
BenkinoobyHF_acid, yes, but it can be fixed by erasing the history. as said before, erasing the history removes the pink tint.12:46
saud12can somebody help me that12:46
bazhangsaud12, kernel hacking?12:46
DOokamihello guys ,, i'm really new at ubuntu and IRC in general ,, i want to ask ppl about "Excel alternative" which is "open office spreadsheets" ,, so how do i find the proper room, how can i search rooms and so in "pidgin" for example ,, thanks ^^12:46
bazhangsaud12, what does that have to with ubuntu12:46
BenkinoobyHF_acid, so i was eager to find out more about it12:46
saud12yes kernal hacking12:46
mAritzkarla: okay, that sounds reasonable, however i get "not a dynamic executable" :(12:46
karlamAritz, out of ideas :(12:47
scarleoHF_acid: Benkinooby I haven't done anything and it just went away. Haven't been able to reproduce it since12:47
saud12bazhang can you please ?12:47
bazhangsaud12, that has nothing to do with ubuntu12:47
karla!ot > saud1212:48
ubottusaud12, please see my private message12:48
ConseilmAtirz, maybe you should try run it as a root?12:48
Benkinoobyscarleo, whish i wouldn't be able to reporoduce it too ;) what's ur ubunut version?12:48
scarleoBenkinooby: 10.1012:48
DOokamikarla: how did u do that :D ,,12:48
olitsaud12, type hackers in google and follow one that says www.catb..12:48
llutz_saud12: you want to become kernel hacker but you aren't able to use searchsites nor to read the topic here?12:48
karlaDOokami, ?? :)12:49
Benkinoobyscarleo, as said before i have 10.0412:49
[[thufir]]how is it that, I think, postgres is isntalled, since I can start it, but it's not put into the path (no such command) and no such service?  http://pastebin.com/skzppDNJ12:49
olitsaud12, Raymond will tell you everything except cracking12:49
incidenceHi, is it possible to use nvidia+radeon. I have 2x dvi in nvidia and 1x in Radeon, and I'd need to use three monitors with TwinView/Xinerama or such12:49
ikoniaolit: stop telling people to speak to other people12:49
HF_acidBenkinooby: I gotcha.  It is an interesting problem but I'm afraid goes beyond my general knowledge as to how to chase down the bug.  scarleo: glad to hear it resolved itself for you12:49
wr0ngwayI'm having trouble pinning sun-jav6-jdk to an older version on 10.04, apt can't find it even though it the package does exist at http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/s/sun-java6/12:49
wr0ngwayanyone else able to get this to work ?  (i,e, use 6.22 not 6.24)12:50
dejan_Some good software for stock market informations analysis?12:50
mAritzkarla: if you're interested: i'm running x86_64 and it's a 32bit executable. installing ia32-libs fixed it :)12:50
BenkinoobyHF_acid, scarleo thank you both for your time and interest. i'll spend some minutes on it and see if i get further. if not i just keep the fix and forget it :D12:51
karlamAritz, of course!!12:51
=== kn100 is now known as Guest25553
wr0ngwayI setup pinning like so: https://gist.github.com/85456312:51
wr0ngwaybut apt-get reports no candidates12:52
saud12i need to learn hacking, but how i can do that?12:53
krokdesktop background is always cloned and would like it to stretch to 2 Monitors12:53
DOokamikarla: the "see my privete message thing" ,, kinda cool :P12:53
oCeansaud12: not in this channel12:53
Guest25553saud12, very bad idea lol, learn programming12:53
saud12where can i do that?12:53
Guest25553saud12, I recommend learning python12:53
bazhangsaud12, please stop the discussion here, its offtopic12:54
wr0ngwayanyone have any debugging tips for this?12:54
saud12what is python and how i will do that?12:54
Guest25553saud12, http://www.python.org/about/gettingstarted/12:54
llutz_!ot | saud12 stop asking here12:54
[[thufir]]saud12: join #python12:54
ubottusaud12 stop asking here: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:54
Guest25553saud12, any questions about python go to #python :)12:54
karlaDOokami, oh it's all ubottu, it mimics the unix redirection/piping syntax in the unix shell12:54
Rexodus(01:52:53 PM) saud12: i need to learn hacking, but how i can do that? < lol?12:54
saud12ok thanks12:54
saud12sorry for that12:54
ruanhacking is illegal isn't it?12:54
ikoniaruan: it's offtopic here12:54
=== max is now known as Guest94603
llutz_it isn't12:54
Pici!hacking | ruan12:55
ubotturuan: A hacker is a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular, as defined by Request for Comments (RFC) 1392 - i.e. a good programmer  -- crackers on the other hand break systems, see also !piracy12:55
JuJuBeeI have kubuntu installed and when I open rhythmbox or banshee it seem the interface is from the 90's (very minimalistic)  What can I do to improve the interface (buttons etc...)?12:55
DOokamikarla: hmmm ,,, ubottu the bot lol ,, so if i "pm" you it'll automatically do the same ?12:55
=== a is now known as Guest31465
ikoniaJuJuBee: the interface is created by the developers, contact the product developers to change it's design12:55
ikoniaJuJuBee: it may also be worth while looking if it supports any themes, then looking for a theme you like12:56
DOokamikarla: "IM" *12:56
DOokamiguys ,, brb for now ,, plz help about "hello guys ,, i'm really new at ubuntu and IRC in general ,, i want to ask ppl about "Excel alternative" which is "open office spreadsheets" ,, so how do i find the proper room, how can i search rooms and so in "pidgin" for example ,, thanks ^^"12:56
karlaDOokami, you'd have to im/pm it not me :)12:56
JuJuBeeikonia: I don't think they are themable and it looked much better before I re-installed my OS yesterday.  Almost like there are some settings somewhere12:56
bazhangDOokami, #openoffice.org and #pidgin12:56
JuJuBeeBut I cannot find any12:57
bazhangDOokami, /msg alis help *term*12:57
ikoniaJuJuBee: maybe they respond to the KDE (kubuntu_ theme ?12:57
bazhangDOokami, /msg alis list *term*12:57
JuJuBeeikonia: what do you mean?12:57
ikoniaJuJuBee: the apperence changes depending on what KDE theme you are using (just a thought)12:57
karlaJuJuBee, try installing gtk-chtheme12:58
ikoniakarla: on kde ?12:58
JuJuBeeOh, I dont think so.  I am configured same theme as before.  Karl: thanks, ill give it a try12:58
karlaikonia, i think banshee and rhythmbox are GTK apps, no?12:59
JuJuBeekarla what will gtk-chtheme do?  how do I use it?12:59
RexodusJuJuBee: Try to type a name and then press <tab>13:00
karlaJuJuBee, it will allow you to modify the look of software with a user interface built using GTK, just launch it from the menu or start it from the console13:00
iomega_failingI have an iomega external hdd that is not being recognized .. did it crash or something?13:01
RexodusIs it in /dev/ ?13:01
JuJuBeekarla: Ah much better.  thanks heaps.13:01
ikoniaJuJuBee: did that gtk package change it ?13:02
karlaJuJuBee, yw :)13:02
JuJuBeeRexodus: why?13:02
wr0ngwayis no one in here familiar with the vagaries of apt version selection?13:02
joegim using ubuntu 10.10..i have added a ppa using the command sudo add-apt-repository command13:02
joeghow to remove the ppa ?13:02
iomega_failingjoeg: go to software sources13:02
RexodusJuJuBee:  It makes te nicks complete :)13:02
iomega_failingjoeg: right click on menu and edit menus13:03
bazhangjoeg, ppa-purge13:03
bazhang!info ppa-purge | joeg13:03
ubottujoeg: ppa-purge (source: ppa-purge): disables a PPA and reverts to official packages. In component universe, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 5 kB, installed size 56 kB13:03
iomega_failingjoeg: then go to Administration and enable software soucres13:03
iomega_failingjoeg: then open it from the shortcut13:03
bazhangiomega_failing, thats not what he needs to do13:03
iomega_failingbazhang: yes, it is. this is the easier way13:04
iomega_failingthen he removed the ppa using gui13:04
joegiomega_failing : thanks , that worked ! :)13:04
iomega_failingsee bazhang13:05
JuJuBeeRexodus: Oh, for irc... I thought you meant in cli... I know that already.  I usually do that...13:05
joegiomega_failing: thanks !13:05
RexodusJuJuBee: :)13:05
linuxman410i have a T2050 1.6GHz 533MHz 2MB  is this processor not 64 bit cuause it will not let me install 64bit version of ubuntu13:06
ikonialinuxman410: what does it say when you try to boot the 64bit cd13:06
wr0ngwayok, apparently this channel is more for end users than admins, is there another one anyone can suggest where I can get help with this apt version selection issue?13:07
linuxman410it says amd 64 not detected13:07
ikonialinuxman410: there you go then, not 64bit13:07
iomega_failingwr0ngway: what is your issue13:07
linuxman410but it is a dual core so i thought all dual core were 64 bit13:08
wr0ngwayiomega_failing: https://gist.github.com/85458313:08
ikonialinuxman410: as did I, but I'm not up on all the hardware13:08
bazhanglinuxman410, the core duo is not the core2duo is13:09
linuxman410i guess i should research before i buy from now on13:09
=== [Tananar] is now known as Pilif12p
ActionParsniplinuxman410: http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=27231   its a 32bit cpu13:09
llutz_linuxman410: its nothing wrong with 32bit13:09
ActionParsniplinuxman410: i have a dual core 32bit here, its a core2duo U250013:10
linuxman410oh well it is still fast13:11
ActionParsniplinuxman410: dualcore 1.6Ghz, not the fastest but certainly no slug :)13:11
ceoam have problem, my firefox also cras or hang, if am open 5 more tab on it. can help me..!13:12
ceoam have problem, my firefox also cras or hang, if am open 5 more tab on it. can help me..!13:12
ActionParsnipceo: does it happen for all users?13:12
ceoyes ActionParsnip13:12
ActionParsnipceo: is your RAM healthy?13:12
ceoam only use on user on my laptop13:12
linuxman410ActionParsnip it is a nano computer same size as a mac mini running ubuntu13:12
ActionParsniplinuxman410: nice :)13:13
ceoyas am have buy new notebook. and if am used windows, that work well13:13
ActionParsniplinuxman410: when my fileserver keels over I'm grabbing a fitpc :)13:13
ActionParsnipceo: I'd test it, as well as fsck the partition13:13
ActionParsnipceo: also try other browsers13:13
ceohix can i fix it my browsers ?13:14
BlessJahi have ekg2 and irssi sessions in screen on a remote server, does anyone have idea how can i force both (or at least irssi) to send me local notifications?13:14
linuxman410ActionParsnip i have a nettop for that 1.86 pentium 1 gig of ram and 40 gig sata drive for server13:14
ceoActionParsnip, am used fsck13:14
ceo* Courage-- (~x@sign.io) has joined #ubuntu13:14
ceo<ceo> am only use on user on my laptop13:14
ceo<linuxman410> ActionParsnip it is a nano computer same size as a mac mini running ubuntu13:14
ceo* surreal7z has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)13:14
FloodBot2ceo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:14
ceoam used fsck and fsck.ext4: Permission denied while trying to open /dev/sda513:15
ceowhat mean13:15
ActionParsnipceo: its to check the health of the partition and its data13:15
ceowhat i need to do13:15
ActionParsniplinuxman410: pretty much same here, it runs transmission, samba, fatrat and polipo :)13:16
ceoFloodBot2, what up you f@ck am have problem don't make more problem13:16
ikoniaceo: control the language13:16
ceoikonia, oke oke13:16
ceosorry all...13:16
ActionParsnipceo: hold shift at bootup and select memtest13:16
ceoam need reboot ya13:16
ActionParsnipceo: once a full test has ran, use a livecd to make your partitions not mounted and you can fsck them13:16
linuxman410ActionParsnip this link my server http://cgi.ebay.com/NetTop-HTPC-945FL-Mini-Media-PC-DVI-WIFI-1-86ghz-XPH-/270713622961?pt=Desktop_PCs&hash=item3f07ca11b1#ht_3988wt_90713:17
ceoActionParsnip, have the simple step for me ?13:17
DOokamikarla: yeah, i meant, what are the codes that i can do ,, where can i learn them ^^13:17
DarkoLsomeone can help on pvt?13:17
DOokamibazhang: thanks a lot ,, how did u find them ,, "how can i find the rooms that i might need in the future :)13:18
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.13:18
ActionParsniplinuxman410: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856110057   is mine with 1.6Ghz semp, 2gb ddr2 and 250Gb sata13:18
ActionParsnipceo: those ARE simple steps13:18
karlaDOokami, I'm not sure just imitation and trial and error13:19
ceoHoh... thanks ActionParsnip am will try it latter,.13:19
DOokamikarla, ooh, gotcha :)13:19
ceoone more...13:20
DOokami!hack | karla13:20
DOokamimaybe lol13:20
ceoam need install template on my ubuntu how i can do that13:20
ruanceo: templates for?13:20
linuxman410ActionParsnip thanks for answering questions i am gone maybe back later13:20
=== jon__ is now known as skpl
=== skpl is now known as rodimus
chiiiiizdoes anyone know if it is possible to burn an iso image on a DVD-R via ssh? given that the image will be on the same server than teh burner... but that I will be away, which explains the ssh?13:22
bazhang!themes | ceo13:22
ubottuceo: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy13:22
ceooke bazhang13:22
Wiesshunddoes the new grub that came with 10.10 no longer use like 40_custom or the debain theme file etc?13:22
llutz_chiiiiiz: ssh  in, "growisofs -Z /dev/dvd=/path/to/your/foo.iso13:23
ceoam have test it, but also can't do please gime me some link for download cool template13:23
ceofor my login on ubuntu13:23
ceoam used ubuntu 10.1013:23
bazhangceo, check those sites13:23
ActionParsnipchiiiiiz: use x forwarding and you can run the gui app and burn to the remote burner :)13:23
ruanlogin themes?13:23
ActionParsnipceo: template for what?13:23
ceowhat site ? am need modification login themes for my ubutu (10.10)13:23
ActionParsnipchiiiiiz: its how I do all my burning13:23
Piciceo: read what ubottu said.13:23
ruando those themes apply to the login screen? just curious13:24
ceoActionParsnip, thema i mean... am used ubuntu 10.10 for login ubuntu i mean,13:24
ceowhat i must download13:24
karlachiiiiiz, you can ssh to the server machine and use wodim13:24
ActionParsnipceo: you can change the login background and login box colour only13:24
ActionParsnipceo: http://maketecheasier.com/change-login-and-boot-screen-in-ubuntu-lucid/2010/05/1313:25
ceocan't change more ActionParsnip13:25
ActionParsnipceo: no, not currently13:25
chiiiiizActionParsnip: Hi!! I tried but my Internet connection at home is too weak!!! So ssh it must be!13:25
ceooke ActionParsnip, for thems windows13:25
ActionParsnipchiiiiiz: x forwarding runs over ssh...13:25
ActionParsnipceo: what?13:25
ActionParsnipceo: if you want themes for on the desktop then the links ubottu gave13:26
ceoyes am have open it, ActionParsnip but i don't what i must download it13:26
ActionParsnipchiiiiiz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CdDvd/Burning   shows CLI cd burning13:26
ActionParsnipceo: grab a theme then in the appearance dialogue you can install them13:27
ceoPici, what you mean ?13:27
ruanhow do i configure the theme of konqueror? it looks horrible13:27
chiiiiizActionParsnip: thanks, this is what I needed!!!!13:28
=== _share is now known as share
ActionParsnipruan: it seems to follow the kde theme: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=71003813:30
ruanah, but how do i change the kde theme?13:30
ActionParsnipruan: found this though http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Konqueror+Navigation+Icons?content=5227013:30
ruanActionParsnip: i mean the background, it's showing black text on a black background13:31
ActionParsnipruan: not sure, i dont use kde, look in appearence settings13:31
transis there a possibility of getting help regarding xilinx system generator13:31
Wiesshunddoes the new grub that came with 10.10 no longer use like 40_custom or the debain theme file or 00_header etc? I am making changes to these but its like they are simply ignored or not used13:33
DJones!grub2 | Wiesshund13:33
ubottuWiesshund: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub213:33
ActionParsnipWiesshund: are you running: sudo update-grub   after the change?13:33
ruanok i got a theme, how do i open a .colors file with kde?13:33
WiesshundActionParsnip yes i am13:33
ruani'd try to read kde's settings, but it's unreadable13:34
karlaWiesshund, do you still have the shebang line and tail command, since those  files aren't included verbatim in the final config13:36
WiesshundActionParsnip when i did the 10.10 upgrade i seemed to have gotten a newer grub also 1.98-2... rather than 1.97-....., and it seems to just ignore anything in etc/grub.d13:36
chiiiiizActionParsnip: It works fine!! Thanks13:37
Wiesshundkarla im using the same files from etc/grub.d that i had prior, but its not making use of them, was there a change?13:37
ActionParsnipchiiiiiz: awesome13:37
ActionParsnipchiiiiiz: you could make a script for it too, which accepts the iso file as an arguement13:37
Wiesshundkarla file begins with #!/bin/sh -e (thats what you are asking correct?)13:38
ActionParsnipWiesshund: not sure, I don't play with grub much as I single boot13:38
joseph__Hello all. I recently resized my partitions, which included the deletion of my /tmp partition. I was wondering how to place /tmp into /root.13:38
karlaWiesshund, mine don't have the -e13:38
WiesshundActionParsnip it boots fine in that respect, but i used to have a custom background to it etc, now its just plain13:38
karlaWiesshund, are those files +x ??13:39
ActionParsnipWiesshund: may help: http://linux.aldeby.org/configure-grub2-options-and-background.html13:39
Wiesshundkarla yes they are +x13:39
karlaWiesshund, you can also try asking in #grub13:40
WiesshundActionParsnip yea i have that info (thanks though) the problem is grub config (update-grub) is not even reading those files like it did previously13:40
redhas anyone here installed etherpad? I installed it successfully, but now im stuck13:40
redgoing to our installation I get to a "create new pad"13:41
Wiesshundkarla ok i will give that a whirl13:41
redupon clicking it, it just loads the same page again, asking to create a new pad13:41
kaiohi where can I read ste13:41
bazhangred installed from where13:41
mollitzis it possible to copy a back in time backup directory, saved on an external hard drive, to another pc?13:41
zombie-robotis revision3 down for you?http://revision3.com/13:41
ActionParsnipred: may help: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Etherpad   maybe there are extra steps you need to do13:42
ActionParsnipzombie-robot: www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com13:42
kaiohi where can I read the steps of network setup in CLI?13:42
ruanzombie-robot: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/13:42
bazhang!wifi > kaio13:42
ubottukaio, please see my private message13:42
BluesKajhiyas all13:43
ActionParsnipkaio: look into iwconfig / ifconfig    or you can use /etc/network/interfaces    you can also install wicd and use wicd-curses which is a nice network gui which is text based :)13:43
zombie-roboti could have crashed revision3 i was dling hella vids and it no workie no more :/13:44
ActionParsnipzombie-robot: I doubt it very much, its probably down for maintenance13:44
karlazombie-robot, well it seems to be workin here13:44
zombie-robotanyway ubuntu rocks!13:44
Vierzombie-robot: it does :)13:45
karlazombie-robot, yeah about time you said the magic word! ;)13:45
samgdPlease, can someone help me with a wireless problem. I have a hard block problem, and even on windows I can't turm my wireless on, but both systems can view the card. What can I do?13:45
zombie-robotokay it works now13:45
BluesKajyes ActionParsnip , wicd is finally working on some USB WiFi adapters like my Belkin with the ralink13:45
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: nice :)13:45
zombie-robotmaybe they were maintenanceing13:45
ActionParsnipzombie-robot: works here now13:46
karlasamgd, hard block??13:46
samgdyes RFkill hard blocked message.13:46
karlasamgd, well you can try invoking that command as root13:47
transis there a possibility of getting help regarding xilinx system generator13:47
BluesKajActionParsnip, strange thing is , that nm worked for a day with the Belkin , then after rebooting it could see the network and gatewaty but wouldn't connect thru the router13:47
BluesKajhence wicd to the rescue13:48
ActionParsnipwicd is badass, plus cli interface for servers makes life waaay easier13:49
samgdI've tried that already.13:49
samgdsamuel@sam1:~$ sudo ifconfig wlan0 up13:50
samgd[sudo] password for samuel:13:50
samgdSIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill13:50
karlasamgd, try invoking rfkill... and don't use ifconfig up13:50
llutz_samgd: rfkill list13:50
samgdrfkill list13:51
samgd0: hci0: Bluetooth13:51
samgdSoft blocked: no13:51
samgdHard blocked: no13:51
samgd1: phy0: Wireless LAN13:51
samgdSoft blocked: no13:51
samgdHard blocked: yes13:51
FloodBot2samgd: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:51
[TK]D-Fendersamgd: PASTEBIN <-13:51
[TK]D-Fender! pb13:51
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:51
karlasamgd, if you wifi hardware has a switch turn it on13:51
zombie-roboti just updated firefox but its not the newest version (in 10.04)13:51
zombie-robothow do i get the latest FF?13:52
[TK]D-Fenderzombie-robot: what version do you have?13:52
zombie-robotisnt 4 out?13:53
karlasamgd, i thought it's still in beta13:53
HF_acidzombie-robot: only as a beta13:53
samgdI've tried usin the fn + the icon, but it doesn't work.13:53
guyschaoshi guys~13:53
[TK]D-Fenderzombie-robot: No, 4 is BETA13:53
=== jay is now known as Guest20480
zombie-robotit still said i wasnt running the latest greatest when I restarted13:53
Vierquick: good upload for screenshots?13:54
samgdMy problem is that when I trie that on Windows, it does not work too, but it worked till yesterday.13:54
karla3.6.14 _is_ the latest stable13:54
karlasamgd, may there's a bios setting13:55
zombie-robotthx karla13:55
Vierguys? place for sharing a screenshot with you13:55
DJones!imagebin | Vier13:55
ubottuVier: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.13:55
samgdI didn't find anything, so I restored the default values on BIOS.13:56
karlasamgd, well try using the Fn+icon switch _before_linux is on13:56
Vierthanks! no its not for a problem… guys check it out http://imagebin.org/14114313:56
Vierubuntu rocks!13:57
bazhangVier, dont past e random stuff here13:57
Vieri made it :(13:57
karlacute, but ubuntu-offtopic :)13:57
samgdOk, I will try that. Then I'll come back here to say if that worked.13:57
Vierwhen zombie-robot said ubuntu rocks...13:57
ActionParsnipVier: we hear that a lot, although Linux ditrox in general rock 8-)13:57
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic Vier13:57
Vierkarla: are you female? only a girl would say cute lol13:58
karlaVier, lol13:58
Vieroff to #ubuntu-offtopic13:58
LjLVier: oh look, sexism, how cute...13:58
Vierits not sexism, it was an educated guess13:59
* ActionParsnip welcomes everyone to cute chat13:59
Vierim australian!13:59
lianliangi am Chinese13:59
jinkI'm not. :)13:59
bazhangVier, please stop13:59
karla!ot | guys plz :)13:59
ubottuguys plz :): #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:59
bazhang!cn | lianliang13:59
ubottulianliang: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk13:59
GravHello. Can i check if someone else logged to my ubuntu  in last weeks?14:00
llutz_Grav: "last"14:00
zombie-robotis it safe to enable the pre-release updates (lucid-proposed)14:00
VierGrav: you have multiple accounts? or just yours?14:01
Gravllutz_: I tried it but it only shows few last days14:01
zombie-robotin synaptic14:01
ActionParsnipGrav: /var/log/auth.log   may show you14:01
Grav Vier:  only mine and root14:01
erUSULzombie-robot: no14:01
ActionParsnipzombie-robot: not really14:01
Krycekwhere are sourcelist file located?14:02
erUSULzombie-robot: yuu have to be prepared/willing to resolve problems with packages.14:02
erUSULKrycek: why?14:02
zombie-robotno im not14:02
llutz_Grav: less /var/log/auth.log14:02
* jfm` is away: Je ne suis pas là14:02
Krycekjust point me to it x(14:02
zombie-robotim just an end user14:02
erUSUL!away > jfm`14:02
ubottujfm`, please see my private message14:02
erUSULzombie-robot: do not enable it then. it is for beta testers14:03
Krycekwhere are sourcelist file located?14:03
zombie-robotthanks all zombie oouuuuuttt!14:03
llutz_Krycek: /etc/apt/14:03
erUSULKrycek: again; why do you want to know? is not the gui to edit repositories enough ?14:03
KrycekerUSUL: why do you not wanna share you knowledge?14:04
bazhangKrycek, what are you trying to do14:04
karlaKrycek, ignorance is bliss14:04
erUSULKrycek: i just want to avoid propblems for you in the future. careless handling of the sources and you may end up with a messed up system14:05
ActionParsnipkarla: then knock the smile off my face ;)14:05
Krycekget to the sourcelist file, but i could google it meh, tried asking here is fun x)14:05
erUSULKrycek: but hey if you want enough rope to hang yourself i can give you that /etc/apt/sources.list and the files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*14:05
Krycekapt folder ofc ..14:06
* Krycek slaps him self..14:06
GravActionParsnip: It looks there are only data for my user. Can i check it for root too?14:06
KrycekerUSUL: ty14:06
ActionParsnipGrav: I believe it is for all users, you should't have your root account enabled14:06
=== maelstrom is now known as Guest31226
jrz-I want to install forked-daapd 0.12   I found a debian repo, but it was only versino 0.11.. I'm running 10.4.. Can I safely addhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/source/natty/forked-daapd ?14:07
GravActionParsnip: It's a big file is it possible just to check if someone from outside logged in?14:07
bazhangjrz-, no14:07
ActionParsnipGrav: use grep to search14:08
llutz_Grav: you can almost be sure, if someone broke into your system, he likely knows how to manipulate logfiles aswell14:08
jrz-bazhang: hm.. ok.. what would you advice?14:08
bazhangjrz-, wait a month and upgrade to natty14:08
ceohai am need download some themes foru my ubuntu14:09
jrz-I run on this box:  xbmc, smbd, afpd, daapd..   would 11.04 be stable enough at this point?14:09
ceowhat the best link14:09
jrz-And will I be able to just apt-get dist-upgrade to 11.04 final?14:09
Rexodusceo: gnome or kde?14:09
ActionParsnipjrz-: what release are you on now?14:09
bazhangjrz-, once you get the alpha /beta/ etc sure. still in alpha2 now though14:10
ActionParsnip!theme | ceo14:10
ubottuceo: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy14:10
llutz_!natty| jrz-14:10
ubottujrz-: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011 - Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1 - Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.14:10
=== rob0917 is now known as rob0917w
bazhangceo dont poll here for best please14:10
Rexodusceo: google gnome themes14:10
jrz-I'm on lucid.14:10
ActionParsnipjrz-: great!14:10
llutz_jrz-: but you want info about natties usability, which is a question for +114:11
Gravllutz_:  He doesn't. Problem is someone hacked some server. He logged with login and pass, and left ip in log. But now I don't know if he get password from me or other person. Trying to find that out.14:11
ActionParsnipjrz-: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:codebutler/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install forked-daapd14:11
jrz-It's not really production.. well, my files are important, but I'm running ext4, and I assume there are no datacorruption/loss issues with natty14:11
jrz-As long as xbmc will run without TOO many problems, my gf is fine with it :-)14:12
ActionParsnipjrz-: someone has a lucid ppa for the forked-daapd version you desire :)14:12
ceokwekkwe cacat14:12
jrz-ActionParsnip: ah..  nice thx14:12
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy14:12
bazhangceo go to those links and find one14:12
ActionParsnipjrz-: ppa searching is gooood14:12
ceooke thanks bazhang14:12
Gravllutz_:  I need to check if my system could be compromised. Are there any ubuntu keyloggers?14:13
jrz-ActionParsnip: yeah.. I'm more of a googely kind of guy, and I found this debian repo14:13
llutz_Grav: 1st step: make images of your installation , 2nd step: change passwords. use some forensic tools to find possible break-ins14:13
ActionParsnipjrz-: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas    will let you search the launchpad ppas14:13
llutz_!info logkeys | Grav14:14
ubottuGrav: logkeys (source: logkeys): a keylogger for GNU/Linux systems. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.0-1ubuntu1 (maverick), package size 21 kB, installed size 124 kB14:14
ActionParsnipjrz-: i just use that, you will get ubuntu repos then which is more accurate than google will ever think it is14:14
jrz-ActionParsnip: yeah... I'll try to remember next time =14:14
llutz_Grav: 3rd step: setup your system from clean media. if you cannot be sure if your system has been compromised, you have to asume it was.14:15
llutz_compromised or not*14:16
RexodusYou allway have too14:16
jrz-forked-daapd is actually really cool, and all I wanted :-)   upnp, local output and airtunes output14:17
newbie|2ciao a tutti14:18
=== newbie|2 is now known as cricido
jrz-except that it doesn't want to pair my iOS devices with Remote.ap.. I get  Remote 'iPhone' not known from mDNS, ignoring.. But avahi-browse tells me it's there :S14:18
karla!it | cricido14:18
ubottucricido: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:18
Gravllutz_: Thanks for tips. I will still need to check other people systems that had access to that server.14:18
cricidoops i m sorry14:19
BluesKajwhat's the command to execute a jarfile ?14:19
llutz_java -jar foo.jar14:19
BluesKajllutz_, thanks14:19
=== jrn_ is now known as jrn_a
L3wW4Nhi can some one help me with this ( new on backtrack )14:21
bazhangL3wW4N, #backtrack-linux NOT here14:21
nlkohi guys, im trying to configure exim, does my localhost name have to match my domain name?14:23
nlkohaving trouble :(14:23
bazhangnlko, tried #exim ?14:24
=== Evixion` is now known as Evixion
nlkoits quiet in there, and i thought it may be ubuntu specific14:25
jgelihi I need help. Newbie here14:25
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: if you make a script you can simply run the script which is a little more graceful than the command, or you can create a launcher in alacarte to run it14:25
tensorpudding!ask | jgeli14:25
ubottujgeli: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:25
ActionParsnipjgeli: ask away14:25
compdocis there a good wireless keyboard that will work with ubuntu? I have a Microsoft model 700, but its not recognised14:25
BluesKajllutz_, does the java -jar just launch the app, or does it install it as an executable , my java knowledge is rather sketchy14:25
llutz_BluesKaj: it just runs that jar-file14:26
ActionParsnip!hcl | compdoc14:26
ubottucompdoc: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection14:26
ActionParsnipcompdoc: don't buy logitech, they refuse to support linux, don't give them your money :)14:27
jgelibefore when i run scripts a dialog pops uo with the options Run Run in terminal Display. Now when i click on a script it doesnt do that anymore. How can I get it back? Im on Gnome by the way14:27
ActionParsnipHow can I go about adding a custom app in the dropdown for email clients in the default app dialogue in gnome please?14:28
[segfault]compdoc: Once you have tried their hyper-scroll wheel, you won't want to go back.  I have never had probs with any wireless Logitech in Linux, but that's just me. I run an MK700 atm.14:29
_formhi. some1 knows a graphical terminal-program (to connect to console), where you can copy+paste simply with marking (copy) and right-click (paste), without any popup menus?14:29
DaGeek247ActionParsnip what dialog?14:29
erUSUL_form: default in x is highlight to copy and 3rd button ( middle ) to aste14:29
stjohnmedranogood ev, anyone tried on how to integrate facebook email to thunderbird? thanks14:29
erUSUL_form: default in X is highlight to copy and 3rd button ( middle ) to aste14:29
_formerUSUL i know. i need rightclick14:30
ActionParsnipDaGeek247: found it, but you know when you acess the preferred apps thing and there is a list14:30
ActionParsnipDaGeek247: and you choose your defaul browser and such, its in gconf-editor /desktop/gnome/applications/14:30
erUSUL_form: why? what would you mapp the right click behavior to ?14:30
DaGeek247th menu is where on the desktop?14:31
jgeliHi, does anyone know anything about this? before when i run scripts a dialog pops up with the options Run Run in terminal Display. Now when i click on a script it doesnt do that anymore. How can I get it back? Im on Gnome by the way.14:31
_formerUSUL: putty behaviour - brain unable to lern new button14:31
[TK]D-Fender_form: replace brain :)14:32
AukletSituation: I mounted a REMOTE(ssh) directory: /var/www                           How can I make it so any changes I do in a specific directory, will effect the remote: /var/www  ?14:33
=== root is now known as Guest47783
erUSUL_form: putty is aviable in the repos afaik... dunno if it can be used as plain terminal emulator14:33
Auklet(a directory to a remote(ssh) directorry)14:33
chaoschi -- I'm wanting to install Ubuntu, but with /boot on my solid state drive, and my / and /usr on a 500GB hdd. how do I go about partitioning across 2 different drives during installation?14:34
mfilipehi! sometime, when I reboot, the ubuntu theme isn't applied. anyone knows what is the problem?14:34
erUSUL!info pterm | _form14:34
ubottu_form: pterm (source: putty): PuTTY terminal emulator. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.60+2010-02-20-1 (maverick), package size 180 kB, installed size 524 kB14:34
_formerUSUL: thx i try it14:34
jgeliCan somebody help me? Im 5 minutes away from wiping my lucid clean for a new Meerkat install.14:34
coz_hey all14:35
misiacun roman este pe aici?14:36
share!fr | misiac14:36
ubottumisiac: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:36
ubottuDaca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro14:36
g0tchahey guys, i installed apache on my ubuntu 10.10 desktop and the web directory is set to /var/www, i want to create a user called 'web' and give it access to /var/www.. anyone can help me do that?14:38
DrkCodemanyou could do adduser web and then do chown on that directory14:39
llutz_Auklet: rsync, inode-watch should help14:39
chaoschi -- I'm wanting to install Ubuntu, but with /boot on my solid state drive, and my / and /usr on a 500GB hdd. how do I go about partitioning across 2 different drives during installation?14:40
[TK]D-Fenderjgeli: Justr ask your question14:40
jgeliHi, does anyone know anything about this? before when i run scripts a dialog pops up with the options Run Run in terminal Display. Now when i click on a script it doesnt do that anymore. How can I get it back? Im on Gnome by the way.14:40
=== hizligonzales is now known as ubuntu34
[TK]D-Fenderchaosc: that is only the kernel... why have so little on the SSD?14:40
compdoctheres two wireless keyboards listed on the ubuntu site, and only one is being sold anymore14:40
[TK]D-Fenderchaosc: One would think you'd put your whole OS there and maybe jsut mount your user folder from an HDD14:41
Lint[TK]D-Fender, because only 1 directory can be on each drive?14:41
RoastedDoes anybody have any ideas on how I could set up Ubuntu systems connected to a Windows domain so that when the domain user logs in they get a link (no matter where it is, home dir, documents folder, or folder on desktop) to auto point to their share on the Windows file server?14:41
=== rob0917_ is now known as rob0917
Aukletllutz_: Is it instant change though as soon as I save something?14:41
[TK]D-FenderLint: Says who?14:41
xzcvczxsome time last year i saw an application for making python/glade templates and managing your python/glade projects but stuffed if i can remember what its called? anyone?14:41
llutz_Auklet: that should be possible, using inode-watch14:41
AukletNifty, thanks.14:42
Lintwithout esotherical c..p like aufs & co.14:42
awijHello, please I need some help with icon theme customization.14:42
chaosc[TK]D-Fender: Well, I have a 30GB SSD. My problem is that after all the updates and whatnot, I have very little space left. So I'm looking for a solution of yeah, installing the OS on my SSD and then doing all of my downloads, updates, etc, onto my 500GB14:43
Lintjgeli, is it executable?14:43
[TK]D-Fenderchaosc: Well you can tell your APPS to save onto that drive directly... or can jsut move your /home folder to that drive.14:43
[TK]D-Fenderchaosc: This is extremely common as a layout choice14:44
chaosc[TK]D-Fender: wouldn't system updates still be being applied to the SSD?14:44
[TK]D-Fenderchaosc: Again, it isn't your OS that is going to break 30GB, its your DATA14:44
[TK]D-Fenderchaosc: go look at the size of your /home folder14:45
awijanyone for icons customization help please?14:45
llutz_Auklet: inotify, incrond   could be worth a look too14:45
chaosc[TK]D-Fender: 173.2 MB14:46
HF_acidawij: try being more specific, what exactly are you attempting to do?14:46
chaosc[TK]D-Fender: I don't have a lot of applications or anything, very minimalist. It's my updates that killed me.14:46
[TK]D-Fenderchaosc: Odd.. check with baobab as to where it's getting eaten up14:46
g0tchais there a way to give permission to a directory so 2 users can modify it?14:47
awijHF_acid : i'm trying to replace folders icons by another theme ones, but only folder icons14:47
xzcvczxchaosc: then you could make a file based fs on your 500gb and mount that where ever its being used14:47
xzcvczxaka where the temp files are hanging around14:47
erUSULg0tcha: use a group with both users as memebers?14:47
llutz_g0tcha: use a common group both users are memebers14:47
[TK]D-Fenderchaosc: I might suspect you are caching a ton of old versions you can trash...14:47
erUSULllutz_: same typo ....14:47
g0tchaok i added the same group as a secondary group but it didnt work14:47
chaosc[TK]D-Fender: my /usr is 2.6GB14:47
g0tchalet me try to add it as a primary group14:47
[TK]D-Fenderchaosc: Out of 30 that's not bad.14:47
llutz_erUSUL: we are toooooo fast :)14:47
xzcvczxchaosc: cd /; du -sh *14:48
g0tchaerUSUL, that didnt work14:49
coz_ hey guys14:49
[segfault]g0tcha: See if the last post here helps you at all: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/servers/79503-newb-apache-question-setting-permissions-var-www.html14:49
erUSULg0tcha: define did not work14:49
chaosc[TK]D-Fender: scanning with baobab real quick14:49
g0tchaerUSUL, permission denied to edit anything there.. im testing with a text file14:49
=== occy is now known as Trae
llutz_why do people think jumping around in the filesystem is a good thing? use pathes and avoid having "." in $PATH14:50
erUSULg0tcha: maybe it is because of permissions in parent folder? did you "log out / log in" so the new groups take effect?14:50
HF_acidawij: I'm afraid I don't have much experience with theme customization and am unfortunately not in front of my linux box, I'm attempting to search for a solution via google, I'll let you know if I find anything14:50
xzcvczxllutz_: who thinks thats a good thing?14:50
psusillutz_: you shouldn't need to use paths since whatever you are running should already be on $PATH... you don't want . there because it's a security risk... you cd to someone else's directory and try to run a common command, and bam, you're running a trojan they left there for you14:51
llutz_xzcvczx:all you guys prepending a pointless "cd /somewhere" to a command ;)14:51
llutz_psusi: don't tell that to me...14:51
xzcvczxllutz_: fine then..... du -sh /*14:51
xzcvczxhappy :P14:51
llutz_xzcvczx: imho its bad habit to cd wild around (see psusi why), but unfortunately very common14:52
g0tchaerUSUL, i did log out and log in again yes. btw, this is the /var/www directory that im trying to give permission to. ive installed it using my main desktop user, and now i created a second user to give it access there14:52
g0tchaso i use the second user as a "web user" only and dont have to mix with the main account14:53
[TK]D-Fenderpsusi: He didn't specify the path to the app... he simply didn't pass the target path to the app.. it's not like it would execute anything differently14:53
erUSULg0tcha: the usual procedire is to create www-data group and add users there then change the group of to www-data /var/www/14:53
psusillutz_: there is no reason not to other than why type two lines instead of one.  I think you misunderstood what I said...14:54
g0tchaerUSUL, so i add "new-user" to www-data group and not to the group of the main user?14:54
g0tchacuz ls -la shows the group owner as the main user14:54
=== Nexus-Wind is now known as DArkenvy
=== DArkenvy is now known as darkenvy
darkenvywhats the files that controls my montior display? xorg.conf? where is it?14:55
llutz_psusi: its still bad habit to "cd" around14:56
xzcvczxllutz_: well then i am a bad user... so sue me14:56
psusillutz_: why?14:56
coz_darkdevil,  not sure its there but  look in /etc/X1114:56
xzcvczxhowever i would never have '.' in path14:57
xzcvczxwell knowingly anyway14:57
olitdarkenvy use whereis xorg.conf14:57
darkenvyyou know the aanswer though dont you :)14:57
psusillutz_: the only reason not to is to save keystrokes... and if you plan on doing multiple commands in the target directory, then you save more by cding there first than passing the path to each command14:57
ruanwhy is my computer showing an unmounted iso?14:58
llutz_psusi: just to minimize the risk of doing something unwanted. stay here and read how many people deleted wrong dirs/files because they didn't realize where in the filesystem they were14:58
psusiruan: because it isn't mounted?14:58
darkenvySo I got 3 locations :S14:58
llutz_psusi: jsut one example14:58
darkenvyxorg: /usr/lib/xorg /usr/lib64/xorg /usr/include/xorg14:58
ruanpsusi: isn't it supposed to disappear when it's unmounted? its an iso14:58
=== dewman2 is now known as dewman
psusillutz_: that's pretty hard to do when the path is right there in the prompt all the time ;)14:59
psusiit takes tallent to screw that up, hehe14:59
llutz_psusi: you expect people to read? whow14:59
kujablakwhat software can I use to read the code of a .jpg ?14:59
xzcvczxllutz_: lol that was once and yes i did <DONT DO THIS>rm -rf  /</DON"T DO THIS> accidentally as root14:59
psusillutz_: that and have situational awareness14:59
olitdarkenvy  what exactly are you doing14:59
[segfault]darkenvy: There is no xorg.conf by default in 10.10, but you can make one and add anything you need to it if your monitor needs some custom setup.15:00
HF_acidawij: I'm having trouble finding specifics but it seems that you may be able to extract elements from both themes and then mix and match them in a new custom one. see http://www.neowin.net/forum/topic/850244-mix-n-matching-icons-from-different-themes-in-ubuntu-910/    also this guy was apparently able to combine several (so there must be a way) http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=854865      I suggest you dig deeper15:00
llutz_psusi: you're an optimist15:00
darkenvyI found it on ubuntu forums. its /etc/X11/xorg.conf15:00
psusillutz_: naw... I just think if you're that clueless, you don't belong in a command prompt in the first place.. whenever you try to make things more idiot proof, they build a better idiot ;)15:01
darkenvyI have to goto 1 monitor for a week, but this 4 monitor setup with xinerama was HELL setting up15:01
overcluckerdarkenvy: now that you've found xorg.conf, you should probably create a back up . ..15:01
ruanis there a warning given before using rm-rf? it should shout: WARNING: you are about to delete all of your files15:02
llutz_psusi: i agree but being here in the channel for a while showed me a different reality. sorry for being <ot>15:02
psusiruan: did you manually run losetup and then mount /dev/loop0?15:02
xzcvczxruan: there effectively is now15:02
coz_ruan,  I have never seen a warning15:02
overcluckerruan: not for ubuntu, i dont thinkk15:03
xzcvczxruan: this was a number of years ago though15:03
coz_xzcvczx,  what is the warning?15:03
ruanpsusi: no, i mounted it from gui15:03
psusiruan: no... unix assumes you know wtf you are doing... it doesn't hold your hand15:03
xzcvczxcoz_: oh i thought they had added a way to stop you doing it15:03
becker_11Can someone please tell me the correct name for the chromium browser on the command line so I can launch it please15:03
llutz_ruan: some distros have an alias to rm (rm = rm -i)15:03
overcluckerruan: you can enable it if you compile coreutils from source15:03
psusiruan: you sure you unmounted it?  try to eject it15:03
darkenvyso how do I restart GDM? the old method of doing /etc/init.d/gdm restart gives me that bullcrap about upstart. Why cant I find ANY documentation on the usage of upstart?15:03
HF_acidruan: you can run rf with a flag that warns you about deleting files, see llutz_^15:03
ruanpsusi: i unmounted it from gui15:03
coz_xzcvczx,  no but what was added is a warning to close the terminal  in case you accidentally click close or alt+F4  while its running espeically as root user15:04
joel135becker_11: chromium-browser15:04
becker_11joel135: thanks'15:04
HF_aciddarkenvy: sudo service gdm stop/start (one after the other not both at the same time)15:04
xzcvczxcoz_: my bad.... my memory must be failing15:04
olitdarkenvy, i think you need to reconfigure xserver15:05
coz_xzcvczx,  no I doubt that,,, new things pop up withouth any  explanation sometimes15:05
darkenvywhy do you think I neeed to reconfigure xserver?15:06
darkenvyI dont have any issues I jsut like the old command :)15:06
xzcvczxanyway i did rm -rf / at one stage.... wondered a) why it took so long and b) why cd/ls were no longer working afterwards15:06
darkenvywhat was that?15:07
olitdarkenvy, why you want to restart gdm anyways15:07
xzcvczxi had actually meant to do rm -rf .15:07
darkenvyIve seen this in other channels too15:07
coz_darkenvy,  that was a netsplit15:07
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit15:07
Da|Mummythe interwebz is dying!!!!!!!!!15:07
erUSULdarkenvy: « man upstart » « man initctl » « man init » « man 5 init »15:07
erUSUL!upstart | darkenvy15:07
ubottudarkenvy: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/15:07
ruanis netsplit still happening?15:07
Da|Mummyeveryone hide your women!15:08
coz_ruan,  probably not if people are still joining at an alarming rate :)15:08
darkenvyI want to restart GDM to create a new xorg unrelated to this one with 4 monitors15:08
ruanuh? what was that15:08
darkenvysetup a new non-xinerama display with one monitor15:08
ikoniaruan: it's gone, don't worry about it15:08
duongthaihahi i want to used the projector but every time i want to connect a projector i have to restart. I am using the ATI FGLRX driver anyone can help please?15:08
darkenvyIm an everyday linux user, not a noob :P15:08
DJonesruan: Spam, just ignore it15:08
ruanoh, it looked like some kind of exploit15:09
coz_darkdevil,  you might want a new session or delete the current xorg.conf ,, but in all honesty I have not gone beyond dual monitor set up and mine is done dynamically not via xorg.conf15:09
darkenvybrb guys15:10
xzcvczxduongthaiha: what do you mean you have to restart? crash or does it just not show up on projector?15:10
=== a is now known as Guest45771
duongthaihaxzcvczx:  it asked to to restart nothing like an error15:10
xzcvczxwhats the exact message as thats not much help15:11
RoastedDoes anybody have any ideas on how I could set up Ubuntu systems connected to a Windows domain so that when the domain user logs in they get a link (no matter where it is, home dir, documents folder, or folder on desktop) to auto point to their share on the Windows file server?15:11
xzcvczxas it SHOULD be enough just to restart X at most15:11
duongthaihaxzcvczx: the message is you have to restart to apply the setting?15:11
xzcvczxRoasted: is it authed?15:11
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »15:11
Roastedxzcvczx, authed?15:12
Da|Mummyxdcc list15:12
duongthaihaxzcvczx:  thanks a lot if restart x its enough what is the best way of doing it? any command?15:12
xzcvczxduongthaiha: well are you sure its restarting whole computer and not just restarting X already15:12
llutz_duongthaiha: xrandr should be able to enable/disable the 2nd screen15:13
callaghanHi everyone, I have a strange problem with playing flash videos: When I watch a video on youtube, close firefox, start up totem (every video player works) I can still see the last image of the youtube-video when I move the window over the place where it was shown in firefox. It's like it's stored in some sort of video cache, and everytime where there would be a black spot in any other video...15:14
callaghan...I watch on totem I can see the picture through. The only way I found to get rid of it is by restarting my session, but whenever I watch a youtube video the effect is back. A few days ago everything was ok so I suspect this has something to do with a flash update... Any suggestions?15:14
duongthaihaxzcvczx: ohh it work just fine now :D15:14
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=== jinky is now known as jink
duongthaihaxzcvczx: thanks a lot15:15
xzcvczxduongthaiha: that will be $49.99 USD :P15:15
=== odb|fidel_ is now known as elFidel
NetRiderhi, i'm trying to install ogre 1.7xx and cegui 1.7xx but i have a problem with Blocks, somebody have an idea?15:16
xzcvczxwhat are the blocks?15:16
Jorijnhello. :-)15:16
NetRiderCode::Blocks 10.0515:17
Jorijnjust tried the alpha 3 of natty, wasn't really able... any of you tried using this with a dualscreen configuration?15:17
icerootJorijn: #ubuntu+115:17
oCeanJorijn: help on natty in #ubuntu+115:17
Jorijnthank you15:18
coz_Jorijn,   yes I have15:18
=== llutz__ is now known as llutz_
coz_Jorijn,   not with current build however,,, if you want more inforamtion about the state if natty you need to go to the #ubuntu+1 channel15:18
Jorijncoz_: were you able to get the desired effect?15:19
=== nik0 is now known as niko
DarkenvyThat worked guys! Thanks15:19
coz_Jorijn,   well I have nvidia and at that time...it worked well... although i didnt use the Unity interface,,, I used the classic gnome (no effect) session15:20
Darkenvynow I can go to one monitor for a week and still keep my configuration of four :D15:20
=== nigelb_ is now known as nigelb
Jorijncoz_: I see, I didn't try the classic gnome one, still.. my goal is to use Unity15:20
Darkenvyanother issue Ive had for a long time (and im willing to splice and solder a fix if its in the DVI cable) but my 3D ready monitor is stuck on "MagicBright is not available"15:20
xzcvczxsome time last year i saw an application for making python/glade templates and managing your python/glade projects but stuffed if i can remember what its called? anyone?15:21
Darkenvymeaning Ic ant change brightness or contrast on this monitor because it thinks its in nvidia's 3D mode15:21
coz_Jorijn,  ah ok... well for dual monitors  ... global menu is a waiste of time in my opinion... it is far more efficient with menus on the application window15:21
Cradamhi how do i add .rar support to archive manager?15:22
xzcvczxcoz_: would be quite nice if you were able to have a global menu per screen15:22
DJones!rar | Cradam15:22
ubottuCradam: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free15:22
Jorijnthats just a matter of taste.. coming from mac global menu is heaven15:22
erUSUL!rar > Cradam15:22
ubottuCradam, please see my private message15:22
Darkenvyfrom what I read on the forums, Nvidia does not see fit that the end uswer should be able to override the magic bright settings. but thats for windows users. were linux!15:22
coz_xzcvczx,  well maybe ,, but remember the concept for global meny  ie  macos  was designed orginally because monitors for mac were about 9"  so global menu made sense on a small format screen15:22
coz_xzcvczx,  quicker access15:23
stjohnmedranogood ev, anyone tried on how to integrate facebook email to thunderbird? thanks15:23
coz_xzcvczx,  on large realestate screens  , even for mac,, to travel the distance to the menus  from one end to the other wastes  time15:23
xzcvczxcoz_: thats actually rather true... my computers a mac and yeah with the 23" screen at 1920x1080 its rather annoying15:24
coz_xzcvczx,  yep  it is an old habit in mac and a new  bad choice in linux15:24
coz_xzcvczx,  fine for small netbook screens however which is why it was incorporated in orgianl mac15:25
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xzcvczxand 99% of the time i end up closing a window then having to potentially open another one or hold on dock to be able to qui it15:25
coz_xzcvczx,  right15:25
coz_none the less... the appropriate channel for ubuntu 11.04  is   #ubuntu+1  :)15:26
lordjjHey. Do I need to add a repo for gettext-dev, it's not being found with apt-get install15:26
lordjjsame for autoconf-1.9 ("autoconf" seems to work tho, is that the same?)15:26
=== jeffhauman is now known as jlh2206
coz_lordjj,  open system/administration/synaptic package manager15:26
jrz... crap connection15:26
coz_lordjj,  type in gettext  and see if the dev package is available15:26
sharefreenode is sucking15:26
=== kim0_ is now known as kim0
coz_its going to be a bad day :)15:27
=== jarek is now known as Guest81497
bo_roothow can i use ifconfig to connect to open wireless15:27
llutz_bo_root: "man iwconfig "15:27
milamber1mwilson1023: if you repeat your find now, someone should be able to help15:28
=== Loki is now known as Guest12669
Aukletllutz_: Sorry, I'm not understanding those solutions. It mentions it's possible, but I see no tutorials I can understand.15:28
callaghanDoes someone know of a way to clear the 'video cache', the usually black and empty area that is shown when opening a video player, where the video is displayed?15:28
=== vs-hs_ is now known as kodapa
jlh2206Can a file system that went read only be remounted as rw?  I have tried sudo mount -o remount /  .... thanks!15:28
Cradamcome on synapic, you should be  be done by now15:29
mwilson1023milamber1, I've already found the fix.15:29
erUSULjlh2206: sudo mount -o remount,rw /15:29
oCeanjlh2206: try -o remount,rw15:29
Cradamits done lol15:29
AukletTutorials on "How to mirror a directory".15:29
mwilson1023just change the address from 10.04.1 to 10.04.215:29
lordjjcoz_: there is no gettext-dev, just gettext or libgettext-ocaml-dev15:29
skutr3hey can someone help me switch desktop environments please?15:29
jrzso... how to share a directory of files, with a simple protocol?15:29
NetRidersomebody help me with OGRE and CEGUI 1.7xx please15:29
xzcvczxjih2206: why did it go ro?15:29
erUSULjlh2206: but if it went ro better boot a livecd and check the filesystem from there15:29
milamber1mwilson1023: did someone update the site?15:29
=== Chewtoy_ is now known as Chewtoy
milamber1jrz: apache and wget?15:29
xzcvczxNetRider: you expect help then answer when someone asks you to clarify15:29
jrzmilamber1: I already run apache... the client is a an apple15:30
mwilson1023oh, I haven't posted a forum if you are asking.15:30
NetRiderok srry15:30
xzcvczxjrz: well you can use afp or windows file sharing/samba or nfs15:30
oalIs it possible to make ubuntu remember everything I had open last time i used my pc, when it boots?15:30
skutr3can someone help me switch desktop environments please?15:30
xzcvczxjrz: or even ssh+fuse15:31
milamber1mwilson1023: post it in this channel now and hopefully someone will be able to take the appropriate actions to fix the site for others :)15:31
skutr3i installed lubuntu and i want to switch to it15:31
xzcvczxskutr3: don't reask a question wintin 30secs15:31
jrzxzcvczx: unfortunately, I want to restrict access to a certain dir.. and I'm not a big fan of giving someone ssh credentials, or even updating the firewall15:31
mwilson1023I have a complaint about the download page:15:31
=== onia is now known as Onia
skutr3xzcvczx: i dont have time15:31
=== kn100 is now known as Guest33243
jrzxzcvczx: smb is blocked over the net, and afp is crap to setup15:32
=== _MoL0ToV is now known as MoL0ToV
ruanoal: activity journal on ubuntu software center?15:32
=== AlertEye_ is now known as AlertEye
=== exoa is now known as ex0a
xzcvczxjrz: well if you don't want ssh then any of the others are going to require firewall changes15:32
jrz+ I doubt it will work with this bitch ass provider15:32
mwilson1023The links to the 10.10 LTS release are all broken, and point to 10.04.1 instead of the updated 10.04.215:32
=== Seveaz is now known as Seveas
oCeanjrz: mind your language please15:32
jrzxzcvczx: I am willing to change my firewall, but 'm not giving anybody ssh access  / port-2215:32
jrzoCean: ok15:32
xzcvczxskutr3: then come back when you have more time15:32
mwilson1023I just switched the 1 at the end with 2 and it downloaded.15:32
milamber1mwilson1023: 10.04LTS torrent links*15:32
jrzoCean:   read: upc.nl lol15:32
skutr3xzcvczx: i cant15:32
mwilson1023oh, haha yea the torrent links15:33
=== share is now known as ^share
lordjjHey, I need to do this: http://www.wormux.org/phpboost/wiki/subversion  but I can't find gettext-dev or autoconf-1.915:33
jrzvsftpd was setup semi correct.. but after uploading a file, the permissions where 200 or somehting15:33
mwilson1023ty milamber115:33
xzcvczxjrz: well change vsftpd's default perms then15:33
skutr3can someone help me switch desktop environments please i just installed lubuntu and want to switch to it15:33
jrzxzcvczx: how?  I did that, but it didn't work ofcourse.15:34
HF_acidoal: Maybe this is what your looking for? System > Preferences > Startup Applications  then go to the  options tab and check "Automatically remember running applications when logging out"15:34
erUSULskutr3: you should be able to cheese it the gdm login screen15:34
jrzalso, it complains about the anon_root being writable,  which is exactly what i want15:34
callaghanskutr3: log out, click on your username, on the bottom of the screen you can choose your environment15:34
jrzI want a full open ftp server. the most promiscious ftp server out there15:34
skutr3erUSUL: ok15:34
jrzno logins, just anonymous15:34
skutr3callaghan: ty15:34
jrzlol... how hard is that to get? :/15:34
=== root is now known as Guest50659
jlh2206fschk always comes back clean,  this is on a flash/usb15:35
=== tosk9955 is now known as Khufu
oalHF_acid, thank you! :)15:35
jrzmaybe vs is a bad choice... it should be very insecure,15:35
xzcvczxjrz: whats your umask in the vsftpd config?15:35
=== psusi` is now known as psusi
jrzI tried 777 and 00015:35
arandlordjj: I think the package is simply called "gettext"15:35
HF_acidoal: Glad to help15:35
KhufuWhat does this mean /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lgcc15:35
nemoHey guys, this has been bugging me for a while.  http://m8y.org/tmp/temp.txt15:35
tim167hi, i want to access my webcam from 2 programs at the same time, can anyone help ?15:35
nemoX seems to be leaking memory15:36
ruanis there a way i can open a linux executable from wine?15:36
jrzxzcvczx: I removed vsftp with apt, and if I install it agains, there's not config file anymore15:36
nemodon't recall when it happened. either lucid or maverick15:36
nemois it worth of a bug you think?15:36
erUSULKhufu: you do not have libgcc-dev installed or something like that15:36
xzcvczxruan: why would you want to?15:36
jnlsnl_can i link my music folder on root drive to my music folder on another mounted drive? (-:15:36
llutz_Auklet: http://tinyurl.com/5agzrz    as an example how to use incron. use this to trigger rsync syncing your dirs15:36
jlh2206remount, rw / did not work... cannot remount block device /dev/mapper/root read-write is write protected15:37
=== milamber1 is now known as milamber
xzcvczxjlh2206: why was it remounted ro?15:37
ruanxzcvczx: theres a game i play, it supports linux but theres a lobby for windows that i want to launch, i want the lobby to launch the linux executable15:37
jrzstop: Unknown instance   lol15:37
mwilson1023jnlsnl_, it would only work if both drives were mounted, and sometimes it's a pain15:37
=== darkdevil is now known as Guest17839
nemoruan: Spring? :)15:38
jnlsnl_mwilson1023 the drive im trying to link to is my "data" drive, and it's in my fstab15:38
ruannemo: yep!15:38
nemoruan: eh. native lobby is better anyway15:38
xzcvczxjrz: so are you trying ot make a ftp or just a rw share?15:38
ruannemo: i prefer tasclient to springlobby15:38
nemoruan: springlobby that is15:38
jnlsnl_mwilson1023 can i do this with symlinks? or am i misunderstanding the symlink concept15:38
jrzxzcvczx: just a fullaccess share15:38
NetRideri follow this tutorial http://poleonlinux.blogspot.com/2010/02/how-to-install-ogre-17-cegui-071-ode.html and i have a problem in the 12 step, http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/1858/errord.png15:38
mwilson1023is it protected? idk, I'm no nerd about fstab usage and symlink stuff, sorry.15:38
mwilson1023I'm just working my way up to user-friendly rank :)15:39
jnlsnl_haha me too :)15:39
ruanwell, all i need is to pipe batch to bash15:39
xzcvczxjrz: right click on folder and choose folder sharing?15:39
llutz_jnlsnl_: sudo mount --bind /media/musicfolder  /home/user/myownmusic15:40
lordjjas for autoconf-1.9, there are "autoconf" "autoconf2.13" and "autoconf2.59. Whuch one should do it for this task?: http://www.wormux.org/phpboost/wiki/subversion15:40
jrzxzcvczx: it's a server, and smb is blocked by almost every isp here15:40
ruanhmm...... batch creates a file, and a bash script runs, waiting for the file to be created, if its created it will run the script to spring..15:40
xzcvczxi can tell you right now an anonymous ftp is really not a good idea in that case15:41
jlh2206kernel is detecting an unknown error and fails to write the journal then remounts ro15:41
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jrzxzcvczx: I don't care.. it's for only a few hours, and it's firewalled15:41
jrzI will only allow 1 ip to access the ports.15:41
xzcvczxjlh2206: run the smart utilities on it15:41
jnlsnl_llutz_ seriously, that is AWESOME15:41
jnlsnl_llutz_ its working! but how can i unbind just in case :)15:42
ruanjnlsnl_: umount directory15:42
jrzI don't get why it is so damn hard to just share a folder with someone over the internet15:42
llutz_jnlsnl_: in /etc/fstab: /media/musicfolder  /home/user/myownmusic bind none 0 015:42
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jnlsnl_llutz_ so that its bound on boot?15:42
jnlsnl_thanks ruan15:42
xzcvczxjrz: its not when you use scp :P15:42
jlh2206it is a flash drive15:42
jrzthe internet got so messed up.. all these applications and protocols....  the net used to be nice15:43
jrzxzcvczx: I refuse to give someone ssh access just to edit 2 directories15:43
ruanjnlsnl_: fstab mounts at boot, yes15:43
xzcvczxjrz: then limit them to only using scp15:43
xzcvczxwith a chroot :P15:43
sipiorjrz: you are officially the Old Man of the internet.15:43
jrzxzcvczx: then I will still have to be sure all permissions in the whole system are set up correctly, and limit some directories... + scp is 'hard to use' for designeds15:44
jnlsnl_ruan cool! :-)15:44
xzcvczxjrz: and whats wrong with it setting the perms to 200 anyway?15:44
jrzsipior: lol :-)15:44
xzcvczxjrz: logically you are root so you can just change them later15:44
pcpowerI filed this bug yesterday: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/728830  can anyone take a look and see if they have any suggestions?15:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 728830 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Reproducible: OpenGL application segfaults Xorg (w/ nvidia driver) every 15 minutes" [Undecided,New]15:44
sipiorjrz: if you're interested in long-term collaborative filesharing, check out dropbox15:45
dholbachLast day of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek starting in 15 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom15:45
jlh2206xzcvczx: it is a flash usb drive15:45
xzcvczxjlh2206: well try unmounting it and replugging it and try mounting it again15:46
xzcvczxif you get the same error i would be rather cautious with it15:46
jrzsipior:  I have dropbox from pre pre pre beta.. I love it.. but unfortunately, I'm not going to install it on my server  just for that15:46
villemHi would love some help15:46