scott-upstairs dch -bv1.2.0-1ubuntu1~maverick1~ppa114:13
scott-upstairspaultag, are you close to having something for me to test?  I've got my natty setup just waiting ;)18:19
paultagscott-upstairs: yes, I uploaded the package about 20 minutes ago18:20
paultagscott-upstairs: it will be in ppa:paultag/staging18:20
paultagshould be pending build now18:20
paultagscott-upstairs: I was going to give you a ping once it buit :)18:21
paultagscott-upstairs: https://launchpad.net/~paultag/+archive/staging/+packages <-- there it is :)18:21
paultagscott-upstairs: cool?18:21
scott-upstairslol, that sounds good :)18:22
scott-upstairsafter i finish an email for work i'll move over to my testing machine and try it out, i'm looking forward t it :)18:22
paultagscott-upstairs: rock on :)18:22
paultagscott-upstairs: sorry I've been laggy, I had a shitty situation at my uni18:23
paultagstill here to help, I'm on break now, and just got like 5 things done :)18:23
scott-upstairspaultag, no problem man, we take it when we can get it, and it's not like i'm involved all the time either :)18:24
paultagscott-upstairs: :)18:24
paultagI just got nightly builds of fluxbox working, too18:24
paultagmy linode is about to start cranking out builds :)18:24
scott-upstairsoh sweet18:24
paultagBRB, lunchtime! :)18:25
ailoscott-upstairs, I'm checking it out too. I added the repo, but I only see the US-controls from the main repo.Ideas?18:35
scott-upstairsailo, not really at this point, i expected that you and paul added your code to the existing package so it would have the same package name but that may have been presumptuous18:36
scott-upstairsi'll probably start looking at it in fifteen minutes though18:37
ailoscott-upstairs, Oops. I think it's still building18:39
scott-upstairsah, lol, well that's good news i guess :P18:41
scott-upstairshuh, ailo , i can't find paul's ppa in launchpad (via web browser)19:09
scott-upstairsit appears that i added his ppa via synaptic though19:10
scott-upstairsailo, incidentally, i managed to get debuild to run and upload everything for the -lowlatency kernel into my ppa19:10
scott-upstairsbut i screw up a few things along the way (i know what they were) and it didn't build properly19:10
scott-upstairsbut i plan to redo it this weekend and i have almost full confidence that it will build correctly19:11
ailoscott-upstairs, It appears the build failed, so we might have to wait a little longer. Great news about the -lowlatency.19:11
scott-upstairsoh yeah, i found it labeled "happy things"19:12
scott-upstairsand yeah, i see that the package failed to build as well now :/19:13
scott-upstairsoh well, i guess we wait for paul to get back from lunch then19:14
scott-upstairsi'll be available pretty much all weekend to help test it19:14
scott-upstairsheading downstairs with the family for a while19:14
ailopaultag: python-meminfo-total? I didn't realize it had been packaged as an independent package.19:15
ailoscott-upstairs, It appears two components of the original -controls exist as independent packages. python-meminfo-total and python-change-settings. 19:17
ailopaultag, I see that your build fails the same way as mine did. If you look in the tmp folder for the build, you will see it puts stuff in */2.7/* and not */2.6/*, which is where it's looking for the files19:20
ailoSo, '/debian/tmp/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/meminfo_total.py' is not found because it's in '/debian/tmp/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/meminfo_total.py'19:21
ailopaultag: Since python-meminfo-total exists as a package in the main repo, I'm thinking perhaps we can remove it from the source and just add it as a dependency (which it should already be..)?19:22
falktxailo: i have the same issue with my python packages19:26
ailofalktx, Only for Natty?19:26
falktxailo: yep,19:26
falktxit seems a python2.7 issue19:26
ailoI guess Natty will use 2.7 as standard while 2.6 used to be? The latest changelog on -controls in the repo, a build made in December shows that it was adapted for 2.7. I think the source I used may have been older.19:29
ailopaultag: I should have gotten the source from Nattys repo, looking back. Going to check it out now.19:30
falktxailo: afaik, natty will have both python 2.6 and 2.7, but 2.7 as default19:30
ailoWell, doesn't make me any wiser though :P.19:36
ailoLooking at the source for Natty, that is19:36
falktxailo: alessio worked around this, by copying files manually19:37
ailofalktx: Which files were those?19:38
falktxlet me get an example build19:39
falktxailo: http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-multimedia/laditools.git;a=commitdiff;h=dd1de0c1d3789e2e8a96789939f47e0a9bae3e2d19:42
falktxthe more importand is this line:19:43
falktx- dh_auto_install19:43
falktx+ dh_auto_install --install-scripts=/usr/lib/laditools --install-lib=/usr/lib/laditools19:43
ailofalktx, Thanks. Just came back. debian helper auto install, ey?19:58
ailopaultag: I was looking at your work on the packaging. I should point out that I edited the original source, so your patch is patching not only the original, but my edit as well. Would it be easier to start from scratch? Also, looking at the folder tree "debian/ubuntustudio-controls/usr/lib/*" I'm missing ubuntustudio-controls and the three shell scripts. Maybe they will end up there anyway? Just pointing that out.22:27
ailoTo say it clearer: I'm missing "/usr/lib/ubuntustudio-controls/*.sh" for the three shell scripts in the source.22:31
ailoScottL, scott-upstairs: A new -rt patch came out recently. For 2.6.3422:45
ScottLextremely cool :)22:49

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