jo-erlendI seem to remember having found a free application in the repositories that resembled fruityloops. Does anyone know which application I'm talking about? Or are there other alternatives perhaps?03:48
jo-erlendI really just need to create some loops of samples.03:48
holsteinjo-erlend: hey04:02
holsteinare you thinking or LMMS?04:03
jo-erlendholstein: I was thinking about Hydrogen, but that doesn't seem to do what I thought it did. It seems nice for drums, but I'd like to add some bass guitar too.04:16
holsteinH2 is a drum machine04:16
holsteinjo-erlend: try qtractor04:17
holsteinand ask over in #opensourcemusicians04:17
jo-erlendLMMS seems nice though.04:17
holsteini dont know what frooty loops is04:17
holsteinwe got lots of software though04:17
holsteinJACK is key though04:18
ScottLholstein, jo-erlend, i have heard that lmms is similar to frooty loops by several people...of course, they could all be repeating the same tripe and are completey wrong :P05:03

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