PsynoKhi0ochosi: ready for 8 more menu icons suggestions? ;P11:38
PsynoKhi0or maybe knome?11:39
PsynoKhi0well there are variations on the idea basically11:42
PsynoKhi0http://img820.imageshack.us/i/panelit3bigmenubutton3.png/ without the blue background11:42
ochosihm, not (entirely) bad, but it doesn't really look like a button anymore11:43
ochosiiirc you wanted something that would make people click it11:43
ochosiit looks a bit like being just a bg-image of the panel now11:44
PsynoKhi0patience!! :D11:44
ochosibut basically i get what you're suggesting and i think it's a possibly good direction11:44
PsynoKhi0http://img251.imageshack.us/i/panelit3bigmenubutton5.png/ this one with the blue ubuntu logo inside the mouse11:45
PsynoKhi0e.g. xubuntu's variation of the circle thingie11:45
ochosihm, the overlay is a bit confusing11:46
ochosisry, i got to go now11:46
ochosiwe can discuss this later11:46
PsynoKhi0knome: any opinion?11:47
knomePsynoKhi0, 2 is the best, but i agree with ochosi that it maybe needs some work to look more like a button11:51
PsynoKhi0definitely, basically the idea was to check how having the XFCE mouse much bigger though slightly cut out would turn out11:57
knomemmh, i'm not sure, it isn't bad but i don't know if it's good enough11:57
PsynoKhi0in what way?11:58
PsynoKhi0not enough "this is a button" semantics?11:58
PsynoKhi0http://img145.imageshack.us/i/panelit3bigmenubutton6.png/ this one is a B&W inverted variation of the first11:59
knomei'd say too much contrast11:59
PsynoKhi0I see12:00
knomealso, i'd say let's try to stick with the original colors12:00
PsynoKhi0though IMO the menu button should contrast with the rest of the desktop due to it's central role12:00
PsynoKhi0http://img696.imageshack.us/i/panelit3bigmenubutton9.png/ this one I'm not too sure, kinda hard to figure out it's the blue ubuntu logo in the back12:01
PsynoKhi0having only the white mouse without a background is risky however with light themes12:03
PsynoKhi0so a black outline maybe12:03
Sysi(xfce4-screenshooter can take shots of part of the screen too)12:03
PsynoKhi0I worked based on a screenshot provided by ochosi and I wanted to make sure people would get the idea of how the dektop would look like as a whole12:04
PsynoKhi0though yes tweaking and uploading individual files in kind of a PitA ;)12:05
PsynoKhi0http://img8.imageshack.us/i/panelit3bigmenubutton10.png/ didn't turn out so well :(12:19
PsynoKhi0there might be a way to "buttonize" the mouse12:20
Sysidid we long time ago thought about icon with three mouses placed like kubuntu logo?12:22
Sysikubuntu logo is so great but that small mouses may be problem12:22
PsynoKhi0guess so... the current menu button is microscopic12:23
Sysiif we had text "Xubuntu" it wouldn't need translating.. but would it look bad?12:24
PsynoKhi0from what I've gathered they want to avoid text12:25
Sysii know12:26
charlie-tcaGood morning15:15
charlie-tcaAnother wonderful day to improve what we can, but we can not allow things to become overwhelming!15:16
PsynoKhi0ochosi: http://img17.imageshack.us/f/panelit3bigmenubutton12.png/ though it's flat15:27
PsynoKhi0ah still away nvm15:27
PsynoKhi0any taker?15:27
charlie-tcathe netsplits are starting early today15:28
ochosi_PsynoKhi0: the last version (with the arrow) is kinda funny, i remember tons of threads on ubuntuforums on how to get rid of the arrow in the gnome-menu :)16:22
ochosi_PsynoKhi0: anyway, i think making the button "glow" might be a good idea16:23
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charlie-tcaochosi: no workspace switcher in alpha3?16:45
ochosicharlie-tca: no i don't think we managed to do that change early enough16:46
charlie-tcaWe are doing it, though, right/16:46
charlie-tcaIt is not in today's image, either16:47
mr_pouitAlpha 3 doesn't have the latest greybird nor the workspace switcher, because the alpha freeze started on sunday evening, and I wasn't available to upload the changes before16:47
* micahg thought it started Mon evening16:47
charlie-tcaDepends on the country you are in at the time16:47
charlie-tcaUm, Beta1 is March 3116:48
* micahg doesn't think mr_pouit is in the Pacific Rim16:48
micahgthat makes no sense, ignore me16:48
charlie-tcamr_pouit is on the old schedule, perhaps?16:48
charlie-tcaanyway, he said he will get it in for the beta, that counts16:49
micahgochosi: if you can ping me when gmusicbrowser needs an upgrade, that would be great16:49
ochosimicahg: sure will do16:49
ochosimicahg: 1.1.7 is around the corner16:49
ochosimicahg: i talked to the dev yesterday and most of my changes will go upstream to that version, so very little to patch after that16:50
mr_pouit(it was "Alpha 3 freeze 2/27 2300 UTC", iirc)16:50
micahgoh,hmm, that almost seems like a typo16:51
mr_pouitahah, maybe, I thought they had a good reason to freeze earlier than usual17:00
charlie-tcahm, blame me if I put that one in17:06
mr_pouit"new" greybird uploaded in xubuntu-artwork 11.04.217:12
mr_pouitthe workspace switcher will follow, ochosi is doing some experiments at the moment ;P17:12
charlie-tcaThank you, mr_pouit. As always, that is greatly appreciated.17:12
charlie-tcaI just wanted to know we had not forgotten workspace switcher, with all we try to get done.17:13
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pleia2charlie-tca: apologies for missing the meeting yesterday, recovering from a flu (no updates anyway, still waiting on that ticket)20:54
charlie-tcaBetter to recover than to wear yourself out. 20:55
knomeBetter to drink than drive.20:55
knomeoh wait...20:55
knomethat was a different onw20:55
Sysi"it's better to burn out than to fade away" :P20:57
mr_pouit"never run with scissors"?21:12
charlie-tcaDon't play with fire if you don't want to get burned21:39
knomedon't play with fire unless you want to eat your food warm?21:40
Sysiare we heading to something?21:40
charlie-tcahoping to stay on the green side of the dirt21:41
knomehoping that the dirt doesn't end up in our pants?21:42
charlie-tcaor on them21:42

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