wizardslovaksame think00:00
wizardslovakred videos00:00
wizardslovaksays i need flash player from adobe00:01
Sysiswfdec installed? what ubuntu version?00:02
wizardslovakxubuntu 10.10 64bit00:02
wizardslovakno swfdec00:03
wizardslovakinstalled swfdec and it works now00:04
Sysiswfdec should be other bad free alternative but good if it works00:05
wizardslovakthank you00:05
wizardslovakfirefox works00:13
wizardslovakbut chrome doesnt00:13
Sysichrome installed from where?00:14
wizardslovaki used repository i just dissabled flash00:14
Sysiflash isn't gonna work if you disable it00:16
Sysiyou could try using http://www.youtube.com/html500:16
xubuntu416I am having trouble with the b43 broadcom drivers...00:47
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Aquinahello everyone!09:33
XubitHi all10:18
XubitIs there a way to disable the button-popups or hints in calctool?10:19
AquinaSorry, xubit I'm not using that one. Maybe you can find a manpage or something?13:29
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bheLF help with sound card18:18
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surreal7zhey.... how to change xfwm4 with compiz, not only on start up but that the login screen gets affected also23:29
surreal7zi done compiz --replace23:29
charlie-tcaThe login screen is gdm, it is not affected by the window manager23:29
surreal7zdoh.. ok.... no way to get transparency on it?... maybe differend login screen?23:30
charlie-tcaI don't know of any login manager will allow transparency23:30
surreal7zok, thx for info :)23:31

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