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combydoes kde use anything like apparmor or selinux?00:30
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senorpedrohi folks01:10
senorpedrois it possible to deactivate some kde services for good?01:10
senorpedroe.g. the printer service, bluetooth service, kwalletd, ... are all services i dont need01:11
senorpedrobut they run and need ram01:11
stittelsenorpedro: Check the KDE Service Manager in the Settings.01:15
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senorpedrostittel, yeah i checked that, i deactivated nepomuk there. but there is no possibility to deactivate the printer service, bluetooth service, kwalletd01:17
stittelsenorpedro: Hm, quite frankly, on my desktop here (running openSUSE though) there is no printer service or bluetooth or kwallet in memory.01:21
senorpedrowell i have kubuntun01:21
stittelsenorpedro: Of course that you have bluetooth and I don't could be explained if you use a notebook with bluetooth.01:22
senorpedromy computer has no bluetooth, thats why i dont need  the service01:22
stittelsenorpedro: Is there a package for KDE bluetooth support you can remove without messing up the system?01:22
senorpedrovery good idea, there is a package. unfortunately, when trying to purge that, aptitude wants to remove kubuntu-desktop too.01:24
senorpedroso thats no option01:25
stittelsenorpedro: Now I haven't been using Kubuntu for 4 years, but back then just removing the kubuntu-desktop package was not necessarily a problem.01:26
stittelsenorpedro: 1) If you use manual cleaning tools like deborphan, you need to acknowledge a long list of packages for keeping. But most people don't use software like deporphan.01:27
stittelsenorpedro: 2) Before upgrading to the next release, the kubuntu-desktop metapackage should be reinstalled.01:28
stittelsenorpedro: If it just wants to remove the kubuntu-desktop metapackage but not gazillions of other packages, well, nothing bad will happen (and you can always reinstall kubuntu-desktop).01:29
senorpedrostittel, you are right. aptitude just removes the kubuntu-desktop metapackage. i purged the 3 services. thank you very much01:30
stittelsenorpedro: Glad it worked.01:31
Thinkerer68My upgrade from Jaunty to Karmic left me with no sound. I can't get any sound at all from Amarok, Dragon Player, or even aplay  :(01:40
Thinkerer68Is there a fix for this?01:41
Thinkerer68No takers? I'll return later if I don't get it myself then  :P01:45
Thinkerer68aplay -l -> "no soundcards found"  :(01:46
NexTroSvenska någon?02:09
NexTroHave a problem with my dell studio 155802:11
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ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras02:32
chris____!info cam02:32
ubottucam (source: cam): Cpu's Audio Mixer for Linux. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.05-8 (maverick), package size 16 kB, installed size 100 kB02:32
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poyntzwebcam program that takes a snapshot in kubuntu. are there any?02:33
somekoolseems like some KDE 4.6.1 has been pushed to the repository but it is not complete yet… upgrade process complains about dependencies not met.02:33
miniCruzeris it possible to route any audio output from skype to a sepecific device?02:35
miniCruzerProbably through pulseaudio02:38
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PC_HuDcaraca o irc nao morreu02:47
poyntzvoice #cmg-slaynandkorpil Tyr[a]th02:48
somekoolpoyntz: gnome-cheese (as far as google can tell me)03:06
somekoolthere is webKam too03:06
DaskreechWhat's the question?03:12
* Daskreech points that metaquestion at poyntz03:12
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gurubienQuestion, is anyone having an issue with Adobe Flash Player in youtube?04:47
gurubienLike a Red layer over the video04:47
* Daskreech doesn't have flash installed04:59
valoriegurubien: it might help if you tell us more about your setup05:03
* valorie has flash, but no problems05:03
valorieaside from slow loading, but that isn't Kub's problem05:03
valorieheh, a friend who uses gnome just mentioned the same problem05:04
valorieso I don't think it is a KDE-related issue05:05
gurubienI think so too05:05
natawhat web browser you using?05:06
gurubienPlus it's only happen with youtube05:06
gurubienFirefox 3.6.1405:06
gurubienThe weird thing is that if you open the same video on a pop-up windows. It doesn't happen05:07
valoriefriend solved it with minitube05:08
gurubienEmbed youtube videos neither05:08
valorieshe's heard it's happening in Chromium as well as FF05:09
gurubienAlso tested Megavideo, dailymotion and nothing, it's only happens on youtube05:09
valorieyou could try Rekonq, or Konq05:09
natai think that is not red line. in youtube that is small red button with text05:10
Daskreechseems to be an issue with adobe05:10
gurubienflash ver.
natamaybe could try flash 32bits version05:11
gurubienthe 32bits, didn't works before. That's why I switch to 64bits05:13
gurubienI tried it on Konq and it works.05:13
gurubienI only get this issue on Firefox05:13
Daskreechcan't say i've ever heard of it going in that direction before05:14
Daskreech people always have issues with 64 bits and go to 3205:14
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gurubienWell here's a pic http://i51.tinypic.com/5mxnoj.jpg05:19
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gurubienNow the same with Konqueror http://i54.tinypic.com/n37uoj.jpg05:22
ox3aplease help05:44
ox3aI don't know why my LAN is disabled05:44
ox3aNow my wireless is not connecting05:45
* mr-rich hears an echo ...05:48
valorieox3a: I don't know how to help you05:51
ox3abut it is ok with windows05:52
valorieand evidently no one else here tonight either05:52
valoriedid you recently do some updates05:52
valorieor make other changes?05:52
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AYJHBearhow do I check if I have all my drivers installed correctly?06:31
valorieAYJHBear: have you tried jockey to check?06:42
valoriewell, you can find it in the Kmenu06:43
valoriejust run it, and it will check for you06:43
AYJHBearyou mean the additional drivers?06:44
AYJHBearwell it tells me I am using none06:44
AYJHBearand that none is needed to be downloaded06:44
AYJHBearbut my computer has a lot of restricted drivers when I was using ubuntu06:44
AYJHBearI thought they would be similar when in Kubuntu06:44
valoriewell, we've reached the limits of my knowledge, sorry06:47
valoriewhen I had a problem, running jockey fixed it06:47
AYJHBearI see06:47
AYJHBearit is ok06:47
AYJHBearthank you06:47
valorienot many people awake in the channel right now, I guess06:48
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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »08:29
* c2tarun don't miss me too much ;) ♥08:51
* c2tarun is back.08:51
insmodops tell rww to stop emailing pics of his private parts ! thanks09:18
rwwHeh. Now that you highlighted me in here, I remembered, I have a support question.09:21
rwwIf I install packages from the Kubuntu Backports PPA, will I still be able to upgrade to Natty properly when it comes out?09:21
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insmod<rww> only if insmod helps you -- but no he wont09:22
drbobbI'm on kde 4.6 from the ppa, and something is broken about kmix09:22
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drbobbit just doesn't respond09:23
rwwinsmod: I'm not interested in sparring with you, just in getting KDE 4.6.1 without problems (:09:23
insmodrww: only if insmod helps you -- but no he wont09:23
drbobbtop tells me kmix is keeping one cpu core 100% busy09:23
insmodrww: easy09:23
rwwdrbobb: ouch. Maybe I should hold off, then >.>09:24
drbobbwell I don't know, this just started a day or two ago09:24
drbobbtried killing and restarting kmix, nope - doesn't work09:25
drbobbok it does work at times but just intermittently09:25
drbobbis there an alternative I could try using while kmix is broken?09:26
drbobboh it just woke up, but it took like 5 minutes from login09:27
drbobblooks like the clementine player is a lot better than amarok these days09:35
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shadeslayerrww: yes, you will be able to10:48
shadeslayerreason : 4.6.1-0ubuntuX  is greater than 4.6.1-0ubuntuX~maverick1~ppa110:49
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sonnegood morning11:45
sonnewhich is the right channel to ask somethink about STARTTLS?11:45
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rethusi upgrade before 1 minute to kde 4.6.112:48
rethuswhat strange look has now the gtk apps:12:48
rethusrealy ugly isn't it12:48
rethuswhat going on here?12:48
rethusalso have an error with upgradeing the languagefiles you see in the kpackagekit12:49
rethusgot the error:   "trying to overwrite '/usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/rellinks.mo', which is also in package konq-plugins-l10n 4"12:49
rethusany idea how to solve this?12:49
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spawn57hi, how do i configure which notification system I want to use in kubuntu?  KDE is displaying gnome's notification style atm13:49
mfraz74spawn57: what version of KDE?13:50
BluesKajspawn57, do you have gnome-desktop installed as well?13:52
spawn57um..might have13:52
BluesKajlook in the kmenu for gnome apps like brasero, then you'll knoe you still have gnome , or did at one time.13:53
BluesKajerr know13:54
spawn57i think I had gnome-desktop instaleld at one time, to try it out, but have removed it since13:54
BluesKajspawn57, removong the gnome-desktop won't remove the gnome apps13:57
BluesKajhence a lot of gnome sttings are left behind and you still may be running gdm the gnome display manager , on kubunru you want to use kdm , altho that in itdelf doesn't rid you the gnome apps13:59
* BluesKaj checks his KB batteries13:59
BluesKajwow, this bot is in need of updating14:00
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »14:02
spawn57alright, thatnks I'll try taht14:03
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shane4ubuntuWOW 219 updates?  kde got rebuilt in the ppa???14:39
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=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | Kubuntu 10.10 released: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/10.10-release | Update KDE Platform 4.5.4 http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.5.4 | Backport KDE Platform 4.6.1 http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.6.1 | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | Pastes: http://paste.kde.org | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | Guidelines: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/IRC/Guidelines
shadeslayershane4ubuntu: new KDE release14:48
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shane4ubuntushadeslayer: ahh, I figured as much, wonderful15:24
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c2tarunHow can I copy from one vim to another vim, yanking dont seems to work in this case.15:29
mr-richany good work around for the no /dev/mixer errors yet?15:36
joehannescan someone tell me if it is possible to encrypt the boot partition on kubuntu (if reinstall necessary no prob) and possibly point me to a howto?16:03
joehannesok, so all I read is stuff like /boot partition cannot be encrypted ... is that true under all circumstances?16:08
vanguardI know a guy with encrypted /boot I think16:08
vanguardmaybe "LUKS" will help you a little16:09
vanguardor "dm-crypt"16:09
Aloneahi, I am trying to decide on a new destro for my netbook. I have an EEE 1001P that I will be upgrading to 2 gigs of ram next week. I mainly use Chrome for browsing, take notes in OpenOffice (or something), Skype for video chat with family, and programming/etc. using things like C/C++, QT, MATLAB, OpenGL, and some other stuff for classes. Have had wifi and audio issues in the past.16:11
vanguardAlonea:  Kubuntu I'd say :)16:12
Aloneais it stable? the netbook edition?16:12
vanguardAlonea: I used Ubuntu 10.04 NetBook, it was awesome, Now I use Kubuntu 10.10 Desktop, very good too16:13
Aloneahad ubuntu when I first got it and the hardware was a mess. wifi was a battle to get working, audio issues such the speakers not switching the headphones, built in mic wouldn't always work.16:13
vanguardAlonea: Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook threw me off because of Unity, I don't like it. And KDE's netbook is not my liking16:13
vanguardAlonea: I use an Asus 1005 HA and it works like a charm16:13
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AloneaI switched to KDE for a day I think almost a year ago and I messed up the desktop in 5 minutes and had to delete my profile and start over. Is it any better now?16:14
Aloneaoh! another important thing to me. Touchpad. It has to work properly.16:15
Aloneahad many many issues in the past. thing would go haywire and paste text I never highlighted, would move cursor back midsentence while typing, that sort of thing. Made it really hard to use.16:16
BluesKaja lot of ppl are using plain jane kubuntu on their netbooks , the netbook versions leave siomething to be desired from what I've seen in the support chatrs16:16
vanguardAlonea: I had no problems with Trackpad on 10.04 and 10.10, the scrolling on the side of the area works fine too. I have not tried to use more gestures on it.16:17
Aloneaok. I can try out the desktop version. I am not too worried about functionality. I just would like my hardware to work properly. I can happily say this thing has never had windows but for the 5 minutes it had it when I bought it.16:18
vanguardAlonea: I used 7 for several months, and it was not *that* bad :)16:19
Aloneaactually, the wifi has been a mystery to me and I wonder if this is a kernel issue as I am getting the same problem on my android phones. I love Windows 7 on my desktop, but my netbook is windows free.16:19
Aloneabut then all I do on my desktop is watch movies and play games so 7 is well suited.16:20
vanguardAlonea: Gaming (hardcore) on Linux does not work, I only play casually, so Kubuntu is enough for me :)16:22
Aloneathe thing with wifi for me is after a while (Anywhere from 30 mins to a couple hours) I lose internet. It says I am still connected, but I get nothing. So I have to turn the wifi off and on and it works again. I get the same problem on my android. yet all of the mac and windows laptops in this apartment never have a problem16:22
Aloneavanguard: yeah, I play WoW, Civ5, random FPS, photoshop, bryce, 3dsmax, and the list of software that will never work in linux goes on...16:23
joehanneshmm ... ok, so it should work, thx16:24
Aloneavanguard: should I get 10.10 or 10.04?16:25
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vanguardAlonea: I would get 10.10 again, it is just more current. I am not a bleeding edge kinda guy, but there is nothing unstable I saw16:27
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BluesKajAlonea, well, MS spends millions making their OSs as do the companies that want their stuff to work on the Windows platform...compare that to the Linux community and the answer is obvious16:27
JoeMoneyI just installed kubuntu 10.10 on my aspire one AO751h and installed the poulsbo drivers... once restarted, it fixed the resolution and lagginess of the display but my taskbar doesn't strecth the whole width of the display16:28
Aloneavanguard: 20 gigs more than enough for root still?16:31
vanguardAlonea: I use 9.2G of my root partition, but I got stuff like Urban Terror (1.4 G) and so on16:33
vanguardAlonea: So 20G should be fine16:34
Aloneavanguard: figured. I used to only have 10 when I did linux on laptops 3-4 years ago, but upped it to 20 when I got this netbook. I tend to load it with lots of random stuff I want to try out...not like I can't spare the space.16:35
vanguardAlonea: I got this machine pretty balanced, I use 90% of the installed software, and I got just 10G installed16:36
Aloneavanguard: ok, this "startup disk creator" is this available for other distros? Trying to figure out how to make the usb stick16:37
vanguardAlonea: letme check, w916:38
BluesKajmy / is 14G and only 44% used16:38
Aloneavanguard: worst case I transfer the iso to my winbox and do it from there16:39
vanguardKPackageKit does not show the package name, but it is called "Startup Disk Createor 0.2.25", maybe you find it somewhere16:39
Aloneavanguard: well, I am on slackware so its iffy.16:40
vanguardAlonea: you could get the source here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usb-creator16:42
vanguardAlonea: source: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/usb-creator_0.2.25.tar.gz16:42
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shane4ubuntussh question:  I'm working on my local lan, when I try ssh user@host  it denies access, then when I run ssh wronguser@host it asks for password, fails because user doesn't exist on the remote system, then I run again ssh user@host and it puts me through????17:07
shane4ubuntureally odd17:07
Aloneavanguard: ok, I booted the usb stick and it says "SYSLINUX 3.82 yada yada..." and a blinking cursor on next line. Doesn't seem to be doing anything17:08
shane4ubuntuthe wronguser is the name of my user on the local system, but not on the remote system, the user is the right user on the remote sys, but not on the local, Any ideas????17:08
vanguardAlonea: I am usually on the install screen within a couple minutes ... but my netbook had some issues with a stick too. I used an external USB-CD-Drive then ...17:09
Aloneavanguard: hmm. Its handled it fine before17:09
Aloneavanguard: don't have an external cdrom.17:10
vanguardAlonea: maybe it is set up wrongly in the BIOS or the stick is wrong somehow, had both before17:10
Aloneavanguard: will look at BIOS again17:10
shane4ubuntuAlonea: I too had some problems recently with the USB thing, I think it is a USB problem with the installer of some sorts.17:11
shane4ubunturecently - a few months ago I guess that was, but with this edition17:12
Aloneashane4ubuntu: I have no other way of installing. any ideas? my bios settings seem normal (not like I have much to set on this thing anyways)17:13
shane4ubuntuAlonea: no ideas here, sorry, I have a DVD drive, so I just switched and did it that way, on another laptop that the dvd drive didn't work, I just upgraded, it was time consuming (slow connection) and carries some risks17:14
shane4ubuntuare you upgrading?  or doing a fresh install?17:14
Aloneashane4ubuntu: fresh.17:14
vanguardshane4ubuntu: coming from slackware17:15
Aloneashane4ubuntu: from slackware.17:15
shane4ubuntuhmm, perhaps try the 10.04 with usb and then upgrade?  or jump into the 11.04 if you don't mind running some beta stuff.17:15
shane4ubuntuI wish I had a good answer, but I didn't mess around with it, or try a 10.10 Ubuntu, or Lubuntu, or Xubuntu installation, and then cross over?17:16
Aloneaok, I found out what's wrong...need a later version of syslinux. gah. why can't this stuff just frigging work17:17
vanguardAlonea: because it is linux, and it wants attention? :)17:18
shane4ubuntuIt is like a pet and likes to be petted.17:18
vanguardAlonea: If you want something out of the box, get an iPad ;-P17:19
shane4ubuntuI look at it this way, Windows has issues too, but you pay $$$ for those issues, at least in Linux they are free. :)17:19
Aloneashane4ubuntu: yeah, but I have no issues with W7. and I didn't have to pay for it either as a student17:19
shane4ubuntuAlonea: what???  free w7 for students???  no, you usually pay a student fee.17:20
Aloneashane4ubuntu: nope. cs kids get it free here. Professional Edition. MSDNAA17:20
shane4ubuntuwow, news to me.17:21
Aloneashane4ubuntu: your department has to have MSDNAA (Academic Alliance) so basically the department pays for it.17:21
scbHi! I am using KDE4.6 with kubuntu 10.10. Can I ask support questions here, or should I take this to #kde (considering that KDE4.6 comes from backports)?17:21
shane4ubuntuI booted into my windows partition I keep hangning around because it came on my computer, and I just can't stand the slowness of it, granted it was Vista, but none the less.  I digress17:22
vanguardscb: maybe even kde devel17:22
shane4ubuntuscb: ask away17:22
shane4ubuntuscb: actually KDE4.6 went to KDE4.6.1 today or yesterday17:22
scbAh well, I guess I have to update.17:23
scbWell my issue is this: I have an Intel graphic adapter. I am trying to set up dual display with my laptop. The thing is that when I hook up the other monitor to the laptop it works fine until something that uses desktop effects kicks in (like Alt tabbing).17:23
Aloneaok, this is odd, according to syslinux: As of 2010-10-19, Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) uses Syslinux 4.01 with GFXBoot.c32 (now officially included) and includes several special patches to allow gfxboot to use some configuration directives that were originally intented to be used only with the simple menu modules (menu.c32/vesamenu.c32). One of these patches will be included in 4.03 but the others are currently still under review.17:24
Aloneabut that wasn't the version it said on boot...17:24
scbWith effects on, in the secondary screen (my laptop screen in this case) a chunk of the primary screen gets pushed onto it.17:24
* shane4ubuntu runs from the intel dual display problem, again.17:24
scbshane4ubuntu: has happened before? I googled I swear.17:25
shane4ubuntuscb:  you weren't in here a couple of weeks ago asking about dual monitor with intel were you?17:25
shane4ubuntuscb try updating/upgrading  and see if that fixes it, may save you time, if not, someone was helping someone else on something similar to this, but I don't remember details.  I know nothing of intel setup, I use nvidia.17:26
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scbshane4ubuntu: That's what I am going to do first. I'll be back in a while.17:30
shane4ubuntuscb, hopefully that will fix it.17:30
Aloneashane4ubuntu: vanguard: going to try latest version of UNetbootin. Maybe that will use the right syslinux.17:31
shane4ubuntuAlonea: hopefully, I didn't think of that.17:32
Aloneashane4ubuntu: according to forums it seems it will. methinks somebody should fix the usbcreator that comes with the iso.17:33
shane4ubuntuAlonea: yeah, a bug report needs to be filed for that.17:34
Aloneashane4ubuntu: well, probably already has as this issues has been here since last Nov, if not earlier17:35
Aloneashane4ubuntu: well, UNetbootin worked. Thankfully17:39
shane4ubuntuAlonea: ahh, great, thanks for letting me know,17:40
Aloneashane4ubuntu: just make sure if you are using ubuntu that its updated. for many it isn't.17:40
Aloneashane4ubuntu: which you may have to get from their site if the repo isn't updated.17:41
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rwwshadeslayer: thanks :)17:42
shadeslayerer .. for? :D17:42
rwwshadeslayer: the backports -> natty question from, umm 7 hours ago ;)17:43
* rww just woke up17:43
shadeslayersure np :)17:44
ogzyi am trying to set up pwauth at my system but couldn't managed it, i followed the steps defined here:http://www.pyxzl.net/store/authnz.php, installed pwauth, changed the permission of the pwauth binary by setting stick bit, the pwauth file was created so i didnT changed it but echo $? never returned 017:45
ogzyand idea?17:45
FloodBotK2ogzy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:46
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vladimir__Can anyone help me? I'm trying to configure the 5.1 surround sound and want to change the subwoofer, rear, front speakers etc individually. It seems like I can make it run 5.1 but cannot configure the sound for each individual speakers. Any ideas? I'm using KMix right now.18:03
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AloneaFAIL...I have to register computer to use on school network...but rekonq fails at this. java script errors galore. and not other preinstalled browser?18:11
Peace-Alonea:should be a firefox installer18:12
AloneaPeace-: doesn't seem to be working.18:14
AloneaPeace-: says I don't have it in the repo18:15
Peace-Alonea: open a konsole18:15
Peace-Alonea: sudo apt-get install firefox18:15
AloneaPeace-: says not available18:16
Peace-Alonea: you have a connection ?18:16
Peace-i mean internet connection ?18:16
AloneaPeace-: no. I can't get one until I register computer. I can't register computer with this rekonq thing. it just throws java script errors.18:17
AloneaPeace-: I will just install FF from source18:18
Peace-Alonea: you are on line right now18:19
Peace-Alonea: you should get the deb18:20
AloneaPeace-: from where? firefox.com just gave me tar.bz2. not deb18:20
AloneaPeace-: oh yeah, nm. You just unarchive the .tar and run the firefox executable18:21
Peace-Alonea: i want know you are chatting with that computer you have to use to register your stuff?18:21
AloneaPeace-: no. this is on my desktop with W718:22
AloneaPeace-: I went to firefox site and downloaded it on here and transferred with thumb drive18:22
Peace-Alonea: you have to get the debian pacakges18:22
Peace-Alonea: get a kubuntu live cd18:23
AloneaPeace-: no. I don't have to get the debian. I can use the one firefox themselves.18:23
Peace-as you wish18:23
AloneaPeace-: its already precompiled so its just unarchive and run18:24
Peace-so do it18:24
AloneaPeace-: and...registered! Now I can go get chrome or see how the FF4 beta is on here.18:25
vanguardthat is strange, there should be an app firefox-installer on the computer ...18:26
Aloneavanguard: there is, but it didn't work18:26
Peace-vanguard: there is18:27
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apparlehello guys19:43
shadeslayerapparle: hi19:45
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apparlehey... it is not a support question, I was just wondering about general people19:46
yofelapparle: I did replace my old nvidia 7200GT with a 250GTS a while ago, but that was more for the sake of gaming than actual need19:46
apparlealso I was wondering, does nvidia provide good enough linux support or it also drops customers after some years like ati19:47
apparleyofel: 250gts for how much19:47
shadeslayernVidia is definitely better than ATi19:47
shadeslayerand that pains me... since i was thinking of buying the new MBP19:48
yofelthere are working graphics drivers for maverick for cards older than 10 years (although it took them a while to add the support and us even longer to package that :S)19:48
yofelthe 250GTS is about 100€ from what I see, can't remember how much I payed back then19:50
apparleI am thinking of 9500GT. its is for simple gaming and normal videos, what say19:51
apparleI was just worried if 9xxx series would be too old and may become legacy soon19:52
yofelthat'll probably be enough, I remembered that I bought the card since the 7200 supports neither vdpau nor cuda + it was rather slow..19:52
apparleyofel: any idea on that ^ As to how frequently they declare them as legacy19:52
apparleshadeslayer: personal opinion: stay away from ati19:52
yofelwell, the 9XXX is legacy compared to the 4XX, but even the current nvidia driver still supports 6XXX cards19:53
apparleshadeslayer: my onboard GPU caused so many problems with linux19:53
shadeslayerapparle: it switches to intel to save power19:53
shadeslayerso idk how it would work19:53
apparleshadeslayer: what19:54
shadeslayerapparle: switchable graphics card19:54
shadeslayerit has the Intel 3000 HD and a ATi Card19:54
apparleyofel: also, I have foxconn RC4107MA and Pentium D and 1.5GB RAM, would it be any performace improvement if I add in a 950019:55
apparleshadeslayer: if you plan to use linux then avoid ATi19:55
* shadeslayer will try19:55
yofelerr, no idea, but I doubt unless someone starts to implement parts of Qt in OpenCL19:55
shadeslayerapparle: altho i bet fglrx supports the newer cards19:56
yofelif the 9500 supports that, never bothered to look at OpenCL too much19:56
apparleshadeslayer: My MoBo southbridge is from ATi and it required quirks for sound. and for last 3 version I have to create bugs for graphics drivers and get them fixed, and performace is horrible19:57
apparleyofel: from gaming point of view19:57
apparleyofel: and performace of kwin19:57
apparleshadeslayer: but you don't know when they will drop support for the new cards19:58
apparleyofel: what19:58
yofelwell, kwin performance will probably be better, but somehow that is hard to measure19:58
apparleyofel: right now when I close a window, its entry in the taskbar/manager takes 3-4 secs to disappear19:59
apparleyofel: and worst, in natty there is supposedly a new driver. Screen goes black if I enable kwin and if I don't then every alternate line is corrupted20:00
apparleyofel: that's why I thought I would buy a nvidia20:01
yofelapparle: that's an ATI card?20:01
yofelI do remember someone in +1 telling the same20:01
apparleyofel: onboard gpu Xpress Radeon 20020:01
apparleyofel: btw can you direct me to the right person to get this fixed before natty releases20:02
yofelyeah, the open source drivers work odd from what I hear - and IIRC ati doesn't give fglrx support long for the xpress cards20:02
apparleyofel: mine was 3 years old when they dropped support20:03
yofelapparle: no idea, if you have a bug filed you can probably ask in #ubuntu-x if you need to add anything more20:03
yofelapparle: yeah, that sounds like what I hear usually as timeframe20:03
apparleyofel: 3 years is unfair.... normally people don't change their computers so fast20:04
yofelnouveau (open source nvidia driver) isn't really great either - but works well considering it's done by reverse engeneering and nvidia does give proper support for it's cards20:04
apparleshadeslayer: why are you thinking of a mac20:04
yofelapparle: agreed, but the cards are supposed to be supported by the open source driver - if that doesn't work then I don't know20:04
shadeslayerapparle: unibody aluminium, great build quality, great specs, ( thunderbolt ? :P )20:05
apparleshadeslayer:  what use is thunderbolt if you don't have devices20:05
apparleshadeslayer: why not alienware20:05
shadeslayerapparle: not right now there are no devices, they will come soonish20:05
shadeslayerapparle: i'm not buying a dell again20:06
shadeslayeri have a XPS right now20:06
shadeslayerand it's supposed to be a high end system20:06
apparleshadeslayer: be practical, in india it will take enough time for these devices to become affordable and useful20:06
yofelmacbooks sure are nice, but I usually only hear issues with the hardware support all the time - so I'm not going to bother. Thinkpads cost the same and work fine with equal specs20:06
apparleshadeslayer: don't compare alienware with xps, that is a altogether different class20:07
shadeslayeryofel: alot of the developers had macbooks at UDS, so i guess they can be made to work20:07
shadeslayersomeone even did a post on it20:07
shadeslayerapparle: seeing how Dell has taken over Alienware.... i don't trust them20:07
yofelok, then we just have a lot of macbook users I guess ^^20:08
apparleyofel: +1 about hardware issues20:08
shadeslayerit's going to be a close call20:08
shadeslayerThinkpad or MBP20:08
zkriesseOi, you guys got a Kubuntu wiki channel?20:08
yofelI do wonder if that magic trackpad would work with my non-apple desktop though ^^20:08
yofelthat it uses bluetooth is probably not a good start20:08
shadeslayerzkriesse: talk to DarkwingDuck in #kubuntu-devel20:09
zkriesseshadeslayer: Heh, he's the one who recruited me20:10
shadeslayerzkriesse: welcome!!!20:10
zkriesseI'm a wiki guru which is why he grabbed me20:10
shadeslayerzkriesse: i know :)20:10
shadeslayeri'm on #ubuntu-youth remember :P20:10
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apparlewhat all did I miss20:18
apparlewhat is going on with kubuntu wiki, are we making one because I don't remember ever seeing a kubuntu wiki other than blueprint for next versions20:18
Tm_Tapparle: Kubuntu wiki is Ubuntu wiki20:23
apparlewhy does microblogging save only 25 messages. I set the timeline size to 100 msgs20:24
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Guest44569i am looking for some info on progranmmming20:55
ubuntu_nike /IELTS20:56
Guest44569I want to learn how to make simple widgets for KDE, is there a IDE, that has some simple built in examples i can play with?20:57
yofelGuest44569: there is KDevelop - as for the examples you can look at the existing widgets, not built in though20:59
Guest44569hi yofel is Kdevelope good for a newb, i played around with c++ a while back nothing more than simple funcitions?21:00
ubuntu_nik iELTS21:00
yofelubuntu_: what are you trying to do?21:01
yofelGuest44569: depends, using an IDE does help at the beginning - you can look at http://techbase.kde.org/Developmenttoo21:01
yofelmake that http://techbase.kde.org/Development21:02
ubuntu_iam try to change my nik name21:03
yofelubuntu_: /nick iELTS21:03
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IELTSok thanks for help yofel21:04
coz_hey guys... in netbook,, is there a way to prevent windows from always opening maximized?21:14
Aloneaany recommendations for a OneNote replacement?21:24
Aloneaor will OneNote work with WINE? didn't see 2010 listed. only 200721:25
shadeslayernever used OneNote but it sounds like tomboy21:27
Aloneawill take a look at it21:28
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coz_Ihave to admit onenote is pretty cool  but havent tried with wine21:45
markithi, I've updated 10.10 to kde 4.6.1, but when I put the mouse cursor on the leftomost upper part of the screen, the open windows programs are shown, but clicking on them does not select them, and I've no way to go back to normal scree. Is a bug/regression or am I doing something wrong?21:46
markit(I've to ctrl+alt+sysreq + K to kill X)21:46
mirihey guys i have a rom file to flash my bios, is there a gui tool like winflash to flash a .rom filer to bios via ubuntu ?21:50
coz_miri,  ooo depends on the mother board manufacturer...check on its site to see if they have one or google ubuntu flash bios gui  frontend21:51
mirieeepc - 1005ha21:51
coz_miri,   ok check on Asus  web site21:52
mirihow do i change a user?22:00
dthackerRun put on 2 weeks worth of updates on 10.10.    Killed flash,  again.22:00
mirifrom miro to apogee22:00
dthackermiri: do you mean change the user name?22:01
miriim on ubuntu22:01
mirifor some reason my password isnt accepted22:01
miriwhen I try to install FLashROM22:01
dthackermiri: ubuntu or kubuntu22:02
dthackerplease try the #ubuntu channel22:03
dthackerproblem:  after upgrade, firefox will not play flash, says plugins are missing.  offers to install.   I accept offer.  says they are already installed.   Uninstall package?22:04
dthackerrebooting after re-installing extras....22:08
dthackerI will now attempt to play a ........(gasp) youtube video!   drum roll please!22:10
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coz_dthacker, was this a system version upgrade?  10.04  to 10.10 maybe?22:16
dthackercoz_: nope, just 2 weeks worth of updates.   Been on 10.10 since January22:17
dthackerthrew gnash on, that seems to work.22:17
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sobokuanyone having mouse troubles with natty Alpha 3 I can't seem to get the mouse to be able to move any windows or resize them.22:53
tobyhello all23:14
tobyvery new to linux and in particular kubuntu. trying to get wine  to work and i cant seem to get it to work any ideas?23:15
james147toby: what application and version of wine? not all applications work with wine...23:17
tobywell i was trying to install magic workstation a program used to play magic the gathering idk what wine version i suppose the latest one from the website23:17
tobyidk if it is installed correctly23:18
james147toby: you supose? ^^ how did you insatll it, and what actual version ("wine --version" sould tell you)23:19
tobyi downloaded the file off the website and ran it23:19
james147toby: which file?23:19
tobylet me look23:19
toby1.3 i think23:20
tobytaking a look at this kpakageit tool23:21
tobyshould i use this to install wine?23:21
tobythat is the file i would like to install on my system23:23
james147toby: you should install wine from the kpackagekit... adding the wines ppa first23:23
james147toby: http://www.winehq.org/download/deb << but use kpackagekit instead of software sources23:23
tobyhow will i know if a program is able to run in wine?23:24
james147toby: this might also be of help: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=566123:25
tobyi guess i dont understand that.... i right clicked you link and pasted to browser..... got a bunch of gibberish23:27
james147toby: ^^ make sure it copyed right23:28
tobynever mind i guess copy and paste works better then open link in browser23:28
james147or go to http://appdb.winehq.org/  and search for magic workshop23:28
tobyso when i click on the windows install file i see a little wine glass jumping up and down then i goes away23:29
tobydid i do something wrong is there a better way?23:30
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evdveldehi all, i have been trying to burn a cd in k3b for ages now, without luck. I find all sorts of messagesonline about a buggy wodim and using other tools, but cdrskin fails too, how to fix this?23:39
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