LPCIBotYippie, build fixed!00:07
LPCIBotProject devel build #505: FIXED in 5 hr 17 min: https://hudson.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/505/00:07
lifeless Hard / Soft  Page ID03:53
lifeless     111 /    0  LanguageSet:CollectionResource:#languages03:53
lifeless     104 /  201  BugTask:+index03:53
wgrantGood to see +copy-packages up there, too.03:56
wgrantBecause I have a fairly major improvement.03:56
lifelessI'm just happy bug bloody task is not #103:57
StevenK_lifeless: I think about this on the way home last night -- do you still feel memcache has something to give us?04:37
lifelessin particular the front page blog posts are (somewhat) sensibly storedin memcache04:39
lifelessits not hthe olnyway of doing that04:40
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* StevenK_ works on an EBS volume for Jenkins05:27
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* StevenK fails to see how to convince Jenkins to attach the EBS store07:23
StevenKI have created it and populated it, though07:25
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jam1wgrant: are you still around?15:58
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jelmerwgrant: 35k tests in ~15m, how many is launchpad at at the moment ? :)18:55
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wgrantjelmer: :(23:15
wgrantjam: Not often at 3am, sorry.23:16
jamwgrant: well, you had been around at about midnight, then :)23:17
jamof course, it is midnight here now23:17
wgrantjam: Shh.23:18
jamwgrant: anyway, I mostly wanted to know if you could ec2land the lp-child-hangup patch, since benji has okayed it.23:18
wgrantJust saw that.23:18
wgrantThat's great.23:18
wgrantHe hasn't actually r-c'd the MP yet, but I will ec2test it so we can land as soon as he does.23:20
wgrantjam: Could you merge devel into that branch?23:23

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