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pip__I like the new graphics at partitioning options in the alpha 3 :)17:07
bal_hi guys, need a hand19:05
jmarsdenbal_: Hands are not included with Lubuntu by default... can you be more specific :)19:08
bal_sorry, installed lubuntu on a machine that wasn't connected to the internet, and now I have now applications installed, or shown in the menu19:09
bal_the only options in the menu are run and logout19:10
bal_any ideas?19:11
jmarsdenbal_: Is the machine connected to the Internet now?19:13
bal_hang on. I have leafpad, but chromium won't fire up19:13
jmarsdenbal_: Get to a command shell, never mind browsers and GUI apps in general, if you want to fix things  :)19:14
bal_abiword is there19:15
jmarsdenbal_: Do you have a working bash shell in LXterminal or similar?  yes or no.  Never mind abiword and other GUI apps...19:15
bal_sorry, I'm being dense, is it possible to remind me how to drop to a shell? :P19:16
jmarsdenHow did you run abiword if there was no menu... ?19:17
jmarsdenHow did you "drop to" abiword?19:17
jmarsdenbal_: If the menus work, click Start -> Accessories -. LXterminal19:18
jmarsdenbal_: Hello?  Are you still here in IRC? :)19:21
jmarsdenAH. apparently not.19:22
bal_I'm back and the pc is now in a Command shell19:35
bal_no gui at all since I can't find lxtermina;19:35
bal_jmarsden? any ideas?19:37
bal_I am deliberately in CLI mode btw. :P19:38
jmarsdenOK.     sudo apt-get update  && sudo apt-get upgrade19:38
jmarsdenSo you get the latest stuff from the repositories.19:38
jmarsdenHow were you getting to abiword etc earlier if there were no menus and you had no shell open?19:39
bal_I did it using the right click menu on a txt file19:39
jmarsdenAh, OK.  Alright, did the    sudo apt-get update  && sudo apt-get upgrade      work as expected?19:40
bal_just checking now19:40
bal_sorry if this takes a while, the internet connection here is glacially slow19:41
jmarsdenbal_: OK... BTW you might want to set things up so you can ssh into the Lubuntu machine from the machine you are using for IRC, so you can easily cut and paste commands etc.19:43
bal_ok, will do that in a mo19:43
jmarsdenbal_: Any progress? :)19:47
bal_15mins remaining, for 9 mb...19:48
jmarsdenOK... I have 10Mbps down here (fiber connection), so I'm not used to waiting around for the Internet like this :)19:49
jmarsdenBut the fact that it is downloading and updating is in itself positive.19:50
bal_yeah, it's just taking its sweet time about it19:51
jmarsdenYou seem to be in the UK... should be able to get at least 1Mbps in most places in the UK, I would think?19:52
bal_in a rural area in west wales19:52
jmarsdenAh, OK.19:52
bal_at home in exeter, I get around 12-13 mbps19:53
jmarsdenWhile we wait, what version of Lubuntu are you installing?  10.10, or one of the recent Alpha test releases for 11.04 natty?19:54
bal_haven't got time to mess around with alpha software atm19:55
jmarsdenOK.  I think I saw the "no menus" issue once in 10.10 but I don't remember exactly what I did to fix it... we'll get there...19:55
bal_we will, thanks for your time btw. :)19:55
jmarsdenNo problem.19:56
bal_installing on this computer was a debacle, the computer only has 128MB RAM, so it couldn't handle running the cd.19:57
bal_so I took the HDD out, put it into another, higher spec computer, installed lubuntu, then switched the HDD back19:57
bal_installing kernel updates as well by the looks of it, so it would probably be best to do a reboot after this19:58
bal_5 mins...19:59
jmarsdenEwww.  That's not exactly the officially supported install method for low RAM machines :)  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationHelp/MinimalInstall20:00
bal_Now you tell me. :P20:01
jmarsdenI have no idea if that's relevant to the menu issue, but... it pays to read the wiki pages before installing :)20:01
bal_Still, it boots up, I just have an interesting... problem20:03
bal_less than a minute!20:03
bal_ok, it was 128 MB in 20 mins. :P20:05
bal_now it's installing20:05
jmarsdenOK... so now reboot, and see if that helped all on its own.20:05
bal_just waiting for the install to complete20:05
jmarsdensudo shutdown -r now     # to reboot when the updates are all done20:06
bal_I thought sudo reboot would do the job?20:07
MrChrisDruifsudo reboot?20:10
MrChrisDruifNot sudo reboot now?20:10
bal_does it instantly anyway20:10
jmarsdenbal_: Oh, that should work fine too.  I use shutdown -r now from habits that are decades old, and my approach works on *BSD machines as well as Linux.20:11
bal_ok, fair enough20:11
MrChrisDruifbal_: reboot needs a time thing added....otherwise it wouldn't work afaik20:11
jmarsdenMrChrisDruif: man reboot20:12
bal_On mint at least, it works instantly without a timer20:12
jmarsdenbal_: I think MrChrisDruif is confusing reboot and shutdown20:12
MrChrisDruifjmarsden: Maybe me too :D20:13
jmarsdenI think, long long ago in the 1990s, under Linux 'reboot' would reboot your machine *instantly* without doing all the clean shutdown things... so it was a dangerous command.  That got fixed, but by then I had learned not to use it :)20:14
jmarsdenAnyway... bal_ did you reboot the machine yet, one way or the other?20:15
bal_still installing updates. :P20:15
jmarsdenOK... what is this, a Pentium Pro at 66MHz? :)20:16
bal_a P4 at 2.7GHz, believe it or not. :P20:16
jmarsdenHmmm.  I'd guess with a very slow hard drive?20:17
bal_When doomsday cometh, fear not, for lubuntu will be updated!20:20
MrChrisDruifAwesome....an updated Lubuntu :D20:22
* jmarsden created a very updated one yesterday... it's called Alpha 3 :)20:23
bal_running depmod atm, is this a sign that it is close to completion?20:23
jmarsdenYou're talking about doomsday, and now want signs... ? :)20:24
jmarsdenI think it is getting close, it means it installed a new kernel and it is doing the post-install stuff from that20:24
MrChrisDruifAlpha 3 already? =-O20:25
jmarsdenMrChrisDruif: It was a day late!20:28
jmarsdenMrChrisDruif: Sounds like you are behind on reading the lubuntu-desktop mailing list :)20:29
MrChrisDruifjmarsden: I haven't got in my agenda when all the alpha's etc should be out?20:29
MrChrisDruifjmarsden: Indeed O:-)20:29
jmarsdenMrChrisDruif: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule20:30
bal_it's finally over, rebooting now20:30
MrChrisDruifjmarsden: Any google calenders for that? O:-)20:30
jmarsdenMrChrisDruif: No idea... it's not my wiki page :)20:31
bal_aha, the menu entries have arrived. they apologise for their lack of punctuality20:34
jmarsdenbal_: Good :)20:34
MrChrisDruifAwesome, apologizing menu entries :D20:35
bal_it all appears to be there20:35
jmarsdenMrChrisDruif: I would prefer they just work ... hearing "I'm sorry, Jonathan, I can't do that" every time I click on a menu item might be a little worrying :) :)20:36
bal_thanks for your help and your time. :)20:36
jmarsdenbal_: You're welcome20:36
MrChrisDruifjmarsden: +120:37
mark76Does anyone else find the minimise all windows lxpanel plugin pretty useless?20:41
bal_applying remaining updates via the update manager, will do it by cli next time, faster20:46
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