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vadialpha 3 installation froze on downloading packages, and the 'skip' button is not working. What to do?00:26
vadiHere is what the log says: http://pastebin.com/i9X39vwb it's sitting here doing nothing at all now.00:27
theperfecttacois there any way to customize the applications launcher on the sidebar?00:29
vadiWell, I guess it's hosed.00:34
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bcurtiswxsomeone with a fully updated natty running empathy see if you can change your status with the applet01:41
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Alex--i'm running 11.04 alpha 3 from live usb, but the unity interface doesnt shows up, why is that??02:57
arandAlex--: Video drivers? When you loging you can choose which to start, it's called standard or something...02:58
Alex--it says desktop02:59
Alex--where can i install video drivers?02:59
Alex--arand: and then?02:59
arandInstall if available, but it's going to be hard to start from al live instance since it needs restarting to take effect, unless oyu are lucky and can just get by with restarting x/gdm ..03:01
Alex--arand: No properietary drivers are in use on this system.03:01
arandAlex--: What graphics card do you have?03:01
Alex--i dont know03:01
arandThen it's something else I'd reckon.03:01
arandI don't know, I'm afraid.03:01
arandYou could try going into software centre and preferences, enable universe&multiverse form software sources, and see what jockey says after that...03:03
Alex--i already did do03:03
Alex--updates > settings03:03
arandBut if you have an onboard card there normally aren't any additional drivers...03:04
Alex--yeah i know03:04
arandSo you are able to run compiz?03:04
Alex--thatś why im wondering03:04
Alex--i dont know03:04
Alex--where can i see?03:04
arandFrom opensuse wiki "Test if composite is enabled: running grep Composite /var/log/Xorg.0.log as root should show Extension "Composite" is enabled"03:05
Alex--[    45.758] (II)         Composite (RENDER acceleration)03:06
arandI'm not sure if you'd simply be able to run "unity --replace &disown" which might tell you what happens when you try to start it03:07
Alex--it flickers03:07
Alex--and the nthe orignal desktop appears03:07
Alex--but no top bars03:07
Alex--wait lemme logout03:07
Alex--how to logout?03:08
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Fluttershywelp I broke window switching, I think03:08
Alex--Hello, logged in again, what was the command?03:10
Alex--(actually i rebooted)03:11
Alex--command to activate unity03:11
Alex--unity --replace ?03:11
arandI guess just try "unity --replace"03:11
Alex--not working03:11
Alex--the old one comes back03:11
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Alex--unity-panel-service: no process found03:13
Alex--Window manager warning: 0 stored in GConf key /apps/metacity/general/num_workspaces is out of range 1 to 3603:13
Alex--arand: see the pastebin link03:13
arandHum.... no idea, time to run "ubuntu-bug unity" I guess, and attach the log you have.03:14
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Alex--it' s busy now03:14
Alex--with reporting03:15
arandOr see if someone else in this channel knows more, although it seems rather uncrowded at this time..03:15
Alex--" Your system is providing 3D via software rendering rather than hardware rendering.  This is a compatibility mode which should display 3D graphics properly but the performance may be very poor.  If the problem you're reporting is related to graphics performance, your real question may be why X didn't use hardware acceleration for your system."03:15
arandRight, that might be your answer... video drivers are not providing acceleration enough for unity...03:16
Alex--and how to fix it?03:17
arandWhich I've no idea how to fix when it comes to onboard graphics, you might want to look around launchpad for bugs regarding your specific card.03:17
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arandI'm off, good luck03:18
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Alex--thanks, bye03:18
Alex--should it work when I insert my graphical card?03:19
AmaranthAlex--: What graphics card are you using now?03:19
Alex--from my motherboard03:21
AmaranthAlex--: lspci | grep -i vga03:21
Amaranthpaste the output03:21
Alex--00:0d.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation C61 [GeForce 6150SE nForce 430] (rev a2)03:21
DaekdroomAlex--, you're lacking 3D acceleration it seems03:21
Alex--lol fail03:22
AmaranthAlex--: Oh, that's trouble03:22
Alex--trouble for what?03:22
Alex--old motherboard?03:22
DaekdroomTrouble for: no 3D driver that works currently03:22
Alex--does it helps to reboot with my graphical card in it?03:22
AmaranthAlex--: You can see if the open source driver will work but the only driver out that supports xserver 1.10 is a beta that's only for newer nvidia cards03:22
AmaranthAlex--: What card do you have?03:23
Alex--Nvidia GeForce 9600GT03:23
Alex--can run gta iv and all that games03:23
AmaranthAlex--: Same problem there, you'd have to manually install the beta driver03:23
Alex--but i dont have it inserted in my pc03:23
Amaranthaka lolnvidia03:23
Alex--wait lemme reboot and insert the card in my pc03:23
bjsnidernvidia-current will work with the 9500 gt03:24
DaekdroomIt's pretty certain to not work out of the box03:24
bjsniderand his old card too03:24
Daekdroombjsnider, really? nvidia binary support goes that far?03:24
AmaranthAlex--: nvidia and fglrx drivers always lag behind03:24
bjsniderDaekdroom, theoretically starts at the 6k cards03:24
Amaranthbjsnider: nvidia-current way have the beta driver but I thought it only supported 7000 and newer03:24
Amaranth!info nvidia-current03:24
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 270.29-0ubuntu3 (natty), package size 27804 kB, installed size 81372 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)03:24
bjsniderhe really should be using the newer card if at all possible03:25
Alex--driver is now activated03:31
Alex--and in use03:31
Alex--why is my graphical card fan running at 100%?03:32
Alex--Yes it's working now! =D, but only my graphical fan is running at 100% speed03:33
Code_BleuCan i remove Unity Shell from 11.04 and go back to Gnome Shell?  I really do not like Unity04:02
kklimondayou can use gnome3 team ppa to get gnome-shell04:18
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psusiso anyone wanna help test boot speed improvements? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=168669905:59
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sindilewhere can i find desktop effects, running as guest using vmware workstation07:55
bazhangsindile, vmware supports 3D?07:55
sindilebazhang: i have enabled 3d support in vmware07:56
Amaranthsindile: If it supports what compiz needs the default login will give you a unity desktop08:02
Amaranthsindile: afaik it doesn't support compiz needs though, just generic OpenGL08:02
sindilewhat about virtualbox08:10
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trijntjeHi all, are there problems with the ubuntu site? It wont let me download the natty2 alpha..09:03
cousin_marioalpha3 finally runs well under VirtualBox, but Unity rivals The Gimp in usability. May I inquire who originally conceived its UI?09:05
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inknoirhi, i installed xubuntu 11.04 alpha 2. is it the usual procedure to do all the updates until the official 11.04 is out for a stable system, or do i have to do a new installation then?09:54
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Maverick Meerkat and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Maverick. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.09:54
bazhanginknoir, ^^09:54
inknoiroh, hi bazhang :)09:54
bazhangup to you really. you could make a separate home partition , for example09:55
inknoiri was asking because the update wants to install more than 100 new packages (including evoultion-blabla). i would like to keep them away from my disk, if possible09:56
inknoiri did a new installation two days ago, ran the update and several things went wrong. for example the network-notification was gone and i couldn't get i back by rearrangig the panel.09:57
inknoiris there a seperate xubuntu buglist, or do i have to read the ubuntu one?10:06
inknoiryeah, well, forget it.10:14
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aguitelwhen i try to boot natty with pendrive in my netbook it fail11:42
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penguin42Hi BK14:06
coz_hey guys14:08
BigMacdoes anyone know when firefox 3.6.15 will be available in the repositories?14:10
coz_BigMac,  you want to rid of firefox 4.x?14:13
BluesKajBigMac, whaich kubuntu are you running?14:14
BigMaci'm on ubuntu 10.1014:15
BluesKajBigMac, best to ask in #ubuntu, but i think 3.6 is default on 10.1014:17
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BluesKajhaving a frustrating issue with booting on my other linux pc , it won't boot past plymouth unless I run the recovery kernel , I do so and choose fix broken packages , which appears to nothing , I can then boot by logging in from the tty and using startx15:02
BluesKajto do15:02
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BluesKajseems like a kdm problem15:04
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psusianyone want to help test faster boot times? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=168669916:36
penguin42curious; I've turned on seconds on the clock and it updates every 2 seconds16:39
Daekdroompenguin42, I had it turned on but didn't notice it until now.16:40
penguin42Daekdroom: I could swear there was a bug that said that you couldn't enable seconds; but I can't find it - that's obviously been fixed16:41
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nperryAnyone install gnome3 ppa?17:45
nperryt/install/using the17:46
Daekdroomnperry, I tried it last night and it messed up stuff pretty bad.17:47
nperryAh, hasn't messed much of my stuff up... Just can't install libgtk317:48
DaekdroomInstalling packages from it broke themeing of my system.17:48
DaekdroomIncluding GDM17:48
nperryYeah thats prob becuase libgtk3 won't install :P17:48
DaekdroomIt installed here.17:49
Daekdroomso did gnome-shell, and I even could try it17:49
nperryHumm, wonder how you managed that!17:49
nperryMight ppa-purge and jhbuild17:51
theperfecttacoIN unity launcher - (using narwhal but i don't think this is a narwhal-specific issue) when I resize a window out of maximized it defaults to the upper-left corner of the screen. due to the launcher button in that same corner I'm unable to reach the min-resize-max buttons to or the titlebar in order to move the window. is there a workaround for this?18:08
coz_theperfecttaco,  do you have compizconfg-settings-manager installed?18:09
coz_theperfecttaco,  first I should ask if you are using the 3d environment for Unity18:09
theperfecttacoyes and yes18:09
coz_theperfecttaco,  :) ok   open ccsm and click on the Unity plugin and enable autohide for the launcher18:10
theperfecttacocoz_:  that's my current setting. the resize buttons are in that upper corner though so when i mouseover the upper left it shows the launcher rather than letting me access those buttons18:11
coz_theperfecttaco,  an if you disable autohide...what happens?18:11
Volkodavis this could not "calculate the upgrade" bug is resolved yet ?18:11
coz_Volkodav,  you mean from 10.10 to 11.04 upgrade?18:12
theperfecttacocoz_: with autohide disabled, basically the same thing18:13
coz_theperfecttaco,  crap...18:13
coz_theperfecttaco,  mm  I dont know then18:13
coz_theperfecttaco,  is this on a netbook or desktop system18:13
theperfecttacocoz_: i'm thinking it's just one of those issues that's going to have to wait for the developers, ha. at least i can access "close" from the file menu, in most cases. i'm on a laptop18:14
coz_theperfecttaco,  ah ok,, have you thought of using   classic gnome with or without effects?18:15
theperfecttacocoz_: when i'm in classic mode everything is as normal. i like unity enough to just deal with the occasional inconvenience, i suppose18:16
theperfecttacoi wonder if there's any way to change the default position of a window on resize18:17
coz_theperfecttaco,  not sure ,, I dont think compiz's settings are going to help...18:18
theperfecttacocoz_, i don't think so, i've spent the past few hours playing around in compiz and don't remember seeing any settings like that. staying away from compiz for a while, it's crashed my system about ten times so far today - if it happens again i' might start throwing stuff18:20
coz_theperfecttaco,  :)  yes I have heard of compiz crashing in Unity  more often than not lately18:22
theperfecttacocoz_, it causes unity to close and disables the keyboard. not fun.18:24
coz_theperfecttaco,  painful  for sure18:27
coz_theperfecttaco, I am reinstalling natty on another system to test it18:27
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theperfecttacocoz_: i wish i'd had the foresight to do the same. or virtualbox within maverick. is it possible to downgrade?18:29
nperryHow do I install a specific version of a package18:30
* nperry forgot18:30
coz_nperry,  generally, if in the repository I open syaptic ..search for the package name and see which is already available18:31
nperrycoz_: I seem to have messed up   libindicator3: Breaks: libindicator2 (<= 0.3.20-0ubuntu1) but 0.3.18-0ubuntu1 is to be installed.18:32
nperrylibindicator2 is needed by unity, right?18:32
nperry!info libindicator2/natty18:33
coz_nperry,  mm not sure   I am not in natty right now18:33
ubottuPackage libindicator2natty does not exist in natty18:33
nperry!info libindicator2 natty18:33
ubottulibindicator2 (source: libindicator): panel indicator applet - shared library. In component main, is optional. Version 0.3.18-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 18 kB, installed size 92 kB18:33
coz_there you go18:33
nperry!info libindicator3 natty18:33
ubottulibindicator3 (source: libindicator): panel indicator applet - shared library. In component main, is optional. Version 0.3.20-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 18 kB, installed size 96 kB18:33
popluhey guys, having some problems with installing 11.04 (graphic and alternate) both dont work..18:34
popluit just hangs up and doesnt go on.. really confusing, 10.10 is working perfectly..18:35
popluin the graphic installer and even in the live CD it hangs up at the point where it says 2,6 GB harddrive space (+) internet (+)18:36
popluand in the alternate after setting the time zone,18:37
nperrycoz_: right i think it wants libindicator318:37
nperrylibindicator2 is old18:37
nperryRight time to go back to installing gnome-shell18:38
nperrythe ppa doesn't work so following jhbuil on the natty forum18:38
popluhm, does nobody have an idea? btw, is there any difference between the alpha 3 and the daily builds? except that in the daily builds some packages are newer?18:45
penguin42poplu: Do you have an yUSB devices other than keyboard/mouse plugged in?18:45
coz_popey,  you can also try   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to see if anything is new18:47
nperrycoz_: wrong highlight :P18:48
coz_poplu,   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:48
coz_nperry,  thanks :)18:48
popluhm, dont know what a yUSB device is, but I try to install it on a Laptop, only plugged in the docking station (for the CD drive, but installation from USB drive (then without the docking station) didnt work either). besides this a power plug and a lan cable...18:49
penguin42poplu: Sorry, just a typo - any USB devices18:50
penguin42hmm, that should work - when the installer hangs does the rest of the machine hang or just the installer18:51
poplujust the installer, in the graphical, I still can press Cancel18:52
poplunp ;) just wasnt sure wether it may is something special usb or so :D18:53
penguin42poplu: In that case I think there is a log that you can look at, or start it in a shell18:55
penguin42poplu: Check /var/log/syslog for anything interesting, also try running ubuiqity from a shell18:58
jiltdili want to use alpha 3,can i use it like live usb19:22
jiltdilso that it doesnot mesh my system is live mode is ok ao i have to wait a month to use it19:23
yofeljiltdil: sure, should work19:27
yofeljiltdil: unity will only work though if your graphics driver supports OpenGL (3D) out of the box19:27
jiltdilyofel: actually some one of my frnd instal lit but it makes the system slow and most of prograams didn't work so i think it is better to use it in live mode19:28
jiltdilyofel:how to check about this graphics19:28
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yofelprobably best to just boot it and find out - what graphics card do you have?19:29
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jiltdilyofel: model:GeForce 9400 GT should it support OpenGL19:31
yofelah, I don't know if nouveau will work there - but if you make a persistent usb driver you can probably install the nvidia driver on the usb driver19:31
yofel*usb drive19:32
jiltdilnvidia showing openGL option19:32
yofelthe nvidia driver works fine, I just never tried that on an USB live disk - should probably work19:33
jiltdilyofel:thanks.tell me that is 11.04 is a 3d like OS19:33
yofelwell, unity uses compiz, so you need to have working opengl to use unity19:34
penguin42not particularly 3d19:47
jiltdilpenguin42:not understood plz xplain19:48
penguin42jiltdil: Well even with unity there aren't actually 3d things on the desktop, it just uses GL to do some of the work19:49
jiltdilpenguin42:it means many application uses this19:49
jiltdilpenguin42:may u plz tell me my nvidia GeForce 9400 GT  supports openGL or not so i use 11.0419:50
penguin42sorry, I don't do Nvidia19:51
arandI know my 8600gt supports it, so with proprietary drivers I would assume so.19:53
yofeljiltdil: it does with proprietary drivers - it's just that those aren't installed out of the box and nouveau will probably not be enough for unity. So you'll have to install the drivers and reboot if you want to try unity19:55
jiltdilyofel:how to do this any help119:56
yofeljiltdil: make sure you make the usb driver have a persistent part in Usb creator - then install the nvidia drivers after booting it19:57
yofelthat should work I think, not sure19:57
jiltdilyofel:should i install nvida in live mode if i want touse 11.04 in live mode?19:58
yofeljiltdil: yes, the driver needs to be installed after entering live mode - if nouveau doesn't work with unity on your card you should get usual gnome - then install the drivers, reboot and hope for the best20:00
jiltdil"you should get usual gnome"  don't understood plz xplain20:02
jiltdilthanx to all ! good night20:04
avishow do adjust natty screen configuration to installation defaults ?  i did not nuke my old maverick leftovers20:05
aguitelis there minmal cd with natty ?20:14
coz_aguitel,  I think once its released there will be one20:14
coz_aguitel,  they seem to show up once the release is out20:14
aguitelcoz_, do you know the link ?20:14
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aguitelcoz_, a ok20:15
coz_aguitel,     https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD20:15
coz_aguitel,  when it comes out it will be on that link20:15
aguitelcoz_, ok20:15
coz_aguitel,  and i use minimal install cd's regularly20:16
yofelthere are ones actually, just adjust the link - http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/20:16
yofeldon't ask me if that works20:16
aguitelcoz_, i waqnt to install 11.04 in aspireone d260 netbook20:16
coz_aguitel,  ah I see... well you could try that link yofel  mentioned but I have no idea either if it actually works20:17
aguitelcoz_, i will play with it20:17
coz_nool  let me know if it actually works :)20:18
aguitelcoz_, the mini.iso image is working with netbootin ?20:19
coz_aguitel,  I dont know20:19
aguitelyofel, the mini.iso is working with netbootin ?20:21
yofelas I said - no idea20:21
nperryis there a gnome3 channel?20:24
apparlehi guys. I tried kubuntu natty alpha 2 and I am unable to start kwin effects. any help20:26
penguin42apparle: What graphics card?20:26
penguin42apparle: and what happens if you try to start them?20:26
apparleI have a ati xpress radeon20:27
apparlepenguin42: screen turns black and there is no error20:27
penguin42apparle: Open driver or frglx/closed driver?20:27
apparlepenguin42: I do see and can move the mouse pointer20:27
apparleand I do anything.... say a right click momentarily I see a white box near the pointer20:28
apparlepenguin42: open20:28
penguin42apparle: Sounds like a graphics driver bug20:28
penguin42apparle: On the desktop effects try going to the advanced tab and flipping the Compositing type from OpenGL to XRender; it might have a better chance20:29
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apparlepenguin42: it is for sure, because even when I disable the effects, then also a lot of screen corruption20:29
apparlepenguin42: I am using opengl till 10.10 so I don't see why I should change. xrender is very slow20:30
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apparlepenguin42: even I tried the LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT20:30
penguin42apparle: Yeh well it sounds like you're hitting a bug; so 1) report it 2) Try the xorg-edgers packages which are bleeding edge drivers 3) Try the closed driver or 4) Try xrender20:30
apparlepenguin42: closed driver out of question..... a legacy onboard gpu. as I told you xrender is very slow.20:32
apparlepenguin42: is there anyway to try the bleeding edge drivers from live cd20:32
penguin42hmm not sure from livecd, it's quite a lot of packages20:32
apparlepenguin42: I got these problems on kubuntu. should I check with ubuntu as well?20:33
penguin42apparle: You could; the drivers will be the same, it's just a matter of whether you hit the same problems with the gnome window managers; my guess is that it'll breka just as badly if you turn on gnome desktop effects/compiz20:34
apparlepenguin42: and how to install alpha on wubi20:34
apparlepenguin42: the same procedure works.... running wubi.exe in the image?20:34
apparlepenguin42: what about the wubi installation20:35
penguin42don't know about wubi, I don't do windows20:35
apparlepenguin42: I also don't use it much. but it is good for testing, don't have to do the hassle of partitioning20:36
psusianyone want to help test faster boot times? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=168669920:45
penguin42my boot times on this machine are dominated by a bug somewhere anyway so probably won't help20:46
aguitelcoz_, how install minimal gnome with netinstall ,sudo aptitude install gnome-core ?20:55
coz_aguitel,  probably sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop21:02
coz_aguitel,  but I have not used that particular manner of installation so I cant be sure21:03
aguitelcoz_, ubuntu-desktop install everything i read21:04
yofelubuntu-desktop will install the usual ubuntu desktop installation as long as recommends are installed too21:04
yofelgnome-core is a debian thing I think21:04
nperrycoz used jhbuild before?21:05
nperrylibical >= 0.43 is needed by evolution-data-server  but 0.44 has been released in ubuntu natty - anyway to force build without this module?21:06
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coz_nperry,  no I have not ,, at least that I can recall21:08
nperryCan't figure this annoying thing out!21:09
coz_nperry,  i cant help with this one,, sounds puzzling21:13
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aguiteli cannot boot with usb natty22:29
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penguin42hmm, so I'm running Unity and it's actually holding together - but I'm reading an article and there is mentionof a 'system menu' and a 'user menu' - where is the system menu?22:55
penguin42is this just referring to the thing you get after clicking on the 'application's and selecting system?22:57
aguiteli cannot boot with usb natty23:10
DaekdroomAnyone else noticing a compiz memory leak with unity?23:22
arandpenguin42: Or is it preferences/admin ?23:23
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penguin42arand: How do you get to that?23:34
arandpenguin42: Well I was thinking they were refering to the old, gnome-menu organisation, but probably not.23:35

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