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hajourTheMuso, we have a meeting on this moment19:30
hajourduanedesign,  will you plz put the master thing from my name20:28
duanedesignhajour: remove youname from the wiki?20:30
duanedesignyour name*20:31
hajourthey said they had made me master20:31
hajouri don't want the master titel anymore20:31
hajouri have a lot to say but don't no where20:32
hajourubt says to want to make more involving programs20:32
hajourand give true techniligy20:32
duanedesignyou can PM me if you wat20:33
hajourbtw i am not burnt out20:33
hajouri just piont to UBT there own rules20:33
hajoursorry for the language mistakes20:34
hajouryes i know what is told in ubuntu beginners team20:34
hajourdon't tell story s about me who ever have said that20:34
hajourwhat are not true20:35
duanedesignwe can talk anout this in a PM20:35
hajourwhy there is telling lies aboutme in open chat20:35
hajourwhy i then cant defend myself in open chat20:35

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