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noah1989i am using the natty alpha 2 image on the beagleboard16:04
noah1989but i can't get tv out working16:04
noah1989with the original bootargs i can see it booting, led blinks etc16:04
noah1989but when i change it to omapdss.def_disp=tv16:05
noah1989and omapfb.mode=tv:ntsc (or pal)16:05
noah1989it just aits there and seems to be hanging16:05
rcn-eenoah1989, do you have a serial cable? where's it hanging in the boot log?16:10
noah1989i don't have a serial cable..16:11
noah1989i could make one..16:11
noah1989but if someone knows working bootargs i could avoid the hassle16:11
rcn-eeokay, with out one.. it's hard to debug... so let's ask the obvious, how did you edit the boot.scr?16:11
noah1989i edited it with vi16:11
noah1989i tried making non-relevant changes and it still workd16:12
rcn-eeahh.. there's the problem... it has a crc header on it.. remove the header, and then regenerate it with mkimage..16:12
noah1989looks like vi keeps the header intact16:12
rcn-eeu-boot's probally loading the boot.scr then halts when checksum fails..16:13
noah1989so the header contains a checksum?16:13
noah1989that explains everything :D16:13
rcn-eeyeah, kinda a pain.. there's patches to use a different methiod with a plain text file posted to u-boot..16:14
noah1989damn.. there is no uboot-mkimage or similar package in gentoo..16:15
rcn-eecould be u-boot-tools..16:15
noah1989ah, thanks16:17
noah1989wow, yeah! ubuntu boot screen on the head mounted display16:50
noah1989but as soon as X starts it's black again16:52
noah1989but i think i can fix that16:52
noah1989thanks again!16:52
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TheUnirsalveti: you around by any chance?18:10
sveinseHi guys. Anything really interesting going on right now?19:59
sveinseI got a 404 when trying to update linux-libc-dev from ports.ubuntu.com from maverick-security...20:00
loolsveinse: How did you upgrade?20:03
loolsveinse: does it happen again if you apt-get update && apt-get upgrade?20:04
sveinseHold on.. Perhaps not... *checking*20:04
loolsveinse: I checked the packages indices and they seem correct20:05
loolPackage: linux-libc-dev20:05
loolVersion: 2.6.35-1027.4820:05
loolFilename: pool/main/l/linux/linux-libc-dev_2.6.35-1027.48_armel.deb20:05
looland this package exists20:05
sveinseYes, for some reason apt-get tries to download 2.6.35-1025.44, so I guess my apt-get update is failing here for some reason.20:06
loolsveinse: A log and/or your sources.list might sched some light on this20:06
loolsveinse: You have any error from apt-get update?20:06
sveinseBaah.. Permission errors on /var/lib/apt/lists were set to ro, so apt update didn't update the indices. (And a second error in my script suppressing apt-get update failure.)20:11
sveinseConclusion: My bad20:11
sveinseWhat is the difference between armv6 and armv7? I notice Qt want armv6, but doesn't support  armv7.20:34
armin76sveinse: newer+better processor :)20:36
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sveinsearmin76: Yeah, and when Qt doesn't support armv7, only armv6, what does it lack? (I'm using -march=armv7-a in the compile options)20:38
loolsveinse: What do you mean by doesn't suppor armv7?20:49
loolsveinse: We're building qt in armv7 mode in Ubuntu AFAIK20:49
sveinselool, if -march=armv7-a is armv7 mode, yes. But for some reason, you cannot specify armv7 when configuring Qt, only armv6. There exists some inner loop implementations specific for armv6. I know that's a Q for Nokia, but I was curious to the difference between armv6 and armv720:54
sveinseor perhaps more correctly: some machine specific implementations, not just inner loops implementations20:56
TGMhey guys21:45
TGMI'm trying to install Ubuntu on my mininetbook, who aparently has a arm processor, anybody knows if can be installed on a  ALLFINE mini-notbook? I haven't managed to install it so far.21:46
loolsveinse: armv7 doesn't exist22:13
loolsveinse: It's armv7-a you want22:13
loolsveinse: actually, armv7 does exist; my bad22:13
loolsveinse: I don't know what armv7 means, but you probably want armv7-a22:14

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