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kristian-aalborghi all00:15
kristian-aalborghttp://damieng.com/blog/2008/05/26/envy-code-r-preview-7-coding-font-released <--- can I use this on the console, it is truetype00:15
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: Yes, just change the font settings in gnome-terminal00:26
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: Edit > Profile Preferences... > Uncheck "use system font" and select your own00:27
kristian-aalborghi aveilleux00:37
kristian-aalborgI was being unclear... I meant for the framebuffer00:37
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: No, the kernel doesn't support TTF fonts. You'd have to load an X server and use its font renderers00:39
kristian-aalborgit seems I have to use fbterm or something like that00:39
kristian-aalborgthis one was just mentioned as a "programmers" font so many places that I thought I was missing something :/00:40
aveilleuxkristian-aalborg: They mean it's a good monospace font to use when coding.00:40
kristian-aalborgso it seems.... bugger, it's a nice-looking font00:40
jonstanfordneed some advice after the last update broke the ability of a clean boot with grub201:37
jonstanfordI think I want to back out the update and try again because the fault is that the boot loader can't read initrd.img (corrupt?)01:38
jonstanfordSo, my question is how to get the last update to .29 to reload01:39
jonstanfordI can boot from the grub2 recovery console into the last good image  by loading the last linux kernel and the last good initrd.img then issuing a boot command.01:44
kristian-aalborgwould anyone know some nice console fonts, apart from Tamsyn and Terminus?01:54
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johnny77is there an aptitude history?03:46
aveilleuxjohnny77, You can do cat ~/.bash_history |grep apt03:47
johnny77aveilleux: I was think of more of what was installed recently. I did a sudo aptitude upgrade then sudo aptitude install xorg and now something screwed up.03:48
aveilleuxjohnny77, Oh, what packages were recently installed? Run a sudo aptitude purge xorg, and see what packages get marked for removal. Those would be the ones installed.03:50
johnny77aveilleux: can I purge an upgrade?03:51
aveilleuxjohnny77, Not that I'm aware of03:52
johnny77aveilleux: I figured it out... somthing in the upgrade or xorg blacklisted my driver!03:53
aveilleuxjohnny77, Interesting.03:54
aveilleuxjohnny77, Are you trying to build up from a CLI install?03:55
johnny77aveilleux: yes... it's been quite an adventure, but I've learned loads!!03:55
aveilleuxjohnny77, Something that'll help: install xinit instead of xorg (xorg gets installed as a dependency, and x11 is set up to run at boot time)03:56
johnny77aveilleux: maybe i'm still a little new or just really tired, but can you explain that a little better.03:57
johnny77wait... hold on. let me think I want to guess03:57
johnny77If I install xinit, xorg also gets installed plus I won't have to type startx, it'll load automatically. Is that right.03:58
aveilleuxjohnny77, Exactly03:58
johnny77\o/  Yay!!!!03:59
aveilleuxjohnny77, What desktop environment are you planning on using?03:59
johnny77now that xorg is install i don't have to purge, but just install xinit.04:00
aveilleuxjohnny77, That's correct04:00
aveilleuxjohnny77, Something that might help you is the Fluxbox portion of my script: https://github.com/AntonioPT/minimal-desktop-for-ubuntu/blob/master/script.sh#L17604:00
pleia2johnny77: /var/log/dpkg.log04:00
pleia2(for future reference)04:01
johnny77pleia2: is that the install history?04:02
johnny77aveilleux: thanks. Is that kind of a automated install?04:02
aveilleuxjohnny77, Yep. See also: http://minimal-desktop.sublevel21.com/generator/04:03
johnny77pleia2: does it matter what you use to install ie apt-get vs aptitude?04:03
pleia2johnny77: nope, both use dpkg and that's what the log is actually tracking04:04
johnny77aveilleux: that's really cool - the second link04:06
aveilleuxjohnny77, Er, apparently the Fluxbox portion is broken right now. I have an email to send.04:06
johnny77aveilleux & pleia2: Thank you! But it's not time to go to bed.. see ya, take it easy.04:08
pleia2good night :)04:08
aveilleuxSee ya04:09
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xAndromedaHey! so i cant gety my wireless to work O.o07:14
Cheri703did it work before?07:17
Cheri703xAndromeda: did you have wireless at any point in the past on that computer?07:20
xAndromedaback!  lol no i dont remember it ever working...07:38
xAndromedai googled it but came up with nothing said sothing about an arthero driver07:38
xAndromedaclueless O.o07:39
Cheri703I'm assuming you have a wired connection?07:39
Cheri703have you tried system > administration > drivers?07:40
Cheri703or hardware drivers?07:40
Cheri703what version of ubuntu are you running?07:40
xAndromedai only see a additional drivers07:41
xAndromedaunder system admin07:41
Cheri703try that07:41
xAndromedasays no proprietary drivers evyerthing else is blank07:41
Cheri703desktop or laptop? I think you'd said laptop, yes?07:42
xAndromedayeah laptop07:42
Cheri703does the bottom of it name the wireless chipset or anything? sometimes it's printed on there07:42
Cheri703and/or what's the make/model of the laptop?07:42
xAndromedano it dosnt appear to be, its a HP G60 - 538CA07:43
Cheri703on your network icon, right click and see if there's an option for wireless07:44
Cheri703and/or is there a hardware button/switch/something to turn on/off wireless?07:45
xAndromedatheres a hw button for wireless but it dosnt work07:45
Cheri703k, did you check the network icon?07:45
xAndromedawireless disconnected not showing any networks07:46
xAndromedaand i know there is one cuz my cell is connected to it right now07:46
Cheri703did you right click on it?07:46
Cheri703and it shows wireless? enabled or?07:47
Cheri703ok, so then it's recognizing that you HAVE a card...07:47
Cheri703hmmm...is this a newer or older laptop?07:47
xAndromedai bought it about 2.5 years ago... idk how new the model is07:48
Cheri703do you know if your router is set to b, g, or n?07:49
xAndromedano idea O.o07:50
xAndromedahow would i check?07:50
Cheri703ok, try choosing "connect to hidden wireless network" and typing in the name of your wireless connection07:50
Cheri703you'd have to log into the router, don't worry about it07:50
Cheri703it is case specific07:51
xAndromedaok that worked O.o07:51
xAndromedaawsum :D07:51
xAndromedawhy is it hidden though? O.o07:51
Cheri703don't know07:52
Cheri703but cool07:52
xAndromedai could see it on pretty much eveyr other divice07:52
Cheri703glad you're connected :)07:52
Cheri703I have to go to bed!07:52
xAndromeda^_^ thx07:52
Cheri703enjoy your wireless freedom!07:52
ray_I am trying to find, if there, is an icon for DBGL short for DOSBox Game Launcher09:15
ray_Is there an icon for DBGL?09:17
ray_I guess not then09:23
ray_I got DOSBox Game Launcher working09:27
ray_The file called dbgl was supposed to be named dbgl.sh09:27
ray_I made a launcher to it which makes it nice09:27
ray_Meka didn't work in the end, but DOSBox Game Launcher is nice to have09:28
ray_I am going to try installing Hardy Heron and installing wine 1.0 then there will be a deb package under /var/cache/apt/archives/09:30
andrew_46ray_: Just as a matter of curiosity why Hardy Heron?09:31
ray_Then I can try installing that on Ubuntu 10.04, but I am going to do it on my experimental hard drive. Then I will try installing the newest wine playinlinux has to offer09:32
ray_It's a long shot which is for fun anyhow09:32
ray_Meka works best on Wine 1.0 which is what Ubuntu Hardy Heron has for wine09:33
ray_I've tried using Wine 1.0 through Playonlinux. It didn't work out what so ever.09:34
ray_Anyways, I am just mucking about.09:34
andrew_46ray_: I have never really used wine but the wine pages seem to say that newer Wine works ok with meka : http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=6478&iTestingId=1295309:37
ray_I just re-installed Ubuntu 10.04, and I just installed CLI Companion. duanedesign said he was going to add a couple of features to it09:38
ray_What command would fill the terminal a few screens09:38
andrew_46Oops with 1.1.3109:39
ray_It doesn't have good sound, it doesn't go to fulscreen, and because it doesn't go to fullscreen it also lets the mouse go out of the window back into wine which sucks.09:40
ray_Meka has a neat feature for shooting games that lets the mouse act as the lasergun09:41
ray_It would be great if Kega Fusion had that feature09:41
ray_what does oic stand for?09:41
ray_oh I see09:42
andrew_46hehehehe :)09:43
ray_Another one to add to the list09:43
ray_So what command would fill the terminal so I can see if scroll back was added? The terminal doesn't let me scroll back which sucks sometimes, but maybe I missed out on keyboard short cuts that users like you would know about in the terminal.09:45
ray_Like for instance I have been reading this book for Using Opensuse which a program called nice which has keyboard shortcuts that can be used for more and less and so forth but I haven't tried it yet09:47
andrew_46ray_: You want to increase the scrollback buffer?09:47
ray_I can?09:47
ray_Ah ha.09:48
andrew_46I am not completely sure of what you are after but most terminals will allow you to increase or decrease the scrollback09:48
ray_I would prefer unlimited, but I am sure that could have it's draw back.09:48
ray_I didn't know09:48
andrew_46I use xfce terminal and this option is available in Edit --- Preferences --- General09:48
andrew_46Set at 1000 lines atm09:49
ray_It's under edit, profile preferences, scrolling09:49
ray_It can be set to how many lines or unlimited09:49
andrew_46ray_: You are using gnome's terminal?09:50
ray_I also have CLI Companion installed09:50
andrew_46It is a little more fully featured than xfce's offering from memory09:50
andrew_46Hmmm..... don't know this ne09:50
ray_Well, I am sure they all have there neat features though09:51
ray_Though I haven't tried anything else09:51
andrew_46I see a screenshot: it has a list of commands + meanings above the actual erminal?09:52
ray_you mean cli companion?09:53
andrew_46Hmmm... decreases the work space a little09:53
ray_It has the feature to be able to add commands you want to to the list above09:53
ray_for making more room there is an arrow that can make the list go away09:54
ray_Still though it does decrease space a little but it's not bad09:54
andrew_46Nice, I have not heard of this one before. Mind you I am somewhat of a commandline junkie so I am reasonably comfortable with a bare terminal :)09:55
ray_I hear you dude09:55
ray_clear is a command I should remember09:56
ray_I will fill you in on some of what duanedesign told me09:56
andrew_46What sort of commandline applications are you interested in?09:56
ray_I am not sure I run any09:57
ray_I am likely going to try ktorrent09:57
ray_I am some what of a newbie, but I like to learn09:58
ray_About 2 years with Ubuntu09:58
andrew_46We are all beginners iin one way or another :)09:58
ray_lol, ya, everything takes time09:58
ray_OK, so if I click on a command listed in cli companion right click edit09:59
ray_"ps auxww | grep ?"10:00
ray_under user input:process10:00
ray_decription:displays information about the active process10:00
ray_what that wasn't a good exmple of what the question marks do10:00
ray_When a question mark is shown it is for the user to put input in like for instance a path10:01
ray_like for instance:10:02
ray_command"find -maxdepth 1 -type f | xargs grep -F ?"10:02
ray_user input:string10:03
ray_description:Search all regular files for 'string' in this dir10:03
ray_Any command can be added, and when added with a question mark the user can make it so the user can type a path or a string or what ever else a user can specify in place of the question mark or marks10:04
ray_CLI Companion is a neat program10:04
andrew_46Sounds interesting10:05
ray_No, I have run at least a couple commandline apps10:05
ray_well emulators10:05
ray_dgen didn't work10:05
andrew_46BTW for find I rewrote this one a while back: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/find10:05
ray_I want to try to get mednafen to worl10:06
* andrew_46 suspects nobody has ever used this page :(10:06
andrew_46OIC --> emulator10:07
andrew_46You might be interested to know that the development version of vlc is capable of playback of many of the old game console music10:08
ray_That's neat.10:09
ray_I use SMPlayer, it has slow motion10:09
andrew_46From the repository?10:10
ray_You made me laugh when you said: suspects nobody has ever used this page:(10:10
ray_My frown is wrong?10:10
andrew_46I have written several guides / wikis that have sunk due to the indifference of many :(10:11
ray_Ya, it is in the repository10:11
* andrew_46 reaches for some tissues.....10:11
ray_I understand, that stinks10:12
ray_I've tried to write guides for me to use10:12
ray_I think the key is to think like an absolute beginner10:12
ray_examples are key10:12
andrew_46Perhaps you should place some online?10:13
ray_It has it's troubles of course, but perhaps I might, but where can I post them for free10:14
ray_on the other hand there is so many already10:14
andrew_46Ubuntu forums has a 'Tutorials and Tips' section10:14
ray_Rigth, duh, I forget sometimes10:14
ray_OK, I got a question10:15
ray_I've gone to the Ubuntu forums and used the search bar, but where are the listings?10:15
ray_So I end up using google instead10:15
ray_Give me a little to make sure I was not being dumb10:16
andrew_46For example, what were you searchiing for?10:17
ray_I just searched for firefox10:17
andrew_46Pretty broad search, is there a more specific problem like 'firefox flash youtube'?10:19
ray_I will try that then10:19
ray_I just don't get this10:20
ray_so like I said I use google and google ubuntu and the errr or topic or topics I am looking into10:21
ray_Sometimes the simple things get me10:21
andrew_46You don't see this: http://www.andrews-corner.org/tmp/screenshot.png10:22
andrew_46Hmmmm..... is there an error message on the page that you get to?10:24
ray_I go to here: http://ubuntuforums.org/search.php?do=process then I go to the box that says search by keyword and I put firefox flash youtube in it and the same page pops back up10:24
andrew_46Are you logged into the forums?10:24
ray_   1. The answer given for the random question was incorrect.10:24
ray_that was the error10:25
andrew_46oic, you are not logged in and must answer an annoying question before your search will work10:25
ray_I am not logged on, do I have to be?10:25
ray_O, I didn't know10:25
andrew_46No, but you must answer a question below your search10:25
andrew_46scroll down :)10:25
ray_O, it's a human prove I am not a bot question10:26
ray_I didn't see that before10:26
andrew_46But loggiing in is easier?10:26
ray_Another thing in the bag10:27
ray_Thank you10:27
andrew_46I wish all questions were as easy to solve :)10:27
ray_he he, ya, me too10:28
ray_I've seen hell before, it's always good to have a backup of all our info10:28
andrew_46Indeed I use an external drive10:29
ray_I want to learn how to dual boot windows with Linux but I can see hell just trying to learn how to un-install one or the other.10:29
ray_I don't care what anyone says it's not easy10:29
andrew_46Another choice is to use a program like Virtualbox to run other operating systems10:30
ray_The possibility of loosing info if that is where all my info is would just be asking for it10:30
ray_I've haven't tried that yet10:31
ray_There is so much to try10:31
andrew_46Virtualbox is well worth a try and there is a specific section of the Ubuntu Forums for assistance if you have trouble10:32
ray_You know what would be great?10:33
ray_sorry I couldn't help it10:34
ray_A terminal that would teacher beginners10:34
ray_That would say now type this and so forth and talk to new users10:34
ray_in text10:35
ray_That works but doen't let the beginner mess up and doesn't really do anything out side of a folder that only takes up to much space10:35
ray_And if the user messes up the terminal will tell the user what the command does10:36
andrew_46I have not seen this application yet :)10:36
andrew_46But almost all commands have a relevant man page10:37
ray_Sometimes, especially when I first started the man page was another language10:37
ray_I meant started out10:38
andrew_46Not all are terribly clear10:38
ray_The order is what got me10:38
ray_What programs in the terminal do you like?10:39
andrew_46I am a huge fan of the media player MPlayer, the newsreader slrn and the irc client irssi10:40
ray_I have been using apt-get as my way of installing packages in the terminal10:41
andrew_46+ mutt for mail10:41
andrew_46SMPlayer, which you mentioned, is a frontend for MPlayer10:42
ray_so then I must have it installed10:42
ray_There must be other frontends for MPlayer10:43
ray_Another world10:44
andrew_46yes, try this command10:44
andrew_46mplayer | head -n 110:44
ray_"Creating config file: /home/ray/.mplayer/config"10:44
andrew_46This will show the version of MPlayer, version of gcc it was compiled with and date of release10:45
andrew_46Run the command again :)10:45
ray_Well now it does10:45
andrew_46The head -n 1 command gives only the first line of output :)10:46
ray_I put in mplayer10:46
ray_I like the simple way it has things layed out compared to the indepth man page10:46
andrew_46The command mplayer you mean?10:47
andrew_46This is some introductory commands to get you going, the MPlayer man page is actually not a good example: to much info and not well organised :(10:48
ray_I am going to try it, I was closing a bunch of windows that were open10:48
ray_O, don't be sad, they will fix it10:49
ray_url, neat10:49
ray_I got a question10:49
ray_here we go again10:50
ray_If I go to a webpage with a video10:50
ray_how can I make it so I can watch from where I was last watching?10:50
ray_I've watched videos on the internet and it stops loading etc10:51
ray_what's the best program for what I am trying to ask?10:52
ray_well the one you recommand10:52
andrew_46Hmmmm..... It depends how the media is actually served and whether it is cached or not.10:53
ray_cached it key, I know. I've used the tmp folder and the firefox cache folder to watch movie.10:54
andrew_46For flash you have little choice for others I usually use the gecko mediaplayer which uses MPlayer10:54
andrew_46I am not actually on Ubuntu at the moment so i am not sure of the package name10:54
ray_I was watching the file cached to see if info was being put there10:55
ray_A plugin10:56
ray_A plugin for Firefox?10:56
andrew_46But this is available in the repository, so have a look in synaptic for the package name, unless the silent room can volunteer the name :)10:57
ray_I found this but I will check there:10:57
andrew_46gives the relevant commands10:58
andrew_46an old post of mine :)10:59
ray_A multi-media plugin for gecko browsers. I've only heard of a few browsers.11:00
andrew_46The link you gave deals with getdeb and source, neither of which are what you are really after11:02
andrew_46ooops I have to go11:02
ray_It's OK11:02
ray_Take care dude11:02
andrew_46nice to 'meet' you though, we will probably bump into each other in future11:02
apterHello !11:23
apterNeed help : Are there any way to get the linksys wusb54gc to work in ubuntu?11:23
duanedesignray_: hello. Good to hear you are liking cli companion :)11:28
ray_I am sorry I was playing a video using mplayer through the terminal.11:40
ray_Malcolm in the Middle11:40
ray_It will be useful in the future. I still need to get off my Behind and gather useful commands11:41
ray_Well useful commands for me to use11:45
xAndromedatheres a file name limit?12:09
geirhaYes, 254 bytes on ext[2-4] iirc.12:16
geirharay_: A good start for finding useful commands, is to learn how the apropos (or man -k) command works.12:22
ray_man -k, apropos12:23
geirhae.g. try:  apropos movie12:24
ray_I am talking to someone else12:25
ray_right now12:25
ray_not out of dis-respect though12:26
ray_now we are all here12:26
ray_I wonder what addon firefox has for what I asked you lastk12:27
ray_Quote myself from the talk we had so they know what we are talking about:12:27
ray_When watching videos online, I hate it when I've watched half of a video then it reloads, is there a better way or program to get around this12:27
ray_Wow, neat12:28
ray_Wow, that is what I have been looking for, thank you12:28
ray_I can't wait to try it.12:29
ray_geirha said ealier try apropos movie, he is showing me how to use the apropos command12:30
lastksorry, what is apropos?12:31
ray_I don't know yet12:31
ray_try the command:apropos movie12:31
ray_It listed the different programs that can play movies installed12:31
ray_I think12:31
lastkoh,  nice12:32
lastkthis is a ubuntu command right?12:32
lastkidont use ubuntu heheh12:32
ray_uuh, where did they go?12:32
ray_he said also try man -k12:32
ray_it says apropos what?12:33
ray_I guess it is a ubuntu command but  don't know12:34
ray_ah, I see12:34
ray_man -k apt-get12:34
ray_what commands are like man?12:35
ray_O, you don't use Ubuntu, OK that cool12:36
ray_What are you running?12:36
duanedesignhello geirha :)12:36
ray_Hello duanedesign12:37
geirhaapropos is not an ubuntu command, but it's not a standard unix command either, some systems have it, some don't.12:37
geirhaRegardless, your system will have man, and man -k will do the same.12:37
geirhaduanedesign: Hi :)12:37
ray_I never tried archlinux12:37
ray_I've mostly used Ubuntu12:37
ray_My uncle uses Madrake12:38
duanedesigngeirha: hmmm, what is the -k for. Guess I could do man man to find out :)12:38
lastkwell, Iwill eat something12:38
lastksee ya12:38
ray_see ya and thank you12:38
ray_ya, man man12:39
duanedesigngeirha: aha, that is cool12:39
lastkthank you too12:39
lastkray_ : ?12:39
lastktalking to me?12:39
ray_see ya12:39
ray_have good eats12:39
duanedesignarch is good if you want to have total control and compile everything by hand12:39
ray_Does it remember where things are installed?12:40
geirhaIt has a package manager named pacman iirc12:40
ray_checkinstall is the cammand I have to remember for installing from source when installing from source works out for me12:40
ray_iirc that sounds a lot like the irc commandline program12:41
ray_pacman, lol12:41
geirhacheckinstall will only work for behaving build-scripts though. It "usually" works.12:41
ray_well, it doesn't matter too much to me12:42
ray_but it's nice to have comtrol12:42
ray_what about slackware?12:42
ray_Have you guys tried it?12:42
ray_Is Slackware as hardcore as it gets?12:43
geirhaIf you want hardcore, try LFS (linux from scratch).12:43
duanedesignd'oh, geirha beat me12:44
duanedesignafter LFS, I would say Arch12:44
ray_lol, compiling linux from source?12:44
duanedesignbuild your own distro from scratch12:44
geirhaYes, you build a linux system from scratch12:44
geirhaMy knowledge of linux skyrocketed after going through that book.12:45
duanedesigngeirha: definetly12:45
ray_Crazy cool12:45
duanedesignit is kinda addicting and time consuming though :)12:46
ray_I've thought about stepping out to try Debian since I am using Ubuntu12:46
duanedesignDebian is very nice12:46
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duanedesignI stick with UBuntu/Debian and Fedora12:46
ray_Customizable no worry of Ubuntu packages getting in the way, but I think I would mis having so much at my finger tips12:47
ray_Ubuntu is nice12:47
ray_Learning, so much I haven't learned12:48
duanedesignoh, and tinycore linux. I keep a copy of that on one of my old machines12:48
ray_Good thing I have an extra hard drive12:48
ray_O, man, I wanted to get the screen saver for Star Trek working we used to have12:49
ray_it was on Win 3.112:49
ray_it was funny as all heck12:49
ray_I looked on youtube and couldn't find it12:49
ray_It had data dancing dances like the fox trot12:50
ray_Anyways about 4 to 8 months ago I tried Win 3.1 on dosbox12:50
ray_but I couldn't get that screen saver to work. Good times though12:50
ray_we make good times though12:51
ray_Thank you for the link12:51
ray_Sorry for going off topic12:53
duanedesignno worries. As long as it is slow like this I do not see a problem12:54
ray_I want to try out other Linux distros12:54
ray_I was just watching this video earlier:12:57
duanedesignray_: distrowatch is a good place to read about all kinds of distros12:57
ray_right distrowatch12:58
ray_I was around someone who liked gentoo12:58
ray_on myspace12:58
ray_Wil Wheaton uses Mandrake13:00
duanedesigngentoo has a nice wiki13:01
ray_I read the gentoo wiki, I am now checking out the LFS website you guys linked13:24
ray_Is the book for LFS scratch on this website: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/ ?13:40
ray_I found BLFS13:41
ray_Is this it:13:41
geirhaThat's Beyond Linux From Scratch. Once you've completed LFS, you can continue with BLFS.13:42
geirhaYes, that's the one.13:42
ray_Right, this is BLFS: http://archive.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs-museum/1.0/BLFS-1.0/13:44
ray_the beginning of BLFS which is ever LFS13:44
ray_Is there a program like orbitdownloader for linux?13:58
geirhaPerhaps ... what would a program like orbitdownloader do?13:58
ray_Download videos like the addon downloadhelper for firefox14:00
ray_Though I am not sure if that would work, I should try it some time14:00
ray_I used to use Dhelper for youtube videos14:01
ray_I mean downloadhelper14:01
geirhaI have no idea14:02
JoeMaverickSettray_: ever tried DownThemAll?14:04
JoeMaverickSettray_: it's like the Internet Download Manger for Firefox :)14:04
ray_never heard of it14:04
JoeMaverickSettlet me get you a link14:04
JoeMaverickSettray_: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/downthemall/ :)14:05
ray_Nice, it has pause and resume14:06
Synth_samHi everyone, I need to install lucid on an external drive without overwriting the MBR of sda, do you think that I can do that with the alternate disc?14:07
ray_Thank you. Another helpful addon. I should go.14:10
ray_Thank you14:10
BigMacdoes anyone know when firefox 3.6.15 will be available in the repositories?14:10
Synth_samnot sure, any particular reason?14:13
BigMacyes, there's some java issues with the current release14:14
Synth_samyou could install from mozilla team ppa14:15
JoeMaverickSettthe daily build has 3.6.16, there's no breakage yet...at least to me..14:16
BigMacoh, i'm not very technical, i'm pretty much a n00b, how would i go about that14:16
BigMacoh, ok, thanks14:16
JoeMaverickSettwell, if you're going to use it, bare in mind it's a daily build, so you might experience some breakage.14:17
BigMacok, i might wait for the final release14:17
JoeMaverickSettthat _would_ be a good idea. :)14:18
BigMacthe reason i want the next release is that my net bank reported that the current version had some java malfunction, so i can't get into my net bank14:18
BigMacit's not a disaster tho14:18
BigMaccause i have a mac14:18
BigMacif i do as described at the launchpad site, will downloading a daily build update my firefox without any breakage, provided that the build itself is ok?14:21
duanedesignBigMac: yes.14:30
JoeMaverickSetti guess so. i've not had any breakage from daily builds apart from trying to pull in some unsuccessful/still building ppa(s) :D14:30
duanedesignBigMac: the easiest way to add the ppa is :  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa14:31
duanedesignBigMac: then this command should pick up the new version available:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade14:32
BigMacok, thanks14:32
BigMacbut if i do that, will i be able to update to the final release version of ff when it arrives?14:33
iktheya, is there a command to tell whether I have the open source ati driver installed or the proprietary ati driver installed?14:44
bioterrordpkg -l |grep ati14:44
iktbioterror, mmm anyway to search without including description?14:47
bioterrordpkg -l tells what you have on your system installed14:48
ikthow do I know which is the open source driver and which is the proprietary one?14:54
bioterrorradeonhd is opensource14:54
shaggy179I changed monitors. from a 14" cathode ray to a 19" LCD (TV). want to chance display resulation. can't figure out where.15:41
wolfpackhi ray_15:42
ray_I wanted to share something15:42
ray_Are the people I was talking to still around?15:42
ray_hello duanedesign and geirha15:44
ray_and hello wolfpack15:44
duanedesignhello ray_15:45
ray_I added the addon download them all15:45
ray_rather downthemall15:45
ray_and I couldn't get it to download videos15:45
ray_so I downloaded downloadhelper15:46
ray_and together I used them both to download a video from project free tv15:46
ray_It worked great15:47
ray_thank you duanedesign15:47
ray_I have yet to try it out more but it worked great so far15:48
ray_I watched the first episode of 3rd rock from the sun15:48
duanedesignray_: that is great15:49
ray_thank you15:49
ray_finally, I can download and not worry if it is going to reload in the middle of watching a video15:49
ray_Thank you, I should go and get some sleep, good bye15:50
Guest56472hi,all,i hava a problem.i can ping a website but i can't open it by chrome16:37
Guest56472i open the resolv.conf,# Generated by NetworkManager16:37
Guest56472domain mshome.net16:37
Guest56472search mshome.net16:37
Guest56472but it should be 1092.168.0.1,i change it ,but it re16:38
Guest56472who can help me16:41
Cheri703I am trying to use a liveCD on an OLD computer, and with 2 different versions (10.04 and 9.10) I am getting "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block" most of what I'm finding online is regarding an already installed system, so I'm not sure where to go from here19:17
johnny77I need to make a script of commands needing root privelages. Can I get that to run at startup without needing to type my password?19:17
aveilleuxjohnny77: put it into /etc/rc.local19:24
Cheri703I get the error if I try to run the disk check from the initial screen, or if I try to just install...19:25
johnny77aveilleux: thank you, once again!19:29
aveilleuxjohnny77: No problem19:30
duanedesignCheri703: can you get the Live session to work on the LiveCD19:31
Cheri703I choose "try without installing" and get the error19:32
Cheri703it's an OLD computer, but I need the floppy drive...19:32
duanedesignCheri703: could be a bad CD burn. Also check the md5of the download19:36
Cheri703both cds have worked in the past19:37
Cheri703and BOTH cds get the same error19:37
Cheri703:/ it will boot into win98 though!19:39
Cheri703that's what's installed on it -_-19:39
Cheri703I might see if I can just steal the floppy out of it, my desktop doesn't like the one that's in it...19:39
rainstakepermissions denied in UI when trying to rmdir .caine-from-deb, anyone know the answer to this dilemma?19:41
duanedesignoh in ui19:41
duanedesignrainstake: if you are trying to manipulate a file that is outside your users Home directory you will need t open a root version of nautilus19:42
rainstakeI installed it from the download page, that is, I installed Caine, but then it was broken (their term) and so I wanted to remove it and was denied.19:42
rainstakeOkay.  So install nautilus?  I have Ubuntu 10.04.19:43
duanedesignyou can open a Terminal and type: gksudo nautilus19:43
rainstakeOkay.  Trying that now.19:43
duanedesignrainstake: nautilus is the window manager in Ubuntu19:43
* Cheri703 gave up and put the floppy into a different computer...19:43
duanedesignCheri703: the only other thing i could think of is trying different boot parameters. I think it is f6 when the CD starts. maybe put at the end:   noapic nosplash19:44
Cheri703I may come back to it at some point19:44
rainstakeThank you duanedesign.  The root File Browser popped up (i.e. opened).  A 'Desktop' icon exists.19:45
Cheri703looks like it may be working in the other computer19:45
aveilleuxrainstake: That's /root/Desktop... your Desktop folder is /home/<username>/Desktop19:46
rainstakeIs there a next step to take in rmdir .caine-from-deb?  I even tried to recursively remove it.19:49
aveilleuxrainstake: Did you do an rm -r .caine-from-deb ?19:49
rainstakeI tried, and even tried a rmdir -rf, but no success.19:50
aveilleuxrainstake: sudo rm -rf .caine-from-deb/ ?19:51
rainstakeOkay, I am tyring that now.19:51
rainstakeSuccess!  Thank you, aveilleux.  So, now I have to read up on the properties of sudo.  That' is so nice to have it removed.  Now I can see what the problem was with installing it in the first place.19:53
rainstakeThank you, too, duanedesign.19:53
aveilleuxrainstake: No problem19:54
aveilleux!sudo | rainstake19:54
rainstakehow to install an update of mozilla, when it downloads as a .tar or whatever?19:54
aveilleuxOh no, where did ubot go D:19:54
aveilleuxrainstake: Do you need to update Firefox manually? Is the version in the repositories not sufficient?19:55
rainstakeYes, to both your questions, it seems.  I thought downloading the new mozilla (Firefox, really) would update to the new Firefox version automatically, but it looks like I have to manually open the tar and then implement it in UI.19:56
rainstakeI mean via command line.19:56
rainstakeSame goes for a warzone2100 game I want to install.19:56
duanedesignrainstake: here is a good link that explains root and sudo  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo19:57
rainstakeGreat, thank you, duandesign.  I have to go, now, because I need to do some errands while the sun is out.  You all are very awesome and I think this is an very great support communty.19:58
duanedesignawesome come back and see us19:58
Cheri703so, new question: I now have ubuntu recognizing that a floppy drive exists, but won't read the disk20:12
Cheri703so how do I get it to recognize?20:13
Cheri703the files on the disks are from an old mac20:13
Cheri703don't know if that has anything to do with it20:13
aveilleuxCheri703: It might be using the hfs file system, and I don't know if the Linux kernel supports it by default20:16
Cheri703ok, can support be installed?20:16
Cheri703because it isn't acknowledging that anything is on the disks (I've tried 2)20:17
pleia2not sure it supports it by default, but you should be able to modprobe the module if it's not already loaded20:21
pleia2so first do: lsmod | grep hfs20:21
pleia2that will list modules and see if hfs is in there (it's not on mine by default)20:21
pleia2if you get nothing from that command: sudo modprobe hfsplus20:21
pleia2that will load the hfs module into the kernel and hopefully it'll work from there20:22
Cheri703worth a shot!20:23
Cheri703no love :(20:28
geirhasudo file -s /dev/fd020:31
geirhaI think that should tell you what filesystem it uses.20:31
Cheri703/dev/fd0: DOS floppy 1440k, x86 hard disk boot sector20:32
geirhaDoes this output anything?   sudo mount /dev/fd0 /mnt20:33
geirhaIf not, try: ls /mnt20:34
Cheri703now to see if I can open the dang files!20:34
Cheri703thank you!20:35
ibuclawCheri703, floopy disk?20:35
* ibuclaw recalls some Gnome tool for that20:36
Cheri703going to remove a bunch of files for a client who doesn't have a 3.5 floppy drive anymore20:36
geirhaIt's been ages since I had a floppy drive, so I don't know any ways to access it other than from the command line :)20:36
ibuclawapt-cache search floppy20:37
ibuclawfdutils - Linux floppy utilities20:37
ibuclawThe package includes the following items:20:38
ibuclaw- fdmount: automatically mounts/unmounts disks when they are inserted/removed;20:38
Cheri703ahhh, sweet20:38
ibuclawI'll have a look at the package like20:39
Cheri703hmm, one of them was a doc, but this next one is all weird names and junk, and it's saying "pc formatted disk with no filesystem"20:39
ibuclawlooks like it might have a service that comes with the package too20:39
Cheri703no idea what format the files are :/20:39
ibuclawnope, no service. :)20:41
MrChrisDruifHai mic_working21:22
mic_workinghello. Which video capture card do you recommend for Ubuntu/Linux?21:22
MrChrisDruifmic_working: It used to be nVidia, but I've heard stories of people running Ati great these days as well...I'm running Ati with default graphics....works great...only backlight dimming doesn't work21:23
MrChrisDruifOw....capture card....21:23
MrChrisDruifDidn't read you question well :P21:23
mic_workingwell i have an nvidia21:23
MrChrisDruifmic_working: Capture card, as in TV recording?21:24
mic_workingyes MrChrisDruif21:24
MrChrisDruifAnalog or digital?21:24
mic_workingI dont know how it works21:24
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: ie from AV to the computer21:25
mic_workinganalog right.21:25
mic_workingor hdmi to the computer21:25
MrChrisDruifmic_working: what are you trying to accomplish? :)21:26
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: video capturing.21:28
MrChrisDruifFrom what source?21:28
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: from VHS/DVD21:28
mic_workingAntena etc21:28
mic_workingto the computer21:28
MrChrisDruifVHS is at least analog :)21:28
mic_workingi know that21:28
mic_working21:24:31 <MrChrisDruif> Analog or digital?                                                                                                                                                                                  +tronyx21:29
MrChrisDruifYou need to know what output your source has ...21:29
mic_working21:24:37 ::: alphur [~joshua@cpe-76-90-165-115.socal.res.rr.com] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]                                                                                                               +UndiFineD21:29
mic_working21:24:40 <mic_working> both21:29
UndiFineDmic_working: ?21:29
mic_workingcopy paste fail21:29
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: ok if I want from VHS21:29
mic_workingto the computer21:29
mic_workingwhat do I need21:30
MrChrisDruifmic_working: You need a video capture card which can handle analog input...I'm looking if I can find a list of some sort :)21:31
MrChrisDruifmic_working: http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-3.html <- this might help...21:31
mic_workingI think my nvidia card has a capture thing21:31
mic_workingnot sure.21:31
MrChrisDruifmic_working: Mythtv is open source project that is focused at video capturing...the link I send should mention things like which hardware is supported and which software you'd need :)21:32
mic_workingyeah im reading21:33
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_geforce_gts_250_us.html21:41
MrChrisDruifmic_working: You've got that card?21:41
MrChrisDruifYeah, it seems it's only a graphics card mic_working :)21:43
MrChrisDruifLike graphics out only....not in :)21:43
mic_workingyeah not in21:43
whymehi !21:43
MrChrisDruifOnly Ati used to have TV cards integrated .... All-in-wonders they were called if I remember correct :)21:44
MrChrisDruifHai whyme :) Why is it you?21:44
mic_workingi dont like ati21:44
whymeyes, ati all in wonder, i was the good old time ....21:45
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: http://i52.tinypic.com/2dljaqt.png do you know which app is this to test the speakers id like to reinstall it21:46
MrChrisDruifI've had an Ati 9700 and now a radeon 3540 or something...passed the all-in-wonders21:46
mic_workingbecause it's not working lol21:46
MrChrisDruifmic_working: I don't know...never used it....but you're on Ubuntu right?21:46
mic_working#ubuntu aint help21:47
mic_workingtoo many ppl asking questions few answering21:47
MrChrisDruifYou can go to the sound preferences (System > Sound I think) and check which output is selected :)21:47
whymecould some help me with my little firefox/flash/youtube problem ?21:47
mic_workingwhyme: it's crashing right :)21:48
mic_workingfirefox update ruined it21:48
MrChrisDruifNo !ask?.... whyme: just ask :)21:48
aveilleuxMrChrisDruif: No ubot2 in the userlist today :(21:49
MrChrisDruifHmmm....how's ubot2? Is he sick?21:49
MrChrisDruifmic_working: Did you find it?21:51
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: ei yes.. everything is working21:56
mic_workingfront and back jacks speakers and mic21:56
mic_workinghdmi audio out21:57
mic_workingonly the test speakers isnt.21:57
MrChrisDruifmic_working: Who needs "test" speakers? I prefer speakers I can hear :D21:59
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: it's just I uninstalled stuff related with audio before22:00
mic_workingand that stopped working.22:00
mic_workingif i could reinstall this thing22:01
mic_workingmaybe it would work again22:01
MrChrisDruifNone of your speakers are producing sound?22:02
mic_workingthey are22:02
mic_workingthe problem is that application to test the sound22:03
mic_workingI press left and right but it doesnt produce sound lol22:03
mic_workingand logs dont show information about it22:03
MrChrisDruifDoes that application have some output selection setting somewhere?22:06
mic_workingno lol22:06
MrChrisDruifHmmm...I dunno :)22:06
MrChrisDruifBut testing application is only for testing....real functioning ALWAYS has my vote over testing :P22:07
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: it has an option to select the device i want to test22:07
mic_workinganalog stereo duplex22:07
MrChrisDruifThat's what I meant....output, device to test....same to me :)22:08
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: it's some config file that is messed up22:08
mic_workingbecause it works in livecd/fresh install22:08
MrChrisDruifYou could try sudo apt-get purge <app-name> -y && sudo apt-get install <app-name>22:09
MrChrisDruifPurge also removes config files22:09
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: i dont even know the name of the package22:10
MrChrisDruifThe -y suggests yes, so you don't have to confirm you want to purge it...22:10
mic_workingi guess22:10
MrChrisDruifWhere could I find this sound testing app?22:10
MrChrisDruifNever heard of it (nor found the need for it :P)22:10
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: system preferences sound22:10
mic_workingthen hardware tab22:11
mic_workingchoose device and click test22:11
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: take a look http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/speaker-setup.html22:12
MrChrisDruifThat sound testing thing also doesn't work with me....but I can play music all I want :P22:12
mic_workingit's a bug or something22:13
mic_workingfvck it22:15
mic_workinggod damn22:15
mic_workinganother firefox crash related with flash.22:15
MrChrisDruifOw....somehow I got it working <_<"22:16
MrChrisDruifSomehow my hdmi output was selected <_<"22:16
mic_workingI also hdmi output but it doesnt show in gnome-volume thing22:16
mic_workingmaybe it's using the hdmi22:17
MrChrisDruifWas playing some movies this afternoon....but was hearing sound on my headphones <_<"22:17
MrChrisDruifHmmm....it's not configured right I believe...it doesn't overwrite current settings or something....22:18
mic_workingit doesnt with hdmi22:19
mic_workingis there a way to "track" what audio device is doing?22:20
* MrChrisDruif thinks there is....but doesn't know what app does that :P22:21
mic_workingduanedesign: i only have pavucontrol22:32
mic_workingand there is padevchooser22:32
duanedesignsorry it is pavucontrol22:33
mic_workingyes i have it22:33
mic_workingduanedesign: it looks like these buttons http://i52.tinypic.com/2dljaqt.png are disabled22:34
mic_working Depends: paprefs but it is not going to be installed22:35
duanedesignmic_working: i wouldnt worry about it, mine do not work either :P22:37
mic_workingbug maybe22:38
duanedesigni think so22:38
mic_workingduanedesign: do you what is this for22:38
duanedesignit allows pulse audio to talk to the JACK daemon22:41
mic_workingduanedesign: do you if it comes already installed in ubuntu?22:41
duanedesignno, unless you are using UBuntu Studio22:43
mic_workinghm ok tks22:43
mic_workingduanedesign: btw do you anything  about video capture in linux?22:43
mic_workingknow* (sh!t)22:43
duanedesignI have used PiTiVi22:44
duanedesignthe default video editor22:44
mic_workingduanedesign: i mean capture from tv/vhs/dvd using a video capture card22:44
MrChrisDruifHe really wants to capture video duanedesign :)22:44
MrChrisDruifI gave him a link to mythtv with supported hardware etc...22:44
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: and im also thinking of streaming with VLC22:44
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: im from portugal and now they use dvb-t22:46
mic_workingbut i still dont have it only antenna and iptv22:46
duanedesignmic_working: you could probablly find lots of threads on the forums about that22:46
MrChrisDruifOw god....dvb-t....I hope it's better than dvb-t in holland <_<"22:46
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: I have a iptv service that uses a box22:47
mic_workingit's like a mediacenter but the content inside of it is encrypted22:47
mic_workingFinding cards that will work under a Linux operating system isn't as easy as browsing Amazon for a good choice and checking which operating systems are supported by the device - you will need to do more research based on the type of card and the number of tuners in order to find out if there is a Linux driver suitable for the device. This is a regularly-changing world of information, so there are a couple of websites that you should vi22:49
mic_workingVideo Disk Recorder, also known as Linux VDR, a software to record and store digital video on a Linux computer22:51
mettathat isn't really ubuntu related, try asking in #ubuntu-offtopic mic_working22:56
mic_workingit's linux related lol23:02
MrChrisDruifmic_working: Also PVR is used (Personal Video Recorder)23:05
mic_workingMrChrisDruif: im watching a video about vlc streaming23:06
MrChrisDruifGood going... mic_working23:06
mic_workingstreaming music23:38
* mic_working hides from MAFIAA23:38
mic_workingvlc encrypts the traffic nice23:39

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