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slangasekpitti: would there be a problem with me uploading gtk+2.0 tonight?  you and I both have staged changes in bzr now, and I'd like to get mine to the archive :)00:42
psusiTheMuso, ping01:26
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* c2tarun don't miss me too much ;) ♥08:51
* c2tarun is back.08:51
hyperairso the launchpad bug acronym is LP:, and bugzilla.gnome.org is BGO, so is code.google.com CGC?14:01
tumbleweedhyperair: aren't google code bug numbers project-specific?14:14
hyperairoh whoops14:14
hyperairyou're right.14:14
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petn-randallHello, I'm looking for what's needed to get ureadahead working with the vanilla kernel. To my knowledge it needs a kernel patch, but I can't find it on the launchpad page of ureadahead or the usual documentation. Can someone give me any pointers?15:28
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hyperairpetn-randall: if you download the source tarball, it's there.15:29
hyperairpetn-randall: if you clone the zen-kernel git tree it's there in the ureadahead branch15:30
petn-randallhyperair: The source tarball of ureadahead? Yeah, I've seen the patch, but it has too much fuzz on recent kernels. I'll try the zen-kernel git tree, thanks.15:31
hyperairpetn-randall: if you like, i can export the patch so you don't need to clone the entire tree15:31
hyperairzen-kernel's git is pretty slow15:31
petn-randallhyperair: that would be great, thanks15:32
hyperairpetn-randall: ^ that's it15:32
petn-randallhyperair: Hmm ... it has too much fuzz against linus' tree. I'll have to patch it in by hand if nobody has done that yet.15:37
hyperairpetn-randall: really? i thought it worked.15:38
hyperairlemme check15:38
hyperairmy kernel's 2.6.37 and has the patch applied15:38
hyperairpetn-randall: oh sorry i think i generated the wrong patch15:39
hyperairpetn-randall: http://paste.debian.net/109642/15:40
petn-randallhyperair: awesome. It works against the dev tree of 2.6.38+. Thanks!15:42
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Haeginhi, would the retarded behaviour of rubygems installing to /var/lib/gems (which requires root) and then making the installed apps which are symlinked in /usr/bin only readable by the owner (which is, of course, root) be considered a bug?16:39
ChipzzHaegin: I would call the retarded behaviour of the ruby community as a whole a bug :P16:43
ChipzzHaegin: but I guess it depends wether you're talking about the packaged version of rubygems or not16:44
AmpelbeinHaegin: there is debian bug 585838 but it has no further activity16:44
ubottuDebian bug 585838 in rubygems1.8 "rubygems1.8: writes gems only readable by root" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/58583816:44
HaeginChipzz: true, and yes, it's just the default rubygems with ubuntu that I'm using16:45
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stefwal1QUESTION:I'm using ubuntu maverick meerkat and python 2.6  I am totally new to debugging and wanted to test something out.  in my directory  /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/desktopcouch/records I had a link to a server.py file. Problem is I deleted de link. Can anyone give me the location to where the link was pointing??17:29
beunostefwal1, I dont' have that dir, but desktop couch lives here for me: /usr/share/pyshared/desktopcouch/17:33
beunoand here, apparently: /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/desktopcouch/17:33
beunowhich just points to /usr/share/pyshared/desktopcouch/17:34
stefwal1beuno: I think you saved my day.17:34
beunogood, I like easy wins  :)17:35
stefwal1QUESTION: book A byte of python from swaroop ch. In this book, there's written that import sys looks for a file called sys.py, how comes I don't find that file anywhere?17:53
Chipzzstefwal1: this is not the channel for such question (cfr topic)17:58
Chipzzstefwal1: and the answer to your question is likely that since sys is a wrapper around libc functions, the module is a .so instead of normal python code17:59
stefwal1Chipzz: thanks for the answer and sorry for the inconvenience.18:00
aromanhey, I'm trying to run `debuild -S -sa`, and it fails after a little bit saying that my secret key is not available. Why is this?18:16
arandaroman: Do you have your key in ~/.gnupg/ ?18:17
aromanarand: I think so, what file would I be looking for there?18:18
Ampelbeinaroman: and the emailadress in the changelog must match one of the IDs of your key18:18
Ampelbeinaroman: 'gpg --list-secret-keys'18:19
aromanguess what, my name is actually "Avi Romanoff (Final PGP key)"18:20
aromanand it won't work unless I use exactly that string as my name :O18:20
aromanis there any way to change that to remove the stuff in the parenthesis without breaking things?18:21
Ampelbeinaroman: you can use '-k KEYID' as argument18:21
aromanAmpelbein: what would that do?18:21
aromanthe original command does work now, i just have to type in that silly name18:22
Ampelbeinaroman: it gives debsign (called by debuild) the info on what key to use instead of comparing name/adress string18:22
aromanso then I could leave my name in `changelog` as I want?18:22
Ampelbeinaroman: yeah18:22
Ampelbeinaroman: you could also add a new user id to your key via seahorse (graphical) or gpg --edit-key KEYID18:23
aromanAmpelbein: right, and would that break anything that I've already signed with the old name with?18:24
Ampelbeinaroman: no18:24
aromanalright then I think i'll do that18:24
aromanAmpelbein: alright, I added the new user id to seahorse, and it worked great. thanks a bunch! :)18:26
aromanthe new elementary-wallpapers just finished building :D18:58
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dom0doI read most of the Developers Week logs, and I just noticed a typo in a package description. How can I report this to Debian?20:17
Ampelbeindom0do: if there is a patch already in ubuntu, use 'submittodebian' from ubuntu-dev-tools20:18
Ampelbeindom0do: if there is no patch, you can use reportbug.20:18
dom0doAmpelbein: so I shouldn't report upstream first? okie20:19
Ampelbeindom0do: well, that depends. if there is no ubuntu changes yet, it isn't worth it to introduce a change just for a typo.20:20
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